Beach Party Diving

Xanadu Weyr - Beach

The unerring range of subdued white rises and falls in a multitude of sandy dunes, creating an endless amount of tiny valleys constantly demolished and rebuilt by the frequent arrival or departure of a dragon. Smoothing out as it slopes gently to the edge of the deep blue water, the sand darkens and a shell here and there stands out for children to collect. The beach itself is set along a low cliff - the height lessoning as one heads eastwards, blocking a portion of the beach from direct access.
The wide wide stretch of water opens up to the east, the far distant shore way beyond the horizon and the beach curves ever so slowly round to east and west, distant arms of land embracing the wind-ruffled Caspian Lake. East leads up to the mouth of the Rubicon River, where the protecting cliff is merely an arms length higher then the sand, and beyond that, a winding road leading out of Xanadu's territory. Westwards, the beach narrows as the cliff swings out, leaving a path wide enough for dragons in single file before cutting in to the sheltered cove designated the Weyrling Beach. However, cut in the cliff face to the north are a variety of rough, wide staircases, providing access to the clearing and to the meadow.

It's another autumn late afternoon in Xanadu and Kezi's out perched on Alosynth who's sitting there calmly "Well, yeah, the wings would certainly get in the way if we tried sliding down the straps. Well maybe we can swing down the neck a bit more. Hmm. THe rider scrambles down and hops onto the sand with a thud.

It's a strange sight to see the skeletal shape of Zaruath in the skies of Xanadu, and yet there they are. He breaks away from a bronze pair so that they don't look like they're flying together. Even if they both came out of :between: together, even if they came from the same Weyr. Being caught /following/ Ittisieth? Hell no. The brown dragon glides over the beach for the meadows, only to curve back around to make his landing on the sandy beach near to Alosynth, having spotted her from the sky. "You really are gonna make this difficult, aren't you?" grumbles F'yr on his shoulders as she gives her lifemate a smack and then looks over her shoulder to her passenger and friend. "We'll have to hike to get those boozecakes now!" As if that was a tragedy, with all the hiking they've done in the past. But it's enough to make Fy whine. Her eyes turn back around to the beach, finally recognizing the familiar green there. "Hey!" she calls out loudly, her pout turning into a wide grin in record timing. "Guess I don't have to hunt Kezi down either." Unstrapping herself, Fy swings down without complaint this time and looking up as if to help Cen. Old habits.

Cenlia grins at F'yr, the gardener girl dressed in her normal garden attire, minus the dirt stains and toolbelt, and more importantly, without bothersome cast or crutches! Freeedom! Glorious, un-hobbledy freedom. Ahem. "'S fine, can prolly send a flit for him," Cen laughs, her flock of five troublemakers having popped out of between not long after the dragons. Charmer swoops down and crooons to those present, though the rest seem uninterested in people or dragons and go off to play by the waves. When Fy calls to Kezi, Cen's grin widens and the girl raises a hand, calling a, "Hey!" of her own as she hauls a bag over the opposite shoulder. A bag that sloshes. Well, of /course/ it sloshes, when doesn't Cenlia have a sloshy bag filled with delicious. There's a crooked grin for Fy as Cen manages to hop down on her own, landing on both feet and beaming at the brownrider. Not crippled anymore! Cough. S'gam gets a grin too, "Hey, betcha B'miel could teach ya how to make boozecakes," now why would she even suggest that to him, of all people? There's a sneaky sidelong glance at Fy. Sneaky and innocent. Snicker snicker.

Alosynth notices the incoming dragons before Kezi does, as the rider is currently eyeing the straps on the grin and there's a startled yelp as the green starts to move off. "Hey! Watch it! What's going…" Then there's a big grin as the dragons land and she spies who it is "Hey there!" she calls out. And then blinks "Boozecakes? You cam all this way for boozecakes?" she snorts a little and then shrugs. She ain't gonna complain. Alosynth herself is chuffing softly in greeting to the dragons and sitting all demure like now. "What else brings the three of ya here? Not that I'm complainin mind ya. Cen! You're looking great, off those crutches I see. Ya really need to stop jumpin Cen F'yr, her little body can't take it." Innocent look.

With Ittisieth still closer than he liked, Zaruath curls his lip back to display teeth and a low deep rumble emits out from him, felt more through the ground. Unlike the bronze, Zaruath never promised anything about being nice. Especially the last few days, when the brown has been testier than ever. Fy shoots him a glare and for the first time in awhile, receives a glare in return. "Oh, go chase a green you sharding idiot!" she huffs at him. She steps away when Cenlia drops down and after a moment of fiddling with the brown's straps, she drops them to the ground and moves away from her lifemate in annoyance. "We also came here to see /you/ too, Kezi!" she calls out, her sour look quickly replaced by a grin. At least Fy did. She slides a look down to Sig, keeping her eyes wide and innocent and on the way back to looking at the greenrider she makes sure to stick her tongue out at Cen as well. "Actually that's a /great/ idea. It's not like we were able to make them ourselves." Ahem. She suddenly darts away to move closer to Kezi. "So how's it going?" But there's a pointed look to Alosynth's straps.

"Hiya, Cen." S'gam's greeting is much more suspicious than usual, eyes sliding over to F'yr as well before flicking back to Cenlia again. "I can't cook sweets very well, but I'll try. Glad to see you out of that mess on your leg, by the way." Brown eyes swivel over to Keziah, a bright smile lighting up his face. "Boozecakes, you, and I'm helping move a friend over to Ista tomorrow. Figured if these guys were coming, I might as well, too." The Dragonhealer practically skips through the sand, enjoying Xanadu's beach as always. F'yr's all-too-innocent look is received with raised eyebrows and a speculative once-over. She was up to something, he just knew it! And if he was a betting man, he'd say it had something to do with those straps she was eyeing… But before he can ask, Ittisieth says something that has his head whiplashing in the bronze's direction. "Absolutely not!" And so, with a dismissive sniff, the bronze turns his head away from the brown and shuts him out completely, focusing on Alosynth instead, issuing a low and rather formal croon of greeting.

Cenlia raises an arm up for Charmer to land on. The little bronze, however, is off giving the assembled people the waggley-tail. Rolling her eyes a bit, she turns to peer at Bliss, and that one, at least, leaves off playing to flutter over to Cen when the girl calls an, "Oy!" The girl gives the firelizard a look, stating, "Go find B'miel." And off Bliss goes, popping between. "Hope she dun't steal nothin'," is mumbled before Cen moves to follow Fy over to Kezi, the gardener giving that rumbly brown a wary look. And she might be limping juust a tad, bag sloshing on her shoulder as she walks. "Would go all the way to Fort fer B'miel's boozecakes!" said to Keziah with a huge grin, "Wait'll ya taste 'em." Because of course, there'll be sharing. There's a snerk at Keziah, Cen snickering at Fy a bit and sticking her tongue out. Thbbt. "Sweets ain't hard t' make," she tells S'gam, "just gotta follow the recipe," pointed look at Fy there.

Alosynth rumbles at the rumbling brown, then eyes the bronze and then she tucks her eings back as she peers at F'yr, there's a glance back to Kezi and then back at the boys. « Aren't you going to pay more attention to me than to that bronze? I didn't know you swung that way? » Keziah chokes on a stifled snort and she eyes her green a moment and then bursts out laughing. "Hey F'yr. Check out the umm, check out the straps. Got a nice harness hooked up so you can hang on the underside of the neck. It's not very mibile yet and I'm trying to figure out a way perhaps to go from the top of the neck to the underside without unstrapping, chaffing the dragon or getting got up in things." she notes as she then smiles at Siggy "Aww, you cam out here to see me too? You're so sweet." She jsut shakes her head a bit though "Sure, taste them. Uh huh." she then then grins "JUst don't substitute salt for sweetening. Just doesn't come out right."

F'yr places a hand to her stomach as they still discuss boozecakes and she gives a little pout to Cenlia. "Yeah, steal stuff and get distracted and never end up finding B'miel or his boozecakes," she says about Bliss, watching as the firelizard goes off. So long as they somehow get those boozecakes! Fy glances to Cen's limp, frowning just a moment at it and then looking away. She'll worry about it if it became more permanent at the end. "Follow the recipe my butt," she mumbles, rolling her eyes. "But if Sig knows how to make 'em, can have boozecakes all the time instead!" Her grin is all innocent to the bronzerider, up until the moment that Keziah ruins her sneakiness. Ah well. She bounces excitably on her feet, staring intently at Alosynth's straps now. "You did it! Have you gone up and flown 'round in it yet? Faranth, bet /that's/ a thrill! Can you make some for Zaru too? I got marks saved up and everything!" Forget about looking innocent. Zaruath, satisfied with growling and likely bugging Ittisieth some, turns his attention on Alosynth as well and striding forward closer to the green to place himself in between her and the bronze dragon. «All my attention is focused solely on you, my dear, even if that bronze was another green. And what an ugly green he'd make too, with that attitude.» And the brown right then steals Ittisieth's formal rumble, mocking it almost.

S'gam waggles his fingers at Charmer in greeting before switching his gaze over to Cenlia. "Tell that to the ovens that keep mysteriously burning anything," the bronzerider mock-grouches, shaking his fist back in the general direction of Ista and its finnicky kitchen equipment. "I've done that, though, Kez, and yeah, it's disgusting." His nose wrinkles at the memory. Never again! "I'll try it though," he repeats, but this is mostly for F'yr's benefit, the bronzerider shooting her a wink of acknowledgement. Any concern he might've had for Cen's gimp is lost when, lo and behold, his suspicions about their ulterior motives proves to be right! "Remember that bit about me saying no to monumentally silly decisions…?" The bronzerider begins, but something in his eyes, and the way they are travelling across the harness, hints that his mind is already speeding along towards a solution. Too bad he doesn't have time to voice it - instead he reaches back and crooks one finger at his lifemate, hooking one arm up and over the bronze's headknob when the vain beast finally consents. Mental words are exchanged, eye to eye, but eventually Sig steps away and Ittisieth arches up onto his feet, face aloof as he heads for the lake, clearly intending to go for a swim rather than put up with the backhanded brown.

"She'll find 'im," Cen sounds ore confident than she looks as she grins at Fy, "Else I'll run up an' find his weyr." It's not long before Bliss pops back, giving a chirp and settling somewhere in the sand over by Charmer. And not long after /that/ that a green and white clad figure is seen jogging down to the beach, covered tray of something held in his hands, and a huge grin on his face. Cenlia plops down in the sand, waving to B'miel as the man approaches and then eyeing those straps on the Alosynth, "You guys're gonna get yerselves killed," is her opinion, though Cen's lopsided grin indicates she's probably joking. "Did that once," to Keziah about salt, the gardener making quite the face for that, "B'miel's got the /best/ boozecakes though," and hey, here's a whole tray to try! B'miel bobs his head at the assembled people, telling Cen he's got to keep an eye on ones still in the oven before handing her the tray and scooting back. Speedy greenie. Cenlia, though, looks ecstatic, shrugging off the sloshy bag and telling Kezi, "Got drinks too, if you wanna try 'em." Huge grin for that. "Better if we dun't gotta come all the way to Xanadu justfer that," on the subject of Siggy learning to make boozecakes, though she'll say this only /after/ B'miel is out of hearing range, nodding agreement with F'yr on boozecakes all the time. And grinning bigly. On the subject of ovens, Cen snerks at S'gam, "Shards, just be glad they ain't exploded on ya," quick glance at Fy then back to the bronzer, "Better try t' make 'em when nobody's around." Cough. Setting the tray in the sand, Cen promptly uncovers it and snags a boozecake, fresh and gooey from the oven, nudging that bag open with her other hand.

