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Xanadu Weyr - Beach

The unerring range of subdued white rises and falls in a multitude of sandy dunes, creating an endless amount of tiny valleys constantly demolished and rebuilt by the frequent arrival or departure of a dragon. Smoothing out as it slopes gently to the edge of the deep blue water, the sand darkens and a shell here and there stands out for children to collect. The beach itself is set along a low cliff - the height lessoning as one heads eastwards, blocking a portion of the beach from direct access.
The wide wide stretch of water opens up to the east, the far distant shore way beyond the horizon and the beach curves ever so slowly round to east and west, distant arms of land embracing the wind-ruffled Caspian Lake. East leads up to the mouth of the Rubicon River, where the protecting cliff is merely an arms length higher then the sand, and beyond that, a winding road leading out of Xanadu's territory. Westwards, the beach narrows as the cliff swings out, leaving a path wide enough for dragons in single file before cutting in to the sheltered cove designated the Weyrling Beach. However, cut in the cliff face to the north are a variety of rough, wide staircases, providing access to the clearing and to the meadow.

Most days the brownrider can be spotted one of two places if not in his weyr - the tavern or the beach. He's got a strong connection to the sea and often finds himself watching from a pit in the sand near the docks to view the work going on with a quiet longing. He'll never admit it, but sailing is where his heart still lies regardless that life has turned him from that path. The only other reason he comes to the beach is to work out. Today, it's the former, watching the men from the ship rescued a sevenday before from a blow, load up and haul in the lines. They were trying to escape Xanadu before the weather got worse again, since this time of Turn, the Lake was formidable - as Lan's fellow crew members of long ago discovered. He's got a tooth pick in between his lips, while he casually leans back on one hand, the other drapped over an upraised knee, other leg stretched out. His dragon is back at the Weyr, roosting in a more private beach cove.

Keziah is carefully and slowly making her way down along the beach. She's waddling quite well and thus she's looking quite funny, especially with the rather large belly leading the way. She's dressed in a set of mismatched clothes, things that were scrounged up that would fit her. She's looking along the beach as if trying to spot someone as she goes along and it's not till she gets a distance down that she sees who she is looking for. "Ers'lan" she calls out to him softly. There's an odd look on her face. A kind of pensive one, and perhaps one that's still looking as if she's still trying to work her mind around something."

Ers'lan lifts his head toward the call of his name on the air, drawing him away from his thoughtful and distant dreaming toward the reality of… the greenrider. Lazily but still a gentleman, he climbs to his feet, heading her way so she doesn't have to waddle so far over to him. "Ya could 'ave jus gotten Alo ta talk ta Zhao…" he chides, noting the struggle that it takes for her to move, eyes considering the bulk of her belly - not as big as Laera's, by far. Worried? Probably for Laera. A little for Keziah. Maybe. Once he's over to her, he offers his arm, "Ya doin alright thar?"

Keziah gives a nod "Aye, I'm fine. Just gotta be taking it easy now." she notes quietly "Just taking a little bit of a walk, which I am supposed to do. No hiking though, and I am supposed to be careful." she quirks a smile "And well, there's something I need to talk to you about. And well. I didn't want to go through the dragons." she states quietly as she takes the arm. She's gotten better with thinks like that. She looks out over the water as she goes silent. She's looking out at the ships herself.

"Reckon ya sit with me then, ta watch the 'Between's Leap' pull out of port," since yeah, that's fun. It was the whole reason he came down anyway, to watch and to let his mind drift off with the filling sails. He encourages to sit in the sand, moving to do so again himself. "Aye, reckon tha be a good thing, no need ta be getting strained or hurt now," he offers her a faint smile, which fades at the mention that she has something to say. "Sit…then…sit…" he insists, with a pat of his hand toward the sand, "N' tell me all ya be havin ta say." He's getting better at not flinching when a woman is so ominous as she.

