Not Just A Dream

Xanadu Weyr - Weyrling Barracks
A long and roughly oblong cavern, about a third of the space is open, used for classes or chores as required. The rest of the space is filled with couches of varying sizes, all with plenty of space between them. Some couches are obviously intended for the very young weyrlings while the largest ones at the back are for the older weyrlings.

It is the morning after the hatching, and it dawns with a chilly fog clinging to the weyr. With visibility less than a dragonlength, everything is muffled and quiet. Until the weyrlings begin to stir. Mur'dah is one of the first awake, sitting bolt upright on the couch where he fell asleep entangled in Kalsuoth's forelegs. Scrubbing at his eyes, he turns to look at the sleeping brown beside him and the boy blinks, a look of awe dawning on his face. He's real. Slowly, he reaches out a hand to brush fingers against the dark hide of his dragon, and is rewarded by a little mental nudge. Shaking his head, he pushes hair away from his face and focuses on his lifemate, gently probing their growing connection. Kalsuoth doesn't stir quite yet, the brown rolling over onto his side and stretching before relaxing into slumber once more.

Within the couch that Xeosoth took /so/ long to pick out, the weyrling pair of M'kal and Xeo lay peacefully slumbering. At least one hopes the sleep is peaceful for all that they appear fairly well tangled up in each other. Blue wings are folded tightly to his back, his forelegs resting on M'kal's stomach. The lad himself is sprawled on his back, one arm outstretched against the blue hide. The steady sounds of light snoring emit from the pair. Any chilliness that's seemed into the barracks goes unnoticed for the pair are settled fairly well away from the entrance of the barracks. Xeosoth is the first to wake and it's a slow process as each lid covering his eyes open for moments before the next lid opens. Finally he's awake and peering towards the unfamiliar room as if trying to remember /where/ he is. Certainly he remembers he's no longer in the confines of the egg!

Luraoth shares Tahryth's couch, because apparently, the gold's a cuddler. That, or it's because the little green picked out a couch far too big for herself. Regardless, there's room for both dragons and riders. Luraoth is sprawled out on her back, at this point, forepaws slightly curled against her belly. Soriana's got her head pillowed against her dragon's side, a position that probably isn't the most comfortable on her neck… but when you're tired enough, anywhere is comfy… and inside the curve of a golden dragon's tail, well, that's got a comfort of its own. For the moment, they both snooze.

Mur'dah glances around the room with a gentle smile on his face, focusing on each of his friends in turn, starting with Marel. His expression is loving, for a moment, and then a bit more introspective as Kalsuoth's eyes blink open and he lifts his head. Shaking himself, he flicks his wings and then stretches, so much so that he nudges Mur'dah off the couch onto the floor. With a snort, Mur'dah picks himself up and brushes himself off, watching as Kalsuoth stretches again and flicks his wings to his back. Swinging his narrow head around, the little brown spots his blue clutchmate and warbles happily in his direction - a few short sounds rumbling from his throat.

Xeosoth's head swivels towards Kalsuoth's direction, a colorful, happy spin to his eyes. A return warble is offered in reply as the blue lurches to his feet, nearly stepping on M'kal. « Food? » His mind voice projects to anything awake within the room, a flood of sensations that may seem overly loud. This wakes up M'kal with start as he sits up with a gaps. "Xeo!" he blurts out, eyes still unfocused with sleep.

Sleeping-gold sends a flicker of undirected thought, the pale pink of dawn warming to orange. Soriana stirs, making a sleepy murmur, and then Luraoth's eyes open. The dragon peers down over her belly. Oh! « Good morning! » she sends, and those dawn-bright swirls of color accompany the words, more vivid now that they're intentional. With them is a scent of roasting meat, plucked from Soriana's memories in response to that suggestion of food. Luraoth lowers her head, nudging gently at Soriana and nuzzling her hair. "Hrmwhazzat?" The weyrling's eyes open, and she stares at orangey-hungry dragon-eyes inches away.

