Mindlink Mechanics (Weyrling Lesson)

Xanadu Weyr - Weyrling Grounds

Cradled in a cup shaped bite out of the mountain, this wide, grassy flat has become home for Xanadu's weyrling dragons. It's set surprisingly high above the level of the beach, visible from the eastern side of the grounds where a long path snakes its way down the hill to the sand dunes below. All other sides to the grounds are bordered by the hard granite cliffs, two entrances clearly visible. One is merely human sized and leads deep into the mountain, to the Caverns. The other is broad and high, the entrance to the Weyrling Barracks.

It may be winter and the Weyrling grounds shin-deep in snow, but Weyrling training must go on! At least the biting wind has died down by noon, the clouds have cleared, leaving the sky a pale blue and a weak Rukbat adds a sparkle to the fluffy snow blanketing the grounds. With the first laidback days of bonding behind them, the formal training now begins. The weyrlings and their dragons have been summoned, the assistant weyrling managers and the weyrlingmaster await them. When they've assembled and settled, V'dim explains, his dry voice while not overly loud pitched to carry. "Today we'll be working on strengthening your bonds and honing your mindlink with your lifemate. You will find each other by sensing your proximity to each other and trusting each other's perception to follow his or her guidance." The AWLMs walk through the group handing out blindfolds while he speaks. Each Weyrling also gets a giant blindfold for their lifemates while the game, "Please spread out in the ground, blindfold your lifemate, then move to a different spot across the meadow before donning your own blindfold. We'll be leading you to new points and spinning you around before setting you loose." Is that… a little bit of laughter lurking in his tone? Nah, couldn't be - this is V'dim.

Mur'dah and Kalsuoth walk out from the barracks, Mur'dah's limp gone but the brown's hop/walk still persisting. The tense set of Mur'dah's shoulders might suggest he notices it as well, though the dragon hardly seems to mind. "Blindfold…?" the teen asks, glancing sidelong at his dragon, while the dark brown shakes out his wings and parts his jaws, an amused caw rising from his chest. He looks back at his rider and the pair lock gazes for a moment. Mur'dah suspicious, Kalsuoth amused. « This will be fun, » the brown broadcasts to all the local dragons, as Mur'dah takes both blindfolds and runs them across his hands.

Ka'el wears a heavy jacket and a dark grey scarf around the neck to keep the cold at bay. Why couldn't the eggs have been had in spring? Brrr! But he and Kanekith come along through the snow, the bronze regarding the blanket of chill with thoughts of disdain that Ka'el himself shares. But the weyrling perks upon seeing V'dim and Mur'dah, and he moves to stand near the other boy and his skippy, limpy brown to listen to the instructions. Nope. He doesn't like it. He kinda sucks at the whole 'talking without moving your mouth' thing. His mindlink definitely needs some work! Kanekith peers at the blindfold that's handed over, forked tail flicking. « That is for me? » Rumble. « I reject that thing. » "Sorry bud," remarks Ka'el, smirking, "No choice! Plus, uh… this will be … something that'll make us better." He hopes as he guides his skeptical bronze to another area, flashing Mur'dah a grin. « Fun? » He picks up on Kalsuoth and looks to him while following his rider.

Soriana stands by Luraoth, gold and rider both listening to the instructions. Sori reaches out to brush her fingers against Luraoth's neck slightly at the mention of strengthening those bonds, smiling for a moment, then blinks. "Huh." She reaches out to accept those blindfolds, looking down at them. « I found you before. » Luraoth's tone is confident, and Soriana glances up to her and gives a crooked smile. "Y'weren't blindfolded, then." « So? » Soriana stares at her for a moment, then laughs. "All right." Because it's not like they've got a choice, anyway. Soriana nudges back a bit of her newly short-cropped hair to behind her ears (it refuses to stay. Maybe she needs to find those scissors again) and starts off with Luraoth to find a good place.

