Midnight Playtime

Xanadu Weyr - Weyrling Grounds
Cradled in a cup shaped bite out of the mountain, this wide, grassy flat has become home for Xanadu's weyrling dragons. It's set surprisingly high above the level of the beach, visible from the eastern side of the grounds where a long path snakes its way down the hill to the sand dunes below. All other sides to the grounds are bordered by the hard granite cliffs, two entrances clearly visible. One is merely human sized and leads deep into the mountain, to the Caverns. The other is broad and high, the entrance to the Weyrling Barracks.

Snow has been falling on and off since the hatching roughly a week and a half ago resulting in small snow drifts against any trees out here and against the building. The ground has an inch or so covering it, a light dusting perhaps to some people. With the hatching well enough behind there's been time enough to really start to get used to that link of new dragon to new rider though certainly it's tentative still and still so very new to the pairs. Sleeping a lot of the time is what happens so it's no surprise that a few of the life mated pairs are awake at this hour that is so close to midnight.

One such pair is M'kal and a light blue Xeosoth who insists on coming out to 'see what's going on' as he puts it. « Play! » he insists loudly. "But..sleep?" M'kal asks in a half hopeful tone. It seems from the hasty garbed lad that he was awaken and nearly pushed outside to play.

Mur'dah and his darkly hued brown seem to be on the prowl during this nighttime hour, Mur'dah pulling on his gloves and flipping up the hood of his coat and watching as Kalsuoth hops his way out of the barracks. While Mur'dah's limp has vanished with healing, the brown still walks in his funny wobbling gait. « Play? » he asks his clutchsibling as he flicks his wings against his sides and glances around the area. « What shall we play? » The depths of his old growth forest mind flicker with distant lightning, ozone trickling through the link. "He's wide awake too huh?"

All the talk of going out was not lost on the little green. Tahryth is up and peering out from the barracks, a soft croon escaping her as she trots on outside, wings fluttering and her tail swaying about. « We going to play?? » It is a good thing that Idrissa is use to being up at strange hours or this would be a real problem for her. At the moment she is pulling her jacket around her more, looking tired. A soft breath escapes the beastcrafter and she wonders where her gloves are. "Hey." Is soon said once she catches sight of M'kal and Mur'dah.

Eat, sleep, oil, play, then start over at the beginning… or not. Taking the steps out of order works too, especially when there's a reason to do so. As, say, the sight of a clutchsib's tail vanishing to outside. Luraoth's roused her rider, and before long, they come out as well. Soriana's got her shirt on backwards (oops), but at least since she's cut her hair, it doesn't get nearly so tangled. One hand through it on the way out the door, and it's good enough. Luraoth croons a greeting to her sibs, her thoughts a wide purple-dark expanse with little bright stars, all of them chiming a slightly different tone. « We should play! » Soriana sleepy-waves to the other weyrlings.

« Play! » reinforces Xeosoth while M'kal dashes back inside to gab his gloves. Returning he nods to Mur'dah with a chagrined expression. "Wide awake. I even tried to sing him a song back to sleep." so if anyone heard any off key singing from around the middle of the weyrling couches, he apologizes. « Kalsuoth must find us a game. » insists the blue. "Heya Idrissa, Soriana." greets M'kal to the girls as they come out. "Oh hey, Soriana cut her hair." observes the lad.

Mur'dah chuckles, nodding his head as he looks around the dark area. "They're like babies…" he mutters. Not that he's ever cared for one. "Your hair looks good, Soriana," he adds, glancing over to the girls as they join them. "The whole class coming out?" he asks with a soft, amused chuckle. Kalsuoth turns in a circle and flicks his wings again, head lifted high as he considers things, his mind going still for a moment. Then a gentle fog begins to roll across his thought process, the distant howl of a creature more felt than heard. « I must? » he returns, rich tenor amused. « Then I say we must go explore. Over there. What is that? » and his mind swims with the hazy image of one of the snow banks, which wind has carved into a strange looking shape. Hop/skip, he lopes in that direction.

Idrissa hasn't cut her hair, though she make be wishing for that at some point. She looks over to Soriana and smiles. "Hey, when did you do that?" She can't remember there being a 'go get your hair' cut call after all. Tahryth slides tough the snow with a soft warble escaping her. « Go explore? I think we should! » She hops a few steps starting to follow after Kalsuoth, during the hops she hits a patch of ice and instead of hopping she is now sliding across the slick ground. A half trill escapes her until she lets out little giggling warbles. « You all should try that! » A lovely spring day is seen, filled with a faint rainy mist across an open meadow is what her mindthoughts are today it seems.

"Cut it the other day, just found some scissors while she was asleep. S'easier this way," Soriana says of her hair with a shrug, then smiles to Mur'dah. "Thanks." Not that looking good was the goal, but hey. She can still appreciate it. "Luraoth heard the others," she says. « Your dreams were too lonely! » Luraoth informs her rider, aaand any other dragons listening. At Xeosoth's suggestion, the gold tilts her head to Kalsuoth, the star-bells of her sky fading into a dim and expectant blankness. A canvas, ready for him to put his ideas. « Then we explore! » she agrees with him, and scampers along toward that waiting snowbank. What is that? Oh, what's that? Oh! Tahryth is sliding. « Is it oil? » she asks the green, with thoughts of iridescent ripple.

