Hatching Feasting

Xanadu Weyr - Caverns
A massive cavern in it's own right, this one has been skillfully adapted for human habitation. The high ceilings have been painted a light, soft ivory, as are the walls where numerous tapestries hang to provide brilliant color and insulation from the stone. The floor has been left in its natural state, pale pink granite speckled through with glittering mica and dark flecks of basalt, leveled carefully but kept sufficiently rough to avoid slips.
The cavern itself is loosely divided into areas, each one set up to be suitable for some segment of the Weyr's population. The most frequently occupied area, however, is the one near the Kitchens where tables of varying sizes provide a place to sit down and eat or chat and a buffet of consumables is almost always kept stocked. Its plain that on most days, this area wouldn't accommodate anywhere near the full population of the Weyr and equally plain that on such occasions when a formal meal is laid out, tables are appropriated from all the other areas.
A big fireplace is set into the wall near the Kitchens as well, several comfortable chairs nearby providing haunts for elderly residents or riders who like a good view of all that happens. Rugs cover the floor in strategic spots, all of them abstract or geometric in design and most in the softly neutral colors of undyed wool.

The sunset hatching is over and the evening is by now well-advanced. Those responsible for putting on the feast had scooted out and hustled to their work as soon as the last hatchling had impressed, so there would be something ready for those guests. The newest Weyrling pairs have been escorted to the Weyrling barracks to get their hatchlings settled and the milling crowd in the arena's observation level have slowly drifted to the caverns. Dinner may have been served earlier but not everyone had been able to attend that and of course with the different time zones from which many of the guests had hailed from, food will by now be welcome for grumbling stomachs. Roasts that had been partially-cooked and chilled, tossed on the spits when the humming first began, now scent the caverns with a succulent aroma and the workers have whipped out decorations so that now there are colorful paper streamers in gold, bronze, brown, blue and green festooned in graceful arcs across the ceiling with balloons in the same colors hanging down in clusters.

A buffet awaits with delectables shipped in from all over Pern a-dragonback, cold seafood on ice, fruit and vegetables in creatively-cut shapes, fresh rolls, baked sweets of all kinds, punch and hot drinks await the guests of honor.

Mur'dah has finally gotten Kalsuoth to sleep, the dark, little brown stretched out on his cot, exhausted from the sheer energy it takes to be born. Smoothing down one of his nicer tunics, Muir - now Mur'dah - straightens his Weyrling knot and steps slowly into the caverns. Brown eyes dart around, searching for familiar faces as he starts to edge his way through the crowd towards the food and drink tables. Because he is /famished/.

n-talya stands quietly at the back of the cavern smiling and watching for the new weyrlings to arrive, hoping for a chance to congratulate the few of them that she knows. The young dolphineer keeps stretching up onto her tippy toes to see over the crowd here to try and catch a glimpse.

After finally coaxing Xeosoth to stop sliding through the spilled oil and pick a couch, M'kal's own forgotten hunger pain finally makes itself well known. With the sturdy blue finally content in the couch and mostly asleep, M'kal can tell that this is his own hunger pains being felt. Oy! It's been /hours/ since the boy ate. Most likely longer than that actually since he had an early lunch and made a hasty retreat out of the snow and back into the candidates dorm. M'kal's found his better clothing to wear, tugging it a bit nervously as he steps into the caverns right behind Mur'dah. "Oh fardles the food smells so good!"

Among those who didn't get a chance to eat earlier are some of the new Weyrlings, Soriana among them. Luraoth's asleep now, sharing a couch with Tahryth, and so here Soriana comes. She said she would. She even put on a clean shirt. Now, she enters the caverns along with the boys, looking around… but the crowd's too large and varied for her to make out anyone at first. Food, however… "I dunno if I can eat as much as Luraoth… but I think I'm going to try," she comments to her companions.

Idrissa isn't too sure whom is more tired, herself or Tahryth at the moment, though with the green sleeping curled up on the large couch next to her golden sibling it is a good time to escape for this feast thing that is going on. She follows along with the other weyrlings with a yawn escaping her as she goes. There was only time to change out of the robes, though she was happy to get back into normal clothing. "I think that would be painful if you tried Soriana." A glance is sent over to M'kal and she grins. "You going to try and eat as much as Xeosoth?"

Ka'el enters into the Caverns, looking less overwhelmed than he truly feels. Since leaving the sands, he's been remarkaby quiet. Quietly he fed the newly hatched bronze. Quietly, he spoke aloud to him words that he might not even remember, if asked. Even after being escorted into their new barracks and oil sliding ensued, he quietly observed, although while still looking as humored as the rest of them. And now, Kanekith (after much ado) has found himself a couch suitable for the greatness that is he (the first one was too lumpy, you see. And that last one? Far too soft!), freeing Kale to partake in the festivities. "Woah.." is his initial reaction to the colorful decor of the familiar space, pausing momentarily at the entrance before continuing on inside to the impressive spread!