Idrissa is catching up a few steps behind Mur'dah, Tahryth is there bounding forward a few paces, kicking up the snow as she goes. At the talk from V'dim, Rissa looks up, blinking as she eyes the blindfolds as she reaches up to take hold of them. "Really?…" She isn't too sure how this is going to work out. Tahryth's attention is on the blindfolds, she snuffles out at them before giving the cloth a testing lick. « Doesn't takes like fun. Tastes like a blanket. » "You're not suppose to eat it Tahryth." Rissa says while moving off through the slow to a spot, the green following. A wiggling wave is sent to Soriana while Tahryth flicks a few clumps of snow towards Luraoth with her tail.

Anoryn is one of those AWLMs present for this exercise and the greenrider is likewise trying to keep her amusement clamped down. So while she doesn't laugh, her smile is wide and a bit crooked as she moves out to the approaching weyrlings and begins to hand out the blindfolds while V'dim speaks. Yep, blindfolds! No one gets to escape this one and she will wait if she has to before moving on. Eventually she will circle back around and come to stand not far from V'dim, blue eyes scanning the assembled weyrlings while she tucks her gloved hands up under her crossed arms. Dressed as she is for the winter, it's still cold!

V'dim has been watching Kalsuoth - and Luraoth - a touch more closely than the other hatchlings since they've made their way across the sands to find their lifemates a few sevens ago. Today is no exception, his eyes sharply assessing certain movements of theirs though he says nothing to betray his concern. Instead, he keeps his thoughts about that on the back burner and focuses on the task at hand. His ever-present clipboard is in hand and he strides amongst the group, observing reactions and looking unsurprised by the varying ones he notes - which of course get jotted down on his form. While waiting for them to get into place, he elaborates, "No speaking out loud for this, just think to your dragons and picture them in your mind as you last saw them before you placed your blindfold on. Instruct them to focus on you, your scent and how you look." Okay it sounds like a vague concept, but they're going to find out what a strengths the mind can have… or… not.

Mur'dah turns his head to grin at Ka'el, lifting the fabric with a grin. "This'll be interesting." Then he sets off with Kalsuoth, the brown springing along with an energetic hop, long strides carrying him forward. « Fun! » he replies to Kanekith. « A challenge. You like challenges. Who will find their bond first? » When they find a place, Kalsuoth gives no objection to his rider putting on the blindfold, though Mur'dah has trouble at first fitting it around his narrow head. Once situated, Mur'dah gives his dragon a thump on the muzzle and jogs off to another spot to put his own blindfold on. Where he's been left, Kalsuoth tilts his head as if listening, cocked to one side as he sits perfectly still, focused on the internal senses.

Well, if this will make them better, as Ka'el said, Kanekith is willing to give it a try. Just this once, to prove a point. Ka'el moves to a spot relatively free of dragon bodies and urges his lifemate to lower his head. "Alright, hold still," he instructs as he moves to tie the blindfold around the dragon's face. Rumble rumble, goes Kanekith, the faintest hint of distant thunder. « You're sure? I look silly.. » which inspires a smirk from Ka'el as he ties the ends together. "Nah, y'look great. Better than everyone else," he assures with a crooked grin. « Yes? …. I knew I would. I only wanted you to tell me. » The blind dragon noses forward, but then Ka'el moves away, as instructed, to a different area away from Kanekith. A look is given to the other weyrlings present before he blindfolds himself, leaving Kanekith to mull over Kalsuoth's words. « That is hardly a challenge, but I accept. »

As Tahryth sends snow flying at her, Luraoth spreads her wings and flutters them back. Gust of wind! Some of the newest, loosest snow flies up after the green dragon. For a moment, with those wings spread after the flap and before they lower again, there's an asymmetry visible in them, like one is smaller than the other… or maybe it's just a trick of perspective? Luraoth seems unconcerned by it, anyhow, and Soriana is busy looking for a good spot, getting a step or two ahead of her gold before glancing back. "Hey, c'mon." Playtime is later! At least, for play that isn't this particular game. Luraoth leaps up to Soriana's side again, and sits down on her haunches, lowering her head to present it for that blindfold. Once it's in place, her eyes open. « Here is Nothing. » she projects to Kanekith with a swirl of that darkness behind the blindfold. « Time to find the Everything again. » A brief glimpse of light - Soriana adjusts the blindfold that was slipping off Luraoth's head - and then her mind withdraws, and Soriana does the same, heading off to a different part of the field to apply her own blindfold.

