Sticks and Stones

Xanadu Weyr - Weyrling Beach
With a gentler slope to the water from the main beach and the way it is cut in like a cove, this is the most sheltered spot for bathing. The sand is the same white hue, there are just as many — or perhaps more — scattered shells. From here, one has a beautiful view across the lake, a scene more often tranquil than not.

It's mid afternoon, and despite the winter the weather is fairly decent. Though clouds move overhead with rapid speed, the weather is fair and the wind isn't terribly strong. After giving Kalsuoth his mid-day feeding and nap, Mur'dah and his dark brown stroll out down towards the beach. Perhaps stroll is a strong word, since Kalsuoth's gait is making itself more pronounced now that he's taking more than a few steps at a time. Hopping, one leg always seems to hit the ground before the other, making for a very awkward, loping hop/skip gait. Walking alongside him, Mur'dah frowns as his dragon moves, studying it with some worry creasing his brows. Down towards the water they go, Kalusoth's wings tucked against his body as he hops this way and that, sniffing and studying before moving on to the next thing.

Xeosoth is stepping /so/ very slowly as he departs the barracks, crosses the weyrlings grounds and finally gets to the beach. The reason? He's /counting/ every step he takes. And stopping to look at the ground. Or that tree. Or that family of bugs crossing his path that makes him bend down to stare until his eyes cross. It seems that M'kal and Xeosoth are part of the group making the trek down to the beach. It's with great patience that he ambles along beside him, dividing his attention between the blue and the skipping bronze.

Idrissa is following after Tahryth, the green caught word that her larger siblings was on the way to the beach so of course she has to follow! The little green is quick, tail swaying about as she bounces though the path down towards the beach, little croons and excited trills escaping her in the process. « What's that!… AN this!… and OH look /that/ » A soft breath escapes Rissa as she just watches her dragon looking amused.

Mur'dah pauses along the water's edge and watches as Kalsuoth dips his muzzle into the water, breaking through the thin crust to get to the water beneath. Lifting his muzzle he shakes his head and snorts, and turns to hop further up the beach. Warbling to his clutchsiblings, he spreads and fans his baked earth wings, his voice rising from the depths of his old growth forest mind. « Hello, friends. » Lifting a paw, he pokes at a little knob of snow until it topples, and wuffles in amusement. Trying to pick it up, he discovers that it melts in his mouth, and rumbles a curious pleasure at it. « You can not take this with you. » Pushing his hood back, Mur'dah looks around and waves to his wingmates. "Afternoon."

Xeosoth is indeed a larger sibling, nearly the same size as Kalsuoth the brown. Though already showing promise of bulk he's still young and learning to handle his own body. So really it's no surprise when the moment he's on sand he trips onto his nose. « I meant to do that! » is hastily said as he rights himself back up once more. Spying his brown brother at the water he moves over there to study the spot where Kal's muzzle broke the thin layer of ice. M'kal simply stays back, amused and content to watch Xeo explore. "Heya Mur!" he grins goofily. Will he ever stop grinning?

Tahryth is here pausing next to Kalsuoth and peering into the water. A glance is sent towards the brown and she warbles back with a curious like sound for a moment. « You can't? » Is questioned, her mindvoice is like rain falling upon a spring day, a faint rustling of something almost like hoof beats against wet ground. The green settles back to her haunches, tail lashing about a few times before a forepaw lifts and she paws out at the water a few times. "Hey guys." Idrissa offers as she finally catches up to them.

Kalsuoth rumbles wry amusement, a flicker of lightning appearing in his thoughts. Not to warn, but to amuse, the shadows flickering and briefly his mental image is transposed over the real world image, and Mur'dah sways slightly until he regains his balance and sense of reality, frowning slightly at his lifemate. Hands in his pockets, he can't help but return M'kal's smile. « You should go into the water, » Kalsuoth suggests, « I think there are shiny things in there. » However, he plops his rump on the shore to watch and see if his blue brother does it. « Try to pick it up, » he says to his green sister, referring to the snow. Nodding to Idrissa, Mur'dah continues to stare at Kalsuoth, though the brown is just sitting right now.

