Eating for Four

Xanadu Weyr - Caverns

A massive cavern in it's own right, this one has been skillfully adapted for human habitation. The high ceilings have been painted a light, soft ivory, as are the walls where numerous tapestries hang to provide brilliant color and insulation from the stone. The floor has been left in its natural state, pale pink granite speckled through with glittering mica and dark flecks of basalt, leveled carefully but kept sufficiently rough to avoid slips.

The cavern itself is loosely divided into areas, each one set up to be suitable for some segment of the Weyr's population. The most frequently occupied area, however, is the one near the Kitchens where tables of varying sizes provide a place to sit down and eat or chat and a buffet of consumables is almost always kept stocked. Its plain that on most days, this area wouldn't accommodate anywhere near the full population of the Weyr and equally plain that on such occasions when a formal meal is laid out, tables are appropriated from all the other areas.

A big fireplace is set into the wall near the Kitchens as well, several comfortable chairs nearby providing haunts for elderly residents or riders who like a good view of all that happens. Rugs cover the floor in strategic spots, all of them abstract or geometric in design and most in the softly neutral colors of undyed wool.

Exits lead off in all directions, a big archway the largest and that leading outside. Shallow stairs to the west lead to the offices and administration area while tunnels to the east lead to the infirmary, kitchen and resident's quarters. Southwards, a sloping tunnel leads down to the hot springs and southwest is a wide tunnel, carefully roped off to avoid accidents.

The winter morning failed to dawn cold and bright today, dimmed to a damp murk by fog that rolled in overnight and is stubbornly clinging to the Weyr. It has made the caverns a popular place as people spoon up hot eggs and sausage and porridge and linger in the warm, bright, friendly space instead of snagging some fruit and bread on the run. A fresh platter of piping hot pancakes is just being delivered and Matrin must have had a heads up, because he's waiting there with a hip knocked against the table and a charming smile ready for the plump kitchen worker who settles it right in front of him. "Ah, my thanks Balia. Those smell amazing."

Esiae is one of those lingerers, but she doesn't look very happy about it. Winter coat ditched, she huddles atop a stool near the fireplace, feet hitched up high to keep her plate close to her face and out of range of a loose red scarf. It might be the crowd that's making her grumpy, judging by the cagey looks she shoots to anyone who passes too close… but then again, it may also be the squabbling pair of weyrbrats at her feet. Identical in just about everything but gender, they've taken to pushing for the last roll, Belsiaryn arguing that he /got/ the roll, and Seilistraye insisting he'd given it to her. "Oh, knock it off, I'll go get you more," Esiae finally says with a very teenager-like groan of 'why me.' One of the old nannies speaks up from her chair, promising to look after the pair if she'll settle the fight. Freed, Esi more or less darts for the tables, drawing up to them just in time for those pancakes to be served. Well. Those will do just fine. "'Morning," she mumbles to the young man that's
obviously been waiting, politely waiting her turn with some semblance of the propriety her mother taught her. Huh. Miracles do happen.

Keziah is at large. Or at the very least she's large. She's looking like someone who is close to their due date instead of being someone who's just a bit more past their halfway point. She's also picked up a very distinctive waddle and is taking her time walking. With her center of gravity shifted so much, she doesn't want to risk tripping. So, with belly proceeding her, literally as well as figuratively, she hits the food tables and stares at the array of food. The sweet and totally bad for you stuff is eyed and then she sighs and moves on the to fruits and and cold cuts and the cheese. There's a look at the children at Esiae's feet and then there's a little groan as a hand goes to her stomach. Oh shards.

M'nol has a stack of boxes cradled in one arm as he navigates through the cavern and a bit of tan on his boyish face. He just trundles right up to Kezi and holds the boxes out to her, "Your maternity clothes, my friend. Next time, make Ers do it. It's decidedly awkward asking a shop keeper where the maternity section is. But I'm assured these will fit you for the next few months, at least." He glances at the others, taking in knots quickly, "Try not to steal all the cakes."

Matrin doesn't hesitate to put a short stack of pancakes on his plate alongside orange slices, eggs and sausage links. Apparently cold mornings need more calories to get started or something. He flashes Esiae a quick smile when the girl appears at his elbow, and passes her the serving fork with an easy, "And a good morning to you. Butter and syrup?" He offers first one and then the other as he finishes with them. Keziah waddles up right about then so he shifts closer to the younger girl to make space for her. "Morning Keziah. These pancakes are whole grain… I bet they'd be ok." He lifts dark eyebrows, tipping his head toward the still steaming stacks. When M'nol joins her he shifts even further towards Esiae, tipping his head over his shoulder to give her an apologetic grin. "There are plenty to go around I think, brownrider. You want me to get you a plate and guard it?"