Kalsuoth hops nimbly down off his couch, but once he starts to amble towards the food barrels it's with an awkward, hopping gait. One foot is always in front of the other, instead of them taking turns. Pushing fingers through his hair, Mur'dah watches his dragon's odd gait with a frown, before he's ambling after, buttoning up his tunic from the night before. "Morning," he says with a crooked grin to M'kal. « Food! » Kalsuoth replies eagerly, the word rumbling out of the depths of an old growth forest tinged with the earthy smells of a dewy morning. To the food barrels he goes, plunging his muzzle in and selecting a piece of meat to /fling/ at his blue clutchsibling. « Catch! »

Rushing river water plunging towards a deep waterfall with images of jumping fish…images tinged with thoughts of hunger as Xeosoth turns his head to nudge M'kal into moving. He needs food /now/. It can't wait! Urgently he sends urgent distressed thoughts out to his rider. The one who's still rubbing a hand across eyes to try to focus. Two stumbling steps are taken ( urged on by a light blue muzzle) and then…*THWAP*. A chunk of meat is flung right into his face. Xeosoth stares in surprise before… « I missed. » Oops. After a moment he snakes out his tongue to slurp it up off the floor.

"…you didn' haft…" waaait. Soriana blinks more awake than before. "Luraoth!" Yes, that's right. This is Luraoth here. "Oh." A pause, and then she laughs. "Yeah." Soriana rubs her hand across her face, and pushes back her hair only for her fingers to get tangled in it. She frowns, and tucks the mess behind an ear before sitting up. Luraoth follows her, carefully sliding away from the still-sleeping Tahryth and rolling onto her belly. The gold starts down from Tahryth's couch toward the land of flying meat! « Me next! » she projects with a bright tinkle of bells. "Uh," Soriana says. "Maybe that's not-"

Kalsuoth caws in amusement, muzzle parted as a rough cackle sounds from his throat. Hopping a bit, he flings another piece towards Luraoth before Mur'dah is there, clamping a firm hand on his muzzle. "Knock it off," he says firmly. The tip of Kalsuoth's tail twitches, and then with a low croon he gives Mur'dah a little nuzzle. Apologetic, or so it seems, for the moment Mur'dah's hand loosens on that muzzle the brown is quick to fling another piece to Xeosoth with a delighted warble.

Tahryth is happily sleeping away upon her lovely large couch, she turns her head, a soft snuffle escaping her as the green is moving about. She soon shifts and shoves about, wiggling and flicking her tail to smack against Idrissa, which is enough to wake her up. "What?…" Is murmured out, a hand lifts to run across her eyes a few time while she works on waking up. Tahryth catches sight of her siblings and croons out. « What you all doing? »

Is that a bit of disappointment in Xeosoth's expression as Mur'dah is there to prevent any more flying meat his way? "Wait." M'kal says firmly, moving now to grab a towel to wipe what could be blood mingled with dragon slobber from his face. Now he approaches the food barrel to grab a chunk and without thinking about his actions he tosses it to Xeosoth who happily catches it, his stubby tail whacking the floor.

Luraoth darts her head after the flying meat, catching it by one end. It dangles from her muzzle, swaying, as she turns her head to look at Soriana. What? Oh. She tilts her head up to gulp down the piece of meat, then turns it back to look at the brown. « Aren't you hungry, Kalsuoth? » she asks, her thoughts tinged with roasting meat and the warm crackle of the fire beneath it. « I am. » That said, she starts across the barracks for the food, and Soriana follows after her with a backward glance at Idrissa and a brief grin. "Hey."

Xeosoth gobbles down the piece tossed to him from M'kal, moving closer to crowd the barrel hungrily. "Slow down!" M'kal chides softly, his eyes unfocusing slightly as he converses with Xeo. The hungry thoughts of the large blue continue to broadcast throughout the room. « Must eat /fast/ to get full faster. It'll work, you'll see! »

Tahryth trills out softy an glances to the others at the talk of being hungry, her stomach gumbles and groans and she eyes the food that is getting tossed around. « I'm hungrey!! » Well that shouldn't be a surprise. Idrissa sits up and runs a hand through her hair a few times, which is a bit tangled at this rate from how she was seeping. She looks to Soriana and smiles back. "Hey."

« But if you eat fast and get full faster, won't you get hungry faster? » Luraoth asks, with a doubled sound of quick jingle and slow gong, the chimes of one striking far more often than the other Not that the gold isn't plenty hungry herself, but she makes an effort to eat slowly… ish. Every bite given her by Soriana gets at least a small attempt at chewing before being gulped down.