Feed. Sleep. Oil. Clean. This dragon business is serious stuff! Ka'el has been absorbed with his young bronze, seemingly just about unable to get enough of him as the (not so little) dragon can of him. Questions, questions, questions! All this thought processing has made Kale tired. Yet … strangely glad. He's still getting used to the voice in his head, enchanting as it is. Rich. Melodical. .. Charming. He wouldn't dare call it a 'voice', though he has no other term for the ever shifting melody in his mind. He has come to…well, walk. Because Kanekith has trouble sitting still sometimes, and Kale himself could use one. And thus boy and bronze arrive on the beach, and when one clawed paw presses on the shifting surface, the dragon's regal head lifts and swirling eyes stare down, pausing in his step. « This moves. I don't like it. » Ka'el pauses, eyeing his lifemate. "But, y've been here before." Rumble. « Didn't like it then, either. » -.-;

For all that he's shown reluctance to rush into things this is the one time that he simply says Sure! and plunges straight into the water, breaking thin layers of ice as he goes. « Oooh…so wet!» his voice is a cheerful babbling brook of water, playful as it dances in your mind softly. M'kal's expression is one of completely surprise as he suddenly shivers as if he himself went straight into the cold water. It's so hard sometimes to separate himself from Xeo!

Idrissa tilts her head while she pulls her jacket around her a bit more while watching the water, a small smile seen before she look over to the others. "How you all doing?" This questioned while Tahryth does indeed try to pick up the snow and finds well that she can't. She chomps down onto the snow and rumbles out a faint warble escaping her now. « Why can't I pick it up? Sort of like water but not water» The green looks over to her lifemate with an confused look. Idrissa ahs softly pondering and she soon smiles. "It's snow, basically frozen water." She catches sight of Ka'el and sends a wave towards him.

Lifting his head, Kalsuoth turns it to stare at his bronze brother, before wuffling a greeting and offering a mental brush of rich earth and enchanting pathways through the forest, leading into mysterious depths back in time. Who knows what's in the recesses of his mind? « Come to explore with us? » he asks, broadcasting to all the dragons in the area. Another flicker of lightning and the scent of ozone drifts through their minds, before there's a distant chuckle. That chuckle intensifies when the blue hops into the water. Well that was easy. « See how far out you can go, » he offers, his voice shifting slightly. It seems more distant, and Mur'dah's curious look to him might show why. The brown is trying out speaking to another dragon without his lifemate knowing what he's saying. "You guys alright?" Mur'dah asks, looking around. "Hey, Ka'el. How's things?" Looking to Idrissa, he stares at his lifemate for a moment before giving her a small smile. "Still in a daze. But…" and there's another quick glance to Kalsuoth before he hesitates, and then beckons his wingmates closer. If they'll come. « Mine says it's snow. It turns into water when you touch it. » Not totally accurate, but it's as good as he can get. « Can you find a nice stick? » he asks Tahryth.

This time Xeosoth doesn't quite do what he's offered to do. Wading until he's up to chest in the chilly water. « This is far right? » he questions to the brown though it's just as loud as before…clearly he has no idea how to 'muffle' his inner voice. M'kal moves to stand over with the others, amusement flickering in his features. "Never knew going to the beach would be something so new!"

Hrmp? Both Ka'el and Kanekith's attention turns at the same moment towards the others on the beach. Dragons and humans alike. The weyrling blinks and grins at the sight of his friends. Well. Most of them. Idrissa is given a sort of calculating look, but upon seeing her wave, he indeed waves back. « That's strange. What is that? » Kanekith's coppery muzzle gently bumps Ka'el's arm, causing him to glance his way. "What is what?" « That thing there. That strange thing in your chest. That was odd. What was that? » Blink. No answer is forthcoming from Ka'el, who instead begins to scamper onto the beach, with Kanekith in tow (despite his adversity to sand). Besides, his clutchsiblings are out there, and he's keen to pay them attention. A soft warbled sound is made in his throat. A greeting to all as his forked tail whips behind him as he tromps towards the water's edge. There he pauses, giving the wet stuff look that borderlines disdain, if a dragon can have such an expression. Wings spread, corroded edges gleaming green before they're folded back. He watches the wading blue, then brown. With a cry of triumph, he splashes in too. Anything you can do I can do better! Ka'el watches a moment, looking vaguely anxious, but upon seeing Mur'dah's beckoning, he moves closer to the group. "You alright?"

