Post-Hatching Slide

Xanadu Weyr - Hatching Sands
The large circular "stage" is surrounded on one half by a towering wall, thin slit windows high overhead letting in some light without truly endangering the objects on the sands, though plenty of lights are spaced at human-level all the way around. The other half is ringed by the dark blue seats of the observation level, rising upwards towards the back wall. The circle itself is filled with a mix of red and white sands, deep enough to cover the largest of dragon eggs with ease. To one side, a small door is visible, hidden away behind a platform meant to provide a place for the clutch parent's lifemates to stand during the on goings.

(I'm missing some here. Anyone who's got it, feel free to add it!)

Ka'el grins. "Mur'dah?" He laughs. "Isn't your whole name like, Murdahcleitchock?" Or .. something very close to that. His hand remains on Kanekith's muzzle, as if afraid that untouching him will have him dissolving into a dream or hallucination. The bronze is starving, and hunger pangs the young smith's…weyrling's…belly with a gusto. "I think you can," he answers the new brown weyrling, looking back to the sands. The sands. OH, the sands! He's forgotten to watch who else has impressed, and now it seems to be over with a green and gold heading their way with two familiar girls at their sides. His grin is brilliant. Absolutely brilliant!

Mur'dah snorts at Ka'el, grinning crookedly and shaking his head. Glancing to the sands, he pats his brown's muzzle. "C'mon, first adventure," he says, the pair striking out across those hot sands to try and find some egg shards. "Idrissa! Soriana!" he says as he passes them, bouncing up and down. Literally. "YAY! Okay. Egg shards. Be right back!" Scurry.

M'kal's stomach continues to growl. Always hungry himself now he's doubly so as he picks up on his blue's hunger!

Soriana arrives from the sands with Luraoth to find grinning faces. "Muir!" she says back as they pass her by, and Luraoth croons a greeting before looking back to Soriana. Saying hello is important, but right now, food is.. at the very least equally important. So where's the beef?

Idrissa is beyond being surprised, she glances towards the others once she is in the room and smiles, blushing even for a few moments while Tahryth is there bumping that head into over and over, at least she is able to stay standing a little better now. "Alright alright, let's feed you." She is at least not even thinking about the whole process of cutting up meat and giving to her dear dragon. A glance is sent after Muir and she blinks a few times.

Mur'dah and Kalsuoth trot their way across the sands, Mur'dah hopping along with his injured knee and Kalsuoth apparently mimicking his rider's walk with his own hop/wobble way of walking. Dipping and ducking among the shards and the hills and valleys of sand, Mur'dah hikes up the front hem of his robe to gently place a bunch of egg shards in the white fabric. Kalsuoth seems equally curious, nosing around, sniffing and snorting, his tail occasionally crushing a shard or two or ten, always cocking his head to listen to the noise they make. Huh! Then the pair make it back, Mur'dah carefully laying out all the shards on a spot safe from dragon breakage. "I tried to get a piece of everyone's egg," he says proudly, "if you want to keep a piece for…whatever." For sentimental reasons. Gently picking up one of Kalsuoth's shards, he shows it to the brown before going to get him some more meat.

The beef is easily at hand and Anoryn will step aside and then point to help guide Soriana where she has to go, "All you need to get her pleasantly sated is all there. If you need anything else, just holler." Maybe not /literally/ holler, but she gets it right? The old greenrider then glances back towards the sands and nods her head. Last of the pairs it seems and so Anoryn remains where she is with a relieved sigh, only to glance sidelong to Muir as he starts heading the opposite direction. "Where are you going?" she asks, perhaps a tad too late and with a exhale she allows it. For now and not without watching him like a hawk. Nothing goes amiss though and when he returns with the shards, she only chuckles dryly. "Thoughtful of you," she murmurs, before her attention is drawn to another one of the pairs. "Oy, slow down!" she grumbles, turning to busy herself with that task for now.

