Awkward Moments

Xanadu Weyr - Laera's Weyr
This room is decorated in blues, purples and most shades between. Large cushions tossed about for sitting on, draperies on the walls and rugs in Kereth's couch all reflect these colours. A low table sits amidst the group of cushions for eating at or socializing. There is a tapestry on one wall of a blue dragon in flight, one of a different shade then Kereth, paler even like her mother's dragon Liraeth. A gift given by Laera's grandmother to Lyn and now to Laera. In one corner is a large mattress upon the floor. It seems all furnitures has been pretty much done away with.

Laera has been spending much of the last few months up at the Dolphincraft hall up the river with her mother. She returned to the weyr last night, heading to her own weyr as to not disturb Ers'lan. She has still much of the day in her weyr as well at a table with books spread out over its surface. Doing study or research in something healerly no doubt. She looks to be one of those annoying women that does not gain an ounze more than her belly when she is pregnant, which is hidden by the table she is sitting at.

Though she's effectively no longer working with being on leave from the wing, Kezi still has her contacts and she'd been asking people to let her know if they see Laera. And thus she has fond herself at the door. Keziah eyes the door and it's several moments before she can bring herself to actually knock on it. Though still little and all, the greenriders belly has gained quite a bit in size and she's walking slower than she usually does.

At the knock on the door, Laera calls out for whoever to enter. When Keziah does, Laera looks up and her eyes go wide for a moment. "Oh goodness Kez…Lan well and truely knocked you up didn't he? Is that two or three in there? Faranth forbid it be only one from the size of you." She says as she rises up and extends a hand to her. From the look of her belly…she is likely to have only one. There is a welcoming tone to her voice.

Keziah sighs a little "Well, they've only been noting one heart beat." she says forlornly "Told me I'm eatin too much." She sighs a little and shrugs "They were thinkin' twins though. But can't confirm anything." she notes sofly. At least baby talk is a little easier to start out with. She looks a little nervous though, and not really all that confidant as she tends to portray. She looks around a little "You have a nice place." she murmurs as she stalls.

"You should let the dolphins have a look at ya. They have ways us healers can't see at figuring such out." Laera motions for Keziah to sit on the couch as she moves to the sideboard. Her movements casual and confident. "Care for something to drink Kezi?" She asks the woman as she pours herself some juice and takes a sip waiting on the response. At the compliment she looks around the room and gives a little nod. "I like it. Cozy, my little domain."

Keziah hmms a little "Perhaps, but that means climbing up on Alosynth and that's not really sounding all that appealing at the moment." she murmurs quietly "Though maybe. It's a shame the dolphins don't swim down the river." she notes quietly and then hmms. Suppose I could always sail upriver." she notes softly. She does give a little nod "Please, it's thristy work anymore walking anywhere."

"There is a small Xanadu pod Keziah…or I could convince one of parents dolphins to come up here. I have a few contacts with the dolphineers." Laera says as she pours the juice for Keziah and comes over to join Keziah on the couch, handing over the glass. "So what has you squirming like you are sitting on a bed of needlethorns Kezi?" She asks in her usual direct manner that has made many a person squirm in the past.

Keziah blinks a little and just goes oh. Well. Hmm. "I suppose." she murmurs softly "At least that'd be out on the beach and not having my cottage invaded by healers." And well, we just don't go into the infirmary. At Laera's question she goes bright red and squirms a little more. "Well, umm." She scratches the back of her head and looks just a little lost at what to say. "Umm.. yeah well. Umm." Okay, so nothing said there at all. "It's umm.. Lan." There we go. SOmeting.

"Yeah, we can go out to their dock sometime. I know a few members of the pod here local. Most of them keep to themselves up the beach." She offers as she shifts a leg beneath her to get more comfortable. As Keziah finally starts to get to the meaning of her visit, Laera can't help but smile. "Oh really? What have you and Lan been up to while I have been away?" She makes a show of looking over the green rider, "I don't see any bruises…"

Keziah hmmphs a little "He's never. No wait a minute, he has, but that was a complete misunderstanding." she coughs a little "I had thought he was a renegade and jumped him and he stopped my attack." she coughs. Anyhow. "We, well umm. It's umm. He came over to talk. Despite umm the fact that we're to umm not be around each other." she notes softly.

