Sahazyth's and Orionth's Clutch Hatches

Xanadu Weyr - Hatching Sands

The large circular "stage" is surrounded on one half by a towering wall, thin slit windows high overhead letting in some light without truly endangering the objects on the sands, though plenty of lights are spaced at human-level all the way around. The other half is ringed by the dark blue seats of the observation level, rising upwards towards the back wall. The circle itself is filled with a mix of red and white sands, deep enough to cover the largest of dragon eggs with ease. To one side, a small door is visible, hidden away behind a platform meant to provide a place for the clutch parent's lifemates to stand during the on goings.

Sahazyth stands on the far edge of the sands, her voice leading the chorus of dragons humming for the arrival of the hatchlings. Briana is making her way across the sands, a task made all the harder for the fact that she is due to have her own 'hatchling' any day now herself. With some assistance she makes it up on a platform next to Sahazyth that keeps her off the hot sands. A hand is placed upon the dragon's shoulder as she watches the candidates file in.

The From Ground to Air Egg starts to stir in its wallow of sand. The movement seems to bring the images to life upon the surface of this egg. Did the water just move upon the shore? Is the snow shifting down from the mountains or was it just the wind rustling through the leaves of the forest? After a moment it stills once more and you are left wondering if it was all just your imagination in the first place.

V'dim leads the Candidates onto the sands, bows to the dam and sire, then backs off to lurk. Vulture-like. And hope to Faranth none of them gets themselves killed. Just another hatching, that's all.

Colorful Field of Flowers Egg stirs, the kaleidoscope spinning as the petals of the flowers flutter and sway from the rolling surge that strains at the shell of the egg. It stills again, but there remains an impression of waiting.

The Eastern Weyrleaderhsip are running a little late, hardly a surprise considering the rapidness of the announcement, but they've made it. Fi and S'rok enter together, moving quickly to find a seat as things are already well underway.

Right down in front, scooted to the edge of her seat and gripping the rail is Thea. The Weyrwoman of Xanadu is amongst those seated in the observation level. How could she not be? Her son and daughter are down there, so she is here, for the first time, as an anxious mother rather than simply in her professional capacity. Impression for her babies? Is she hoping they do? Fearing they might? It's hard to tell by the expression on her face, which is remote in the attempt to suppress so many churning thoughts. In the crowd somewhere - sitting off by himself, the children's father also watches and waits with dark eyes and a somber expression. Her brother is beside her but she's too tense to make idle conversation.

Talons of the Storm Egg shudders for several seconds, quaking as though a roll of thunder had been given life and then quieted again, the metaphorical sound rolling into the distance.

Guardian of the Ancient Forest Egg doesn't wiggle or shimmy or make any other such subtle movements. Instead, it rocks forward and backwards with exaggerated movements, as if something within were shoving itself hard against the shell. It narrowly misses knocking into the eggs around it. The shell bulges, making it look as if those yellow 'eyes' are going to leap right out of the shadows of greenery made by those haphazard colors.

Ph'rys is also here, though he currently lives at Ierne, hasn't actually been a resident of Xanadu Weyr since he was about four turns old, and doesn't know a soul on the sands. Why is he here? Simply because his family asked him to be; he's sitting with cousins and siblings, all of whom seem much more focused on the actual event than he is. He's simply taking in the area and — hovering, somewhat. He's also brought a wineskin that he's passing around to anyone who comes close.

Hotaru shuffles in with the rest of the group. She bows low to the clutchparents and riders, then makes her way along to file into the semi-circle of sands-dancers. Whew, she's forgotten how hot the sands feel on feet that are only covered by a pair of thin sandals. She gets bumped by one of the younger candidates, shooting the boy a glare, but then is distracted by moving eggs. "And so it begins…"

While she does not hold any great position Naris has managed to snag herself a rather decent place to watch the hatching from. She is not sitting, instead leaning against the rail with excitement clear on her face. This will be the first non-Western hatching that she has ever seen and she is quite happy for it. When she notices a couple of the eggs begin to twich the exclaims, "they're moving! Which do you think will hatch first?"

Marel outwardly seems calm as she heads out onto the Sands, or would do were the evident tension in her frame not to betray her. Her bow to dam and sire is respectful, if a little awkward, her arms held stiffly by her sides and not likely to move any time soon, given the little fists that her hands have curled into. Seeking out her brother for the hundredth time to make sure that he's there, she sticks right beside him, and only Muir is granted a hint of the fear that lurks beneath the forced serenity of her features.

Mikal's head twists this way and that as he's among those being lead onto the sands. The humming of all the dragons seems to reverberate through his ears. With a nervous gulp he remembers the procedures to bow before the dam and sire before moving with the others to form the loose circle around the already moving eggs. There's an intake of breath from the lad but he's otherwise silent.

Muir walks onto the sand beside his twin, bowing to the dam and sire before his hand reaches out to grip Marel's, swift and tight unless she avoids him. Even if he has to wrap his hand around her fist, he'll do it. "Shards and shells," he whispers. "It's gonna be okay," he adds in an undertone, watching the eggs twitch. "Where's that one…"

Jikmyn follows close behind Mikal, his own bow a little shaky but luckily he keeps from lurching too far forward. Now he's staring at the eggs with wide-eyes.

S'gam slips into the observation level, jostling through the crowd towards a familiar face. "Esi told me the twins were standing," the bronzrider said, offering Thea a hopefully calming smile. "It'll be alright." It's small comfort, but hopefully enough. The bronzerider then takes his leave, nodding to familiar faces before taking a seat with his sister and her adoptive family.

Zahleizjah gulps, struggling to keep up in her too big shoes, wedged between Idrissa and Mikal, silent as her heart races while stepping on to the sands with the group. Eggs seem to be shimmying and shuttering, moving and wiggling, ambered eyes bouncing from those nearby, out to Briana and Sahazyth which provokes a deep bowing of head that starts at the waist. There is no denying it, she's nervous, and quietly reminds herself "Breathe…" while moving in to place in the circle around the eggs.

If her children glance her way, Thea will smile proudly, losing her distant expression, even if briefly. Her eyes, intent on the twins for the most part, nevertheless scan the busy sands, though she does turn when her old friend S’gam greets her. The look she gives him is a cross between ‘how-do-you-know?’ and ‘help-me!’ It’s comical, really. The headwoman slips in, her preparations for the hatching feast done weeks ago, have been set in motion with the kitchens. She takes the seat beside the Weyrwoman, murmuring into her ear, to which Thea nods, flashes her a sheepish smile and seems to relax at least a little.

Kale is one of the nervous candidates that head out onto the sands, forming that semicircle they've been instructed to do. He's still practicing breathing…deeply and slowly. The eggs are rocking! He barely remembers to bow, but he does, and keeps himself planted near his longtime friends as he stares. Just .. stares out at those familiar eggs.

Idrissa swallows while she follows after the others onto the sand, this is it, the ending everyone has been waiting about and talking about for how long now? Her bright gaze flicks over the room, taking in everything while she soon pauses with the others. She finds herself next to Zahle on one side and then Kale on the other; well at least she has friends on both sides.

Fi's eyes follow the familiar faces of the candidates she's met before, though they can't help sliding to Thea a moment, as well. Remembering the senior from before her impression.

Anthem of the Ages egg has been rocking for some time now, the night-dark shell slowly forming a network of tiny cracks and becoming more pliable with each movement. The creature inside struggles, claws finally rending the curtain that separates it from emergence and it is finally free. Casting off the shell, is a large, sturdy bronze, his hide burnished a dark twilight scattered with a shimmer of starlight. He surveys the candidates, then saunters for them, unhurried as he seeks who amongst them he's knows. Marel is given a sniff and then Muir a long look before he snorts and moves on down the line to nudge at the chest of a surprised brown-haired, brown-eyed boy. "Y-yes, Salrith, I am yours," says Karshin, now K'asin. As they are led off the sands by an assistant weyrlingmaster, he passes by Marel and Muir and the pair are given a perplexed glance. His attention returns right after to his dragon, who is nudging at him to hurry.

The bronze is from the egg that so upset both of her children, that is all that Thea knows, so when he is there, eyeing them both, one hand half lifts as though to reach for them. The hatchling moves on, her hand drops to her lap and she hefts a small sigh. Of relief? Maybe.

Soriana enters with the rest of the candidates, pausing to bow to sire and dam. She stays near to Kale, though with a distance kept between them; a few steps apart as they find their place in that circle of candidates. Her eyes are on them now, moving from one… to the next… to the next, as that humming fills the air.

Sahazyth watches each candidate intently before looking up to the stands as the people file in. There is a certain wariness to her actions as if she was looking for expected danger. Briana remains with her hand upon the golden hide, perhaps keeping her dragon settled. As the first dragon hatches and an impression is made, there is a warble from the queen. A greeting into this world.

Garait enters and takes a seat near the front, but remains quiet for the most part. He's here to support his friends and to see what happens as well.

V'dim is on the edge of the Sands with the other AWLMs, arms crossed and waiting as he watches both the rocking eggs and the Candidates. His blue eyes are sharply aware, but he's not interfering. If they want to get themselves killed, he's certainly not going to stop them. He's done his part, having warned them these past several sevens. Getting through this alive is up to them now.