Mur'dah hasn't cut his yet either, but he will. "Yeah, looks easier," he agrees. Then he tilts his head to Soriana, eying her through the darkness. "Lonely dreams?" he asks, before his sleepy mind has a chance to analyze it and realize she might not want that spoken out loud. Kalsuoth hops after Tahryth and Luraoth, though he notices the gold's blank canvas mind. Slowly, so's not to startle her, he reaches out to put a tree in her thoughts. Just a simple tree, branches reaching up and roots digging down. But then the image fades as he's distracted with Tahryth's sliding. Hopping over to her, he puts a paw on the ice's surface and tests it, moving it back and forth. « It does not feel quite like oil, » he says. « Keep testing it, Tahryth! We will see if we can see where it comes from. » Skirting the edge of the ice patch, he begins to look for its 'beginning'. Where did it come from? Hopping along, he peers down at it, the blues and greens of his eyes shimmering on the ice's surface.

Xeosoth follows behind the group, watching them first. As Tahryth slides he tilts his head slightly to regard the effects such a slide had. « Oil? » he repeats Luraoth's question. At it is decided that it doesn't feel like oil he moves over to explore himself. With a deep mental breath he lurches forwards and… « Wheee!! » He likes it, he really likes it. M'kal runs a gloved hand over his normally short hair. "Guess it's good I've always liked short hair." he grins.

Soriana sighs at Luraoth's pronouncement, then tilts her head to look at Mur'dah as his words confirm that, yes, that was out loud. One corner of her mouth curves up in a rueful half-smile. "Sort of," she says, and her gaze wanders out to Luraoth again as the gold plays. "Just a dream, anyhow." The dark of Luraoth's thoughts is nevertheless warm for that tree with the feeling of the sun… even if it lacks the light. There could be something growing - but it only lasts a moment, for there's Tahryth's discovery to explore. Luraoth bounds over, and she steps onto the edge and starts to sliiide on opposite fore and hindpaw. « It doesn't feel like oil. » she agrees, sliding across until she lands on the snow again, her body scrunching up as hindpaw slips in toward fore, then extending again gracefully as she turns to look at that ice.

Mur'dah nods to M'kal, grin crooked. "Yeah, it does." Then looking back to Soriana, he considers her for a moment. "You're not lonely, are you?" he asks, voice pitched low. Might not be the right time or place, but…well. He asks anyway. Near the ice patch, Kalsuoth circles it and then sits on his haunches, one forepaw lifted slightly as he peers at the ground. « It has no beginning, and no end, » he announces. « It simply…is. For playing, I guess. » Though he doesn't venture onto it. Not just yet. He's going to observe a bit more. With the exploration done, he offers forth the tree - to all the dragons this time, curious to see what they'll do to it. Planted in a central clearing of his forested mind, the tree's roots go deep, but the branches are bare as he offers it to his siblings to do with it what they will. In another tree, his presence lurks with a soft rustling of limbs and keen black eyes.

Xeosoth either tires of the ice or gets distracted by the image shared of the large tree with bare branches. « Missing…» he trails off uncertain. Automatically his thoughts go to M'kal to question him. After a moment he sits up, pawing briefly at an itch along his muzzle. « Explore? » he questions towards the group gathered out here. For now he sits still and simply waits to see what happens next.

"Course I'm not," Soriana answers Mur'dah promptly… but then there's the sigh as she does a little snow-stamp shuffle that incidentally drifts her toward him. "I've got my friends here." Her tone is completely believable, which is why she's frowning, just a little. Luraoth lifts her head from inspecting the ice. « Not in your dream, so we had to find them and play. » the gold says, then returns to playing, dragon-fashion - with a warm sunlight-touch to the limbs of Kalsuoth's tree, one that invites leaves to bud and uncurl. Pink leaves. Because pink is pretty.

Mur'dah shifts a little closer to Soriana, glancing at her and then at the dragons. "Well," he says quietly, "I wanted to talk to you about Kalsuoth's…the way he walks. So maybe sometime we can just…hang out? Just the two of us, and talk? About that." And about her thing, but he's trying to be subtle here. Taking a tentative step onto the ice, Kalsuoth digs his talons into the slippery surface to give him some traction before another foot follows. Then a hind leg, awkwardly jerked forward and set down, and then the last one. Splayed there, wings half unfurled, his mind goes fuzzy for a moment before he can focus on both the image and the physical reality. « What is missing? » he asks his blue clutchbrother, taking a slow step forward. « We are exploring this. But, » he considers, « you would like to explore further? Find us… » another pause to consider, « a boot. » Then Luraoth's pink leaves and warm sunlight are expanded upon, the tree blooming into pink leaves and beautiful dainty white flowers. And when Kalsuoth's focus shifts inward, to the mental picture they are creating, he loses his balance and slips, doing a belly flop onto the ice with a soft grunt.

« Missing? » For a moment Xeosoth seems completely unsure what would be missing on the tree. It's a tree…yes. Then he gives a soft of mental 'Oh' as Luraoth provides an image to complete. « Why a boot? » he shifts forward to nudge his brown sibling as if trying to him him back up from the ice. M'kal simply watches, glancing between Mur'dah and Soriana but not wishing to intrude upon that conversation so he stays quiet.

