How (Not To) Share News

Xanadu Weyr - Caverns
A massive cavern in it's own right, this one has been skillfully adapted for human habitation. The high ceilings have been painted a light, soft ivory, as are the walls where numerous tapestries hang to provide brilliant color and insulation from the stone. The floor has been left in its natural state, pale pink granite speckled through with glittering mica and dark flecks of basalt, leveled carefully but kept sufficiently rough to avoid slips.
The cavern itself is loosely divided into areas, each one set up to be suitable for some segment of the Weyr's population. The most frequently occupied area, however, is the one near the Kitchens where tables of varying sizes provide a place to sit down and eat or chat and a buffet of consumables is almost always kept stocked. Its plain that on most days, this area wouldn't accommodate anywhere near the full population of the Weyr and equally plain that on such occasions when a formal meal is laid out, tables are appropriated from all the other areas.
A big fireplace is set into the wall near the Kitchens as well, several comfortable chairs nearby providing haunts for elderly residents or riders who like a good view of all that happens. Rugs cover the floor in strategic spots, all of them abstract or geometric in design and most in the softly neutral colors of undyed wool.

The cold is an annoying thing to most, and it will only get worse as the days and months move on. This is only the beginning of winter. That transition period between it and fall where some days the skies are grey and tiny flakes of snow flurry in the air, while others the chill feels a little less frigid and the day is bright. Today, it's cold and breezy and the grey skies gives a gloomy feel to the day. The afternoon is late, and behind the wall of clouds the sun is beginning to set, dropping temperatures further. Ka'el is coming in with the wind, shaking off the cold as he enters the warm caverns, face flushed. Most of his morning and thebetter part of the afternoon has been spent off-weyr. Hold visits which have been bumped up to earlier dates on his calendar, likely to get ahead of possible bad winter weather. It's a likely reason, even if he hasn't reasoned it with anyone aloud. Bu,t one down and X-many more to go! He peels off his riding gloves to flex cold fingers, eyes set on his hands. Thinking. Thinking. Walking now, to sit at table that's unoccupied. Food and drink? Maybe he's dining on an invisible meal.

Reasons, reasons, there's reasons for everything. Sometimes you have to go looking for them. Sometimes you don't. Soriana's been spending her time in her usual haunts - the dragon infirmary, her office, those sorts of places. These caverns here are on the way between those, and so it's reasonable enough that Soriana's passing through. From the office side, as it happens. Probably she's coming out for a meal, or maybe she's coming out because she's done with work for the day. Either way, she glances to the food as she leaves the hall, then notes Ka'el sitting at a table with that invisible meal. Food that's not seen is the tastiest food! Everyone knows that. So she turns and heads over to join Ka'el, not even asking before she interrupts his important meeting by pulling out the chair next to him and sitting down. Poor invisible person that she squished.

For once, Kiena may not actually desire to find a way out of the office early. Not with the skies so gloomy and the onset of winter in the air. So the Weyrsecond has kept herself busy indoors as long as possible, unless duty calls her away. Toss in a brief moment to tend to Ujinath and maybe indulge in an even shorter visit to the forges and checking in on her girls and now… her path comes back to the caverns and she is quick to slip back inside. Warmth! Food and drink too, though her attention doesn't focus on the serving tables. Instead it is drawn by movement further within and further more when familiarity is noted. With Soriana now joining Ka'el at his invisible meal, Kiena too will stride towards them, unfastening the hooks of her jacket and peeling off her gloves as she approaches. "Afternoon," she greets, her tone respectful and the dip of her head that follows. "Mind if I join you two?"

It's the best meal ever! This unseen smorgasboard of yumminess. Ka'el sets his gloves down on the tabletop and commences staring at his hands. Still thinking. Pondering. Wondering. Scheming? Maybe. He's probably planning a world takeover and is fine-tuning the details in his head. The world may never know … til it's too late. But wherever his thoughts may be, the train of them is interrupted by he's joined by someone, and he glances to the woman who now sits next to him. He visibly straightens, the movements of his fisting and unfisting fingers pausing for now as he looks at her. He gets caught in this weird smile/not-smile thing, unsure of which action is the most appropriate, and thus failing at both. "Hey.." His eyes flit towards the healer's hallway, then back to her within that same second. "..How are you feeling?" he asks, the apprehensive edgee to his voice not entirely hidden, try as he might. His attention is pulled by another's arrival, and he does smile (knowing that this is an appropriate action!) towards the Weyrsecond. "Afternoon," he greets in return, glancing to one of the empty chairs across from them. "Plenty've room, feel free."

Soriana can't see a single thing wrong with this meal! "Hey," she says back to Ka'el, and she puts her own hand on the table - not that she has any gloves. But there's a hand, half-opened and turned toward Ka'el, a smile that's… certainly a smile, but with a half-thoughtful, half-…something… look behind it. "I'm fine," she answers to his question, then shrugs, just a little, as her mouth tugs up and over to one side. "Just… yeah. Fine." Whatever that means. And then there's Kiena coming to join them, and Soriana looks away from Ka'el and up to the Weyrsecond. Who's… "Yeah, go ahead," she says with a smile, agreeing with Ka'el. All those invisible people and their invisible meeting… can just go ahead and clear out.

"Thanks," Kiena's reply is grateful enough and certainly followed by her usual smile to both Ka'el and Soriana. Sorry to those invisible people? Another day perhaps, but for now the Weyrsecond takes a seat and… seems at a loss of what to say. Or is she distracted? Could be both and the usual energy the bluerider carries with her is lacking. So what to say when words seem to fail? Fall back on the familiar routines. "How're both of you?" she asks, unaware that Soriana has already been asked and answered once.

Is that hand an invitation? It certainly seems so to Ka'el … who also does not want to mistake a hand resting on a table as a hand that wishes to be held. Because what if it doesn't? And what if it gets pulled away and she gets angry? And what if an angry Soriana prompts an angry Kiena, and they're both angry at him? And what if..? He mentally throddles his brain. Oh, shut up and take her hand already! And his hand follows direction, lifting away from is partner to settle upon Soriana's, fingers lacing between. He offers her a smile, small yet still a smile, if not a somewhat guarded one. She's fine. He nods in answer to her, though there's still question in his eyes. But whatever the question may be, it stays unasked and instead he grins at Kiena who is now with them. And then … well. This rarely ever happens. Awkward silence? Yup, there it is, stretching on for the ticks of a few seconds. Distraction seems to be the word of the day, as Kiena is not the only one feeling this way. But then… words. How are they? What a question! His eyes shift to Soriana after its asked. "Took a trip to Hannista today," he answers, "just to touch base. Things are well over there. The mines are still thriving, and the smiths and techcraft will probably receive word of a shipment to them before winter gets too long in." And thus, happy smiths and techies! "How're you? And the girls?"

