On the Sands

Xanadu Weyr - Hatching Sands

The large circular "stage" is surrounded on one half by a towering wall, thin slit windows high overhead letting in some light without truly endangering the objects on the sands, though plenty of lights are spaced at human-level all the way around. The other half is ringed by the dark blue seats of the observation level, rising upwards towards the back wall. The circle itself is filled with a mix of red and white sands, deep enough to cover the largest of dragon eggs with ease. To one side, a small door is visible, hidden away behind a platform meant to provide a place for the clutch parent's lifemates to stand during the on goings.

Mellonath is asleep near her clutch but remains between there and her lifemate who is sleeping on a cot in a small alcove a bit away from the heat… but still cozy warm.

Itineranth has spent the last few days on the Sands, alone but for the Gold, weyrwoman, Eggs and those who have come to peer at them. He lifts his head slowly and rises from his position facing the entrance and the galleries and makes his way around the clutch and toward the exit at a quick trot. He reaches the edge of the Sands just in time to meet his Rider and extends his muzzle toward him, giving a happy rumble of greeting. "Enough of your stuborness, Iti. Time to go hunt." T'vis keeps his voice low as he carresses the large head before him, smirking as Tail nearly leaps from his shoulder to rest between his eyes.

Mellonath does seem to rouse a bit as she moves over to her eggs and starts to make sure just enough sand is in each mound and all quietly. She doesn't quite bother with Itineranth or the fact that his rider is on the sands yet. She looks to check on her rider that is only starting to rouse as well.

T'vis moves his hands up to scratch at the eyeridges as he takes a step toward the exit. Itineranth begins to follow, but pauses to glance at the Queen. «Would you like me to bring something to the entrance for you, Mellonath? I may bring a living creature if you prefer to make the kill yourself.» "Less being a gentleman, more moving to go and kill something. Then get washed and oiled before your hide flakes off."

[DTU/Project] Mellonath projects to Itineranth, «If that is what you don't mind doing… doesn't matter if live or dead. I am just hungry.»

Ethne watches as Mellonath finishes her inspection of the eggs as she focuses her eyes she sees T'vis on the sands as well but she says nothing. She bites her lips softly and nervously.

Itineranth warbles to the Gold and begins to make his way out, but as T'vis begins to follow he finds a big head with a small green on it and a firm snort. "What? No!" The Bronze refuses the budge and his Rider sighs leaning against the entrance and crossing his arms. "You have got to be kidding me…" Satisfied, Itineranth moves out with Tail climbing up to rest upon his head during the trip to the Feeding Grounds. "Stupid overbearing, controlig runt of a Bronze…" T'vis muters under his breath, concentrating his attention on the Egg his Lifemate likes to burry for his own strange reasons.

Ethne keeps quietly as she just watches from a distance and rolls over on the cot quietly. Maybe he won't have noticed her awake.

T'vis glances over at the moment but tries to recover by moving his gaze after his Bronze. In fact, he starts to move more than his eyes, but a deep rumble sounds from the tunnel as Itineranth senses the man's intention stops him. Rolling his eyes, T'vis resumes his post against the wall.

Ethne curls up on the cot as she hears Mellonath's warble nearby that seems to have calmed her. Though she does seem a little irritated at being on bedrest.

It is as T'vis is still leaning against the wall, his arms crossed accross his chest that the front of his jacket begins to move slightly. After a moment, a blunted dark blue muzzle pokes out of the top and a soft chirp is given as the tiny creature looks around himself then cranes his neck upward to try and spot his human.

Ethne gives a soft sigh as she covers herself with a blanket and closes her eyes again.

T'vis glances over at Ethne and shakes his head slightly, reaching into his jacket and pulling out the small blue. "You hungry again already?" He shifts his stance slightly as he begins to feel the heat but the sound of a slight disturbance can be heard from the entrance. «I am afraid that your meal attempted to run away when I set it down, Mellonath. I was required to kill it or lose it. Nevertheless, as you must be rather hungry it waits for you here and I will return to catch you another if you so wish.» The small blue gives a soft croon and nudges the man's hand with his head, receiving the requested scritch nearly instantly. See? He can be trained.

Mellonath gives a soft rumble as she replies to the bronze. «That is alright. Just my rider worries me. She isn't happy being made to lay down so much.»