"That's not what…" Soriana begins to protest to her dragon, then sighs and shakes her head. "Dreams aren't real." The feelings that prompt them, on the other hand… well. Soriana tilts her head to the side at Mur'dah, and frowns slightly at the mention of his dragon's funny walk before nodding. "Yeah, okay," she says. "We can talk." A pause, and then she adds quietly, "They seem happy, though." Luraoth slowly circles the patch of ice, the movement echoed mentally with a gentle wind rustling around those leaves and flowers, the breeze brushing at the edges of Xeosoth's mind with inviting tugs. « What kind of boot? » she asks, curious. Soriana's gaze returns to the dragons just in time to see Kalsuoth's fall, and she takes a step forward before glancing back to Mur'dah. He's his dragon. She's just the dragonhealer… grade one.

Cue a low, throaty and gruff rumbling chuff close to laughter from one end of the grounds and some of the darkness seems to peel away from the shadows. It's not darkness at all, but only the once curled form of Rysith now uncoiling and stretching, the old green groaning a little as joints take a moment to warm up to the idea of movement. She saw Kalsuoth's belly flop (hence her amusement), but she's been watching them all for some time, like a doting mother and yet wise to leave them be to explore on their own. She'll approach close enough, head cocked slightly to the side as she observes. If the green is awake, it means her rider is not far behind, yet Anoryn does not appear quite yet.

Tahryth is back, but where did she go? Who knows, wherever the green went Idrissa was following. The pair has returned and Tahryth is bounding through the snow carrying a stick with her as she goes. « Looky, I found a big stick! » She seems rather happy at this for some reason too. The green hits that patch of ice, and is thus sliding across it once more, muffled happy warbles escaping her as she spins about before thunking into Kalsuoth's form and coming to a stop. Idrissa just blinks, her mouth opening as she watches her dragon and a soft sigh escapes her. "Hey guys, sorry about that."

Mur'dah nods at Soriana, hands shoved deep into his pockets. "Yeah, we will. And they do, yeah…" But there's worry there again. Once his limp cleared up and his brown /still/ walked that way…it's nagging at the boy. When his dragon falls Mur'dah inhales sharply, rubbing a hand against his chest, and then exhaling slowly. "He's fine," he says out loud, both to himself and to his friends. "But thanks," he adds, smiling at Soriana, noticing her step forward. Kalsuoth claws his way back to his feet, wuffling thanks to his clutchsibling. « I thought it would be amusing, » he answers with flickers of lightning and a puff of ozone that brightens up the tree for a moment, making all the leaves shimmy and dance and turning the flowers a bright gold before it fades. « One with laces, » he answers. But then Rysith is making herself known and Kalsuoth sends to his siblings only, his voice altering just a bit, « Perhaps now is not a good time. » Shhhh! Taking a few hesitant steps, the brown falls again when Tahryth collides with him, a mental explosion of lightning. « Faranth's balls! » Someone's picked up his rider's language, and the boy flushes darkly with embarrassment. Then the brown climbs to his feet again, and is glad to be off the ice and he settles down on his hind legs again, wings half unfurled as he croons to the older green, sharing their tree image with her as well. What will she add?

So far Xeosoth hasn't added anything to Kalsuoth's tree, merely taking in the image of it and watched it grow. Finally though he adds a picture of one of M'kal's boots hanging from a branch by it's orange laces. Watching his clutchsib carefully he seems to relax as he retains no harm from the ice. He backs up a bit from the ice patch to ensure he doesn't fall himself.

Yeah, they're happy… and yet Soriana's expression has got worries of her own as she nods back to Mur'dah. "Good," she says to Kalsuoth being okay, and gives Mur'dah a crooked smile before glancing back and… back to the side. "She's okay?" Sori asks Idrissa, not actually sounding worried… this time. Luraoth's not worried either. A boot! « There it is! » Her breeze makes the boot Xeosoth hung there sway, and then Tahryth's arrival means the gold stops circling, turning her head to chirp to the young green… and then her mental wind, rather than stopping, continues on toward Rysith, a breeze that brings with it the sweet smell of flowers - oh, because those flowers in Kalsuoth's tree have a scent now, left behind as the ozone faded. « Hello! »

Rysith snorts as Tahryth returns, only to go sliding into Kalsuoth and the old green just looks plain amused at it all. With a low groan and sigh, she shuffles a bit closer before settling down cat-like on her belly, forelegs crossed and tail curled around her with the tip flicking idly back and forth. At the young brown's explosive swearing, she grunts and then exhales forcefully, wings twitching. « Such language for one so young! » she remarks in a deep, gruff and yet still feminine tone, her mind extending to all. Tsk, tsk! Rysith will answer Kalsuoth's croon with a deep one of her own, lowering her head as if to peer more intently at him. Check up? Probably. As for the tree, she will add more flowers, but a bush growing type that rings the base of the tree, the petals growing in clusters of deep reds and near purples as they hang downwards in streamers. Luraoth's addition of the breeze and the new floral scent catches her attention. « Hello, little one. »

Kalsuoth's tree is getting so many things added to it! He warbles in amusement at the addition of the boot, casually hanging a pair of Mur'dah's underthings from another branch. Clothes tree? The scent of flowers is inspected and inhaled, appreciated for the beauty that it is. Then slowly rain begins to fall, but that only adds to the beauty. Called to task for his language, Kalsuoth only croons apolgetically to the elder green, before exploring the bush she added. « What kind is that? »

Idrissa shakes her head while watching Tahryth. "Sorry Mur'dah." She offers for her dear dragon. Tahryth warbles out and the stick is dropped. « Sorry! » Is quickly sent to her brown sibling. The green tilts her head as she catches the image of the tree and she actually quiet for a moment while pondering what to add to it. "Ya, she's fine. Found the ice patch again it seems. I think she meant to do it this time though." Yes her dragon is very much into finding something to slide across, be it ice or spilled oil. Tahryth turns her attention to Rysith and a happy warble escapes her. « Hello!! » Her mindvoice is filled with the sound of a soft spring rain, the scent of fresh spring grasses picked up even. As for her part to the tree she goes about adding little stars, silvery ones that appear in random spots across it, and soon there is a count of thirteen, each start attached to one another via a little silver strand.