Xeosoth stops mid chew, half the chunk he was working on dangling from his slightly open maw. « Faster? » clearly he is considering this for a long moment by the slow spin cast to his eyes. M'kal covers a snicker as he leans against the blue's side and simply waits for his life mate to think this though through.

Idrissa is moving, just slowly seeing how Tahryth is trying to get into food bin it seems. "Wait.. Darn it I'll get you food." She doesn't need it all over the place like the oil after all. It takes her a few moments but Rissa is there getting a hand full of meat and offers the green a piece. Tahryth eyes it, sniffs at it, and then licks it before snags it and goes about munching on with happy purr like sound escaping her.

Her gold's conclusions make Soriana smile, and she gets an unfocused look for a few moments as she shares something privately with Luraoth. Mindvoice is kinda like thinking at firelizards! …kinda. It's weird to be using words instead of thinking around them. Afterwards, she says aloud, "Eating slow is good." Luraoth adds, « Food is good! » with the taste of one of those chunks of meat, slowly unfolded until the meat-chunk turns into a bright red flower and blows away on the wind.

There's still lingering doubt in Xeosoth's thoughts though if Luraoth says it's okay then….his chewing slows and he actually takes the time to enjoy each bite. There's silence from him for several minutes as M'kal is able to get food into his mouth without Xeo's frantic snatching of the meat. There's a look of relieve evident on M'kal's expression since he was unsure of how to explain to Xeosoth why to slow down. "So many questions…" he murmurs thoughtfully. He takes a moment to let his gaze sweep the room to watch his fellow weyrlings and their life mates. The enormity still hasn't completely hit home for this young apprentice.

Idrissa is able to sit down at least while she is feing Tahryth, whom seems content to stay still while being fed for the moment at least. "Lots of questions indeed." She murmurs out softly. During the 'feeding' seems Tahryth is going about questioning things, at least things that involve her not moving, so this is keeping Rissa a bit busy at the moment.

Luraoth's thoughts continue to drift about in variations on the taste of the meat. She's not intending to project, so much as just focusing on it herself enough that the thoughts escape to other minds. Food! Yes. Food is good. Soriana keeps feeding her, and hehs to M'kal. "You mean… from him?" she tilts her head to the blue. "Or… that you've got?"

M'kal reaches to scratch behind Xeosoth's headknobs which earns him a contented croon from the blue. "Oh from him. It's an endless stream sometimes." M'kal answers with a chagrined look.

Idrissa half glances up as she hears the others, she blinks a moment and lifts an unmeat covered hand to rub at her eyes a few times. "Ya I know how that is M'kal." She offers softly. Tahryth bumps her head into her lifemate and croons out. « Foodfoodfooodfooooood!! » Rissa smirks and offers another pieces to the green which is slurped up.

To that, Soriana laughs and nods. "Yeah." Luraoth ducks her head and nudges it against Soriana's side, and the weyrling brushes her fingers down along the arch of the gold's neck. « You know so much! » Her mental image is of all the weyrlings, and behind them, a fuzzy picture of Pern stretching off into the distance.

"It's not even lunchtime and he's already asked half a dozen questions on everyone in here." retorts M'kal affectionately. « Lunch?! It is lunchtime? » the question is punctuated with a giant yawn. « We will play and learn well together » is the reply towards Luraoth's mental image.

Tahryth munches on a few more pieces before a yawn escaping her slender maw and she soon seems full. Her gaze bounces around the room, eyes a swirl with color before she is up and moving over to where Xeosoth and croons out at the blue and settles down there next to him. « Is it time to play??! » Someone said the magic word it seemed. Idrissa smirks as she watches and goes about getting her hands clean. "Ya, I get the feeling they have a lot of questions to ask, they dono what anything is after all. Tahryth is already asking me about stuff outside."

Luraoth's agreement to Xeosoth is bright and happy, accompanied by mental images from last night's oil-sliding. It'd practically be an invitation, except there's still an undercurrent of hunger to her mindvoice. The slow-eating gold isn't quite done with her meal, yet. Soriana keeps feeding her with one hand, petting with the other. "Just imagine how many he'll have by dinner!" she replies to M'kal, then nods to Idrissa. "Maybe we can go outside later?" She glances to the WLM's office as she says it. "If it's okay." Her attention returns to the gold as she adds, "I should oil you. Properly, this time."