A stick? Tahryth ponders this request with a tilt of her head and is soon up while she toodles off to sniff around a few times. Snow is moved, some sand as well while she pushes a rock or two out of the way and then finds one stick and then another before pausing. « What does a stick look like? » This questioned, her mindvoice once more filled with spring rain, the faint sound of it hitting down upon roofs, the light scent of spring even caught to some degree. Idrissa chuckles softly and closes her eyes as she ponders this and goes about sending the images of a 'stick' to Tahryth. It's strange to do this with a dragon instead of her firelizards, her head lifting slightly once she figures the green has all the information that she may need. Tahryth warbles out and is soon bouncing back with a tick over to the brown sibling and drops it. « Here you go! »

Kalsuoth watches Xeosoth with a keen gaze, rumbling happily. Another flicker of lightning casts odd shadows in his mind, projected to his clutchmates and briefly giving a double vision effect that might be a little disorienting. « That is far, you are brave, » he praises. « See anything interesting out there? » When Kanekith wades out too, Kalsuoth fans his wings with a croon. « See if you can go further than Xeosoth! » he challenges. To Tahryth, the brown considers a moment, and then sends a mental image of a stick. Then thousands of them, his old growth forest mind filling with them. « Those, » he informs. « Excellent. » Hands shoved deep into his pockets, Mur'dah continues to stare at his lifemate for a moment, then drops his voice. "Have you guys noticed Kalsuoth walks…really funny?" Then he winces, as if he's spoke blasphemy. Taking the stick, Kalsuoth is oblivious to his rider (or ignoring him) as he digs the stick into the ground and comes up with some snow balanced on the end. « Now we can carry it. » But where?

A stick? Someone wants a stick? Xeosoth watches as the Tahryth bounces back to Kalsuoth with…a stick. Interesting. He moves his feet in the water, feeling something under his talons. So he works around a bit until he can plop back and he slips under water with the effort but he manages to fling back towards the beach what he thinks is a stick. It's not though…it's a large rock that's roughly the size of M'kal's head. Head's up on the beach! Emerging from his own dunking of himself he looks towards Kalsuoth and the stick with snow. « Eat it! » He challenges from where he's still chest deep into the water. M'kal peers towards him for a moment before looking back to Muir…Mur'dah. "Yeah, kinda." he shrugs a shoulder. "Doesn't seem hurt though so I kinda thought he was copying your limp and just liked the funny way to walk?"

A challenge? Well now, Kanekith is certainly up for that! But this water. It is cold. And with it up to belly level, he pauses. « I needn't do so. I already know that I can. » is his reply, his melodious tone edging towards deeper, heftier octaves. Arrogance. Or extreme confidence! Either way, he's not inclined to delve much further in this cold and wet water than he already is, and in fact begins to backtrack. And now there's a stick to be contemplated, if sticks are worth such contemplation. It's not shiny like the things that interest him! That thrown rock is far more interesting, and he watches its soaring arc til it comes crashing down on the sand. Ka'el, though mindful of the antics of his lifemate, gently furrows his brow at Mur'dah, stealing a glance towards Kalsuoth. "Yeah…a bit," he admits. "But .. if he were hurt, the dragonhealers would've been on it from the get go, right?"

Idrissa ponders as she listens to Mur, her gaze resting on Kalsuoth and she lifts her head a moments soon smiling a moment. "I don't think it really bothers him though. See if he grows out of it?" No reason to worry if it is something that the brown could grow out of. "Of course the dragonhealers would have." Tahryth watches as Kalsuoth picks up the snow and she warbles out pondering now. «I well I don't know. Maybe we can take it back to the barracks? » More rain falls across the spring sky, a faint echo of thunder in the distance of her mind.

