Draconic Curiosity

Xanadu Weyr - Weyrling Grounds
Cradled in a cup shaped bite out of the mountain, this wide, grassy flat has become home for Xanadu's weyrling dragons. It's set surprisingly high above the level of the beach, visible from the eastern side of the grounds where a long path snakes its way down the hill to the sand dunes below. All other sides to the grounds are bordered by the hard granite cliffs, two entrances clearly visible. One is merely human sized and leads deep into the mountain, to the Caverns. The other is broad and high, the entrance to the Weyrling Barracks.

A crisp morning has given way to an afternoon that is clear and cold. No new snow has fallen, and so the ground remains packed due to dragon and human feet alike that have come and gone across the grounds. Ka'el has arrived from somewhere within the weyr proper, taking a moment to wash up while Kanekith sleeps off his lunch. The weyrling is already doing some mental calculations of how much meat is left over, and if it'll be enough for dinner as he makes his way towards the barracks at an unhurried pace. With a beanie on his head and eyes set on an open notebook held in gloved hands, he looks rather immersed.

Briana is slowly getting back to duties after the birth of her son. A sevenday in the infirmary certainly slowed things down, but reports at least were not overly worrisome. Finally she has a chance to come out to the Weyrling grounds to see how the dragons are growing. She is followed alongside by Sahazyth who keeps a pace with her lifemate. There is a furlined baby sling across Briana's chest as she walks up towards the barracks. As she notices a weyrling she lifts a hand to wave, "Greetings Weyrling Ka'el." She offers in greeting.

Soriana emerges from the barracks with Luraoth, the small gold leaning her head in to rest it practically on Soriana's shoulder. "I dunno," she says to her dragon. « Why not? » comes the curious response. "I just don't," Soriana replies with a frown, and she looks up across the grounds, her gaze skimming quickly over Ka'el and then settling on Briana and Sahazyth. Luraoth's attention follows, and she trills a pleasant greeting as she leaves Sori behind to scamper toward clutch-dam. « Hello! » she calls with a quiver of bells, and Soriana follows after, watching her dragon and glancing from there to Briana in order to wave.

Hearing his name in a voice not belonging to a weyrling, and not in his own head at that, Ka'el pauses in his step and looks up and over towards Briana. Surprise writes itself upon his face a moment upon seeing her, taking note of her furry … fashion statement slung over her chest. Must be a new thing in Xanadu winter wear or something! He closes his notebook and offers a smile to the weyrwoman junior, waving a hand as he turns and redirects his walk towards her, faltering just slightly upon spying Soriana as well, though his attention is soon turned to the scampering gold, who hopefully knows that humans aren't too good for pouncing. "Hello Bri-… er… Weyrwoman.. Juni-er…Weyrwoman Briana." -.-; Note to self, Ka'el: Learn the proper title to address a junior weyrwoman as!

Idrissa is making her way out from the barracks a few moments after Soriana, a yawn esacpiong her as she isn't that quick to keep up proving she is still trying to wake up. Tahryth on the other hand is a bouncing green trotting out from the barracks, half sliding in some snow as she goes with a little giggling warble escaping her. « Hello!! » Is offered to all that are here, including Briana it seems. Rissa blinks and lifts her head while peering after her dragon and looks amused. "Hey guys." Is offered while she pulls her jacket around her a bit more.

Sahazyth looks to the young gold as she approaches. An appraising look at first before she lowers her head and warbles softly to her. «Hello, little one. You grow well.» Briana looks over the young gold and nods in agreement. "She is lovely." And then comes the slippy slidey green and she can't help but grin at her antics. Her eyes widen a moment as she hears the green but looks bemused. "They all seem to be doing well." She says and looks over to Ka'el as he fumbles with the titles. "Oh, Bri is fine as long as no weyrlingmasters are around." She says with a wink. "I know what its like. None of us really like all the titles but we are expected to respect them."