Idrissa gives Tahryth's head a few soft petting touches, along with a soft smile seen. "Just stay put" She was going to say more but then that whole 'not speaking out loud' is caught. A soft ah escapes her as she peers at Tahryth whom is eyeing her back, with the larger blindfold in hand she points to it and then points back to the green looking amused, this gets a soft croon escaping the young dragon. With the blindfold put in place the green wiggles about on her haunches within the snow. « Just watch! Mine an I will do well! » This said to all the dragons as she seems rather eager about this now. The greens head tilts and she half paws at her head attempting to move the blindfold a bit, though something makes her stop, and with a huff she is sitting there waiting. Rissa continues on towards a free spot and wraps that blindfold around her eyes now.

Anoryn will observe quietly but won't remain still for long. Once V'dim moves off to make his notes, she'll eventually begin to wander through the snow with the other AWLMs present but only to oversee as the Weyrlings begin to blindfold their lifemates and then themselves as they move off to different spots. She'll make certain no one errantly bumps into another or to be sure none jump the gun and start before all are ready. A lingering look is given to a few who continue to speak out loud, but once that settles, she'll resume her rounds before signalling that all appears ready to go. All the while, her smiles grows just a bit more wide or crooked, blue eyes bright with quiet amusement and yet the greenrider goes about her duties seriously all the same.

Ha ha! We shall see how easy this will be! V'dim nods to the AWLMs, who spread out and make their way to each weyrling in turn, lead them elsewhere for a brief period of time to a new location where their hands gently reach for shoulders to twirl them in place several times before backing off and abandoning them. Have… fun? To make matters a touch more challenging, their footsteps crunch in the snow as they pace amongst the groups. "Focus now," V’dim says again, then falls quiet save for the sounds his feet make in passing by them. Isobeth is there, purr-chirping encouragement to the babies, the green taking a different track amongst the individuals scattered across the grounds. « You can do it, Little Ones! »

Kalsuoth rumbles his amusement, lightning flickering over the old growth forest of his mind. Timeless, without his sight, his thoughts could be anywhere, and any time. At peace with the world, the brown waits with eternal patience, still and quiet and calm. Mur'dah looks a bit more apprehensive, brows furrowed though it's impossible to see behind his blindfold. Twirled, he can't help but laugh a little bit and then sway when he's released. His hands go up in front of him even though he's pretty sure there's nothing he could actually run into out here. And once Mur'dah is 'released', Kalsuoth slowly pushes up to all fours, wings half mantled as he swings his head around. And he hones in on his rider immediately, but that doesn't explain why Mur'dah then begins to walk in another direction, towards Idrissa.

« There is still something in this Nothing. » A shadow dances by Luraoth, like a whispered word soft enough to be missed. « Always. » But now, Kanekith's attention is pulled away, as is that shadow. Something has changed. His Ka'el, where is he? The weyrling has been led of by the heads of an assistant, and he blindly walks beneath the gentle pressure of fingers and palm through the snow. Then, the stopping, the spinning, and the abandonment. He stands there for a while, not bothering to try to get his bearing because…pft, he could be anywhere! What was it that V'dim said? Oh right. Think to the dragons. Here he is. Which way does he go? He takes a step forward, his arms outstretched and grasping air. Another step. Another. Is he going the right way? No he isn't. Totally opposite, in fact!