Keziah lightly thunks Alo "You're not unloved, he's just unsociable." she remarks with a snicker and then grins brightly at Cen "Actually, trying to not get myself killed. How many injuries happen to a search and rescue rider who is trying to get to someone via dragonback and they misjudge their reach? How many unstrap and try to get in closer only to fall? Just think how much closer you are to someone when you're on the underside. It still needs work and it hasn't been flight tested yet. Just got the harness situated today. At the moment, it'd work well if you've got someone with ya to already be strapped in there. Not good for solo testing yet." she notes mainly to F'yr. She then eyes S'gam "Thank you for the vote of confidence and calling me silly." she sniffs a bit and Alosynth croons softly to her and Keziah snorts "Oh go stuff a sock in it." she snaps slightly.

From somewhere, Chu decides to show her orangey little self, likely feeling a little lonely for having been left behind. She heads straight for Fy of course, though once finding her perch she does give Charmer a soft trill in greeting and might as well one for Bliss when she arrives. F'yr beams at the gardener's gold's return. "Boozecakes!" That's Fy's greeting to the approaching greenrider. "I mean, hi!" She moves to sneak one of the treats out from the tray before Cenlia manages to set it down, nibbling on it for stregnth as her eyes dart from Cenlia to S'gam. "Only if you're not /trained/. Looks perfectly safe to me." She blinks at Sig, sticks her lower lip out, and gives him a pout. "It's for the good of the wing! We know exactly what we're doing, and it'll be useful." For crazy fun! But Fy still bobs her head to Kez's speech, since the greenrider makes more sense. Fy, obviously, didn't think of all that, just the fact that it would be awesome. "I can test it with you," Fy says quickly, eyeing the harness again. Zaruath gives Alosynth a softer croon, stretching out near her and trying not to ooze too much smugness. Shooting him a nasty glare first, Fy then turns to give Sig an apologetic look.

Cenlia's eyebrows go up at Keziah's explanation there, the girl tilting her head to the side to peer curiously at those straps on the green. Having a new respect for search and rescue, due to having been rescued recently from that shipwreck, Cen nods and looks a little impressed, maybe. "Shards, sounds like you need to tie rope or something to them straps, so even if you fall, ya don't go splatt." And a then a bit of a bigger grin, "Should test it," oh yes, terrific idea that. Cen munches on the boozecake, commenting to Fy, "Betcha it woulda been useful when we was in that ship." Certainly, that poor rider whose face Cen punched might have might have come out of that one less injured. Ahem. Charmer, upon spotting Chu, perks up and crooons at her, tail waggleying all over again. Bliss, for her part, merely chirps politely before going back to lounging. Lazy beach-flit. Cenlia snickers an, "If ya say so," about safety; /she's/ certainly not trained enough to tell.

Keziah just glares a moment at the departing S'gam and then turns her attention back to F'yr and Cenlia, smiling now that Cenlia seems to be getting the drift. "Well, you add a rope and such and that can be one more thing to get tangled, it's a matter of balancing form and function with safety." she hmms a little. "I think it'll be test worthy soon. There's a few more things I've got to do with it. Gonna need more fasteners and rings." she notes thoughfully. "Wonder if that smith is back yet from his runs. Never around when I need him." Course, generally when she's needin him, it's the middle of the night and all. But that's besides the point. "Sides, iffen you're gonna have boozecakes, we need some more things to go with it. I'll be right back and all." She eyes the green who is now eyeing the brown speculatively "Behave Alosynth." she notes and then then rolls her eyes at the green. "I'm not the oh never mind." and she trudges off towards the smith.

There's a curious lift of a brow at Keziah's glaring, trying not to look guilty at Sig having to deal with his lifemate. Well, it was her own brown that is causing problems. Zaruath doesn't look the least bit apologetic where he lays. "If we end up testing it and making sure it's good for anybody, and I get a harness for Zaruath now, I'll take you up!" F'yr tells Cenlia with a toothy grin, happy to share the excitement. "Bet this'll be a big change for how Search and rescue riders work. Quicker work, at least, even if we still gotta jump off and help most of the times." Studying the straps for a long moment, Fy finally turns her attention away from it. Finishing the first boozecake in a few quick bites, she returns to where Cenlia is sitting. "You gotta try and have some of these boozecakes too, Kez," Fy calls out, but doesn't stop her from leaving either for the moment. The sooner those straps were done, the sooner she can head up in them as well. She drops to the sand, heaving a little sigh as she tilts her head to Cen. "Guess some moment of peace. Least we got everything we came here for now." Her eyes stray off towards the bronzerider, watching him even as she snags another cake to pick at.

Those straps get an even more curious look as Cenlia ponders the possibilities there, chewing on boozecake and looking thoughtful. "Guess ya better not be afraid of heights then. Ain't no way to look but down," snickering she pops the rest of the cake into her mouth and snags another, head-bobbing at Keziah there. "Should have a right proper beach party," the gardener agrees, leaning back and then peering about, suggesting idly to Fy, "Think we could get a big fire going?" Because it's not a beach party without a bonfire, right? At the offer to be taken up, Cen looks dubious, "Mebbe after you test it out." She's not /too/ eager to end up a Cen-splat. Again. There is a crooked grin though, "Ain't everything. Still gotta grab them wines from B'miel. Said he was gonna save some up since he missed m' turnday." And she turns her head to peer back at the weyr, "Still gotta challenge Satoris an' Ro to that drinkin' contest.." and another thoughtful look before she calls Bliss over again, "Betcha she couldgo find 'em. Only one of the lot that's any use." Charmer warbles a protest. Hey! He's useful! Loook how usefully he.. erm.. wags his tail?

"That's the point!" F'yr says with a laugh and a wild grin to her face. "Looking down on the world instead as if you were the one flying. Though you kinda lose any fear of heights when you're a dragonrider. Really tough to be one otherwise." At least not in her line of work, where she jumps off crazy heights all the time. Fy actually nods about the thought of a beach party. "So long as the boozecakes keep coming." She looks away from S'gam finally, eyes lighting up at the mention of a fire. "And it gets chillier here at night. We better get one going. Come on, let's gather up some wood!" There's got to be some discarded all around the beach. The brownrider hops to her feet, stuffing the rest of the second cake into her mouth as she does so. "I'm sure we'll have plenty of booze to go 'round. Send 'em a message and see if they can get here." Chu thinks Charmer is plenty useful, too! And she croons to him to show it. Meanwhile, Fy works on gathering up wood for a pile, the thought of a fire keeping her happily busy until people return.

Oblivious to the glares, odd looks, and admittedly cool weather, S'gam has cast off his shirt and boots and scrambled up onto Ittisieth's back, using fistfuls of gathered sand to scrub at an itchy blood-orange spot of hide. His mouth is moving, but his voice so soft that from a distance, it'd just appear that he was talking to himself if Ittisieth's head didn't sometimes angle towards the bronzerider in an intelligent, if not aristocratic, manner. Sooner or later, though, the Dragonhealer is shivering and Sie forces him back onto shore, angular nose shoving him up the beach towards his abandoned clothes before striding further away to shake himself off. "Sorry about that, guys," Sig apologizes as he trots back, eyes searching around for Keziah before realizing she's left. "Where'd Kezi go?" As for those straps… The bronzer sighs and shoves a hand through his hair before yanking his shirt back on. "And also sorry about the whole S&R strap thing. I think… If you put a harness on you too, so that it's like a webbed vest…" He marks out lines horizontally across his chest, then more stripes vertically, "and have two that buckle around your legs… you could connect braided lines of leather to those heavy smith rings they use on harnesses, yeah? And when you wanted to swing down, then, you'd just unbuckle from the dragon and swing down the braids until you're dangling underneath?" He makes a face. "This would be easier to explain with paper." But as it is, he's imagining the dragon as a glorified parachute. "Anyways. What's this about a fire?"

Keziah wanders back to the beach and mutters to herself. "Stupid smith's should have supplies on hand they know we always need new rings and such, and it ain't like I ain't willing to pay though. But a whole sevenday? Honestly." She sighs and shakes her head and then perks up a little "Yes! We need a nice big bonfire and all. Oh, the kitchens are doing up some little meat and cheese thingies and all. Should be out fairly soonish and all." she eyes S'gam a moment and then and shrugs a bit at the man and goes to lean against Alosynth. "Well, strap testing will have to wiat for just a little bit and all. But not too much longer."

Cenlia sends Bliss off to search for more people, though whether the firelizard actually finds them remains to be seen. Hopping back to her feet, Cen pops the rest of her second boozecake in her mouth too, munching away as she moves to follow F'yr, commenting after swallowing the big mouthful of cake, "Sounds pretty neat." Though she glances back at the dragons, jerking a thumb at them, "Couldn't they just pick ou up and carry you though?" After all, how likely aretheir lifemates to /drop/ them? The gardener girl makes for the nearest plants, grabing up pieces of wood as she limp-wanders up the beach, and waving a hand vaguely back toward the weyr in answer to S'gam, "Went to fetch more food." That explanation of straps there gets some blinking and a blank look from the girl, as she glances at Fy and then shrugs. She's leave let the professionals plan straps. Keziah's return is met with a grin, "Hey! Meat an' cheese? Soungs good to me. Still think boozecakes're better." And waving toward the tray and bag, "Should try one!" with a grin at the greenrider.

F'yr pauses in tossing together the start of the bonfire to glance up at S'gam's return, smiling crookedly at him. "No worries. Sorry 'bout…" And she rolls her eyes over to glare at her stubborn lifemate. At least Zaruath has stopped being such a pain for the moment and hopefully the rest of the night. "She'll be back," Fy says about Kezi, dropping her armful of wood bits into the pile and rubbing her hands on her legs. She tilts her head this way and that, attempting to piece together what he meant even as she turns to look at Keziah's approach. "No luck? Sig here's got a good idea. Should get the notes down and I'll get it to Kez. I ain't really any good at actually making the straps myself." Though Fy might someday end up piecing something together with rope if she gets too impatient, judging by the pout that there was to be no testing straps that day. "You tell me when and I'll be here no matter what I'm doing!" She gives the greenrider a big grin. "We'll mess with that later. For now, eat some 'cakes!" Fy's returning her attention to the fire, already digging for her matches with a wide grin on her face, not waiting for anyone else to get the pile crackling, lighting up some of the tinder of smaller bits.