T'vis moves to the edge of the Sands, flat out refusing to stand on the heat any longer. Though when that crosses his mind his gaze wonders to Ethne in her alcove and he looks worried and somewhat at odds. "Would you like me to get you some juice, or something, Ethne?" He offers. "Peter might get hungry soon, maybe." He frowns at the little blue. "He seems to stay up more than Tail does."

Ethne turns as she sees hears Mellonath head towards the entrance to the grounds finally going to get herself some food. Ethne is also feeling hungry and when she sees there's nothing left nearby. She slowly tries to get herself up from the cot.

T'vis watches Ethne attempt to rise and takes a few moments to battle with himself when Peter, following the man's gaze, spots a new friend and launches himself towards her. He manages to make it by spreading his small wings wide and lucking out with a good leap, but he ends up half-hanging off of the edge of the cot giving a pitiful chirp as he tries to drag himself up with muscles unused to such activities. "You might want to wait until you're at least a day old before trying stunts like that, Peter." T'vis offers as he begins to move accross the Sands to rescue his newest pest, though a rather cute one at that. "Tail doesn't even bother moving unless she's eating or getting comfortable on Itineranth's head and she's older than you."

Ethne looks as she notices the small blue firelizard as she says softly towards T'vis. "Might want to be careful with that little fellow. Straining his wings could harm his development."

T'vis comes up and catches Peter as his grip finally slips. "Thanks… Try telling him that." He mutters. the BronzeRider blinks, stands, and finally realises that, yes, he has once again found himself beside Ethne. "You should talk about straining yourself." His tone's a little curt and irritated. "I can go fetch what you need while you follow your Healer's orders. Even if she is just an Apprentice."

Ethne looks towards T'vis as she says. "You try to stay comfortable on your back for a long period of time." She smirks. "Just hungry and need to eat." She sighs as she lays back.

T'vis nods. "All right." He pauses, considering the situation. "I'm not sure if you'd be allowed to go to the kitchens…Too far away. What would you like?" He's about to add more but he closes his mouth and frowns, his eyes clouding over. He shakes his head and they clear slightly as his self-control returns to push his emotions to the back of his mind.

Ethne watches T'vis quietly but when he starts to frown again and all she sighs. "Meatrolls, and some other stuff, bread and something to drink and some sweetrolls if you can." She replies.

T'vis nods. "Sure." He glances down at Peter who is once more gently butting his hand with his blunt muzzle and receiving scritches in reply. "Don't suppose you'd be willing to watch him while I'm gone? I've only had him a few candlemarks but he's…" He shrugs. "Grown on me, I suppose."

Ethne nods quietly as she says softly. "I have no where to go so sure."

T'vis nods and carefully hands the tiny blue over. Peter immediately begins to butt the woman's hand gently but insistantly with his head, beginning to crawl under her hand to encourage scritches. "Don't, um, mind him." The BronzeRider then turns and slips out of the exit, past the feeding Gold and his Bronze who's returned with two more beasts after the first. "Have you eaten yet?" Itineranth wuffles the man as he passes but simply watches his Queen— Yes, his. —feed. «I am able to hunt afterward, it is important that Mellonath not venture far from this place.» Shaking his head the man continues, soon reaching the kitchens and getting fresh orders of the requested items as well as some spiderclaws and stew for himself and any of his firelizards who might be hungry. Balancing the items on his way back, T'vis manages to aquire Tail who was clinging to one of Itineranth's eyeridges while he hunted for the Gold.

Ethne looks over towards the bronze and the rider as the rider leaves to go get a meal and looks towards Itineranth. "I don't know what is up with your rider but he doesn't make it easy to get to know him and I'd really like to." She says softly. She doesn't really notice when T'vis returns and Mellonath is still busy eating.

T'vis slips past the Dragons again after Tail has finished sinking her claws into his shoulder. He really should get one of those shoulder pads, maybe, possibly. Either he doesn't mind the pain or he doesn't feel it as he steps upon the Sands with the two trays of food and drink carefully balanced in his arms. Spotting Peter, Tail lifts herself onto her haunches, spreads her wings and gives a loud hiss. The placid blue immediately slips out from under Ethne's hand and mimics the green before shaking his head, giving a confused chirp and resuming his headbutting for attention marathon. T'vis shakes his head and frowns as he did catch the last bit of Ethne's question and he can guess the subject. "You already know me. You just don't like what you know so you're trying to dig deeper and find something that's not there."