Ka'el can put a note about that in his notebook. That's what notebooks are for, right? Notes and such? Luraoth does not, in fact, pounce. In fact, she comes to a stop a few paces away (lucky her the ground isn't icy there) and tilts her head up to croon warmly to Sahazyth. « Yesterday I am smaller, today I am bigger. Tomorrow I will be bigger still. » Her thoughts show a brightening glow. Soriana smiles, looking at Luraoth and then back to Briana. "She is," the weyrling agrees fondly. "It's… really something." Her hands spread, taking in all of grounds and barracks and all the young dragons here. Sori's gaze settles on Ka'el once more, briefly, and she half-smiles. "S'good thing to know, anyways." Titles! Ranks and protocols and… yeahhhh, all that stuff and nonsense. Sigh. Tahryth's enthusiasm makes Soriana smile all the way, turning her gaze and waving to Idrissa. Luraoth chirps a greeting to Tahryth, then turns her head to look curiously at Briana's fur-wrapped bump. « What's that? » she asks Sahazyth with an orange question-mark swirl.

Ka'el gives a grateful look to Briana as he exhales a slight breath. Phew! Good to know his head won't be chopped off by everyone if he slips up every now and again. But yes, notes will be taken, for it won't be all the time that the watchful eyes and listening ears of weyrlingmasters aren't zeroed in on him. He slows to a stop at a good conversational distance from Bri and her (unbeknownst to him) fuzzy bundle of joy, and he tucks that notebook beneath an arm with both of his hands are stuffed in the pockets of his jacket. Dragons are eyed. The large golden mother of the current young dragons, minus his own who allegedly still slumbers within his couch. He notes Idrissa who is acknowledged with a meeting of eyes that aren't inclined to linger long before they're back upon Briana, offering a vague smirk to both she and in reply to Sori's quip. "Yeah." A glance to the barracks. "Kanekith is…" a pause, brows knitting faintly in a look of thought. "Oh. He's awake."

Idrissa pauses once she is next to Soriana, her hands resting within the pockets of her jackets. She's quiet after the greeting, her gaze flicking around while she nods, a soft smile seen at the bit on titles and so forth it seems. Her gaze drifts to Ka'el watching him a moment as well though she doesn't let her gaze linger long. Tahryth warbles out softly as she soon settles to her haunches, tail swaying a few times and her head lifts once the question is brought forth from Luraoth on what Briana is carrying. The green slowly creeps forward now, and sniffsniffsniffffffs out at Briana and the fur-wrapped item. « It smells funny can I lick it? » Rissa ahs and smirks. "No, you can't lick it Tahryth."

Sahazyth lowers her head to the green and warbles a greeting to her as well. As the furry bump is asked about she lowers her head to it and blows warm breath over it ever so softly. «She had her own hatchling. He does not grow so fast as you do.» The furry bump starts to squirm a little and Briana smiles a bit sheepishly, "The nannies said they could take care of him, but …I can hardly stand to be parted from him yet." Yes, new mother syndrome. At the inquisitive looks from the dragons, she gently pulls out the bundled up baby from the sling. Perhaps bundled to the extreme, but a little scrunched up face peeks out from all the fabric. "So how goes your training?" She asks as she looks around the group.

« Oh. » Luraoth lowers her head to look at the baby on the level. « He is very small. » she says, with a quiet jingle of bells. « I will be careful. » And so she is, simply regarding him with curiously-swirling eyes and little tilts of her head. No licking from her! Soriana hehs, and nods to Briana while sticking her hands into her pockets. "Well, I mean, I guess that makes sense. That you'd want to keep him close, I mean. You went through a lot to get him and all." All that… pregnancy stuff. And… yeah. Stuff. Oh hey about that training? "We've been doing some bonding exercises," she says with a rather more self-assured tone. "Mindvoice, caring for our dragons, that sort of thing. I think it's going pretty well."