Keziah takes her time in sitting down, what with her center of gravity thrown off so much "Between's Leap? Is that her name?" she asks softly. "Seems somehow appropriate. It's always a risk isn't it. Sailing out." she murmurs softly. "No, I've no wish to. I've been threatened well and good about what'll happen if I don't take it easy." she states softly. "If I'm good, I don't have to stay in the infirmary on bed rest and constant monitoring." there's silence "And.. and if everything goes well." She bites her lip a little "Lan. I. I went to see the dolphins a few days ago."

"Aye, her sails be torn up by the winds since they did narh furl 'em in when they ought ta," he notes, "found 'em bein tossed 'bout carelessly on the waves a sevenday ago," and now the ship was all fixed up, new sails and rope. He does chuckle a bit at the name, "Aye, the Cap'ns usually be callin 'em whar ever do mean somethin ta them and ta whar they want ta ship ta mean. Reckon thar once be a ship named the Tallulah, her meanin bein 'leapin water.'" He nods toward the Between's Leap, "That ship thar, she be workin some of the routes of the Windy Waters. Tis proper she be called Between's Leap." Indeed, because a captain never knew what the Lake was going to throw at them - great Lakes like the Caspian a lot more unpredictable than the currents of the sea. He does shuffle closer and put an arm back around her, fingers resting and slightly hooking into the opposite hip of hers. Her anxiety has him flickering a concerned look to her, "Be thar a problem Kez?"

Keziah hmms a little as she listens "Windy Waters, that. That was yer ship?" she asks quietly. "Makes more since then fer ta be callin her Between's Leap." she notes quietly. She sighs a little "I dunno if it is a problem, but I suppose it could be a problem." she notes softly. "I well, the dolphins confirmed what the healers could not. I'm not just gaining too much weight, or carrying too much fluid." she notes softly "There's.." How does one really break the news? She takes a breath "There's three of them." There's she got it out.

"Aye… t'was," the remains of her long since burried at sea in the storm that changed his life forever. It seems that he leaves the subject dropped, letting her move onto what could be bothering her. He waits patiently. A new trait? Well, there is something said for the uplifted eyebrow, expectantly waiting for her to get it all out. He doesn't rush her, unless she catches his look, which might intimidate her to hurry up and spit it out. Still, when she does, it's not really the news he had ever expected. Ever. And there were two things he could do. Laugh or cry about it. He decides on laughter, a nervous laugh, but a laugh nevertheless. Denial! If he laughs, he can deny it right. "Oh sweet Faranth… yer… going ta be … alright…?" since in Pern's history, it was never a -good- thing to have twins, let alone triplets!

Keziah expected many different things, but the laughter wasn't one of them. She tenses up, but she doesn't yell or scream or anything. However, she is saying the alphabet, slowly, under her breath, and backwards. She only gets a few letters before she actually takes a breath. She can't really blame him, it is a shock after all. "So far I am." she notes softly "I've had to resign myself to constant visits from the healers though. It was that or the infirmary." she notes quietly "I. I'm really going to need to expand the cottage." she murmurs softly.

It was a way to deal with it. Better than punching something or running away. Laughter, seemed to him, better suited than taking it badly. Laughter is the best medicine, right? The man exhales once he doesn't feel like laughing anymore, truly concerned with Keziah's wellfare, "Yer…none too many can carry three…" he says it with that anxiety touching his tone, "They be knowin fer sure? The be gettin it wrong before, did they narh?" His eyes flicker down toward her belly, his heart beat fast, murmuring, "Reckon I be havin some room ta share…" once they needed it. Then his arm around her squeezes gently, resting his forehead on her shoulder, "Jus, dun take no risks…"

Keziah shakes her her head a little "That's a worry, I'm so little." she murmurs quietly "It was the dolphins that stated it. They're not wrong on something like that." she notes softly. "The healers said though, that I'm in real good shape, so that'll help a lot. I'm healthy and such, but there is still concern." she notes softly. "I've been well and truly grounded. I'm not allowed to even try climbing up on Alosynth, lets alone fly." she states and lets out a sigh "Alosynth concurs with them too." She smiles at Ers'lan "Just think, you're fathering four at once." she notes and then sighs a little. "I'm scared."

