Pre-Hatching Scamble

Xanadu Weyr - Candidate Barracks

A long, low ceiling room opens off the entrance hall to the arena, one wall slightly curved as it is set against the outer wall of the arena itself. Cots are set evenly the length of the room, in two rows, each with its own small press at the foot, for personal belongings. Wide windows are spaced along the outside wall, letting sunlight in, while other lights are available for the night time hours.

It is nearing sunset this winter evening. Dinner currently being served in the Caverns and it's possible some of the candidates have made over there early. V'dim ought to be in there, not trekking across the clearing though ankle-deep snow to the hatching arena. Yet here he comes stepping in through the door and shrugging out of a hastily-donned jacket that he tosses on the nearest cot. If the tell-tale humming that resounds through that open door doesn't clue them in his barked words will. "Get into your robes. Now." And his hands clap smartly to hasten them all to it.

Muir limps hastily into the barracks, the boy's right pant leg ripped at the knee, a bandage beneath that's starting to seep more blood. Probably because he sprinted the whole way here from his mother's cottage. Saluting V'dim hastily, the teen hobbles to his cot and flops down onto the edge of it, blinking a few times in lost bewilderment before he grabs for his robes and begins to wiggle out of his clothing. When he's in his underwear though he sits again and eyes his knee with dismay, and the blood that's seeping from beneath the bandage. Muttering a choice curse under his breath he begins to dig through his press for something else to wrap it with.

Garawan blinks as V'dim enters and makes his request. He blinks. Perhaps V'dim is just testing their reaction time? But then… the humming. Quickly he stands and retrieves his simple white robe from where he's placed it. Muir's entrance with the bleeding knee gives him pause, but he knows better than to draw attention to it. Shirt off, robe on, boots off, pants off. In that order, so he avoids flashing anyone. He pulls the band from his hair and drops it on the cot, letting his hair fall free around his shoulders. Sandals… where are his sandals…?

Idrissa was actually just making her way back into the barracks, and is there a moment before V'dim's graces the room with his friendly face of his. She blinks and looks up to him, as if about to say something but then there is the humming and her eyes widen and she swallows. "Shards.." She is quick to move over to her cot, her coat is pulled off and dropped on the coat while she opens her trunk to look for the robe. Oh dear wear is it.. She catches sight of Muir and blinks. "Hey… Are you alright Muir?"

Hotaru rushes into the barracks after V'dim. She's got some sort of sauce all over her shirt and is huffing and puffing. But not enough to be too out of breath to yell, "THIS IS NOT A DRILL!" Of course she recognizes the humming, and strips down on the way to her cot. Trunk is emptied out on her bed, rummaged, and her robes are pulled free. They're put on and belted, then sandals are shoved on. Everything left is jammed back into the trunk in disarray. That's when she notices Muir is bleeding. "Oh Farath! Muir is bleeding! Get some bandages! Hurry before he gets blood on his robes! Don't worry Muir, you're going to make it!"

Zahleizjah clears her throat softly and says meekly "That shimmery one.." of course.. cannot resist sparkles! Ahh! Suddenly there's a scuffle and that door opens and /that humm/ can be heard. "Oh.. I umm.." fingers are stuck in knotted hair and now the Starcraft Candie is shuffling around in the madness looking for. "Wait.. where's my robe? Sandals.." deep breaths, keep it together.. look for things calmly she eases herself.

Mikal has been in here most of the afternoon chatting away. Seems the setting sum hadn't yet clued him into the approaching dinner time. Right on the heels of V'dim's entrance his pair of fire lizards perk up and start a low thrumming humm. Then V'dim's words sink in and he blinks several times. "Huh?" quickly he's getting to his feet and to the trunk he goes! Crazily he starts tossing out clothes to find where his robe migrated too. Sevreral words reach his brain and he looks over to Muir with concern. "Shells, Muir! What happened?"

Soriana just finished an assignment. The last word has been written. It's done. She's about to get out of here and go to dinner. Mmm, dinner. She is, in fact, putting on her jacket as V'dim walks in the door, and as she takes in the sound of the humming, her eyes widen and her mouth opens. "…but…" she says, the word barely audible. Her eyes dart about the room, and then her fingers clench into fists as she goes for that robe, then uncurl enough to strip and put it on.

Muir waves a hand at the others, shaking his head and then giving Hotaru a look that's simply baffled. "I know…I just tripped, I'm fine, but I need another…ah!" Coming up with an extra long sock, he ties that off around his knee and flexes the limb to test it. It'll have to work, as he grabs his robe and pulls it on, buckling on his sandals and looking around for his sister before he hastens forward.

Kale has been about. Actually, he was juuust about to head out of the barracks again, as it is dinnertime and dinner is served elsewhere. But then .. CHAOS! In the form of Hotaru anyway. And a bleeding Muir! And barked instructions to get robed. And Kale doesn't like calamity, especially a sudden onslaught of it! Blue eyes widen a bit as he looks to the door, hearing the telltale humm, then to V'dim, then Muir who despite his blood is getting that robe on. His jaw clenches tightly enough for a vein to slightly show on his temple as he turns and moves back to his cot, rummaging for the correct clothing and footwear to change into.