M'kal smirks faintly, glancing from the brown over to Mur'dah in amusement. He's still sleepy enough to simply watch the dragons as they explore though he gives a snort of laughter as Xeosoth shares with him the newsiest additions to the tree. Xeosoth warbles a pleasant greeting to the older green, wings spreading out to their full length.

"Yeah, she found it all right," Soriana says to Idrissa, and gives her head a little shake before going quiet, watching the young dragons and the older one. Language? Luraoth's curiosity is piqued. « Is that bad? » she asks Rysith with a soft mental rumble like a distant thunderstorm. It's not quite like Kalsuoth's storminess, though. Just an echo, an affectionate reference. Her wind returns to play around the tree, touching flowers and leaves and raindrops and evoking a scent for each! …and for the boot, too, though her voice trills in something like laughter as she makes there be foot-smell.

Rysith accepts Kalsuoth's appology with a rumble and nod of her head. Mistakes happen, all is forgiven! Besides, she's other things to focus on. Namely, answering the question he gives her. « Love-lies-bleeding. » What a cheery name! Not. « It is not it's true name and I do not recall what it is. Only that it is curious and unusual. » But is it real? Or is she feeding them images of images from her rider's mind? Tahryth and Xeosoth are crooned to warmly as well in greeting, Rysith welcoming them both though her mind remains obscured in mists, vague and dark silhouettes appearing and disappearing. But she does study this little exercise with the tree with interest and Tahryth's addition of the stars earns a low rumble of approval. To Luraoth, she speaks in a quiet tone. « Yes and no. It's more disrespectful than bad. And it is not proper. » But everyone does it, is what the old green implies. The green was enjoying the scents too, until the foot-smell is added and she sneezes, nose wrinkling faintly. Amid all of this is the sound of footsteps, but it's not within Rysith's mind. No, those footsteps are real and they belong to Anoryn as she at last makes her appearance, yawning as she moves stiffly to stand by her green's side.

Mur'dah shakes his head and waves a hand, smiling at Idrissa. "Don't worry about it," he reassures her with a smile. "He's fine. It's what he gets for going onto the ice." Looking back at his lifemate, his cheeks color again and it's not a coincidence that a moment later the underthings are turned into a rather boring, drab towel. Nothing interesting about /that/. Kalsuoth adds a little more light to the scene, the rain pattering down softly, and then with more force. Washing out that foot-smell, though the scent of flowers and wet earth remains. Another rumble and flicker of lightning, ozone added to the mingled scents as the earth soaks in the life giving fluid. « Mine says it all the time. » Then his focus zeroes in on the plant Rysith added to the scene. « Where does it thrive? » he asks, already itching for an adventure.

Idrissa nods and smiles to Soriana. "So it seems." She offers with a soft amused tone about her dear green. A glance is sent over to Mur'dah, smile still seen. "I get the feeling I'm going to be saying that a lot." Tahryth is rather rolly polly, and enjoy sliding and stumbles, and alright she's clumsy at times for sure. Tahryth offers soft rumbles and little warbles of greeting to the older green and her tail waggles a few times once her addition of stars to the tree seems to be a good thing. The sudden 'foot smells' makes the dragon cough and sneeze. « Ewww » Is offered with a soft little patter of rain turns a bit strong, attempting to help get that smell away it seems.

Soaking up all the images with the smells and sounds that seem to accompany them, Xeosoth suddenly sneezes. It's a movement that rocks him back on his stubby tail. « Whoops. » he says cheerfully. « This isn't much like playing. Is there more meat to throw and catch? » he asks brightly, his own voice remensiant of a happy, bubbling, brook after a morning shower. Bit of colorful shells edge in on his own image of the tree which he broadcasts briefly before quickly shifting to an image of Kalsuoth flinging meat from the barrel within the barracks. M'kal straightens up ever so slightly as he spies Anoryn approaching the older green that's come onto the scene. "Good..evening, ma'am." he calls out politely. It's around midnight so one supposes it can still be considered evening. Maybe.

« Oh. » Luraoth considers on the question of language without further words as her wind draws forth (or is that creates?) scents from around the tree. She readily lets Kalsuoth and Tahryth clear away the foot-smell with the rain, and doesn't bring it back - though all the other scents, of flowers and earth and fresh rain, she refreshes with each touch of her breeze. At Xeosoth's complaint about this play, she tilts her head to him. « Tahryth found a stick. » she says. Sticks are kind of like meat, right? Just, not as messy. Soriana nods to Idrissa, then looks up at M'kal's call… yep, that looks like Anoryn. She doesn't say anything, just lifts her hand to her short-cropped hair in a relaxed gesture that's partway between salute and wave.

