Sand and More Sand

Xanadu Weyr - Hatching Sands

The large circular "stage" is surrounded on one half by a towering wall, thin slit windows high overhead letting in some light without truly endangering the objects on the sands, though plenty of lights are spaced at human-level all the way around. The other half is ringed by the dark blue seats of the observation level, rising upwards towards the back wall. The circle itself is filled with a mix of red and white sands, deep enough to cover the largest of dragon eggs with ease. To one side, a small door is visible, hidden away behind a platform meant to provide a place for the clutch parent's lifemates to stand during the on goings.

T'vis is perched upon Itineranth's forearm while Tail is curled up into a tight, if tiny, ball between the Dragon's eyes. It would seem that the small Bronze doesn't mind the hours on his haunches upon the Sands, though he does shift his head slightly to try and spot the green he knows is there but is too close to see. The young firelizard glistens with a new coat of fresh oil while her stomach bulges with a new meal. Drinking from his thermos of klah, T'vis seems relaxed on his perch, relatively protected from the heat of the Sands as at least he doesn't have to shift his footing every three seconds or so.

Ethne walks into the sands. Mellonath thankfully is asleep possibly having let Itineranth watch the clutch. The pregnant jr. weyrwoman seems to waddle across the sand uncomfortably.

T'vis glances up as he spots movement from the corner of his eyes and shifts slightly, though Itineranth does not move to let the man down to make his escape so instead he nods an uncertain greeting. "Evening…"

Ethne nods quietly towards T'vis as she replies softly. "Good evening to you T'vis. You ok?" She looks a little concerned… especially since not long after the flight the man seemed to become really awkward around her, at least that's the impression she got.

T'vis shakes his head quickly a few times before forcing himself to stop. "I'm fine." He clears his throat and nods towards the Gold. "She always trust the Sire with stuff like this?" He eyes his Bronze and glances down to see that Orb of Golden Radiance Egg has ever so slowly accumilated a bed of pink sand which barely leaves any of the shell to be seen above the surface. "Because I don't think Iti's the one for this job." The Bronze snorts. "I'm relatively sure that's not a Gold Egg, just because parts are Golden." A soft rumble. "You haven't yet and until you do Hatch a Gold I'll let history speak for itself." He mutters, taking Tail gently from the muzzle that's been turned toward him by the indignant Dragon.

Ethne gives a bit of a laugh. "Actually she's not always like this… at times she gave Alandoth a hard time but usually if the sire keeps in with her comfort area… she's fine." She says softly yet bluntly. "Did I do something wrong that you don't like being around me or something?"

T'vis blinks and glances away. "No." He offers softly. "You did nothing wrong." He reaches out to pat the Bronze's muzzle. "Come on, Iti. I should go feed Tail or she might wake Mellonath with her hunger creels." The Bronze blinks and glances at the stuffed and oiled green in the man's arms. Yup. That's the one. Nevertheless, he slowly lowers his Rider onto the Sands a moment after their eyes meet.

Ethne says with a soft voice. "She's not too bothered by the sounds. Just if they get too much of a disturbance and all she would get upset. She's used to my firelizards." She is still a bit perplexed thanks to the bronze rider.

T'vis slips from his Lifemate's forearm and shifts Tail slightly. "That's good then. Itineranth's been a pain to get out to bathe and oil lately." He lets his hand rest upon the Bronze's muzzle for a long time, still not looking at the weyrwoman until there's a gentle snort and a nudge to bring him to the now. "Oh…" He glances at Ethne, but quickly looks away. "Would you, um, like something while I, uh, feed the flying stomach." The stuffed one.

Ethne shakes her head as she says quietly. "It's ok… already ate." She goes to sit on the chair, her hands rest on her stomach as she closes her eyes.

T'vis nods and still doesn't leave, instead, when the weyrwoman seems content to just sit and rest he takes his seat upon Itineranth's forearm once more without sound or comment, still cudling Tail and stroking her gentle as his gaze settles upon Itineranth's tail as it adds yet another layer over Orb of Golden Radiance Egg, almost completely masking the ovoid from sight. Another pass or two and the Clutch'll be down to 5 Eggs as far as anyone can tell at a distance.

