Life and Joats

Xanadu Weyr - Beach

The unerring range of subdued white rises and falls in a multitude of sandy dunes, creating an endless amount of tiny valleys constantly demolished and rebuilt by the frequent arrival or departure of a dragon. Smoothing out as it slopes gently to the edge of the deep blue water, the sand darkens and a shell here and there stands out for children to collect. The beach itself is set along a low cliff - the height lessoning as one heads eastwards, blocking a portion of the beach from direct access.
The wide wide stretch of water opens up to the east, the far distant shore way beyond the horizon and the beach curves ever so slowly round to east and west, distant arms of land embracing the wind-ruffled Caspian Lake. East leads up to the mouth of the Rubicon River, where the protecting cliff is merely an arms length higher then the sand, and beyond that, a winding road leading out of Xanadu's territory. Westwards, the beach narrows as the cliff swings out, leaving a path wide enough for dragons in single file before cutting in to the sheltered cove designated the Weyrling Beach. However, cut in the cliff face to the north are a variety of rough, wide staircases, providing access to the clearing and to the meadow.//

It's early morning and the wind is blowing gently, even if it is chilly. There's some hints of shadows under her eyes as if she didn't sleep much and is even now awake so early in the morning. She's seated on a rough hewn fabric covered chair without legs or arms, just a back and seat really. In her lap is some leather strips that she is carefully sewing. Alosynth is off near the waters edge, dozing lightly even as the water laps at her tail.

With the eggs hatched and the candidates turned into weyrlings, it just means that much more work to be had now that the candidates aren't going around and doing odd jobs. Chaesin slowly makes his way onto the beach, his hands stuffed idly into his pockets, his eyes flickering this way and that as they sweep across the ground. Lips purse slightly before pulling into a full frown, and that's when the dragon and rider are noted. "'lo!" A quick wave and a nod of greeting.

Keziah glances up looking a little cross-eyed from the straps she's working on. "Yo!" she calls out and casts a wave after she secures a stitch. "Yer out early this mornin'" she notes as she looks the lad over "Woulda figured someone as yong as you would be snoozing the mornin' away." Course she would be too if it weren't for certain things.

There's a soft chuckle and shoulders lift in indifference "Well, just because one is young, doesn't mean they dislike getting up early. Just the same, It is a bit early but there /is/ work to be done." A quick look over the grounds, "Not that I'm motivated to do it, sometimes it's just nice to get up early." Another chuckle as Chasein makes his way over, a curious look given to the straps, "What're you doing up so early, then? I didn't think many people would be out just yet."

Keziah shrugs a little "Eh, guest weyrs ain't necassarily comfy places. Least not compared to me own bed. And well I was up anyways, and.." she trails off a moment and then glances at the straps "And, I did sorta promise a friend I would get these finished. They're a special type of straps that'd be handy for search and rescue." Not to mention dardevil flying "Allow the rider to be below the neck of their dragon and all." she notes and then looks around "It is nice sometimes to be up early. Especially after a storm. Always so calm and peaceful feeling. As if all the worries have been washed away."

"I wouldn't know," About the guest weyrs, a hand idly moves through his hair as he pauses to listen, nodding his head as he does so. "Under your dragon's neck?" And here the straps are peered at in interest, "Why would people want to be under the dragon's neck, isn't it a bit more dangerous?" Chaesin frowns slightly as he sinks to the ground, helping himself to a seat even if it isn't offered. "Yeah, but there's always so much more to do after a storm, I'm not looking forward to getting started." A quiet sigh, "It is peaceful, though."

Whether or not one needs permission, Chaesin helps himself to a seat, "I wouldn't think so, I would think it would be…unsettling, to fly like that under your dragon." A thoughtful look pulls at his lips, turning his head to consider the green dragon for a moment, "Is that what it's for? Why not just have the person grab on to your dragon if you're rescuing them? And even if you did grab them like that, wouldn't you need to get to the neck somehow, anyway, so that you don't drop the person?" Another pause as his eyes flicker to the beach, "The beach needs to be picked up, I'll get to it eventually. I don't remember that storm, but it could have been worse."

Keziah falls into the rhythm of talking shop and smiles "It's not always possible for the person to grab onto the dragon or even the straps. Sometimes, they've just enough energy to stay conscious." There's a pause "Sometimes they're not even concious. Still, it's ideal to fly from the top of the neck, but in times of need, well, you have to do what you can. And iffen yer rescuin' that someone, you'ld better not drop them. They're depending on you fer life." There's a thoughful look "But, it is a thought. Harness for them, something we can attach to them before taking them up and then hook them to the straps, that way if something does happen, they've only a short drop." She glances over at Chaesin "It was a few turns or so back. "Seryth had a clutch on the sands at the time. The generators were hit. The ones that keep the sands heated."

