Do Humans Pounce?

Xanadu Weyr - Weyrling Beach
With a gentler slope to the water from the main beach and the way it is cut in like a cove, this is the most sheltered spot for bathing. The sand is the same white hue, there are just as many — or perhaps more — scattered shells. From here, one has a beautiful view across the lake, a scene more often tranquil than not.

It's late afternoon and Idrissa is back out on the beach now that Tahryth is up an awake once more. The little green is walking along, her lowered and sniffing here and there as if searching for something while Rissa is following a few feet away. "It's just a rock, why do you want to find it so badly?" This questioned to the dragon that she is peering at curiously. Tahryth warbles out. « It looked like a mouse! » Rissa smirks a moment. "Does not, it's a rock." Yes they are having a conversation about a rock of all things.

Zahleizjah can be found somewhere towards the far end of the beach, a good ways down, where a rock hunt may or may not take someone. Down the shoreline a blurred figure can be seen in the distance, two firelizards flying over head, as rocks are skipped across the cove's water. There are no swimmers out in the cold water, and the Starcrafter is wearing a heavy black jacket, and a pocket full of perfectly flat stones for tossing. One after another creates ripples across the tranquil lake scene, an adventurous pair spotted in the distance, if they approach a wave and smiled greeting will be genuine and inviting.

Everyone at the barracks is asleep, but that's okay. Luraoth 'overheard' one of her siblings down this way, so - since she was still awake after her latest meal - she and Soriana are making their way down to the beach. The dragonhealer-weyrling's hand is on her gold's neck, petting lightly. Luraoth's gaze lifts up to that pair of firelizards, and after a moment, Soriana looks that way as well and laughs. "It doesn't work that way," she says with a shake of her head and a fond smile, and the two continue closer.

Idrissa watches Tahryth still look for that rock and sighs once ore while folding her arms in front of her at an attempt to keep warm. She glances over at a voice and smiles as she catches sight of Soriana and Luraoth, a wave seen. "Hey." Is called out. Tahryth has stopped looking for the rock though and has instead caught sight of Zahleizjah. « HELLO!! » Yes this is projected to everyone here, there is a faint bit of stormy spring rain picked up as the little green starts making a beeline towards Zahle. « Who are you? » Tahryth is basically bouncing now, someone new! "Shards Tahryth wait a moment!"

Zahleizjah's attention is drawn towards the double Weyrling pairs as they converge down the beach, Ztyrian and Braczek squawking at the arrival as they flutter towards the ladies and mini-gold, passing curious green as she emanates energy and heads for their human. Zahl has only felt this type of projection twice, once so frigid and once rather warm, but the rush of seasons from the green that is rushing her, definitely has wide eyed attention. Arms are put up as if she's about to be tackled, and the Starcrafter is bracing in a welcoming sort of manner, should she be the catcher to a baseball bounding green. "Meep.. ahh.. Hii.." is about all she can get out.

« Hello! » Luraoth sends back to Tahryth, with the sound of windchimes in that storm. Soriana waves to Idrissa, then shades her eyes for a moment to see where Tahryth is running. Hmm? Ah. She smiles, and Luraoth turn to also make their way toward Zahleizjah. The gold dragon moves more gracefully than her green sibling, light-pawed on the shifting sands. Tahryth barrels on toward Zahleizjah, and then Luraoth's mind reaches out to the green once again, with a swirl of warm wind pointing upwards. « Look! She has firelizards. Over here! »

Idrissa is doing her best to catch up with Tahryth, which with the greens bounding movements it isn't that easy at the moment. Seems the saving grace would be Luraoth's mindvoice reaching her. The smaller green skids to a stop a few feet from Zahle and looks back towards her larger sibling and her rider, a happy trill escaping her to see them. « Yes she does! » Idrissa is soon able to catch up panting a few times in the process. "I'm sorry Zahle, at least she didn't tackle you."

Then there were two, and the dragonets are quite interested in the flapping brown and bronze above who croon and fly in circles and barrel rolls before treading air nearby. Zahl is only half 'eeek'd', she was ready for it, one or two dragons bounding, and as the gold and green near but seem to refrain from taking her out, arms drop to the sides, a few rocks clunking in one pocket. "Whew.. I thought I was goin' down! Don't be sorry.. dragonets will be dragonets.. congratulations again you two. You and your lifemates are wonderfully matched.."

Luraoth tilts her head up to gaze at the brown and bronze firelizards, and croons a greeting to them that's accompanied by a gentle mind-touch of the sound of bells surrounding, « Hello. » She and Soriana arrive by Zahleizjah without incident, and the young gold chirps a greeting to the starcrafter as Sori smiles. "Heya," she says. "S'good to see you again, I didn't see you at the feast…" and other than that, she's barely been back at the Weyr since, well, the hatching. She hehs at the congratulations, and ducks her head slightly. "Thanks."