M'kal is murmuring quietly to Xeosoth but some bits of the conversation can be heard. "Your egg was the first one I was drawn too…I watched it when it was clutched." as Mui…Mur'dah comes back from the sands, M'kal's eyes light up to see he's picked up egg shards. "Thanks…" he murmurs gleefully before attention returns to the blue. That besotted look? It's not going anywhere.

J'myn is also busily feeding his blue and he's one that's guilty of perhaps trying to feed Damiseth too quickly. Abashed, he ducks his head though he slows down the feed. "Slowly, don't choke." says the blond haired lad.

There it is! Soriana grins to Anoryn. "Thanks!" she says, and then her focus returns to Luraoth. "Here," she says, offering the hungry gold a piece. So hungry, and yet not so hungry that she can't first sniff the meat curiously, curling her tongue out around it to take a lick and consider the taste before actually gulping it down. Soriana laughs. "You think so?" she asks the dragon, and offers another, then another. Yeah, she's kind of in her own little world with Luraoth for now, though as Muir returns, she looks at the egg-shards he's brought and smiles. "Thanks," she says, and Luraoth tilts her head around to peer curiously over those shells… then at the other young dragons. Her eyes brighten, and she hummms softly before turning her head back. More food!

Idrissa leads Tahryth over too where the others are so she can start feeding the green. She picks up a few pieces and goes about offering it to the green. "There, see. I told you it would be all taken care of." A glance is sent over the others are times, seeing whom all is to be found now that it is a bit quieter. Tahryth croons out as she works on the whole standing thing still, legs still a bit shaky before she drops down to her haunches with a little plop and goes about eating. Rissa hears Muir and smirks. "Thanks Mui… Mur'dah." Oh how is she going to remember that name change? She will most surely keep that piece of egg shell.

Mur'dah grins at the others as he gives Kalsuoth some more bits of meat, and then leads him a bit away so he can stretch out and observe, his mind casting out to his clutchsiblings, curious and exploring. Mur'dah looks like he's in a daze, his eyes darting from one weyrling rider to the next, grin ever growing. "I love you guys!"

Anoryn only nods her head and gives Soriana a hasty grin before she's off to observe J'myn. Congratulations will come later, it seems. Right now there is a sort of half-chaos to work through — that of getting the newly hatched dragons fed and comfortable. The older greenrider looms over J'myn and Damiseth until she is satisfied that the blond haired lad has the knack of it before she's murmuring some encouragement, "There you go. Slow is best, even if it feels like you need to rush it." Then she is moving off, doing her rounds among the group.

M'kal offers a grin towards Muir in between feeding chunks of meat to Xeosoth. "This is great!" he says quickly. "All of us stayed together….Where to next…when they finish eating?" he wonders briefly.

Xeosoth chomps through the meat with constant reminders of Mikal to slow down and chew. When Mikal becomes distracted he gets a nudge from the blue head. More!

Luraoth's mind reaches out as well, with the crackling of a hearth-fire as she picks up the images of those eggshells and makes them swirl, dancing down playfully to touch on the heads of each of her clutchmates with a feeling of warmth. Eggshell hats! There's a sense of amusement, echoed in Soriana's grin as she continues to feed the gold, one bite at a time.

Idrissa grins as she hears Muir again and nods while she looks back to Tahryth whom is snuffling out at that bit of her egg shell. She remembers that shell, at least this is what the green is thinking! There is a slight grumble from her stomach and then she is back to munching on pieces of meat, chompslurpchomp.

Kalsuoth warbles softly at Luraoth's eggshell hats, tilting his head up to blow at his mental hat, sending it swirling and flashing with edges of flame. Flaming hat of light? It dances on the mental eddies of his thoughts before it burns down to a coal and is buried deep, deep in the earth, his mind taking on loamy scents and the feeling of an old forest that has withstood the tests of the ages. And then it's all shattered when he burps, a flare of blue blotting out the rest of his thoughts as he tilts his head to peer curiously at his stomach. What was /that/? Mur'dah laughs, thumping his dragon on the shoulder. "Say excuse me." Warble? Eyes bright, Mur'dah sits on the ground and checks out his knee, probing it gently and making sure all is well while Kalsuoth watches. "I'm starving. When do /we/ get to eat?"