Maybe it's a bait hand. A hand that will turn into a monster and throttle Ka'el! …or maybe it's not. It seems innocent enough, lying there, but when Ka'el reaches for it, Soriana… curls her fingers back to his, twining them together. Just like it's not a trap at all. Just like it goes with the smile that she gives him back. It's all good, except for the unasked question and the silence. And the lurking something or other, but that's banished away (or at least shoved firmly aside and has a door locked after it) by Kiena's presence and question. She glances back to Ka'el, meeting eyes with him for a moment, and listens to his answer, nodding about Hannista and his adventures there. Or, well, his diplomacies. They're not very adventuresome, actually. So that's him. Her? "I'm well," she says, though it's with a dip of her eyes that has them settling on her and Ka'el's hands for a moment, then looking up again to see Kiena, smiling as she waits for the answer to that question.

An angry Kiena? About a rejected hand? Not likely. An amused Kiena is more likely but as it stands, she does not seem to notice the gesture shared between Ka'el and Soriana. Her eyes do linger on both of them, meeting their eyes and trying to gauge their moods before looking away. Away to the table, her own hand, maybe a "casual" glance around the room before facing forwards again. Ka'el is recounting his trip to Hannista and Kiena is attentive with listening, nodding her head with a vague and crooked smile. "Good to know. More their prepared, the less problems arise, huh?" Oh winter. So good at causing issues. Soriana's reply to her well being has Kiena smiling though her eyes flicker with barely concealed interest. Something is lurking and… the bluerider may be picking up on it. And for her? "I'm alright. I… have had a lot on my mind." Understatement. Big one. But it's brushed aside. Her girls? "They're doing well! They'd just finished their lessons when I visited with them earlier."

"Hopefully," answers Ka'el to Kiena, smirking. "Trying my hand at this 'proactive' thing. Not waiting til things go wrong to fix them, y'know? It's been two winters since Xanadu's lost power because've a winter storm. If it happens again this turn, I want the tech crafters to have all the supplies they need to fix things quickly." Though Ka'el will still keep his stockpile of wood at the ready, just in case the tech crafters can't get things up and running. He. Hates. Being. Cold! He looks towards Soriana as she answers of being well, and he nods fractionally in agreement to her. He didn't really answer the qustion about himself, did he? Hannista is doing fine. But is he? "I hope that whatever's on your mind isn't too troublesome," he says to Kiena with a light smirk. "But it seems to be the season of … having lots on the mind." Heavy loads of thoughts for everyone, it'd seem. His fingers vaguely tighten their hold, then relax. A slight squeeze, though whether it's a reassuring gesture meant for himself or Soriana may be difficult to decipher. "What sort of lessons do they take?" he asks curiously. "Reading and writing? Proper chores?"

Ka'el's hand is being tried by… being held by Soriana. Which… might be a trying experience, who knows? She nods to his explanations of preparing for the winter. Waiting until things go wrong. Heh. She half-smiles, but it's not really amused. Oh wait, that was supposed to be not waiting until things go wrong. Being proactive. Dealing with things ahead of time. Before they become problems. Like the piles of firewood already sitting on Ka'el and Soriana's porch, though he'll surely add more to them before the snow begins in earnest. Not that winter hasn't been making strides toward them, this cold afternoon a clear sign of that. Soriana nods to Kiena, then glances to Ka'el. "…yeah," she agrees. As heavy as rocks from Hannista! And her fingers squeeze Ka'el's back, whether it's meant for her or not. Such a fearsome trap, this hand of hers is, and as Ka'el asks about Kiena's children, Soriana looks to the Weyrsecond curiously. Tell her about the mysterious ways of these strange creatures! "They're…" wait, she knows she's heard this… "six?"

"Nothing wrong with the 'proactive' route." Kiena agrees and with a knowing smirk. Why not? If it keeps them out of the dark and cold or the Weyr from hitting any snags the deeper they get into winter, the better, right? The Weyrsecond should probably look into stockpiling wood and other supplies herself… if she hasn't already. She's such a recluse about some aspects of her private life that it's anyone's guess as to what the bluerider does in her spare time (HA, there's a laugh!). No, Ka'el didn't answer the question about himself and perhaps later Kiena will pry. For now, she plays the cryptic game and her blue eyes drift in the vague direction of the Infirmary. When is whatever is on her mind not troublesome? "'Tis the season, yes and I'm afraid that my thoughts are always of a troublesome nature. I'll cope." she smirks. She always does. Back to the (safe?) topic of her twin girls, Kiena chuckles low for Ka'el's questions. "Harper lessons, mostly. Learning the old teaching songs and ballads. Y'know. The basics. Some reading and writing. Probably something about chores or at least a very simplistic break down of how things work." Probably with lots of pretty pictures. Why can't their manuals be like that? Maybe Kiena would actually pay more attention. To Soriana, she flashes a faint and brief grin. "Close! They're five Turns now. Good guess though!" So close.

Mur'dah is maintaining. Sort of. Clearly he hasn't slept well, his face drawn and hair messed up, worry deepening the wrinkles around his eyes. Nothing to /do/ really but press on. There's no quest he can go on to fetch some magic flower that will awaken his sister from her sleep. No true love's first kiss…though Jethaniel has probably already tried that. Shuffling in, he makes his way for the beverages, grabbing nothing but water and gulping it down. Running fingers through mussed hair, he meanders forward to salute the leadership. "Sir. Soriana. Kiena. Have some Weyrling reports for you that'll be on your desk by nightfall."

Kanekith projects to Luraoth. o o O ( An earthy scent begins to permeate through the chill of winter, erasing that backdrop to paint another. Moist. Warm. The aromas of a jungle lift and sneak through the mind. Kanekith is a prowling creature that lurks through the shadows of the wet foliage, moving closer, bringing with him a message of question. "Is the secret that yours kept a secret to be kept from all, mine wonders. Ujinath's…he believes…has experience." )

"Heh. My basics back then were … more basic," Ka'el replies with a chuckle. Harper lessons? So that's what's going on in the nursery on those noisy days! Or perhaps that's just … young children being noisy young children as young children tend to be most times. He glances that way, as if expecting to see a parade weyrbrats suddenly appear, equipped with a song. Luckily…they don't! His attention is back on Kiena not long after that brief glance. "Weyr lessons and Hold lessons aren't exactly the same, are they? Not totally different, but .. not the same." Not that that really matters. He's well beyond the age of 'the basics'. He's even gotten through the basics of Weyrleadership! Time for advanced lessons. Hopefully complete with illustrated pictures, yes. He's about to open his mouth to correct the guessed age of the two girls, but pauses. Kiena beats him to it, and he grins, nodding. "Five goin' on fifteen, right?" he says with an emerging smirk that's still there as Mur'dah arrives. He doesn't look … good. Nope. A brow is vaguely elevated at the sight of him, but he nods in greeting. "Mur'dah," he says in reply, nodding again at his report of…reports. He glances to his tablemates in question, then back to him. "Are you alright?"

