You Should Talk

Xanadu Weyr - Weyrling Beach
With a gentler slope to the water from the main beach and the way it is cut in like a cove, this is the most sheltered spot for bathing. The sand is the same white hue, there are just as many — or perhaps more — scattered shells. From here, one has a beautiful view across the lake, a scene more often tranquil than not.

The waters lapping up against the beach are cold, ice beginning to form. So far, they're not so frozen that the dragons can't crunch their way in to bathe. That's not where Luraoth's headed at the moment, though she and Soriana] are making their way down to the shore. Sori has a thoughtful frown, and Luraoth's head bumps gently against her shoulder, only to have Soriana shake her head before glancing over at her gold. "It's… complicated."

Tahryth and Idrissa can be found further down the beach, on their own it would seem. Idrissa is sitting on the beach, knees pulled close to her and arms wrapped around them to keep her somewhat warm as the cool breeze blows across the waves and onto the beach. Tahryth on the other hand has made her way out into the water and is busy splashing around in a pocket of water that she found that wasn't fully frozen over. The greens flaps her wings, tail swaying around a few times before the approach of another gets her attention and she looks over towards the approaching pair. « Hello!! » Is sent over to Soriana and Luraoth. Rissa glances up slightly as she catches on that they aren't on their own anymore it seems.

« Hello! » Luraoth replies, with the bright chime of small bells. She gives Soriana's shoulder another nudge, then leaves her rider to romp toward the shore and the smaller green. Soriana… doesn't follow, for she's spotted Idrissa. Her steps turn in that direction, walking slowly toward the other girl. She pauses a moment, standing there beside Idrissa, and her mouth shifts as if she might speak… but no words come out, and so instead she simply lowers herself to the ground, sitting next to Idrissa.

Idrissa isn't sure what to say, her gaze drifts back to the water and she watches the two dragons within the cold waters once the splashing starts. Tahryth warbles out once Luraoth has joined her, the green bounces around sending water flying towards the gold. « Mine says the water is too cold. Doesn't feel cold, does it to you? » Her mindvoice is that spring rain, a faint bit of pattering of rain on roofs something akin to hooves running across the open plains. "Hey" Rissa finally offers, figuring she needs to say something. At the moment she is working on keeping herself calm and collective, which isn't that easy with Tahryth poking and asking what is wrong.

Luraoth spreads her wings, letting the spray of water splash against them. « It is cold, but not too cold. » Her thoughts swirl with the smell of snow on the wind, turning those droplets into tiny icicles and letting them fall to the sands. « Not for us. Ours are different, though. » The golden dragon ducks her head, nudging a tiny ice floe into motion across the water. « For them, it is too cold. » Soriana watches the dragons, taking sidelong glances at Idrissa, then nods. "Hey," she replies, and after a moment, she sighs. "You want to talk about it?"

Idrissa shrugs slightly as she hears the question, where does she even start? "I I dono, what's the point to talking about it?" This questioned with a soft tone, her hand lifting to rub across her eyes a few times. "His mad, won't talk about it, not like it is easy to talk about at the moment." IE thanks to their dragons. Tahryth rumbles out and lowers her head at the bit of ice that is floating towards her, a forepaw moving to stop it as she wiggles about and she then settles upon her haunches within the cold waters. « I suppose this is true. Though the water feels good at the moment. » The green's mindvoice turns a bit chilly, as if a cold front was moving through on that spring day which makes the rain falling look more like ice for a few moments. « Mine is sad. But she does not wish to worry me so she tries not to think of it. She worries much, her mind filled with it I have found. » At least it isn't enough to cause major issues between the rider and dragon.

Soriana frowns, turning her head to look more steadily at Idrissa now. "He's not mad. I don't think he is, anyways. Not at you." The frown deepens for a moment, then is dismissed with a little shake of her head. Luraoth makes those drops of ice chime out as they fall to the ground and shatter, then tilts her head to Tahryth. « Why is yours sad? » she asks the green, shifting on her paws to walk a few steps along the edge of the shore and look back toward the barracks. « Mine wants something, but she says she cannot have it. I do not understand. » A gust of wind swirls away, and Luraoth looks back to Tahryth. « Why does yours worry? » Soriana's gaze lingers on Idrissa. "We can still talk, you know. Even with them." She tilts her head toward the dragons.