"We'll all be going to the barracks from here, once all are fed and settled and we're going to want to do that before they start getting too sleepy," Anoryn replies, glancing towards M'kal but pitching her voice to broaden her words to include everyone. "For now though, just focus on getting the hunger part done with. One little step at a time here." Stopping by Mur'dah, she frowns a little when she catches him probing his knee and murmurs a low, "Alright?" Kalsuoth's burp earns the brown a sidelong glance from the greenrider but she only shakes her head and chuckling, answers the question. "Once they're asleep, you'll be able to get some food. Or we can see about bringing some in closer to the barracks if you're not wanting to venture far. Just /this/ once." she stresses.

Luraoth's laughter to Kalsuoth is silvery bells, set to tinkling by the winds of his mind. Soriana strokes her fingers down along the gold's neck, then looks over to Mur'dah. Her gaze is on his knee, but she doesn't comment on that. What she says is, "There'll be a Hatching Feast…" and then look back to Luraoth, and smile fondly. "I don't mind." She puts her arm around the golden neck in a hug, then gives her another piece of meat.

Tahryth snuffles and snorts seeming full to the point she just lays right down there in the middle of everything. Her tail swaying a few times and tapping against her dear golden sibling's side. Idrissa watches holding onto the pieces of meat before setting them within the bowl and wipes her hands off. "Full?" This questioned softly. There is a soft croon from Tahryth whom peers over at Kalsuoth at the burp, and soon she is burping as well. Oh dear it's spreading. "Suppose that's a yes." Idrissa says with an amused tone.

Mur'dah looks up at Anoryn, his grin wide and undiminishing. "Yeah, I'm fine, just fell on the way to…uh…earlier. It's okay." Especially once Kalsuoth has wuffled over it, sniffing and then giving it a little lick. All better. Rumbling in amusement, the dark brown rests his head across his forelegs to watch. "Oh yeah, the feast. I'll have to go see Mom, and my uncle and grandmother. And dad. If he's-" Sober. "There." The boy frowns a bit, which causes Kalsuoth to nudge him, and Mur'dah just shakes his head and smiles, rubbing the dark brown's muzzle. "It's alright," he murmurs to his lifemate, soft and soothing.

Ka'el has been oh so quiet, sitting there with his dragon, a bit away, but not far away. Away enough that his attention can be totally focused on the swirling eyes of his lifemate. His lifemate? That's so weird, but somehow, it's exactly what he knew it'd be. Chunks of meat are fed to him a bit slower now that the ravenous feeling of starvation has been soothed. His lips are moving, which would hint that he's speaking, but words are far too quiet to be heard in their entirety. Only snippets make it out. "…far and wide… sometimes… one of us, but…not a good idea…"

M'kal has fallen silent once more once Anoryn's reply of what happens next. That settled in his mind, or perhaps it was the urging of the blue that prompted him to ask, he continues the process of feeding Xeosoth until eventually the blue slows down the pace indicating the start of a possible full stomach. A large yawn opens the mouth wide of Xeosoth. M'kal can't keep from looking around in amazement at all his friends surrounding him. Best Weyrling class ever.

Luraoth turns her head to look up at Soriana, ignoring for a moment the offered meat. "No, it's okay," Soriana says. Luraoth keeps looking at her. Expectant. They stare at each other for long moments. "Okay, fine," Soriana says with a trace of exasperation. "But not for long!" With that, Luraoth chirps satisfaction, and accepts her next morsel.

Idrissa takes in a soft breath as she watches Tahryth actually settle down, though that green is wiggling about slowly inching closer towards Luraoth and eyeing the gold curiously. For a few moments Rissa eyes the green and smirks a moment before reaching out to softly poke her to get the attention back. "Hey, aren't you the curious one." She murmurs out. Tahryth trills softly at the touch and turns her attention back and is nuzzling against Rissa enough to make the girl giggle softly.