Garawan bows respectfully to the dam and sire as he arrives on the stands, and then goes to stand with the others. He'll end up over near Hotaru somehow. In fact, it might have been him that bumped her! If so, he'll apologize. And his eyes go to the moving eggs. Hotaru's comment draws a nod. "Indeed it does…" And apparently it begins FAST, since the first Impression happens almost immediately! He gives a congratulatory look to the candidate.

Muir's breath catches in his throat and he goes pale when a bronze hatches from /that/ egg. And then comes near them. The poor boy almost swoons when he's passed by, gulping in deep breaths of air and muttering a furious string of curses beneath his breath in a long stream that only Marel is lucky enough to hear.

V'dim's brows twitch as the bronze passes up Muir. Is he surprised that a son of the Weyrwoman is not impressed by the hatchling? It's hard to tell from the impassive expression on his aged face. He doesn't move until the bronze has made his choice, then he steps over to the new pair, saying gruffly, "K'asin, Salrith, this way please." And he leads them off the sands.

Ontali's done her own bow, and retreated to a proper distance. She's got a pretty good lurk going on, herself, backed up halfway into the shadows and scanning restlessly for trouble. The Candidates seem to be behaving, though, so the bluerider puts on her best smile and…waits. At least she's smiling a comforting sort of smile at the poor white-robed creatures closest to her position; far enough from the first-hatched that another of her fellows leads him off while Tali grins.

As Colorful Field of Flowers Egg rocks from side to side, the kaleidoscope spins once more, petals scattering and feathers flying as cracks appear across the surface. Vines writhe, birds vanish, and tiny bits of color sift to the sand.

Hotaru is so surprised at the first egg hatching she steps back and almost trips on someone. "Whoa…" There's only some slight sniffing before the bronze finds its partner and they're lead off the sands. Hotaru looks over at Garawan. "That was quick. A bronze first though. That's good luck, supposedly." What kind of luck though?

Marel forces one hand to uncurl from its fist so that she might twine her fingers with her twin's, her grip perhaps painful in its intensity. "…Oh, thank Faranth…" she breathes as /that/ particular egg hatches and its occupant evidently can't Impress to her. She freezes as the bronze sniffs at her, regarding the hatchling more intently as it looks to her twin. Calm, calm, calm… Until K'asin looks over at them and her features blanch white.

Soriana was looking at another egg, and so her attention turns to the bronze only as he's already moving on. Her fingers curl, tightening for a moment as K'asin is chosen and then relaxing again as she takes a deliberate breath. She forces a smile onto her face, glancing to Kale. "Good luck," she says to him… now.

Idrissa is so forgetting something, robe check, sandals, check, she peers at herself and then ohs.. Right bowing, a quick both is sent towards the sire and dam, well late it better then never right? A soft breath escapes her and she blinks as the egg hatches and a bronze is there. She squeaks softly, it's so big, and its just hatched. "Zahle… There so big…"

The first egg breaks and Naris leans so close to the railing that she looks like she might fall off. When the bronze emerges from the egg Naris gives a squeal that is a little unlike herself and exclaims, "a bronze first! That's good luck, right?" Now she's looking around for anyone she might recognize to talk with.

Jethaniel ascends the stairs and finds himself a seat near the back, making no attempts to secure a good position. He's simply here, watching, and his expression is curious.

Muir shakes his head, shooting a quick glance at Marel. "He knows," he hisses, shaking his head slowly. Gripping her hand back just as firmly, he looks up and down the line, seeing if he's missed anything while he was distracted by the bronze.

Mikal murmurs with a nudge to Jikmyn beside him. "Lookatit…bronze." he points out needlessly. Quickly his gaze moves to the fanning flames eggs to check for any signs of cracking or moving. Deciding it looks pretty still he then whispers to Zahle. "Doing okay?" he sees the bronze impression but has already looked away when the newest whirling pauses by the twins.

With one last surge, flowers and feathers rain down upon the sands in a cascade of color as Colorful Field of Flowers Egg is abruptly reduced to nothing more than a pile of shards, upon which sits the blinking, bemused form of a small dragonet.

Face in the Crowd Brown Hatchling
Rich caramel pours across the slender frame of this mid-sized brown, dipping into the hollows left by muscle and bone as it flows from crown to tail-tip. Golden highlights trail along his neck and back, emphasizing the curvature of his spine and ribs and tracing patterns on his hide. His wedge-shaped head is held high atop his long neck, with wide, whirling eyes set deep beneath thick eyeridges. The long snout tapers to a delicate point, coated in a pale cream that slowly deepens to mocha before blending into the overall caramel of his coloration. His legs, fore and aft, are thickly muscled, just a touch short for the length of his body but clearly powerful, muscles clear beneath the silky hide. Strong paws are tipped by talons of pale ecru, much like the ridges that march down his spine from the nape of his neck to the base of his tail. From his shoulders his wings spring boldly, the spars dipped in rich dark chocolate, a brilliant contrast to the cloudy white of the sails that stretch between them. His long tail, shading from caramel at his haunches to cocoa at the tip, maintains a near constant thickness from end to end, thinning only slightly towards the point.

Kale blinks. Was that …a dragon? Yes it was! And one who has found his rider already. He exhales a breath of air, eyes straying to the dragonhealer apprentice nearby. A whisper of a smile curves his mouth. "You too," he replies to Soriana, swallowing down the rapid beating of his heart. And then, he grins broadly and holds up both hands with crossed fingers! All fingers that can be crossed. Cuz too much stress is stressful.

Sahazyth greets the brown as he breaks from his shell with an encouraging warble. Eggs are hatching and hatchlings grace her sands, at this she finally seems to relax and settles into a crouch next to Briana's platform. There is still the occasional wary look up to the observation stands, but she is not so wary as before. Briana seems to relax as well, her hand coming from the dragon's hide to rest on her own pregnant belly.

Zahleizjah gulps, again, that humming in her brain, in her soul, intense salivation, instant sweat, and yes hair quite knotted from her late waking time today. The Starcraft-Candie is practically on auto-pilot and is afraid to self check as if she'd find herself robeless and embarrassed on the sands if she did so, responding to Mikal with an uncertain "I think so.. you?" Hot sands get stuck instantly in her sandals that are a half size too big, and a few steps away from Idrissa eyes go wides as saucer and she agrees. "They're so.. beautiful. Good luck dear!" An idle hand goes to run through hair and gets stuck, nearly ripping the knot out as the first brown hatchling arrives.

Garawan looks to Hotaru. "Oh, is it?" he inquires. Though at the quickness, he notes, "Ah, that just means we will be off these hot sands faster." There's a good side to that! A brown hatches from the 'Colorful Field' egg, and Garawan looks on. "Oh, there's another. Isn't he beautiful?"

Face in the Crowd Brown Hatchling sits amidst the shards of his former home, tail curled over his paws and wings cupped around his body as he blinks into the sudden light. Still seeming bemused, he slowly uncurls, his tail flailing out behind him as his wings unfurl and stretch skywards, then clasp tightly to his back. Sloughing his head around in a deliberate manner, he studies first the shards at his feet, then the crowd around him. With a twitch, he briefly swings his head down, shyly avoiding those gazes arrowing in his direction - but urgency wells, and slowly, hesitantly, she steps forth from the ruins of his, picking his way across the sands as he follows his nose… or something.

Marel shakes her head, murmuring, "We don't know that…" to reassure herself as much as Muir, her gaze seeking out the next dragon to hatch, brown surveyed with a careful, appraising look, her head tilting slightly this way and that to try and get a better look, for she won't permit herself to be seen to stare.

Scurryings Quick and Clever Egg twitches, the sound of scrambling claws sounding from within the shell. It wiggles, squirms, and then finally cracks, revealing a pair of tiny claws that vanish again into the darkness. After a moment's pondering, the hatchling's nose appears, the small body of a green wiggles free, cracking off bits of shell until all is left of her prison is a few bits of shell still clinging together. A beautiful, pale shade of green, the hatching fans her egg-wet wings, then squints whirling eyes at the line of white. Smaller than most of the others, she makes her way with quick footsteps, sometimes tripping over her own feet. Still, she seems to know where she's going, heading in a straight line towards a girl who looks barely old enough to be on the sands. Coralin is claimed with curling motion of the green's tail, the shy girl beaming as she stutters, "H-her name is Laoshuth." The girl blinks with wonder in her eyes.

The From Ground to Air Egg starts to stir once more, but now it is like an earthquake is rocking the landscape. The tremors do not stop until a crack starts to appear along the edge of the snowy mountain and radiates toward the sea. Feathery cracks radiate out from this central line, seeming to cause the leaves of the forest to rustle once more, but oh so violently. It is at that point an onyx claw pushes through the shell and then there is stillness.

Soriana laughs at Kale's cross-double-crossed fingers. It's a brief laugh, but a real one, and the smile lingers even after she's nodded and looked away from him, back to the sands to see an egg bloom and a brown emerge. She tilts her head, watching and remaining still… though as she sees the green, she smiles a little wider, watching.

Hotaru nudges Garawan a bit. "Look! There's a… brown I think? He looks yummy enough to eat…" Hotaru shifts a bit and wipes a bit of sand off her leg. "True enough. My feet are already burning. They'll be numb after a bit, though." Hotaru blinks as a green passes her by. "Whoop.. there goes another one. Green."