V'dim remains by the door, which he's left open so that the rest of the candidates scurrying through it will indeed pass through it and not smack into it. He's also stepped aside so they won't mow him down in the process. Several more candidates from hither and yon pile in through the door, their voices and excited gabble as they make the mad dash to presses and into robes. "Calm down," he says to the room in general. "Breathe."

Hotaru stares at Muir. A sock? A sock!? Well, that'll have to do. Hotaru doesn't know where they keep the first aid kit in here. "He's okay!" At least he can stand, even if he's bleeding. Hopefully it wouldn't be too bad. Hotaru is the first to line up, stopping right before V'dim and offering the balding weyrleader a salute.

Idrissa finds her robe, and her sandals at the bottom of her truck, where she left them. There pulled out and she watches Muir as if to make sure he is indeed alright. "Are you sure?" A glance is sent to V'dim betting he will be checking on Muir for sure seeing what time it is. She is rather quiet and is busy changing into that white robe. With her clothing somewhat folded she pulls on the sandals and then undoes her hair giving it a slight shake. Yes she just undressed in front of everyone and didn't even think about it, score for Rissa. She peers up hearing V'dim, a quick little salute is given whie she just sits, calmly, see, she's calm.

Zahleizjah looks over towards Muir, eyes going wide, the robe she just found dropped as she looks to him and says "Can I help with your cut Muir? I've a bnadage so you don't bleed on your robe?" There's so much going on, everything is kind of a blur and she's only been awake for moments it seems. She'll pull herself, the bandage and the robe his direction if he agrees to let her dress it. A glance and smile is shot towards V'dim with a nod "Calm.. yes… calm is good.."

Garawan is… actually pretty calm about it all. As the candidates line up and start filing out towards the hatching area, he also offers a salute to V'dim. "It's been a wonderful candidacy, Weyrleader," he offers to the man, before he gets into the line himself. Easy smile, even if he does look a little feminine with his hair down.

Soriana's clothing is simple enough to take off. The robe is even simpler to put on. Her gaze settles on Muir for a moment, and she frowns at the sight of that blood… then reaches for her sandals, carrying them to Kale's cot to put them on as he dons his clothes. "…can wait," she says to him, voice soft; meant for his ears alone and hidden under the sounds of chaos. "This can't."

Mikal stands with robe in hand as he takes in Muir and his banged up knee. It's alright though, the sock will help? Darting a brief look towards the Weyrlingmaster…he decides that surely the sock will work fine. Won't it? He's pulled back to his own problems, which is getting on the robe. So quickly he kicks off his boots, aiming for under his cot. Pants off, shirt off, robe on. No belt…no sandals…wait? Where's the sandals! Gasp! On his knees he drops to search under his cot. The recently placed boots go flying behind him.

Jikmym is slightly more organized but no less panicked from the look on his face. A bit pale, he's standing at the foot of Mikal's cot and awaits other orders.

Muir looks down in dismay when the sock loosens and slides down. He already has a bandage on, but the sprint has loosened the scrape beneath enough that it's begun to seep again. "Sure…" he says to Zahleizjah, giving her a nervous and fleeting smile. "Thanks. I'm fine, I'm fine," he reassures everyone who is asking. "It's just a scrape…"

Kale looks around for his belt. Where' that rope? Oh, there it is. Robe on. Sandals on. Belt being looped a his eyes settle on V'dim. Calming and and breathing are two good suggestions! He takes in a deep deep breath to hold as he ties his belt, looking over to Soriana when she's near. His exhale is slow, and word both soft and simple. "Yeah." A single utterance that's not followed by another. Breeathe and calm. Just breathe.

Hotaru stretches out a bit. There was going to be a lot of standing coming! Plus it helps her relax, since meditation is probably out right about now. "I feel like doing cartwheels and backflips but I don't think that would be appropriate in my robes…" Instead she'll settle for deep breaths with her eyes closed.

Soriana nods to Kale. She doesn't say anything more, just finishes putting on her sandals and waits a moment for Kale before heading to the door. Breathe. Move. She takes a deep breath, standing up straight. Be ready for… whatever. Pretend to be calm, and maybe she will be.

"Weyrlingmaster," V'dim corrects Garawan with a rusty-sounding chuckle. Weyrleader, him? That would be a feat for this greenrider. Luckily for Muir, he doesn't spot the blood or he'd be sent off to the infirmary to get it stopped before entering the sands. Another Candidate passes him, huffing and puffing. "Hurry, now, those eggs won't wait for you to dress," cautions the old man.

Zahleizjah sets her robe on the side, clunking over in her sandals that are half a size too big and pretty 'clompy', bringing the bandage over and smiling back briefly. "You're definitely fine.." she say to Muir "Always will be.." putting the patch over the seeping wound to avoid bleeding all over his robe. She quickly pulls her own over her head and latches sandals tighter looking towards Mikal and Idrissa with slight amounts of desperation. "Anything I can do to help?"