Speaking of weyrling reports… there's a weyrling following shortly on the heels of Mur'dah's entrance, who doesn't look like she slept all that well herself. Or maybe it's more that she looks like she just woke up? Pausing just inside the caverns, Innes blinks a bit of the sleep out of her eyes and runs her fingers through her tousled hair until it's deemed presentable by her standards (which admittedly aren't very high). And then she's off to get food, snagging a bit of bread, which she begins picking at like some small animal. In a sweeping glance of the room, she notes the cluster of familiar faces and begins ever-so-casually making her way toward them. If she just sidles up and happens to be noticed, it's not butting in, right? And of course, now that she's near them, she really ought to salute and say hello. Which she does, followed up by an observant, "You look awful, Mu'dah."

Kiena quirks a brow to Ka'el and chuckles. "How can it be more basic than basic?" she drawls, almost in her usual teasing manner and yet doesn't quite reach it. It's like she is struggling to be relaxed and carefree but is gradually loosing the fight. A parade of children bursting through would be a distraction to remember! Sadly, it's not to be. "Not entirely. I mean, the teaching songs and ballads are all the same but I'd imagine each Hold has… different lessons." she gives the Weyrleader a knowing smile then which may be just a touch grim. Irondell certainly had some differences. BIG differences. Which… she will not discuss. "Please don't even joke about them being fifteen!" Kiena groans in mocking despair and then snorts, about to fire off some other quip only to drift silent as two more enter and approach. Innes brings a curious look from the Weyrsecond but a welcoming smile, despite the bedraggled appearance. "Just woke up?" she muses but the good humour is short lived. Mur'dah is given an openly worried and concerned look. Ka'el already states the question she was going to ask and Innes voices her own thoughts. So Kiena adds a quiet spoken, "Sit for awhile, Mur'dah? Join us too if you'd like, Innes." And gestures to the empty seats. The more the merrier right?

Mur'dah gives Ka'el a rather startled look. "Uh. No?" It's a question. He's not alright, right? Turning, he sees Innes and stares at her for a moment. "I think that's the nicest thing you've ever said to me," he drawls, returning her salute before he sprawls into the chair offered by Kiena. "Thanks. Still no change." Everyone knows what he's talking about, right? He runs his fingers through his hair and scans the table.

"Easily," replies Ka'el with a light laugh to Kiena. "But I'll spare you the simple details of my basic education." And the education that was not so basic after that. The thought of the twins being fifteen is … not uqite a thought, as Ka'el can't quite imagine them as being anything but as they are presently. His smile fades a little, just a smidge melting from the edges of his lips as he glances to Soriana's hand, still held in his own. But now, other things take his attention. Innes is next. The goldrider weyrling is met with a smile, noticing her because yes, she is near and no, she's not butting in. Eyes sweep back to Mur'dah as she voices her observation too, and the assistant weyrlingmaster's first reply is met with a confused look. Is he…asking him or telling him? He quirks a brow as he sits. And it remains quirked as he speaks. Apparently not everyone knows what he's talking about. How surprising, right? "No change with what?"

"Yeah, sort of," Innes offers by way of a vague (and ultimately useless) explanation. She tosses the whole thing away with a simple wave of her hand, accidentally sending one of those large crumbs of the bread she's picking apart flying, too. She follows its trajectory with her gaze and then quickly looks back to the table. No one saw that, right? Studiously ignoring her mistake, she instead turns her attention back to Mur'dah's condition and the concern everyone seems to be showing him. Like Ka'el, she has no idea what's going on. She simply arches both brows at the brownrider's comment, replying, "That was nice. It was concern. You know, for your well-being and all of that, since you look awful." She nods along with the Weyrleader's question as she slips into a seat, curiosity getting the better of her.

Kiena totally saw that bread go flying from Innes' hand but aside from having to hastily bite the corner of her lip to keep from bursting out laughing (at an awkward time) she does not point it out. To Ka'el, the Weyrsecond only smiles crookedly. "Should I be relieved that you are sparing me those details?" she drawls and then her attention drifts again to Mur'dah. Even before the Assistant Weyrlingmaster has settled, she will reach out to gently place her hand, fingers flat, against his arm or to his shoulder. Provided, of course, that he does not draw away but it's a comforting gesture and sympathetic. It's also telling: Kiena knows. Kiena… didn't share and from the guilty side glance she gives to Ka'el, maybe it wasn't entirely her fault? Time may just not have permitted it. Maybe it explained her earlier awkwardness and distracted state. "I'm sorry, Mur'dah." she murmurs low. Anything else, by way of explanation, will be for him to give to Ka'el and Innes.

Mur'dah drops his gaze to Ka'el and Soriana's hand holding and he visibly twitches, looking quickly away to Ka'el's face. "Darsce." There's a pause. "She fell off a runner, she hit her head, she's in the Infirmary and not waking up?" He knows about this, right? Dark eyes flick to Innes, stare for a moment, and then he musters up a smile. "Thank you. I am concerned for my sister's health and well being. Spent most of the night dozing in a chair by her bedside, with Jethaniel. Well," wait, "not /with/ Jethaniel. I mean, he was in the room. Not…in…my chair." He lifts his hand to rest briefly on Kiena's, giving it a squeeze before he lets go. "So. No change. She still sleeps. Her vitals are good, but the longer she sleeps…" The less likely it is she will wake.

Is Mur'dah .. asking him if that's what happened to Darsce or telling him? The inflection of his voice, again, draws a lift of a brow. Or perhaps it's the content of his not-quite-question that causes the action. Darsce fell off of a runner? … Darsce rides runners? Heh. That's not the important question here though, is it? A blink turns that look of question to a frown. "I'm sorry to hear that.." Ka'el says as his eyes sweep to the infirmary again, assuming that she's there. His frown lingers though words aren't immediately forthcoming. That's what happens when one listens, as he's doing now as Mur'dah continues. One tends to pick up information without having to ask questions. "I'm sure the healers are doing their best, and Thea .. making sure that they continue to do so." She likely knows even if he didn't.