Mur'dah looks around at his fellow Weyrlings - his friends - and the boy is fairly bursting with happiness. Almost drunk with happiness, he leans against Kalsuoth and rubs his dark brown's hide, gentle and soothing. Kalsuoth parts his jaws in an epic yawn, lids closing until Mur'dah climbs to his feet. "Up, up, I think we have to move before you sleep…"

Anoryn's gaze lingers on Mur'dah when he grins widely at her and slowly she nods her head, "If you need something, just let one of us know." she murmurs and then gives him a small, crooked smile. She won't press any further! Moving away, she checks on a few more pairs before turning to find her fellow AWLMs. Briefly do they talk amongst themselves and Anoryn is stepping away again, her voice lifting in a gruff but warm tone, "We're going to start to gather up here and head to the barracks. Time to get you all situated in there and comfortable. Those of you still feeding your lifemates, take your time! No rush. There will be an Assistant Weyrlingmaster waiting here too if needed. For those of you that are ready, come and follow me." And she'll begin to move away but at a slow and unhurried pace, letting the weyrlings move as fast or slow as they choose to.

Another few bites of food, and then Luraoth chirps, leaning down to brush her head against Tahryth's side as she circles around with light footsteps. She arches her neck. For a while, she follows exactly in Kanekith's footsteps - or tries to, anyhow. She has to stretch to manage it, with little hops that make Soriana, walking beside her, laugh. Luraoth turns her head, nudging at Soriana's side, and Sori grins. Her fingers brush over the golden head as Luraoth begins to walk more normally.

Oh, this walking thing again! Tahryth is a bit unsure about this, her legs wobble about and her wings flutter at times to try and help keep her standing it seem. Soft trills and croons escape her in the process, and perhaps she jumps into a sibling or two along the way. Idrissa works at keeping Tahryth up and moving, her arms resting around the green's neck to help keep her up and moving forward towards the barracks with the rest of the group.

Mur'dah limps along, while Kalsuoth hops in his awkward gait, resting forepaws on the ground before his hind legs kick and he gives a little jump forward. Quite the pair, though maybe the dark brown is just imitating his rider's odd walk?

Slow and steady is the key it seems and Anoryn leads the group onwards, pausing when needed and offering a few low, but warm, words of encouragement. It's not far to the barracks, but it may seem that way until at last they arrive. "Pick out your couches! Again, don't need to rush about it but go ahead and settle in when ready." she tells them with a light grin and then she moves off ahead to begin sorting a few things, checking to be sure all is in order.

M'kal leads the sleepy blue towards the barracks. Still all smiles he can't help but chuckle at Mu's brown copying his limp. "Hey Mur'dah…your knee okay?" he asks worriedly. Xeosoth stretches open his wings wide to see how wide they can open.

Once at the barracks, Luraoth shakes sleep from herself to walk along and consider the options. The gold tilts her head to peer into each couch in turn, and Soriana waits near the entrance, glancing to Mur'dah again at M'kal's question. After a circuit of the barracks, Luraoth comes back with a chirp of greeting, and looks curiously at Xeosoth's extension before testing out her own span. Soriana smiles at the gold, looking at the gold, then pauses a moment. She frowns slightly. "…hurm."

Mur'dah and Kalsuoth pick a couch near the door, making sure they're near to Marel and her lifemate as well. "Both browns," Mur'dah mutters, amused to no end at that little twist. "Oh, yeah, it'll be alright," he says to M'kal, offering his friend a smile. "It aches, but it'll be okay." Swollen in the morning no doubt, but tolerable. "Thanks," he adds, going to the oil barrel and picking up a little paddle. "C'mere, Kalsuoth. Wait. No. Don't put…" but the brown has already stuck his muzzle into the oil barrel, only to jerk it back sharply with a snort. That's not food! "I tried to warn you. Here," he says, smearing it on the dragon's hide. Kalsuoth jerks away, turning his head to stare at the slimy stuff on his hide. Shift. Shift. Wiggle. Crooooon. Delight filters from his mind into the room, emoting the joys of cool moisture on a stiff, itching hide. And he speaks his first actual words to his clutchmates, his voice a rich tenor steeped in age and the darkness of mysterious things in the past. « You have to try this. »