Esiae hikes a smile up onto her own face when Matrin passes her the fork, giving a tiny curtsy as she accepts it. "Why thank you, good sir." Another harper is, after all, recognizable by knot. She somehow manages to balance three very separate pancakes onto her plate, edges flopping in the breeze a bit due to the lack of stacking. "Both, thank you." Performing admirably, she juggles plate and butter, and then plate and syrup, managing only to squeak quietly when Matrin's backward motion brings him perilously close to her gooey concoction. Peering around, she suddenly sees why, eyebrow tilting up at M'nol and the very wobbly Keziah and her load. Oh, and the boxes, too. "D'you need help?" She is, after all, picturing the mother-to-be jugging a box of clothes and her food, and it's not going well. Lots of fruit everywhere! Also unfortunately for Keziah, the twins have decided to forgive each other and have taken to picking up and viciously hugging a feline that unwisely decided to sneak in for breakfast scraps. You have so much to look forwards to.

Keziah eyes M'nol and then the boxes and then she snorts as she does /not/ set her plate down to grab them "Really M'nol? Can't you just set them on the table over there or something? You really want me to balance /my/ food and the clothes and not drop anything? And I am /not/ putting my food down for someone to come swipe and throw away because they thought I was finished." She hmmphs a little and then she's eyeing the pancakes "Sure, they're healthy now, but if I slather them in butter and syrup they're not going to be anymore, and that is the /only/ way to eat them. When they're so saturated they just melt as soon as you put some in your mouth. Mmm. She does grin at M'nol though "But you're my best friend." she says sweetly. "If I can't ask you…" she laughs though and she nods at Matrin "He really does need someone to guard them, he has such a hard time protecting his… assests." There's a glance at Esiae "You don't know the half of it." she murmurs softly. There's a little huff and then "I just recently went to see the dolphins, they've told me that it's not twins I'm expecting. But triplets." she notes. Then there's a twitch to her lips. "I think Ers'lan is still in shock. But I've got my food well in hand. He, " she nudges her head to M'nol "might need some help though." And with that she's heading for a table to sit and eat her food.

For all the 'good sir'ing and curtsying Matrin simple lofts a brow, smirk playing around his lips. "Matrin," he corrects easily, "at least if we're not in the classroom, hmm?" He eyes the barely balanced trio of pancakes and his grin can only deepen. "I think we should all take our food to a table before it ends up on the floor. Then we can all come carry some boxes over. Maternity clothes are far less likely to be swiped than pancakes I think." Decision made he puts action to words, snagging a mug of klah on the way. He doesn't get too far though because triplets registers somewhere in his head and he has to pause and blink at Keziah. Too put together to actually gape he comes close, and hurriedly clears his throat. "Congratulations to both of you. That's exciting news. And to celebrate, I am getting you a plate of pancakes." With a wink he sets his food down at her table then pulls out a chair first for her and then for Esiae - he still hasn't noticed the twins. "I'll go back and get one for you and one for the brownrider, be right back."

Esiae sighs the overdramatic sigh of one being put upon, one blonde brow tilting right back up at him. "If you insist, then, Matrin. I was just playing." She puts a very unconvincing innocent smile to prove it, not even bothering to explain her pancake layout when he notices. Instead she chokes back a laugh on the pretense of coughing at mention of M'nol's 'assets', her mind clearly going wherever the devil it pleases. She does crack a grin at Keziah for that quip and the following explanation though. "Well, it certainly sounds like you're in for a treat. Shards, when you do it, you do it right." A pause. "Er, I mean, have babies. Have babies right… That came out so wrong…" Flatten hand, apply to forehead. "Sorry. Anyways, sounds good. Food, then boxes. Be right back." She scoots around that offered chair, carefully extracting the poor harried cat from the grip of the six-turn-olds before depositing a pancake on each of their plates. There, that'll keep 'em busy for a while. Sneaking back, she twists her chair to give her a better view of Bels and Sei before taking a seat. "So." Shiftyeyes. "Congratulations?"