Muir shakes his head, tilting it to speak quietly to Marel without keeping his eyes off the eggs. "He /looked/ at us," he protests, before straightening again. "Brown," he murmurs, eyes traveling over the hatchling's body before he gives an involuntary shiver, shifting his weight to his uninjured leg.

Kale's crossed fingers are lowered as another dragon hatches. And another. "Oh wow.." He straghtens a little, his attention back where it should be; on the eggs and hacthlings that burst from them. Dragon babies are not so small, are they?
Ontali is oblivious of any tension among their charges towards the first-Impressed — that, or she ignores it. The bluerider isn't as grim-faced as V'dim, so maybe she is just oblivious, occasionally sending a cheeky grin in her boss's direction. The vast majority of her focus, though, is where it's supposed to be, careful and wary: candidates, eggs, hatchlings. Plural, now!

The From Ground to Air Egg sits still for a few moments before another claw appears and they seem to pull apart the landscape. The cracks grow larger and spread across the surface of the shell. Mountain and trees, snow and water collapse down around the hatchling as the shell falls slowly away. Once the constraints are gone, the and the hatchling stands upon the sands, it almost seeming to melt a little as egg moisture drips off his hide.

Chiseled From Ice Blue Hatchling
The breath of the snowy wastelands has chilled the cyan-black hide of this blue dragon, adding an iridescent glitter to the somber coloring underneath, the shimmer of crystalline frost gracing every inch of hide from nose to tailtip. The glacial shade of rounded head and blunt, sturdy headknobs, washed in the earthy shade of aqua, blends to sea ice across his muzzle darkening to a near-black at the tip. The muddy hue of his wingbones lighten towards the trailing sails; the wings when fully spread, flare to the translucency of sparkling snow falling through a pale winter sky. Patches of murky indigo mantle burly shoulders and neck, waves of briny marine sweep thick middle and hindquarters, the dusky liquid flowing down the length of a somewhat stubby tail. Dipped in midnight ocean his legs, though short, are compact and sturdy, ending in navy paws tipped with wickedly sharp onyx talons. Hints of bulky muscle ripple beneath his hide, hinting at the predatory strength ready to be released onto the world.

Idrissa nods slightly to Zahle, a smile sent to her. "To you as well Zahle." She sends a glance over to Kale and Soriana. Her hand lifts to take hold of the sleeve of Kale's robe and she gives it a slight squeeze. More eggs are hatching and her green gaze flicks from one to another while she chews on her lip. "Look at the brown, and there's a green too.." She murmurs softly

Rou'x is distracted from watching the Sands as she walks along in search of a seat by a voice that's familiar - perhaps even unpleasantly so. She stops, squints at Naris, and replies curtly. "Yeah. Good luck havin' a bronze first, even better luck havin' a brown as handsome as that'un hatch next." Of course, she's likely biased. The brownrider waves across the sands at a certain Starcrafter candidate. "You get ya'self a good'un, Zahl!"

Mikal shuffles slightly in his sandals, not moving too much from where he stands between Jikmyn and Zahleizjah. Those green eyes of his watch as much as they can, veering from brown to green in a flash.. "Cool as can be." he informs Zahl when she asks. He's only a little nervous!

Garawan chuckles at the 'yummy enough to eat' comment. "Ha, he does, doesn't he?" A green, and then a blue. "Quite impatient, aren't they?" Amused in tone. His gaze shifts between the brown and the blue as the green finds her partner. A nod of congratulations to the new greenrider, and he's back to looking at the hatching eggs.

Hotaru looks back towards the eggs just in time to see a blue pop free from it's previous enclosure. "It's gonna get a little crazy out there now." No dragon babies weren't very small. She chuckles at Garawan. "They sure are. Well, some of them seem to be. That little brown is shy though."

So many things to look at, Naris just doesn't know where to focus her eyes. But in the end she is drawn to the From Ground to Air Egg, watching as a blue emerges. It's truly amazing, watching so many dragons experiance life for the first time. Suddenly a familiar voice sounds behind her and she gives a little jump, only to whip around and look at Rou'x. "Oh, it's you," she murmurs. She raises her voice slightly as she says, "I guess, though I can't help but like that blue. He seems rather determined, surely he'll be very strong."

The Chiseled from Ice Blue Hatchling remains standing in the remains of his shell for a time just watching the world around him. His Attention seems to turn not to the candidates but to the other hatchlings on the sands. He watches them intently before finally he makes his first move which is to slowly unfold the dark wings from his back and open them, letting more of the goo melt away. He turns his head to inspect his work before tucking them back to his sides once more. He then moves his stubby front legs and examines their movement before looking down to his thick hind legs and stretches them out and get a sense of their movements. Each movement is slow and methodical, almost comical in such a young creature.

Marel pauses, the trembling that's taken up home in her slender form hard to hide, though she does her very best to remain still. "/His/ dragon looked at us first. Maybe he was just trying to see why…" she attempts to argue, fingers pressing all the more tightly against Muir's hand. "It doesn't matter anymore." This, she will try to insist, though her features remain the same pale shade. She aims a gentle nudge at his side. "Look, a blue."

Muir gasps softly when the blue hatches, the boy leaning forward ever so slightly as his eyes take on a hungry look. Blue. Bluuuuue. He has to remind himself to breathe, shaking his head firmly. "Look how careful he is," he whispers. "Methodical…"

The Diamonds in the Sky egg suddenly starts to shift, the reflection of light caused by the flecks of silver surely catch the eye and almost seem to cause the sands around it to sparkle . It is not long before cracks appear along the webbings of light, shattering the night sky. A dark claw pokes its way through one of the cracks and a green limb following quickly thereafter. Shards of eggs go flying away as this dainty green seems to burst from her shell. She stands for a moment contemplating the moment of her birth before the row of white catches her attention. Her whirling gaze flashes up and down the line before it settles on a raven haired girl. She trumpets her attempt before running over to her in a dash that is somewhat mistimed and Jennabelle ends up tackled to the sands with the green standing over her. Once she recovers from the shock of things, the teen looks up at the dragon not with rage but with wonder, "J'nelle? Sure, you could call me that Kanyath….I could feed faster if you got off me though." And the green scurries back a few steps as the new weyrling gets to her feet. It is with a limp that she makes her way over to the weyrlingmasters.

Talons of the Storm Egg shatters along the largest bolt of lightning, neatly reaving the already tortured mark in two. Something dark gleams in that crack, but it is gone again in an instant, settled back onto the sands.

The AWLMs are busy moving amongst the candidates, one is guiding Laoshuth and Coralin off, the other passing them to head for Kanyath and J'nelle. "Come with me and I'll help you two get settled, hmm?" she suggests cheerfully. Just because V'dim is a grouch doesn't mean she has to be!

Soriana murmurs, "…huh," at the sight of the ice-chiseled blue. "His proportions are… interesting." So says the dragonhealer in training, her gaze on the young dragons instead of the other candidates, now… and so Idrissa's gaze to her is unseen.

Zahleizjah is shifting weight from side to side, attempting to wriggle her feet and get the tiny scalding granules out from between toes. "Thanks Idrissa.." she whispers back, brushing her gently as if for mutual comforting. More deep breaths, more hatchlings and bonded pairs are already being ushered away. "Cool as can be.." she uses Mikal's cucumber-ness as a self reminder. Out of the corner of her eye she catches a few smiles and waves sent her way from the Observation level, but there is one focus right now and an uneasy smile wanders quickly back to Mikal and then to… that Diamond-y egg.

Hotaru blinks and looks around as she gets hit with a shard of egg. "What that…?" She turns to look at the candidates behind her. "Who is throwing things? I'll tell V'dim…" As she turns her head back the egg bit tumbles out of her hair and onto Garawan's robe. Hotaru peers at the girl with gold toes impresses to a green. Really? Her?

Fanning the Flames Egg seems to flicker and come to life. The shifting of the sand beneath the egg giving its first hint of movement and from there the flames seem to dance and caress the surface of the egg towards its peak. One could almost imagine a creature writhing, flying in the flames upon its surface.

Kale says, "And a blue. Wow, look at him," he says, pointing to the hatchling that's now getting acquainted with himself. And a green. His eyes gow slightly wide as the new green attatches herself to Jenna, and he grins, hollering to her. "Congrats Jenna!"

Face in the Crowd Brown Hatchling seems a bit shy of being the center of attention, but he makes no further attempts to hide from all of those eyes riveted upon him. Aware that something more important than his own desires is hammering at him, he sniffs at the air, nostrils flaring, and swings his head to and fro, seeking out that elusive something that calls so sweetly to him. With a soft rumble, he nimbly steps through the sands, taking to mind to the way the ground shifts and slides beneath his paws as he studies first one Candidate, then another, always moving on with a regretful, apologetic sigh. Side-stepping one hopeful with barely a glance in her direction, he seems more confident as he moves into the crowd - or at least, more certain of his direction, if not his destination.

Idrissa lifts her head a bit as she watches as a newly hatched green is off and tackled into someone. A soft ow escapes her at the sight and she shakes her head a moment. "That had to sort of hurt." Her gaze flicks back to the eggs, the blue has her attention she ohs softly while watching it move along.

Garawan nods. "Indeed, the more dragons hatch, the less room there are for the candidates," he notes. And then he cautions Hotaru, "Do be careful. Being trampled is likely very unpleasant." Understatement, he's sure. But this seems to be the time for irony. The flying shell is another hazard, and Garawan raises his arm to block his face, squeaking at the hit against his hand. Not the hands! He brushes the fragment from Hotaru's hair off of his robe. "No one. That was a shell fragment," he notes, chuckling.