Innes definitely did not know about this, and her sort of offhand concern regarding Mur'dah's general appearance deepens as he explains. Her gaze slowly drops from him to the bread she holds in her hands, now even more intently focused upon picking apart the roll and chewing each tiny piece she pops into her mouth. Emotions and serious stuff? She's not so good with that. "Sorry your sister's hurt," she mutters under her breath, before glancing sidelong at the other two. Hopefully they'll be supportive in a more… productive way, because this is about all she has to offer. "Maybe if we make enough of a mess around here she'll just… sense it or something and wake up," she offers awkwardly, her shoulders lifting in a shrug.

Kiena's hand squeezes Mur'dah's in return before it withdraws and comes to rest in her lap. There's a brief half smirk when he stumbles over himself concerning Jethaniel and shakes her head. With a low exhale, she'll sober and then her gaze shifts between Ka'el and Innes again as they're caught up. It's the suggestion from the gold weyrling that has her chuckling despite the grim news. "Couldn't hurt to try?" she muses in an attempt at some humour only it's likely to feed the awkwardness rather than lift it. Oops?

Mur'dah shifts, clasping his hands and then getting to his feet, going to grab another glass of water. And a pitcher for his refills, returning to sit a moment later. "I know they are," he says to Ka'el, but smiling for his words just the same. Appreciating them. Looking at Innes, he stares at her for a moment and then he smiles. "I think she'd be more apt to notice if we all just started wearing horribly clashing clothes and not brushing our hair properly." So thanks for doing your part? He smirks, running fingers through his own unbrushed locks. Not awkward, right? He slouches a bit in his chair and sips his water. "So what else is new?" Happy news, please.

Ka'el's eyes shift to Innes at her quip, smirking because of it. He has little else to say on the topic, and thus says nothing more. What could be said that could be helpful? He can think of nothing, so he busies himself with staring at the tabletop and his riding gloves that rest upon it. So productive. The question of what's new is also answered with a big hunk of silence from the Weyrleader who has retreated into his own world for a time, considering how detached he appears from the present ont.

It's not that Soriana's ignoring everyone, really it isn't, it's that she's having her attention forcibly redirected to a conversation with her dragon. Why? Well, that's between her and Luraoth, but the other riders at the table will probably recognize that absent look on her face stirred by the occasional flickers of emotion. Her hand stays in Ka'el's through it all, showing no signs of pulling away, and when she finally blinks up from whatever serious conversation she's been having inside her head to the one that's going on here… it's to catch the very tail end of serious before it turns to joking suggestions of how to resolve it. "…uh." She glances between Innes and Mur'dah, frowns slightly. "I'm sorry to hear… it." That they're lacking in fashion coordination? Maybe. But hey, what else is new? She looks down, at that question. "It's…" She glances up, to Ka'el, and gives his hand a squeeze through that silence. "Mmhnh." Which is such a useful thing, and if only her look could communicate more! But it can't. Even though it tries.

Kanekith senses that Luraoth's thoughts are slow to respond. « She says she keeps no secrets. » And yet it's obvious there's more being had to this discussion between dragon and rider. « She says she doesn't know how. » Sheer incomprehension, from the golden dragon. It's easy! « That now is not the time, but the time is now. »

Innes grins subtly down at her roll, glancing up at Mur'dah once with an almost grateful expression. Thanks for not yelling at her for using humor at an inappropriate moment? "I've got half of that down," she acknowledges, pausing in her nibbling to twirl a strand of said hair around her finger. And really, her clothes aren't too far off, either. Time to spread this Weyr-wide! She slips back into silence for a moment, willing to allow anyone else to take the lead on this one. She pops another bit of bread into her mouth, glances around, and then shrugs. "Well, I'm still a weyrling, so… I'm doing that." Helpful. "And I haven't gotten into trouble in ages, so I must be great at it."

"I'll try to work on the hair, but no promises about clashing clothes." Kiena drawls to Mur'dah and the light grin that follows is echoed to Innes again. "Half down… may as well go for it all?" Why not? She's making an effort to be humorous too, even if awkward and a little stilted. Cautious. Happy news? Kiena is silent for a long time on that, her brows knit into a heavy frown. So much for the good mood? Blue eyes lift to Ka'el and Soriana, lingering on the junior goldrider now that she speaks up. It's? Now her brows lift, anticipating… but nothing more follows and she cannot decipher the look in Soriana's eyes. Tilting her head, she looks back to Innes and her smile slowly returns. "Hey, that's a good thing. The… not getting in trouble bit. How are things? Weyrlinghood, I mean? And Kairoikyriath." Shells, Kiena needs to get out more and visit the Weyrlings! Fingers tapping lightly against the edge of the table where her arm rests, she'll suddenly shift in her seat and clear her throat. Aha! She remembered a happy-thing! "I'm going to be an aunt…? Again."

Mur'dah glances at Ka'el, then at Ka'el's gloves. Interesting? No. Then he looks at Soriana and nods. "Thanks." He'll take her sorry as sorry his sister is in a coma. Eyes flick between the two of them, then the gloves, then back to them. "It's…what? Pardon?" he presses, unclear if 'mmhnh' was a word he didn't quite hear, or just a sound. Then his gaze leaves the silence that is Ka'el and Soriana, to look at Innes and he even quirks a little grin. "Great at being a Weyrling? Well, practice makes perfect I suppose. Some people are just late bloomers." Tease. Though it's gentle. Please be nice, he's fragile. Then he looks at Kiena, startled. "Shards, really? Th'ero, right? I mean…um." Give him a second. "Kimmila."

Ka'el nods a little, though it isn't exactly clear just who he's nodding to. Innes, perhaps, at her proclamation of being a Weyrling? Go Weyrlings, woo! Or to Kiena, nodding to her question regarding Kairo's well-being. Or maybe to Mur'dah and his tease. Or possibly he's nodding just for the sake of nodding, bringing himself back to the present by making it seem as if he's already there. Focus, mind. Focus! His eyes move away from his gloves as Kiena clears her throat. She's going to be an aunt? He looks at her, head tipping to one side a little. .. Oh, right. The Fortian Weyrleader! A smile pushes its way onto his lips. "Hey, that's great. Congratulations," he offers to her. "Send Th'ero my regards." Or maybe he'll send them himself. Or maybe Xanadu will send a gift basket of fruit or something. Is there a custom for these sort of things? The hand he holds is squeezed once more before he pulls his away. "I'm sorry all, but I've to excuse myself," he says, rising to his feet now and grasping for his gloves. A kiss is pressed lightly to Soriana's cheek, as is a brief look of apology before he regards them all again. "A good afternoon to all of you."