Keziah eyes the cakes a moment and then snorts a bit "Sure, give me one. I'll try it. Iffen it makes me sick, I'll get sick on you." she notes to Cen and then she grins and runs a hand through her hair. "Siggy's got an idea huh? Well, always can use more ideas and such" she notes as she starts unstrapping Alosynth before the green decides to go bath in them. 'I'll certainly let you know when. No worries on that part." she sets teh straps down on the sand and eyes them a bit thoughtfully. "Really need to set it up so it attaches a little better to an already fitted harness. Take it on and off, one size fits most sorta thing." She then leaves the straps and moves over to eye the cakes. "A little one though I think." Hmm

S'gam aims a symathetic look towards Keziah for the mess about the smith, remembering quite well how long it took him to get steel needle replacements while working at the annex. "Some things haven't changed, I see. Maybe stop in at another weyr, or the crafthall, and see if their smithy has extra? Surely, for a paying customer, /some/body will have the stuff you need. Less convenient, but it's faster." He shrugs, but does look intrigued at the mention of foodstuffs. Speaking of, he snatches up one of those boozecakes and takes a bite and makes a noise of approval at Cenlia for convincing B'miel to bring them. Yum! "It's fine. Sie's just mad that I'm makin' him be nice, but of course he can't show that he's mad because that'd bring him down to Zaru's level, so… He just can't win right now, and he hates losing." This is aimed at F'yr, a twinkle in the bronzerider's eye even as Zaru's behavior is shrugged off. No big. "As for the straps, I'll sketch out ideas and send 'em to you with a flit. It's too hard to just explain it, I think," Sig says with a nod. "Especially cause my idea'd make them one size, I think. I hope." He gives another shrug and shifts his dripping self closer to the beginning of F'yr's bonfire, arms tucked about him. "Stupid fall." Mutter.

Cenlia tosses her armload of gathered wood on the pile, limping back to the booze-bag once she's done her part and grinning as Fy gets that bonfire started. "Bet we could roast stuff on it," she comments, glancing back toward the weyr, "Put meat on a stick or something." There's a snicker for Keziah, "Ain't gonna make ya sick! 'S just boozecakes," and Cen snags another one for herself before stooping down to pull bottles from that bag she'd brought. The cakes themselves smell strongly of rum and sweetening and are covered in syrupyness. Cen grins at S'gam, "Should try another game of truth or dare," evil grin, "Betcha us three," indicating the girls, "Could drink you under again." One track mind, this one. She does look curious about the straps, though, peering off at the dragons and then snerking, "Figure you could have soem fun hangin' off a dragon." Totally in agreement with Fy there.

F'yr bobs her head, excited about the prospect of trying them, as she watches Keziah with her own straps. "Perfect. I'll be looking for your message every day now, you know. Don't keep me waiting, either." She lets out a whoop when the fire really starts licking up the logs and she doesn't have to start it again. She gives it a good prodding with a stick to keep it going, grinning back over to Cenlia. "Bring one of those boozecakes and we can warm it up!" And set it flaming instead with all the alcohol it has. Pokepokepoke. Fy's too interested in this fire, but eventually is pulled away so that she can join back in the conversation, frowning just a little at S'gam and shrugging her shoulders. "Well, yeah, but it'd be a lot easier if Zaru would play nice too. I guess that's just asking too much of him." The brown proceeds to ignore all talk about him, though he looks like he's sulking now in the sands. His eyes trail after Alosynth curiously, tail flicking to and fro. Fy scoots a little away from the fire and plops down, closer to Sig, and waves a hand over to Cen. "You got booze right? Let's get to warming ourselves up. Up to any game you can throw at me, too."

Keziah takes one of the cakes and sniffs at it and then blinks at the strong scent of rum. She gives herself a shake "Wow, potent stuff." Oh, hanging off a dragon is just fun in and of itself." she notes as she wanders over towards the fire. She still hasn't yet bitten into the stickyness of the cake. "Heck, diving off a dragon is fun too." she takes a bite. And then she eyes the cake a moment. "Wow." she murmurs and frowns a little and then just nibbles a bit. She eyes Cen though "Maybe you and F'yr can drink him under…." Her drink anyone under? More likely she'd drink herself under someone, literally.

"Last time I played truth or dare, I ended up as a rainbow," S'gam says, eyes squinting over at Cenlia. He isn't as easily motivated by challenges as F'yr is, but since they were going to drink anyways, they might as well make it fun, right? "You're on, though. You three and me," he says, smirking at Keziah even as she sort of backs out of the challenge. "Let's just not try your current straps out drunk. Get that in your mind now," he teases, taking another bite of his cake. "I've kinda accepted that Zaru's going to do his own thing. Don't worry about it, okay?" Sig reaches out a hand to squeeze one of hers, eyes flicking over to his lifemate, who has curled up on the sand to watch the sky. "I brought a few bottles, too, so lemme know if I need to break them out," he adds to the booze-talk, plopping down next to F'yr with a grin back over at Keziah. "Diving off dragons is fun, I'll give you that. Get a little drunker and then we should try." Cliffdiving has to be done when tipsy, after all!

Cenlia grabs a stick and pokes a boozecake, holding it out to F'yr, "Here, but if ya light it on fire, ya gotta eat it after it gets put out," and snickering a bit. Woot for flaming boozecakes? She also pulls out bottles from the bag - no peach juice this time. Just lots of ale and brandy. Cenlia grins at the riders, telling F'yr, "/Always/ got booze. Should start up this party right proper!" And she'll nudge a bottle toward each of them before snagging one for herself. "Toldja them's good boozecakes," Cen grins at the greenrider, "Best one Pern," biting into her own one. The gardener's eyebrows shoot up as she turns to regard Keziah, "/Diving/ off a dragon? Shards, sounds.." a pause, her expression clearly saying 'crazy' before she thinks about this a little more, "..kinda fun." Cen's not quite a daredevil, but she's got enough adventurousness to make up for it, apparently. "So long as ya don't hit nothin'," the girl adds with her usual lopsided grin. "Bet you could last," Cenlia says confidently, "Fy and me totally drank all the boys under last time!" Cen has to laugh at Siggy's summation of last time, giving the bronzer an innocent grin, "Yeah, but it was /fun/." Snicker snicker. "Yer own fault fer passing out," is added on, face full of mischief. "Dunno how smart it is t' be diving off dragons drunk.." though the very idea has her looking terribly thoughtful, "Dare ya to do it from the air, b'fore ya get to drunkt' swim." Innocent look. Though Cen has so ask, "What kinda booze you brought?" Cenlia's got Tanner's Friend ale and peach brandy in that bag, of course.

"We wouldn't paint you again," F'yr says as she looks to Sig with big eyes and a wiiide grin that says otherwise. She gladly takes the boozecake-on-a-stick from Cen, not looking worried at all about sticking it in the fire. "That was a sharding interesting time though. You know, minus all the running 'round naked and everything." She snags up the booze, a bottle of ale, and pops it open to start drinking some. Get her drunk and she wouldn't think running around naked was bad anymore. "Come on, Kezi. We're here, all the way from Ista. That's got to be some cause for celebration." She waves a hand to the bottles and her blue eyes look pleadingly to the greenrider. "We gonna have fun, right? We outnumber poor Sig three to one." But the thought of diving off the dragons makes her laugh and nod quickly, pointing a finger to Cenlia. "You ain't never done it! Or cliffdiving, right? I dare /you/ to dive off a flying dragon first." And finally she moves the cake over closer to the fire, growing larger and larger at an increasingly pace. She doesn't even have to get it too close before the alcohol catches and FWOOSH! Fy's got a torch.

Keziah chuckles at Cen "Well of course from the air. Where else you gonna dive offa dragon? No fun from the groun, and well. You've gotta hit the water, Ain't no one figured out how to dive and not hit nothin' you'lf be flying then yerself, and then we wouldn't need the dragons fer flying. Divin' still work though." A pause and then a grin "Lest you wanna be divin' off each other." She eyes the bottle she's handed. "I don't think I'll need a whole bottle to myself." she says after a moment. "Don't I even get a glass?" She hrms a little and then starts to open it. So what is this anyways? I mean what's it called and all?" she asks after a moment and then she grins at S'gam "Hey, you looked good as a rainbow." A pause and then a glance at F'yr "We wouldn't? Aww, I thought we might try pink. Though we certainly don't have to get nakid or anything." Course, Lezi didn't last time either. She eyes the flaming cake and just shakes her head a bit and finishes the one off as she nods "True, having ya all here is a matter of celebration." she notes as the meat and cheese make their way out.

"Well, I dive off into /water/, personally, so there's not much to hit besides that. You just gotta be good at holding your breath. It's a long way down off the dragon, and then you plunge into the water, too." S'gam's smirk shifts off to one side wickedly. "Sie and I will take you up, if you want to try it. Just say the words." The Dragonhealer pops the last of his cake into his mouth before accepting a bottle of peach brandy. "The boozecakes are brilliant however, yes." Brown eyes slide over to F'yr, assessing that expression on her face. "Somehow, I don't believe you when you say you won't dye me again. I'm glad I've built up a tolerance lately. … Wait, speaking of naked, you still have my kilt." Dark eyes squint over at Keziah, some other memories of that last time clicking into place. "I want that back." As for his booze, S'gam thinks on that for a second before saying, "Think I have a bottle of Tillek wine, and a couple of bottles of no-name whiskies and rums. Stuff Rhasmir gave me." Sig puts over at Keziah when she mentions dyeing him pink, but he raises his bottle towards her just the same. "A celebration indeed. Cheers!"

There's a /snerk/ at the brownrider's assurance that they wouldn't paint the dragonhealer again, Cen snickering at her bottle of ale as she pops the top off to take a swig. "Pinlk Siggy!" the girl shortles, grinning at Keziah. Cenlia laughs, "Ain't no fun if /somebody/ dun't strip - oh hey! What happened to that skirt thing?" And there's a glance from S'gam to Keziah, "Shards, somebody's gotta wear that thing." Snicker snicker. The gardener nods in agreement with F'yr, telling Keziah, "C'mon! 'S a party. Tanner's Friend - best ale ever." And she takes another swig of booze. The dare from the brownrider gives Cenlia pause, but she sticks her chin up bravely with a, "I will!" Fearless this one, apparently. Hopefully she's learned to swim in the time she's been at Ista! And she hops to her feet, smirking right back at S'gam, "Let's go!" There's an even bigger grin though, the girl telling the bronzer, "Should get out the rum! Or all of it." Oh yes, /lots/ of booze.

"Diving off each other doesn't really sound fun at all," Fy notes with a little wrinkle of her nose as she attempts to imagine this. "This ale really tastes good too, you'll probably drink the whole thing. And I ain't ever really been fond of much booze myself, either," she assures Keziah, raising her own bottle as if in toast. Turning to the bronzerider, she bats her eyes at him for a moment before turning to Keziah with a laugh. "Pink! I like that!" Poor Sig, there's no one to defend him this time… Except Ittisieth of course. "It's good to hang out 'gain, especially since it's been awhile. Could always take long vacations in Ista with us, you know." She waggles the bottle and takes a few big gulps. Afterwards she beams when Cenlia takes the dare, and scrambles up to her feet as well the moment that her friend does. "Now the fun's starting! Dragon diving first on the list!" And hey, if Cenlia doesn't know how to swim at least she can be comforted with the fact that there were two Search and Rescue riders already there.

Keziah snorts a little "As if we need more rum with all your little cakes." she notes as she tries the ale and makes a bit of a face. Best ale ever? She'd hate to try to worst ale… "It's certainly not a glass of wine." she murmurs softly. "Think you're legs gonna be able ta handle the divin?" she asks after a moment. She hmms a bit at F'yr "True I suppose. Just gotta figure out sleepin arrangments ahead of time. Maybe a nice secluded cove or something." After all? Kezi shack up with someone? That'd be a shock. Course then there's the matter of the manskirt. "Well, Siggy can always put it back on I suppose." she notes thoughfully "Was sorta hope-" she mrrs a moment and then shakes her head "Never mind that. Let me go get it for ya. Gonna put it on right?" she asks with a smirk as she heads towards the forest and her little place amongst them whistling merrily.