"Aye…" he notes, apprehension in his tone, "reckon they be narh wrong bout that…no…" all the possibilities swirling in his mind - none of them good. In all his travels, it's a very rare thing indeed to have a mother come through with three healthy babes. It's possible, but risky, highly risky. He knows the stories like everyone else does. "Reckon I can help take care of Alosynth fer ya…" he would do it, without hesitation. His brow lifts up from where it rested against her shoulder, looking at her smile and then the realization that there wouldn't be two, but four. Double what he anticipated. A little woozy look comes over his face… uh huh, that's a little overwhelming.

Keziah smiles "I'd appreciate that, and I think Alosynth would be okay with it too." she notes quietly "She's really in need of an oiling." she notes quietly "Poor Alosynth though. Looks like she's skipping her cycle too. The dragonhealers say it's nothing to worry about though." she notes softly. There's a look at Lan an the woozy look. "Reckon ya might be wishin' I'd only hit ya again?" she asks with a tilt of her head as she leans her head on his.

His hand comes up to rub his eyes, caressing and massaging his forehead as if the thought of four kids all at once was one which caused him a headache. Four… screaming… babies… at… once. Four… toddlers… Four… teenagers. It's a little much to process and he admits, "Tis…a lot… ta take in… Kez… Four…!" He sounded out of breath. Another big breath as he puts his head against Keziah, "We be … a big family then…" With Laera and her children too! "Aye, I be able ta take care of her iffin ya send her up ta me weyr tonight. Zhaoth be needin his too."

"Tis a lot." Keziah agrees softly "And Micaela is still young herself." she notes softly "She'll be just a smidge over two then they're born." she notes softly. It's going to be a nightmare." she sighs a little "I'm not likely going to be back to flying for a good while." she notes softly. "I hope by summer though to be flying again." She says quietly. "I've not told Laera yet, just how many there is." also adds.

"Aye… reckon I be helpin as much as ya need… Recommend a nanny…" he suggests, "ta work in with ya fer the first Turn. I be providing the marks for it, iffin need be." Since not too many nannies work for private clients without a strong incentive. His free hand moves to slide to her knee, squeezing it as well with a comforting touch, "T'will narh be a nightmare… well… maybe some… but… t'will be a good thing, when they be older." Imagine, mini-Lan's running around wanting to be sailors! Hah. Oh the Weyr was in trouble if they turned out to be boys, worse, if they turned out to be girls! "Dun worry iffin ya can't… Reckon it be an excitin thing, scary… aye.. but, excitin…" He sighs quietly, as if taking a moment before he explains, "The shipcrew be my family before. I reckon iffin I can handle brutes like that, then… a real family be easy…" Oh he was in over his head, wasn't he?!

Keziah smiles softly "I have Cora, she already looks after Micaela, and she looked after Mirai when she was little too. She'll look after these little ones too." she notes softly "I've an arrangement already worked out. I've connections to breeding stock that helps her family out." she notes softly. "That and I've plenty of marks of me home. The fee fer the tavern made only a small dent." she notes softly. She does arch a brow "Well, if ya say so Cap'n." she notes with a smirk. "Careful about runnin things too much like a ship. I reckon ye might have a mutiny on yer hands." she notes softly. "Though, that may be a sight to see." she does chuckle a little "Though I dunno how ya can pick up four at once by the leg."

"Cora…" a name that when he says it, speaks of a question not asked. He hasn't met her before, though he no doubt will in the coming Turns. "Good, but iffin ya need more, iffin she be chargin more for…" triplets, "then I be having a good stock meself." As for what it could look like in the future, he does half snort at the cap'n remark, shaking his head about it all when she talks of it, especially the laugh as he remarks, "Reckon four of 'em can be picking me up by the leg…!" he nudges her, murmuring finally, "Reckon Laera might be as surprised, but tis narh like we can do nothin. Tis whar it tis… Four…!"