Mur'dah grins over his shoulder at his (gasp) wingmates, grinning wide and crooked. "Let's see if they have soup, eh?" he asks, slinging an arm around M'kal's shoulders and grinning at Soriana and Idrissa. "Let's do it." Grinning at Ka'el too, Mur'dah beckons with his free hand. "C'mon, this is all for us. Let's enjoy it."

Thea is there, of course. Seeing to the things a Weyrwoman needs to see to when a huge crowd of guests descends en masse upon a Weyr. There are dignitaries from all over Pern here, but she seeks to find the parents of Candidates first and foremost to congratulate (or is it comfort) them. Then she's seeking out those that stood but didn't impress to offer her sympathy and a bracing word that next time could be the one where their lifemate finds them. She's working on getting to the weyrlings, but this may take awhile.

"I didn't say I'd try very hard," Soriana replies to Idrissa with a grin. "Just until I'm full, that's all." And until the celebration has been properly appreciated… hmm. She pauses for a moment on her way to the food to look over the crowd again, and frowns slightly before looking back far enough to see Kale… Ka'el. Soriana gives him a crooked smile, and extends one hand toward him in an invitation that falls back to her side after a moment, though the smile's still on her face.

M'kal's grin is slightly dazed but the enthusiasm is there! "Soup!" he perks up, eyes flashing in amusement. "Alas I will never see soup quite the same since you introduced me to fish and mushroom soup." is said to Mur'dah as the arm goes around his shoulder. Peeking behind him to see the others also headed in he gets that goofy 'we're all together still' sappy look. "I doubt I can eat that much!" is said to Idrissa with an added afterthought. "…but I can try!" perhaps he will. First thing he is truly eyeing is the shrimp! "Finally get him all settled in, Ka'el?" of all the newest dragons, only Kanekith was more picker on his couch choice than Xeosoth.

As Steward, Jethaniel has little reason for involvement here. However, curiosity impelled him to watch the Hatching, and now he's been discovered by some of the visitors drawn here by that same Hatching who have agendas they wish to discuss. Actually, calling it discussion might be misreprenting things slightly. The current ones have opinions they wish to share. At length. Jethaniel sits and sips a glass of wine and nibbles from a plate and, at least theoretically, listens.

Idrissa chuckles and nods as she hears Soriana. "Alright, that is a given." She offers with an amused tone. A smile is sent back to Mur'dah and she nods a moment. "I bet your try." This is said back to M'kal before her gaze is drifting over the room as she continues along, she catches the look from Sori to someone else and she catches sight of Ka'el. She smiles and waves over to him. "Ka'el!" Is called out to get his attention so he'll catch up it seems.

"Of course there's soup," remarks Ka'el, hearing Mur'dah, and he grins over at the other guys. "It's winter now, isn't it? Now's the /only/ appropriate time for soup! Now stew on the other hand .. that you can have all turn long." His grin remains as he reaches the foodline. But oh, the good thing about being the newest weryling group? You get first dibs! Yes! As he's ushered to the front with congratulatory remarks, his eyes meet those of Soriana, and she is given a smile, lightly, before a plate is thrust at him. "Ten turns later," he answers M'kal, offering him that plate. "Too large. Not large enough. Fit for a green, not him. Too many lumps." He shakes his head. "I hope he isn't this choosy with everything." He waves to Idrissa, hearing his name.

Mur'dah gets to the tables and pulls his arm back from M'kal's shoulders so he can start to load a plate. And /load/ it he does, brown eyes flicking around at the crowd, searching for his family. "Aww, you flatter me, M'kal," he teases, grin wide and crooked. Glancing back to Idrissa, Soriana and Ka'el again, the teen seems to almost obsessively keep checking on the others in his wing. Hearing Ka'el, the teen grins. "He picked you, didn't he?" And that's a compliment, really, even if Mur'dah fumbles it a bit.

"What if it's a cold soup?" Soriana asks. Because, hey, these are important questions! Her smile lingers through Ka'el's complaints, and she hehs. "An appreciation for the finer things?" she suggests, with a nod to Mur'dah's comment. Her own plate gets its share (okay, more than its share) of food. Eating is important, though after a few moments, she frowns. "Have any of you seen Zahleizjah or Hotaru yet?" Another glance to the crowd.

The breadth of opinion had by the gentleman taking advantage of Jethaniel's ear is remarkable. It is mostly remarkable on account of being so very small. As he comes around to his starting point yet another time, Jethaniel rises to his feet abruptly. "Excuse me," he says to the startled expression of the man beside him. "There is a matter requiring my attention." This alleged matter appears to be located in his office, because he promptly retreats there.

Thea is caught in a corner with a holder who insists that his daughter should have impressed and there's been some mistake and can he take her to the barracks to see if the not-fully formed bonds might change things. All the while his tear-swollen eyed daughter stands there. Thea is looking like her patience is wearing thin as her repeated denials to this request go unheeded. This doesn't stop Tharen from slipping away to see if he can find his niece and nephew to congratulate them and of course the food is where he looks for Muir- ahh Mur'dah first. "Hey squirt," he greets with a roguish grin upon easing up behind him.