Muir shakes his head a bit, shifting his weight again and then leaning on his left leg, giving Marel's hand a squeeze. His palm is sweating fiercely now but he's not letting go. His eyes are riveted on that blue.

Soriana blinks. What, Jenna? She looks that way quickly at Kale's shout, and… stares a moment, then… grins. "Hah. That'll be interesting," she says, then returns her attention to the other eggs and the hatchlings on the sand.

Zahleizjah is thrilled for J'nelle and new green lifemate, a congratulations sent her way and to other pairs as she again, reminds herself to breathe. There's so much going on around her, it becomes an internal focus to just keep it together. *willnotpassoutwillnotpassout*

Hotaru peers at that brown when he comes up to sniff at her. "You look like a pudding pie." She tells him. Really it's a compliment. He's so sweet! She peers at Garawan. "Yes well. If a dragon comes lunging at me I'm diving behind you. So… you have been warned." She blinks at his bit of news. "A shell fragment! Over here! I feel like we ought to be wearing riding goggles!"

Marel is not completely oblivious to the state of her twin, a glance given at the shifting of his weight, but there are too many rocking eggs, too many hatchlings to watch out for to let her focus linger. "It'll be okay," she whispers. "We'll be okay."

Ontali most definitely doesn't blanch a little when the green tackles one of their charges to the ground. She certainly doesn't look a bit relieved when somebody else has the task of leading J'nelle off, either. Oh, of excitable dragonets. She's had a lifetime! There are plenty of points of focus, now, at least, to keep the bluerider's attention flittering quickly about.

The Chiseled From Ice Blue Hatchling finally he turns his attention towards the row of white robed line of people before him. Each face is inspected in turn before finally he makes his move from his mound of sand and shell. There is a slow and steady manner to his movements and occasionally he looks to the other hatchlings on the sands as if to study their own motions before continuing on. He then stumbles over the edge of his wing as he let it droop to his side. Instead of panicking he rights himself quickly and looks back to the wing, to his adult dragons on the sands before tucking his wings tightly against his back. With what seems like a satisfied nod he looks back towards the candidates.

Kale snickers. "This is…" Cool! Terrifying! Stressful! Amazing! All that rolled into one in some word that Kale doesn't have in his mind. He stiffens again, holding himself still as the brown investigates Candidate after Candidate. Is he searching for him? Maybe not. He exhales a slow breath.

Idrissa sends a glance over to Zahle and gives her arm a soft poking. "Hey, just relax." She murmurs softly. "Breath." Is murmured out to the other girl. This helps her somewhat as well as her attention is on her friend for a moment to try and help get her calm. There is a snuffling sound and she blinks peering at the brown that is wandering by, a soft oh escaping her.

Talons of the Storm Egg splits along every single fork of lightning in long, painful arches, as though the storm within were swelling, heaving, stretching… and then, suddenly, the egg is no more. Wet shell sloughs off a darker-than-dark brown hatchling, leaving flecks of agonized white behind on the stygian creature's wings.

Stealing the Sun Brown Hatchling
Dark and ethereal, this brown is characterized by quick movements and mysterious motivations. His body is sleek and sinuous, wings built for long, powerful flight. Their bistre depths are shattered by ochres and mahoganies, shadowy cracks showing between baked and blistered earth at each wing's trailing edge. Dark, loamier soil spills across his muscular shoulders, dusting each neckridge and blemishing thin-fingered paws. Blackened espresso boils across his hide, tenebrous grounds streaking up each side of his neck and splattering across the darkened bridge of a narrow nose. Subtle iridescence cloaks his entire form, a soft blue-green shimmer brought out by direct light. This tenuous shine is marred by pencil-thin black etchings, hairline fractures that carve out feather-like pattern across his hide. The overall effect is of a stygian, enigmatic avian touched with just a hint of sunlight.

The Stealing the Sun Brown Hatchling straightens, back arching in one long, slow stretch, basking in his newfound freedom. Much better. It was too painful, the entirety of himself being contained in one small shell. White flecks of shell are flicked from the baked shatters of his wings, whirling eyes turning towards the candidates when his small burdens are cleared away. Ah. Yes. This. They are surveyed from afar with a knowing gaze, no movement yet, though it is only a matter of time.

Muir nods, "We will be," he whispers back to his twin. "No matter what, we will be." Then he gasps when the blue stumbles, a soft 'aww' coming from the focused boy's lips. "There you go, onward. Maybe your lifemate'll put a sock on it…" This amuses him and he laughs, quietly, some tension easing from his shoulders. It's either laugh or pee himself, so. He'll go with laughing.

Garawan can't help but shake his head, amused. A pudding pie? Haha! Though the mention of diving behind him draws a chuckle. "I'd make a poor shield," he warns in return. And he probably would, scrawny thing that he is! But goggles? "Ah, we can't. Nothing to distract the hatchlings," he reminds Hotaru. "Just shield your eyes when they first hatch?"

Guardian of the Ancient Forest Egg shifts sideways suddenly, toppling sideways and rolling for a bit before it comes to stop. The active hatchling within is clearly not content with staying shell-bound much longer. Another hard thump can be heard from within, and then the outer surface begins to show signs of strain. A trailing spider web of cracks begins to form, looking like white lines being drawn amongst the trees.

Face in the Crowd Brown Hatchling adroitly sidesteps a trio of Candidates, tucking his tail to one side to avoid brushing them. With their attention fixed on other dragons, he easily slips by without catching their attention. He's got the scent in his nose now, and he's tracking it through the scattered clutches of Candidates, ghosting along easily with so much attention split between himself and his various siblings. It's child's play to come up behind the pair of Candidates with linked hands, and his nostrils flare as he sniffs first at one head, then the other. With a snort, he pushes at the twins' joined hands with his pale muzzle, then slips his head between Marel and her brother, anglig his neck so that one whirling eye is fixed on the girl's face. Hi there.

Marel stares, the hand that was gripping her twin's loosening all too easily despite her insistence on clinging to him, arm falling back to her side as green eyes see only the brown beside her. That same hand lifts to shakily land a gentle touch against his muzzle, just as if she's making sure that he's really there. "Oh…" she sighs out, almost a squeak, still oblivious to all the world but him. "Oh, of course I will, Isyriath!" Yes, he's definitely there, and so both arms go sliding about his neck to press herself close for as many moments as she possibly can.

Muir blinks in surprise when a muzzle is parting his hand from his twin's. There's a heart wrenching moment when he tries to fight it, tries to cling to her hand so she's not taken away from him. His twin, his best friend, the person he can count on no matter what…and he's nudged aside as her dragon claims her. The boy gasps, stumbling back a bit, eyes wide as he watches his twin impress. "Marel," he whispers, gulping hard. And then he snaps his mouth shut, tightly, so he doesn't do something he'll regret.

"Oh, it's me," Rou'x sarcastically echoes Naris, giving the words a rougher lilt with her 'Reachian accent. "Aye. He's alright. I always had a thing for blueriders. Ain't nothin' wrong wi' a sturdy blue… or any've 'em, really." She squints down onto the Sands at one candidate in particular, slipping her hands into the pockets of her riding leathers and frowning. "That'un there? That girl? She were a candidate with me. Dragons must like her well enough to have her out another time… mebbe she were meant to be a rider here rather'n Wester — now /that's/ a looker of a brown."

The grains on This From Afar egg ripple as if stirred by a Sirocco, creating the illusion that the sandy equine form thereon is alive. Nostrils quiver and the form breathes, mane and tail flutter in the hot, dry wind - all brought by the gentle side to side movement of the egg.

Hotaru laughs at Garawan. "Any shield is a good shield out here. Though I'll probably hurt myself more by dive-bombing hot sand." She waves at him in dismissal. "Yes yes, I know. There's no way of telling when the next egg will hatch though." Hotaru stands on her tip-toes to look over the candidates. "I think pudding-dragon found his lifemate."

V'dim is standing not far from several of the candidates so to take those steps to Marel's side doesn't take him long at all. His cheek twitches, the wrinkles at the corners of his eyes deepen. He's either squinting or smiling, it's hard to tell with the ancient Weyrling Manager. "Marel, Isyriath, follow me, please." And he leads them off of the sands.

Marel looks back over her shoulder at V'dim, a desperate look shared between him, her new lifemate and her twin. She doesn't let go of Isyriath, not entirely, only enough to take shaky steps after the weyrlingmaster and keep one hand at her dragon's shoulder at the same time, her murmured, "Muir…" perhaps lost amongst all the activity on the Sands.

As the brown moves closer to both Marel and Muir, Thea's hands creep from the rail to cover her mouth, biting her lips hard beneath them. She's holding her breath but it's not stopping her heart rate from galloping. Why's she this nervous? She can't really say. The impression draws a small cry from her and it's equally hard to tell if it is a joyous or a disappointed one. Hands, now knotted, are lowered to her lap while her eyes follow the new pair off the sands. Only when she can no longer see them do her eyes drift back to Muir, thoughtful and somewhat worried. Beside her Tharen pats her thigh comfortingly. Relax mother of my niece, he seems to mean.