Xeosoth lumbers slowly towards his couch but stops as M'kal repeats quietly the need for oiling. « Oil! > he too broadcasts the image of Tahryth sliding into him. "No..not like that." M'kal looks around for assistance, an assistant stepping up to go over the basics of oiling and pointing out where all the needed stuff is. "Stay still!." he says to a wiggling Xeosoth whose thoughts have changed a bit. « Outside! Cold! » Clearly he wants to go out and play in the snow as he stretches his neck out towards the entrance.

Tahryth is soon crawling over to where Luraoth is as it seems Xeosth is off to his couch, the green half nibbles out at the gold's tail while her tail sways about. « Slide! We should do that again! » "No, you are not going to do that again Tahryth." This comes from Idrissa while she eyes the green a few moments. "I'll oil you just, don't do that again.." Tahryth seems to pout at this. « Ok » Though it doesn't sound very convincing, like a child being told not to do something again, and everyone knows how that works. Her mindvoice has a slight pattering of rain across a roof during springtime.

« Kalsuoth says it is bliss. » Luraoth thinks with oil-sheen ripples as she finishes her meal. « That is good! » Soriana laughs, and nods to her dragon. As Sori goes to gather the supplies, Luraoth sweeps over to settle near Xeosoth (he's in the oiling-spot, right?) and trill to him brightly. « We can have bliss together! »

Speaking (thinking) of mealtimes, someone else is hungry. Haruhi has been looking for her breakfast for a while now! Soriana isn't in any of the places the gold firelizard had expected. Isn't that inconvenient of her? Now, at long last, the firelizard has found her human, and she flaps into the barracks from that cold outside with a squawk of displeasure. There you are! And… WHAT is THAT? Insofar as it's possible to skid to a stop in mid-air, Haruhi does.

Xeosoth nudges Luraoth gently. « Bliss. » he agrees, sending more images of oil filled pleasure to everyone. M'kal returns with an armful of stuff needed, the oil bin ending up between gold and green. A brow arches as he sees Luraoth has joined the party. "Keeping company?" he inquires of her. Dropping the stuff at his feet he grabs a paddle and flings some oil onto the offered leg of Xeo where it's getting really, really dry. The entrance of Haruhi hasn't been noticed by M'kal though Xeosoth surely sees and he trills a greeting to the seemingly much smaller version of his Golden sister.

Tahryth pouts as she's left alone again it seems, where is everyone going? She peers after her siblings and tilts her head as they are next to the bin, her tail flicks around and sways before she is up on her paws and trotting on over to eye the barrel. She wiggles about as if she wanted to do something that she just said she /wouldn't/ do. « It is bliss Just don't try to eat it.» Her head lifts and she eyes the little gold a few moments and croons out at it. « Lizard! » Seems Idrissa and Tahryth have had a talk on them, though with three of her own it was a needed conversation. A soft ah escapes Idrissa while she watches and ponders if this is going to be a problem between gold firelizard and gold dragon.

Luraoth trills, and leans her head to offer an affectionate nuzzle to M'kal, her tail curling to brush against Xeosoth at the same time. « Friends do things together! » she thinks with the sound of multi-layered bells, the pitch becoming higher and turning into a laugh as she sends agreement to Tahryth. « Oil is not food. » Soriana's just approaching her dragon when that squawk (a well known one) draws her attention. "Haruhi-" she begins, and then Luraoth is bounding to her feet and dancing over to stick her nose up and sniff at the firelizard. « Little dragon! » she projects with a swirl of gold-purple interest, one that fades to purple-blue as Haruhi flutters back and… stares. « Lizard? » Luraoth repeats after Tahryth, trying out the word and checking it against Soriana. « Firelizard! »