S'gam's on his feet in an instant, hoping perhaps that if he distracts everyone with dragon diving, they'll forget allll about dyeing him pink. Hah! "Alriiight. C'mon, Sie will give you a leg up." The dragon doesn't look at all pleased by this dangerous behavior, but he's long since accepted that while his rider is sane about some things (like riding straps), he's also a daredevil. Sliding the bronze's straps back on and dropping off the clinking back of what must be the aforementioned booze, Sig scales the beast with a concerned look over his shoulder. "Hoping what?," he aims at the greenrider before shrugging. Ittisieth offers a paw to Cenlia, head tilted to watch her progress. He's at least noticed her slight limp and is concerned that she makes it up. "Join us when you get back, Kez! I'll dive again in the manskirt just for you," he calls with a hysterical cackle from the bronze's neck, raring to go.

"Could always just move to Ista," Cenlia laughs, grinning from F'yr to Keziah, and then there's a snicker at S'gam, "Would look good in pink." Snicker snicker. "Just so long as ya don't land on me!" the gardener grins at Fy, lifting her bottle in toast and taking a healthy swig before setting it back on the sand. Kezi's question has her wrinkling her nose and eyeing that leg. Hrm. "Should be fine," Cen decides with a grin, "Can still float onnit." She does pause to kick off her shoes and socks, eyeing her clothes next. Swim in undies or strip by the fire later? Hrmm. There's a shrug before she just slips her pants off, keeping the long shirt thanks, and limps along after S'gam. Agreeing with a grin at the other two girls, "Ya said it, now ya gotta do it! Divin' in a manskirt," and that sets her to snickering again. She bobs her head at the bronze with a cheerful, "Thanks," as she acccepts the leg up, though the girl spends most of her life scrambling up and down trees. Scrambling up a big dragon is only a liiittle harder, and she's quickly up and grinning hugely.

F'yr giggles at Keziah's face at the drink, likely having made that face herself often enough in the past. "Sleeping arrangements? Cove? Shells, you can just stay in my weyr so that doesn't matter." And she grins widely at Cenlia's suggestion as well, waggling her brows to the greenrider. "And then there's that. We're all there, afterall." She turns to watch Cenlia stripping and then back over to Sig. "Wait for me!" She's not going to get left behind from dragon diving. She shimmies out of her pants and then drops her riding jacket as well, keeping the leathers safe from any water and still having her shirt underneath. That's enough to keep Fy comfortable. The forgotten flaming boozecake had gone flying out towards the water earlier, in case anyone was curious, and her drink is snug in the sand by her clothes before she goes trotting after the Dragonhealer and the gardener, giving Ittisieth a glance. "Don't mind, do you?" Well, she's going to scramble up if he doesn't eat her, though this does make Zaruath growl from his spot. The thought of Sig in a manskirt makes her laugh as well. "Now that'll be a sight to remember!"

Keziah blushes a little at Siggy's question of what she was hopin for, but she doesn't answer and just disappears. Course, she finally makes her way back, though she's had a change of clothing as well. No vest and such and certainly comfortable enough clothing to dive in. Fairly skin tight and she doesn't have to get naked. "Come on Alo, up we go. Silly greenie doesn't bother with straps or anything. At least Alo's small enough that it's really not a problem and she's been up and down off the green while cleaning her to not mind. Manskirt has been dropped off though. Siggy can get it on his return trip. "What's the highest you've all dived from?" she calls out, though her eyes are on Cenlia and she figures she'll hang back and wait fer her to dive first. One an S&R always an S&R. "Might take ya up on the place to bed down, and I've no plans on moving ta Ista. I like it here. Swamps and all."

"Aww. Well, in lieu of moving, you do have plenty of friends to stay with. No guest weyrs for you!" Winking, the Dragonhealer once again conveniently neglects the pink conversation in order to shuck his shirt again, tossing it over Ittisieth's side to the sand, pleased by the reappearance of his kilt. Ah, hello, old friend. "C'mon up," Sig calls down to Fy, even as Ittisieth complies and offers the same leg up onto his neck as he gave Cenlia. "My usual dive height's about thirty meters, but if you wanna sweep in lower, we can do that. Fifteen meters?" Because fifty feet was already about five stories of open air, likely quite enough for a 'beginner' diver. If the bronze notices Zaruath's displeasure, he doesn't show it, waiting until his riders are settled before pumping his wings. "As if Sie would ever mind transporting you. Let's go!" Hooting and pumping his fist, S'gam urges his bronze up into the air, leaping high and taking a wide circuit around the lake's exterior before skimming down over the water. The closer to the center they get, the deeper the water looks, a deep, dark black-blue. Ittisieth finally pulls up, backwinging hard even as Sig loosens his hold on the straps and cranes over his shoulder towards the girls. "I'll go first, Cen next, and Fy can follow ya up! Don't land on me," he laughs before crawling to his feet and immediately shoving off the bronze's coppered neck, swan-diving down into Xanadu's rapidly chilling waters.

Cenlia's nodding in agreement, telling Keziah, "Should come visit at least," and then watches that flaming boozecake go flying. "Hey! 'S a waste of good boozecake, that," she complains at Fy. Boozecake waster! "Highest I ever jumped offa anything was a tree," Cen supplies, and then continues the snickering at the sight of the manskirt, before shrugging a nonchalant, "Should be fine. Ain't afraid of heights anyways." Well, as long as she doesn't break her neck upon landing, ahem. Despite the bravado, the gardener girl does swallow and eye the water a moment. Cenlia only shrugs about the dive height, "'S fine," flashing a grin and then when the dragon's in the air there's a very definite, "Whee!" from the girl. Because obviously, it's fun! Cough. She watches Sig dive with wide eyes, and then promptly tells F'yr with a crooked grin, "Don't land on /me/! Again!" before taking the plunge, aiming well away from the dragonhealer. Her descent is quiet a bit less graceful, with some flailing and.. was that a cackle? Nobody heard that! Ahem. SPLASH!

"Fishies like boozecakes too!" is F'yr's defense to Cenlia, giggling. Hey, flying flaming boozecakes were fun. Looking back to Keziah, she gives a cheer and a fistpump when the greenrider is going to join them as well, or maybe it was for Sig's manskirt. Either way, she's really excited about their first stunt of the evening. "S'about the same for me," she answers Keziah, head bobbing. "About a dragonlength." And that can be just about 25 meters so it was all good. The smaller height doesn't bother Fy at all, looking down at the water as she holds on to Ittisieth until they get to their spot. "That sounds good for me," she tells Sig. "Just go! Dive, dive, dive!" Squeee. "I won't land on you if you don't drag me down with you!" Briefly she scans the sky for Keziah, waving to that pair. "See you down there!" She watches the others fall before, aiming, she leaps away from Ittisieth with a wild laugh, legs straight as she heads down to the water, arms windmilling the entire time.

Alosynth launches herself up into the sky at a sharp enough grade that has Kezi squealing "Do not show of for the bronze." she mutters under her breath. "Or anyone." she coughs a little and then when the green levels off she watches the others dive and then laughs as she listens to Cen. "Alcohol abuse I'm sure." she notes with a snerk. Alosynth rumbles at the bronze, though a glnace goes down towards the brown a moment before she tilts a little as Kezi gets ready to jump. "Enough outta ya, hold steady… aaaaack!" And off Kezi goes. She sumersaults once and then straightens out into a now graceful dive form prior to ripping into the water. Now, what shenanigans are going to top off the night once they're all drunk? Hmm….

That was definitely a cackle from Cenlia, and it elicits an adrenaline-fueled laugh from S'gam as he pops back up out of the water, one hand shoving back his hair while the other treads water. "Woo! Shards, I love that." Ittisieth, freed of riders, swoops low and circles around Alosynth, feeding off his rider's euphoria. « Shall we take a turn the next time around? » The bronze doesn't want to ruin his straps, but a bit of sudden movement seems to be in the books for the usually stoic bronze. S'gam's already stroking for shore, a giggle still bubbling in his chest that finally breaks loose when he scrambles up on the beach, entire body shaking like a dragon's to shed some of the water. "J-j-jays, we s-should do that again." You know, maybe after they warm up. Or now. The wild look in Sig's eyes is apparently there to stay. Bring on the shenanigans!

There's the glubglub of bubbles before Cenlia surfaces with a squeal, "Shards, that's coold!" voice rising almost to a whine. The gardener girl's still grinning though, shaking her head from side to side to get the water off, hair platered over her face before she shoves it back. There's a laugh for Fy's windmilling, the girl craning her neck up to be sure she's not going to get landed on. Cough. "Hah, nice one!" she calls to Keziah's graceful diving, the girl splashing about in an improvized paddle as she attempts to stay afloat. But all those laps the healers have forced her to do in the pool to get her leg back in shape have payed off, apparently. Whee, Cen can /swim/. Kind of.

Oh, that strikes a nerve on the brown. Alosynth had always been one of those greens he admired… from afar. Whens he looks his way, he makes sure to toss over a croon and a ruffle of his wings. His whirling eyes on Ittisieth, however, makes him stiffen up and turn the croon into a growl. He'll stay on the ground though… for now. F'yr's laugh is cut off by the water and the short girl bobs back up after a moment, blond hair splattered everywhere. Laughing, she pushes out of her eyes and grins over at Cenlia. "You're alive!" Somehow Fy thought the gardener would sink to the bottom. "And shells, swimming to the shore will warm us up." She isn't chattering yet, searching around for Keziah and Sig for a moment. "Come on," she calls over to Cenlia, and starts the swim back to shore, making sure to keep near Cenlia in case she needed help. Once out, she wringes her shirt and shivers a bit, grinning wildly to match Sig's look. "Shells yeah we should! And higher next time. Or maybe something different like… like a slide shooting us out." She eyes the size of the sand dunes, aware that might not work. "Wasn't much of a dare if we're playing that, though. Gotta think of other things to do now. Could be /thrown/ by a dragon." She's just tossing ideas. For anyone passing by, it's evening with a bonfire nearby crackling on the beach and drinks and boozecakes, though the group in charge of that had gone out to dive off of the dragons into the cold lake.

Keziah doesn't surface right away, nope she swims under the other, blowing out air bubbles. And then she surfaces with a gasp of air "Woot!" Course she seems to not be feeling the cold half as much as the others. Something to be said for not stripping half naked perhaps? Alosynth eyes the bronze who's circling her and then she just drops out of the sky. She doesn't have any straps to worry about and soon the green is under the water in one fell swoop « Catch me now… » Can we say suckers? There's quite the splash of water as well and since the green when down fairly close to Kezi there's a squeal from the rider as she's first splashes and then dunked by incoming wave. When she comes up sputtering again and looking like a drowned rat, her opinion, Kezi glares out to the water where Alo is quietly floating like a glistening piece of temptation. "Of all the.." she coughs up some water and then strides over to the fire and flops into the sand.