Keziah laughs at Matrin "Oh, I'm not so sure yet about exciting. I already know how one baby can be. Now there will be three." There's a pause "Actually, more like three will be four, since Laera is expecting as well." she notes softly. There's a look at Esiae and she just arches a brow at the girl. "I suppose that is one way to look at it. Lan just told me I was making up for lost time." she notes and then sits down in the offered chair. She'll let the others handle the boxes though. "Course, I still need to look into hiring someone to expand my cottage for me."

Matrin returns with two plates of pancakes, a little creamer-sized pitcher full of syrup and a dish of fresh butter all balanced on a tray. He nudges it into the center of the table before dropping neatly into his chair and shaking out a cloth napkin. Esiae's drama happened a few minutes ago but he only now grins at her for it before methodically slicing his sausage into pieces. "Four babies sounds about as exciting as I could bear," he notes with a droll little grin. "You have Mirai to help too though, and three adults. That's a good ratio I think." He spears sausage and eggs and chews thoughtfully, gesturing at her with his fork once he's swallowed. "Do you know what you want it to look like? I'm no builder but I could help you with plans if you like."

Esiae tries to help a bit with that tray, scooting cups and a wayward napkin out of the way before leaning back. Well. More or less. The girl is perched rather precariously on the edge of her seat, even if she doesn't realize it, so there isn't far to go. "What?" The girl squints at Matrin's grin for her earlier faux-pas, trying hard not to return the look, or worse, snicker. Luckily, the beginnings of a smile quails under Keziah's glance, eyes scrunching around the edges in an attempt to look too cute to be labeled a weirdo forever. "Lost time seems apt. Don't much envy you, but I'm sure you'll have a passel of very pretty children either way." She's never met the man, but has probably seen or heard of him at some point in the last month. "Sort of makes up for the bawling and the squealing if they're adorable." Or at least, it does in her humble teenage opinion. She takes time to actually eat as the conversation turns to the expanding of cottages, but her eyes jump from one to the other to the twins, clearly still listening and keeping watch

Keziah nods a little "I do have Mirai, though she's been spending more time elsewhere." she notes quietly and then she shakes her head, not about to get into /that/ subject at the moment. "And I do have Cora who's looked after Mirai and Micaela both, and she has her daughter Caleea to help out. Lan was worried about how much more it would be to use her but that's not an issue. I've been helping out Cora's family with bloodstock for Turns. I may not have as much to do with my herds as I used to, but they're still being managed quite well." she notes quietly. She smiles at the pancakes and does snag some and true to her word, she slathers the butter on and the syrup, and if there is anything resembling healthy fair, then she adds a little more. "Sure, I'm good with drawing maps and all, but arcitectural stuff I'm really terrible with. I don't need anything fancy, just a little more space." Not that her cottage is fancy anyways. Saves on marks that way. As for Lan, it's always possible that Esiae may have heard drool worthy comments on the buff ex-sailor, from much of the teen set. She does watch the girl, or well, how the girl is watching the young boys. "Well, Micaela looks pretty, so I know I didn't pass on any ugly genes to her." she notes "Shards, she's going to be about two when these little ones are born. I think I'm going to need a gate put in place of the door to her room I think." she notes thoughtfully.

Oh yes, Esiae's halo is sparkling right about now. For her squinty little protest of innocence, Matrin just winks, then nods in agreement with her words to Keziah. "She has a point. If anyone could make a trio of good looking kids, it should be you two. Plus, odds are at least one of them would be cute anyhow, right?" There's a clear tease in his tone and the sparkle of his eyes. Then it's back to neatly downing his breakfast as the greenrider muses through her childcare options, and nodding along as, to his inexperienced ear anyway, that all sounds reasonable. "I'm not sure what WoodCrafters we have here, or even if you want a Crafter, but whoever you choose might be able to do the work without a sketch at all. If not, let me know and I'll see what I can do."

It is a tremendously sparkly halo indeed, especially in juxtaposition to those horns holding it up. In true fashion, Esi scrunches her nose for that wink, but grins at him just the same. Then she stuffs another immodest chunk of pancake into her mouth, considering Keziah for a long moment before swallowing. "What kind of herds?" She doesn't have much expertise as far as childcare goes, beyond her own babysitting, but that does pique her interest. Much moreso than boys, anyways - Esiae honestly probably got her gossip from an old auntie, judging from her next remark. "Please, as if you have ugly genes. Was just conveying some of the old-biddy rumors, which I agree with. Pretty people make pretty children. Usually." Outspoken as ever. Her chin jerks at Matrin. "See? Even he thinks so." She grins, however, and nods for the idea of a gate. "We have a portable one left over from when the twins were young. They've figured out how to undo it by now, though - I can ask R'iahn and O'rly if they'd be willing to donate it to a good cause."