M'kal offers a crooked grin towards Luraoth as he earns an affectionate nuzzle. He reaches to brush fingertips lightly to her muzzle, transferring some oil from his fingers in the process. As she bounds away it's then he notices Sori's gold fire lizard hovering in midair. Oh! He'd nearly forgotten about his own pair of lizards and he hastily turns to peer over and around Xeosoth towards his cot. It's not easy for the blue seems to want to know what his life mate is looking for so he twists and turns with M'kal as well. Finally a clear view is seen and indeed the brown and green are curled up fast asleep upon M'kal's pillows. Since M'kal didn't sleep on the cot they naturally assumed they could take over. A snort of amusement is heard from M'kal which Xeosoth immediately echoes with a wash of warm air lofting around M'kal. « Why are they so small? Did they forget to grow? »

Tahryth nods while she shifts and is up following after Luraoth and on over to peer up at the gold. « Yes! Mine has three, a green, blue and a brown. She won't call them yet though. » "I think Ripley would have a heart attack if I did." Idrissa grumbles at the though. « No, there suppose to be that big I think..» Her mindvoice is a soft spring rain at the moment, one of being both curious and happy to see the little gold. Soft croons escaping the green while she half rears up on her hindlegs to snuffle up at the firelizard a few times. SNUFFFFFFFF! If she gets a chance she even tries to lick Haruhi.

« Did you forget? » Luraoth asks Haruhi curiously, and the firelizard hovers in the air uncertainly, her indignation making a spikiness to her tiny thoughts. The gold dragon looks over to Tahryth. « Oh. » Her attention returns to Haruhi, who squawks again and flaps away from Tahryth's nose. Luraoth's voice shades to soft pink and a faint smell of smoke. « What's wrong? Firelizard? What's wrong? » The firelizard just squawks again, but fortunately, Soriana's here. "She's hungry, that's what," the weyrling says, extending a piece of meat to Haruhi. The firelizard dives for it gratefully, wrapping herself around Soriana's neck and, after a moment, glaring at her. What'd her human have to go and do that for? There's a big… thing… in Sori's head now. Haruhi… may not be the biggest and prettiest around anymore. GASP!

« Interesting » Xeosoth seems curious about the size of the smaller cousin. Trying to focus on Soriana's little gold makes his eyes cross though. With a shake of his head M'kal simply keeps oiling the blue hide which draws a whistling sound of pleasure from Xeosoth, the golden fire lizard momentarily forgotten. Soon though the combination of a full stomach and freshly oiled hide is simply too much for Xeosoth who tries to curl up right where he's at for sleep. It takes some urging on M'kal's behalf but finally he gets the young one to lumber over to his couch. It's with a weary sigh that he flops down and is quickly asleep. A yawn escapes M'kal and unsure if it's his own body telling him to sleep or simply because he feels how tired his blue is, he curls up beside the blue in his couch, oil paddle in hand and falls asleep as well.

Idrissa smirks as she hears Tahryth and shakes her head before looking back to the two dragons and the firelizard. "You think she'll be alright Soriana?" She questions with a curious tone. Tahryth shifts and drops down to her haunches with a soft croooon escaping her. « Looky how fast she moves. » A few flutters of her wings are sent as she wiggles about on her paws. Rissa looks over to M'kal and Xeosoth smiling as it seems the pair have fallen asleep.

Soriana nudges her fingers against Haruhi, giving the firelizard meat and pettings and trying to avoid being nipped ungratefully as she pets. "She'll get used to it," she replies to Idrissa, her tone firm as she stares at the jealous firelizard. « She is pretty. » Rosy pink warms Luraoth's thoughts, touched with a gleam of gold like a rising sun as she brushes her tail against Tahryth's. « We'll move that fast too! » she adds confidently, then tilts her head to Soriana. « May I have oil now? » Sori blinks. "Oh, yeah. Of course." She goes and picks up the oil paddle.

Idrissa nods slightly, a soft smile seen. "Ya, that's true." She offers softly before glancing over to the two dragon siblings. Tahryth trills softly and seems to grin at this idea. « Yes!… I'm going to be the /fastest/. » Well that is this little greens plans it seems. At the thought of getting oiled up she bounces on back to the barrel and bumps her head into it a few times *bumpbump* which makes a bit of oil spill from it. "Shards, Tahryth I'll oil you already!" Rissa sighs while moving on over picking up an oil paddle as well. "Why do I get the feeling someone is going to cause a great mess while she is growing."