Ka'el gives a smirked look to Mur'dah. "After an eternity," he says, keeping his point. But it doesn't sound like a complaint at all, and it's more of a fond-ish tone that claims his voice. His plate is filled with stuff, stuff, and more stuff. Some of this! And some of that! And geeze, has he eaten at all today? And with food teetering on his plate, a meatroll threatening to fall and take a few shrimp with him, he scopes out a table for he and the others, claiming one by setting down his food. "Cold soup?" he makes a face. "It better not be that smelly kind.." But at the mentioning of their wayward pals, he pauses and looks around. "Nah.." he says, just realizing this. "Or Garawan either."

M'kal copies Mur'dah's example and loads his own plate fairly full starting with the shrimp and other goodies. So far he's not had much time to look through the caverns to see if his own parents made it or his candidate friends that didn't impress. So much on his mind! He too can't seem to stop looking at his fellow wing mates as if still trying to come to grips with the whole situation. Finally though he too looks around as Soriana asks about the others. A quick frown appears as he doesn't see Zahl or Hotaru. "Oh…" he murmurs. Blinking a few times he simply stands there with an uncertain expression. Should he eat or not? He seems unsure.

Mur'dah snorts, "Cold soup isn't soup. It's…melted…good stuff…" He'll probably think of a wittier reply later. Glancing around, he shakes his head at Soriana's question. "I haven't…" he says with a little frown. His scanning the crowd finds him face to face with his uncle though, and the boy beams. "Uncle Tharen!" He keeps his plate in one hand, but tries to embrace the man with the other. "I'm so glad you and Grandmother made it."
Idrissa smiles as she watches Ka'el, a shake of her head seen before she glances to Soriana. "I wonder if they all have worms." No there just boys, they tend to eat everything in sight, right? She finds a plate and peers over the food curiously, pondering as she chews on her lip, pondering what to get it would seem. At the question from Soriana she glances around and then looks back to her friend. "No, I was hoping they would be here for sure."

Soriana just grins to Idrissa, because tonight, her own plate is just as full as the boys's. "Then how come they call it soup?" she asks Mur'dah back, but it's in the good-natured tone of arguing just for the sake of arguing. "Hurm," she says at the lack of friend-spotting, and nods. They should be here! There's plenty of other …non-impressed… candidates here. Just… not the ones she's looking for. "Oh well," she says, then smiles as she sees Tharen descending on Mur'dah, looking back to M'kal briefly before… plate, food. Food is her friend now. Chomp, chew, "'m sure we'll find 'em," chew, chomp.

Ka'el is not looking for any family to be here because … heh. Really. And so he makes sure there there are places left for those who are occupied with other people before he claims a seat and starts to dig in. Too bad he only gets a bite in before he's nearly choked by a hearty clap to his back. *COUGH!* — "Youngest!!" Oh, there's a tell-tale voice! At least to Kale and the very few Xanadu residents that are familiar with the shaggy haired, blue eyed bluerider named Kei'lan. With his trademark goggles situated on his head, ready for flight at moment's notice, the older Crestwood gives his sibling a hearty shake, rattling the weyrling's brain who is still recovering from shrimp going down the wrong windpipe, which goes unnoticed by his exuberant sibling.. "A bronzer! Look at you! And ladies!" A wide, beaming grin is shot towards Idrissa and Soriana. "Congratulations! What a happy day! Congratulations, gents!" to M'kal and (although he's busy and likely won't notice with all the commotion) Mur'dah as well.

Tharen encircles Mur'dah's shoulders in a one-armed manhug that is still nearly crushing in strength. "We did," he says with a chuckle and points over their shoulders towards a table where Rensea sits sipping a cup of punch. The aged lady holder lifts a hand and waves her fingers at them - she'd spotted her grandson the moment he'd entered the caverns, of course. "So. A brown. Congratulations!" continues Tharen with hearty approval for Mur'dah. Also offered to the nearest Weyrlings within earshot, albeit a touch more formally. "Congratulations on your impressions". He doesn't know them; hasn't met them, really although he saw them all on the sands awhile ago. They are all wearing those bright new knots so they're not hard to recognize.

Mur'dah gasps at the strength of his uncle's hug, though the boy leans into it just the same. "Thanks, Uncle. Looks…" he clears his throat. "Looks like you've got Cold Stone for good now, huh?" Heh heh heh. His laugh falls a touch flat as his gaze flicks up to Tharen, almost in apprehension. Grinning then, he waves to his grandmother and smiles. "Thanks. Not a blue…" Though he doesn't sound disappointed. Not even a little bit. "Marel got a brown too, did you see? We got brother browns." And this brings him so much joy. Glancing around, he checks (again) for his wingmates, grinning goofily at all of them.

M'kal takes a second to shake his head to clear it from the brief emotions that comes with realizing several of his friends aren't here. Putting a step forward he spares a grin back over his shoulder as he hears the congratulations from Mur'dah's uncle. "Thanks, sir!" he says crisply before winding his way to the table that Ka'el's claimed. Just in time to see the tail end of his choking and Kei'lan's perhaps overly loud words. "Hi…thanks!" then his attention is focused on putting food into his mouth as fast as he can without actually looking rude.