Still Waters Run Deep Egg wobbles and shakes, the oceans raging across its surface as it spins in the heart of a hurricane. With an abrupt jerk, it shatters into a thousand peaces, leaving behind a tiny blue absolutely littered with shells. With an indelicate sneeze, he gives several rapid shakes of his body, sending sand and shells flying until he is clean. His pale blue body positively glows, a brilliantly incandescent azure that chases the shadows from his vicinity. As if perfectly aware of how glorious he is, he raises his head, nose tilted upwards, and strikes a pose for a long moment, certain he is the center of attention. One young boy nearby giggles at the sight, and with an irritated grumble, The Heart of a Star Blue Hatchling stalks over to him, peering up at him with whirling red eyes. "I'm sorry, Hasephuth," Alicastor - now Al'cas - apologizes insincerely. "Of course I wasn't laughing at you." And as the two are led the boy can clearly be seen muffling his constant giggles.

Soriana's lips quirk at Kale's words, though she doesn't look away from the dragons. Her gaze settles on the Talons of the Storm just in time to see the beast within burst forth. Her eyes linger on the brown, missing as another brown finds his place. "…yeah. It is."

Garawan ohs! A dark brown hatches, and… Marel finds her lifemate in the shy brown! "Ah, it seems so," he answers Hotaru. And there's a blue finding his, too. A nod of congratulations to both, and a smile of the same.

Naris' lips purse slightly as Rou'x speaks, preparing her for a fight, or rather to duck out of a fight. The last thing she wants is to get into a brawl while watching a hatching, a hatching away from her home weyr none the less. But it seems like the brownrider doesn't intend on fighting today, instead talking about dragons and pointing out one of the candidates down on the sands. Naris peers over the ledge, curiosity on her face. There is surprise on her voice as she asks, "really? She must have been standing for a long time…" Her voice trails off as the brown finds his lifemate, a small smile crossing her face.

Kale is not very talkative. Other than a few short commentary phrases and congrats, he hasn't said much. There's so much to see and process, his mind hasn't time for silly things like words and thoughts! Dragons here and shell shards there. He swallows again, eyes trailing that brown and lighting upon seeing just who he seems to have eyes for. Marel! "Look," he points in that direction.

Guardian of the Ancient Forest Egg makes one final hard shove, but rather than actually destroying the egg itself, it only manages to knock out a big section of the top of the shell. A little head peeks out, nose first, as if it were wearing the shell like a set of armor. It's hard to see color at first, but then the entire head wiggles out, managing to leave most of the remaining egg intact behind it. The little dragon looks confused, turning to sweep a forepaw at the prison, which crumples easily now. Tail swishing, the dragonet puffs its chest out, looking quite proud to have been so clever to forge such a daring escape.

Playboy in Shining Armor Bronze Hatchling
Like metal that has been left to the elements, a deep, ruddy bronze sweeps over the back of this powerful creature. Murky hints of midnight touch upon his neck ridges, washing down over the length of his spine. Thin streaks of polished metal show in contrast, light coming through the darkness, though they fade out along the length of his long, forked tail. Lean muscle shows beneath his metallic hide, accentuating strong limbs and the proud way that he holds his head. Each of those sturdy legs seems to have been coated in a coppery hue, giving the impression of softer undertones there and along the length of his broad chest. Heavy paws show support his athletic frame, each one bearing thick black talons. His nose and eyeridges have also been polished to a lighter tone, shading keen, whirling eyes and standing out against the backdrop of his wings. While each wing-spar seems thick and stable, the webbing stretched between them is mottled, as if some spots had rusted. A pale green starts to streak through, darkening like tarnished bronze at the edges of his wings.

Playboy in Shining Armor Bronze Hatchling finishes dealing with the terror of his own egg, taking a moment to shake a bit of shell off of one foot. He has to look his best, it seems. Rather than focusing on the candidates like some of the other dragons, he's shifting his wings, making a crooning sound towards one of the already-hatched greens. Alas, she and her lifemate are already being lead away. Hrm. Change of plans! The bronze takes his first steps towards the white knotted figures. There's so many of them, but he'll find the one sooner or later. The first couple of boys are dismissed with an flick of the tail. Too tall, too short, too old. He passes a pair of girls, then lifts his head in a 'Sup ladies' sort of gesture. They won't do, though.

Idrissa watches Zahle for a few moments to make sure she is alright before she catches sight of the brown dragon resting in front of Marel. She smiles and nods, that is a great mix she thinks. Her gaze turns back to the sands, two of the eggs she was rather interested are now moving around, her gaze is settled on that sandy egg with the runner on it though and she chews on her lip pondering what will hatch.

Mikal spares a quick look towards the eggs that haven't moved yet before he shifts attention down the line to follow the brown's path towards…"Who's he by??" he asks in a loud whisper, peering around the slightly taller Jikmyn. "Oh! Yay! It's Marel!" he grins crookedly as he watches Marel call out her life mate's name. Quickly he returns attention to the blue who remains, missing the bronze's coming out of the shell.

Hotaru shields her eyes from another hatching egg, then points. "Look it's a bronze Gara! Maybe he's yours! He looks nice. As in good proportions and such. Not like he's sweet like Marel's brown." She nods. "Ooh, that's Marel. Congrats, Marel!" She calls. But likely isn't heard as she's herded off the sands.

Soriana turns to look at Marel at the sound of her voice, and her eyes widen. Oh. There's a smile, but before she says anything, her gaze lifts up to Muir behind. She bites her lip, pondering words… but none of them seem right. So… she just nods slightly, and turns her attention back deliberately to the eggs… and now, another bronze.

The Fanning the Flames Egg continues rocking. Nothing jerky, almost rolling and undulating right there in its place on the sands. Flames seem to separate from each other as cracks appear across the surface of the egg, each tendril of flame seeming to take on a life of its own. It is at the highest point of the flames that the largest crack appears and at first, seeming like an extension of the flames, a single claw pushes through to reaching out of the flames.

This From Afar egg wobbles more insistently, causing a fissure to form across the surface of the shell, the crack forming along the river-like pattern as though water pressure behind a dam threatens to break forth from its restraints.

Rou'x snorts at Naris. "Pretty sure she were sittin' in between." It's a sad attempt at humour, but it doesn't stop the wideload brownrider from half-laughing at her own joke.

The Chiseled From Ice Blue Hatchling scans the group back and forth before a small group of males seem to catch his attention and he makes a slow and steady approach toward them. Each one is inspected in turn. He seems rather perplexed as he comes upon a pair of healer apprentices. Jikmyn is approached first and the dragon sits there for a moment as if contemplating something before he suddenly looks towards the red head apprentice instead. His eyes widen and he moves closer to the candidate and sets himself down in front of him. There is a very intent look upon his face, waiting for the candidate to respond.

Zahleizjah smiles as Marel finds her lifemate with a "Congrats.." as they're ushered off by V'dim, attention then redirected towards that dashing bronze and she says to no one in particular "Woulda look at that one.." a glance shot back to Idrissa as if to confirm she's ok, even if a bit dizzy right now.

The Luck in the Water of Lilies Egg sits quietly upon its mound of sand as eggs shatter and crack around it. When finally it does move it is like but a ripple of water across its surface before it stops again. Again it patiently rests before another ripple seems to flow across the water surface. This ripple is follows by tendrils of cracks spreading over the shell. After a few more ripples the shell almost seems to flow away and leave Swimming with the Fishes Blue Hatchling in its wake, his hide seemingly patterned like scales of a fish.. The blue looks around at the shells around him before stepping smoothly away. He glides across the sands weaving this way and that. There is a look to this girl here, then that boy here and on down the line. Finally he stops before Tabor and examines him for a moment before settling neatly before him and looking up to his face. First the accountant looks to the people either side of him as the dragon inspects him, before his eyes widen and he looks down to the dragon, "Of course I will love you…T'bor? Yeah, you can call me whatever you want Cayceth!" And so the pair are led off the sands, the brown haired weyrling already lost in conversation with his blue.

Muir crosses his arms tightly over his chest and takes a few shuffling steps closer to the other candidates, though his eyes keep getting drawn away to Marel and her lifemate. "Isyriath," he murmurs, repeating the name a few times. His eyes flick back to the blue, hope lingering there…only to watch the blue impress to someone else. Taking a deep breath, Muir tilts his head down slightly, though he's not stupid enough to keep his eyes downcast despite the angle of his face. He watches, but he's dealing with some inner turmoil.

Naris can't help but give a small chuckle at Rou'x's joke, bad as it is. She opens her mouth to say something when a triumphent cry echos dragging her gaze down to see the blue impress. "ooh, look," she calls. "The blue impressed!"

AWLMs take turns escorting newly-impressed pairs one approaching the blue and calling, "Hasephuth, Al'cas, right this way, please." The other finds the blue pair and says, "Cayceth, T'bor you'll be more comfortable talking while you eat. Follow me, okay?" All of them vacate the sands, which are now looking less crowded.

The Stealing the Sun Brown Hatchling shifts at last, the movement illustrating the subtle shimmer of blue-green on his hide. Black etches stretch and shift over his muscular build as the dragonet takes long, slow steps towards the candidates. As his pace quickens with surety, he seems to hop and skip. It is a strange gait, to be sure, but the brown does not seem bothered or injured in any way. He is merely a dark figure sneaking across the sands.