« Will you let me see what oiling looks like? » Luraoth asks Tahryth with a tilt of her head to peer at the green. « I am curious. » The gold stretches out as Soriana suggests for her, wings slightly spread. « Besides, » Luraoth adds, « Friends do things together! » Her thought is the laughing burble of water with the slightly incongrous picture of oil bubbling up out of the floor, and then it turns into an iridescent sigh of pleasure as Soriana begins applying the oil. Sori looks back to Idrissa, and smirks. "Because she already is?" On her shoulder, Haruhi gives the larger gold another glare, then flies off to sulk elsewhere.

« Of course! » Tahryth offers while she is settled down there now that she is going to get oiled up it seems. The pictures she sends to Luraoth show how happy one should feel when getting oiled, like getting wrapped up in a great big fuzzy blanket and feeling all warm and happy. « Of course, friends to things together! » As if to prove this she presses her now oil covered shoulder against the gold's side. Idrissa chuckles softly and nods to Soriana as she works on getting her dear green all covered in oil and then spread it out. "She's sort of like a child getting into everything." Well they are young dragons.

Luraoth chirrrs as Tahryth joins her, nudging back against the green and leaving oil-spots on parts their riders haven't gotten to yet. She watches the process on Tahryth as Soriana does it to her, sending back and forth little gossipy bits of 'this feels like that' and 'did yours do this?' and similar happy notes. Soriana works to get Luraoth nicely oiled, smiling sometimes or asking her to adjust her position. To Idrissa, she says, "Well… she is. They are all. I mean, even though they talk and all… they only just hatched. They're still babies."

Idrissa nods as she works on getting the oil spread more, rubbing slowly to get into a few areas around the wing base that makes Tahryth murrrs out, someone likes that spot rubbed it seems. ""True I just seems different now I suppose." She pauses as she works. "If that makes sense." Tahryth sends little messages back as well 'get her to do the wingbase' is the main comment now it seems.

Soriana laughs a little. "Now that you're actually here and all?" she says to Idrissa, and nods. "Things are different, but… not entirely. I don't feel… I'm still the same person I was yesterday. Just… now I've got Luraoth with me." She smiles fondly, then looks down to the gold. Her head tilts to the side, and then she thinks something back to the dragon, who spreads out her wings in response. Can't very well oil wingbases if the wings are in the way! Soriana crouches down to get in with the oil, and Luraoth trills softly, exuding a contentment that Sori, as she looks up at those spread wings, does not seem to entirely share, because she's got a small but concerned frown.

Idrissa smiles and nods to Soriana and chuckles. "Well ya, that's about how I feel on the matter. I just still can't believe it happened you know?" This questioned to Soriana as she works more oil into Tahryth hide, around headknobs and the likes as well. She glances over to Soriana and lifts her head slightly as she catches the look. "What's wrong?" Tahryth turns her head peering over and croons out to Soriana.

"Better believe it," Soriana says with a teasing smirk, and continues to work oil over Luraoth's hide. The considering frown lingers, until Idrissa's question makes her look over that way. "Nothing," she says, and puts a smile back on her face. Luraoth turns to look at her rider as well, head tilting to the side, and Soriana leans down to touch her forehead to that of the golden dragon for a moment. That way their thoughts will be private, right? At the very least, none of Luraoth's words escape, the swirl of purple-pink thoughts around them like a warm blanket to cover the rest.

Idrissa smiles a moment. "Ya, I know." She offers with a soft chuckle and she eyes her green few moments before she looks back to Soriana. She ponders a moment but doesn't press the matter it seems. Her fingers press and slide against Tahryth's form and once the green rolls onto her back she works on rubbing more oil across that dragon belly.

It takes longer for Soriana to be ready to have Luraoth turn - she may be small for a gold, but that's still rather larger than a green! Still, the dragon makes small contented noises, the warm colors of that mental blanket unwinding from her and drifting off to the sides in all directions. Maybe they're turning into pillows. She's starting to get tired again, between food and blissful oil and still being a baby. After a while, Soriana says, "It is an awful lot, though." Luraoth's hide, or being dragonriders now? …probably both.

Idrissa chuckles softly while she works on the green's hide still, little croons and trills escaping her as she seems rather happy and content at the moment. Tahryth sends these happy thoughts of warmth over to Luraoth, like snuggled up in a sunbeam through a window on a cold snowy day. "Ya, it is." Rissa murmurs out softly, not that her dear green has as much hide to deal with compared to the gold, but for someone not use to it? It is a lot!