Rysith does not add anything further to the tree, though she seems to enjoy the breeze and scents and the rain brought on by all the young weyrling dragons. She rumbles in approval, if not encouraging more of it. « Farther south and westward of here. It will be many moons before you will be strong enough to venture there. Think no more of it. » And sure enough, the curious plants vanish from the base of the tree and are replaced by a shallow brook that circles the trunk and a low level mist begins to curl in swirling tendrils. Anoryn's blue eyes focus keenly on the assembled group and she returns Soriana's halfway salute and wave with a rather laid back one of her own. "Evening? More like the middle of the night. What's got you lot roused?" she asks, gaze lingering first on M'kal and then sweeping over the others. But her tone, though gruff and a bit thick with sleep, is amused sounding.

Laera and her blue stride towards the weyrling grounds with a sheet of paper in hands. She stands along the edge of the group awhile, just watching the interactions of the weyrlings. Kereth lowers to a crouch, seemingly content to watch as well. His gaze though seems focussed on the little blue. Leaving him to his watching Laera finally approaches the WLM staff "Need to speak briefly to M'kal." She informs the them as her gaze scans over towards the blue dragon and his lifemate.

Mur'dah laughs, grinning crookedly at Idrissa, "You and me both," he says, amused, as he studies his dragon. Kalsuoth is sitting properly, wings folded neatly against his sides, watching the goings on with a keen curiosity. The mental scene is now drenched with rain, pounding down, and then the rain stops and the sun breaks through again, and then leaves unfurl to drink in the sun. The meat flinging he watches with amusement - did he do that? He seems to have forgotten. « That looks like an excellent game. » There is a pause. « But mine says it is not yet time to eat. » "Ma'am," Mur'dah says, saluting Anoryn politely. "What're you doing out so late?" Tilting his head to Rysith, Kalsuoth's wings tremble. « I can not wait that long. » He will soon forget, but for the moment the quest focuses his thoughts. Then Mur'dah chuckles softly. "Couldn't sleep," he admits, nodding his head to his wide awake lifemate.

Xeosoth's stubby tail thwaps playfully against the ground evidently enjoying the new image around the tree. Intently he studies it without remarking on it though. Shifting his gaze from Anoryn to Xeosoth briefly it flitters back to Anoryn and he casts an amused smile at the sleep-gruff filled question. M'kal still is nearish the weyrling barracks with Xeosoth some feet away at an ice patch on the ground and nearer his clutchsibs. "Seems Xeosoth had enough sleep earlier and wanted to explore outdoors." chimes in M'kal on the heels of Mur'dah's explanation. "Brought him out so he didn't wake the others." which didn't work completely as several others are out here with him. The sound of his name draws his attention from this conversation to peer curiously towards Laera. He steps forward to present himself. "Ma'am?" he asks questioningly.

« Yes! I found a stick! » Tahryth seems very happy over this idea and looks around for the large stick that she found. It is about three feet long and dark wood of some type. « Where did it go? » The green is starting to snuffle around through the snow for the stick, her tail swaying a few times in the process. Idrissa shakes her head and looks over to Anoryn and now Laera, both are given a salute. "Hello. Well, they all wanted to come outside it seems." Well at least the ones that are awake and bouncing around at the moment that is. Tahryth pauses in her stick searching and grumbles as she looks back to her siblings and then looks up to a new dragon which makes her warble out a greeting to the new comers. « Hello! »

« Then we must begin by making the moons go faster. » Luraoth's image to Kalsuoth is of those moons, full and orange-tinged in the sky, fading over mere moments into that warm, waiting darkness. Soriana smiles slightly at her gold's answer, and nods to those of the others to Anoryn. "Luraoth wanted to come play." « And - » "And thought I should, too." Satisfied with her human's answer, the gold dragon settles back on her haunches, chirping to Kereth and Laera and watching as Tahryth searches for her stick. « Sticks don't run away… do they? »

Rysith only makes a deep, rolling sound in her throat to Kalsuoth and exhales heavily and slow. Not quite a sigh, but close. « You have no choice but to wait. It will be worth it, in the end, to have been patient. » she replies cryptically but not without truth. Reluctantly, the old green's attention wanes as Kereth arrives and she focuses on the blue with a keen and curious look. "I was roused by Rysith informing me that some of you had wandered out. So I figured I'd venture out to see if all was well." Which it seems is the case, though she gives Mur'dah a lingering look before nodding, her glance then focusing on M'kal. "That's expected. They won't settle to a routine quite yet." She's about to answer Idrissa and Soriana as well when Laera is approaching, distracting her as she turns to face her. Anoryn's brows furrow and she casts a curious look to the papers the bluerider holds. "Of what nature? And so late?" she asks in a near whispered tone. M'kal is already addressing Laera then, too late for the AWLM to signal for him to wait. Does she suspect bad news?

Kalsuoth considers Luraoth's suggestion, and then from his mental image the dark winged creature that represents him in his mind's eye springs aloft with soft wingbeats. Soaring upwards into the dark sky, he enfolds his wings of night around the moon to cover it. A moment later he lets it appear, full, and then cloaks it again. Thus, time passes, yes? Clearly he agrees with Luraoth's assessment as he studies his gold clutchsibling more closely for a moment, before a mental nudge from Mur'dah has him swinging his head around. « What do you mean she's taken? She's right there. » Whoops? « I do not agree with patience, » he says next to Rysith, but the lightning flickers of amusement in his tone show that he at least understands. "All is well," Mur'dah assures Anoryn with a warm, crooked smile. And then he's frowning, looking at Laera. No good news comes at midnight.