Kanekith is definitely awake now. Maybe he has been for a time, with a quiet mind, but it's a mind no longer so still as shadows swirl and questions form and his rider is not with him to give him immediate answers. No problem. This can be alleviated. In time, with distant communication. But for now…Kanekith finds Ka'el, and the large bronze emerges from the barracks with his head held high and jaw set tightly closed. Ka'el is eyeing that fuzzy parcel of Briana's as she explains it, and viola, there is a bundled up baby being shown. "Oh. Congratulations," he offers, keeping a distance because that thing looks small and fragile! Not like Kanekith over there, who he's glad to see heading his way. The question regarding training is answered with a grin. "Tiring. Good. Uh … eye-opening," he says just as Kanekith arrives. « I come with a question » says the dragon richly, mindless of all others here, including his own mother!

Tahryth pouts as she can't lick the little fuzzy bundle and wiggles about on her haunches, but for the moment stays put. A soft warble escaping her while she 'listens' in on what Sahazyth says, her eyes swirling while peering at the little baby thing. « It is all small and wiggly » Yes she states the obvious it seems. Idrissa takes in a soft breath and soon looks back to Briana, a smile seen and she nods. "It's been coming well, I think. A lot of work for sure." Much o read, much to learn after all. As Kanekith appears she looks over to the bronze. Tahryth lets out a soft warble of greening.

"The first month I think was the most mentally challenging. So much to learn about the bond that just can not be explained, but must be experienced." Briana says with a nod to the talk of their lessons remembering her own. She holds the babe in her arms, letting the dragons inspect it. Well until he starts squirming and getting a little grizzly. "Its alright…will get you back home." She murmurs to the baby before looking to the weyrlings. "I will come visit later. Never be afraid to ask for help, ok? Don't be afraid of the weyrlingmasters. They can seem a bit rough at times, but it is so very important what they teach you." She reeasures the group, "I should get back home. You all take care alright? They are looking very well." And with that and one last warble from Sahazyth, Briana bundles up the squirming babe again and heads swiftly away.

Luraoth chirps to Kanekith as the bronze emerges, the sound accompanied by a mental chime of greeting - but it's a salutation with no urgency behind it, just a brush of her attention before her thoughts return to consideration of the miniature human. « You are wiggly too. » Luraoth says to Tahryth with a jingle of laughter, and turns her head to nudge her muzzle playfully against the green's side. Soriana nods. "I still dunno how I'd explain it, but… I think we're figuring it out." She glances to Luraoth, and smiles fondly at the gold before returning her gaze to Briana. "…and there's an awful lot to learn," she says with a touch of ruefulness, before lifting her hand to give a vague salute and a crooked grin to Briana. "Farewell!" « And grow well, little one! »

"That's hardly news," is Ka'el's reply to Kanekith, giving his bronze a questioning look. Buuut he glances to Briana again, interested in what she has to say! He nods in agreement with her at the 'mentally challenging' bit, but .. uh oh. The baby's getting grumpy. Will it explode? From the way Ka'el is looking at him, he may very well expect it to! So when Bri speaks of taking her leave, it's not without a bit of an exhale from Ka'el. Crying baby sound is not one of his favorites! "Good to see you, Bri," he says genuinely to her, storing her words of advice away. Kanekith waits semi-patiently, sending a distant passing feeling of coolness to his clutchmates to acknowledge them in return. A dark presence that passes. His patience … has left him. « My question now? Must I still wait? »

« Am not! » Tahryth says with a soft chitter like sound escaping her. Her mindvoice is a crispy spring morning, rain just starting to fall. Once the baby starts to cry and wiggle more the green pulls her head back, eyes a swirl and a soft rumble escapes her while she leans forward to sniffsniff after the leaving Briana and the 'baby'. « Why did it make that noise? » Idrissa chuckles a moment, she seems a bit amused at least and shakes her head. "Take care Briana." This said with a wave after the ones that are leaving. Tahryth looks over to Kanekith and hops up onto her paws and trots over with a few flicks of her wings. « What question do you have? We answer it! » Her mindvoice has taken on a softer touch, still a spring a day where the rain falls just warmer and brighter colors seen.