"Yes , because you two won't channel your passions in a fun way. Instead you spit and fight and curse each other." Laera responds before taking a sip of her drink and giving a glance down at Keziah's belly, "That was fun, wasn't it? A night and a day where you two didn't fight but made love instead?" She cants her head to Keziah, "So I presume the subject of this talk is what has you at my door today?"

Keziah continues to blush at the mention of that time period "Umm, well. You see. That's umm kinda well. Why I'm here." she notes softly. She looks around, everywhere but Laera "We umm, we've umm come to I guess a well. Umm. Truce?"

Laera rather relaxed at the moment as she listens to Keziah speak upon Ers'lan. Not any hints of jealousy. If there is any distraction to her gaze it is likely to do with her mother and the books on the table. "A truce? So what are the terms of this truce?" She asks as she tries to keep a straight face.

Keziah squeaks a little "Terms?" Umm.. She sighs a little "I guess, maybe well an understanding." she makes a face "Shards, why is this so hard. I slept with the damn man." she mutters and ducks her head. Though that seems to be only part of her issue.

Laera's gaze does not waver as Keziah responds to her question. At the final statement she smiles, "Good, maybe he will be in a better temper when I see him. Wondering when you two would finally realize you two need a good screwing instead of fighting." She leans forward and lays a hand on Keziah's knee "And you are worried how I will react?"

Keziah coughs a little "He is good, isn't he?" she murmurs softly. And this time she was herself as opposed to being part of her green. "Umm, well I was sprta, but it's umm more than that. He was umm mentionin' being a well a family and well. I mean I umm. I don't want to well exclude you because you two are well are wonderful together, but I umm, I dunno if I can with umm you well umm." Squeak. "It's hard to even well think about you and I and umm."

As the heart of the matter comes to the fore, Laera settles her glass down on the nearby table and leans forward to Keziah. Her hands reach over for her hands, "My dear, I would never force you into something you did not want. I would only ask you to …not be closed to the possibilities of discovering such. It is no secret I have no preference…or one might say preferences for both. I believe that there is something to be shared and learned from any type of person…or body."

Keziah looks down at Laera's hands and she's quiet. "I, I told him I would think about it." she murmurs quietly "It's just. Awkward." she notes quietly. "I umm. Well. I guess." she falls silent again "I don't wanna be hurtin' ya." she notes softly.

Laera is sitting on the couch with Keziah holding her hands. "You would only hurt me if you dismissed it out of hand or if you hurt Lan. The guy loves you, he has since he was a weyrling I reckon. Reckon you did too or else your fights would not have been quite so passionate. Lan is a man of so much feeling and I am not surprised his heart has taken in another. We met when my last weyrmate shared him with me and I saw how much more could be felt in that sharing."

Keziah gives a little nod "I have no wish to hurt either of you." she murmurs quietly "I do wonder if I am doing the right thing. But then I think, well I think of, ummm well when we." she coughs a little "I don't want to lose it." she admits softly "It's. It's well. I dunno."

"Don't let your fear make you turn away from this. He will be a better man for your love. Your wing will be a better wing for your …cooperation. I do not expect your heart and body to open to me as well. I am not Ers'lan, only that you do not take him from me completely. I know he has enough heart to share with both of us…and I dare say he has enough stamina as well. Now that is something we can put to the test." Laera says with a grin light upon her lips.

Keziah shakes her head "I've no wish to take him from you Laera." she notes softly "I'd leave before that happens." she states quietly. She stays quiet for several moments, course she's going redder again. "Umm, uhh. Yeah. I uhh, guess we um can."

Laera leans in and kisses Keziah on the cheek, "I won't ravage you unless you want me to…though I dare say I will make sure Kereth keeps chasing Alosynth." She teases the woman and leans back once more to pet her belly. "So darling, its all good. Lan won't know what hit him." She waggles her brow at that.

Keziah blushes a little at the kiss and ducks her head a little. "Aye, I'm sure you will." she coughs softly, that's certainly nothing new. She clears her throat. "Aye." she ponders a little "I suppose, umm well." She purses her lips a little "Umm. Yeah. I guess he won't."

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