Fondue for Two (Glee reference)

Igen-Weyr North bowl, Igen-Weyr Living Cavern
// The relatively flat bowl is covered in a thin layer of pale sand and dust that shifts with the seasons. Contrastingly, the orange hued desert sandstone which comprises the bowl walls stretches skywards. Northwards is the smaller niche administrative complex, where the queen's and weyrleader traditionally make their home. The singular staircase running along the wind curved bowl wall can be traced connecting the ledges of the Weyr's leadership. To the northeast is the greater opening into the hatching grounds, with a smaller shadowed entrance for the dragons a few lengths above it. Most of the foot traffic however goes into smaller ground level entrances which lead into the heart of the living and dining areas. Set apart from the other areas a series of smaller entrances of varying size which lead into the infirmary and various crafter areas.

Living Cavern-

Second only to the Hatching Sands in size — although its walls are not so nearly circular — the living cavern is filled with numerous rectangular tables, almost too many to count. The Weyrleaders have the table farthest from the kitchen and hearths at one end of the cavern. The hearths are kept as low-burning as possible during the day when folk come inside to escape the heat outside. They burn brighter at night to keep away the deserts chill. No matter hte level of flame, there is always a stew pot that hangs for nibblers at a good temperature. Favored drinks, particularly iced klah and juice, are kept on ice and interspersed at various food tables scattered about, along with baskets of rolls and fruit. There are, of course, scheduled mealtimes, and at certain points of the day the available fare slides into the menu for the nearest meal, be it breakfast, lunch, dinner, or late-night snackings, but the staff has long since acknowledged that people will sit to talk and nibble here at all hours. In the cooler parts of the evening in particular, the cavern hosts games of chess, checkers, dragonpoker, and others. Several degrees are knocked off thanks to the Technician Craft's cooling system.//

Early evening at Igen Weyr, the sun has not gone down quite yet and the spring weather is warmly revealing hints of the torment that is an Igen summer. It's hot y'all. No one spends lengthy periods of time outside, people returning to duty after lunch do not linger in the bowl and dragons are taking off and landing with increased urgency as spending too long in the air could lead to heat distress. Unfortunately being a Weyrling and the youngest rider in a potential new wing means doing what you have to. Even if it means going to the worst place on Pern, Evi and Neifeth have to pay their dues and the unpaid internship feel of Senior Weyrlinghood is one of those dues. Appearing above the bowl and circling in quick, harsh circles, is the predatory striped darkness green dragon. While she's grace and beauty that deadly edge to each of her movements, the way she turns sharply on wingtip mixed with the serrated feel and presence of superiority is unsettling In a swift, practiced motion the green is all at once within inches of the ground, and the greenrider unhooks herself moments before landing is achieved. Sliding down in a rush of bright teal skirts and loose long-sleeved shirts. Neifeth takes off without another word, the quickness of her exit and lack of acknowledgement appears uncaring and cold. «No one had better be in my spot.» is said loudly for all to hear, dragons, humans, the harsh voice does not care who is listening. Or that she doesn't live here, and can't claim a spot.

Many may not linger in the heat of the coming summer, but there are those who must venture outside to cross between complexes of the Weyr as they go about their daily tasks. One such is Katailea with a basket full of linens for the infirmary which are delivered without much conversation inside given it doesn't take long for her to reappear with the emptied basket to head back the way she came. Dragons taking off and landing in the bowl of any Weyr however is far from unusual and so the familiar looking predatory green might go unnoticed as might the brightly colored skirts of her rider, but the voice shared with one and all does not. That too is familiar and it's that which causes the candidate to pause and turn to look for the source.

Evi totally spots Katailea's pretty blonde head and bounces once in place with joy. Wiping the sweat off with a bright green handkerchief, the Xanadu Native flounces towards the candidate with enough joy and vigor to exhaust anybody. There's no missing the bright, bubbly, rushing form that is Neifeth's Rider. The dragon half of the pair has departed to cause trouble, most in the spot defense department. Even if she doesn't remember where the spot WAS and will be picking an arbitrary sunning spot, occupied or not and running off whoever is there. Move bish, get out of her way. As for the human portion of this pair, once within reach of Katailea Evi squeaks happily, "Um, you look so good." Nevermind the last time they spoke it was not exactly a friendly chat. As if it had never occurred there's an attempt to hug Katailea, both arms out as if they are old friends who haven't seen each other in turns, not months. "Acck! You're um, you did it!" The level of excitement for whatever the trader has accomplished is on par with winning a large prize, the younger teen all smiling cheeks and waving skirts. Never able to contain herself, always spilling out mirth with careless abandon.