Soriana and Ka'el, bringin' the awkward silence! Or at least… soaking in it. At least Innes is there to distract people. Thanks, weyrling weyrwoman! Even if Soriana's not helping with the 'dressing funny' part of things, she's just in a vaguely shapeless and comfortable sweater and some trousers. She's quiet again, thoughts drifting, until that being an aunt makes her cough. In a 'huh wha?' sort of way. Did she just hear… oh yeah. Right. Th'ero and Kimmila and… ahem. Don't mind her. Nothing funny here, just a sheepish sort of look and… "Right." She nods along to Ka'el's words of congratulation directed at Th'ero (indirectly so) and gives him a sidewise look - one that turns to a less sided-ways one as he makes his excuses to leave. She nods, with a faint smile for that kiss and a murmured, "Sorry," for… some reason? "I'll… see you tonight." Back in their home, with firewood piled for winter and… hmm, maybe she'll bring back a few bags of tubers in case they're snowed in for a fortnight. Or maybe he will, and she'll just bring the klah to go with them. Either way, Soriana watches Ka'el depart before she turns her attention back to the rest of the table.

Innes can just barely see the end to the awkwardness lingering somewhere on the horizon. Almost close enough to reach, but not quite. She shrugs at Kiena's comment about going all the way, her lips quirking in another little grin. She wasn't gifted with her family's fashion sense, so she'll probably achieve that clash without putting any effort into it. A curious glance goes to Soriana and Ka'el, but ultimately she can't make anything of the other goldrider's words (or lack thereof), so she simply shrugs. "Weyrlinghood is good," she answers Kiena, although her gaze slips to Mur'dah. "Kairoikyriath is is also doing well. She's antsy, though. Always full of ideas, and stubborn as anyone I've ever met." Sound like anyone else? She picks another small piece off of her roll and nibbles at that, glancing between the four around her. A sharp glance goes to Mur'dah at his comment, but her expression softens when she sees his grin. "Well, you know, same can be said for weyrlingmasters who're better at their jobs than they think." That's about as gentle as she gets. She echoes the sentiments regarding Kiena's brother even though she doesn't really know the man, and then lifts the hand still holding her bread to wave farewell with Ka'el's departure.

Kiena snickers softly under her breath to Mur'dah's fumbling again. "Well. Technically it's Th'ero's too? Though Kimmila gets the short end of the stick and has to do the grunt work." Blinking, the Weyrsecond remembers then who's she's talking about and to which audience and promptly flushes darkly and clears her throat. Ahem. "But… yeah. Uh… twins, apparently." Whoohoo? "Guess it's an Irondell thing? Jays, as if I didn't have enough working against me to chase potential suitors away." From silent to… rambling? Kiena has that skill down! To Ka'el, she smiles warmly and dips her head. "Thanks and I will. I… may go and visit, if time permits." she says, casually for now but likely to be requested in a more serious vein later. Who knows what the customs are? Tilting her head, she'll give the Weyrleader a curious look but then offer a half-wave, half salute and another smile as he prepares to depart. "And to you too, Ka'el." Glancing to Innes, Kiena's mouth quirks into a light grin. "Good to hear that all is well. And is that so? I hear you're at… manned flights now?" There's a glance to Mur'dah then. Did she get that right?

Mur'dah salutes Ka'el with a flick of his fingers as the Weyrleader departs, and then he's giving Soriana a concerned look at her continued silence. "So…" Down with the awkward! "You two planning on having kids any time soon?" Then his dark eyes flick back to Innes, and he looks…genuinely touched. And not sure what to do about it. "Ah." That was really, really nice of her to say. So he clears his throat and takes a drink of his water. "Thanks," he finally does murmurs. Looking back to Kiena, his brows lift. "Twins…run in your family, huh?" Then he blinks when she starts rambling. "What?" Suitors? "Oh, because…but I thought you didn't want any more kids." She's confusing! Manned flights? "Yeah, V'dim is teaching those though. Some are still working on unmanned and hunting. They're a bit spread out in their training. Others moving faster than others, but that's normal."

What is Soriana sorry for? Ka'el shakes his head, whatever the reason may be, whether he knows that reason or not. "I'll see you," he answers with a vague smile and a wave to her and them all. He's not .. very good company today, and he knows it. He's exhausted his smiles and grins and humor with the lord holders of Hannista. Maybe news about Darsce has something to do with his subdued state as well. … Who knows. In any case, he's gone after his polite goodbyes to the table and disappears down the administration hallway.

Weyrling stuff is good. …it is good, right? No disasters there? But no, it sounds like there aren't. Things are going swimmingly. Er, flyingly. Close enough. Soriana nods absently as she listens to that part. The part about twins has her eyeing Kiena with the look usually reserved for tall tales. Twins. Like… two babies. At once. And then two kids, and… well… there's plenty of them around, aren't there? These ones the Fortian WL and his weyrmate will be having. Kiena's. Mur'dah is one, though he's not a kid anymore. So many paired progeny! And speaking of… or as, since it's Mur'dah that's asking… there's a question for her. "Uh," she says, as an entirely reasonable and cogent answer. Maybe she'll follow it with an 'uhm' or a 'well'? "…that's. Uh. We…" Dammit Ka'el, why did you have to abandon her now? But her glance in the direction he went fails to bring him back, and so Soriana's just left here alone to trail off into awkward silence. But wait, before she does, there's a few more words along the way. "…there… mightbe."

Look at that! Innes did a thing. A nice thing. The weyrling looks almost excessively pleased with herself for putting Mur'dah at a loss for words. "You're welcome," she says with a touch of smug pride. Now, if only they could talk with this level of civility all the time. "I don't think I could handle twins," she confesses to no one in particular. "I don't think I could handle not twins either, but particularly not twins. But cheers to those who can." She lifts the remains of her roll in the best toast she can offer given what's on hand. All the respect in the world to parents, she just… doesn't want the responsibility. Or the crying. She glances toward Kiena with a nod that trails off into a shrug. "We're getting to it. We're still sort of working on the whole thing where she doesn't jump into it before she's ready." Because Kairoikyriath always thinks she's ready. And then her eyes go rather suddenly to Soriana. "What?"