Idrissa looks over the barracks, they get to choose, or well the dragons do it seems. Tahryth trills out softly as she stumbles forward a few steps, wings fluttering open to keep her from kissing the ground. She soon shakily trots on over to a few cots, snuffling at one and then even licking another, which makes the green sputter, her tongue hangs from her mouth and she looks crossed eyed for a moment. The green then shifts hopping up onto a couch that is bigger then she needs and wiggles around upon it. This one please! The couch is more for say, a certain bronze then this green. "Tahryth.. I don't think you need one that big." Rissa offers while seeming unsure if she should try and get her dear dragon to move or not. It would seem the green is not budging at the moment, happy little croons escaping her.

Ooh, couch! Mikal nudges Xeosoth mentally and with a hand to the hide. "No sleep yet…gotta pick out a couch!" he moves to one. "Here's one…no?" clearly it's not a good one to Xeosoth's standards. The pair move to check out other couches. "Too big..too small." Mikal peers around. "Xeo seems kinda big aint he?" he murmurs to no one in particular. Kalsuoth's words draw Xeo's attention with a spin move that nearly knocks M'kal on his bottom. « Oil? What's it /do/?»

Kalsuoth struggles with Xeosoth's question, considering it for a long moment. « It is bliss, » is his only reply, plucking that complicated word from his rider's mind. And he tries to share the feeling with his clutchmates of the soothing touch of his rider's hand against his hide, the moisture soaking in, the easing of itchy egg-goo-dried hide.

« Bliss? » Tahryth questions from her spot on the large couch, she eyes her siblings, pondering it would seem this talk. The green is soon up, hopping off that couch and moving over to where Kalsuoth is, she goes about snuffling at the oil, and is now licking at it. The face she makes says it all, scrunched up, eyes half close and she sputters about. "Tahryth You're not supposed to eat it." Seems this girl is going to have her hands full if her dragon is going to try to eat everything.

Xeosoth tilts his head in thought, perhaps a canny imitation of when M'kal has been known to consider something before asking for more information. And indeed the blue seems to need more information. « Explain!» He does, however, move over to inspect the open barrel with curiosity that makes M'kal chuckle softly. The chuckle grows to full laughter as Tahryth licks it. "Does she lick everything?"
Mur'dah laughs, stepping away from the barrel a bit to let Tahryth approach, but then he's making a soft sound of alarm. "Don't lick it! Ew!" Kalsuoth rumbles in amusement, flicking the tips of his wings and giving his body a little shake before he hops away a few steps to make more room. Limping after him, Mur'dah resumes rubbing in the oil, but it's difficult with Kalsuoth twitching and squirming all the time. « It feels good! It does not taste good. »

Tahryth is agreeing with the fact that it does not taste good. Her head lowers and she is rubbing at her maw and tongue with her forepaws which sends her unbalanced and thus knocks into the barrel of oil causes it to spill out across the floor somewhat. Idrissa just watches wide eyed unsure how she is even supposed to stop that. "Yes, I think that she will try and lick everything. Maybe chew on it too if given the chance." Tahryth flops down into the oil that has spilled out and wiggles about in it. « Oh, it does feel good. » This is said while happy little trills escape her at the experience.

Poor Xeosoth, he's not even decided on a couch yet and now he has this oil stuff he must inspect! < Feels good!» he seems to like that prospect. Oooh, oil is spilling out to him to he thrusts a talon into it before plopping down right where he stands.