Soriana looks up behind Kale at the sound of that voice, and grins. "Heya, Kei'lan!" she says. Ahhh, family. Hey, at least this one- she gives a quick glance around. "None of the… rest came, did they?" They wouldn't. They couldn't have made it in time. Nevertheless! She has to make sure. To those congratulations, she says, "Thanks!" with a somewhat bemused grin that lingers as she repeats herself just a moment later for Tharen, giving him a vague salute of 'hey I have no clue who you are but why not?'

Idrissa grins at Soriana, and well her plate is piled up with more food on it then she normally would ever think of eating. A certain green is most likely starting to get a grumbly belly, yes that must be the reason. With mug of hot cider in hand she follows after Soriana so where the others can be found sitting, she settles upon a seat next to Kale even. She sips from her mug and sputters at the sudden 'youngest' and looks around wide eyed before seeing Kei'lan. A slight cough escapes her. "Hey Kei'lan." She sends a glance over to Ka'el, making sure he is still alive after all. She blushes a moment and smiles while nodding to the bluerider that is there hovering. "Thank you." Her bright gaze drifts up to a new voice, and she offers Tharen a smile. "Thank you."

Thea, meanwhile has managed to extricate herself from the insistent holder, a feat which might have something to do with a burly guard edging up to him and handing him a mug of ale and suggesting the tavern might be a more appropriate place for him tonight. Passing by the coughing Kale, the Weyrwoman stops, bends down to eyeball him. "Can you breathe?" she asks with genuine concern. Here's your chance? Shake your head no! She doesn't wait for him to answer, perhaps his color seems fine? Instead she says with a bright smile, "Bronze Kale. Congratulations!" She doesn't say anything else about what that might mean for him in the future. No, that will all dawn on him later, right? She turns her attention to Soriana next. "Soriana, I'm so pleased for you and Luraoth," she says with her smile widening. "Sorrin must be bursting her buttons." Speaking of her Junior, the Weyrwoman's eyes scan the crowd briefly to see where the newest goldrider's mother might be.

Ka'el breathes! Yes, yes, he's fine everyone! He waves off everyone's concern, eyes watering a bit though a few gulps of water takes care of that. A sheepish grin is given to the weyrwoman, face flushing. Yeesh, he hasn't done that in a while! But then again, it's not every day that he chokes in front of the weyrwoman. Not literally, anyway. A vaguely irritated look is tossed to Kei'lan. Thank bro. Buut Kei's far too happy being happy for everyone to notice, and he laughs in response to Soriana, head tossed back a bit. "The whole lot? I'm not completely daft, am I? It's only me this time, fear not. I wouldn't spoil this occasion." As Thea's attention turns to her, he respectfully backs off, instead turning his merry sights on Idrissa. "Still as fair and rosy as when I last saw you, are you? And a … greenrider, was it? Wasn't she lovely! What was her name? And you?" His attention rapidly swivels to M'kal. "I don't think we've had the pleasure, young weyrling."

Tharen gives Mur'dah's shoulders another little squeeze before dropping his arm. "Looks like," he agrees easily, not at all seeming bothered by the prospect of being holder for the rest of his life. Perhaps he's growing into it. "I saw," he replies with a great big smile then and turn of his head to see if he can spot Marel anywhere. "She must be settling hers, hmm?"

Mur'dah studies his uncle's face for a long moment and then nods. "We'll come visit. Help out," he promises. Though, as he gets to know Kalsuoth's temperament, he might regret that promise. "Yeah, she is. She'll be here in a bit I'm sure." With another goofy grin, the brownling edges to his grandmother to give her a big, gentle hug and a kiss on the cheek. Glancing around again, he frowns in momentary concern at Ka'el.

Soriana looks up to Thea as the …other… goldrider approaches. Huh. That thought kind of dawns on her as Kale is congratulated, and she stares without entirely seeing what's going for a few moments, just nodding absently to Kei's answer to her. By the time Thea turns to Soriana, she's at least halfway recovered. Enough to smile back, anyhow. "I… wasn't expecting… that," she says. Luraoth choosing her, that is! Not that Thea's pleased to hear it. "But… thank you." She smiles somewhat wider, then turns her own gaze to the crowd. It's good at hiding people tonight! Her friends, her mother… "Have you seen her?" she asks Thea. Because Sori hasn't, yet!

M'kal finally gets to a stopping point in his feeding, perhaps the urge to breath has presented himself. As Ka'el's color returns to a one that's not so blue perhaps, after all he impressed bronze not blue, M'kal turns attention suddenly to the sibling of said new bronze rider. "I'm Mikal…um, M'kal." he grins sheepishly. "Blue Xeosoth." is tacked in at the end, that goofy grin appearing once more that's really never too far from the surface.

Idrissa watches Ka'el for a few moments to make sure that he is indeed still breathing. She ponders before turning her attention to Kei'lan, a soft breath escaping her. "So now everyone is going to come smack Ka'el over and over then? We sort of want to keep him in one piece tonight after all." A grin is sent to Ka'el before she is being looked back. Oh.. well.. "Yes, her name is Tahryth." The girl is smiling, a warm one while she says that name. It seems like everyone has family just popping up all over the place, save for her. Which really, she doesn't have a problem with that. She hears Thea's voice now and glances up to the Weyrwoman, a soft smile seen along with a nod.