Luraoth's reply to Kanekith is wordless, just a soft chime like a gong against the blackness, fading away even as his attention does. Something in the nothing. She curls her tail in around her legs, her posture erect and calm. « But we cannot watch, » she replies to Tahryth with the laughing sound of bells against that darkness. « I will listen, but first I must listen for mine. » And so she does, her attention reaching for her rider as the blindfolded Soriana is led across the field and spun around. Once placed in her new location, Soriana takes a deep breath. Okay. So. Luraoth is… uh… somewhere. She closes her eyes, despite the fact that they're already blindfolded, because it makes it easier to focus. Okay so… oh, there Luraoth is. There's her mental presence, the wide expanse of this very field. « I have you. » Soriana takes a step forward, then pauses. That's great, she tries to think at her dragon, but where in this field are you? Another step, this one at nearly right angles to the first.

Idrissa moves along to wherever she is to be taken, which isn't cool she was ready to do this, but now it is a step harder! A bit of fear and her just being unsure creeps into her mind before it is stopped thanks to Tahryth stepping in so to speak, a soft spring rain sweeping in to wash away that fear. When the 'ok' is given a soft breath escapes Rissa before she turns her head one way and then another, she chews on her lip and then starts o slowly move forward, one crunch snowy step after the other. Whatever the conversation is between rider and dragon it is unknown, but Tahryth's head is turned and her blindfolded gaze would be squarely on her rider. Even with this being a fact the girl is moving along at an odd angel, which does bring her closer towards that direction whereabouts Mur'dah is then her dear green dragon at the moment. « True Then listen! » Tahryth offers to her gold sibling, her mindvoice filled with the spring rain falling across a roof.

Ooh, biting cold! M'kal is so not a fan of this though it's all new now as he's been way busy with explaining things to Xeosoth. Though that's not why he was late to this formal training. He makes his way out of the barracks with an apologetic looking young blue coming up along behind him. M'kal approaches the AWLMs gathers. "Reporting for lessons." he offers a quick salute before stumbling forward suddenly as Xeosoth nudges his back. « Learning?! » His mind voice is pitched in eagerness as he takes in the other weyrlings.

Anoryn catches V'dim's cue and masking her chuckle behind a brief cough, she seeks out the first Weyrling to guide and lead away, before spinning them. When some of the weyrlings laugh though, the AWLM can't help but finally chuckle out loud. "Good luck." she'll drawl to the "lucky" ones she leads and spins and then her footsteps are adding to the others in the snow. Crunch, crunch, pause, crunch. Sobering, her smile remains but now she is keeping a far more attentive eye on things as everyone begins to move. Time for damage control? Rysith has kept silent and immobile for now, but soon begins to prowl opposite to Isobeth's position. Anoryn spots M'kal approaching then and she blinks, only to frown. Glancing sharply to V'dim, she doesn't question the weyrling for his lateness but rather hastily offers him the two blindfolds he'll need. She'll also gesture for him to keep his voice down. "Take these," Anoryn murmurs in a near whisper to M'kal, while looking again to the Weyrlingmaster. "You'll need them for this exercise."

V'dim's pen scratches and he writes, 'Kalsuoth - calm and assured. Mur'dah - still chasing the girls.' Is that… V'dim-humor? It certainly could be because his wrinkled lips pull in what could pass as a smile as he writes those words. Next he writes, 'Kanekith - distracted, Ka'el, likewise' and then, 'Lauraoth - prioritizes, Soriana - working,' and 'Tahryth - focused, Idrissa - A for effort'. It's totally likely that Isobeth, in a sense of fair play shares these notations with the babies since hers is picking up their widely-broadcasted communications through her. Sharp grey eyes swing towards the latecomers, but no comment is made - for now. Though a notation is jotted beside the blue pair's names, so he'll probably ask later. Ut oh?