Three riders and an Istan gardener make up what might appear to be a casual party on the beach. A very soggy, exhilarated party, complete with a green in the water, a grumpy brown on the beach, and a bronze dragon wheeling overhead. Drinks and boozecakes rest near a bonfire, but food is apparently on the way from the caverns! Still laughing, S'gam steps forwards to offer Cenlia a hand up out of the water, his own hair spiking up every-which-way after the fifty-foot dive off of Ittisieth's back. "Nice job, kiddo," he says with a brief wink before backing up, making sure F'yr and Keziah made it back to shore… no matter how curiously. "A slide? How would we make a slide?" Squishing the water out of his pants ineffectually, Sig glances up just in time to watch Alosynth plunge, a cackle rising in his throat for the dragon's antics. "Y'alright there, Kezi?," the man asks even as he traipses for the warmth of the fire. "No more dares just yet, let's recover from this one," he pants, watching as his dragon comes in for a landing on the beach. "You want out of the harness again? But…" A glance towards Alosynth, and a soft hm.

Cenlia makes it to shore! Not very elegantly, mind, with much splashing and flailingness, but she makes it nonetheless. And without help! Though there are a few glances at Fy along to way to make sure the brownrider's not getting too far. Just in case! She accepts the hand up from Sig, though the gardener girl makes a face, "Ain't no kiddo!" And she'll stick her tongue out at him oh so maturely. Thbbbt! "You still gotta jump in that skirt," she reminds S'gam. Cen laughs, grinning hugely at F'yr's suggestions, "Could always slick up the docks with oil or somethin' and run an' slide off 'em?" because the docks are Xanadu completely plasticraft. Hehehe. "Dare ya to-" but whatever she was about to suggest gets cut off when thegreen takes a dive, Cen trying to stifle the laugh at poor Keziah there. "Shards, y'alright?" she calls over, the gardner wringing her own shirt out and plopping down on her knees by the fire. Her bottle of booze is grabbed, the girl grinning crookedly with a wry, "Should warm up fast 'nough with this stuff," and taking a healthy swig.

Into the above comes one younger teenager. One dragon-fearing teenager, as a matter of fact. He's in one of those gaps between chores when he notices other young-ish people having fun. That looks attractive. What doesn't look so interesting is, well, the dragons. Still, he makes his way warily towards them. "Hey there…uh…what're you doing?" So asketh the awkward Daralyn.

F'yr nods her head enthusiastically at Cenlia's words, making sure the give Sig a squinty-eyed look in case he was going to back out of it. "Gotta go get that s-skirt on and dive!" Her body gives a shiver and she does skip back towards the bonfire to warm up, though likely will be back out into the water if they all were. "That actually doesn't sound like a bad idea at all, Cen. Not really a big slide to go flying out into the water, but still would be fun." She giggles at the image before a squeal catches her attention and looks over to the lake, witnessing briefly the flash of green that had disappeared under the water and laughing at Keziah's troubles there. She snags her discarded booze bottle as well, though her hand is making a waving motion towards Sig's old kilt. "Shells, I haven't seen that thing in a long time. Better get into it quickly, see if it's still a good skirt." How could it go bad? Who knew. Zaruath's growling turns into a louder hiss. Bronzes! The skeletal brown gives first Ittisieth a glare and then the arrival of the smoke-bronze. With a snap and crack of his tail, he gets up from the spot in the sands and takes advantage of Ittisieth's moment on the ground to take off into the darkening sky, out towards the water so that he could join that pretty little green.

More like Siggy should roll into the skirt.. Keziah coughs a couple of more times and then starts to wringing out her hair. "Oh, I'm fine." she replies to the others. "Shoulda known she'd pull something like that. She's showing off and looking to garner interest." she mutters softly. "That and distracting me it would seem. Or thinking she's distracting me. But heck, sliding sounds fun. Docks are a bit straight fer it though, need a bit of a ramp added to it or something. That way ya can launch yerself right off." she notes as she grabs a cake this time without really thinking about it and bites in. She headshakes a bit "Dang it, fergot you had these loaded. Though with all the sweetness, not bad, better than that ale of yours. Not quite to my liking. You sure you didn't bring any of that peach juice of yours? Something sweet and smooth would be great about.. Sweet Faranth, have I fallen asleep and started having a nightmare?" Keziah squeaks as she eyes the new bronze in the area. Alosynth's interest is perked as well. Two bronzes and a brown. This is shaping up better and better. Now to get them all to play with her. Oh look, here comes a dear sweet (?) brown, all for her own. Keziah just woahs some more over the bronze and then the young fella is spotted "ENjoying ourselves, come, have cake." Muhahaa?

S'gam sighs audibly, eyes fluttering up skywards, but he's not about to back out of his earlier promise. "Alright, I'm going, I'm going!" The bronzerider practically flies out of his pants, grabbing up the kilt from the sand and tucking it around his waist before attaching his belt to hold it up. "You wanna get out there, then let's get out there," Sig says towards his bronze, hauling the straps off. A hand is raised towards the approaching M'gaal, though Sig doesn't recognize him, and a wicked grin is levelled towards Daralyn. "Enjoying ourselves, yes. Eating cake, yes. And jumping off dragons." This he adds in a mystic voice, brows waggling even as he steps up onto the bronze's outstretched copper paw, hauling himself up and up until he can cling to Ittisieth's ridges. Bareback dragonriding… what was that about dangerous stunts earlier, Sig? But he isn't about to hold his lifemate back, kilt flapping as he takes off into the air and whisks across the lake, catching up with Zaruath with a hoot from the bronzerider. Then both bronze and S'gam arch downwards, the latter shoving off the dragon's neck and hitting the water in tandem like some strange parody of synchronized diving.

Daralyn nods and jogs over to Kez, the one with the cake. "Thanks." The cake, it seems, is definitely not a lie…so he's willing to accept some. "I'm Daralyn. And you?" He seems somewhat oblivious to the big carnivores around…or is at least far enough from them he's not worrying.

Of course, the bronze is a familiar one for those who've spent any time at the observational level — he's the weirdling sentinel-sire that doesn't ever seem to move from his post. Even now, his movements are slow and calculated, as if he's simply a construct that's just barely rattling around with life. Only his tail is truly alive, but it's snapping around like it's short-circuited in some horrible way. Zaqalekhth stalks precisely three steps into the shallows and stops, with just enough water for M'gaal to do the deed that the bronze does NOT want to be done. But, after this long, M'gaal's well-accustomed to the bronze's antics and just patiently sets about arranging the tools he'll need out on the shore. His shirt is then stripped off to expose the horror of dragon-wrought scars that work from his shoulders and terminate somewhere at the bottom of his chest or the start of his stomach; of course, one look at Zaq and it's not hard to imagine just what kind of hellion he must have been in his youth. Mergie cants a sidelong look to where the other people are and a hand is lifted in a companionable wave with a called, "Hey, there!" for the lot of them. They're having fun. Zaq … is very much anti-fun right now, even with a green and fire to be seen; nope, he's still all red-eyed and unpleasant-sounding, like he might just blow a gasket.

Cen grins at Fy, "Betcha we could do it, too. Just need a lotta oil." There's a thoughtful look, then, the gardener girl peering down the beach toward the docks, "Dunno if we could get enough of it right now though." She'll leave the planning of that to the riders, instead nodding enthusiastic agreement to F'yr, "Yeah! Should get into the skirt!" called to S'gam with a snicker. "Looks like she's got it," Cen comments wryly to Kez on the subject of the green, the girl peering at the assembled dragons a moment before turning back to snag another boozecake. "Didn't ring any peach juice," Cen tells the greenrider a bit sheepishly, "Figured was gonna get right proper drunk. Bet you could get some redfruit juice from the kitchens or something?" Daralyn and M'gaal get a wave and a, "Hey, I'm Cenlia. Grab some booze," before Cen tips back her head to gulp down more of that ale. Mmm, Tanner's Friend. She settles back, still pantsless, though warmed by the fire, to watch S'gam dive into that skirt and then do the dragon-diving over there. The gardener laughs, raising her bottle in toast to the bronze and his rider, "Shardin' impressive that," commented with a grin.

Zaruath is not much of a happy-playful brown but he does certainly know how to keep a green company, swimming about in a cautious manner when he approaches Alosynth, keeping his distance just in case. His body is submerged, only his head peeking out for now. "There we go!" Fy cheers out as Sig changes, grinning widely at the Dragonhealer. "And keep eating the tasty boozecakes, Kezi and then you won't really taste the difference in the ale or the brandy. S'all really good afterwards. Or can just stick to the wine that Sig brought." She downs the rest of her bottle and makes sure to snag another as she steps away from the fire's warmth in order to get a better sight of the bronzerider's dive. "Party," is Fy's simple response to Daralyn with a wild cackle, eyes lighting up at the dragon diving. "F'yr, and somewhere out there's Zaruath." She waves towards the water, looking back that way. Except she misses the real impressive sight as she turns to M'gaal instead, her brows lifting at the scars and studying him a little /too/ long before realizing she missed Sig's dive. Aww!

Keziah watches the new bronzer that's appeared and is thoughtfully eying all his scars. Then there's a sudden glance at Alosynth and she mutters under her breath. "He's a guy, scares are okay to show on guys." She pulls her head around and then grins at the lad "Cen does pretty good cakes." Even if they are well marinated in rum, course so is Cen. THere's a glance at Siggy as he puts on the skirt. One should always enjoy the views. As he heads up she delves into the bottles. "I dunno. Maybe I should just head to the kitchens. PEach brandy? Hmm.. Wine may be good. Though I'm likely getting enough in those silly little cakes." She glances back as bronze and bronzer dive into the water. Again.. nice view. Alosynth on the other hand did miss the bronze diving in as she watches another bronze and then oh look, there's a Zaruath. She, however, does /not/ keep her distance and is making her way towards the brown with happy little trills.

Daralyn nods. "I'll take one of the cakes, then." Pause. "Just water to drink with it, though." Wimpy little kid…

S'gam's emergence from the water isn't quite normal either. Surprising his rider by ignoring the green he had supposedly been so avidly focused on, Ittisieth bubbles up from underneath his lifemate, lifting the bronzerider up on the flat of his head. "Ack, pfft, what're you doing?" « Swimming. » Shaking his hair out of his eyes, Sig laughs and scratches the bronze's eyeridges, cruising to shore before Sie tips his head and drops him unceremoniously to the sand. At least all the right bits were covered by the scrap of cloth around his waist. "Never a dull moment, is there?" Hoisting himself up, Sig takes a moment to eye Zaqalekth in the shallows before issuing a chuckle. "It'll be over soon, bud," he says, deciphering the source of the bronze's ire before stumbles over to take a boozecake and hand another to Daralyn. "Water? Do we even have water?" Cue a quirk of his eyebrow and a glance from Cen to Fy to Keziah to M'gaal.

A tipped salute is offered to the lot of people on the shore and a look askance spared for the activity in the water; all in all, M'gaal just seems pleasantly amused by it all. Any lingering looks are either simply not noticed or disregarded as being anything but curiosity. "M'gaal," is offered up by way of introduction, "and that'un's Zaqalekhth. I just call him Zaq; it'll save you a mouthful. Pleasure to meet all of you … just don't mind him any." While he might normally get involved in those party-happenings, the older rider /is/ here for a purpose, a purpose that he's being reminded of in a rather painful and pointed fashion the longer he dawdles. Zaqalekhth kneads at the water and ground beneath with fierce flexings of his talons, tension running deeply through his frame. If there was ever a look that said 'get this nonsense over with or I'm going to eat a baby', this would be it.