« You are not? » Luraoth's bells laugh to Tahryth, chimes in the wind that brings her rain. « Then, that makes two things I do not know. » Because the reasons for baby noises are certainly a mystery to the golden dragon, though one that seems to leave her curious. Once Briana's gone, Luraoth returns her attention to her own rider, resting her head against Soriana's shoulder again. Sori reaches up to brush her fingers against the gold's muzzle, looking sidewise at Luraoth. Yeeees?

« It is not a question for you » rumbles Kanekith, a hint of distant thunder in that spring rain. « You would not know the answer, » he goes on to explain, perhaps to make up for a bit of his bluntness. Or rather, merely to explain why the question is not directed to her instead of his rider. And so, he focuses on Ka'el, who is looking at him with a faintly suspicious look. "Go on then," he encourages needlessly. With a faint sound somewhere deep within his chest, Kanekith lowers his head closer to the snowy ground and opens his jaws. From his mouth, spills pieces of … things. Metal things, coated with a nice layer of dragon drool. Ka'el's eyes widen. "What…what in the f-… What is that??" he asked, alarmed. Is this a version of dragon vomit?? Not quite. In fact, when it's all dropped out of his mouth, rather distinctive pieces can be seen. A small clock face that looks a bit crunched. A bent hour hand. Sprockets and springs.. « That is my question to you. What is this? »

Tahryth pulls her head back as she looks to Kanekith. « How do you know if I will know the answer or not. Mine is smart, mine knows. So in turn I would know as well. » This offered back, that spring storm turns a bit darker. Her tail slams into the ground sending snow flying in all directions. Idrissa lifts a brow while she watches Kanekith, and eyes what the bronze has well vomited up so to speak. She looks amused now and shakes her head. "I'm rather glad Tahryth hasn't tried to eat anything like that." No she just wants to /lick/ things. The green shifts forward to snuffle at the bites of the clock that was chewed apart. « Why would you chew on such a thing? »

« Of course she is. » Luraoth's tone to Tahryth is warm and reassuring, the golden dragon lifting her head from Soriana's shoulder. « So are you, and so is Kanekith's. » Her thoughts slip between Kanekith's and Tahryth's, brushing at both of them with a touch of sunlight shining between those building stormclouds. « How else will we know everything, if not by each knowing a piece of it? I am glad Kanekith knows where to find this answer. I would not know! » Her laughter then is the jangle of mechanical pieces tumbling against each other, the bright shine of that metal polished by draconic saliva. Soriana steps forward herself, looking at those bits, and then… she grins to Ka'el. "He's your dragon, all right."

.. "That … was .. a clock," remarks Ka'el whoe peers at the drooly bits..well, as if they were drooly bits. Nose properly scrunched and all. "Rather.." his look turns inquisitive as he stoops near the dropped items, picking through them a little, slime and all. "This was a small clock.." A little more rummaging. "An alarm clock." He freezes, peering up at the captivated dragon. "I don't own an alarm clock. Whose couch did you get this from?" « Hasephuth's » is Kanekith's unconcerned reply. « You can fix, yes? » His head lifts and turns toward Tahryth, his shadows creeping back towards her image, turning that darkening storm even moreso til Luraoth's light intervenes. He considers her, then withdraws his chill gradually. "Yeeeah…" Ka'el replies to Sori, his hand rubbing at the back of his neck a bit. "And if this was Al'cas's … I owe him a new one. And no," said louder for his dragon's sake, "I can't."

Tahryth seems confused at the storm that is darkening from Kanekith, the green peers up at the bronze a few moments and tidbits out at him. « How could he fix that? It's all covered in drool. » She reaches over to poke at it a few times with a claw. Idrissa ponders while chuckling softly. "I have one you can give him Ka'el. Tahryth is more my alarm clock now anyway."