Mur'dah avoids Idrissa, thank goodness. Swings quite wide from her, in fact. Chasing, but not catching? Story of his life. As he wanders, Kalsuoth begins to speak to him, softly. And while most of his words are private, some of them leak through to the others as he can't quite focus on so many things at once. So some of the following is heard by the rest. « There, Mur'dah, that feels interesting beneath your feet. Crouch down and touch it… Why? Well. Why not? You are there, see what you can find… A stick? Excellent. Keep it. Now feel me, I am over here. Turn your focus. This way. This…is amusing, my Mur'dah. I am good at this and you are not. To me. Focus outward. Do not always focus so much on yourself. To me, listen to my voice. See this path I have set before you. » And the brown projects a forested path to his rider. A game trail, not ever trodden on by humans. And it leads to him, a dark presence in the distance. The visualization of the path helps Mur'dah narrow his focus, blocking out the sounds of the others around him, and helping him /think/ to his dragon. Slowly, Mur'dah begins to walk down that path, his physical steps and mental ones taking him nearer to his lifemate, though at an angle that is slightly off. It will be corrected in time, minor adjustments as Kalsuoth twists the trail left and right, reaching out to his rider at the same time Mur'dah is reaching to him. « There, » he encourages. « You are getting it. »

M'kal's head bobs quickly as he follows Anoryn's example and keeps his voice down. "Yes ma'am." he murmurs, taking the offered blindfolds. For a moment he seems uncertain on what to do as he peers over the weyrling grounds at the other pairs. With a tilt of his head he asks softly. "Shall I put this on Xeosoth and myself and then….?"

Ka'el continues to step .. step … step in the snow, hearing the crunching of boots around him which causes him to pause often before continuing. Continuing in the wrong direction that is, but he is given no indication that he's doing so. Is this the right path? Is he getting closer? He's focused, probing out in silence, his mind painting a vivid picture of the dragon he has spent so many days staring at and memorizing and sketching quick images of in a notebook whose pages have, for now, ceased being used for smithing notes. And suddenly, loudly, laughter. A sound of deep bass and brass trumpets. A quick, jazz ensemble with a swinging rhythm. « You are there, and I am here, but we are not together and you make it worse! I have fooled you! » A flutter of the trumpet, rising from the melody in a showoffy, unplanned solo, as horn players are oft to do. Laughter. Ka'el pauses. Stops, and the music quiets, yet plays still in the background. His head jerks to one side like an animal who's caught the scent of its prey. It's a grin instead of a frown that curls his lips now and he turns his body, and he's rewarded with a moment's squeal of a saxophone that blends back into the subtle music again. His outstretched arms begin to lower, and he starts again, just as slowly, yet not as … blindly, reclaiming lost ground and heading in the correct direction.

And never mind that, where in this field is Soriana? Both of these questions need answering before the two can come together again, and Sori's mind seeks for her lifemate's to try to figure it out. Her steps weave through the snow as if she's suddenly drunk, and then she's walking in a circle - no, wait, the other way (another circle, actually, but going the other way around this time). She stops partway around that one, shaking her head. They're here, yes. This field. But… which way? Luraoth lets that vision of the field blur, fading into nothing but the most basic of spaces. A plain white space, and then… a sensation of warmth. « Here. Come here, my Soriana. » There it is, a pleasant warmth in the darkness, and Soriana takes a step forward… no, colder. She turns, and tries again - hotter. The day may be cold and wintry, but Luraoth's feelings are warm enough to make up the difference. The plain expanse tints toward gold as Soriana comes closer, the temperature increasing, and cools back toward white if she drifts away, and though her progress may still seem drunken, at least now she's wobbling in the right direction. (Also sobering. It's getting less wobbly, one step at a time.)

Idrissa didn't even know she was heading anywhere near Mur'dah, all she knows is that this seems to be the way to go. She continues along in slow steps, she doesn't want to stumble and fall into the snow after all. Tahryth croons out softly while her head lifts and she turns to peer off towards the movement of others, or well M'kal and Xeosoth on the way in, this simple movement is enough to sent Rissa off track and actually heading towards M'kal as it seems that was the way that she was suppose to be going. Tahryth turns her attention back to where her rider is, picking up on the fact that it seems that she is going the wrong way now. « Turn back, back the way you came. Going wrong way now. » This is offered quickly hopeful that her rider isn't going to hit into something, or someone at this rate.

