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Xanadu Weyr - Infirmary

The infirmary here is intended for human care. It is spotless and smells of disinfectant, cots are lined up against one wall, a curtain can be pulled to give some privacy to the occupants of the cots if they so desire. A cabinet stands off against another wall, instruments and medications stored against when they will be needed. A couple of curtained off beds are used for examinations of patients and the treatment of minor injuries which won't require long term care. A desk with chair is just off of the doorway for the healer to sit and catch up on record keeping after a long days work.

The morning rush appears to be over in the Infirmary, the hour stretches towards midmorning. Most of the cots are empty save for the two or three occupied, all at opposite ends of the room. In the back of the room, there are a pair of healers pouring over charts and consulting now and then in sotto-voiced tones. A dark-haired woman, wearing the knot of Xanadu's Weyrwoman sits, her chair pulled as close as she can get it to one of the occupied cots. She's nearly asleep herself, her hand twined with the limp one of a man who appears to be asleep. His other hand is elevated on a pillow but there's nothing visible of it to tell what happened for it is well padded and swathed in white.

There was nothing to herald the fact that the Fortian gold would be arriving, the visit all but formal, it seems. Having landed in the courtyard before making her way off to explore is Zuvaleyuth, giving a brief (yet wordy) greeting to Seryth. Fending for herself, Dtirae makes her way, finally, into the infirmary where the Weyrwoman sits. Her nose wrinkles, not for the sight of the woman before grey eyes briefly take in the scenery before her. They roll upward, briefly, as she mutters under her breath to repeat the notes on how to properly introduce herself before a mental urge sends her forward. Her gaze drops and resettles on the older woman and the look of discomfort briefly grows before it settles behind a mask of neutrality as she makes her way over. "Ma'am." She greets softly, "sorry ta disturb." A wince follows, brief and fleeting, "was comin' ta introduce myself properly. 'm Dtirae, gold Zuvaleyuth's of Fort." Another wince follows before grey eyes turn to the direction of her lifemate and she glares, despite the fact that she cannot see through the walls.

With people coming and going all day and Romth likely fielding greetings for her, Seryth is off in the wallow beyond the coastal road and curled up with her friend Siebith this morning. She might have possibly been asleep, but whether that's the case or not, her greeting is lazily warm in welcome, offering the run of the place to her rider and refreshment at the herding pens if she so desires. There's the additional information where she may find Romth's… as for hers the picture of the infirmary is shared. It's likely she also bespeaks her rider for Thea is just lifting her head as Dtirae heads her way. It's to the man first she looks, a quick and careful check - still asleep - before she reluctantly releases his hand and rises with a faint smile for woman. Holding out her hand, though tired-sounding her greeting is nonetheless warmly gracious, "Dtirae of Fort. I'm Thea, please call me that. And a belated congratulations to you and Zuvaleyuth on your impression. Is it pleasure or business that brings you to Xanadu today?"

Dtirae's gaze flickers over towards the man, entirely brief but saying nothing and asking nothing of him, but mindfully lowering her voice so not to wake him. Her hand lifts to accept the one offered out and giving a firm shake. "Thea. It's a pleasure." She smiles a little warmly, drawing her grey eyes to settle on the face of the other woman. "Thank you. I hope you weren't there. It was a rather embarrassin' moment." There's a soft chuckle as she draws her hand back and stuffs it carefully into the pocket of her jacket as well as the other hand. "Zuvaleyuth wanted me ta make some introductions. Said I'd be best gettin' out of the Weyr for a bit. Hope you don't mind any. Didn't expect you ta be in the Infirmary."

Thea's grip is sure, her shake warm. Releasing the Junior's hand, she admits, "I didn't make that one, no." She sounds genuinely regretful for not, though she does ask with a little grin that borders on conspiratorial, "Was it really awful? Hatchings can be hectic." She gesures to another chair, "Would you like to sit? And why should I mind? Xanadu welcomes the visit of a Fort Weyrwoman any day. As do I." The mention of where they are draw her eyes to the man in the bed. "Neither did I," she replies with outright chagrin coloring her voice. "His knife slipped while working leather and it went pretty deeply. It should heal just fine though." She tilts a frankly curious look at the younger woman then, "Have you met Briana while you've been here? I think you two are just about the same age."

"Oh. Nah, the Hatching wasn't that bad, I suppose. Was the first ta Impress. Zuvaleyuth hatched first. It was embarrassin' cause I remember my reaction ta seein' her." Dtirae notes idly, casting a quick glance at the wall before her gaze resettles on the other woman. "Don't remember much else of the Hatchin'." The offer to sit is met with a nod and she settles in the offered chair, making herself comfortable. "Some don't like unexpected guests, is all." Grey eyes settle on the man once more and she nods once. "'m sorry ta hear that. Good ta know he'll be fine, at least." She smiles pleasantly before leaning back in her seat just a fraction. "We've only just arrived. Didn't stray much ta come see you."