Mur'dah blinks at M'kal and then looks down at his bandaged knee. Then he laughs. "I hadn't thought of that." There's relief in his face and his tone. "Yeah. That's probably it. I'll bet that's it exactly." Reaching out, he gives M'kal's shoulder a friendly clap. Lifting his head, Kalsuoth looks out at Xeosoth and then ducks when the rock goes flying by. « That is not meat! » Apparently only meat is for throwing. « Eat it? I did. It turned to water. But I want snow. » Swinging his attention back to Kanekith, the brown considers for a moment before replying, with flickers of playful lightning, « But /I/ do not know you can. » Hands deep into his pockets, Mur'dah shrugs at Ka'el. "I don't know. They checked him when he was sitting still…And he might. I'm being silly and worrying over nothing, aren't I?" he asks, almost hopeful. « We could, » he says to Tahryth, turning to take a few steps in that direction. Then the stick wobbles and falls from his mouth, the captured mound of snow vanishing with the rest of the snow on the ground. « Or, » he says happily, « we could leave it right there. »

M'kal shrugs into the jacket he had slung over his shoulder and apparently forgotten to actually put on. "Yeah, I bet that's it especially if the dragon healers haven't converged on him." assuming they even noticed the funny walk but M'kal doesn't comment that out loud. No need to see Mur worried further! "S'okay! It's all so…different now ya know. Like learning about snow." he gestures to the dragons as they romp, explore and apparently collect snow on sticks.

Xeosoth tires of being the only one so far out so he flops on his belly and swims back. Once to show he stands and /shakes/ himself so that water droplets go flying *everywhere*. « Why keep? » he finally questions on the snow. « Look how much there is out here. You can come and play in it anytime right? » then. « I itch.» Clearly meant to be just for M'kal he evidently 'over-broadcasts' his thoughts again.

Kanekith hesitates, claws dragging against the sandy bottom beneath the water. « You do not believe me? » His head slightly rocks to one side, then the other, like a snake being charmed. Mind made up, the young bronze backtracks again, moving deeper into the waters as opposed to out of it. See how deep he is! The water laps at his underbelly before it is submerged. The sunkissed waves glisten at his metallic sides. Further. Further. To his chest. « Did he go this far? » he says challengingly, continuing forward, causing Ka'el to vaguely shiver, despite the absence of a breeze. "You're silly and worryin' over nothin'," he assures Mur'dah with a crooked grin. "Seriously. Dragonhealers don't mess around with dragons. If there was something, they'd have him hold up somewhere, checking him out." Kanekith, meanwhile, continues deeper in, craning his neck and elevating his head as the water moves up past his chest and over his shoulder blades til only wingtips and neck can be seen. « This far?? » .. "Woah.. wait, what?" Kale blinks rapidly, then peers to the water. Where, oh where… "Hey!"

Idrissa lifts a hand to press it against Mur'dah's arm. "Hey." Is said softly. "Give him time, alright?" This questioned with a soft tone, a soft smile seen. "Let him grow into his legs, I bet he'll get better." Her tone is still soft as she speaks, trying to bring him some comfort it would seem. Tahryth glancing towards the flying rock and blinks before catching sight of the bronze in the water. « Ya Let's leave it here and go into the water with the others? » This offered back to Kalsuoth before she is bouncing forward like a prancing runner almost on her paws. Right before she reaches the water's edge she misses a step and thus faceplants with her head in the water. So she really still moves more like a foal then actual runner. Rissa looks over and is quick to move over to her green. "Tahryth." It would seem rider and dragon are both a wee bit clumsy.

Kalsuoth considers Xeosoth's question for a moment, before he rumbles with a brush of ozone. « Because it is special. You should go get oil on, then. » Looking back to Kanekith, the brown rumbles in deep pleasure. « Further, » he encourages, soft and mysterious breaths of timeless tenor. And then he's looking around to Ka'el, wuffling to his rider. « That's far enough, » he rumbles to Kanekith, lightning flickering with restrained laughter. Mur'dah blinks and jerks his head towards his dragon, and then out to Kanekith. "Shards and shells, why's he so far out? And thanks, guys, I'm sure you're right." Resting his hand over Idrissa's, he gives her a small smile of thanks. Shaking out his wings, Kalsuoth pads down towards the water after Tahryth, though he doesn't go in. Not yet. « You okay? » he asks his clutchsister, stepping back when Idrissa approaches.