Uh oh, indeed. Anoryn turns her attention back to M'kal then and nods her head, smiling crookedly. "It's a bond and trust exercise," she begins to explain, keeping her voice pitched to a low murmured tone. "No talking out loud. You'll be working through your bond with Xeosoth as you two will try to find each other while blindfolded. So go on, get him ready first and then yourself. I'll lead you off somewhere and you'll be spun around a bit on spot before set loose. Then the fun begins." Fun? Of course, it is. As the other Weyrlings are already demonstrating! "Hurry now." Once M'kal and Xeosoth are ready, Anoryn will linger only to answer a few last questions and offer some reasurrance before she's gently leading the weyrling away from his blue lifemate and safely to another spot, being sure not to cross paths too close to the others. A quick spin and then she's releasing M'kal with a chuckled. "Good luck!"

M'kal doesn't have many questions as he's lead to a safe spot though certainly he'll take the reassurance from her especially when he peers towards V'dim! Xeosoth whuffs warm breath towards Anoryn as the blindfold is put into place on him. Hpmh! The argument is starting in M'kal's head. "Shh!" M'kal says needless even though Xeosoth isn't actually broadcasting to anyone but himself. Now that he's blindfolded and spun around he puts his arms out to steady himself. "Okay then…Xeosoth" oops! He clamps his hand to his mouth as he realizes he spoke out loud. Good luck indeed right?! A couple steps are taken forward then he stops. There's a long pause before he moves again. Xeosoeth warbles cheerfully now, perhaps he's been convinced that this is worth trying. M'kal though isn't headed in exactly the right direction though and within a few feet he stumbles as his feet hit an unexpected obstacle.

V'dim continues to crunch silently though the snow, vulture-like in his observations. There's approval glinting in his grey eyes when he notices first Kalsuoth and Mur'dah, then Ka'el and Kanekith and Soriana and Luraoth. He grunts at Idrissa, but says nothing. The notation this time is only of Tahryth and includes the words, 'attention span'. The sharp look sent to M'kal softens when the boy catches himself and he nods a silent approval. Back to a certain brown and gold go his eyes and he tracks their movements for a few moments before stepping over to Anoryn and murmuring, "…. an eye on… both of them… …not quite the range… dragohealers."

To Anoryn V'dim whispers, I've been keeping an eye on Kalsuoth and Luraoth. I noticed it on the sands that they didn't seem quite balanced, both of them. Kalsuoth's got something going on with the hip it looks like and Luraoth's left wing movement is not quite the range it should have. If neither improves with the exercises they'll be starting soon we'll need to call in the dragonhealers."

Mur'dah moves more confidently now, long strides carrying him onward. But…Kalsuoth doesn't seem to be leading him in the right direction. Not yet. Because Mur'dah gently begins to curve to the left of his lifemate, moving in a wide, shallow circle around his dragon while Kalsuoth turns with little wiggles to keep him in sight. His mind is still the same timeless forest, but flickers of lighting begin. And that's when Mur'dah stops, a frown pulling down the fabric of his blindfold as he turns his head, 'looking' around. Something isn't quite right, but he can't yet pinpoint the issue. « Life is a journey, Mur'dah… »

It's difficult to walk a straight line when one has a blindfold over closed eyes, and Ka'el is proving this now as his careful stalk begins to veer. But there is still something ahead of him. The source of the sound that only his ears can see. A vision that his mind begins to conjure. Beams of pale golden light filtering in and out of shadows cast by things unseen. Or perhaps shadows that exist on their own accord, shrouding what he wishes to find. A glimpse of a talon there. A flash of bronze ahead. To the … left? Maybe… He hesitates, but that dragon laughter, that jaunty song increases in volume by a degree, and Ka'el's nose detects a waft of something familiar as he indeed heads left. The aroma is something he can't quite pinpoint just yet. Kanekith's wings flare and fan, kicking up swirls of slow as his blindfolded head is given a toss. « You hear me! I am with you. I see you clear as light. Clear as night. » Celebratory croons settle, especially at Ka'el's near stumble over a hiden something beneath the snow. But luckily, he doesn't fall.