Garawan chuckles. "Ah, unlikely," he notes to Hotaru's comment. "There must be a variety of candidates, that's all." A smirk. More Dragons hatch, and Garawan looks up again, to see. The icy blue finds his candidate, and also another blue — wow, this is going fast! — and those that have not begin to approach. Oh dear….

While others chatter and comment around her, Thea remains silent, too tense to make pleasantries, though if someone speaks to her, she'll give them a glazed-eyed absent sort of smile or wave. How do parents do this multiple times with their children?! She's a wreck! Maybe it's because she's got two of them out there on the sands at the same time.

Kale searches for the eggs that he found the most interesting, though they've hatched and impressed! Or hatched and are trolling thruogh the candidates. Shards, he needs to pay closer attention. He lifts his chin a little, focusing himself, and just in time to see Muir with a dragon in front of him. A grin stretches, and though he likely won't see it, the redhead is given a subtle thumbs up. And back to the dragons. Bronzes and browns and Impressions.

Sympathizing ever-so-slightly — his kids aren't /quite/ old enough, and yet — Ph'rys makes his way to the Weyrwoman, and says very little, in a soft voice: "Thea." And then, "Here," holding out the wineskin for her.

Mikal spies the blue just as he's making his slow approach…this way? His eyes widen slightly as he watches as Xeosoth stares intently at Jikmyn…but then suddenly he's there…with him. M'kal's eyes do distant as he reaches a tentative hand to touch the blue waiting for him. "I…oh yes, Xeosoth!" there's surprise and love in his tone as he says his life mate's name out loud for the first time. "I'll find you something to eat right away!"

Playboy in Shining Armor Bronze Hatchling moves on after a quick inspection of the two girls. He doesn't draw too close to anyone as he passes, keeping them at wing-length. Occassionly he will stop to consider someone, but there are so many other interesting distractions going on. No one seems to be able to catch his attention for longer than a few moments. Sometimes he looks to the movement of the stands, other times to the other hatchlings, but finally he seems to lower himself down, creeping through bits of remaining shell and piled sand dunes, moving like a hunter. The proper prey has to be here /somewhere/, but where?

Yurolt sneaks into the Observation level, and gives a sigh of relief. He thought was extremely late. Looking out onto the sands he waves to Hotaru, if she sees him up here.

The shell of This From Afar egg disintegrates, there one moment, the next crumbling to rain rusty-colored grains that mingle with those of the hatching sands. In its place, a sleepy dragon hatchling lies curled nose to tail, glistening save where powdery shell remains dust its head and back.

Solace Flows Through the Green Hatchling
Sweeping the coltish form of this gangly-limbed hatchling is an exotic oasis of lush foliage, watered by the sheer turquoise of a pristine aquifer, the liquid crystalline hues rippling subtly underneath the dappled shade of emerald hide. Proportioned for aerial speed and acrobatic flight, her broad chest already shows some muscle, hinting of the athletic ability that will develop at maturity. Willow dances across a finely-boned muzzle to whisper about the broad forehead between wide-set eyes, one of which is ringed with a faint glimmer - a golden halo of sun-kissed leaves. The delicate tracery of ivy twines down the arch of neck along the crested neckridges parting at muscled shoulders to run along each of her main wingbones while the rest follows the spine down her level back continuing to curl about the length of her long, supple tail. The webbing between the wing spars are clouded with moonshadow, the pale lime freckles thereon creating an astral patterning that, when spread, flare to a nebulous glow, an auroral flush of jade paling the trailing edges of her sails. Casting a muted pattern of light and shadow, bamboo and palm fronds arch gracefully from strong shoulders all the way down her long, lean flanks. Pale buttercup washes her underbelly, blending into feathery fern on her powerful fore and hindquarters, hues that dim to moss on long limbs and talons tipped with sharp claws of agate.

Solace Flows Through the River Green Hatchling stirs, uncurling slightly and gathering her paws under her, tries to gain her feet. It's an awkward attempt with much wobbling, bleating and squalling as well as a few flops back onto the sands, so when she is finally standing shakily with legs splayed wide in a comical attempt to keep from falling over again, her wet hide is sand-encrusted in large patches.

Hotaru looks out at the eggs since there are no close-by dragons. "Lots of wiggles out there… Look out for shrapnel." She chuckles. There's a blue though, still sniffing around. "Is that Jikmyn? Or Mikal maybe? I can't see… It is Mikal! Congrats Mikal!" Hotaru offers him a wave, even if he's waay way too distracted to see it.

Idrissa nods to Zahle glad to see that her friend is doing alright. She looks glances over and blinks as she catches sight of Mikal with a blue. "Ya Mikal!" She calls out happily. Good fit indeed. She is then peering up at the brown and blinks while just peering at it. "Woah.."

Zahleizjah is nearly about to burst as the friend at her side Impresses "Congrats Mikal!" she manages to keep it under wraps slightly… must keep breathing. So hot. Stupid shoes, stupid knotted hair. Then Idrissa.. she's about to yeyy for her too, just watching as people are whisked away left and right.

Ontali's wandering attention isn't exactly the best combination — but she and the others have strength in numbers, at least, and hers aren't the only eyes. Still, she catches a nearby Impression easily enough and approaches with care, smiling at M'kal and Xeosoth. "Food right this way, if you'll follow me?" She asks with a vague 'come along' kind of gesture, starting off slowly.

Muir shakes his head again, firmly this time, and jerks his head up, eying the remaining eggs almost daringly. C'mon, you eggs. Bring it. Flicking his brown gaze along the line he finds the blue and then exhales softly when it chooses Mikal. But there's a smile chasing his features a moment later, as he clears space for his friend. "Congrats," he whispers softly. And it's genuine, but he's looking to where Marel went once more, his focus divided.

The Primordial Philosopher egg quakes and rattles, emitting subtle scratching noises as the creature inside seeks to escape. Finally, hairline cracks appear and then - the egg is rent in two with little more to-do. One half of the shell goes rolling before collapsing in on itself, leaving a spunky little green in its place. She is darker than the darkest forest, with a single zig-zagging line shattering her in twain from eyelid to tailtip. This electric vivaciousness seems to match her character, for no sooner does she breathe her first than she is off! Off to land at the feet of a young girl that looks only /just/ old enough to be there. "Oh. Well. H'lo there, Narjath. Of course, I will be your Reina." Beaming from ear-to-ear, and clearly not understanding what she'd gotten herself into, the blonde girl leads the zippy young green off the sands.

Jikmyn blinks back at the blue as he's studied but when Mikal beside him offers up the name he is all smiles for his friend. "M'kal!" he exclaims. As soon as M'kal and the blue move off, Jikmyn moves nervously to stand next to Zahle.

There are no doubts. The Stealing the Sun Brown Hatchling's momentum does not cease, does not falter. He knows who is his, has known before anyone else, perhaps. His skipping gait slows at long last, a mischievous look coming upon his face as he settles before a dark-eyed and apparently injured teenage boy. Sun-baked wings are shook out, then spread wide, as though to say, here I am! Wait, worry, regret - he shall experience these things no longer. His sunlight has arrived.

This dragon, the night-dark brown moving near her son has Thea once again holding her breath. Blue was Muir’s dream, might reconnect him with his father, but who is she to hope this one will pass him by? Beside her, Ocelara reaches a steadying hand to grip her forearm on one side while Tharen reaches for her other hand, his grip almost hard enough to hurt. Seryth is nudging her mentally, reminding her to breathe but she cannot! Sadly, she doesn’t even notice the wineskin Ph’rys is offering. She could really use some of that wine right now!

Soriana's gaze goes to Mikal, and she smiles. "Congrats!" she calls out, and then the squeals of the stumbling green draw her attention. She frowns, and her body shifts as if she might move… then stops. No. She's waiting.

Garait blinks as he sees Mikal impress and cheers for him. Blue is a good choice for him.

The Fanning the Flames Egg continues to seethe and flicker, flames moving up its surface as it gives birth to this creature of fire. More cracks appear, tongues of flames falling away to the sand as pieces of shell crumble and flake. Suddenly more claws push through the apex of the egg causing a split in the shell large enough that finally the flames are dispersed. The curls of steam rising from her egg-damp hide could almost be smoke, leaving the hatchling to cool after her fiery emergence.

Spirited Symphony of the Cosmos Gold Hatchling
Poetry in motion, this gold moves with a fluid vitality that cannot be made. One has to be born with it, this unique something, this je ne sais quois that defines the rest of one's life. Though diminutive for her color, she is long of limb with a lithe, lissome tail, slim wings gracefully tucked against her back when not in flight. This balance of her body allows her to sashay on warm vanilla paws, the color melting up carpals and wrists in a delicate, nigh-lacy brocade before splashing across her slender stomach. The rest of her body is characterized by brightness, a polished gold that can't help but glisten in the sun. A spirited amber whorls across her hide in an exquisite dance, begging lighter flecks of cream and chiffon to stand out like pinpricks of starlight in a golden sky. Aureolin shades delicately dust high cheeks and an aristocratic nose, lending a subtle familiarity to this otherwise refined creature. Nimble, dexterous wings are alternately marked by pale yellow tides and flickering flames, hints of an effervescent duality that may only be realized with time.