Ethne bites her lips as she tries to keep her calm and all. He doesn't understand how much he really does genuinely upset her and how much she does like him… she gives the little blue a scritch almost absentminded.

Peter croons his encouragement to the woman and pushes upward slightly into the scritch in order to fully enjoy it. "He's getting good at recruiting people. First day of life and he's already got a Bronze- and GoldRider doing his bidding." T'vis sets down the woman's tray with her sweets and meatrolls and such and settles down along the wall of the alcove with the spiderclaws and stew, unsure if the smell might unsettle the pregnant woman, but also out of force of habit. Tail immediately slips down from his shoulder, along his arm and, stealing a spiderclaws from the plate, makes her way to the stew and begins her meal.

Ethne looks at the food quietly and isn't really bothered by smells but she does go for the meatrolls and starts eating.

T'vis watches Tail begin to destroy his bowl of stew and shakes his head, cracking open a few spiderclaws and calling Peter over. The blue glides over the distance easily and lands upon the man's knee with a soft chitter, accepting the food and eating it with relish. "I'm…glad to see you're doing well, Ethne." This being the first time he's been around since the whole beach incident. Well, the latest beach incident.

Ethne nods quietly as she says very lowly. "Um… thank you." She looks back at the food. She's not quite sure what to say to the bronzerider. She takes a few deep breaths as she states firmly. "Is it so bad that I really like you a lot?" She looks away nervous about what his reaction will be.

T'vis glances up at that blunt revelation and frowns. Great. Now he can't play stupid anymore, can he? He spots movement from the corner of his eyes. "Have you eaten? Go hunt then." T'vis watches Itineranth turn back to head outside and frowns. "Shards… Should have asked if he wanted company…" He mutters. Peter glances up and warbles semi-helpfully to the human before continuing his meal. Finally the man sighs and speaks without glancing up. "It's bad for you." His voice is somewhat rough and he clears his throat once, "If we'd met at a less… hormonal time you'd have sense enough to see that." Yup! He did in fact just call her overly hormonal due to her pregnancy. Now that is a low blow, but he's getting to the bottom of his usual barrel of defences.

Ethne looks at T'vis and hears his comment and looks at him. "My hormones have nothing to do with this Bronzerider." She seems determined to make sure he knows that it isn't just hormones." She starts to get up from the cot slowly but somehow she'll make that man see sense.

T'vis glances up as he catches a noise and frowns again. "You're under order of bedrest, weyrwoman."

Ethne shakes her head as she says quietly. "I'll take my leave to find a bathroom after this but well…" She walks over towards where he is sitting and sits down awkwardly beside him and leans in to give him a soft kiss on the lips." Yes she's a bit determined.

T'vis starts backward, skitters backward in a manner that might make any spiderclaw proud (and makes Peter a bit confused as the blue hops down from his knee and returns to his dropped meal) and stands. Of course, he's not pinning himself against the back wall of the alcove. His brown eyes are wide with surprise, confusion and, yes, fear. His mouth opens and closes a few times before he takes a deep breath to calm himself. It doesn't quite work though. That the first time anyone's kissed him without a Dragon being involved in… His eyes mist and he just shakes his head. "I nearly made you lose your child!" He finally counters, forcing himself to speak firmly despite the fact that the expression in his eyes hasn't changed.

Ethne moves to stand up from where she had sit down after kissing him and says quietly. "You're afraid of getting close to anyone… and yet I just wish you'd let me close." She looks towards him. "But I didn't lose my baby… and I won't lose my baby…" She gets a bit distracted. Yes latter part of pregnancy is not friendly to one's bladder and well… she starts to waddle… yes waddle to get to a bathroom.

T'vis watches her walk off and heads towards the exit. Tail remains to finish her meal and then Peter's and T'vis' and then she'll try her luck at Ethne if the weyrwoman hasn't returned by then, but the small blue takes a running start and manages to attach himself to the man's leg. T'vis pauses long enough to pick the blue up properly then makes his way out, past Mellonath and off to the Feeding Grounds and his Bronze whom he hasn't seen in days.

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