Idrissa smiles and nods to Zahle. "Still, they shouldn't pounce on anyone." Sure they smallish and cuteish now but when they are fully grown that could be a problem! She watches the firelizard flutter around and Tahryth is ever so interested in them. Rissa glances to Zahle. "We was hoping to see you there." There's a pause and she blushes a moment. "Thank you Zahle.."

Zahleizjah smiles as she watches the interactions between tiny winged creatures and new big winged ones, Virikas finally flutter her way out from the forest with a few chitter-squawks of her own input as she comes to boss around the boys. There's a bow of the head and smile for the chirrup from Luraoth, a solid nod of the head in response to Soriana "Yes.. I.. had matters to deal with regarding my father and his relocation. Things always seem to get shaken up around hatching time and I was bummed to miss the feast." She pauses then adds "Should prove interesting to see how life pans out over the next few fortnights. The horizon is inviting and the adventures will be vast. I truly am grateful for both of your friendships.. even if your lifemates pounce me.. there are so many lessons to be learned for us all. You're both going to be great riders!"

Well, except the things dragons should pounce, but nevertheless, Soriana nods slightly to that part… but it's with a rueful smile, and she doesn't say anything. Luraoth tilts her head up to watch the three airborne firelizards. "Oh," Soriana says at the mention of A'dmar's relocation. She hesitates for a moment, then asks, "Are you staying here?" with her gaze steady on Zahleizjah, then nods. "Yeah… I'm sure you've got plenty of starcraft stuff to catch up with, too." Luraoth looks back to the starcrafter as well. « Do humans pounce? » she asks her lifemate and Tahryth with a curious swirl of orange and pink.

Idrissa blinks as she hears this and nods, a slight frown seen. "Oh Zahle.. I'm sorry." There is a slight pause. "Are you going to stay here then?" Well they both ask the same question, but it is one that she really wants to know it seems. Well would she want to stay if her father was not here? She has to ponder this idea actually before blushing once more. "Thanks I truely hope so. Tahryth is going to be a handful I'm already finding out." At the question on if humans pounce Tahryth eyes her rider a few moments and then looks back over to Soriana and then her golden sibling. « Maybe? They don't look like they would be good at it though. »

Zahleizjah shrugs and further contemplates, as if the weight of her options haven't been heavy on her shoulders for days. "Xanadu is like no other place I've been before.. m'not ready t'leave yet. I don't want t'lose A'dmar, though I don't think I ever could now, but it will also be difficult not living closer as he's headed for Ierne as we speak. I also feel like Xanadu has been more home than anywhere else, and m'just not sure what I'll do. I have a meeting with Master Ch'y about building some more farviewers for other areas so those orders will likely need to be filled.." she's rambling, and takes a deep breathing knowing it. "Sooo.. ya.." She's not sure.. a few flat palms will beheld out to curious dragons, the troublesome trio finding their respective perches on Zahl's shoulders, eyes a swirling at the hatchlings.

Soriana reaches over to offer Zahleizjah a hug, and nods. "Ierne's not so far by dragonback. I mean, I go back and forth to the school there… or, I did, anyways." She gives a rueful look, because it's not like she'll be returning to her lessons anytime soon, and then Luraoth's question distracts her. She smiles slightly, and uses that mindvoice she's working on to answer, so there's just a moment of silence and unfocused eyes from her. It's one of the perils of talking to dragonriders. « She says yes, but it's different. Humans play different, » Luraoth conveys to her sister, and leans her head in to nudge at Zah's hand briefly… then takes a sideways step toward the green, sashaying closer before leaning in and tapping her nose to the smaller dragon's shoulder. « Tag! » she sends with a carol of laughing bells, and turns to scamper away across the sands. Playtime is nowtime, and Luraoth's found the memory of a human game to play!

Zahleizjah melts in to Soriana's offer with ease, wrapping her arms around her friend and nodding as they release. "That is a good way to think of it.. I'm sure we'd visit soon. I dunno.." the sentiments are shared, but in different ways, scritches given to her three lifemates. "On the up side that little colt is about ready for taming, the Beastcrafters say I could have him if I'm up for the challenge and well, seems like a good focus with the extra free time these days.." It's winter, not the best time for Starcrafters. The nuzzle is met with mellow response, no sudden movements, just the brief encounter before she's gallivanting towards her clutchsis. As the dragons start to meander, Zahl uses the segue and says "I should probably let you two get going. M'really glad we caught up n'I'll see you all again soon." There's a chirp from each in the trio with more of a squeee from Virikas.

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