"Go Siggy!" the gardener laughs, grinning at the diving pair there. Cenlia agrees with F'yr, telling Keziah oh so innocently, "Probbably 'nough booze in them cakes to make ya tipsy, at least." Griin. There's a laugh, "Shards, forgot he said he had rum an' whiskey," and she'll peer around for wherever tht bag o' booze has been left. M'gaal's scarring gets a wrinkle-nosed look before Cen goes back to scouring the beach for that rum. Cen is definitely well marinated, though alas, is lacking in rum! She'll munch on that rumcake to console herself while she looks about. "Don't got any water neither," Cen snerks at Daralyn, then tells Keziah, "'S the best peach brandy this side of Ista." Grin. S'gam getting lifted and dropped onshore by his dragon has the gardener girl laughing, "Didn't bring anything but booze an' boozecakes!"

"Alright, I…guess I'll take that." Never mind his age, why not? At least, he's being suggested this by Older People. Which probably makes it right, and failing that makes it…somebody else's fault. So he starts munching on one of the boozecakes while rounding up some of the peach brandy. Thus begins what is inevitably going to be a more-than-interesting afternoon.

Zaruath lets the green close the distance, a little shy in his manner though his croon is strong and confident in response to her trill. Ah, swimming with a nice green, this was worth all the annoyance of having to be close to that bronze dragon. F'yr is satisfied with her second bottle of brandy this time, being quite the lightweight, even if she is interested in Cen's search for better and stronger things. She grins widely at Sig's approach, bouncing on the balls of her feet before hopping back to the side of the fire. "What's the use of life if it were all dull? Though we went over that by now. All we gotta do now is make things /more/ exciting for the night." Sadly, the docks were out, and she raises her bottle to Cenlia. "You were saying… dares? Well met," that she calls out to M'gaal, waving her bottle over to him. "Could join us when you get a chance to!" Her eyes yet again travel over the scars she can see. It's not disgust but pure curiosity in her eyes, interest to the brownrider. She had nothing wrong with scars, sporting her own public ones herself. "Water? What's that?" she answers, blinking in surprise at those around her. "Do we /ever/ drink water?" Ahaha… no.

Keziah hmms a little at brandy and then tries a sip of one. She blinks a moment as she feels a slight flush and then nods "Not bad. Not as nasty as that ale and a step up in taste from tart wine." She sighs softly as she casts a glance towards the Weyr and then out to the water where Alosynth is moving to nudge the brown lightly. At least /He/ has the decency to pay her some attention unlike some bronzes. /He/ doesn't let a little think like water get in his way. Keziah mrrs a little and mutters about some having all the luck and then actually takes a swig back and starts coughing and hacking and spraying the potent alcohol towards the fire. Certainly can't drink it like water. Clearing her throat she breathes out heavily "Well you can always dive naked." she notes to F'yr with a smirk. "I'll watch." Of course she'd watch. Kezi doesn't get naked in public if she can help it. She can't help but laugh however at Siggy and his bronze "Glad I ain't the only one who has a dragon that'll pick on them." she notes.

Oh, introductions, right. "S'gam!," the Dragonhealer chirps, adrenaline high making him sound like someone from the Mickey Mouse brigade as he says it, "and this is Ittisieth." The monumental, penny-splashed bronze tilts his head at Zaqalekth, considering the tension radiating around him, and then seems to shrug. So long as he wasn't posing a true threat (or being rude, like /some/ dragons), Sie would remain ambivalent. S'gam, meanwhile, flashes a bright smile at Cenlia for her cheer. "Booze and boozecakes, the only way to go!," Sig agrees, noting Daralyn's youth, but writing it off. Better get them used to it young, right? Then they'd at least know their limits when the time came for such knowledge to be important, right? Right. Stooping, Sig picks up his back of bottles and picks a bottle for himself, pointing the bag out to Cen if she wants it. "The question is, how to make it more interesting?," S'gam aims towards F'yr as he pads to her side, shaking his hair so that he purposefully splashes water on her. "How about I put it this way: truth or dare?" He slings one arm over her shoulder and lifts both eyebrows. Ehh, ehh? "Or you can dive naked, sure. I nominate you." It was her turn, right? He and Cen had already gone!

There's a deepening of the elder bronze's rattling, red-rimmed eyes tracking S'gam's movement. But, ah. There. Fire. An absently muttered, "Yes, look at the fire," escapes from Mergie and he moves to start his work at one of the bronze's darkened shoulders. Water does nothing to eradicate his darkness; it just rinses off the worst of the sand and the smears of blood here and there. "Could," he calls back to F'yr's offer, a tilted smile offered to her. "But we'll see. He may just have his hide up in enough of a twist that he'll insist I watch the eggs with him as soon as he's cleaned up." Zaq, for his part, just regards the other bronze with a lengthy, appraising look that terminates when his eyes are drawn back to the fire. He's no threat to anyone, of course … but he's still cranky, to the point that other dragons and 'lizards in the area might well feel a nearly tangible heat radiating from him in the form of his thoughts.

Daralyn grins and shrugs back. "Sounds good." And he's through most of that first boozecake…seems he managed to skip at least part of a meal. He grabs a bit of the peach alcohol to wash it down…and makes a face at the taste of it. That…wasn't quite what he expected. Still, he takes another sip to wash the rest of the food down with, and takes that a bit better. "So…what're the dragons doing here?" he asks, a bit more straightforwardly than he normally would. One might suspect that this much alcohol on an empty stomach for a relatively un-boozed kid might have implications rather quickly. They'd probably be right.

"Oh yeah," Cen bobs her head at F'yr, "Was gonna dare ya to get Siggy outta that skirt." Snerk. At least she didn't suggest doing so with teeth! Ahem. The girl snickers about the water, sipping booze and grinning at Keziah's comments on brandy. "'S the /best/ stuff," though there's a half-sheepish, "Shards, careful," when the grenrider starts coughing. "Diving naked, 's a good one," Cenlia nods agreement, and then there's a, "Yep, definitely!" about booze and boozecakes being the only way to go, returning S'gam's grin and then laughing. Cenlia goes for the bag with rum once it's pointed out, fairly beaming good cheer. She plops back by the fire with booze and boozcakes, to watch Fy's answer there.

Zaruath was nothing like those bronzes, or any other dragon that Alosynth will ever meet. He gets nudged and nudges in return, suddenly popping his head under water so that he can sink a considerable distance under the green and stalk her from below, circling around as he waits for her to move so that he can follow… chase, rather. On the shore, F'yr seems to thoroughly enjoy the burn that the brandy causes, gulping down larger mouthfuls than necessary that ends up making her screw her face up a bit. It's her turn to choke a little on it and start coughing as she picks up on Kez's comment. "/Me/?" She blinks up in surprise when she finds Sig's arm around her, sticking her tongue out at him when he only encourages it. "That a /dare/?" She asks those that said it. She snaps her fingers to Cenlia, grinning widely. "I'll take that one!" With the Dragonhealer next to her, she tucks a finger into his belt and gives a tug with a giggle. "Well, maybe later." And away she moves from the kilt before taking another heavy dose of booze. "But the diving naked one…." With a sigh, the brownrider wonders if she's tipsy enough, preferably drunk, and slipping away from Sig she sets her bottle down and quickly strips out of the rest of her clothes, face brightly red. She pauses a moment to give Daralyn an awkward look. "Did the drink work that fast on you, kid? It is a Weyr afterall." Giggling a bit, and now bared to the world, she runs to tug Sig's arm. "Ittisieth mind?" Too late, she's already taking off towards the bronze with every intention of climbing up for another round of diving if he allowed it.

Keziah skips on introductions of herself. She's terrible at that. She always forgets and well. "Truth or dare?" she squeaks a little, but perhaps it's the pre-proddy state of ALo, or the fact that she's imbibing, she doesn't exactly say no. She glances over at Cen "Yeah.. good stuff." she murmurs softly as she looks for food. Where did the meat and cheese go. Oh there it is. Well maybe another cake. She does like her sweets. Oh, look. F'yrs already naked "Go F'yr, watch how you dive though, can hurt certain parts of the anatomy" she calls out and then bursts into giggles. She blinks and claps a hand over her mouth. She doesn't typically giggle quite that much. Alosynth is swimming, her head dipping under to watch the brown and then there's a dragonic chirr and she's off through the water. Muhaha! Catch me if you can. There's a moment of distraction however at the heat eminating from the bronze and the green is glancing curiously in that direction and slows some in the water. Keziah snerks at Cenlia "Yeah, Siggy, should be out of that get up and all. I mean he really should dry out his manskirt and all." There's a pause "Wonder what it'd look like on the others?" she ponders aloud as her gaze drifts towards the other bronzer.

S'gam could easily be pulled in by the fire, just like Zaq, but he hasn't quiiite gotten enough liquor in him. Enough to make him bold, but not enough for a trance. Which is why he cocks one eyebrow up at Cenlia, quickly turning the same look over to F'yr for that dare invoving the kilt he'd just gotten back. "You wouldn't." No, no, he's pretty sure they would. "F'yr had better be ready to go home if she takes this kilt off," he chooses to add, voice rising a bit when that finger hooks into his belt. Oh dear… "Whew." Edging back towards Cenlia with a smirk on his face, Sig is off the hook for the moment, and is quite content to watch his weyrmate strip. "Bow chika wow wowww," he croons, just to amp up her blush if he can, one hand sliding out to cover Daralyn's eyes. Booze is fine. Naked brownriders? That can be saved for later educating, even if Fy is talking to him. Ittisieth, it seemed, didn't mind. He aims an intrigued look over at Zaqalekth for his strange source of heat, but a paw is extended towards F'yr to lift her up onto his neck. Sig had better imprint this on his memory fast, for no sooner is she settled than he launches into the sky once again, slowing over the lake only to backwing, higher over the waters this time but no less alert. He'd help Fy if need be! "Again, not getting out of this kilt unless we're goin' home." Snicker.

He is, if nothing else, an efficient washer of that water-loathing dragon. M'gaal cocks a glance over at the group, then chuckles softly to himself. He's a silent observer for now, in those moments when he's not occupied with the task of scrubbing dragonhide. Zaqalekhth, of course, is helpful only so far as he feels necessary; moving this, that, or the other just enough for the water and sand and brush to be worked. It's only upon hearing Keziah's contemplations aloud and spying the direction of her gaze that the bronzer quirks a brow, then bursts into a laugh. "Would rather run around naked than wear another man's … skirt." Considering he's half-naked and shameless already, it's not that much of a stretch. There's a disdainful hiss from Zaqalekhth, his partially gaped jaw coming shut with an audible snap. His thoughts uncurl in a singular tendril of sandalwood smoke — a thought spared only for Ittisieth — and then are shut back behind a heated grate. "Your eggs are /fine/, you lout," is grunted after a long moment, words for the dragon that are easily overheard. "They've an eye on them and you know it. Asherah especially."

Daralyn doesn't quite have time to make a complete observation of those particular sights, but he sees…enough. Well, actually, a fourteen-year-old can probably never see quite as much as they'd like, but what bit he saw will more than cut it for now. There's quite a bit going on that he's not quite sure how to react to, after all. "Truth or dare? I'll…take dare." Daralyn says this regardless of whether he was being asked or not…nor comprehending what he might just be getting into.