"I see…it makes sense," Chaesin murmurs thoughtfully as he leans back to prop himself up on his hands, his eyes flickering up towards the sky in thought, "Not that I have any experience in the matter, but perhaps you're right? It might make it easier on you and your lifemate if you make a pair of straps to go about your waist, so if you happen to drop them like that, at least they wouldn't fall very far. I would think it would be a bit safer that way, at least." A finger idly scratches at the side of his head, "It would have to be something that would attach quickly, though." A quick look towards Keziah, "Ah, that one, I think I remember that. It was one of the worse storms I remember, it took a long time to get everything cleaned up."

Keziah is silent a moment and then she nods "I was still a weyrling at the time." she notes quietly "It was a mess. I think it was that storm in particular that set me on the course of being in Search in rescue." she shakes her head a bit "Still, it could have been worse I suppose. But I think a harness that would cross across the chest and snap in the back would be good. Safer than just around the waste. Won't squish internal organs quite so much. Make them padded and all and able to do a quich cinch with thme and they'll feet most. Make it a version of the harness I'm using for the rescuer. It's fairly simple to put on and all. I think that would work." there's a thoughful pause and then she murmurs to herself, 'wonder if f'yr wants to be the rescuer or play the rescued.' hmm she shakes her head a bit and then grins at Chae "There was a lot of clean up and re buildin' and all."

"I was still rather young back then." Chae murmurs quietly as he flicks some sand off of his clothes, "Oh, really? Because you wanted to save people?" He asks curiously, giving the greenrider a side glance. He shrugs a little to the latter, "Again, I wouldn't know, I don't have much experience in the matter. Perhaps try it and see what would be better? No point in going off the idle musings of a nobody." And here he chuckles quietly in amusement, tilting his head as she murmurs to herself, but doesn't comment. "A lot was destroyed, hopefully nothing like that ever happens again."

Keziah blinks a moment "Twern't that long ago." she snorts and just her head and smiles "Ahh, but idle musings are things to be treasured. Twas an idle musing I guess that got me into makin' the straps in the first place. I do have this tendency to take an idea and run with it an all. And S'gam." There's a pause here for a moment and then she's shaking her head "And then S'gam added in a few more suggestions and shards, never got him to draw it out. Maybe I shouldn't have left so.. well never mind that now. Still it's somethin' to be tried and all and who better to try than a search and rescue person and well. I ended up rescuin' a friend. Alo was a great help and all. Course Zaruath wasn't much of a help at first. Poor brown, he was so frantic. His rider was trapped and he wasn't quite nice. But Alosynth, she can keep her head and all, and we. M'nol and I. Got her out safely."

"Maybe it wasn't, but it seems like it was forever ago." Chaesin murmurs thoughtfully, "Perhaps you'd be better off speaking to someone who does practice the same things you do? Not like /I/ know what I'm talking about." Another quiet chuckle, clearly it doesn't bother him. "S'gam?" A unfamiliar name, followed by drawn out silence as he listens, "Well, it's good that you guys figured it out and you rescued her. It's always a good thing to save a life." Another pause as he turns his head towards the beach, looking thoughtful. "Do you do that often, then?"

Keziah chuckles "Well, I've been talkin it over with F'yr as well. She's going to help me test them and all. And yeah, S'gam. You may remember him as Sigam, he used to be a dragonhealer here before he went and Impressed at Ista." she's grinning though as she says it. "He's a good fella though. A good sort. Even if he is a healer." There's a headshake there and then she eyes the straps. "Well, I do a fair bit of it. Much of it's simple stuff, even teh rscuin' of stock. Havin' been a beastcrafter and all, I know how to handle them. But, Alo and I have saved several human lives as well."

Oh?" And there's not much else to say, after all, it's mostly rider talk. "Probably better to test them to see how they work before you test them out." And then his brows knit tightly together in thought. "Sigam? The name sounds familiar, I think I heard it a couple of times." A hand rubs at the back of Chaesin's head, "But I don't think I actually knew him, probably only in passing." Another pause, "I do a bunch of different stuff," And here he laughs in amusement, "Mom and Dad keep telling me I should pick up a craft or something," he rolls his eyes, "like I'd know the first thing about what craft I'd be good at."

There's a chuckle "Oh, yes, there'll be testing. F'yr would skin me alive iffen we didn't test them out first before trying them." Keziah notes with a smirk. "Sides. I owe her." she notes and then she eyes the lad "Well, don't necassarily have ta be in the craft and all when you're at a Weyr. Plenty of odd jobs and all to be had." she notes thoughtfully "Even room for non-riders with rescuin as well I'm sure." she notes thoughtfully "Still think about what you like ta do. Iffen ya enjoy, you never work a day."