Luraoth tangles the warm sunbeam thoughts from Tahryth into her purple and pink pillows, making them glow as she stretches and - oh, okay - rolls over. Other side now! Soriana continues to oil, then glances up at Idrissa. Now it's the other girl who's getting her contemplative look. "Are you going to tell your mom?"

Idrissa lets her fingers wiggle against that hide until it seems Tahryth is dozing off. A soft laugh escapes the girl and she works on rubbing that oil down across the little green's front leg now. At the question she blinks and glances over to Soriana. "I don't know" There is a pause while she looks to Tahryth, able to think on that with the green asleep it seems. "I don't think she'd understand."

"Well, maybe not…" Soriana says, and frowns thoughtfully as she oils up Luraoth. "She's still your mom, though. I'd think she'd at least want to know." A pause, as the gold dragon tilts her head to regard Idrissa curiously, and Sori's frown increases. "…has she still not written you or anything?"

Idrissa rubs her hands off upon a towel while she stays sitting next to Tahryth upon the floor. "I tried writing her Soriana Even though of visiting her to see if it would make a difference." Things happened though, that whole thing with Jarse was the main issue. "She never wrote me, Samuel hasn't even written me" She leans against Tahryth's slumbering side. "I don't think they care so I don't think I should bother them anymore."

« We should visit! » Luraoth's thoughts are the brisk jingle of bells on a runner's harness. Ever onwards! Soriana glances at her gold, and smiles. "You're not going anywhere but bed, right now," she tells the dragon, and leans in to work on a bit near the Luraoth's tail that makes her wiggle and push up against her rider's hands. Soriana's gaze wanders back to Idrissa after a moment, and frowns again. "Maybe… maybe something happened. I dunno."

Idrissa chews on her lip a moment and sighs before looking over to Soriana. "My uncle would have written me if something was wrong, or send word. I do get a litter from him but even he doesn't write much about my mom. He was asking about the runners, and what I'm learning an all." Tahryth wiggles about in her sleep, a hindpaw kicking a few times with a soft snore escaping her.

Well, there goes that idea. Soriana sighs, and trades a glance with Luraoth. The gold dragon knows exactly how to solve this. They should go there and make friends! Simple. Sori just pets up along her back, smiling fondly before looking up to Idrissa again and nodding. "…okay. Still…" She trails off into silence, her look one that strives for sympathy but ultimately falls into incomprehension.

Idrissa is quiet for a few moments while watching Tahryth. "When Tahryth is big enough and we're allowed I'll go visit them." This said after that few moments of thinking. A glance is sent to Soriana as she seems rather unsure about the idea, but well she needs to go at some point, right?

"All right," Soriana says, and smiles. "I'll go with you, if you want. Or… not." Luraoth chirps approvingly, leaning over to nudge at Idrissa's side in the process of rising to her feet. She's shiny and oiled now, and Soriana brushes her fingers along the gold's side. "Ready for bed?" she asks, and nods at the answer she gets. "C'mon, then." Sori waves to Idrissa, and walks with Luraoth back to find a couch. One for the gold to have entirely her own, this time!

Idrissa smiles a bit and nods while she looks to Luraoth and chuckles softly. "We're see, how's that?" That would be an interesting trip out to a colt hold with a gold and green dragon. She gives Tahryth a few pokes and pushes that makes the green slowly clamber up to her feet and zombiedragonwaddle over to a couch and settles down upon it, curling up and quickly falling back to sleep. Rissa smile and follows along sitting next to the sleepy green.

Soriana just nods. She's in no hurry to decide all these things! It'll be a long time before the situation even comes up for real, because right now, their lives are occupied with just caring for these new dragons of theirs. At the moment, that means putting them to bed for mid-morning naps, and once Luraoth has gotten settled, Soriana leans against her side, petting the dragon's neck and trying to ignore the rumbling of her own stomach. Nowhere in there did she get breakfast.

Idrissa will think about finding food for herself later, as for right now she is actually dozing off herself. She leans against Tahryth, the green curling around her and it is a rather cute picture as rider and young dragon fall back to sleep.

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