Luraoth's wings curl against her body again, her head lifting at Kalsuoth's pronouncement. She scampers that way, but Xeosoth and Tahryth arrive first, and so the gold hangs back, watching the smaller dragons investigate. It doesn't taste good? Her head tilts to the side, and then her mental laugh is bright bells. « Now we know! » Soriana follows after, and looks to Idrissa with a brief grin. "She'll eat you right up?" she suggests to the other girl. Luraoth leans her head down, looking at the oil spreading across the floor. « Does it make the floor feel good? »

Mur'dah jumps out of the way when the oil spills, but Kalsuoth goes the opposite way. Into the oil. Flop, and roll, and wiggle, and the dragon warbles delightedly, bumping up against his clutchmate, and then sliding into his blue brother. "Oy," Mur'dah says, rubbing a hand across his face. Looking up, Kalsuoth spies their golden sister and he scoots in her direction, having to grab the floor with his talons to get to her. Bump, goes his muzzle against her paw unless she moves. « Come down here and roll with us! »

Xeosoth simply croons towards his brown brother as he slides to him. Xeo is more careful in his movements though and simply sprawls forward into the oil and /then/ he rolls. It's not the most effective way to oil up. M'kal moves to stand on the edge of the oil spill, arms crossed over his chest in amusement. "Really?" is all he can say towards the dragons on the ground. "Someone's gonna get a wretched wing!" which could mean Sori could put to use her dragon healing skills?

Idrissa smirks as she hears Soriana. "Hey, she isn't a feline I think I should be safe from her trying to eat me.. Right?" Tahryth snorts at the question about eating someone. « To much work, and this is more fun. » The green peers up at her golden sibling and she smacks her tail against the barrel which sends more oil spilling out, see, there is /plenty/ of oil to roll around in now. "This makes me think of when you waxed the floor M'kal." Rissa says with an amused tone.

Luraoth's head bobs as she watches Kalsuoth's tumble, up and down to follow the direction of his motion. Bumpawhumpa…bump! Kalsuoth is here, and her head bobs down aaaall the way to the ground to peek at him. « Yes! Let's roll! » she agrees with a mental image of wheels going round and round and round, and then pushes off with her hindlegs, sliding onto the growing oil slick on her stomach. Wheeeee! Soriana smirks, watching. "Tell 'em to keep their wings in," she says to the other weyrlings as M'kal mentions wrenching. "If they do that, it should be okay." Though, now she has a slight frown of concern…

Kalsuoth keeps his wings in tight, rolling and sliding and bumping like a dragon version of bumper cars. If such a thing existed. Then he's wiggling free of the pack. His mischief here is done, returning to Mur'dah's side so the boy can continue rubbing in the oil against his hide. Both dragon and rider fight mighty yawns, and then the teen chuckles. "We're going to head off to bed. Night, you guys. Congratulations to all of us. This…is more than I could've hoped for."

Idrissa shakes her head and sighs softly once more. "How we going to clean up oil from the floor though?" There is a pause while Tahryth continues to roll around on her back though she does keep her wings tucked in close. A soft churrrr escaping her in the process, while she flicks some oil towards the other dragons around her. She smiles and nods to Mur'dah. "I agree, this is going to be an experience that is for sure. Rissa glances to M'kal and she chuckles softly. "Alright, sure" She knows he did it!

Luraoth bumps and slides in with the others, staying down on her belly and pushing herself around with nudges of her legs. Bumper cars indeed! As Tahryth rolls, Luraoth slides around to lower her head and stop the green's spin… then wait a moment, before nudging her back the other way. Reverse spin! Soriana smiles, watching them, then shakes her head to M'kal and Idrissa. "Same as we did the wax. A whole bunch of polishing." As Mur'dah makes for bed, she grins… then suddenly pauses with an expression of surprise. "Shards, we're weyrlings now…" she says, and lets out a long breath. How weird is that?

"Yeah…we're Weyrlings now.." M'kal casts a lopsided grin towards Soriana. "And you…Gold!" he looks thrilled for his friend. "C'mon Xeo..let's find you a couch alright?" he rolls his eyes at the response in his head. "Xeosoth. Maybe I'll call you Soth." he teases.

Idrissa watches as Tahryth is stopped and then pushed the other way. "Oh dear They're going to use her as a ball." She seems amused by this at least, no harm from it, right? Tahryth warbles out in quick little 'laughs' as she is pushed away from Luraoth and over to Xeosoth. « Oh, do it again! » This could be a problem. Rissa looks over to Soriana and smiles. "It's wild isn't it? I… I really didn't think I'd well.." Impress but she doesn't say that as she watches Tahryth, she can't imagine not impressing her now.