Soriana looks down at that tumble of parts, her expression somewhere between a grin and a frown. It's funny cause it's not her dragon that caused the mess. She's mostly looking at the cogs and sprockets, though. Not Ka'el. …not that Soriana's generally been hugely fascinated with the inner workings of machinery, and yet. "Maybe if you clean the parts, uh… you can get halfway?" Maaaaaybe? Luraoth's brightness lingers, shading into her own curiosity. « Wet things dry. But what does - did - it do? »

Ka'el gives his head a slight shake to Idrissa. "That's alright," he answers quietly, glancing over at her before he furrows his brows and eyes his dragon. "You. Open your mouth," he says, striding up to the bronze, pointing down. Lower head, now! « .. I don't see the need, » he answers first before drifting to Tahryth. « He can fix much. I have seen it in his memory. He can fix everything » Opposite what Ka'el wants him to do, the bronze lifts his head higher in show of confidence, but there's a tug. Not a physical one, but the urge to .. listen. At least to his rider and make him happy, and so, he obliges and lowers his head down, opening his jaws wide. Ka'el, apparently now a dentist, examines the toothy mouth, looking for bits and pieces that may have gotten stuck between teeth. And .. eyuck. Dragon breath! "Nothin' left behind," he says after a few moments, pulling back. "It isn't even worth trying. Don't know when I'd have time to fix it anyway. M'sure…I can find a decent one at the forge," he answers to Sori, still looking at his dragon's jaws.

Idrissa watches Ka'el a few moments, there's something there, and she is about to say something before just stopping. « Never said he couldn't fix much, but you drooled all over it. I bet you even swallowed some of the little bits. » Tahryth offers with a soft warble to the bronze. The green slips quiet and turns her head to look over to her rider whom she moves over to and noses. "So…you rather get one from the forge then one I have in my trunk?" Rissa questions seeming a bit confused, thought she could figure out the answer if she really had to.

"Close your eyes and make Kanekith tell you what it looks like while you fix it," Soriana suggests in a (half) joking tone. "Then it's a bonding exercise." So it'd fit into the schedule. Problem: solved. …okay maybe not, but, "Maybe it'd make him think twice before crunching something else." Luraoth nods her head in easy agreement that Ka'el can fix things, then tilts her head to Tahryth. That message must get conveyed to Sori, because the goldrider frowns. "If he starts getting a weird feeling in his stomach, make sure he gets it looked at right away," she tells Ka'el. "Like something… heavy. Or if his appetite goes away." She gives the bronze an appraising, dragonhealer-y glance.

« That was not food. I know the difference, » remarks Kanekith, picking up on Ka'el's rising concern of possibly ingesting metal bits and impending upset stomachs, and responding to Tahryth's ridiculous notion. « I ate none. » At least, on purpose he didn't! If any small bits made it down his big throat is yet to be seen, but the bronze sounds near offended that such a thought would cross his rider's mind! Mouth closing, he presses his muzzle encouragingly to Ka'el's front and holds himself there. « You can fix everything. Everything in your hand is made better than what it was before. You must know this as I do. » Ka'el can't help but smile at that, rubbing his copper muzzle affectionately, but upon thinking on Idrissa's words, he looks over at her. "Yes. I would."

Idrissa lets a hand rest upon Tahryth's maw while she watches curiously the talk about Kanekith possible eating bits of the clock. "I bet if he ate any it wouldn't be a problem, so little and his well sorta big." There goes her two cents into the conversation. Tahryth warbles out softly and wiggles on her haunches. « I wouldn't think you would swallow them on purpose, perhaps accidently if they are little? » The answer from Ka'el makes Rissa look back to him, and she merely looks right back at him. "Why?" Nice simple question.