Katailea spots Evi soon enough, offering a smile in the young rider's direction. The hug is accepted at least, if awkwardly and not returned with the same enthusiasm. "Um, thanks?" she replies a bit uncertain if only on how to respond for the compliment paid. "Did what?" Exactly. Because what all that excitement is for she's not quite following.

"Well- um." Taking a step back, pursing her lips with a tilt of sweaty haired head to the side, ear nearly making contact with shoulder. "I-uh, know our last chat didn't go well…" The chat where Evi said exactly what she pleased, with zero regard for the feelings she might hurt. Suddenly there's the realization that possibly, the excitement natural in the greenriding girl might not be shared. The consequences of her proddy actions weigh on her, sweeping one foot forward in a semi-circle across the ground she stares at the dirt. "I uh, well. I um. Did you get my cards? I sent cards. I was. Katailea." No words, stammering and sighing. The frown now filling the brown-green eyed face, combined with the change in tone. "I was proddy Katailea, well Nei was. I didn't need to say any of those things and I'd of never said any of it, if I'd of known I needed more self control." Not that it wasn't true, but that sometimes inside thoughts should remain inside. "But," Smiling weakly, one hand out in apology, "Look, you did it. You tried again."

Katailea sighs, shaking her head at the greenrider's awkward uncertainty in attempt at her apology. "I know," she was there, she knows how their last conversation went and now that it's brought up again may still be annoyed about it on some level. "I did," get the cards, her tone implying they were unnecessary, "And I know." At the time she might not have known that Nei and Evi by proxy was proddy, but she did come to realize it later. "I might have done it anyway without your dare," trying her hand at standing for a clutch again.

All the standing talking is great, but it's hot, and Evi glances around searching for the entrance to the living cavern. "You see, I well. Um. Are we good?" Hopefully, sticking her face forward, allowing her eyes to bulge and lips to flatten out. "I mean, I have a lot to tell you, and now that you're standing again and with ODI we could end up dragon relatives." Run Katailea, "I have different cards if those weren't your style. I can do better." The style of the card being the problem, much in the way Nei seems to miss the broader picture, as does Evi. "Are you free? Can we go… inside?" Bounce, bounce, roll from heel to toe. "I um. I miss you." The truth, shyly staring up at the corner of the bowl. "And, if you're going to do this for reals, you need to know everything." It's not all Evi's fault that talking to her is exhausting unless you're committed to her level of extroversion; it can be hard not to feel put upon. "Maybe proddy me is secretly good." Is whispered with a little hop up and a clap of delight.

"Its fine," Katailea replies. She may have been angry and annoyed at the time, but that's long past and if she has anything to say on matter its not worth dwelling on. Move forward. "She mentioned you were cousins," she notes when the beastcrafter is mentioned. Dragon relatives though, really? "I don't need cards Evi." Please, no cards! This is the girl who leaves little more than a sentence (if you're lucky) when she moved. "But yeah, I was just finishing up," she assures with a nod, that last delivery of fresh linens apparently closing out her chores for the time being. Evi may be exhausting at times, but she's not going to turn her away today, especially if there are things she thinks she needs to share.

"We are, well, my da is um- you seee. Her ma is my aunt, we're full cousins. If you impress together, then we can be related." How this works is a mystery. "Did you make any new friends?" Girl chat time is back, all babble and giggles. Reaching out, Evi moves to do a classical trick and drag Katailea with her inside the living caverns. Bouncing forth and sighing happily as the cool air hits her face. On the journey, there's a stream of babbling "I do not know why you chose Igen, both of you need mind healing. OK, plan time." Evi loves plans; plans are how you know where you've gone wrong. "You get a table, I'll do drinks." Prancing forth, Evi grabs two glasses of juice and two of water, releasing her friend to dodge around people with happy squeals and "Oops, esc-use me WOOPS. Coming through, eep, move, Faranath use your legs." In comparison, it's hard to believe she is at all related to Oddisa. This girl is where dignity goes to die. Most people never wake up in this kind of mood; it's a rare, fascinating sight to behold.