Xeosoth nudges Tahryth with his muzzle before he lumbers to his feet. Eventually he picks a couch and flops down into it. M'kal also curls up beside Xeosoth. "Of course I'll stay with you until you fall asleep."

"Yeah," Soriana says. Gold. She stares for a moment at Luraoth, like she's trying to come up with something more to say. That hide is certainly a golden one, as Luraoth sends the eager Tahryth spinning with nudges this way and that, her mindvoice one of laughter like bells. "…yeah," is all Soriana manages, her tone one of disbelief, and then she shakes her head. "…I wonder if the others'll be at the feast," she says. The other Candidates. The ones that didn't impress. Who aren't weyrlings.

Tahryth lets out a soft croon while she shifts and is soon up on her paws, and is soon sliding across that oil slicked floor, which makes her rest back on her rump and she bumps into Luraoth. A soft chiurrp escaping her and she just grins. Idrissa is quiet while she watches the dragon, smiling and then looks to Soriana, pondering it seems. "I dono. Hotaru said she would go back to Fort I think." She frowns a moment. "I would have liked to talk to her before she left." Maybe she'll be at the feast though.

This time, as Tahryth bumps into her, Luraoth doesn't push her off, instead curving her head to look at the green, her thoughts the bright ripple of oil-slick as they reach out. « Are you tired? I am. » Soriana, still watching them, nods to Idrissa. "Well, she's got to at least wait until she can get a ride…" she says. After a moment, she nods. "I will. After you're asleep."

Tahryth wasn't tired until that idea was put into her mind, a yawn escapes her, tongue curing out the side of her mouth and licks across her nose. « Ya I'm tired. Go sleeps? » Idrissa nods as she hears Soriana and watches the dragons while smiling a glance is sent to her friends. "I'm glad we got to do this together Soriana." She leans over and gives her friends arm a faint squeeze before moving over to 'collect' her oily dragon. "Come on, let's get you into bed."

Luraoth sends agreement, and lowers her head to give Tahryth another nudge, helping her slide her way off the slick as Soriana puts that arm around Idrissa in a sideways hug. "I told you we'd still be friends after, right?" she says, with a teasing quirk of her lips. "Well, here we are." Welcome to the first day of the rest of their lives. Luraoth comes off the oil, and nudges at Soriana's side with her muzzle. « We're going to sleep. » she informs her weyrling and Tahryth, and sends a picture of that big couch the green picked earlier, occupied by not one but two dragons.

Idrissa smiles as she hears Soriana and gives her friend a sideways hug back. "You did, and it was right all of it." First day to the rest of their lives indeed. A soft breath escapes her and she chuckles while watching Luraoth push Tahryth out of the oil patch and onwards they go towards that large couch that the green picked before. « Yes, sleep we go! » There is a soft murring rumble escaping her as she clambers up onto that large couch and settles down upon it, curling up and looking all cuteness, images of the two siblings in the couch getting sent back to the larger gold showing she is fine with this as long as her lifemate is joining as well. Not that Idrissa gets a choice for as soon as the girl is near the couch the young green is tugging her onto the couch in a cuddling group. Rissa doesn't try to fight it, oh well, she can deal with the oiling dragons for one night, anyway it just feels right at the moment.

« Of course. » Luraoth agrees, and she nudges her head against Idrissa's hand as the smaller green brings her weyrling along. The more the merrier! "You can't fit everyone in one couch," Soriana notes in an amused tone. « Not all at once! » is the bright rejoinder, and Sori laughs along with the sound of mental bells as she brushes her fingers along Luraoth's back. The two dragons and two humans settle themselves on the couch, though Soriana makes sure to be on the outside, so she can sneak away once the hatchlings are asleep. Luraoth would be disappointed if her rider missed the hatching feast entirely.

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