"Well, I would think so, especially if it doesn't work. It's a good idea though, even if I find it a bit unsettling. I suppose so long as it works…" Chaesin trails off in thought, still considering the sky as he watches eyes floating through the sky. "Oh, I know that, but try telling /them/ that. I'm happy just doing odd jobs and stuff." Eyes roll in mild annoyance, "I'm not sure I'd be well qualified for rescuing people. I've no experience in that sorta thing." And a pause, "I've heard that so often, but I just don't see why I should look for something else to do when this is fine as it is."

Keziah hmms thoughtfully "Parents can be funny things. Generally they want what's best for you, because they love you. They can only see what is in their own heads though, and not in their childs. So what they think is good may not always be so. But they'll never know iffen you don't show them. I was lucky though. Mine listened to me. Even if mother is pushy for more grandchildren." she notes with a smirk. "Still, iffen what you do is productive, I don't see anything wrong with being a joat."

"I don't mind too much, maybe eventually I'll end up picking up something if it interests me, just…I have no motivation to right now. This is good enough for me." A hand waves towards the beach, "Besides, /someone/ has to do that sort of stuff, right? Not everyone can run off to be dragonriders or journeyman." A quiet chuckle and his shoulders shrug, "Besides, I enjoy having something new to do every day than doing the same thing every day. Never know what I'm going to do next, it keeps things interesting."

Keziah gives a nod "Tis true, and it doesn't make someone less important. All jobs in a Weyr are important. If someone doesn't do their part, the machine falls apart." she notes quietly. "Iffen our beaches were a mess, the kids could be hurt and all." she notes softly. Safety is such a big thing for her.

Chaesin smiles and quickly nods his head as he lifts up a finger, "See? Exactly how I see it. I don't really think it's not an important job, I enjoy it. Whatever I can find to do, I do. Every job has a point to it and somehow helps in some way." A pause, "If I don't do it, then it's one less person doing that sort of stuff. And anyway, I don't know what I'd do if I wasn't doing this."

Keziah grins "Joats are very much needed. Tis fer sure. So many are so specialized in what they do, that they can't be used fore more than the menial tasks of other areas. You can really on a joat though to be able to have some idea on how ta do something. And well, even if they don't. They've the wherewithall to figure it out."

"Joats? I don't think I've heard that term before." A thoughtful look, "I'm not really sure what exactly what you mean. But I just do what I can and keep myself busy…well, as busy as I feel like being, anyway." Chaesin chuckles a little, pushing himself to his feet as he brushes himself. "So what else do you do besides rescue people and think of new ways to use straps?"

Keziah tilts her head a little "Joat is well someone does lots of different jobs." There's a pause as she purses her lips and then ahs "Jack of all trades it stands fer. Someone who can do lots of different jobs." she notes with a grin "As for me? Well, in my free times I'm usually playin' with my daughter or else I'm in the stables and all with me runners, or just helping out there."

"Oh! I've never heard it called that." Chaesin blinks curiously, "And actually, they have to be rather experienced in all the jobs, don't they? I don't think I'd be considered that since most of what I do is just help in the kitchens from time to time, pull weeds, pick up stuff and whatever odd stuff I can find to do." A pause, "You have a daughter? How old is she, if I may ask?"

Keziah chuckles "How do you think a joat gets started? They don't start out knowing everything, they work they're way to that point. Still, I bet you know a sight more than I do about kitchen stuff." There's a pause "Course, that may have something to do with the fact of they don't like me helping in the kitchen." Another pause "Which I guess has something to do with having lots of food end up on the floor. Hmm. Still, anyways the more odd jobs done, the more experiance picked up and all and then the more valuable you become." she saighs softly "Let's see, Mirai is around six and a half. We don't know for sure, she's a foundling child, but we figure she was around three months or so when I found her."

"Well, I'm not going to argue, it's useless. I'm not looking for grandeur or anything like that, I haven't the motivation," he chuckles quietly as he pauses, "I haven't actually /made/ anything. I usually just help with the dishes and cleaning off the counters. Maybe one day I might actually help make something, depends on if I get the option or not." Chaesin laughs and he leans forward, suddenly mischievious, "So what did /you/ do to get you kicked out of the kitchens, if I may ask?" A smirk, "Six? Oh, so you adopted her, then? That's noble of you."

Keziah hrms a little "Well, I think the worst of it was some years back and all. Was a candidate, though I didn't Impress in that clutch, but we had a new cook and all and well she was gonna make blood sausage and, being as I was the beastcrafter and all. I was set in charge of procuring porcine blood and well..There was this healer lass, she really was afeared of blood and all, but I was hurrying back and well I tripped and well, umm. The healer girl, she passed out and all. She was covered in the blood. I sorta ran into her and all." she blushes at that "And well, more oft than not I ended up on the ground and all and there was this other time when I tripped with a pot of stew, no one was seriously burned or all, but well food and me. We don't mix well. There was a time at Reaches and all, when I got food on the Weyrleader even. That was embarassin." she then shuts her mouth "Well, enough about that. Yeah, I adopted Mirai. I've none of my own. Mother keeps buggin' me about that, but well, I. I dunno."