Nope, Xeosoth doesn't want to make the trek all the way back to the barracks yet for oil. Instead he trudges back to M'kal and leans down to get that one itch taken care of. Once done he spins to face the water again. More dragons going into it! Well…one bronze in it waaaaay out there and the green is trying to get in. So he lumbers back and rushes right back Tahryth into the water to start to head for Kanekith. « Wait up! »

Yes. Why is he so far out? Ka'el doesn't hesitate to leave his friends in favor of heading to the waterline at a brisk trot. Not a run, because… well it isn't as if Kanekith is drowning. Right? … Riiight? o.O; "Hey! What are you doing?" Is there some sort of mental leash he can pull on? If so, it seems as if Ka'el has lost his grasp. Or perhaps, he never quite had a grasp to begin with. Kanekith is appalled. Being told what to do by that brown sibling! No one bosses him, least of all his own clutchmate. He'll show him. « It isn't. » he retorts to Kalsuoth, though the push and pull of the continual waves and current does give him an uneasy feeling. And the soft sand below seems even softer. Less stable. There's a whisper of uncertainty now, one that causes Ka'el to tense a little. And now, there goes Xeosoth! « The wishy washy will take you » he warns the blue. « You're not as big as me » Or strong. Or handsome. Or awesome. But … that's implied.

Tahryth wiggles about and is soon back up on her paws, a soft croon escaping her, wings fluttering about like a baby bird might if they was thinking about trying to fly, not that she is even thinking about that. « I'm fine I'm fine! » Is offered with a soft tone, that mindvoice of hers turning into a slightly stronger rain storm. Once the little green is over her nose dive of a fall into the sand she is up and bouncing into the waters near the shore, sending it splashing about and possible getting some people wet that are just too close. "You're welcome Mur'dah." She offers with a smile glad that Tahryth is quick to bounce back from her little scuffles at least.

Kalsuoth lifts his head, the picture of innocence as he watches his bronze clutchsibling. Quiet for a moment, he then reaches out with another brush of ozone and an endless path through the darkening wood. Then he speaks again. « I'll bet you can't ride one of those waves back to shore. You're too big. You can't get your legs up high enough to…to float. » That's the word. On the shore, Mur'dah frowns and jogs along after Ka'el. "I think Kalsuoth is trying to get him back in," he murmurs, glancing at his brown with a hint of suspicion. Wondering, perhaps, if it was his dragon's fault the bronze is out there in the first place.

« Alright been out that far!» trills Xeosoth despite the fact he's not actually gone as far as Kanekith has. « No wishy washy » In no real rush to go out that far the blue outstretches his wings to float on the water, his head swiveling from side to side to watch this new effect he's learned. « And my size does not matter in my abilities! » he retorts towards Kan though it's a bit belated as clearly he needed time to think of that one. Or perhaps it was M'kal who provided it. Speaking Mikey he's now bundled up in his jacket and simply watching with amusement the action in the water as he trails along behind Mur'dah in a slower pace towards Ka'el, similar to the pace his dragon takes in the water. Sevreral steps away from the pair though he stops and stoops to pick up something.

"Do dragons swim? Can dragons swim?" asks Ka'el, trying not to sound fretful and only succeeding a little as he peers waaaay out to where Kanekith is. Just a bronze head bobbing in the water. All seems calm enough above the surface, but below it, claws scrabble for a good grip on the ever shifting lakefloor. But he has his mind set on showing them just who's the best at this (whatever "this" may be called!) and stubbornly stays out there. At least…he's not going any further? At least, not in purpose. « You don't speak the truth. None has been this far out! » he bellows unnecessarily loud, two conflicting notes finding dissonance, though it's only Ka'el who winces. "Yeah?" he says oer to Mur'dah, brows raising a little. "C'mon, Kanekith! You're too far. You're gonna … Aren't you hungry?" he changes tactics, ducking a bit a he's splashed by Tahryth. Hey! "I've chopped something good for ya earlier!" Hrm? Food. Now that's tempting. Even more so than proving ol' Kalsuoth wrong, but he can't exactly ignore him. Oh he can too float back! « I needn't show you that. I've shown you enough already. » A smug thought, and finally, the bronze begins to claw his way back towards the shore.