Cenlia just starts snickering, watching F'yr and S'gam with something of a smirk before the gardener girl pops another boozecake in her mouth. Munching contentedly, she does cough a bit, "Shards, I'll bet," in agreement to Kezi about certain parts of the anatomy, calling to Fy, "Careful how ya land!" That could hurt, after all! "Think mosta us tried on the manskirt the last time," Cenlia grins at the greenrider, though she's all for naked bronzers and bobs her head in agreement. Cenlia has to laugh at S'gam's comment there, "Bet there's some places in the garden fet that," snicker snicker.

"And cut the fun short? Though if one of us is gonna be running around in the nude." F'yr snickers at Sig either way, sparing him… for now! On the other hand: Mission accomplished for the bronzerider. F'yr's face can match a redfruit, even as she sticks her tongue out at S'gam. "Don't make me bite you," she retaliates in a low warning. But it's Keziah's words that nearly makes her trip on her feet as she heads away. "I'll be careful!" comes her squeaky reply to her friends, just a little mortified. No, she was /not/ drunk enough for this. She mumbles her thanks to Ittisieth, happy that he's quick about getting out there. /Naked/ dragon bareback riding. Now that's something for the records in reckless, maybe. Without hesitating, the brownrider pushes the bronze's neck and goes diving towards the water, her small body disappearing in a slight splash. She doesn't emerge right away, and in fact it takes a long moment before her blond head pops back up closer to shore and she plods out, quickly making her way to her shirt and still blushing fiercely. Zaruath isn't too worried on his lifemate's discomfort, happy to give chase to the green, agile in the body and without distractions from the bronzes.

Keziah pouts a little at Siggy "You would take my F'yr from me?" she says oh so sweetly. No, don't take the new Lady Godiva… "Just cause you ain't wearing your skirt? You're so selfish." Sniffle, sniffle. Pout, pout. There's then a smirk for the lad. "A dare huh? You ever been divin' before?" she asks after a moments thought, and then there's another more thoughtful thought as she eyes Cenlia after eyeing the lad a bit.. hmm.. nah. She shouldn't do that.. should she? But then her attention is diverted onto M'gaal "You would? Well. Why don't ya then?" she suggests with a grin. As F'yr goes into her dive, she's not adverse to watching. Just goes she doesn't chase the girls doesn't mean she can't appreciate their form and all. Or maybe it's envy them? "Bite 'em F'yr, that'll be fun to watch!" she giggles again and takes another drink. Oh yes, she's done herself in all right. Alosynth is finding this drunk rider bit something interesting really and unexperianced and it makes her all the more daring with the brown that she's playing with and she herself dives under and moves to slide along side a brown belly.

Daralyn isn't seeing the moving headlamps, one presumes. Kez is doing a good job of distracting him from that for the moment. "Diving? From a dragon?" Uneasy look. "No?" And then the suggestion that he do so is made. "Uh…ok…" And the rest of his drink goes down the hatch. He's generally averse to being around dragons to at least some extent…but hey, it's a new experience, right? "Where do I jump off of…him?" .o0(What did I get myself into?)0o.

"Yeah, the sharding kilt's been around. Likely gotten more action than most bronzeriders," S'gam agrees with Cenlia, a snickering quality to his voice. "But yes, I would take Fy away on a moment's notice, but the only person you'd be able to blame was her." Who else would forcibly undress the bronzerider? "Though if ya keep mentioning it, I might have to steal her off to the gardens, and then where will you be?" One brow is loftily raised at Cen, the Dragonhealer's own booze finally seeming to kick in again. Lowering his hand from Daralyn's field of vision, the man looks him over. "You can jump offa Ittisieth if you want. He's already done a couple runs, what's one more." Indeed, the coppered beast is already settling down, this time stretching out closer to the ground so the younger, more inexperienced human would have less trouble climbing up onto him. "He'll go slow, promise." Dark eyes then flick over to the returning Fy, a cheeky grin forming on Sig's face. "Kezi says to bite me." Both brows raise challengingly before the look is turned on the greenrider. "But I dare Kezi to bite somebody else." Hah! Take that, you… girl! Ittisieth, in the meantime, sends a comforting mental whiff of port in Zaqalekth's direction, clearly implying he was as neutral as Switzerland. Nothing to worry about from this bronze.

"Faranth knows there are some things a man doesn't do naked, greenrider," is called back to Keziah good-naturedly. "Washing a water-hating dragon is one of them." His grin is most definitely lopsided, though there's nary a trace of embarrassment or a blush on Mergie's features. Weyrbred as he is, it probably doesn't register as 'odd'. Just inconvenient where certain things are best not allowed to hang free. Enough of the offending bits are scrubbed off that M'gaal finally slithers down from the bronze and sends him off with a slap to the shoulder. An indignant snort escapes Zaq and he steps further into the water with an audible, steam-like hiss of displeasure. He vanishes under, but only long enough to rinse himself completely clean. No sooner than that's done than he's surfacing and pressing for the shore, wings flared with irritation in a wordless 'do you see this travesty? wet. WET.' "You'll dry just fine." Some reassurance, when it's offered with a laugh. More rumblings issue forth and the bronze takes wing, opting for the quick, air-dry route on his way back to the sands. For Ittisieth, that whiff of port is consumed in a brief but glorious conflagration in what must pass as acceptance — and then his presence is utterly gone.

Cenlia watches Fy take the plunge, snickering the whole time at her friend's blushing, and then calling a, "'Least ya didn't land badly!" snickersnorting for that too. "Might as well keep yer clothes off," Cen laughs, though she's more interested in the amusement factorthan the view, alas. "Need to get more booze in ya," is said to the lot of them, Cen finishing off that ale and uncorking the rum. Time for some serious boozing. There's a quirked eyebrow at Kezi when Cen catches that thoughtful look, though the gardener rolls her eyes and mutters, "Ain't snogging /him/," totally assuming that's what the greenrider was thinking, "'S just a /kid/. Ain't no fun in that." Snerk. The gardener girl does snicker some more, agreeing, "Yeah, bite him, Fy!" before grabbing yet another boozecake to nibble. The girl's voice is noticably slurring now, though she's nowhere near as tipsy as.. some others. There's a laugh at S'gam's words about the kilt, Cenlia grinning hugely, "Shards, that's some… kilt.." and she dissolves into giggles. "Me?" Canlia grns crookedly, "I'd be off boozin' with B'miel!" and then mention of said greenrider has her peering up the beach with a, "Should go see if he's got the second lot of boozecakes ready," because alas, only a couple of cakes are left on the tray. "Bite him!" Cen jerks a thumb at the kid, giving Keziah a grin, before the gardener girl is getting to her feet to grab her pants and footwear. "Gonna find B'miel! Don't get too sloshed without me!" and with that, she's jogging up the beach.

F'yr is gone dragon diving during the discussion of being taken away and gardens and what not or there might have been… more blushing brownriders around. Either way, she's glad for the cool off in the lake, though by the time that she has returned to the fire she's shivering. "I didn't hear any of you say you dare me to bite him!" Her grin is lost as she slips on her shirt, looking back over to Sig with her brows raised. "Don't tempt me now." She snaps her teeth once before pulling her eyes away, tugging down on her shirt to cover up better as she gets a look over at Daralyn. "Yeah, go diving! Ain't anything like it, and it's loads of fun." She's getting drunk a bit herself now, calling out to Cenlia before she goes, "Bring back whatever other sweets he's got laying 'round, too!" Sugar! Zaruath starts and tenses a little at the feeling of the green rubbing up against his belly. Well then, that was different! He relaxes, and is quick to pick up on the chase again. Fy is momentarily distracted by the bronze, watching him go. "His eggs on the sands, right? When do you think they're gonna hatch?" Fy doesn't pick up on news outside of Ista, really.

Keziah blinks at Cen "I think not." She's not that drunk to screw with her feelings where kids are concerned. "Maybe I outta bite you!" Hah, course the gardner is already walking away and so Kezi sits there a moment. She eye's M'gaal. No.. she doesn't really know him well enough.. she glances over at F'yr and S'gam and then gets up and wobbles. "Oh Shards!" she squeaks and then giggles as she tries to walk their way. Then, in typical Kez fashion, she trips over her own feet and goes sprawling "Ayyy—-eeeee!" ooph. Oh look F'yr toes. Hee. Okay, so they're a little sandy but still, the greenrider goes to give them a little nip. Be her luck that she gets kicked in the face. Alosynth swerves in the water and then she's rolling and then turning back to go chase after Zaruath in playful fun.

Daralyn takes off most of his clothes and heads off to climb up the dragon that everyone's been leaping off of. Slowly, uneasily, he makes his way up the dragon…all the way up, just like everyone else. He's mostly not looking down as he does…avoiding doing so (or even thinking about it) to the extent that when he gets up to the (literal) jumping-off point and looks down, he nearly throws up. .o0(Oh crap, what did I get myself into…)0o. And he's now momentarily frozen, looking down at the water from -way- too far up for his own comfort.

S'gam opens his mouth, perhaps to spout something smart towards Cenlia's further insistance that F'yr bites him, or say goodbye, or offer more ribbing of Keziah to accomplish his dare, but he's no sooner formulated the words to speak than somebody's shouting his name… Somebody from further up the beach, closer to the weyr. Squint. "Pol? Pol!" The young Dragonhealer trainee prances down the beach, clearly intending to give S'gam a hug until she notes his garb. "Uhm… Nice skirt." "Kilt." "Sure it is. Anyways, since you're here, could I ask for your help moving some of the bigger stuff?" Sig glances around at the party. "Suuure." Keziah was, after all, falling and biting F'yr's toes and Daralyn was prepping to take a ride on Ittisieth. The party wasn't going to end before he got back. "I'm gon' go help Pol, 'kay Fy? I'll be right back, don't let my stuff like… run away." Yep, drunk. Ittisieth aims a quick look over at S'gam, as if to say, 'Aha, look, there's someone who is worse than me!' whenever Zaqalekth spreads his wings, but the bronzerider just snorts and shakes his head, knowing better even as he leaves for a moment. Nevertheless, the laughter in the bronze's mind is almost apparent physically, maw curved when he stands up beneath Daralyn and takes off. There aren't any words of comfort for the boy (that'd be so improper), but there are ribbons of maroon and sapphire, twisting mentally as if to hold him stable and safe, even as the time comes for the boy to jump!

"Ayuh. All his, if you'll let him tell it." As for when … "Soon," is M'gaal's answer to F'yr, though with a curiously cryptic undertone. He drags his hands through his hair to tame it some and stretches a little, joints popping audibly for the effort. "Very soon." There's a momentary distancing of his eyes, head tilted a bit in the direction the bronze went in … and then he nods, a shallow thing that's likely unconscious. "Twelve in all. He was, ah. Disappointed that they weren't arranged the way he wanted, so he feels they won't hatch right." His shoulders rise and fall and then he's quick to add, "Either way, it'll be nice to finally go back to Ierne and finish up work on my brother-in-law's restaurant." The antics involving the other bronze are noted in a peripheral sense, just enough to ensure the lad doesn't get hurt or sick or anything before his attention returns to those others that remain at the beach. Quick salutes are given to those departing, of course, in lieu of a full 'good bye'.