News from a healer in Search and Rescue? Chances are high that it could be bad news. Yes indeed. "Well I just finished my shift, saw movement out here and figured now was as good at time as any to talk to the lad." Laera says to the worried look on Anoryn's face before smiling, "Its all good, just some craft business I have been asked to deal with with him." A note is passed to the AWLM before looking up to the group and noticing their nervous glances and holds up her hands , "All is good Weyrlings. Well maybe not for M'kal." She says with good humour in her voice, "He gets extra lessons. No doubt other craft riders will come talk to the rest of you in crafts as well."

« What if they do run away? I mean Can sticks do that? » Tahryth ponders this idea as she snuffles and snorts before just flopping down and stretches out before she peers up at Kalsuoth and then looks to the older green. « Wait, wait for what? » Seems she either didn't hear it all, or didn't pay any attention to what was getting said. Hearing that Laera is looking for M'kal, Idrissa blinks and looks up seeming a bit confused over this. She sends a glance over to Soriana and she is then looking back to M'kal. A soft breath escapes her as she is glad to hear that it is good news. "More lessons?" She can handle that, we'll wait maybe she can.

The whispered words from Anoryn to Laera apparently go unnoticed since at that moment Xeosoth has decided to use his overly loud voice within M'kal's head as evident from the lad's hand going suddenly to his head as if to ward off the loud noise. Wrinkling his nose he unfocuses his eyes to converse with the not to little blue who's intently trying to figure something out it seems. Soon that that's done and Xeosoth's attention reverts to Tahryth and her stick. He shuffles over, exclaiming with some glee how nice the snow feels as he moves, to Tahryth's side. « Stick? » he asks, clearly asking if she found it yet. « Does it have wings? » he asks of the stick. « It could fly away then! » He's pleased with his logic. As he finally pulls his attention to Laera he nearly grimaces before pulling back his dismay at extra lessons. "Extra lessons?" he does ask. "Healing?" his interest is peaked though despite the promise of extra lessons. Seems his interest in the healing has only grown since the Impression of Xeosoth.

Luraoth watches with warm attention as Kalsuoth's wings chase the moons. Yes, that's it. It's a simple idea, after all. The moons mark time. Adjust the timekeeper, and time itself will follow! Reality probably just needs a few moments… days… weeks… to catch up. It'll get there. Just like Tahryth'll find his stick, just… maybe not until the snow melts, by which time she will have forgotten. « I don't think it had wings. Tahryth, did it have wings? » Soriana glances back to Anoryn, catching the AWLM's concern and turning her gaze to Laera. "What…" she begins, and then glances quickly at Mur'dah. What, indeed. She frowns slightly, but doesn't say anything out loud, just returning her attention back to Laera and M'kal. « Why are you thinking about your dream? » Luraoth asks with a breath of warm musk. « Should I get him? »

Rysith only rumbles again towards Kalsuoth, amused by the young brown's reply. But her focus is drifting, though she's still somewhat aware of the weyrling dragons. Her head turns slightly, now watching her rider with Kereth's with growing interest. Anoryn doesn't seem too reassured by Laera's reply, her frown only deepening further when the note is passed. Unfolding to read it, when the bluerider addresses all the Weyrlings, the AWLM lifts her head up sharply and then blinks. "Extra lessons? But…" she begins only to drift off, puzzled as she hastily reads the note. Shaking her head, she lifts a gloved hand then to pinch the bridge of her nose and take a long, steadying breath. "It's a bit early in their training, isn't it? Ah well. Suppose it won't hurt for them to start thinking on it." Best to be prepared, right? Anoryn nods her head then and pockets the note, turning to glance to Idrissa and M'kal, then the other weyrlings too. "So it would seem. Extra lessons for some and craft related. Don't worry yourselves though. It will be kept balanced so you are not overwhelmed." For those that it applies to, it seems.

Mur'dah exhales softly when Laera explains, his shoulders slumping. Clearly he was thinking of a death in M'kal's family, or something equally sad and terrible. Then he laughs. "Have fun with that," says the craftless boy. "Does that mean I get extra lessons in walking around the beach?" Because that's what /he/ was doing before Candidacy. « Sticks can not run away unless someone helps them, » Kalsuoth replies, before he adds a halo of light around the interesting plant that has become his (momentary) focus. « To seek this. » He shifts a bit, and then Mur'dah is turning his head to look at Soriana, brows knitting. He bites his lower lip for a moment and glances back towards the barracks. Ah. Well. He can't help her with /that/. But maybe she can help with Kalsuoth's limp. But later.