Thea doesn't really expect an answer from Kale, he needs to recover, after all. Her eyes return to Soriana in time to hear her reply and she just smiles understandingly, "Neither was I when Seryth chose me." How can she be not pleased tonight? "She must be around here somewhere?" she says of Sorrin. It's been a bit of a madhouse, though so it's understandable that the goldrider hasn't been spotted by either of them. And then to M'kal and Idrissa, she adds her congratulations with a her approval for their impressions evident in her tone, "M'kal, Idrissa, congratulations on your impressions as well. Your hatchlings are quite lovely." And there goes Mur'dah passing by and her gaze follows him with the sort of hunger mingled with pride that only a mother can have. Ah well, she'll catch up to him in awhile.

M'kal doesn't have family popping up yet behind him but J'myn has finally entered in once his midnight starry blue to sleep. He makes a straight light towards the food table, heaps up his plate just like all the other weyrlings did and he slips into a chair beside M'kal. Both healer apprentice boys impressing blues…so cool. M'kal nudges his friend with an elbow but leaves him alone to start eating. "Thank you Weyrwomen,." he says hastily at the congratulations from her. "Xeosoth is…I never even imagined." he says breathlessly. "Mur'dah's and Marel's browns are simply perfect too." he adds with a quick glance towards his friend.

Tharen chuckles, meeting Mur'dah's eyes unwaveringly. Yes, he means it! "You come visit," he says firmly. He'll be fine, really. And as the new Weyrling heads to see his grandmother, Tharen heads to the buffet to get the boy's grandmother a plate. He'll be there over at the table, chatting to his nephew while the boy lingers and then Marel when she finally stops by. And tease his sister when Thea finds time to sit. If she does. Crowds! Hub bub! Not the best place for any sort of deep conversations.

Kei'lan plops himself down next to his brother, unable to keep himself from beaming at him. "A bronzer…" He shakes his head before laughing and hooking his arm around his sibling's neck, heartily giving him a noogie. "First thing to go will be all this shag!" he laughs, resisting the struggle and keeping his arm crooked. And, as if it is the most every-day occurence, he continues conversing with others with Ka'el in a headlock. Catching M'kal's flub with his name, he grins and nods. "That'll take some getting used to. I saw your blue! He's a beaut. Xeosoth, you say? When the two of you are properly acquainted, I'll have to introduce Azrith, my blueboy grump," he offers. "Tahryth? Lovely name. Are you all excited? Of course you are!"

Ka'el finally frees himself from his brother's hold and hastily combs his fingers through his hair, fixing it. Sort of.

Mur'dah chats for a bit with his grandmother, and then stops by his uncle's side again before he drifts towards his wingmates. He'll talk to his mother soon. Maybe he's waiting for Marel to show up so they can weather Thea's emotions together. "Thanks, M'kal," he says with a soft blush to his cheeks. "They're all pretty perfect." Goofy smile intact, he nods to Kei'lan as well, before he finally takes a moment to tackle his mountain of food.

That, from Thea, makes Soriana laugh a little, before her expression returns to a bemused one. "The dragons decide," she says, and just ponders on that truth for a moment before she shrugs. Her head is far too a-whirl to seek deeper meanings right now! She nods about Sorrin being somewhere around. "I'll go look for her," she says, then pauses. "At least, if Luraoth stays asleep. She told me I should come here… but I told her, only while she was sleeping." The look on Soriana's face is a combination of affection and stubbornness, and she glances briefly to Ka'el and Kei'lan and the others and smirks.

Idrissa smiles as she hears Thea. "Thank you Thea." She thinks Tahryth is indeed lovely, more like beautiful, though she would only have those thoughts for her dear green. A glance is sent to Ka'el at the talk of him getting his hair cut and she squints her eyes a moment at the thought. "You're going to cute your hair?" Well that was something suggested of course, she half pokes at a few of her fuzzy hair strands perhaps pondering the idea herself for a moment until she hears Kei'lan once more. "Oh, I'm very excited." She may not seem as excited as the others, but seeing how the girl hasn't stopped smiling since the sands should be a good indication of how happy she truly is.

There's a trace of awe to his tone as M'kal murmurs. "They are all perfect fits for us too…" another nudge to J'myn beside him and the other apprentice is giggling at something. What? Who knows! He is still in a daze! "What? You're gonna cut your hair?" he hears tidbits of conversation and that catches his attention as he asks Ka'el. His own hair…too short to cut.

Thea nods at Soriana's promise to her newly-hatched gold. She can relate, being both rider and mother, the reluctance to leave the little one alone. "You'll make a fine rider," she says confidently leaving her with a little pat on the shoulder and another smile. Both M'kal and Idrissa are winked at but now she moves on because more Weyrlings are entering with their parents, there are yet other ex-candidates whose woe needs assuaging and Weyrleaders, holders waiting to say their piece to her. Things like, "What's this about Xanadu having an Acting Weyrleader?" Joy?