"It depends," is all Soriana has to say on whether or not it'd be a problem. Because, well… it does! So many factors. « Even I know it is not food. » Luraoth is amused, her head leaning down to inspect the bits of metal more closely. « Mine is not worried, » she adds to Kanekith. « But if your stomach hurts, then she is worried. She will fix it then, and yours will help. » It might be truer to say that Soriana isn't worried about Kanekith, because as she glances back and forth between Ka'el and Idrissa, the frown on her face might well be described as worried, and she reaches out to brush her fingers along Luraoth's side.

Ka'el rubs the skin between the dragon's nostrils, though his attention is now on Idrissa and stays there. "Why is it a big deal?" he asks, his voice even. Level. He doesn't sound or appear irritated, so .. likely he isn't, right? He's never been the one known for hiding his emotions very well, though perhaps this month of weyrlinghood is beginning to strengthen that rather necessary skill? "I can find my own clock. I don't want yours." Kanekith exhales a warm breath against Ka'el's front. « My stomach will not hurt. I've eaten many things since my memory began. My stomach is as strong as me. … Though if it feels odd, mine will know, and he will fix it with the help of yours. »

Idrissa lets her gaze stay on Ka'el, there is just a slight lowering of her shoulders seen. "It's not… I just thought it might be helpful…" What does she say to this? She isn't sure. Her gaze lowers to the snowy ground watching it a few moments, while Tahryth is there bumping her head into the girl's back a few times. « We go beach, walk? Who comes with us? » A few soft pats are given to her dragon, and she lifts her head to look at those swirling eyes. "We're go, don't bother them." Is offered with a soft tone. Her hands slip back into her jacket as she starts to move off, heading towards the beach. "See you all at lessons." Anymore talking on the subject would be a bad thing, Rissa's way of dealing is just not to talk about it. Tahryth croons out, hoping up and follows after, her tail flicking to playful bap against the bronze before she gives a slight nosing to her gold sibling, with this done she's off following her rider. There are plenty of questions being sent from dragon to rider now that is for sure.

« That is good, then. » Luraoth sends to Kanekith. Either his stomach is strong and defeats things, or his and hers (or was that hers and his?) will fix it. All good, no matter who gets top billing! But… there's a small disturbance to her contentment, and the gold dragon's thoughts turn back to those of her rider, seeking to understand something that Soriana doesn't entirely get either. Buuut… "Al'cas probably won't mind waiting," she says, even though that's so not the point. "It's not like we're not all waking up for classes at the same time anyway." Or whenever the dragons decide to wake them up, but still. Who needs an alarm clock? Not Idrissa, that's why she offered hers… uh… right. At Tahryth's mention of the beach, Luraoth's thoughts swirl back to her green sister, nosing her in return. « Narjath is there, and Cayceth. » No lack of playmates! …even if she'll be lacking company on the way over. Soriana reaches out a hand toward Idrissa, then turns it into a wave. "I might be by later."

Something is amiss within his magnificent Ka'el. Kanekith can feel the stirrings of it beginning somewhere deep inside, but it rises not to the surface. There's a gentle nudge given, a barely there caress of a unseen body, or is that hand? to his soul. Gentle, encouraging. Whatever is wrong, he is here to bear it with you. Ka'el isn't sure what's…wrong. He does, but at the same time he doesn't, but instead of dwelling on it, he turns his mind to other things. Simpler things. "I think he sets it for running. Or something.." he sounds unsure, but he waves it off with a hand. "But you're right. Kanekith wakes me up better than any clock would. S'probably lucky his is broken. He'll listen to his dragon more." See? A blessing in disguise! Maybe. Sensing Tahryth leaving, Kanekith sends a rumble of departure her way. Ka'el watches Idrissa, hesitating a moment, the edges of his mouth slightly turning down, but he does wave to her in the end. "See you later, Idrissa."

"…yeah, y'know, I think I remember it going off," Soriana says, and frowns slightly. "…too early." Maybe the rest of the barracks will be grateful! In addition to it being a blessing in disguise for the rider himself. Soriana tilts her head to Ka'el, smiling to him… then pauses, mid-gesture, and brushes her fingers to Luraoth's side, stepping around to put the fast-growing golden bulk between herself and Ka'el. "I guess I should get going," she says after a few moments, and doesn't actually move.