And a mystery it will remain, because Katailea's not about to ask for clarification. This is one of those things that's easier to just go with. Whatever you say Evi. "I've met people," the blonde confirms, whether or not those people are now friends is still to be determined, but she has met people here at Igen, yes. She's not fighting being lead inside or following the greenrider to wheverever she decided to settle. "I was here, they asked. I said yes." There wasn't exactly much thought to choosing Igen, it chose her?

A table is settled upon, nearest where the cool air blows. "Um, so. Have you thought about impressing?" Offering the idea up with a push a juice glass and a back and forth wiggling of her head, bouncing cheeks off shoulders. "FIRST they don't even warn you about the fact that baby dragons suck. They're loud, and possessive. You become a baby dragon slave hostage." The wording really adds to the appeal of standing, dramatically rolling eyes in feigned exasperation. Finally managing stillness, Evi drinks a bit of juice "When Nei was a baby she spent all of her time, either making me talk to her or talking back. Non stop. No breaks. I barely slept, and she made me butcher animals all the time. Everything from before she could hunt all alone was trashed, so you'll need clothes. I can do that." Evi takes after Nei, and is busy helping plan Katai's entire life. "Do you… miss us?" Because obviously she said she missed you, with a sweet 'oh come on, HI', white bright smile the greenling attempts to pull the blonde into her good mood.

Settling into a seat across from Evi, the basket tucked under the table for now to be returned to its home later, a hand reaches out to wrap fingers around the glass that's offered though she doesn't drink from it as of yet. "They do, just maybe not in those words exactly." Best not to scare off the candidates before the hatching after all. "I did see all of you as weyrlings," among others. No, not the same as being one yourself, but she has some idea. "Besides, they say all dragons are different. If I even impress there's not telling if it will be the same for me as it was for you." She's had plenty of help planning her lift, thanks. She's not ready to think about all the what-ifs that might be after impression before the hatching. That's just not Katailea. "Of course I think about all of you. "

Relaxing into the seat, Evi sits up strong and proper, hands crossed in front of her and juice moved to the side. A teacher trying to teach a lesson, or a lady. The quick shift in persona an indication of how serious she wishes to be taken, even if it's amusing to see how prim she can attempt to be. "All dragons are different, you may want to find out about the parents. Maybe the parent's parents'. Find out what kind of genes you're getting in this future lifemate." Evi is sure there's a future lifemate out there for Katailea, the way she says it doesn't leave room for argument. "I can make Odi help you, she owes me a favor."

Katailea just shakes her head, almost rolls her eyes at the seriousness of it all, or rather the seriousness that Evi's trying to press upon it. "Look, either there's one out there for me, or there's not. Its simple as that. I don't need her help because there's no reason for it. If it comes up it does, but what does looking into it now do anyway? I'm already standing."

"You're standing, but you're not standing." Evi gives a tiny annoyed shake of her head, "You need- well. You need to want it. Standing is easy standing is harder." Evi reaches into the dark green leather messenger bag across her body, pulling out a notebook and a pencil that it about 2 inches long, barely usable. The eraser has been chewed off. "You will know more of what you might be um, getting into. Nana impressed at Telgar, I've met Telgar dragons and even now they act like Dulacth does. Not exactly but, enough. Nei is, big.. in her mind. Ummm, uh." Evi draws three circles on the paper. "Not all dragons, have.. the same abilities. Nei is stubborn, sorry love," The last bit said out loud towards the ceiling, because somewhere in the perfect sunning spot a green fae queen is offended. "She's big, in her mind. Ilyscaeth does pretty pictures like Nei, nei doesn't sing. Both Ina and Glori sing. If we can even call what glori does singing. But both parents sang. See. Um." In the circles Evi writes the traits down, "Then…Alright. Maybe you have a point, but aren't you dead curious? " Evi smiling jovially, drawing little flowers in the corner of her paper. "Maybe— MAYBE if you want it a lot, it helps? Maybe knowing what you're facing. Maybe." A giant shrug, dropping her prim look because it takes extra energy. "Promise me, you will.. stand. Real stand. Not just stand there."