Spirited Symphony of the Cosmos Gold Hatchling does take her time here, now that she’s worked hard to break the shell around her, sides swelling with the first few breaths of fresh air, filling her chest and her lungs deeply. The thrumming which brought them into world is given an encouraging and grateful response, adding her own song to that of what the Weyr has already given them. How curious how her lungs so full of breath can make such a noise! Shell continue experimenting, the merriment of these new things vocalized in her playful honks and peals. She does spend that time with wings flaring outward, drying them against the heat of the sand, learning how to make them move and twitch.

"So he did." Rou'x nods in reply to Naris, her gaze flickering between dragonets, eggs and candidates as she watches the action on the Sands. "Good mix of dragons down there. One of 'em's got to be for Zahl." The last bit is spoken softly to herself, accompanied by a frown - which turns into a look of surprise when the latest hatchling arrives.

Kale watches Mikal go, but he again looks back to the sands. Still dragons out there. He's still here. He stands up straight again, looking stubborn as some sniff at him, then back away. Prod, then turn off. Pick him or don't! Either way is just fine. But some of these not so little ones seem just as indecisive as he has been as of late. Eyes draw to the gold and brows raise. But she is not for him. Most definitely not.

Muir blinks, lifting his head to stare at the brown dragon that's suddenly in front of him. Swaying a bit, the boy blinks again and rubs at his eyes. "You're not blue," he mutters, tilting his head and peering at the dark, dark brown. He shivers, reaching up to touch his muzzle, and then run those fingers along the damp neck. "You were," he says softly. "You were…" Then shaking his head firmly, he takes a slow breath. "Mur'dah? Are you sure? That's…like my /whole/ name. Like what Mom calls me when I'm in trouble, Kalsuoth…" And then it all catches up with him and he gasps, and then laughs. "You're brown! We both got browns!" With a sudden whoop, Mur'dah slings an arm around Kalsuoth's neck and leads him after his sister.
"Why's she always gotta be first?" he mutters, though expects no answer from his lifemate. Not yet, anyway.

V'dim lurks somewhere behind Muir. Why's he doing that? Just call it a hunch, the grizzled old Weyrlingmaster has seen many a hatching in his turns and he Knows Stuff(tm). So, looking neither surprised nor pleased when the dark brown chooses, he steps forward with a rusty chuckle to loom for a few moments before asking, "So. Kalsuoth, Mur'dah? Coming?" Gruff, abrupt and yet unhurried and patient. How he manages that is anyone's guess, but he waits until the pair are ready to follow and then leads them from the sands.

The Under a Watchful sky egg has been quiet until now. Quiet and watching perhaps because now it suddenly springs to life. The egg starts to shake violently, making it look like the long grasses are waving from the movement of a running predator. Then the grasses part dramatically and a glinting claw pushes through the opening. This claw is quickly followed by a Midnight blue leg and suddenly the grasses fall away to reveal this Starry Night Sky Midnight Blue hatchling. A dark blue hide seems be speckled with stars on his under belly. He is fine-boned and lithe and it is with the wary grace of a wild cat he moves toward his prey. So few to choose from and yet he knows who he wants. It is to a blonde boy from Healer Hall that he goes directly toward without a look at anyone else. The hatchling stops just short of bowling the boy over and looks rather intently into his eyes. Jikmyn blinks in surprise as he is rushed by the blue, but quickly that look changes and the boy reaches up to the blue, "Yes Damiseth, let us hunt down some food for you." And so Jikmyn becomes J'myn and he follows the direction of the weyrlingmaster to get his hunter fed.

Zahleizjah is now holding her breath.. it can't be helped. "That's a.. Gold.." is all she says, standing there, complete silence a few glances between those who remain.

Playboy in Shining Armor Bronze Hatchling crouches behind a little rise of sand, but the effect is rather muted by the fact that it doesn't offer him any sort of stealth. Then, he seems to see the prize. Eyes narrowing, the hatchling leaps out, as if showing how clever he has been to be so well hidden. No one had seen him, right? Of course not. His eyes settle on on a boy with dark brown hair and brilliant blue eyes. For a moment, he just /stares/ - but then he approaches, taking one step forward after another. This one. This one is pefect. After what seems like a long hunt across the sands, he has finally found the one that he is looking for. It is to a certain smithcraft boy that he extends his copper-tinted muzzle, nudging at the lad's chest.

Hotaru looks over just in time to see another brown impress to Reina. But Hotaru is distracted. "That's a gold! Out of that flamey-egg. She's pretty." She chuckles a bit. "What happened? Muir impressed to brown?" And then a bronze is impressing as well. There are dragons everywhere!

Soriana looks to Muir again, and this time, it's to smile… no, grin. She lifts up her hand to give him a salute, grinning as she does, and then turns her head back to the eggs to see the gold there just as Zahleizjah's voice says the same. "Oh," she says, and her attention lingers there. She certainly doesn't see the stealthy Playboy Bronze

Naris nods silently as she listens to Rou'x while refusing to tear her gaze away from the sands. Suddenly a egg breaks to reveal a gold, a shining golden queen. Her eyes widen in surprise at the sight of her, surprise that soon turns to a grin. With a quick nudge to Rou'x she exclaims, "look, a gold! Maybe she'll impress to your friend!" And suddenly the bronze impresses, causing the grin on her face to widen even more. This hatching /has/ to be a sign of good things to come!

It's hot and things are moving so quickly that the AWLMs are barely keeping up even though they are hustling back and forth from the area set aside for the new pairs to eat and solidify their bonds. Returning at a jog, one of them scoots over to the newest greenpair. "Narjath, Reina let's get you off these hot sands and over to the food, hmm?" The other trots over to the dark blue. "Hey Damiseth and Jikmyn, I'll bet you'd enjoy some warm oil and fresh meat, yeah? If so, right this way!" Upbeat, matter of fact. Let V'dim be the stick in the mud!

Idrissa inches a bit closer to Kale as that gold breaks out of its shell and announces its way into the world. "Woah." So much is happening now, though she does catch sight of Muir with the other brown. "Good for you Muir!" Is called out while he is heading off as well. She is about to say something but there is a bronze there, and in front of Kale and she just eyes it looking utterly surprised. "Kale…." Is murmured out softly.

Spirited Symphony of the Cosmos Gold Hatchling knows she must proceed, as there's more than a friendly nudge from her clutch dam compelling her to be on her way. No, she doesn't need to be pushed. She's curious enough on her own to lead the way. Except, the sand. It is so interesting! She has to take some time in feeling it between her toes. It is so new after all. It has this springy feeling to it, only, if she pressed hard enough her foot sinks. What is this! It's so funny. She'll snuffle it, to her sudden alarm, as sand gets up there in her nose. Snort snort! She tries to blow it out, shaking her head, rubbing at her paw with her leg, maw opening to sneeze the rest out. Lesson learned, she is careful not to do the same again, sweeping herself through the sands, nose up and head lifted, sneezing once or twice more as she crosses toward the people surrounding her, chittering with such noise of their own. Oh yes, she knows they're people. She knows many of them, so familiar they are to her! Like family.

Solace Flows Through the River Green Hatchling takes a few wobbly steps towards the line of candidates, her neck outstretched to assist her tenuous balance. She stops, staggering sideways several steps to maintain her footing then wobbles forward a few more before repeating the process. This is how dragons are supposed to move, right? If so, she's getting the hang of this!

Rou'x doesn't seem to like the nudge so much, and steps away from it. "Aye. Mebbe." Her shoulders are shrugged, and she looks from the gold to the newly-Impressed bronze, then casts her gaze over the rest of the Sands before moving off down the rows of seats without even so much as a goodbye to the Western teen.

Kale didn't see the bronze, his attention too ridiculouly divided everywhere. And thus, when he's suddenly presented with that coppery muzzle, it's surprise that writes itself upon his face, causing blue eyes to boggle! But he does recover, quickly at that, and stares at the handsome face of the playboy bronze. "Wait…me?" His hand is placed on his muzzle, gingerly a first, but then with growing confidence as a grin spreads over his lips. "I supposed you'd know, wouldn't you? Y've seen more've me than I've seen you. The rest … we can do together. You an' me. Ka… Kanekith?" He nods, beaming now. "Yes. But it's Kale. Kale…Ka'el? Alright. That'll work. Let's do this." WIth his hand still on that muzzle, he begins to walk, the rest of the world…apparently mist in his eyes.

Soriana watches the young gold's progress, and the inhalation of sand makes her laugh, turning her head to Kale to say… "…oh." That's not what she meant to say. It's not what she was planning to say. But there's a bronze head against Kale's chest, and after a moment, Soriana puts a smile on her face for him. "…see you later," she says. It's the best smile she can manage at the moment, and her gaze lingers on him. Watching.

Naris doesn't say anything when Rou'x walks off, absorbed in the hatching as she is. In fact she doesn't even notice that she's gone until she is quite a ways away, in response to which she just shrugs and turns her gaze back to the sands.

Zahleizjah is stuck in time and space, feeling like she's floating in weightlessness like when visiting The Yokohama. She wants to say congratulations to Muir, mouth moves, no words come out. There she stands.. oh ya, that breathing thing! Red has flushed to her cheeks, with a good bout of dizziness and she has not choice but to suck in a few gasps of hot air. She stares, and blinks, watching the endearing antics of the tiny Gold hatchling as she finds her playful way along the sands. There is no chuckle or laughter, but she's at least smiling, even if somewhat like a doe in the head lights.