Gaits are wonderful things. You can shut to 'door' and let them play and still be able to keep an eye on them. And when it's full door size, there is /no/ climbing over them. Keziah is silent a moment as she looks at Matrin and then she says simply. "Thank you." she grins at Esiae "I don't think a portable one will work very well for Micaela. She's already trying to climb things." she notes softly. "And the herds are caprines. "Mostly meat, but they do produce a good amount of buttermilk, though production isn't as high as in those that are strictly for milk production." she notes "Decent hide on them too, not really usable for spinning, but it's not too course and does well for coverings." she notes. "I've some really good bucks that have been passing on amazing traits. Course, it's taken me Turns to get to where the herds are at, but I also have some good managers of the herds. So that helps."

Matrin is reminded by that mention of O'rly and R'iahn, and he leans to tap a finger near Esiae's plate. "Speaking of, you settling in alright? The Hall is happy to help however we can, and you know where to find me, yeah?" Dark brows lift, pinning her down to an answer, but only for a moment. Then it's back to his disappearing meal and Keziah. "Any time," is his easy response to her thanks, and he listens with interest to the talk of caprines. "Are they somewhere around here, then? Herbed caprine cheese is a favorite of mine and they never seem to serve it here. If you ever make any… or if your friends do, I would be happy to buy some." A beat, then a grin. "Sounds like you have your hands more than full, Keziah. I don't know how you do it all."

Esiae listens rather raptly to Kezi's explanation, wolfing down the last of her pancakes but otherwise keeping her eyes on the greenrider. "Fascinating. I mean, we have one we keep in the yard for milk and cheese," an agreeing not is aimed at Matrin for that, "but I didn't really factor in traits and breeding and the like." This is evidently something she'll mull over for a while. "And yeah, I know the climbing thing well. Wait til she does it just for mischief, rather than curiosity." She rolls her eyes, and then looks at Matrin for that table-tap, amusement fading into a serious, almost studious consideration of the journeyman. Then she nods. "Yeah, doing well. We can talk sometime about options for things I can do here, maybe." That's spoken oddly, as though it's something she's considered, but not anytime soon. She opens her mouth again, perhaps to clarify, but then the dark-haired twins more or less materialize at her elbow, holding up sticky fur-covered hands over their wide, panicked eyes. "Tried to pet the kitty," Belsiaryn explains, rubbing his hands together to show the dilemma - they're so syrup-sticky that neither the goo nor the cat fur actually comes off. It instead clumps and smears and just generally looks awful. "Ugh. C'mere," Esi sighs, sliding off her chair and lowering to the ground so she can hoist both toddlers into her arms without them having to touch her. "Sorry, I'd better get them to a washroom… maybe even the springs, at this rate. See you all 'round." Surprisingly steady, the girl walks off with the kids in tow, jerking her head away as the girl tries to patty-cake her hair. Then the trio around the corner and out of sight.

Keziah laughs "Well I don't make cheese myself. I save that for others, and well the herds are well managed, I just sign the paperwork and all." she notes quietly. "I'll have to see who they supply the milk too. I'm sure though that something could be arranged. Have you talked to Ocelara about a supply?" she asks curiously "The herd itself is up north. I had them transported back to Lost Hold some Turns back. My brother is letting me use some of the upper pasture lands for them." she states "He checks up on them from time to time but the crafters I have looking after them keep things well in hand." she notes. Her voice trails off though as her eyes widen at the state of the boys hands. She can't help it, a little smirk and a snort get out. Oh dear. "Springs might be best. If hands are sticky, stands to reason the rest will follow soon enough." she notes softly. "Aye, she well may do it in mischief. I dunno how K'ael really was as a child. I know Mirai was a much quieter child than Micaela has been."

Before Matrin can further delve into the details of caprines, they are interrupted by two very sticky children. He grins and shakes his head. "I second the vote for the springs. Just dunk them and soap them up." There's something fond that shifts to a vague sorrow in his eyes, but he wipes it away with a clearing of his throat and an intentional smile. "So you own them and started on the breeding but mostly you're hands off now? That seems like a pretty good deal. Were caprines your specialty before you Impressed?"