Ethne opens her eyes as she says quietly. "I know I don't know you well T'vis but doesn't mean that you have to distance yourself during all this time… it doesn't hurt to make a friend and all."

T'vis blinks and turns his attention downward and in the general direction of the weyrwoman then lets his gaze travel to the lump of sand which was once the Orb of Golden Radiance Egg. "How mad is she going to get when she sees that, do you think?" Itineranth blinks his three lids and glances at the Gold as if he's seriously considering the question and takes a few steps around the Clutch, closer to Ethne, as it happens, further from the burried treasure.

Ethne looks over towards Itineranth and T'vis and replies softly. "She says that egg isn't a gold." She says. "She's not mad… but she was confused."

T'vis smirks at the announcement. "And she wasn't even asleep." He adds. The tone of his voice suggesting that it's the conclusion to some more private comment. He glances down at Tail as the small green shifts slightly and gets a talon caught for a moment in his wrist. He gently reaches down and dislodges the offending item from his person without waking the firelizard. "That's good. That she's not mad, that is. She might have told us to leave." Okay, so that last bit sounded more wistful than worried.

Ethne says softly towards T'vis. "So what are you going to do when this clutch is hatched T'vis?" She looks curious.

T'vis shrugs, his eyes still on the five visible Eggs. "Leave." He offers simply. There's not a trace of regret and more than a little anticipation in that one word. «His views in no way reflect my own, my lovely Golden beauty.» T'vis gives his Bronze a look. «Though we have overstayed our welcome.» Itineranth amends, his voice as sure and stable as always.

Ethne is obviously confused by the bronzerider as she gives a shrug as she says quietly. "I don't know what is going on or what has happened in the past or such… it doesn't matter. But running away never helps."

T'vis glances at the GoldRider and raises an eyebrow. "There's a difference between running away and moving onward." He offers evenly, a hard edge to his voice that he attempts to curtail into an even tone as quickly as possible. "Traders are required to keep in search of the best items at the lowest cost and to keep ahead of the demand when the supplies run low."

Ethne gives a shrug as she says quietly. "That's why you seem to be so nervous around me is it?" She seems at least determined to find an answer though she appears a little agitated as she rubs her back a little.

T'vis blinks, confusion cutting through his irritation. "What's why what?" He frowns. "I'm not nervous… I would just rather not be tied down just because Itineranth went after some tail and caught it." The Tail in his arms shifts at her name and opens her eyes, giving a soft chitter at being woken up before she needs a new meal.

Mellonath does seem to have noticed the comment from the bronzerider. She wasn't 'some tail' for certain. And then her rider being a little agitated herself doesn't fully help the situation. Ethne looks towards T'vis. "You have seemed nervous from the day after the flight…" She sighs. "Anytime I was near you'd be as far as you could away from me… that has nothing to do with Itineranth at all let alone being tied down." She closes her eyes as she gives a bit of a moan as she tries to rub her lower back.

T'vis frowns and slips from Itineranth's forearm once more, Tail climbing up slowly to rest upon his shoulder, clinging to his shoulder in order to prevent herself from falling over as he moves toward the exit. Itineranth glances at Mellonath, at his Rider, at the Eggs and back to the Gold. Offering a soft warble of appology he begins to make his way toward the exit, flicking his tail gently over the burried Egg to expose its golden colours once more. At the weyrwoman's moan the Bronze pauses and after giving a low rumble at T'vis' retreating back his Rider does the same and glances over. He gives a sigh at her obvious discomfort and glances at Itineranth. "Why don't you ask Alandoth if K'ralt doesn't have time to come rub her back instead of assuming that you can preasure me into offering." Another low rumble. "No." A deeper rumble and a short step forward. «A lady is in need of aid, would you denie her for your own selfish reasons?» T'vis signs. "Shardit…" He frowns and glances at Ethne, in a monotone voice, rather like a young child who has been told to appologise when he thinks he did nothing wrong. "Would you by any chance require assistance with your back spasms, or would you prefer if I track down your Weyrmate and allow him to assit you?"