Hotaru blinks. Wow that gold is large for a baby. Were all golds that big at birth? They must be. Has that other bronze impressed yet? Ooh, to Kale. "Oh wow, Sticky! Look what you did!" In other words: congrats. Hotaru takes a deep breath and looks to Garawan. "So… what's left?"

Garait isn't suprised when Kale Impresses a bronze. Sort of expected it, and he cheers for his friend, actually smiling for once.

Anoryn is one of those AWLMs rushing back and forth amongst all the chaos of the Hatching. She's barely helped settle with one of the previous pairs before she's hustling it back out, blue eyes quickly scanning to see who has Impressed while she was absent. It doesn't take her long before she spies Kale with the newly hatched bronze and with a lopsided and broad smile she waits until he begins to walk forwards before gesturing to get his attention. "This way now, Kale and… Kanekith was it? We'll get you settled."

Idrissa watches Kale and Kanekith a few moments, she is smiling at least even though she seems a bit sad at the moment. She takes in a slight breath and looks to Soriana, a slight wave of her hand seen to get her to move closer it seems. She then looks back to the ones that are left along with the young dragons there still moving around. Her gaze drifts to the gold watching it a few moments before she looks to the green.

Garawan looks at the sands, at the eggs that have not hatched. "Hmm… not much more now. Thankfully. This sand is killing me." He's overexaggerating a bit, and he's not any more uncomfortable than the other candidates still there. "If you Impress, I'll come visit tomorrow. If not, would you like to be my date if there is a party afterwards?" he inquires of Hotaru.

Solace Flows Through the River Green Hatchling staggers across the sands in a semi-dizzy fashion but she’s… managing. Now, however, those wings come into play. Heretofore she hadn't noticed them, her loosely-held appendages flopping about as she’d wobbled and weaved like a drunk hatchling. Now they lift and flutter, the tiny green curving her neck to eye them in wide-eyed wonder, then she nudges one with an experimental poke. This nearly causes her to fall over, but she catches herself and moves on, straight for a green eyed female candidate, her muzzle seeking the girl's hand to nudge it - and then promptly staggers into her so they both fall into a tangled heap upon the sands.

Hotaru breathes in deep. "Not many left. No maulings. This is good." She looks over to see who the green that's been poking around has just impressed to. "I just… what? Gara… did you just ask me out? Here!? I.. okay! Whatever just… I can't think about -after- right now!" She just stares at Gara.

Zahleizjah flashes to pearly whites to Ka'el briefly as he's escorted off, a glance towards Idrissa with a slight nudge of encouragement. This is the only movement she can manage, instantly re-glued to her own bubble watching briefly as green wings extend and another Impression is made, then it is back to golden mesmerization.

//Spirited Symphony of the Cosmos Gold Hatchling drags her legs through the sand, looking down as it piles around her feet, a cheerful trill for how amusing it is, as she is leaving tracks! Her eyes look back to the marks she leaves behind her, spinning herself in a circle to look down at them. With some excitement, her eyes follow the other hatchling tracks, and in doing so, she circles back, almost as if she were giddy and ready to romp in the sand behind them. But there is something more she has to address - so the sand and rolling in it will be saved for another day. She pads most assuredly toward one particular girl with reddish brown hair, bypassing all others, making only for her, not without some shoulder checks to watch her trail away from her shell grow. Oh the beginning of adventures! Her head swivels back to the girl that'll be enjoying them with her. That snuffling sand covered muzzle now presses into her choice, eager for some help to this issue of hunger, play, and of the sand stuck up there in her nostrils! And what better way to ensure that than pair with a dragonhealer?

Idrissa curiously watches that green as she struggles to move, making her think of a foal, of course her mind would jump to runners. Her gaze flicks to the like of candidate's left and then she sends another glance over to Soriana. That gaze of hers is soon back upon the green dragon that is stopped in front of her, and then falling on her? A half squeak escapes her, hot sand hot sand! Though that is out of her mind as she is looking into those bright eyes that are hovering over her. "Tahryth. Your name is Tahryth." Her hands rest against that head and she pets it a few moments. Shouldn't she be doing something else? Oh right have to get up. "Come on.."

Garawan grins. Score. So, if nothing else, he can at least ensure he gets a date out of this! And if Hotaru Impresses? He'll hit her up for it later. If /she/ doesn't hit /him/ for his brazenness. However, he /does/ at least have the decency to offer, "Ah, true enough. I apologize. I was merely offering consolation if it is needed." Something to take her mind off it if she doesn't. He's pretty sure she will, but just in case! He'll return his attention to the hatching then… golds and Impressions and lifemates — oh my~!

Ontali, too, is starting to look a little droopy. Still, even sweaty and a bit sandy, Tali looks like she's enjoying herself as she emerges back into the thick of things. Well, the outskirts of the thick of things. That's only the case for a moment before she's moving across the sands again, though, looking somewhere between alarmed and amused. "Everything alright?" The more-sandy Idrissa and her little green are eyed for a moment, then the bluerider nods, apparently deciding they're well enough for the next directive. "That's it, up you get. Follow me?"

Zahleizjah finally brings a few words out of the silence "Congratulations you two.." is said to Idrissa and Soriana, before the Starcrafter turns a murky shade of green. Heat+notbreathing+adrenaline= a bad combo for Zahl. "Weyrlingmaster.." she squeaks "I feel.. dizzy.." That weakness starts a bend at her knees and she'll surely be ushered to the infirmary for fluids once cleared from the sands.

Soriana sees that beckoning gesture of Idrissa's, this time, and starts to move closer… only to see a green muzzle reaching for Idrissa's hand, and stop. Sori's eyes linger for a moment, and then her head turns away, a pensive look on her face as her attention turns back to the empty… no. Not empty. Those sands aren't empty at all. Those sands… what sands? There's no sands here, there's a pair of eyes, there's… "You did," she says, as a smile dawns on her face, a brightening of eyes and a curve of lips as her hands reach out to loop gently around the gold's neck. "And we'll keep our promises, Luraoth." She smiles, leaning in to breathe deep, as if this dragon has a scent and she wants to fill her lungs with it… and then she laughs. "Of course. C'mon!" To the adventure that awaits!

Anoryn returns from seeing Ka'el settled in off to the sides and just in time to see the green go down with her chosen with a bit of a wince and a relieved sigh when Idrissa seems okay from the tumble. Leaving it to her fellow AWLM Ontali to manage checking in on the new green pair, the older greenrider turns instead to see the gold Impress. Brows lift as she recognizes the girl and with a low chuckle, she waits a moment until the pair are on the move before gesturing. "This way then, Soriana and Luraoth. We'll get you settled with what you need. Follow me!" And with that she'll wait until she's certain they're following before leading them to the side with the others.

Hotaru gives a wave to Idrissa. "Ooh, congrats, Idrissa!" Hotaru wiggles fingers to Idrissa, and then to Sori. "You too, Sori!" She looks over to Garawan. "Well.. guess that's it then. Not sure how much I feel like going to the party though." Hotaru makes her way off the sands with the rest of those left.
Soriana is ready to go! She's grinning now, and she's got a hungry dragon to feed… onwards! No time to waste!

The last dragon makes its choice and Thea rises without hesitation. She needs to go to them, she needs to see that they're alright, she needs to— Ocelara's hand once more gives her pause and her pale green eyes drop to the still-seated Headwoman. What is said between the two is low-voiced, drawing a frown and a sharp negative hand-motion from the Weyrwoman, followed by something else from Ocelara and echoed by Tharen - reminders that elicits a long breath out and a drop to the Weyrwoman's head. Tharen encircles her shoulders with a comforting arm and heads out with her, the departure is slower than Thea's hasty one that she'd begun, the direction she takes is to the caverns rather than the Weyrling Barracks. Changes once again have come to her family.

Garawan nods. He had a feeling. However, there's still duty to perform! He offers a bow to the dam and sire and leaves with the rest of the candidates. Oh well, even if Hotaru's not up for the party now, he can bother her later!

Idrissa :is able to get the little green up, she catches the comment from Zahle, a glance is sent towards her and well she is worried about her friend as she is hurried off. Though her attention is back on that green dragon, she is smiling and nods to Ontali while following.

Naris frowns slightly when the girl Rou'x pointed out is left standing, although she is not too upset. After all, it was a healthy hatching with no complications! What more could any weyr ask for? With a sigh she turns around and begins to walk away, looking for a rider to give her a ride back to Western.

Fi shakes her head slightly as she stands, "I had thought Garawan would impress. The dragons did seem quite fond of him at Eastern. Ah, well. Perhaps the lad's dragon is waiting for him elsewhere." She lingers a moment, watching the egress, then turns with S'rok to head out to the following festivities.

Sahazyth rises from her crouch as the last impression is made. She watches as the weyrlingmaster escorts the pair off the sands before turning her head to the bronze sharing the sands with her and gives him a parting nuzzle before looking down to Briana and warbles softly to the junior who is now dismounting from the platform with help of the bronzerider. With careful movements she walks down the steps and across the sands to the remaining candidates. "I am sorry that your lifemate has not found you yet but you are welcome to remain at Xanadu for as long as you wish. There is a feast waiting in the Living caverns." Her gaze lingers on their faces for a moment, a regret that there were not more eggs on the sands. As she reaches the edge of the sands, she steps quickly into the waiting arms of her Weyrmate Derin. There are words whispered between them that has him quickly ushering her from the Hatching Arena.

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