Xeosoth's head tilts this way and that way as it's clear he is trying to see what's around him. He utters a sad croon before lifting his head skywards as the green fire lizard that looks to M'kal appears suddenly above Xeosoth's head. She'll help! Elsie croons encouragingly to which Xeosoth replies in such before swiveling his head towards M'kal's direction. The lad seems oblivious to anything around him but his connection to the blue. Cautiously he takes steps forwards after picking himself up from another stumbles. Left. Right. Left. His steps are slow and overly wide to compensate for the blackness that's before him. His head too keeps turning as if trying to see around him but can't. He murmurs to himself though the words aren't clearly audible. From Xeosoth he sends warm thoughts of rushing waters mingled with the icy currents of a large river rushing to a waterfall. Blindly M'kal continues to try to head in that general direction though. If Idrissa is indeed still headed his way then it would seem a collision might be impossible to avoid for the teen is still taking his steps with caution.

Tahryth may have a short attention span, but it was a new noise that she had to investigate! Though she is quickly trying to get her rider to move back in the right direction now that should count for something, right? Images are being passed to Idrissa, a path that turns into a little stream while the spring rains continue to fall within her mind so to speak. Rissa following that 'path' and continues ever so slowly to move forward, and is at least on the right path for the moment in time. « There! See I knew you could do it. Just continue on this path, all the way up to me! » Tahryth seems very happy at this, her tail flicking around and thus sends snow flying in all directions for the moment.

Anoryn lingers just long enough to see that M'kal is set and off to a (reasonably?) good start before she moves away again to weave a path through the field. Her crunching footfalls in the snow are audible, but the AWLM is otherwise as silent as Rysith in her keen observations as both prowl around on opposite sides, pinging brisk notes and commands to each other. Watch them, move here, caution here and so on. When V'dim approaches, Anoryn comes to a stop and tilts her head a bit towards the Weyrlingmaster's murmured words. Her brows knit together, thoughtful at first and then deeper and her mouth draws down to a thin line. Eyes dart out to the field, searching and finding what she seeks though it's a brief glance and check. She nods and then murmurs a few words in return.

Anoryn whispers to V’dim, "I have noticed the awkward gait in Kalsuoth as well since the Hatching. I was hoping he'd be showing signs of outgrowing it… The hip you think? As for Luraoth, I will keep a closer eye on that as well. Let us hope we do not have to concern the dragonhealers in this."

So far no mishaps, no collisions, no one has been directed into the lake, all good signs as far as V'dim is concerned. He seems in no rush for the Weyrlings to meet up with their dragons since the actual exercise is the one that will work those brain cells to where they ought to be. His manner is relaxed, even if he's all sharp attention on each and every one of them in turn. To Anoryn he nods, "I think so. That or the rear tendon. They may notice it themselves in their routine visits." He clucks under his breath and strides off towards one of the bluepairs who have somehow managed to wind up too close to the edge of the forest and those bare branches in danger of snagging delicate wing membranes.

Mur'dah considers things for a long few moments, before he turns abruptly and stalks forward to run right into his dragon with a happy and triumphant "Ah-HAH!" Yanking his blindfold from his face, he pulls off Kalsuoth's too and the pair stand forehead to forehead, Mur'dah muttering and Kalsuoth rumbling, much amused and pleased with his rider's success. Then, after asking permission to go, the pair head back into the barracks for some food and oiling.

The gentle tug on Ka'el's mind grows … stronger. The music louder. The scent more recognizable. Ash. Burned coal. Burning coal. Hot metal. Is that his own scent? Not really. More like the aromas he associates with home. And now, Kanekith is his home. A different type of home than the one with walls and windows, but none less secure or comforting. The direction that Ka'el goes is the right one, or so he assumes as his arms lift again, reaching his hands out in front of him. « Wait .. » The warning comes too late as the rider once again trips over a rock beneath the snow. Trip, but again no falling. The melody grows louder, and louder, joy increasing until.. « Here you are » he croons as his blindfolded head lowers to touch his nose to those hands that, although unseen, he knows are there. Ka'el grins broadly. "We did it.." « You're welcome »