Ethne closes her eyes as she tries to put aside the pain as she just remains quietly not answering as she tries to breathe deeply through the back pain and tears start to stain her cheeks. "I… I'll be alright." She says barely audible.

T'vis's eyes widen at the woman's voice and without really thinking he begins to stride across the Sands. If Mellonath doesn't stop him, he stops beside Ethne and very gently places his right hand at the small of her back and kneads her muscles gently. His touch is skillful, betraying the fact that he's done this mutiple times before.

Mellonath doesn't even move but a bit of a rumble does come from the Queen as if to caution the rider not to hurt her rider. Ethne startles a little at T'vis touching her back and gives a light sigh but she still seems upset though even though she doesn't move away from him rubbing her back. It does seem to help her a little at least.

T'vis continues to knead the tense muscles, enlisting his left hand in to cover more ground. His gaze is focused upon her lower back though his eyes looks troubled, even as he continues the gentle massage. Luckily the woman can't actually see him now. Itineranth, for his part, is still standing partway to the exit, where he was when the tears escaped Ethne's grasp.

Ethne seems to relax some more as T'vis continues to massage her back. Her eyes are closed and trying to forget about the pain but the jr. weyrwoman is likely in store for more as she gets closer to the end of her pregnancy. "Thank you." She says as she tries to stop crying.

T'vis nods, seeming not to realise that he can't be seem. Itineranth ruffles his wings slightly. When Ethne shows signs that the pain is gone, at least for now, he'll help her to the chair then turn to make his way out, his own eyes shimmering with unshed tears and his stride purposeful as moves first toward then past his Bronze who turns quickly to follow, his eyes whirling with sudden concern.

Ethne moves to sit down but then she says something that she even wouldn't have expected to say. "Please don't go."

T'vis pauses, reaching out with his right hand for Itineranth's neck as the Bronze quickly catches up. He forces himself to swallow but keeps his face turned toward his Lifemate and downward as he takes a slow deep breath.

Ethne goes quiet as Mellonath notices the bronze and his rider leaving. «What is going on Itineranth?» The queen is definitely wanting to know what is going on… both the bronze and his rider are acting strange and well… it's obviously gotten her rider a bit upset.

Itineranth freezes at the Queen's question. «T'vis helped your Rider and now wishes to leave.» He offers after a moment, his gaze still whirling with concern for his rider, but also worry and fear of avoiding a more direct question from the Gold. Though that last one is rather direct as it is. Tail, picking on the shifts of emotions, sits up and gives a confused creel, moving from T'vis' shoulder to the top of Itineranth's head.

Mellonath isn't quite the Queen to easily let things fully slide when it comes to the welfare of her rider and dealing with her clutch. «Maybe you should take your rider and go calm down but honestly… your rider around mine makes me nervous as I know she does seem to like him and I don't want her hurt.» She gives a bit of a rumble. «Something is going on… but last thing that is going to happen is your rider hurting mine. No matter what happened in the past or whatever she has said.» Mellonath's eyes seem full of concern for her rider. «She likes your rider… just it scares her that not once has your rider seemed comfortable with mine since the flight… I don't want her upset but she needs an answer as to what is going on.»

Itineranth shifts under the Gold's intense gaze, his own concern for his Lifemate battling with the Gold's influence. «I am sorry if we unsettle your Rider, Mellonath… I have seen the Eggs now, that should be sufficient.» He pauses, his words comming slightly quicker voice taking on a hint of uncertainty. «It happened before. But there was no before. I have always been with T'vis.» "It's not you, Ethne. Isn't that enough?" T'vis offers, glancing between the Dragons. As he looks up, it's clear that he's been crying, but his gaze is firm as it meets hers. "Now, please, just ask Mellonath to back off of Itineranth and we'll be on our way."

Ethne lowers her head as she says to Mellonath. "Let them leave… I don't want to see them here anymore… it was hard enough the stress of that flight on K'ralt and I…" She says quietly. "Just get Alandoth here… I need to get off the sands… too hot." She mutters. "Would rather not be near someone that takes an interest and then the next minute treats me like I'm not worth being around." She moves to stand up. "He obviously doesn't understand the concept of friendship or anything else but himself." She starts to head off the sands. Well that didn't exactly go too well at all. Mellonath does back off as she goes back to her clutch… who needs the clutchsire around anyways? All him and his rider have shown to this point is disrespect for her and upset her lifemate.