Ka'el shakes his head at first at the hair-cut talk. "No, I'm not go-.." Wait. He was supposed to! A while back. Just because it was getting in the way-ish. But now.. He eyes his brother, who is a treasure trove of knowledge and seems to be aware of this, considering the Cheshire cat grin on his face. "I'd recommend it," Kei'lan quips to them all, pointing at M'kal. "Look, he has the right of it. It's more of a hassle than it's worth what with all you'll be doing the next turn or so! Cut it all off, I say, to all you blokes. And if you're sad, losin' those lovely locks," sai with a playful flick to Ka'el's hair, which he fails to duck, "Just think, your mate will love you just the same!

Mur'dah lifts his eyes towards his own longish hair, and then gives his head a toss to clear it from his eyes. "Guess we'll have to, huh? There goes your candlemark of styling it every morning Ka'el," he teases his friend with a tilted grin. "Yeah, it'd be much easier to not have to deal with it… But what about the girls? They just have to suffer their hair?" And he turns to thoughtfully study Soriana and Idrissa, as if considering what they'd look like with significantly less hair.

Soriana's smile to Thea in return is not quite as full of confidence… which, really, would be a moment worthy of remembering all on its own, except all the other parts of this moment are probably distracting most people from noticing. "Thank you," she says again. "I'll try." And, as Thea moves off through the crowd, she gives her back a slow and contemplative salute before turning her attention back to her fellow weyrlings. The considering expression lingers on her face, though before long, it's consideration of something rather less serious. Chopping off her hair? "Huh. Might be a good idea."

Idrissa is rather unsure over this idea, though well it may not be a bad idea that is for sure. She pushes a few strands of hair behind her ear while she goes about chewing on a bite of food. "Maybe" There is a pause and she eyes Mur'dah a moment. "Why do I think your picturing Soriana and me with no hair?" Just a guess!

M'kal tilts his head, considering the longer hair of his friends. "Maybe after weyrlinghood I'll grow mine out." he muses. He's had it short for so long…he'd probably look like a whole new person! M'kal relaxes a bit as the weyrwomen fades away into the crowds. His maximum food intake has been reached finally though his stomach doesn't bulge. Leaning back against his chair he lets his gaze sweep the table and others at it. It's a feeling of family that seems to hit home once more, his expression turning..retrospective. "Strange.." he murmurs briefly. "Might be easier for you girls if you cut it shorter for a bit." he finally adds his opinion on that. "At least in the beginning." he says nothing about the boys hair though!

Ka'el exaggeratedly rolls his eyes to Mur'dah, amusement dancing. "Ha. Funny. Wasn't it you that took hours brushin' and combin' and styling in the mornings at the candidate barracks?" he counters, brows lifting. "I'm pretty sure I heard you talkin' to Garawan one night about … hair ties and products?" He shrugs cluelessly, though tries to keep a straight face. .. That effort fails about five seconds in. But hair is apparently a 'thing' in weyrlinghood, if his brother is in any way shape or form true, and so as questions ring out, he looks to him.

Kei'lan is happy to oblige with what answers he can give. He snatches a breadroll from Ka'el's plate. "Well," he says looking to the two females, "there was girl in my class by the name of Windi who was a bit…" Hmm, what's a good word. He makes a crazy face. Yeah. That sums it all up! "She shaved the whole of it off. Was balder than a baby's bottom. I swear to you, I'm not making a bit of this up! And the sad fact was that it revealed that she had an odd shaped head. A bit of a … lopsided thing." A grin. "I'd suggest girls cutting it short," he agrees with M'kal. "But you needn't go overboard."

Soriana returns her attention to her own food, om nom eating. The weyrling goldrider glances to M'kal at his comment about growing out his hair, and huhs. "…I can't even picture that," she says. Therefore: "You should." Another few bites of food, catching up for the dinner that she didn't have before, and then at the mention again of shorter hair for the girls… she nods. "I will." Nope, no deep internal conflicts here. "Not shave it off, though," she adds at Kei'lan's further details. "Just, like, cut it. M'kal-length, maybe." She grins to her fellow weyrling, then has another bite of food… her gaze drifting once more to the crowd as she chews.

Mur'dah grins wide at Idrissa. "Because I am," he answers. Then he snorts at Ka'el, and picks up a roll as if he's going to throw it. But his time on the island taught him that food is not to be thrown, so he throws his napkin instead after stuffing the roll into his mouth. That makes a comeback impossible, but maybe that's a good thing. "I'll cut mine," he says once he's swallowed. "Not all off, but a nice short cut." Then he's absorbed with his food, hanging out with his wingmates and their families, soaking in the party atmosphere until it's time to return to the barracks.

Idrissa points a finger at Kei'lan. "I dono if I believe you or not. I know Ka'el likes to make up stuff so I bet it runs in the family." You know like corn constellations on the sky an all. A shrug is seen. "I may get it trimmed up some, not that it ever bothered me when I was working in the stables." There is a pause and she ohs at the thought. "I'm going to have to sneak carrots to RedFeathers somehow." Yes that idea would pop into her head now of all things. She shakes her head a moment once hearing Mur'dah.