Muir snorts at Zah, but his crooked grin is amused. "Thanks," he says quietly before he walks over to stand beside Marel, fidgeting and picking at his fingernails nervously. "Uncle Tharen and Grandmother are here," he says quietly to her. "Looks like they made it just in time…"

Kale has breathed and relatively calmed. Ish. He's done dressing, and he fingers the rope belt a little, hesitating just slightly after his companion walks to the door. But it's only slight, and he soon follows after her, attention drifting to the others. Familiar faces of candidates. His friends! That won't change after this, right? No matter…what happens? He looks to Idrissa as he heads to the exit.

"Oops!" Garawan notes, a hand over his mouth. Oh yes. His hands are finally ungloved! They're… normal-looking. If a slightly lighter shade than the rest of his body, from always being covered. "Apologies, weyrlingmaster. Nerves, you know." And then he heads towards the exit with the rest of the candidates.

Mikal finally finds the sandals and shoves his feet into them. Then he stands and takes the advice of the green rider Weyrlingmaster. Breath in. Breath out. Repeat several more times until that slightly panicked look is faded away a bit. Sparing another brief look towards Muir and his bandaged (socked?) knee he peers closer. "C'mon Jikmyn!" he playfully socks his friend in the shoulder before looping an arm around his shoulder. "Hey Zhal, you wanna stand near us?" he calls over to his friend. He's all set. Robe on, sandals on. Hair pulled back…oh wait, his hair is too short for that. He runs a hand through the short spiky redness. Ready!

Idrissa finishes with her sandals, eyeing them a bit as she wiggles her toes about, she glances to herself eyeing the robe and takes in a soft breath. So far so good it seems. She listens to the others and goes about picking at a nail all nervously, though she is at least breathing nice and calmly. Hearing Zahle she looks up to her, a faint smile seen. "I'm alright, thanks." Her gaze drifts towards where Soriana and Kale, her gaze lingers on Kale a few moments. She seems to be thinking the same thin and she chews on her lip before standing and glances to Zahle. "You, want to walk with me?" This questioned while she is following after the others.

Muir looks around and flashes Kale a grin, taking his own deep breath to try and still his trembling. "Just like fishing," he mutters under his breath. "Only for dragons. Big ones. Rawr. Just…" and he makes a series of hand gestures and noises that are supposed to mime impression, but look more like having your brains sucked out. And then he takes another breath.

Zahleizjah also goes with the flow of the group that sweeps her away between SoriKaleRissa and MikalJikmyn. "Thanks guys.." she says, not very calm, but she is breathing and has herself together, for the most part, minus those 'rats nests' in her hair. "I'd be honored to stand with you both.." is mentioned to Mikal and Idrissa "And.. it's been amazing going through this with all of you.." A few fleeting glances are sent towards Muir, Hotarus, Garawan, Kale, Sori, V'dim and anyone else who's eyes she catches on the way.

Soriana smiles to other candidates if she happens to notice their eyes on her, but mostly, she's quiet, staying near Kale. She glances to Muir as he speaks, and hehs. "Fishing for dragons. Sure."

Jennabelle has been waiting for this! Hatching and excitement. Her ebony hair has been meticulously brushed and hangs loose behind her, like a river of ink. Why does her robe look pressed? Wrinkle free and extra white! And nobody said she couldn't paint her toenails, and so she has. Sparkly gold! And she's ready to go, giggling nervously as she readies to exit with the group.

Hotaru has calmed down from her crazy entrance. No one is dying, and this is the day they've all been waiting for, no? There's a brow raised to Muir. "Sure. And we're the… net?" Hotaru laces her fingers behind her head. Were they allowed to paint their toes? Hotaru wasn't much of a nail-painter anyways, but there it was. The red-head gives Kale a friendly punch to the shoulder. "Good luck, Sticky. Don't let him get mauled, Sori."

Idrissa smiles to Zahle and leans over to give her a quick hug, a soft breath escaping her. "I agree with you Zahle. Ever after all this, we're still be friends you know?" That is what she and some of her friends have said after all, might as well pass it on.

Garawan returns Zahl's look with an easy smile. It clearly says 'don't worry, everything's going to be okay'. He's trying to reassure anyone who catches his gaze. And further offers, to do just that, "Good luck, everyone." He looks relaxed, but… he takes a deep breath. Oh, so maybe he /is/ nervous, eh? The hug between Zahl and Idrissa there… that draws a smile.

Kale grins a little to Muir, glad for a reason to laugh a bit. "Right. This rope for a fishing line, right?" he says, tugging at his belt. "Pinenuts for bait? Doubt we'll catch much." The younger boy is given an encouraging look and a quiet wish of good luck just before Hotaru gives her version of her own. His grin broadens. "Yeah, you too Hotaru. An' everyone else." And then he grows quiet cuz … brain overload of many thoughts and emotions suddenly.

Soriana shakes her head to Hotaru. "We're the bait," she says with a quirk of her lips, and then glances briefly to Kale with a look that… probably means something?… before returning her attention to Hotaru. "Yeah. Good luck."

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