Ka'el gently eases Kanekith's muzzle from his chest, else the bronze would likely stay that way for hours! He inhales and exhales a breath that's seen as frost from his mouth, though his swirling thoughts of Idrissa are kept to himself, not counting Kanekith's questioning probing of them. That there. What is the reason? His eyes settle on Sori, catching that smile which he returns hopefully, but then she's gone. Kept at bay by a golden hide, and the expression fades. "Yeah. Me too," he agrees, tired of agreeing to part ways. He moves, but his steps are toward and not away. They're only few before he catches himself, inwardly cursing. « What does that mean? 'Shards?' This word comes to you much. Is it important? » Grimace. "Not really. …. Don't use that word."

Soriana watches Ka'el over her dragon's back, and her fingers reach up over Luraoth to extend toward him… ah, but then he catches himself, and she glances down to her hand to realize what it's doing, and it sinks down to the golden hide once more. « It is Language. » Luraoth offers to the overheard comment about the curse. « It happens when things are wrong, but it doesn't make them better. » So why do it? Soriana tilts her head slightly, and sighs. "…the right thing is hard." Is that meant for Ka'el, or Luraoth? Maybe both.

« Language. .. Is this all not language? » Hm. Language used when things are wrong must be a different kind of language. Shards. One word used when things are wrong. Kanekith processes this, internalizing it. Learning. Thinking. Words have so many meanings! How will he learn them all? The question that drifts through Kanekith's mind intertwines with Ka'el's unrelated one. How is this the right thing? Just one touch, that's all he wants. To sit next to her. To lean. To play. How could those things be the wrong thing and forced distance be the right? He takes a step back. "We should go. I think I'm a few things short of meat. Need to get more ready for him." He touches the bronze's side before continuing to step back. "If you see Al'cas before me, will you tell him I'm sorry?"

« It is all language. » Luraoth agrees. « But that is Language. It is not bad, but it can make people unhappy, and that is bad. » And if making people unhappy is bad, why can't Soriana's fingers have the touch they want? She wants it. Ka'el wants it. The rules say they can't have it. That they must keep a distance between them, one that she uses Luraoth's body to help maintain… because she doesn't trust herself. Soriana frowns, and nods to Ka'el. "Yeah. I'm… I'll go to the beach." Different directions. Different ways. That's what they have to do. "I'll tell him." « Yours will fix it. » The clock? Well, more or less, when he replaces it, but Luraoth's comment is more from her sense of Soriana's desires, her wanting of Ka'el. Kanekith's can certainly fix that, but… at what cost?

« Of course he will fix it. » Kanekith's eyes are on his rider, who is moving away, going in the opposite direction that he wishes to go. The bronze doesn't immediately start to follow, finding this to be a curious thing. Why does he not take what he wants? The bronze doesn't quite yet have a grasp one just what it is the boy does want. But whatever it is, it's not over there. In fact, going over there is just making this feeling grow and grow; this aching sort of annoying feeling shared by the both of them. He looks to his golden clutchmate now, fixating on her last words. « He can fix everything. This will not last. » Such confidence in his rider, and his words are accentuated by a snap of his wings that immediately refold. Now he moves, following Ka'el who doesn't look back because looking back will only make walking away that much more difficult to do.

« Mine agrees. » That part of Soriana's emotions, at least, is clear to Luraoth. This won't last, and it will all be better with Ka'el in her arms and… "C'mon," Soriana says to her gold. "Let's go for a swim." Ice cold waters? PERFECT. Maybe that will help her keep her feelings under control. It's no wonder to Sori where Ka'el's been gaining skill in keeping his emotions in check. After trying to conceal certain ones from a curious prying lifemate, hiding them from another human is easy. Soriana and Luraoth turn the other way, and Sori doesn't look back either.

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