M'kal nibbles on the bits of shrimp and rolls left on his plate. Not because he's still hungry but really because they are there. Or perhaps it's partially not to waste it. J'myn comes to his rescue though, having finished his own plate he helps M'kal finish his. M'kal falls into a partial daze, his eyes partially unfocused as he sits and lets the conversation kind of flow around him. Finally he sits up with a startled sound with wide eyes. "Gotta go…" he stands and is headed out the door.

Oh no, possible food fight! Ka'el grins and lifts his arms up as a shield, but ah ha! He is spared the wrath of the breadroll, and his arms are lowered again, though not without allowing his fingers to give a thoughtful graze to his hair. Haircut. Headshave. Buzzcut. Ah, whever. He's butchered his own hair before. He can do it again! Shorter and worse…er. He settles to eat again, giving a snicker to Idrissa.

"Whaaat?" Kei'lan's eyes, the exact same shade of blue as Ka'el's, open wide at Idrissa's statement. "The youngest is spinning tales here in the weyr proper? Maring the family name?!" Well, if one thing does run in the family, it must be theatrics! He laughs before going back to eating. "It'll come up in one of your classes eventually," he remarks, waving to M'kal with a knowing sort of grin. "Weyrlinghood.." he says fondly, shaking his head in wonder. "It'll be odd not to be the only odd one out in the family," said to his brother, to which Ka'el gives a rueful smirk.

Soriana nods to Mur'dah, then waves to M'kal as he heads off. "See you," she says, and frowns consideringly for a moment, looking after him. "I'm gonna go look for my mom," she tells Ka'el and Idrissa. "Before Luraoth wakes up." Because, yeah, she's kinda guessing that's why the sudden departure from M'kal, and she's no idea how much longer her baby gold is going to sleep. And Sorrin's got to be around here somewhere! "I'll see you back at the barracks, okay?"

Idrissa chuckles while glancing to Kei'lan and nods with a smile seen. "Indeed, tales all around the place, running out his ears and everything." This said with an amused tone while she smiles. She ponders the odd one in the family bit and glances to her plate munching on another few bites of food. Hearing Soriana she looks up, a smile seen. "Alright, see you soon then."

Ka'el's eyes turn to Soriana at the mentioning of finding her mother. He nods understandably. "Right. Tell her I sai-.." Wait. No, that'd be weird. He can probably count on one hand alone the number of conversations he's actually had for her … with some fingers to spare! He shakes his head a little, dismissing the odd thought. "See you, Soriana," he offers, smile one again light and expression too mixed to be easily read. But above it all, there's warmth there, though he soon turns his vision away and back to the others at the table. "His name is Kanekith," he says, although no one asked. Kei'lan grins. "A fine name. He sounds like family already." His eyes draw to Idrissa. "And…your family?"

Soriana smiles back to Ka'el with just as mixed an expression, then waves to him and Idrissa… and Kei'lan as well, giving the bluerider a brief smile that's far less ambiguous, emotion-wise. Hey, at least she gets along with Ka'el's family? …well, this part of it, anyway. Kei tells her amusing stories! Which… may or may not be fanciful tales spun out of whole cloth, but hey. Either way, they're amusing… but they're not what she's looking for right now. Instead, she makes her way through the crowd, looking for her mother and pausing from time to time as she's caught up by someone or other wanting to congratulate her - or, occasionally, one of the unchosen candidates who wants to sniffle at her.

Idrissa has a meatroll in hand and is pulling the breading bit off from it and is chewing upon a piece of it as she half listens to the brother's next to near her. Her mind is clearly wandering, an most likely to her family, so far away and well she is rather sure they don't want to be here anyway so it shouldn't be a real issue. She blinks at the question and sends a glance to Kei'lan. "Well, there off at the colthold. I suppose." No she doesn't really know.

"Have you told them, at least?" asks Kei'lan with gently elevated brows that lift beyond the hairline of his own shaggy head. Apparently the 'short hair' recommendateion doesn't reach beyond weyrlinghood. "This one here," a gesture to the smith formerly known as Kale, "hadn't whispered a word to anyone."

"Can y'blame me?" counters the younger of the two, to which Kei'lan shakes his head. Ka'el vaguely smirks again, though it's a muted look. This day has been … extremely long. Good. Bad? Not…bad. Not really. It's been good. It's been.. "Different," he says aloud, completing the silent thought. "It'll all be different, won't it?" The question isn't clearly asked to either one of them, and rather seems to be directed to both, eyes on Idrissa. "I can't believe .. it happened."

Idrissa ahs softly and soon shakes her head. "No. I didn't tell them I was even picked to stand." Really, this isn't a great conversation to have with her, her family isn't that understanding of Weyr life. A glance is sent over to Kale, and she smiles to him. "Ya it's great an't it?" Everything worked out for the strange little couple group thing they have going on here.