T'vis frowns but just looks away at Ethne's attack upon his character. Who is he to argue anyway? A rumble does start in Itineranth's chest, but the barest touch of his Rider's hand silences it and the man begins to walk out, Tail riding Itineranth as the Bronze follows after.

Xanadu Weyr - Beach
The unerring range of subdued white rises and falls in a multitude of sandy dunes, creating an endless amount of tiny valleys constantly demolished and rebuilt by the frequent arrival or departure of a dragon. Smoothing out as it slopes gently to the edge of the deep blue water, the sand darkens and a shell here and there stands out for children to collect. The beach itself is set along a low cliff - the height lessoning as one heads eastwards, blocking a portion of the beach from direct access.
The wide wide stretch of water opens up to the east, the far distant shore way beyond the horizon and the beach curves ever so slowly round to east and west, distant arms of land embracing the wind-ruffled Caspian Lake. East leads up to the mouth of the Rubicon River, where the protecting cliff is merely an arms length higher then the sand, and beyond that, a winding road leading out of Xanadu's territory. Westwards, the beach narrows as the cliff swings out, leaving a path wide enough for dragons in single file before cutting in to the sheltered cove designated the Weyrling Beach. However, cut in the cliff face to the north are a variety of rough, wide staircases, providing access to the clearing and to the meadow.

It's been nearly an hour since Ethne left the Sands and T'vis led Itinerant away soon after. After wandering most of the time, they've made their way to the beach, scene of his first meeting with Ethne as well as the incident with Itineranth and Kitty's mutant Blue. When he glances up it's with a degree of uncertainty, as if he had not planned to make his way in that direction consciously. Itineranth is nowhere in sight, nor is Tail though one might assume they're together somewhere.

Ethne has managed to make her way down to the beach. The junior weyrwoman paces in the sand as she takes off her footwear and mutters to herself. "Why couldn't she just have let Alandoth win?" She has tears in her eyes. "That would have been easier but no… why of all those others did you have to choose that one?" She sinks down to the sand. "What a fool I am…" She sighs burying her face in her hands. Yes Ethne has gotten herself somehow back in a state that well, she's trying to calm down enough to breath deeply. "So confused… why am I so confused?"

T'vis glances over and the customary frown begins to form on his face but he just lets out a deep sigh, too drained to bother with a mask of irritation. Hearing the woman's questions he shakes his head, "Maybe she wanted to take the runt for a spin." His voice is rough, betraying the fact that the tears have just recently stopped falling. "You really can't accept the fact that it has nothing to do with you, can you, weyrwoman?" So he's back on eggshards, at least he's looking at her.

Ethne doesn't turn around and nor does her face leave her hands as she hears his words. How can anyone act so callous and all like him? She shakes as she cries, choosing not to respond, at least not at the moment. Only time her hands leave her face is to her stomach as she closes her eyes and clenches her teeth. She's not going to admit to anything as she's already unsure of what is happening with her own body and the baby. Fear does appear on her face though.

T'vis freezes as he watches her shake and clutches her stomach. He rushes into action rather suddenly, "Iti! A Healer! Now!" He rushes towards the woman. "I don't _care_ speak to them personally if you have to!" As he reaches the weyrwoman he crouches down. "Oh no you don't, Ethne. You're going to carry this baby to term then you and K'ralt are going to raise it up or foster it off or whatever you've decided to do." He rubs her back uncertainly as he glances around. "Iti!" He turns his attention back to the woman. "Let's make a trade, okay? You calm down and, um, you and the baby are fine and, uh… Itineranth! I-Itineranth will never have a chance to get between you and your Weyrmate, okay? I won't even step foot in Xanadu's traditional territoty."