"Well, why wouldn't they swim? I imagine they need to be taught thought." Idrissa pauses as she watches the bronze and frowns a bit. Tahryth warbles out towards Kanekith. « So you went the furtherest, you want a a » She looks around ponders and picks up a stick and wags it about with her head bobbing a few times. « You want a stick?! There REALLY neat! » Yes, a stick is /neat/ to the green at the moment. « You can…. Do stuff with them like collect snow! » Yes Tahryth is really trying to wing Kane back in with a stick of all things. Rissa lowers her head and covers her eyes a moment, though a soft giggle escapes her at the idea. She looks back to the young bronze whom is finally making his way back out it seems. "I think his finally coming out."

Mur'dah bobs his head a few times, reaching out to touch Ka'el's arm reassuringly. "They can swim, don't worry," he says quietly. Kalsuoth rumbles, then shakes his head at that dissonance, the tone of his sound altering slightly. Then, amused, he dips his head down. « You are probably right, Kanekith, » he says humbly. « You've gone further than us all. » He hasn't ventured in at all. Then, rising to his feet, the brown shakes out his baked earth wings and turns. « I am hungry, » he announces, hop/skipping towards his lifemate. « To food, Mur'dah. » Mur'dah peers at his dragon and then chuckles. "Again? Alright. We're heading back, see you guys later!"

It's the mention of food that perks up Xeosoth as he turns so quickly in the water he falls sideways. He's okay! he's okay…he lumbers back though now any thoughts he has he's managed to keep them directly at M'kal and quiet. "Okay okay!" a hand presses to his forehead as if to hold back a headache. "Let's go back too then." clearly the large blue requires food as well.

Ka'el looks over to Mur'dah, taking his word for it. He grew up with a gold … he'd know! That doesn't make Kale less anxious though, til he sees the waterlevel beginning to drop around his lifemate as he finally gets to shallower ends. He exhales a held breath sloowly. Kanekith'sh ead is as high as he can possibly get it as he returns to shore, drippy wet and cold, yet triumphant! He croons to his sibling and clutchmate, giving his bronze hide a rigorous shake. « I will show you next time how I can float as well » he promises the skippy dragon. He lumbers towards Kale and dips his head down to bop him with his muzzle. « Did you see? » asked with an eager note. Kale scowls slightly, then looks to Idrissa just as Kanekith adrsses the green. « I reject your stick. It does not shine enough. » Lackluster stick! "Take care, Mur'dah."

Idrissa glances after Mur'dah and M'kal along with their dragons. "Later!" She offers with a smile before she looks to Kanekith as he is moving out from the water finally. A shake of her head is seen and she chuckles softly. Tahryth swirling eyes rest on the bronze and she seems to pout, her head lowering and she drops the stick. Well fine then, no one gets the stick. The green huffs and turns to trods off to find something else under the snow it seems. Rissa blinks and peers at Kanekith and then looks to Tahryth. "Well then."

Ka'el lifts a hand to push the bronze's muzzle off of his head, already wet from Tahryth's splashing. "Don't go out there again," he instructs, to which Kanekith's head tilt. « Why not? » "..Because I said so." So..uh there! The drippy bronze turns his head this way and that. « There's that strange thing again…» He notes, but Ka'el ignores him, not quite ready to tackle trying to explain feelings of irritation to him. So instead, he looks to Idrissa. "Are you still mad at me?"

Idrissa is quiet while watches Tahryth, whom is busy playing in the shallows, already getting past the face that Kanekith didn't want her stick, her lovely lovely stick! "I'm not mad at you. More like upset." A slight shrug is seen. "It's aright I'll get over it I'm sure." She is trying to keep her thoughts to herself, which is rather hard with Tahryth all awake and bouncing at the moment. « Why are you upset at him? » This from Tahryth, an it is projected to everyone in the area. Rissa ahs softly and ponders how to explain this.