Idrissa continues onwards, at least missing hitting into anyone that could possibly be around her. The path is longer then she thought, and she is moving a wee bit slow. Tahryth wiggles in her place as she hears the crunching of snow coming closer and closer but it soon passes her as it was another rider, a slight snort escapes the green and she 'glowers' at the air so to speak. « Forward, come you can do it! Stepstepstep! » A soft croon escapes her as she catches on that Kanekith and his rider have made it and a few huffs escape the green. Idrissa continues forward, and tries quickening her pace, which helps for a few moments until she stumbles over something and goes *splat* in the snow. A warble escapes Tahryth, though Idrissa slowly stands back up, working on brushing some snow off and continues forward. Her hand stretch out and soon enough touch that green hide of her dragon which causes a happy purr like sound to escape her. « I knew you could do it! »

"Well done!" Anoryn remarks to Mur'dah as he successfully finds Kalsuoth and one that is echoed when Ka'el is next to find Kanekith, then again as Idrissa is the third to complete the task. "All of you. Well done!" Even Rysith rumbles her approval, before the green resumes encouraging the other pairs who remain separated still. Anoryn will keep a close eye on their progress, but she does murmur to those who have managed to complete the exercise all the same. "If you're up for it, you may try it again." she offers, though there seems to be no pressure behind it. Eventually she'll be pulled away, also drawn to help put a wayward pair back on track and otherwise kept on her toes.

It's hard to tell if M'kal's not yet to his life mate because of the late start or because of Xeosoth's natural slowness at the lesson to take his time and analyze first. However he's still quite a distance away from Xeosoth when he suddenly stops and tilts her head. Close! He can sense it. Or rather the encouraging chirps of the green over his head tells him. He's not actually but within a few minutes he's adjusted his course and soon enough the pattering rainfall against a body of water leads him right to the blue. Pulling off the blindfold he whoops in triumph!

Hotter… hotter… oh, colder… hotter again… Soriana's eyes stay closed beneath the blindfold, but her steps gain more confidence as she crunches her way over the snow until… bump. Yes, that's a Luraoth right there. The warm hide might not, by itself, be distinguishable from any other dragon, but the blazing warmth that enfolds the weyrling in an orange-gold swirl is kind of a giveaway. Soriana grins, wrapping her arms around the golden dragon as Luraoth's wings spread (unevenly) and her neck curls in around Soriana. Found you. « Of course you did. » Luraoth is unsurprised, affectionate, and now that her rider is found, her thoughts reach out to the other weyrling dragons. « So much to hear. » Her mindvoice now has the chime of bells, a tone of laughter as her thoughts brush each of theirs. « So many sounds. »

Idrissa smiles and lets her arms curl around Tahryth's neck once the blindfold is off of them both. "Good job, thank you for leading me on the right path." Instead of into the forest, or into the cold ocean waters! Tahryth croons out and looks over to her siblings while she hops up onto her paws and trots on over to where Luraoth and Soriana is, dragging her rider along with her. « WE all did good, see! » This said with a rather bubbly warm feeling behind it, as if the that spring rain is starting to dry up showing a nice spring day. Rissa smiles and waves to Soriana. "Hey."

Now that they've said hello again, Soriana takes off her own blindfold, then reaches up to do the same for Luraoth. Prioritizing, right? They don't need to see each other in order to hug. This means that Tahryth-feet have already crunched most of the way to the gold weyrling pair by the time Sori actually sees them, and she smiles. "Hey." Her voice is still quiet, in case somebody's trying the exercise again. « We did. » Luraoth sends a warm mental breeze to the green. « Perhaps we shall try it again. » Her head lowers to nudge at the blindfolds in Soriana's hands. « A different way. »

Idrissa shakes her head slightly and patpats Tahryth's side. « Can we go get food now? Maybe oiled? » There is a pause and Rissa smirks. "As long you don't dump the oil barrels again." A slight wave is sent to Soriana. "See you two later." Is murmured softly. Tahryth is off and running towards the barracks, sending a spray of snow flying towards some weyrlings in her wake. Rissa is running after the green.

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