Ethne shakes as she holds her stomach and closes her eyes as she cries. She tries to breath and speak through the pain as she says. "You don't get it…" She shivers under his touch. "That's not what I want…" Her hands curl into fists as she presses them down into her thighs. "I… I…" How does one tell a rider that has distanced himself away and not allowed her to get to know him that she has liked him a bit more than an intention of friendship? She tries to slow her breathing down some to try and hopefully calm everything down but well if the baby isn't coming now… it's likely the junior weyrwoman may end up on bedrest.

Luna arrives at a run from the direction of the Weyr. "See, Sateerth? Someone else picked up your habits of talking to other people's Riders." «I do not speak solely to Riders, my Luna.» "Oh hush." It's then that the woman arrives, a pack bouncing on her hip with each stride. Spotting Ethne she doubles her stride, thankful for the fact that she's delt with emergency situations before. "You'll forgive the fact that I don't have my Apprentice tunic on, right Ethne?" She offers as she sets the pack beside the woman. She glances at T'vis uncertainly then back to Ethne. "Is the baby comming?"

T'vis glances as the Healer arrives and he tries to place the woman, realising only after he spots her Blue that she's one of Kitty's friends. Itineranth arrives as a run, leaping over the bluff, turning on a dime and landing neatly half a dragonlenght behind his Lifemate and the weyrwoman. He then warbles uncertainly, glancing at the Blue and his Rider with a noise that's close to a moan.

Ethne hears a familiar voice as her eyes are closed and she cries. "I don't know… I don't know what is going on. I just know it hurts." She shakes a little.

Sateerth settles down near the woman, extending his muzzle until it's resting on the beach within easy reach of the woman should she like the comfort of contact. Meanwhile his Luna is digging though the pouch and pulls out a cup and twin flasks, "I always wondered why Sateerth insisted I carry juice and not wine." She offers conversationally as she mesures out a portion of fellis, not enough to dull all the pain, perhaps, but not enough to harm the baby either. Once she fills the rest of the cup with juice the BlueRider holds it out to her Jr. Weyrwoman and speaks gently, "Drink up, Ethne, this should help. Should Sateerth wake someone else?" Someone more experienced with this sort of thing, perhaps, though Luna glances over the woman anyway. "How did this start?"

T'vis watches as the fellis is poured and offered and starts slightly at the Healer's question. "My fault…" He offers in a slight moan, "I got her upset and we ended up in the same place afterward…" He shakes his head. "Mellonath's going to kill me."

Ethne nods quietly as she takes the offered drink and starts to sip it up. She is still shaking a little from having been upset and scared. She hears T'vis' words and says quietly. "She'd never do that."

Luna glances at the BronzeRider and is about to make some comment if her raised finger and half-opened mouth is any indication, but a soft croon and one of those rare private comments gets her to focus on her patient and not feed the man's self-pity. "Well, we're here now, right?" She offers a smile in case the woman opens her eyes again while Sateerth projects deep calm and comfort, the barest whisper follows the emotions, as the wind through the leaves.

Ethne sighs as she looks towards Luna as she replies. "I don't want to lose the baby… Kethalt is waiting for his sibling and all… it's not time yet for this…" She looks down.

T'vis smirks. "I wouldn't blame her if she did…" He offers, shifting backwards slightly to allow the women some room. A second later he's on his feet and pacing nearby. "Is there anything I can do to help?" He offers, still pacing and watching Ethne with worry and a healthy (or rather unhealthy depending on the view) helping of horror thrown in. Itineranth's gaze sweeps quickly to his Rider, luckily the tiny green who was perched upon him earlier is nowhere in sight or she would have gone flying with that move. The Bronze gives a low croon, his eyes whirling with an echo of his Rider's worry.

Luna nods. "How far along are you?" She asks. Sateerth is given a quick, loving pat as he remain still by the woman, offering what comfort he can. "Drink that up. If it doesn't help we can try another small dose in a bit but I don't want to risk much more than that in your condition."

Ethne sighs as she says… "Another month to month and a half." She seems to be unfocused as Mellonath seems even from the sands to be trying to calm her rider down. She tries to take deeper breaths but her hands remain on her stomach as if hoping to at least feel the baby move to know things are alright.