"I think a lot of us have… interesting reactions to seeing the dragons. I think I was sort of dazed-acting if I remember correctly." If there are any comments being made about Dtirae's reaction, she hasn't heard them. She sits after the Junior does, her assurance is sincere, "I never stand on protocal; come whenever you like." She reaches for the man's hand again, but remains focused on Dtirae. Thank you," she says quietly rubbing her thumb across the back of the man's hand. "I'm honored by your visit. You should come when the weather is warmer and enjoy the beach. And have lunch while you are here."

"I was surprised she was gold." Dtirae admits, "figured I'd've Impressed brown and stayed a hunter." The woman admits once more, the confessions coming easily. "But, nah. People said it wasn't a far off jump from leadin' huntin' parties ta bein' a Weyrwoman, or somethin' like that. Somethin' 'bout bein' a natural leader." A grin plays on the young woman's lips before she nods her thanks as Thea offers her an invitation to return when she would like. "Thank you." Her tone takes an awkward pitch, just for a moment as she resettles herself in her chair. "I'll try ta come by when the weather seems better. Was free t'day, at least. Been busy shadowin' our Weyrwoman. Bein' the only junior is difficult. Learnin' ta be the next Senior."

"I'm sure you were. I never expected it either I know I was blown away when Seryth talked to me. I assumed she'd find another." A fond smile of reminiscence curves Thea’s mouth before she asks, "Hunter, eh? Were you from the Fort area then? Or someplace else?" There's a nod of sympathy for being a Junior in training. "It's a lot to learn," she says simply. The man stirs, groans and her breath catches as she peeks over at him, squeezes his hand gently, then turns back when he subsides back into somnolence. "There's something I'd meant to ask Neyuni, maybe I can ask you. We'd found some ruins awhile back and their construction is unlike anything Landing has record of. I'd heard you found something very ancient, but nothing more than that. Can you tell me anything about it? What is does?"

"Zuvaleyuth talks too much." Dtirae puts it simply, though, her tone is fond even if her words state otherwise. "I just remember thinkin' I was glad I bet gold on that egg she came out of. Didn't expect her ta walk up ta me. But, who does expect it?" The woman sighs softly before she nods about her former job. "Was born in Fort. My sister'n I are hunters, well, she still is. We provided a lot of the extra meat for the Weyr. As well as stuff for the tanners'n such. Fort's always been my home. Ain't lookin' ta leave any time soon." Another nod follows for the talk of learning, leaving it simply at that. When the man stirs, she tenses and peeks over in his direction until he's again still and sleeping. "Oh. /That/." The goldrider's nose wrinkles a bit, not feigning neutrality at all: disgust is clear in her features. "That thing is a waste. Does nothin' important."

With a dry amusement, Thea says, "I hope you made a nice bundle of marks." She listens with bright interest to Dtirae's former profession, nodding. There's a gentle snort at the mention of leaving, though. "I would hope not! They need you there and it is your home. Whyever would you?" She's a little surprised and possibly a little dismayed about the relic. "Really? So… did you ever learn anything about it? Who made it or what it is?" She's trying not to look so disappointed, but it's clear that she is. "I was hoping it might be a clue to who might've built our ruins. Or something."

Dtirae chuckles, "yeah. Gave 'em off ta my sister after so she could go drinkin'." As for the leaving, shoulders roll in an idle shrug. "People tend ta think that I'd want ta take off with my lifestyle, regardless what color Zuvaleyuth is. 'm duty bound, and 'm proud to serve my Weyr. Always have been." Another smile plays at her lips, fleeting as it fades just as quickly as it returned. "Nah. Never learned a thing 'bout it. It doesn't do much. 'S'rather borin'. We couldn't find anythin' about it in Landin', either. If yer wantin' ta see it, I could check with Th'ero about handin' it over."

Thea's grin says it all, and she adds a thumbs up to go with it. "Well, good for you. I'm sure your sister appreciated it." She simply shakes her head and murmurs, "Some people" about her being judged in that way while giving the younger woman an approving smile for her sentiment. She shakes her head when she mentions handing it over, "Actually I'd just like to see it sometime. So I'll pop up and visit Fort one of these days." It's then that a couple of healers arrive at the cot making shooing motions and announcing a bandage change. The Weyrwoman rises but it's clear she's only making space for them; she isn't going far. Understanding that Dtirae won't want to hear the moaning or see the wound, she smiles at at her, "It was nice meeting you, Dtirae. I shouldn't keep you though." Really. This… could get ugly if the man wakes.

"She did, that she did." Dtirae chuckles a bit at the thought and leaves it at that as well as avoiding the subject of the people who've doubted her intentions. "'m sure Th'ero wouldn't mind handin' it over. Really. It'll give me a reason to come back." The goldrider insists but then, the healers are coming over and making their announcement. Color leaves her cheeks and she's standing all too quickly. "It was a pleasure, ma— Thea. Thank you for the hospitality." And then, she's fleeing before the healers begin to work.

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