"He is mad at me. Got upset because I was sticking up for J'o." Idrissa says with a soft tone, she lifts her head slightly to peer out at the water and then looks up to the sky. "I'm not sure what else there is to real talk about it though. Maybe it's better off this way." This said with a soft tone while she pulls her legs closer to her. Tahryth sends a glance over towards the two that are talking on the beach, closely watching her rider. « She won't tell me fully. Is worried that if she talks about it that It'll be worse. » The green warbles and looks back to Luraoth. « I think it deals with Ka'el, she had many happy memories with him but none now. » The mind voice lightens, still a spring day with the rain falling, but there is a bit of sun shine through in the background. "Because if I talk to Ka'el it will get to stressful. Tahryth picked up on it before I don't want to make her worry." Rissa offers with a slight shake of her head.

"That again?" Soriana says, and sighs. She glances out at Luraoth, and after a moment's listening to what the gold conveys back to her, her gaze returns to Idrissa again - this time, considering. "Is that it? I mean… if it's just J'o… I can talk to Ka'el." Probably. Hey, at least if they have a fight, that'll be something to distract them! From… « Mine remembers him too. She dreams of him. They are… happy dreams, sometimes. I do not understand them. » … no comment from Soriana on that part, but… "Yeah, she might worry. But… you think she doesn't know something's going on? She's inside your head." Soriana taps hers, and raises an eyebrow at Idrissa. « I would not make things worse. Nor would mine. » Luraoth's golden warmth is innocent of the knowledge that good intentions don't always make for good outcomes.

"Ya… again.. He feels that I've wronged him somehow." Idrissa offers while looking over to Soriana, a brow lifting. "No, no don't do that. Most likely make it worse knowing my luck." Well it is Ka'el after all and Rissa, they never come forward and just say what they mean after all. "I know she's in my head, but if I talk to Ka'el it could be bad." Tahryth ponders this while her tail smacks against the water sending it flying towards Luraoth a few times. « As does mine I do not understand them either, though I try too. » It's not easy being in Rissa's head sometimes. The green creeps forward, inching towards Luraoth and then attempts to splash the water towards her larger gold sibling. « I wish ti make her speak with Ka'el, but she does not wish it. I think if I make them talk it would be better. Though she thinks it will be bad, make things worse. »

"Wronged him?" Soriana asks with a dubious frown. "Why? Just because he wouldn't take your alarm clock? We're talking about Ka'el here. He wouldn't take a fish when he was hungry enough to eat a herdbeast." The frown turns into somewhat of a smirk, teasing the boy in his absence. « Kanekith's also wants… but they do not do the things they want. » Pale pink swirls into question-marks, then quivers away as the water splashes against Luraoth. The gold gives herself a shake, then flicks her tail to splash water back at Tahryth. « Yours should talk to Ka'el. Talking is good. It will make things better. » Luraoth has a warm orange glow of confidence to her thoughts, one that drifts towards questioning once more. « Why doesn't she want it? Mine wants, but does not. Yours does not want. »

Idrissa is quiet for a moment and shakes her head. "He thinks I like J'o, he thinks I was going to move into his Weyr because J'o offered me a place to stay during that whole Jarse mess." How can she explain this? I guess I just need to talk to him, just worried that it won't turn out right." It shouldn't be a real surprised that she would be worried about something like this. "It's not about the clock; just prove his still mad at him though. You saw how he acted at the thought of me offering it." « I've told her this, told her she must talk to him. That if she doesn't talk to him that it will never get better. » Tahryth offers with a soft rumble, her mind has slight colors of a spring sky, the storm clouds have slowly floated off in the distance. « Mine wants to talk, wants to fix, but is worried that she won't be able to fix, that they'll fight. »

Soriana frowns again at the resumed mention of J'o, though it's not exactly the brownrider's fault. "…do you?" she asks after a moment. The question's an offhanded one, as if she's simply curious, and then she shakes her head. "Proves no such thing. If I'd offered, he'd have done the same. It's not that it's your clock. It's that it's not his. It's his problem, so he's gotta fix it himself." Because that totally makes sense inside the head of a teenage male. And, evidently, to Soriana. « They should talk. » Luraoth warms the springtime sky with sunlight. « Mine agrees. She and Ka'el did not talk, once. Yours told them they should. When they did, things were better. »