T'vis freezes as Ethne continues to clutch her stomach and his face disappears into his hands, "Not again…" he moans. With a few quick but careful steps Itineranth's muzzle is behind his Rider just in time to lend support as the man's legs seem to buckle, though only for a moment. He turns to his Bronze and lays his head against his soft hide taking a deep breath and attempting to recreate that careful shielding he'd allowed to crack earlier.

Luna nods. "Well, a month isn't too bad if your baby tries to come early." She offers, glancing into the cup to see if she's finished her fellis. "AIVAS did offer lots of new medical discoveries, after all, and unlike some places we have access to it here." Sateerth's slight snort raises up a cloud of sand but he doesn't speak, still concentrating on giving his full support to the weyrwoman as her Queen is restricted to the Sands by her unborn younglings.

Ethne remains quiet for a few minutes as she seems to relax some as she feels the baby kick and a faint smile crosses her face even through the pain while the fellis starts working some. She hears Luna as she says quietly. "I got to get back to Mellonath." She replies. "She needs me on the sands with her."

T'vis whispers something to his Bronze and another mind touches Ethne's offering strength and support to the woman. At her comment the man starts and glances at her in surprise, though he quickly schools his features once more. "You've got to be kidding."

This time Sateerth's silent intervention can't stop her as Luna glances sharply at T'vis. "You" She points a finger at him, "are not helping, BronzeRider T'vis." She looks to Ethne. "Unless we get you stable I highly doubt you'll be standing on the Sands, though perhaps we could set up a cot in the alcove if you'd promise to keep in it and not on the Sands…" «You do not have the authority to restrict the movements of a WeyrWoman, my Luna.» "Perhaps not." The woman counters. "But I know for a fact that there are several Healers here who can."

Ethne looks towards Luna as she sighs. "Who's going to take care of Mellonath?" She does seem a little distressed as she knows just as much as the baby needs her… she has her duties to her lifemate as well.

T'vis frowns and offers a slight sigh. That might have something to do with the fact that Itineranth has stopped sending Ethne support and is instead occupied with what can only be described as glaring at the man. "Itineranth offers." He states after a moment.

Luna smiles and takes the empty cup from the woman. "You can't take care of your Lifemate unless you take care of yourself first, Ethne." Sateerth warbles an agreement, his eyes still whirling with the comfort and support he is sending the patient's way.

Ethne bites her lower lip as she says. "I'll rest… whatever it takes. Just I don't want to be far from Mellonath either." She sighs.

"See? She doesn't want you there. Or she doesn't want me there, which is the same really." T'vis murmurs to his Bronze. "We'll visit, okay?" It would seem that this whole getting banded from the Sands thing is expected. He looks at Luna, "She'll be okay then?"

Luna nods. "The best I can offer is the cot in the alcove near the Sands." She offers gently. "But I really don't want to see you on your feet much at all. And you should cut down on your stress if you can. Drink tea, read books." «That is only helpful advice is she happens to enjoy those persuits, my Luna.» "True enough." Luna rolls her eyes slightly at the public admonition. "Do what keeps you calm and avoid stressers." She looks at the Blue. "Better?" «It shows improvement, my Luna.» The sound of the breeze in the trees has risen during the conversation from a whisper to a rustling.

Ethne nods quietly as she looks over towards T'vis. "I never said that…. and Mellonath was just reacting because I was upset." She sighs. "You and Itineranth are both welcome on the sands."

T'vis shakes his head slightly. "Iti can go if he'd like. Looks like we'll not be moving on just yet afterall…" He turns to glare back at his Bronze. "But after the Hatching…"

Luna frowns and puts the cup back into her pack, ignoring T'vis and looking at Ethne. "Have the pains stopped?"

Ethne nods quietly as she says softly. "Just a little dull but they are better…" She sighs. "Thank you… I am sorry to have been a bother."

Luna shakes her head, "You could never be a bother, Ethne." Sateerth warbles in agreement, wuffling their patient gently as he rises to his feet. "I can go dig a cot out of the supply room now if you'd like, though I'd suggest you at the very least sit if not lie down until its ready."

T'vis shakes his head but stops at Luna's comment. "You're not the bother." He agrees after a moment. "I can see you to your chair on the Sands, if you'd like, weyrwoman."

