Visit with N'shen

Xanadu Weyr - Weyrling Barracks

A long and roughly oblong cavern, about a third of the space is open, used for classes or chores as required. The rest of the space is filled with couches of varying sizes, all with plenty of space between them. Some couches are obviously intended for the very young weyrlings while the largest ones at the back are for the older weyrlings.

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Thea's hand twitches at her side, begins to lift towards the tiny bronze and her mouth opens to ask, but N'shen is already telling her she may, so that muzzle-pat she'd intended turns into a jaw-rub instead, her fingers tracing the bone beneath the soft hide there, tips curving up under just where Seryth always loves her to. "Do I now?" The smile pulls a little more at her mouth as she tilts an amused look down at the weyrling only to note the sadness there. "Hey now, I'm not that bad am I? And I will sleep when I can, promise. Seryth used up a lot of my energy keeping her quiet during the hatching. She was… agitated." As for the feast, "I saw to Seryth first, stopped by after awhile." It's an evasive answer at best.

"I didn't go." Nash slides his hand along Taozyuth's neck, tracing the mossy splashes against the aged bronze hide. The dragonet swings his head away from Thea's scratching fingers and butts his muzzle against his lifemate's cheek, blowing into his face and blinking those slowly whirling eyes. "I didn't want to. Tao's better company than- well. Most." He grins lopsidedly at her, fingers digging lightly into a slightly rough patch of skin that no doubt plagues him with itches. "Miss Thea… did D'had see the Hatching? And Siebith? Were they pleased?" He doesn't look at her, his dark green eyes fixed stubbornly on his dragon.

Thea's fingers continue a steady flex-stretch movement just inside that bronze jaw as she waits for N'shen to speak. His admission draws a blink but as Taozyuth pulls away, her eyes flick between the bronze's head and the boy's face. "You didn't." Not sounding surprised, really. She was there, after all. Concern, "It was in honor of your bonding. I'm sorry you didn't want to be there." Her eyes shift to N'shen with some puzzlement, "Yes? He was there." A pause where she's either consulting Seryth as to Siebith or trying to understand something. Finally, carefully, "He's always pleased when there's a hatching. He's very glad Seryth and I are off the sands."

N'shen nods quietly, somehow unsurprised by her words. "Well." Taozyuth croons softly and butts his muzzle against the boy's cheek again, then blows out more firmly, startling a giggle from the lad. "Your breath smells like meat," he accuses the bronze gently, then laughs at whatever reply the dragonet makes. "I'm glad you can be home again with him and your babies. Maybe once things get back to normal, you'll smile again." Green eyes and whirling blue turn as one to lock on the goldrider's face, the former set in a smiling face. "Maybe once he grows up a bit," and the weyrling chucks the dragonet under the chin, "we can come visit you and your kids."

Thea's lips curve in a wan smile at the interplay between the pair, widening as N'shen laughs even if her eyes do remain shadowed. She meets the paired gaze and there's a nod to that word 'normal'. "I'm sure I will." Repeating, "I'm just tired." She blows out a long breath adding, "Going away for a few days will help." She tilts her head a bit, eyeing the tiny bronze for a second before saying warmly, "Hmm, yes. You'd be welcome to come as soon as they let you all out of the Weyrling grounds. Seryth will likely come by to see them in a few days."

"You have a right to be tired," Nash replies staunchly, nodding his head to add emphasis to his words. "Maybe you should go sleep." Taozyuth chuffs softly in agreement, then flops down on his side, curling his tail up against his belly and folding his wings firmly over his rotund little body. "See, Tao agrees. We'd like t' see Seryth, and you, but not if you're all tired and stuff."

Thea shakes her head quickly, "Can't sleep right now. We're leaving today, so I need to get some things ready." Her eyes are on Taozyuth as he flops over, her pale eyes crinkle in amusement, "He's so cute." The middle of her last word is drawn out before she adds regretfully, "And the Weyrlingmaster wants a good couple of days for you all to just bond, so we wouldn't be allowed over just yet anyway." She turns a thoughtful glance to the boy. "I'm really proud of you for impressing him. And being the one he wanted."

"I'm just glad he thought I was good enough," N'shen replies, sliding down to rest his head on the pillow of his little hollow, still gazing up at her. "And I'm glad you're happy. I think Tao is exactly what I've been looking for." His smile up at her is sleepy, but satisfied, and he brushes a hand over his eyes. "You goin' with D'had?"

"I'm sure you are," There's no mistaking Thea's smile for the boy that also includes the recumbent bronze beside him. Firmly, "I am. Very. I know it's what you want and I think you deserve it." Her eyes sweep the barracks, but the other sleeping forms, well, it's not easy to tell just who is who. "Perhaps he'll help keep some of those bullies away, eh?" Back to N'shen and with an uptilt to her tone, "Yeah, going with D'had. Just a few days off is all. We'll be back before you know it." But then he's looking ready to join Taozyuth in dreamland, so she reaches down with a gentle pat to his cheek, a fond smile for her young friend, "Sleep you. You're going to need all the rest you can get these next few days, taking care of him." Her head tilts to indicate his new lifemate.

"You get some sleep too," N'shen replies quietly, his words punctuated by a massive yawn. "Not now, but when you go. Sleep and rest and relax. It's all over." He tugs a blanket over his legs, then drops his arm, the lassitude which has taken his lifemate off into sleep seeping into his limbs as well. "It's our turn now. You don't gotta worry so much anymore."

"Oh, I will," Thea assures N'shen with a quiet chuckle, the fingers of her hand trailing across the top of his head as she withdraws her hand. "On an uninhabited island, there isn't much else to do." She backs a few steps away and as she turns she murmurs, "Proud of you. Really proud." As she steps away quietly, she actually smirks and mutters under her breath, "Whatever will I do if I can't worry about you anymore?" Somehow, being Thea, she'll find a way to do it anyhow.

"You'll find someone else," Nash murmurs as he slips into sleep. "Or I'll find a way t' make you worry." His own smirk unconsciously echos her own as his eyes flutter closed, and soon his even breathing matches that of his sleeping lifemate's.

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