Keziah laughs softly "I think Cora be all right, and her daughter Caleea can be helpin' her out. She be a good friend and if it costs me a few more caprines. That's all right." she states softly. She can't help but laugh "Or carry ye off ta sea." she notes and then sighs softly "And there' be all those names ta be comin' up with." She nods "It tis what it is, but she be… she be family of mine too now." she murmurs. "So be only fair ta be tellin' her too. Right?"

"Aye…" he nods in respect to Laera, "She be yer family as mine-" he knows that she went to Laera and that they both talked over what it would look like now, their family unit persay. "As fer names, dun we have ta know whar gender they be first?" He does shrug at the thought of names, something that his parents didn't worry about and that he seemingly doesn't either. "Iffin ya want ta discuss them sometime, since I be knowin ya women like ta be havin the ph'dars imput, then I be willin. Whar ever ya and Laera want."

Keziah hmms a little "Well it's always the idea you pick names from both genders and such, so that ya know what yer gonna be callin' 'em. I dunno iffen a dolphin can pinpoint gender." she notes and looks thoughful "Somethin' ta be askin' Laera I'm sure." she murmurs "But They'll be either boy or girl or both." she notes and then hmms. She looks at Lan and falls silent "Are ya.. I mean, well." she sighs a little "Yer not regrettin are ya?"

Lan scrubs the back of his head, "Reckon I be havin no clue whar to start with the names…" it wasn't as if his father or mother were worthy of being named after and his own name had left a measure of doubt in wanting to name his kids after himself. Landers wasn't a very good name after all. It was odd in the Pernese world, but not to the point that it was shunned. "Aye, perhaps a discussion over tea-" he teases, looking at Keziah once her last comes out. At this point he shakes his head and draws her close, meaning to put a kiss on cheek or lips, whatever she offers, "Nay. Regrettin Kez? Nay! I never thought ta be able ta have kids after the… fall 'n all. Tis a shock, ta have four… but nay, nay regrets."

Keziah hmms softly "I'm not too sure either. Mirai, well she be named fer Mire, she looks like their's, but no one be claimin' her so perhaps maybe distant kin. Not sure. Micaela, well I be namin her for K'ael." she's silent and then there's a smile "Could be namin' one fer Zhaoth." she notes as she contemplates that. "And maybe one for Alosynth and another fer Laera." she murmurs and then sighs, almost blissfully at the kiss. Or maybe his words. She does offer up her lips. She's finding his kisses addicting. Not that she'll admit that. "Aye, it be a shock all right, but I'm glad you have no regrets. I won't ask that question when they're all howlin' at once."

The brownrider scowls, just a little, it's unpreventable, when she mentions that Micaela was named after K'ael. In addendum, he does admit, "Reckon one can be named after meself…" It was always a competition afterall! Not really, but he does shake his head at the option of naming after a dragon, "Nay… Ya dun narh think that them kids would be pestered by thar peers fer bein named after dragons?" Something told him they would be. He does smile after he enjoys that kiss, for as long as she wanted really, eyes turning back to the ship that has pushed away from the dock finally. At that point he jumps to his feet and waves his arm up high, a salute to those leaving the land and the risk they take for it. It's also a matter of good luck from one sailor to the next. He glances down at Keziah, snorting, "Reckon that'll be the time that search and rescue calls…" or the tavern. Ayup.

Keziah just smiles softly as he agrees to having one named after him "Aye, likely shouldn't be namin' 'em after a dragon." she notes with a soft laugh and then laugh turns to a squeak as Lan suddenly jumps up so suddenly, her eyes wide with worry and then they soften a little as she sees why he did so. "Give them a good wave for me. I dare not be jumpin' up like that." she notes and then she laughs "Aye, ye'll be needin' rescuin I'm sure." she murmurs softly. "So hmm, named after you. I'll have ta be thinkin on that one."

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