Kiena shrugs her shoulders to Mur'dah. "What? Seems that way? I had twins, now apparently my brother is? Just seems bit suspicious? Or is the water?" There's a smirk then for that old worn joke. Haha, must be something in the water? Levelling Mur'dah with a look, her mouth quirks again into another one of her smirks. Really? "… not right now but I may change my mind? And, well. Who knows." Cough. The Weyrsecond IS confusing! Not always purposely, either! Nodding her head to the mention of V'dim teaching manned flights and the staggered progress of the weyrlings, Kiena smiles none the less! This is also good news! Normal, good news. "It's… eh, it's a bit much but… doable?" So much for a riveting explanation? Innes is given a look that is both amused and apologetic all in one, since the bluerider butchered that response. Classic Kiena! "Ahh. Headstrong?" she adds to the gold weyrling concerning Kairoikyriath. She'll catch that look from Soriana next and Kiena's brows will knit in puzzlement. What? Twins happen! And… "Oh." Suddenly her expression goes from puzzled to blank, back to just peering at the junior goldrider. Following that is a darted look to where Ka'el disappeared, back to Soriana and then it… clicks. "Uh." Now Mur'dah is given a look. Nice going? Not that he knew! Clearing her throat, she smiles softly to Soriana and perhaps her eyes will try to meet hers in understanding. Of… how that may feel. "Might be." she echoes. "Not certain, yet? The Healers?"

Mur'dah watches Ka'el go, and then he looks at Soriana. And blinks. "Wait. Really?" Looking at Innes, he chuckles. "Well you don't have much choice. Not like you can just leave one of them in there." …/gross/. He even leans over and gently bumps her shoulder with his. "You both are doing very well," he murmurs. Then he shoots Kiena a look. What? He was just making conversation! He didn't know! He'll squirm a bit though.

The responsibility. The crying. The screaming wakeup calls in the middle of the night, the feedings, the dirty diapers, the tantrums - which can last though the teenage years - and… all the other many aspects of childrearing that make it suited to only the most dedicated champions of society. Aaaaand then on the opposite end of the spectrum, here's Soriana, sitting awkwardly at the table as eyes go to her. Her hand sneaks away to beneath it, probably so it can join the other in fidgeting and tugging at her sweater. They're looooking at her. Like she's grown a second head. Uh. Wait, that's… kinda-sorta-almost true, if you look at the right part and the right context and… gah! Not helping. Might be, she says, and as Kiena questions that, she squirms. "Well." When she says might, she means… "Uhm… we… didn't exactly plan." Because, see previously mentioned responsibility, crying, and so forth. "But… yeah. The healers… said so." That's how these things happen! The healers decree it and it is so. …okay, not actually, but when a man and a woman… er. When, after other things, they suspect that maybe, they go to the healers and answer prying questions and submit to physical tests, and then get to breathe a sigh of relief or shudder in terror, depending.

Innes just… stares at Soriana, without even attempting for a moment to hide it. She'd apologize for making things more awkward for the other goldrider if she weren't completely dumbfounded. "You're…?" She can't even say it, she just sort of squeaks the first word and then trails off into nothingness. It took her a moment to catch up to the other two, but now that she has she's looking Soriana over in a whole new light. It's a good thing Kiena and Mur'dah are there as well, or she might just go on staring. "Oh, uh, yeah. She's very headstrong." Like rider, like dragon. Mur'dah gets a furtive grin, and she bumps him right back. "Thanks." She's definitely not turning slightly pink at the compliment, because Innes doesn't do that. Never. To disguise that fact, she stuffs the last of her roll into her mouth and then asks around it, "So you're really for sure having one of them, then?"

Oh, there is responsibility and crying, screaming and feedings and… a lot. Too much for some, which is why Pernese society has fostering setup for riders, given the unusual chain of priorities in their lives (namely an already quite dependent dragon!). Not a choice all go for, but it's one that the Weyrsecond settled for to save her sanity! Kiena chuckles again and shakes her head when Mur'dah squirms and she'll give him a gentle elbow to the side. She was teasing? Not so much when she is looking back to Soriana. All that squirming and fidgeting may not be entirely viewable but more so sensed and Kiena will look sheepish and hastily mumble an apology. "Sorry, Soriana, if this is prying." Especially when the words 'didn't plan' come up. Again, the bluerider looks close to sympathetic. She did not find the news herself to be easy to absorb when she was pregnant. "Well… in that case. Congratulations." Not phrased as a question (honest!), though it lingers there in her eyes. Kiena is doing her fair share of staring, but now the bluerider seems to be considering… something. Her head lowers thoughtfully for a moment and then meeting Soriana's eyes (if she can), she'll offer in a quiet tone. "… maybe we can… talk, later, Soriana?" Whether or not she agrees right away, Kiena doesn't seem to pressure her in the slightest bit. For now though, the Weyrsecond seems to grow more distracted until at last, with a heavy exhale, she rises to her feet. "Seems I am needed elsewhere now too. If you'll all excuse me? Innes, it was good to see you and I hope your training continues on without mishap! Soriana, it was nice to chat with you too and, well… I hope the rest of your afternoon goes well. All of you." She's dipped her head to both goldriders and now to Mur'dah she will clasp his shoulder in a firm grip. "And you… take care of yourself, alright?" Kiena doesn't bother masking the worry in her voice or the look she gives him, even if she smiles a heartbeat later.

Mur'dah smiles at Soriana, his expression gentle and supportive as he drinks more water. "Congratulations," he finally offers softly. "Planned or not. And you'll foster, I'm sure. It'll be okay." He's not blind. He can see how she's reacting to this. "Sorry I…asked." He didn't /know/. And he looks guilty because now lots of them know. Then he pushes to his feet, walking around the table to offer Soriana a shoulder squeeze and a hug if she'll take it, whispering something softly to her. Then, "I'm going back to the infirmary. Innes, don't forget, inspection tomorrow morning. Straps." Pass it on! Looking over at Kiena, he briefly squeezes her hand on his shoulder and nods. "I will," he promises quietly. "Ladies." And with a dip of his head, he is vanishing into the infirmary once more to resume his vigil by his sister's side, and give Jethaniel a break if he needs it.
Mur'dah whispers "I'm really sorry I asked. I didn't know, I was just trying to make conversation. I'm sorry. If there's anything you need, you know where to find me, okay?"