"…That isn't the same thing?" Kale asks with a quirked brow. Mad. Upset. They're synonyms in his book! Kanekith keeps his gaze on his boy. Something is strange here, and he's not sure what it is. And he's not exactly sure he likes not knowing something, and he rumbles in his chest. Then, there's Tahryth, and from her he gathers something. A feeling. A word. A curious word. « Upset? » He nudges Kale again. « Upset. Upset. Are you upset as well? Is that the strange thing that rumbles? » Sigh. If it wasn't before, it certainly is beginning to be. He lifts a hand, pressing his palm against hte bronze's muzzle. "Why? I hadn't … I mean, come on. You heard how he was.. As if I didn't exist at all."

Idrissa is quiet for a few moments, her arms folding in front of her loosely as she ponders. "Kale, he wasn't trying to steal me, he was trying to be my friend back then. I thought you were going to try and be nice to him." This said with a soft tone while she works on keeping her emotions in check, which is hard with this here conversation. "Maybe if you would have showed him some friendship, just a bit, he wouldn't have ignored you?" Well it is an idea. Tahryth is making her way back over and settles down upon her haunches next to her lifemate peering curiously. « Upset… What does it mean.." This questioned again before Rissa works on trying to explain it to her dear green, her gaze resting on the young dragons. Information getting passed back and forth it seems. « Upset, means your sort made at him, and made means you're REALLY cross at him? » Rissa lowers her head a touch. "This is sorta hard to explain." This murmured to Ka'el.

Yes, it is hard to explain. Not quite so hard to feel though, and Kale is getting a healthy dose of 'irritation' in his veins now. His hand remains on Kanekith's nose, a reminder that the bronze is there. But even with this physical touch, he can feel his temper fizzling as it always seems to when it comes to matters regarding a particular senior weyrling. Kanekith rumbles a sound, his eyes swirling worriedly. « What is wrong? My Ka'el.. » "Why is it that you're always in his side? Even then, you were mad at me when he's the one that started the whole mess. He was the one that was talkin' as if.." Hmm, what was that about not having strong emotions? Yeah that's spiraling down the toilet, and Kanekith's anxiety is becoming tangible. A spark in the air, like electricity that causes the hair on the arms to rise. « What is wrong? Are you alright? Are you alright? What is wrong? What have I done? » Kale closes his eyes, tightly, jaw clenched. "I'm sorry…sorry.."

Idrissa is quiet as she hears Ka'el, she frowns now, her hand moving to rest against his arm a moment. "Ka'el…." Does she go on and say more or not. "I'm not taking sides against you. I wouldn't do that ever." Tahryth is picking up on the stress from Kanekith and warbles out with worry now as well while moving forward to bump into the bronze's side, her wings fluttering around. « Why mad, who's mad? Why up set at Ka'el, what he do wrong? » Rissa is quiet, her shoulders lowering slightly as she seems to have causes a bit of a problem. "Tahryth.. No I'm not mad at him." Oh dear, how does she fix this mess?

Kanekith is aware of the green near him, but the young bronze has all eyes, ears, and thoughts to his young rider…rider in training. He's comforted by his touch and the soothing thoughts sent his way. It isn't his fault. Then whose? Kale's eyes slowly open, after giving himself time to simmer the boil that is his short fused blood. "Sure," he answers, unconvinced. "You know what? Just…" A vague frown curves his lips and he touches Kanekith's muzzle again. "I've got to feed him. I'll see you later, huh?" he says, already beginning to back off and turn.

Idrissa doesn't have as much of a problem with Tahryth as it seems Ka'el does with Kanekith. She's always been good at hiding her emotions so perhaps this is one of those moments? There is a pause in her thoughts, gaze turning to watch Ka'el a few moments, there's something else he wants to say and she frowns as the words never come. Her gaze lingers on him as he turns to leave and she lets her gaze lower to the ground. "Yeah. I'll see you back at the barracks." The thought of going back at the moment doesn't seem like a good one to her. Tahryth warbles out, looking and seeming confused as what is going on, she bumps her head hard into her rider, wanting answers, which are not coming quickly enough to her questions it seems.

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