Inuelle comes tripping along into the caverns from the direction of the kitchen, a freshly baked basket of glazed sweetrolls in her hands. Theres flour on her nose and her hair is a bit askew, but she's sweetly humming a soft tune, a song thats popular these days with all the young girls her age. She approaches the table where Matrin and Keziah are. "Here you are, just fresh out of the oven, your in luck," she says kindly, and pushes a blonde strand behind one ear. "They're a tad bit hot but they should be good in a moment to eat," and she smiles, rather becomingly, at Matrin.

Keziah gives a nod "They were, I still dabble with the herds here, but being in the Galaxy wing hasn't left me much time with them." she notes softly "I used to run herds up in Reaches as well. Then I transferred here after having stood Search here. I decided to stay. I was Searched a few other times for places, but then I decided to concentrate on the caprines, especially after Mirai, I never thought about standing again. I was talked into it and I'm glad I did." she smiles softly and theirs that slightly off focused look and then she's finishing off her plate. And then the sweetrolls are eyes and she almost puts a little "Shards, if you hadn't brought those pancakes over Matrin. I'd have one. Fresh out of the oven is the best." Keziah herself is seated back just a bit from the table, large pregnant belly not leaving her much choice. "Healers are going to be on me as it is." There's an arch of her brows at the smile that Inuelle gives Matrin and she just snorts a little. However, that other look that had been on his face has her wondering. "Can I ask you something Matrin?" she murmurs after a moment.

Matrin leans an elbow on the table, nudging his empty plate aside and pulling the mug closer in its place. Keziah has all of his attention, so when a basket of sweetrolls suddenly appears beside him he straightens abruptly and flashes a grin up at the girl. "Well thanks, don't mind if I do." He catches the nature of Inuelle's smile and it makes him quirk one brow just a bit at her, but rather than point it out or say anything embarrassing, he just takes a roll and repeats his thanks. "Aw Keziah, splurging for one meal can't hurt. You are eating for /four/ now and I am sure they'll cut you some slack on what you eat keeping that in mind. What mama wants mama gets, right?" He wiggles his brows and snags the basket, guiding it and the girl by proxy, around toward Keziah. Yes he is a bad influence. Her murmured question tones his smile down some, but he nods quickly. "Of course, always. What's up?"

Inuelle looks suddenly startled. "Four??" she says, and looks at the basket, Keziah, and Matrin, and then back at her, and she frowns, and starts to move around the table to take emptied plates and dishes and stack them into her arms. "I'll get a fresh plate for you Ma'am," she says, and before Keziah can object she takes the dirty dishes to the kitchen and returns with two clean plates to set next to the basket for them, clean napkins, and a fresh jug of klah and two mugs, which she sets down for them both. "Enjoy," she says with a smile and winks at Keziah. "Little ones shouldn't go without."

Keziah blinks as plate is gone "Wait.. what?" and then there's a clean one. "I can't have the klah." she murmurs softly, that she will stay away form "Umm yeah, four. Dolphins confirmed that I'm carrying triplets." she notes after a moment ah, the heck with it. She grabs a sweetroll. Besides, it gives her something to do as she tries to figure out how to ask what she wants to ask. "Well, I was just umm wondering. If you don't mind. I mean if you do, please tell me to mind my own business and to never speak of it again, but well I was just well, thinking. I mean. You're a harper and all. Ahh no, that has nothing to do with it." she mrrs a little and then she rushes through "Can you be their uncle?"

Matrin can't help but admire that singular bit of efficiency and he gives Inuelle a nod of approval as she whisks the plates away and installs clean replacements. "Thanks meekly. And now you should sit and join us." So saying, he pushes the clean plate she brought for him over in front of an empty chair and puts his napkin up on the table to hold his roll. "I appreciate the klah, though Keziah should probably have juice," he suggests before filling his mug. Then he turns bright, interested eyes on Keziah, frowning a little vaguely as she goes on about him telling her to mind her own business with a shake of his head. "I said you could ask," he reminds her. When the question finally comes out, he blinks and leans back in his chair, caught by surprise and a little stunned. "Keziah," he says roughly, dragging a hand through his hair before trying again. "Of course. I would be honored." His grin is almost shy and he shakes his head. "I don't know what to say."