It's a scary word! And the reality is… terrifying. Soriana knows just what Innes is asking, and the knowledge in her eyes says that she has looked upon the dark face of a stick with a plus sign on it. And now she knows the true nature of fear. Also, that, well, she is. So… congratulations (on your impending doom). Those last words are just added inside Soriana's head, though, as she nods and attempts to muster a smile. It's an amazingly weak one, and would certainly fail smile inspection, but it's there. "…thanks?" That is phrased as a question, and she nods to Mur'dah's addition - fostering. Huh. - before she glances to Innes. "…uh. Well. If everything goes…" horribly terribly wrong? "…like… they… expect." So yes, there's a proto-baby, but something could still happen! It could be a false alarm. Sort of. Only, at this point, a false alarm might be almost as difficult as a… real baby. She looks back to Kiena as she tries to recover from squirming, and hesitates for a moment before nodding. "…yeah. Okay." Nothing more than that, but her eyes go briefly past the admin hallway before turning to Mur'dah as he approaches. She nods to him as she hugs him back, offering him a wry sort of smile. "…now you know?" And so do the others, and anyone else listening in, and… well, at least she's gotten a hug out of it. She nods farewell to him and Kiena both, giving her sweater another tug before looking back to… Innes. Just the two of them, now. Plus, uh, whatever fractional amount of a person-to-be is lying in wait beneath that sweater…

There are some real attempts being made on Innes' part not to stare at Soriana like she has grown another head. It's hard to tell, because, well, she's still staring… but she's trying. At least she has it down to looking more disgruntled and less like she expects some foreign creature to come bursting out of Sori's stomach area at any moment. (Hey, it could happen.) As Kiena and Mur'dah announce their individual departures, her brows draw together in a frown. Don't leave her with the scared pregnant woman! She can't manage this situation by herself. "It was good to see you, too," she tells Kiena, and there's only a little bit of pleading for the other woman to stay in her eyes. Mur'dah gets a smart salute (surprise!) and a nod. "Inspection, straps, don't remind any of the other weyrlings and leave them to fail. Got it!" Just in case he thinks she might be serious, there's a wink at the end. She'd offer good wishes for his sister, but she doesn't want to spoil whatever bit of good humor he's found. And then her gaze falls back to Soriana. Or Soriana plus one. "So… how about anything other than babies?"

…anything but babies? Did Innes say 'anything but babies'? Yes. Yes she did. The look Soriana turns on the more junior goldrider is a grateful one. No more talking about babies. Not until … that talk she's going to have with Kiena. Or the one with Ka'el. Or the one she'll surely end up having with Mur'dah. Or her own mother. Or the healers for one of those regular appointments she has with them now. Or. "…so you're supposed to learn how to run the stores." Lessons! Those are way better than babies, right? Or maybe Soriana's just taking the first distraction that came to mind, and never mind what it was. Blame Mur'dah for bringing up that straps inspection. (And also for bringing up babies in the first place.) But now that Soriana's found a topic, any topic, she runs with it. "Checking stuff in and out, that sort of thing. So… plan yourself a party." What? Is pregnancy affecting Soriana's brain? "Make a list of what you want from the stores, and I'll show you how to get it."

Why yes, she did! Because Innes is more than happy to talk about anything that doesn't spit up or need to be changed constantly. Also that whole… foreign body growing inside of someone she considers a friend aspect is one she'd rather avoid. "The stores?" she asks blankly. In spite of her request for the subject change, it takes a moment for her brain to catch up. But when it does, she beams. She'll take lessons any day, at least over babies. "Any kind of party?" Her eyebrows do a little suggestive wiggling dance. "But I can do that, yeah. What does running the stores entail, exactly?"

Messes at both ends that make Innes's cot look neat and tidy. Ugh. No. Let's not talk about that. At all. Other topics! Soriana is ever so glad to talk about those other topics. Like lessons! And neatly organized stores, which do need cleaning but… it's different, somehow. Also she's mostly not the one actually doing it. So yes. The stores, and she nods to that. The question about party-type makes her smile - much less uneasy than the one she had for those congratulations earlier - and nod. "Sure." Did any of the weyrlingmasters overhear that part? Because, well, there's parties and then there's parties. "And then I can show you how an administrative review works." So convenient! She even says it with a straight face, though it's got to be a joke… right? Not serious like how to run the stores, which… "It's mostly about accounting. Some things are kept locked up - stuff that's dangerous or expensive, mostly. The rest… it's available to weyrfolk who need it, but we keep track of who takes what so we know what our supplies are like or if someone's being weird about what they use." Or taking too much. "There's forms for it. And we check if things are running low, and tell the Steward to order more." She frowns, stopping there to glance to the infirmary. If Darsce's in there, does that mean…? Well. Hopefully nothing will explode.

"See how simple I make these lessons?" Innes asks with an obviously feigned air of innocence. "I do this to make your life easier. See what a good future weyrwoman I make? Always thinking about others." Or perhaps it's just that she simply can't resist the lure of trouble. It's actually remarkable that weyrlinghood has been so uneventful. The calm before the storm, maybe? Her eyebrows lift at the mention of danger. "Like… fire-related things?" Or things that might explode? Once again, she fails to repress that eagerness in her expression. "So we're making note of people who're using too much of one particular thing when they shouldn't be using so much of that particular thing? I bet that gets interesting." She'd rather not contemplate some of the possibilities on that subject. "There are a lot of forms, aren't there." It's not truly a question; it's more like a dismal reflection upon her future.

"And that, I'm sure, is why everyone will want to show up to your party." Innes's kind and generous spirit. Also her thoughts of others. Not any sort of wild and/or illicit nature to the party itself. Nope. Soriana smirks, just a bit. "Like fireworks." Things that explode! "There's three copies of that key. Senior Weyrwoman, Weyrleader, and Steward." So she's not saying they don't exist, but she is saying who has to be begged, borrowed or… bribed… in order to gain access. Innes has the broad of it in her explanation of what they're looking for, and Soriana nods. "Like when this guy started taking out a dress every seven or so." Because everyone likes to look pretty sometimes? Eh, no. If that'd been the answer, it would have been time to shrug, mutter something about greenriders, and move on. "Turns out he was giving them to cothold girls as presents." Three guesses for his motivations, and the first two don't count. "But mostly… yeah, it's paperwork." There's a form for that. There's a form for everything. "You get used to them?" It's a question. Soriana's not sure, for all she's been doing it for turns now.

"That, and I'll have more drinks than you can shake a stick at." Can that expression be applied in this situation? Does that expression ever make sense? Whatever the answer, Innes doesn't pause to think about it. Because… fireworks! "I do like fireworks," she comments thoughtfully as she twirls a strand of hair around one finger. "I think every good party requires fireworks. To send it off with a bang." Yes, it's probably for the best that there are only three copies of that key. Maybe Ka'el can be bribed while he's distracted with this pregnancy business but… probably not. It won't stop Innes from trying, though. Her eyes widen slightly with the tale, before she splutters out an amused laugh-slash-snort. "I hope they weren't so easily bought." The amusement is short-lived in the face of paperwork. Ick. Her nose wrinkles, and she mutters, "I hate paperwork. Can't the weyr just run on… not paperwork?"