For a while, Chaesin just listens, a grin slowly forming until it's a wide smile and he's laughing loudly, "Shards! No wonder they don't want you in the kitchens. I certainly wouldn't want someone in the kitchens like that who seems to cause chaos every time they step into the kitchens." He snickers quietly, shaking his head, "Thankfully I'm not quite so clumsy, and I don't even handle the food most of the time. I rather break plates than ruin food that people are going to eat." His eyes roll slightly, "You adopted her, she's your child. I don't understand people like that, they have to be of your blood to consider them your kids."

Keziah coughs a bit "Oh, blood ain't got nothin' to do with it. Mother just wants more grandchildren. One just ain't enough and all, and since I ain't been pickin' up any other children, she figures I should jsut have me own and pop her out more." she gigges a little "I think she's wantin' some boys. Both me brother and I have girls. Though I figure he's bein' more pressured for boys now that he's running the hold and all. Course, as manipulative as Cassia can be, She can likely run it herself. She's got me da wrapped around her finger which is a good thing, since she's been keepin' him from killin' himself trying to do more than he should. He's got a bad heart you see and is supposed to take it easy."

"Oh, my appologies, then, I didn't understand." There's a quiet cough into his hand and he shuffles uncomfortably in his position, "Well, then why not adopt a couple more, if you're not wanting to have them yourself? And if they really want a boy, why not adopt a boy then? That would at least satisfy them." He points out with a little wave of his hand. Chaesin slowly shakes his head as he listens, "Your father's a Lord Holder? Which hold does he have, if I may ask?"

Keziah chuckles "Well, I ain't really ever run into another who needed a mother and all. And well I ain't been lookin, been busy and all. No time really." she notes softly "Basically why I ain't had none of me own. No time really, too busy with work. I mean iffen yer pregnant you get grounded after awhile." she notes and sighs "Sides. Watchin' one is time consumin enough and all, course, she's with most the other's now doin' chores and learnin' and all." There's a pause "Oh no, not Lord Holder. He's just a Holder, well he was. No Casar is Holder, of Lost Hold. I did sorta disappoint mother though when I went became a rider. She was always hopen for a good marriage and all."

"Well, if I find any children, I'll send them your way." He winks playfully before frowning at the ground, stuffing his hands into his pockets yet again. "Well, that's how it is when you become a rider, 'least that's what I heard." He chuckles quietly, "No one can really tell you when you can get another kid, if you want one you get one. If not, then ignore people who want more." His shoulders lift in a indifferent manner, "Oh…just the way you said it, it sounded like he was a Lord Holder, my fault." Another quiet cough, "Many parents don't like their kids becoming riders."

Keziah chuckles "Don't get me wrong, my parents are wonderful, and mother is really a dear. She's helped so much with Mirai and all. I dunno what I woulda done without her." she sighs softly "I don't suppose I don't want more kids, but well. I suppose I'm very much hold bred and all still in some ways. I'd like someone to help me with 'em and well I ain't nver found anyone that would stick around. I mean sure, there some riders that pair fer life it seems. I mean look at Niva as Casp and all. But, I ain't fond one like that."

Chaesin nods his head as he moves to wrap his arms behind his head, interlocking his fingers together. "I understand, I feel the same way about my parents most of the time." He sighs quietly shaking his head slowly in thought, "So don't have any," Chaesin murmurs quietly, "Or find someone who likes you if you want someone to stay with you. I'm sure there's /someone/ out there, you just haven't found anyone like that. You want a rider then, for a weyrmate?"

Keziah shrugs a little "You know. I ain't ever thought about a rider or not." she notes thoughfully "I mean a rider makes things easier like flights. They know and understand about things like that." There's a pause and then a shrug "Still, no biggie I suppose. They're may end up being someone I like who likes me too but well I've learned to not hold me breath and all." she chuckles a little "Still, no worries about it. I've got plenty enough to keep me busy without havin' to worry about a mate and all. I do love my work."

"Well, I suppose you're right. I wouldn't exactly be able to comprehend all being a rider entails." A hand runs through his hair briefly, "But if you like someone, it doesn't matter if they're a rider or not." Chae points out with a finger, "Who knows, you can really only hope for the best. But you have to work at relationships, they don't just hapen." He smiles a little, "That's all that matters, I should be getting back to work and letting you work on your straps, however."

Keziah eyes the straps and nods "Aye, F'yr is likely upset with me enough as it is, with them not being finished yet." she notes after a moment. As for working on relationships "Well, suppose yer right. Just ain't met the one I wanna work on it with or who wants to work on it with me. But this okay. I's got Alosynth so who needs a guy. Right?" she laughs "You have fun and all."

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