Inuelle hustles away to get a jug of juice for Keziah instead of klah. She's all service today. Or maybe she's enjoying the little bit of gossip. Or maybe she doesn't want to go back to the kitchens. She sets the juice jug next to the klah jug, and then goes to cleaning a nearby table that has been abandoned by its former braekfast occupant. And when she returns, she does sit down with them, taking a clean mug and a napkin and one of the sweetrolls for herself. "Nice to have a break. I've been baking all morning," she admits.

Keziah smiles at Inuelle "Thank you." she murmurs softly. "The sweetrolls are very good. Thank you." she murmurs and then she's smiling at Matrin. She had been worried that maybe she was pushing the bounds of friendship just a little too far. "Oh, I"m so glad. I. I had heard you were playing hide n seek with Mishkia because well." she coughs a little "And I know, they won't be your niece. But part of it is, I think I'll need all the help I can get." she notes softly "And if they get a brain like LAn or I guess myself, then you'll have the faculty to out talk them."

Matrin manages to keep himself contained somehow, though he does hide behind the shield of a long sip of klah and the excuse of greeting Inuelle when she returns. "If you've been as busy as this all morning you deserve two breaks. And a cook has to sample her own creations, I say." He tears a bit of sweetroll off and pops it in his mouth, murmuring appreciatively around the bite before finely turning his eyes back to Keziah. This allows him to ignore the comment about Mishkia and any questions about just how she found this out and focus on the topic at hand instead. "I appreciate the opportunity to be involved in their lives. Really. And between you and Lan they will definitely need a good dash of charm." He tacks on a wink, spreading good cheer and quick words over whatever other emotions he might be feeling. "Thank you."

Inuelle smiles. "Thank you," she says, and takes another one of the sweetrolls for herself. "Goodness, I didn't realize I had such an appetite this morning," she admits, and looks at the clock on the wall. "I guess I can afford a few more minutes. Looks like breakfast is winding down now, and I'm not on dishwashing today since I was baking," she chews on her thumbnail a little nervously.

Keziah chuckles "If they question you, then just let them know you were keeping me out of the kitchens." she states with a smile. She's a bad habit of having messes happen around her in the kitchens. "You're sure to get a medal for braving the fiercesome Kezi."Even if she has been trying to be better of late. She nods a little at Matrin "I'm sure they will need more than a good dash of it." she murmurs softly "I hope you'll be thnak me after they're born and have grown some." she notes softly "And thank you too." she murmurs "I do need to see Mishkia, I've not been able to tell her yet that it's triplets. I hope she'll be an aunt to them for me." she notes softly "I wish I could go to the hold. I've been really missing Mama Ashki."

Matrin reaches over to offer Inuelle a hand. "I'm Matrin, by the way. Harper." He eyes the nervous fingernail chewing but glosses over it to wave a graceful hand toward their other companion. "And this is Keziah, rider of green Alosynth. And I am sure your superiors won't begrudge you breakfast." All the talk of the fearsome Kezi brings back his smirk and he gives his head a little shake. "I am sure I will continue to enjoy being in their lives. My niece was with me from 2 to 3 turns and trust me she was a handful. As for Mishkia, you really should visit her. Her cottage isn't so far from yours, and she's in the crafter common room most days. She's doing really well." Fondness and pride mingle when he speaks of the Mire Holder, though it fades in favor of a light frown. "If they'd let a dragon other than Alosynth in, we could bring her here for a visit maybe? Or couldn't you just fly straight?"

Keziah blinks at the thought of Mama Ashki on a dragon "Shards, I dunno if she would do that!" She exclaims and then laughs "Oh my." she can't help but giggle a little. Then she clears her throat. "I do need to see Mishkia. I've not wanted to intrude… on her lessons." she murmurs as she pauses a moment and then continues. "I'm well and truly grounded Matrin, the healers and Alosynth both won't let me up. They're worried about my carrying to term and don't want to risk anything. It's either obey them or be put into…into the infirmary." she notes softly "As it is, Lan's taken to keeping her oiled for me." she murmurs softly "And she's even skipped a cycle. That there put the healers on alert." she snorts a bit.