J'o's been here at the hatching feast for a while, busy eating and wandering around. Now, the brownrider makes his way toward the newest of the weyrlings, and he directs both his eyes and voice to Idrissa, ignoring the rest… and ignoring Ka'el most of all. "Hey, Idrissa. Congratulations."

"That's the grand thing about Weyrlinghood," interjects Kei'lan. "It's all about who you Impress with! That's what makes a good class, you know? Getting along. And it's important to remember that," he says, seemingly happy to have someone, or someones, to share things with. Especially a brother! With the way he keeps beaming at Ka'el, it's a wonder the blue rider doesn't explode with giddiness. But even underneath that is an underlying layer of something less pleasant. But he won't let that surface now. This is a happy time!

Ka'el knows this too. This will be a different time, but a happy one too. He's done eating, left grazing on what he has left on his plate, eyes on Idrissa as she speaks on family. Or rather, doesn't speak on family. He knows how that is, and is set to comment on it .. but then J'o shows up. Initiate mode: Dislike. "Thank you," he cuts in, blatantly not ignoring the fact that he's being ignored. "We all thank you for your well wishes."

"Well I think are group is great. I mean.. Soriana, Mikal, Muir, Kale" Idrissa pauses and smirks. "There new names an all too." She shrugs a moment and sips at her mug before letting her gaze turn to J'o and she blinks, a warm smile seen. "J'o, hey.." It's been a while since they last spoke. "How have you been? Thank you. Bet you can give us all some tips huh?" Well his been through it recently, so why not? Ka'el is given a slight glance for the moment, thanks to that dislike attitude he is tossing around.

"Sure," says J'o to Idrissa. "Anything you want to know, you just ask us." Because senior weyrlings are so much more suitable than weyrlingmasters. He smiles to her, and then J'o looks to Ka'el. For a moment, though the smile fades, it's just a look. A measuring one, maybe. A one that… oh, no, there it went. It's a frown now. "Aye. I suppose you'll make a good bronzerider," he says, tone considering. "You've got it down already, Kale." A pause. "Or did you change it? Seems to me it was plenty short already."

"Oh, it was," replies Ka'el in reference to his name. "Now, it just sounds cooler. Some of us are just lucky, huh? Others … not so much." The smile he gives him is a venomous one, one that causes Kei'lan's brow to very faintly elevate as he looks from one to the other. It isn't difficult at all to feel that rift, and a questioning look is given to Idrissa before he speaks up, noting the knot on the new face's shoulder. "What a party, isn't it? Have you gotten yourself a bite? Looks like there still plenty!" says the rider, his broad grin easily coming. A hand is clamped own on Ka'el's shoulder (who specifically is not enlightening J'o with his name) in a hearty pat. "He'll make a dood rider in general. Xanadu's got a good crop, wouldn't you agree?" he asks of the weyrling, though softer words are spoken to his sibling in low undertones. "Let him rest…in peace, brother."

Idrissa smiles to J'o and nods. "I'm sure we will." She will at least anyway. Her gaze turns over to Ka'el and she watches him a few moments. A slight frown caught before she is standing. "I'm going to go check on Tahryth." Seems like she is a bit done with the conversation at hand. "See you later J'o, Kei'lan, /Kale/." She really did mean it like that this time it seems. "Visit more Kei'lan. Maybe you can put some sense into your brother." With her plate getting dropped off she is off to get back to the barracks it seems.

J'o's shoulders rise in a shrug at Ka'el's retort, about the name, then fall. "Suppose so." Some get two girlfriends! Others… don't. The brownrider's gaze lifts to Kei'lan, and he nods. "Aye. Good times." What. a. party. It'd be more convincing if it were less monotone, or if he was actually smiling. As for Xanadu's weyrlings, well. "Can't rightly say. Haven't met 'em all yet." His attention returns to Ka'el, and he frowns to the new bronzerider, but doesn't say anything before Idrissa draws his attention. He waves, with a small smile. "Bye."

Ka'el's eyes shift to those of Kei'lan, and there they meet and stay a wordless moment before an imperceptible nod is given. Getting irritated is apparently no good. As is anger. And desire. And obviously, a weyrling must be a robot! Or very, very in control of one's emotions. Kale is … seventeen, and thus not, and as Idrissa speaks to and of him, a frown is sent Idrissa's way. Irritated. Way to rain on the parade J'o. He glares off towards the food, though the look on his face seems to freeze after a moment, and he continues to stare, right past and through the goodies, to some place that's no longer here. What is … where.. Kanekith! He rises abruptly, earning a concerned look from his sibling. "Time's up, isn't it? C'mon, I'll walk back with you," says Kei, who rises as well and situates his jacket. He looks to J'o. "You should make an effort. They'll need your experience. All of them." A smile and nod is given, pleasant as ever, before he guides his brother, still with that blank-stare, off.

J'o looks back to Kei'lan, and he's quiet for a moment. "Aye," he says, the words perhaps not even heard by those retreating backs. "And perhaps someday they'll need a wingsecond, too." It's with a frown that he turns back to the hatching feast, the festivities likely to continue for rather a while - with or without the guests of honor.

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