Ethne nods quietly as she replies softly as she nods. "Please if you could it'd be good. Just feel like lying down." She looks over to T'vis as she replies. "Thank you."

Luna nods and moves off the beach. "Sateerth'll let you know when the cots set up though, yes, you can go take a seat now… though I'm not sure the heat would be the best thing right now." And with that she moves off to find the cot and set up the alcove for the WeyrWoman's bedrest.

T'vis blinks as the BlueRider goes. "Wait, don't leave…" But she's already gone and, yes, he's alone once again with the weyrwoman. Lovely, she'll probably need to be called back when he induces another attack.

Ethne remains quietly as she closes her eyes and says softly. "I don't despise you T'vis…" She says quietly. "Been waiting for weeks for you to just even stay in the same location so I could get to know you more."

T'vis eyes the woman and sits down where he was standing, about half a dragonlength from her, when he decided to give the Healer room to work. "I don't see why you'd bother. You're WeyrMated already. Pregnant. Only with my by chance of Flight…"

Ethne looks over towards T'vis as she seems confused by the rider. "What does weyrmating and being pregnant have to do with making friends T'vis?" She says softly. "I am allowed to make friends." She looks at him quietly and maybe there is more in her eyes than she expresses with words than just interest in friendship.

T'vis glances up and sighs, shaking his head slightly. "I never said you're not allowed to make friends. I just wonder why you'd bother when you know I'm out of here at the first chance I get." Like, say, while Mellonath was still eggheavy and not that interested in having Itineranth around, perhaps?

Ethne shakes her head and sighs. "You really like pushing people away don't you?"

T'vis raises an eyebrow. "Well, you like internalising other people's problems and centering them on yourself, so perhaps we're even." Itineranth gives a low rumble of warning to his Rider. "What? If she'd just accepted that it had nothing to do with her we wouldn't be here, would we?" A strong burst of hot air in the form of a snort washes over the man. "I know you did. Thank you. Golds can be hard to resist." He reaches out a hand and gently pats the Bronze's muzzle.

Ethne shakes her head as she responds. "You really think highly of yourself don't you? So high that you can't accept when someone takes interest in you." She mutters. "And yes I can hear you and I'm not stupid and apparently this isn't about me but sure as heck holding whatever it is into yourself isn't helping you much by your attitude."

T'vis frowns. "My attitude suits my life just fine thank you. The road, the skies and constant motion."

Ethne sighs as she says. "And shards help the woman that ever starts to take interest in you… you'll bite her head off and serve it to her…." She sighs. "I don't know what in the heck causes a person to act like you but really it's sad honestly. Too blind to see when someone does like you."

T'vis continues to frown, though it's shifting from announce to confusion. "And shard it that anyone might be expected to keep a commitment!" He snaps. Itineranth snort in surprise and quickly turns to offer a croon to the weyrwoman, worried that she might get agitated.

Ethne blushes as she says quietly. "I don't know what happened between the flight and now but I won't lie T'vis." She bites her lip. "Since the flight and all… I…" She goes quiet.

T'vis watches the woman as she goes quiet. He might have responded if a loudly chittering spot of green hadn't appeared before him. "Oh huh, little Tail." He offers, taking out the pouch of meatrolls and dried wherry he always carries with him since impressing the flying stomach. He takes out a handful and lays it on the sand, too distracted to feed her personally. It's a wonder the creature is still with him, actually, but she is fed and oiled loyally even if she doesn't get much extra attention. "You're still WeyrMated." He offers after a moment, though his tone isn't as accusing as before. More uncertain though his expression hasn't changed.

Ethne starts to get up from where she has been sitting as she says quietly. "At times I feel confused… I just know that sometimes I feel things I can't deny either." She starts to try to walk away.

T'vis rises as well, picking up Tail who has already finished what he placed upon the sand, while a smirk sneaks onto his face. Perhaps that is the closest he allows himself to a smile, either way it's there. "I don't get confused, Iti's rather sure of himself and I have rules to work by. Now I did promise the Healer to walk you to the Sands, and perhaps your cot is nearly ready." He offers her his hand though he makes the trip in silence before taking his leave to finish feeding and oiling the green.

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