M'kal certainly wasn't going to ask if it was too early to be brining on extra lessons! So there's a flash of relieve that crosses his expression as Anoryn voices what is likely the same thoughts he has. Shuffling his feet he flashes a bright smile to the older blue rider, nodding in agreement. "We look forward to working with you, ma'am." Xeosoth warbles his agreement of M'kal's words before lumbering over to peer curiously at Anoryn. His warm breath is slightly meaty as it washes over the green riding AWLM. "Are you hungry again?" is asked in disbelieve to a quiet thought towards him. "Well c'mon then…"

« Never know, they could have wandered off. I mean. What if the stick grew legs, or wings? » Tahrth questions with a glance is sent over towards her siblings. Idrissa is listening in on the bit on lessons and what have you. "It'll be lessons from other riders in our craft Not.. from say, Journeymen that aren't riders?" She would really like to avoid Jarse at the moment after all, she can just imagine the man would be even madder at her now that she has impressed. Tahryth warble out. « Mine does not like her Journeman, she says he is mean Other words that I do not understand. » This is projected to all. Idrissa's eyes widen, her mouth parts and she just looks over at Tahryth before eyeing the ground as she swallows hard. Bad dragon, bad! The young green is clueless on what she just spilled and looks to Xeosoth as he is leaving to eat instead of help find the missing stick. She'll find it on her own!

"What?" That time, it's for Luraoth, and Soriana turns her head to look at the dragon, shaking her head. No. No. Definitely not. No. And that's not… no. Her eartips are slightly pink (totally from the wintery weather) as she tries to explain things to a Luraoth who… really doesn't seem to get it. Soriana ends up missing much of the rest of the conversation with Laera, though eventually she looks away from Luraoth again and… sidewise to Mur'dah. "…later," she says quietly, aaand then her eyes slip away again. They'll talk about Kalsuoth's limp, that's it, and other things that aren't… uh, that. Luraoth still doesn't get it, but she bounces up to help Tahryth look for her stick. Maybe under this clump of snow? Or that one? Really, jumping about and nosing the snow is its own reward.

"No, that does not mean extra lessons on the beach," Anoryn remarks dryly to Mur'dah, giving the boy a long look and a smirk. "We'll keep you busy with other lessons. Trust me, there will be many to choose from." Because she's just mentally marked him, no doubt, just for that. For her credit, the older greenrider remains perfectly still through Xeosoth's curious inspection of her and she does not seem bothered by the meaty smell of the blue's breath. She does not reach out to touch him, though she does chuckle heartily. "Hello to you too," she murmurs and at M'kal's words she nods and gestures towards the barracks. "Heading back to see him settled?" she asks, before her blue eyes slip away again to watch as Laera and Kereth leave, now that their message has been delivered. Anoryn only shakes her head, muttering under her breath. Messages at midnight! Fit to give someone a heart attack at this rate! Idrissa's question is about to be answered, but Anoryn is silenced by Tahryth's explanation, which Rysith relays of course to her rider. Laughing gruffly, the AWLM shakes her head. "Ahh, well… It'll be from other Craftriders. Sort of like mentoring." « And no mean Journeymen. We will not allow those into lessons. » Rysith reassures the younger green, though projects it to all of the weyrling dragons.

Mur'dah lifts a hand to wave as M'kal and Xeosoth head back inside, and then looks at Soriana. "Later," he agrees with a slightly strained smile and a little nod. Meanwhile, Kalsuoth has been watching his rider rather closely, but a few moments pass and his head swings around to watch the others go off on their Great Stick Hunt. Then Mur'dah laughs. "Well I don't blame you," he says to Idrissa. "He seems like…an irritating person to work for." And he would know. Glancing back to Anoryn, the teen grins crookedly. "I'm sure you will," he says, and he sounds genuinely excited about it.

Xeosoth whuffs again towards Anoryn, eyes spinning a happy blue. "C'mon bud!" M'kal is at the blue's side in a moment, sketching a polite nod and salute to Anoryn before headed back inside. "Let's get you fed. Maybe a nap afterwards?" is asked hopefully around a yawn brought on as it is indeed midnight. Already his mind is whirling though with thoughts of extra lessons and whatnot as they disappear into the barracks. « Happy hunting!» the blue's mind voice is hunger tinged as he intends to 'hunt' his own food from the barrels.

Idrissa glances to Mur'dah. "You have no idea It's horrible working with him. I.. I know he doesn't like me I'm really sure he doesn't like women in general." Ya she just let that all roll out, which let's face it, if she is thinking it then Tahryth knows it and the young green would for sure spill the beans given some time. Rissa looks to Anoryn, a smile seen and she nods. "Alight." Well that makes her feel a bit better. Tahryth is still looking for that stick, snow is getting dug up and kicked around; someone is for sure going to get covered in snow. A good amount of snow is indeed sent flying towards her dear golden sibling that is close trying to help her find the stick.

Yeahhh, definitely later. Soriana doesn't seem terribly interested in talking about it (or looking at Mur'dah) any more either, right now. Awk-ward. She drifts away a little, watching Luraoth - who is, if not enlightened, at least distracted bouncing in the snow. « Who is the mean journeyman? » she asks Tahryth, with a curious jingling of harness-bells. Soriana waves to M'kal, and that brings Luraoth's attention to Xeosoth. « Don't let any escape! » she calls to him with a bright sparkle of golden sunlight on fast-moving water.

Rysith's head swivels towards Xeosoth when the little blue mentions hunting, only to realize that he means from the barrels. Still, the old green gives a wistful sigh. « And to you as well. Though soon… soon, we will teach you the true way of hunting. » One of which she seems to take great joy in. Anoryn quirks a brow up at Mur'dah's crooked grin and excited reply, only shaking her head then. Alright, if he wants it, who is she to deny him? The AWLM can't help but overhear some of Idrissas confession and curiosity kicks in, as well as genuine and mild concern. "Who is this Journeyman, anyhow? What Craft?" Unaware that Luraoth is asking that very same question.