"Does this stick have pineapple and cherries on it?" Metaphorical sticks are all very well and good, but Soriana has high expectations for future weyrwomen! "Or at least olives." To each their own? But really, Soriana is more from the fruity drinks side of things. Also, "The fireworks really give it a spark." Of life! Or… explosive death, which is why they're kept under lock and key. Details. "I had some at my weyrling party." Her official goldrider stores-duty training party, which… may not have actually been nearly so official as she might pretend now. There's a statute of limitations on these things, right? Surely nobody's going to drag Soriana out for bad decisions made in the past… especially not when she's making such notable bad decisions in the present by encouraging Innes. She shrugs about the cothold girls. "We didn't ask. It…" she half-frowns "…wasn't Weyr business." Where the skirts went, yes. What they did once there… well, people make their choices? And some of those choices produce paperwork. Soriana smiles wryly. "Doesn't seem to. If you don't fill out the paperwork, you just get meetings with people complaining that they don't have the paperwork."

Given that it's an as-yet-fictious stick, well, "It can have anything you want on it. Pineapples on fire?" Because grilled fruit is delicious. "I'm very open to you shaking whatever kind of stick you'd like at things." Innes snorts at the pun, but tries very quickly to adopt a more serious demeanor. Her straight face doesn't last more than a few seconds. "Did you really?" One brow arches, and the expression on her face is one that truly ought to incite some kind of fear. Or at least a niggling worry. Now that the idea has been planted, all Innes can see are fireworks. "Maybe that will be the theme. Fireworks." That's a theme, isn't it? Explosions? Loud noises? One of these things has to count. The mention of things being Weyr business has her canting her head. Her curiousity is undoubtedly one of those things that will have to be restrained when it comes to diplomacy… if she ever does get a handle on that concept. "I'm going to find a way to abolish paperwork, you mark my words."

"…I like it already," Soriana says to firey pineapples of doom. Though actually, let's hold the doom. She's got enough of that already. "Really, there's a wide range of sticks to be used. Depends on the situation." Contextual stick-shaking! What kind of party is this going to be, again? Oh, a fireworks party. That's… uh… worrisome, yes, but explosion-happy Xanadu juniors are not exactly a new thing. Ask Esiae about that crack-boom during the race this summer! Oh wait, you can't, because she's been remarkably elusive on the subject. And Soriana, for all she may look respectable, lets slip a grin at the question. "I did." She doesn't say how she managed it. That's for Innes to find out on her own? …and somehow, Soriana doesn't think the weyrling will lack for motivation. Maybe she shouldn't have… or at least she should attempt to apply some form of caution. "Don't lose fingers." Yeah, that's it! That's how to hold back an Innes from destruction. And, to clarify it even further, "Yours, or someone else's." There. Mission accomplished. If only all Soriana's tasks were so easy… but they aren't. Weyr business isn't that easy, and she frowns a little, shrugging to that curious look. She doesn't like it either, sometimes. Diplomacy is hard. Paperwork… is mostly just tedious. "Deal," Soriana says. Then: "You'll have to file form N-zero, notification of termination of paperwork. And a null paperwork verification sheet - in triplicate - along with an updated data spread for the projected time differences due to paperwork removal." …and also, she grins.

A fireworks party with a heavy dose of contextual sticks. As well as the real, flammable kind. There's no way this can go wrong! Aside from every possible way. But Xanadu is apparently a Weyr of fire-loving optimists who all stand an equal chance of being in charge someday. That ought to be a sobering thought, but… Innes simply beams. "I won't lose fingers." The smile does fade slightly as Soriana gets into the specifics and manages to jump one step ahead of her. The weyrling huffs in mild annoyance but agrees. "No one will lose fingers." Toes, however, are fair game. Also hair, noses, and any other extremities not covered by the fingers clause. She has more questions on the subject of what's their business and what isn't, but she bites it back. By now, she knows that declaring diplomacy to be stupid and suggesting a free-for-all when it comes to weyr policies probably isn't the sort of thing that earns her points in weyrwoman training. So instead she simply sticks out her tongue and then announces, "You tease, but everything would be better without paperwork." Or everything would fall into chaos and the Weyr would burn. Either way, it seems fairly likely Innes would be happy.

Paperwork does thing like restrict access to fireworks to only those who are responsible enough to deal with it without causing damage to people or property! …so yeah, it's no wonder Innes isn't in favor. On the bright side, though? Paperwork is flammable! …no, wait. There was some other message here. Something about responsibility and … nope, lost it. Soriana nods a satisfaction to the lack of lost fingers, and does not inquire when it comes to toes. Her mistake. She'll surely understand that when she reads the infirmary report and finds out just how terribly things went, but for now, she can be blissfully ignorant. Which… yeah. Optimism is a very essential part of being a weyrwoman around here. Things will turn out okay. Soriana believes this, somehow, in the face of all available evidence. Maybe - maaaaybe - that optimism will even extend to this whole… pregnancy… thing of hers. Maybe. She's still working on it. Give her a few days to get past shock and terror, and optimism will be next in line. At least, for the moment, she's distracted enough to not be thinking about it, and so she grins to Innes's highly diplomatic retort. "Be simpler, for sure." If there wasn't paperwork, how would the Weyr keep track of all its business? "Might even be better. Question is…" and Soriana's expression is almost serious again as she rises from the table. "Better for who?" She smiles. Turn in your essays next class period? "I'm going to check a few things." Mysterious things. Which are probably Weyr business, given that she's headed for the admin hallway. Then again, they might be personal. Ka'el was last seen going that direction. Either way, she waves. "See you later."

If she burns all the paperwork, does that get her a shortcut to the fireworks? Now there's a thing to ponder. It's good news for everyone that Innes has yet to consider the possibility of learning how to make fireworks for herself. Someone would surely lose more than just a finger in the testing phase. They might even lose their life! And Innes would probably have to fill out more paperwork for that, so… no. Maybe not. "I live to make your life more simple," she says with a grin tugging at her lips. Really, she lives to make her own life more simple, but if Soriana benefits from it she's not about to complain. Besides, it sounds much more diplomatic to claim she's doing it for someone else. That's progress, right? "Better for anyone with a desperate need for fireworks and no sensible way to explain it." She lifts a hand in farewell as Soriana gets up from the table. Mysterious Weyr business is just the type of thing she'd rather avoid as long as she can, so she won't ask any extra questions. Just, "See you later. And don't forget, everything's going to be just fine." Whether that's in regards to the fireworks for that… thing they're not talking about, she'll just leave Soriana to guess.

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