Idrissa blinks as she hears Soriana and casts a glance towards her. "I like J'o as a friend. I enjoy talking to him, as far as I know I didn't go about leading him on or anything." She pauses and seems to ponder this. "I'm rather sure I didn't." The thought of her doing that does bother her a moment while she lowers her head a moment in thought. "I suppose so, he gets to figure it out now for sure." Tahryth nods her head a few times before she settles down within that cold waters, her wings fluttering a few times in the process. « Yes yes! I have told her this Many many times. Yours should tell her this too. She trusts your's judgment very much. »

PLAY! Xeosoth's excitement is felt through waves of playful rain beating lightly within your thoughts as he bounds onto the beach with M'kal striding quickly to catch up to him. "Slow down…wait!" grumbles the weyrling though a lopsided grin resides on his expression. « Hi! » greets the blue towards both green and gold clutch sibs.

"Sure, J'o's a nice guy." Soriana smiles as she so relegates him, then reaches a her hand over to touch Idrissa's knee. « I will tell mine so. » And Luraoth does, which makes Soriana look out at the golden dragon, frowning for a moment and carrying on a brief and silent conversation before tilting her head to Idrissa. All right, Luraoth. We'll try playing it your way… this time. "Hey, Idrissa. What did you tell me, back when Ka'el and I were fighting?" Her gaze is expectant, one eyebrow lifted. The follow-up question ("And does that advice still hold?") is almost palpable. Well, Idrissa? Everyone is looking at you. Or… they were, but then Xeosoth comes bounding along the shore and creates a distraction. « Hello! » Luraoth calls to him, with a spray of sunlight that makes those raindrops shimmer and shine with iridescent colors, and leaves the icy waters to romp toward the blue.

Idrissa is quiet for a few moments as she is thinking about J'o, and why is she thinking about him? Her eyes close and a soft breath escaping her. At the touch she glances to Soriana watching her a moment. "Yes I remember that." How could she forget? "I told you that you both should talk and work it out." She looks over to Soriana once more. "It worked for you all" So why wouldn't it work for Ka'el and her? She isn't sure. Her gaze lifts up at a new voice, a nod and smile seen to M'akl. "Hello M'kal." Tahyth warbles out at the appearance of the blue that is there. « Hello! Come join in the water it is not that bad!! »

Xeosoth peers once towards M'kal and with a laugh M'kal waves a hand towards the water. "Go go!" he says. With a happy warble Xeosoth bounds into the water to join his green sister. « I must disagree that it's so cold that my balls will shrivel up! » he happily announces to both green and gold. Much to the dismay of M'kal. With an audible groan M'kal makes his way over to join Idrissa and Soriana. "Hey guys." he greets.

« Do they do that? » Luraoth asks Xeosoth with a bright swirl of curiosity, then gives herself a shake to get rid of the water. Soriana, meanwhile, nods. Yep. That's what Idrissa told them. And? Oh yeah. It worked. Huh. The arched eyebrow remains that way. Soooo… "You should talk to him." In case the subtle hints were being missed. She can do unsubtle. Soriana gives Idrissa's knee another pat, and smile as she pushes herself up to her feet again. "I'm gonna go find J'o. « Kaidoth says - » "-and find out what's happening." She waves to Idrissa, and does the same to M'kal. "Hey. See you around." A tilt of her head brings Luraoth gamboling up beside her, and the two of them start back up toward the barracks.

Idrissa ponders if it would work for Ka'el and herself, she is not too sure on it actually. She glances to Soriana, a soft smile is seen and she nods to her friend a moment. "Maybe I will." She pauses and waves after her friend. At this talk of Soriana going to speak with J'o, well this bothers her a few moments though she doesn't try to stop her friend from doing such a thing. Tahryth wiggles about in the water, sending it splashing towards Xeosoth with a happy warble escaping her. A new playmate it seems! « Yes, play! Chase or find something in the water? » This is sent to her blue clutch sibling while she wiggles about and snuffles into the rocks under the water.

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