Mur'dah shakes his head to Idrissa, giving her a comforting smile. "It's okay. You don't have to work with him any more," he soothes. "And if he irritates you, well. You've got a dragon and he's got a pony." Dragon > pony. The end. And he doesn't look at Soriana either. Should he even be getting into this? Maybe he likes the drama. And then Kalsuoth is getting up on all fours and hop/jumping over to Mur'dah, which has the boy grimacing. « That's a silly face. I can make it too, » the brown says, either oblivious to the reason of Mur'dah's grimace, or choosing to make light of it. Regardless, he scrunches up his expression as best he can and then sticks his tongue out. « Come, my Mur'dah. I am hungry. » Hop/skip/wobble back to the barracks he goes. Pushing a hand through his hair, Mur'dah gives Soriana a pained look, everyone a wave, and follows after his odd lifemate.

Idrissa is quiet while watches Tahryth, the green making her mind wander for a few moments as if seems there are questions being asked. Tahryth pauses and sends a glance over to Rysith, snow clinging to her face and she warbles out, though the answer is first sent to her golden sibling.. « His name is Jarse, evil man, mean man, he made mine cry a few times. Can I bite him? We are going to hunt? » Idrissa hears the question from Anoryn there is a pause and she blinks, oh dear. "Um" Her head lowers a bit more and she eyes the snowy earth as she pulls her jacket around her a bit more. "Beastcraft. His name is Jarse.." Her shoulder slump a bit as If she just gave up some secret. Tahryth trills out and gives up he quest for the stick and talk about hunting and moves on over to her lifemate and nuzzles against the girl with a soft croons escaping her. The worrying thoughts are getting passed over to the young dragon. She sends a glance over to Mur'dah, a soft smile seen. "Ya.. Later." She offers softly while curiously watches as Kalsuoth hops and skips back towards the barracks.

Soriana returns Mur'dah's wave, and - oh hey - she even looks at him for long enough to offer a smile. A real smile, exceeept for the awkward little twist in the corners that makes it kinda apologetic. She didn't mean to bring that out in front of… well, anyone, but especially not him. Dragons are, apparently, good at that, and Luraoth listens to Tahryth's answer. « Mine will talk to him. » The gold is blithely optimistic and upbeat, the pleasant smell of fresh hay joining those harness bells. « She will change his mind. » For a moment, Soriana just stares at Luraoth. "That, uh…" …nope, she's back to staring again.

Unaware of what she may be delving into, Anoryn can see from Tahryth that her simple question has upset Idrissa, enough to have the AWLM speaking in a gentle and reassuring tone, "Beastcraft?" She doesn't repeat his name, but she has it in her memory now. Instead she gives Idrissa a warm smile. "I was, or am, rather a Beastcrafter too. Senior Journeyman, specialized in runners. Prior to taking up Assistant Weyrlingmaster. But I do what I can in the Craft when time permits." Rysith only chuffs towards the young green, « You cannot bite people, no matter how aggravating they are. » she remarks dryly. Anoryn shakes her head and then gestures with a wave back towards the barracks. "It's getting late now, you two. Best try to see if they can't be lured back inside and settled. We'll all need the sleep." She won't force the matter though or hurry them along, simply giving them both a brisk nod before she's turning to walk sedately back towards the barracks, pausing now and then to be sure all is still well. Rysith will move as well, rising to lumber slowly back to her previous vantage point to curl up for the remainder of the night.

Idrissa lifts her gaze lift up to Anoryn as she nods to the question on the beastcraft. "Yes, I work with runners." Tahryth is given a hug, her arms wrapping around the greens neck and she leans close to her while trying to get the thoughts out from her mind. At the news that Anoryn is a Beastcrafter as well she blinks. "Really?" Yes she finds that a bit surprised for some reason. Maybe because the other is an weyrlingmaster, and she wasn't expecting the whole craft bit. "I still hope to be part of it." Runners have always been a bit part of her life after all. Tahryth pouts once she is told she can't bite Jarse. « I bet he deserves it though.» The little green would never do such a thing! « She will? » This is sent to Luraoth and Tahryth's head turns and she warbles out to Soriana seeming rather pleased at this idea. The talk of getting the young dragons back inside is heard and Idrissa nods. "Yes ma'am." "Come on Tahryth, bed time." « No, oiling first, then bed time. » The green feels itchy and then means only one thing can be done to deal with it. Idrissa smirks put nods and will do just that then. "See you later Soriana, Luraoth." This said while the pair heads on towards the barracks.

Luraoth turns bright blue eyes on Soriana. What does her rider mean, uh? Sori will go and talk to this Jarse, whoever he is, and make friends and make everything all better. Simple. Soriana frowns, for she is not so convinced. « Making friends is better. » Luraoth's thoughts are still bright and warm, reassuring Tahryth. « She will. » Yeah, uh, Soriana is still not exactly believing this, but… bedtime. Past it, really. "…I'll explain tomorrow," she tells the gold, who croons and agrees to step forward and nudge her head under Soriana's arm for the walk back to the barracks. « Maybe Kalsuoth will share his couch. » Her mental image is of cuddly dragons, and she's surprised as Soriana coughs. "Uh. No." No. Really, no, and… no. Back to the barracks and their own couch they go, even if Luraoth still doesn't get it.

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