Inuelle frowns. "Oh, its not the Master Baker that's the problem, its…" a voice is suddenly calling her name from the area of the kitchen and she winces. "My mother," she looks over towards the sound of the voice and frowns. "I'd better go see what she wants. If I'm gone for even ten minutes she thinks I've been kidnapped or fallen down a well or whatever latest excuse she…" "Inuelle!!!?" The girl angrily gets to her feet. "Excuse me," she says to both to them, then stalks towards the kitchen. "Mother for Faranth's sake I'm right here!"

"Maybe if we can get Mishkia up on one, then she can convince Ashki it is doable. She has to come see you and the babies if nothing else, right?" Matrin's smile is soft and he reaches out to lay his hand lightly on hers for a second. "Your family loves you and I am sure they would stretch a little to come see you if they knew how much you are missing them. I'll see what I can do." The news of being well and truly grounded, of Alo's skipped cycle and all the rest has him sobering further still. "Well I'm sorry to hear that but I am sure everyone just wants what's best for the little ones. I don't know that I've ever known anyone with triplets personally." The loud voice from the kitchen makes him wince a little in sympathy and he gives Inuelle a wave. "We can't have your mother having a fit. Hurry back if you can."

Keziah is quiet for a little bit "I dunno. My mother will be out here. She's already on a ship with me Da. They're making it a bit of a vacation as well." She laughs a little. "My brother won't be able to come because well it's summer up there and there's a lot to be done." she notes softly. "And well, you saw how overwhelmed Mishkia was. I dunno if Ashki would come." she's silent "Though, I suppose I could send word to them. Gabit would go, I'm sure." she looks thoughtful.

Matrin licks the last of his sweetroll off his fingers without any shame, then goes back to sipping his klah. Luckily this isn't his normal breakfast or he'd no longer be his trim self. Maybe it's sympathy hunger caused by Keziah's proximity? He brightens at the thought of Keziah's parents coming to visit then grins. "I meant your Mire family. They're family too even if not by blood, right?" He lets Kezi muse for a beat, then says, "I am certain both that Mishkia would put on a brave face and that Gabit would take a message. I would offer to talk to her, but you need to go see her anyway." He pauses, and leans toward her with lifted brows. "And no more worrying about interrupting her 'studies', hmm?"

Keziah laughs a little "Okay, I will t not to worry about interuppting you two." she notes with a smile. "And yes, they are family." she murmurs softly "I just wish I could go there right now. But hiking that far is definantly out of the picture." she murmurs and then shakes her head. "Am I being silly?"

Matrin just shakes his head and tsks. "We really are doing lessons if we're in the Crafting area you know. And… I do like her, Keziah. A lot." He pauses for a thoughtful moment, lips parted like he might say something more but instead he just quickly shakes his head and moves on. "But you are never an interruption so stop." Another, firmer shake of the head for her being silly. "Not at all. This is a big important time for you and it only makes sense to want people you love around you. Plus with all the restrictions no one would blame you for being restless. Trust me, I will see what I can do, short of dragging you there in a cart or something." His grin makes a brief appearance, but then he drains his klah and stands. "Can I help you carry these boxes back to your cottage? Then I better go get started on my day."

Keziah wrinkles her nose at being carted anywhere. "I'd appreciate the help. I think M'nol was just bit too embarrassed by the shopping, but he asked." she smiles and then she just looks at Matrin "If I thought you were doing anything /other/ than lessons in the crafter area. I would have been down there." she notes as she narrow her eyes. "Elsewhere, that's different. But where you have so many apprentices gathered in one spot? No." she hmpphs a little "It's just bad form to intercept lessons." she notes. She carefully gets up from her seat. Taking her time and all. So unwieldy her belly is. "Besides. It ain't me you'ld have ta be worrying about if ya did anything improper like that." she notes and then tilts her head "And not Gabit either. Mishkia is well able to.. defend her honor I'm sure if it's needed."

Matrin stands to go grab the boxes, then waits instead to lend her a hand getting up if she needs it. All the while he's got a grin that borders on sheepish with all the Mishkia talk. "I am a Journeyman, I know how to behave, Miss Keziah." He winks, but under all the rogueish charm there's still that hint of chagrin. "And I have not done anything to require Mishkia to defend her honor, on my word. She has a lot to handle just being here and I wouldn't want to make her uncomfortable or push her boundaries or…" he trails off and shakes his head, clearing his throat and going to load up the boxes instead. "Anyway, nothing for you to worry about, honest." Then he'll carry her packages back and attempt to lend her support if she needs it all at the same time.

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