F'yr starts dissolving into little fits of giggles at all the threats of biting going on around her. "Good luck, kid! It's alotta fun, just keep your legs straight and your nose plugged!" And probably about several other things but Fy doesn't shout them out. Poor Daralyn, having two drunk Search and Rescue riders on the scene. At least Ittisieth still had some sense. Glancing between the departing bronze and M'gaal, Fy bobs her head enthusiastically. "Soon! Shells, must be a lot of fun to watch your dragon's eggs hatch, still. Maybe I'll be 'round to watch 'em, now that I know you and… well, don' know a person on the sands though." Ah well. She blinks her blue eyes at the strange girl calling Sig's name, looking on curiously until she breaks out into a big grin. "I'll attack anyone that'd try to take it!" She likely might forget about the bronzer's stuff eventually. This distraction poses as a problem, because it's only out of the corner of her mind that she catches Keziah's tumbling. It's enough to make her burst out laughing but not before being able to remove her toes in time. A squeal erupts out of her at the feeling of her greenie teeth on her toes and there might be some sand kicked, but at least Keziah's face is spared as Fy takes a bound backwards. "That… That was /so/ weird!" Zaruath isn't familiar with being the chasee! But he gladly turns tail for the green, giving some chase as he sinks into the darkness of the lake. Mwahaha. Come find him here.

Keziah gets a face full of sand and she coughs and spits out the grains and all. Dare accomplished. Though not quite in the fashion she figured. She sits up and schoots back a bit as she works at getting the sand outta her mouth. "Interestin' the feel of toes in the mouth. Wonder if a guy would squeal the same way? Meh, likely not." the greenie murmurs and seems lost in thought for the moment. Then there's a blink as the M'gaals words actually sink in "Wait. You're the one who flew Thea?" she murmurs and then hehs. Shows how much she's really been paying attention. There's a look at the bronze "Might make for some doubly interestin' eggies then." she notes and then searches around for a drink, wobbling as she does, but she finds a bottle of brandy and washes her mouth out with it. Better than the taste of sand. She glances over towards the lad "Wait. I thought there was only one kid. Where'd the second one come from? Aw well, they'll keep each other outta trouble and all." she notes with a nod and then a glance back at M'gaal "Resturant?"

Daralyn takes a deep breath. And another. And another. He makes like he's about to jump, and then… … …loses his balance. Normally, he'd manage to regain it in time, but between the alcohol and his nerves…and the fact that it's dawning on him yet again that he's -on a dragon-… "Waaaaahhh!!!" As he goes off the edge, his stomach drops out from under him as he watches the water slowly start rushing up towards him, the air blowing past him more and more quickly as he closes in on the surface. He tries to right himself, but… SPLASH!

There's a chuckle for F'yr, with M'gaal just shaking his head a little. "I'm sure it'll be interesting. It's his first go with a gold, though Faranth knows he's chased the tail of more than a few." At the mention of candidates, though, his features scrunch up just a little. "To be fair, I only know a couple of them, personally. Seen every one of their faces and heard Zaq's judgment on all of them," judgment that, no doubt, was far from stellar, "but I don't /know/ them." He's clearly uncertain on his feelings for it, though it's quickly shrugged off and his gaze drifts to the water out of habit. But, when Keziah speaks, he slides a look over … and his brow furrows with definite concern. "He flew Seryth," is stated as clarification. "I didn't have much say in the matter." Still, he grins a bit, then moves a little closer to the wobbly greenrider … but only to extend a steadying hand for her, should she want it. "Ayuh. Firepit. It, ah. It's going to be interesting, I can guarantee that."

F'yr wrinkles her nose to Keziah with a shake of her head. "I dunno why you'd /want/ to go biting at some guy's toes. Bite 'em somewhere better and bet you'll get a more interesting reaction, too, but not /toes/." Just… ew, right? She squeezes her own toes in the sane, just overall having a strange feeling in them. At M'gaal's answer, Fy looks curious. "I barely remember Zaru's own clutchdad. I think it's pretty normal, though rather funny that the guy is now Ista's Weyrleader. Then 'gain, he's pretty weird anyway so maybe that's why we never saw him 'round." She makes sure to look around for a certain gardener friend, in case she came and hurt Fy for that comment. There's a loud giggle for Daralyn's fall, watching the waters intently afterwards just in case. "Interesting restaurant? How so?" She shifts from foot to foot before moving closer to the fire to dress up a bit more and then take a seat, waiting for the others to return if they do.

Alosynth is diving off after the brown but at the splash made by the falling boy, the green is turning back upwards as Keziah stands up quickly, mayhaps a little too quickly as she reaches debsperatly for that steadying hand of M'gaal's "Is he okay?" she squeaks after a moment. She'll certainly never forgive herself for drinkin' if something happens to the lad. Still watching with concern she glamces over at M'gaal and then nods a little "No, we don't have a lot of say in the matter. Do we?" she murmurs quietly and then F'yr's words sink in and a steady blush rises to her cheeks "F'yr!" she squeaks and then quickly shakes her head. Ooo. Bad idea, for her knees start to give out on her.

Daralyn went a decent way down in the water, and so it's a long couple of moments before he flails his way back to the surface. Even as he gets there, breathing as deeply as he can, it's pretty obvious that the kid is -not- going to be swimming back to shore in good order. Amazingly, he's not injured, but the wind has clearly been knocked out of him, his nerves are a mess…oh, yeah, and he's skunk as a drunk.

"Dumuzi's a fine cook on his own. Great with grilling and barbecue," M'gaal explains, "Gonna have a bonfire out front so folks can cook their own, ah, kebabs and things like that if they want. I'll be mixing drinks," his lips purse, "and my sister, his wife, is working on getting him to bottle up his sauces and marinades and things to sell." Keziah's hand is caught, held, and clasped with his free hand for just a moment until she seems to get a bit more wobbly than she ought to be. His brows knit with increased concern and, finally, her hand is released for the sake of looping an arm around her waist, instead. There. Much more secure … and oddly chaste as such gestures go. He is, it would seem, not a man of opportunistically roaming hands. "Not sure about the boy- ah. There he is … but you're in no condition to go, ah, after him." The topic of flights earns just a distortion of his mouth and a vague noise that might just be a strangled sigh.

Realizing that the green stopped chasing him, Zaruath turns back towards the surface as well, snorting out the water and giving the boy in the water a glare. How dare he distract Alosynth. No, this brown definitely didn't carry the passion for rescuing people. That was all in his lifemate instead. "Alive," Fy agrees about the young teen, giggling as she looks out at the lake at him. "Good job!" she calls out, cupping her hands over her mouth in hopes that it reaches him well. She does lick her lips appropriately as she listens to the restaurant's plans. "I'll go visit a place like that! And probably got some real good bakers down in Ierne to grab something for the return home, too." Her eyes go wiide and innocent at Keziah. "What?" she answers back, but then there's a waggle of her brows to the greenrider and a giggle. Apparently the drink finally affected someone's brain!

Alosynth flicks a tail towards Zaruath and then she's rising up by the boy and nudging at him towards shore, lest he actually grabs on or the like. The green does cast a glance back at the brown and then faint wisps of her furry voice caress over him. « Not going to chase me still? ». Keziah on the other hand has found herself in quite the position. Being held upright by a man she hardly knows, and yet it doesn't seem all that bad. Her red face just reddens even more though as she looks up at him. She then looks down. He's right. She is in no condition. A poor rescuer she is. Has Alo moves to herd the boy in though, she heaves a sigh of relief and then her attention is on F'yr a moment amd she looks away quickly at the brow waggling "I like the sound of the resturant." she murmurs in a slurred voice "I'd visit too."

Daralyn is desperate enough in his flailing that he holds on to…whatever the big thing that's helping him back to shore is. It takes him a couple of moments to realize that it's a dragon that's helping him in…something that would freak him out a lot more if he wasn't otherwise in a -very- unpleasant situation. It's safe to say, though, that Alosynth succeeds in herding Daralyn to shore, where he just about collapses. "Thanks…" he says to Alosynth, almost unconsciously, before stumbling a bit in on the sand and basically passing out.

"It's almost done," he assures, chuckling a bit to F'yr. "Just another few months and we should be open for business. If you want, could even send one of my little ones along to let you know." He tips a look down to Keziah as well and adds, "And for you, too, if you're of a mind to." M'gaal gives Keziah an amiable, gentle squeeze and then glances over at the Weyr proper with a slight pull of his mouth to a side. "Ought to get you some water," and then he's looking back at F'yr with, "and you," and then his attention centers on the lad, "and you- ah." Well, he's passed out; water might not be enough. "Or some good strong klah." Typical; the older guy's trying to ruin the fun. Or ensure the collective safety of the inebriated … one or the other. "How are your legs doing, greenrider?" Because if they're not steady enough? He has no compunctions against carrying her, provided she allows it.

"Sure!" chirps out F'yr to the bronzerider, grinning at the prospect of the restaurant. "I'll be keeping my eyes or ears open for your message, then." If he even remembered about the drunk brownrider one night on Xanadu's beach. Zaruath seems to be considering the green's question, paddling slowly after but not quite chasing as he had been before. «Of course, my dear,» he purrs out in a silk ribbon of crimson. Chasing… stalking… it's slow progress, but he won't be through with it until late in the night. F'yr makes sure to wiggle brows at Keziah when she looks over and grin widely before wrinkling her nose over at M'gaal. "No fun! You go do what you must, I'll stick by the fire and wait here." And she does plop down by Sig's clothes and her own, staring into the cracking flames that were dying without any fresh wood added to it.

Keziah blinks a moment in confusion "My legs?" she asks and then she cocks her head a bit "They be just fine!" she asys brightly and then giggles. She wouldn't lie now would she? Course, she certainly seems to still be leaning into M'gaal for the support. "Don't need any water. There's plenty out in the lake. Really. But I'd love to come to yer brothers resturant. It sounds like lots of fun." she adds and then she glances out to the lad. "Least he made it in. Thank you, Alo." she murmurs softly as her eyes drift over to F'yr and her wiggling brows. She then promptly sticks her tongue out at the brownie. Alosynth herself watches the lad and satisfied that the boy is safe she glances back over at Zaruath. « Good. » she comments and then slips up onto the beach to lie down and wait for the brown.

"Fine for walking?" he seeks to clarify, though there's no lingering hint of his good humor. Nope, Mergie's all concerned-like now — and just go figure that it's over a strange woman in a Weyr that he still feels like a stranger in. It's too late for Keziah; he just hefts her up in his arms — it's all business, though it's definitely not business /time/ — and quirks a look to F'yr. "A'right. Well, take care of yourself, brownrider. Don't wind up like that kiddo there," he quips, and then immediately proceeds to take the greenrider off to … well, somewhere. Presumably it's somewhere safe for drunken women. At least Zaqalekhth has the good sense to send a reassuring burst of heat and cinnamon-smoke to Alosynth — no, his rider isn't like /that/ (much to his chagrin).

F'yr looks away from the flames long enough to watch M'gaal and Keziah, making sure to give Keziah a debarting raspberry. Thpppt! Lovely. "Oh, I know how to take care of myself! No worries there." She snickers, happy to just wait upon her friends whenever and if they should return. "Have fun you two," she sing-songs out to the pair, wiggling her fingers as Keziah is carried off and still giggling to herself. Back to poking at the dying fire until she passes out.

Keziah is carried off? The greenie looks pretty much shocked and all. She really can't remember any ever jsut so matter-of-factly carring her off. Course F'yrs words has the greenie blushing again. But she says nothing. Or has she just passed out finally? Hmm.

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