"If I didn't want it I woudn't be here," Katailea replies, a tinge of annoyance sneaking into her voice as well. "I wouldn't have agreed to stand and if I'd changed my mind I could be any number of places other than here." Not Xanadu, but any one of multiple places. The attempt at charting just brings another shake of the blonde's head. "Evi." She's giving in soon enough however and Katailea doesn't go any further with her comment to drop it. "Maybe a little, but even knowing what the parents are like doesn't really tell you what that one is going to be." At least that's her opinion on the matter. "Maybe its something you can't plan for?"

The idea that you can't plan for an event gets a frown, the planner in Evi disliking the idea and staring at the juice glass. The condensation running down the glass is swirled aroound, the letter E written in water droplets. "Everything can be planned for, you have to try." The new found order that's been inserted into her life brings peace, the idea of losing that ruffles the feathers. "Perfect preparation helps. Alright, tell me. New friends? Are they nice? Odi can be kind of prissy, um-" Breaking down into a fit of giggles, it's obvious she doesn't believe her statement. "I can come, do you hair before eggs hatch. Or. Something. I want to help."

"Three months ago I planned on getting married." Oh wait, she didn't tell Evi the part where she was going to go through with it without telling anyone. "Except when I got there I found a new option. You can be prepared and know what to do if and when a storm hits, but you can't plan on it happening or not on any given day." Examples. There are some things that can't be planned. Preparation does help though, on that much they can agree. As to friends she replies with a light shrug, uncurling her fingers from the glass to rest one on top of the other on the table. "They seem so. There's a harper from Xanadu seems interesting. We met before. Your cousin seems to think I need to know how to ride," which she's still not convinced of. "Couple cute boys," she adds with a grin only to shake her head. "Thanks, but I doubt the eggs are going to wait long enough for you to my hair first." She does appreciate the offer though.

The idea that Katailea was actually going to go through with the sham marriage has Evi gawking at her friend in outrage, mouth open eyebrows up. "You weren't." Not when you could have had Evi and Neifeth as your solicitor, liars in chief, letter writing blackmailers, fake your death cry at your funeral partners in crime. "You… were really going to do it?" There's no helping her shocked look, she's holding her breath and wagging her head back and forth floored. Reaching a hand forward, Evi moves to place her hand on Katailea's. "I wonder how V'ro is doing, we only have one female harper and-" Ducking her head into her right shoulder, covering face in chagrin with left hand. "She and him. " First flight didn't change this, sex is still awkward. "Don't go on a trail ride with her, she'd have you out in the desert for turns. Not lost, she has no sense of time on a runner." Said about her cousin's life long crusade to get anyone she can on a runnerbeast. "No boy is cute after a while." Wrinkling her nose, boys are ew. "I- we have some cutes ones at home too. Uh." More blushing, now both hands covering her face.

"Yes," is the to the point response Evi earns for all that gawking disbelief. She was going to, she almost did, but that's old news now really. Right? Pulling her hands back from the table to her lap. "Oh," is noted on the relationship between the V'ro and the harper. "Sure they'll work through it. He can visit at least." Even if other things aren't happening in the interim. As for Oddisa, "I wasn't planning on it, but good to know. Riding's not really my thing." Runners aren't one of her favorites either if they're being honest. "There are some at Xanadu too, yeah…" Hint Evi, spill.

"It's too cliche, and weird, and dragons make life hard."Evi lays her head on the table, covering it with both hands as if being accosted by avians. The mark of fatal embarrassment hands gripping into off blonde maybe brown braids like handlebars. "Alwight." The words mumbled into the table, eyes tightly closed. I wish I were home, I wish I were home, I wish I were- Nope, no red slippers. Oh well. "Um, Nei.. Auricyth caught Nei. I uh-" One big breath, preparing to say all of her words at once, "You know I- I know it's cliche, but P'al was nice enough, and I don't have the time but if I did I would spend more of it with him. Only if he wanted and I've not even tried, and maybe he's gay like half of the place, but still there's a shot, right?" Exhaling with an uff-squeak- sigh, raising her head up enough that her chin is planted on the table. 17 and still growing up now, still an innocent in many regards. "You see, it's nothing." The kind of nothing that flattens the weyrling greenrider out on the table like a breakfast cake. That kind of nothing. "Married, Katailea. MARRIED." Shock, outrage. Yeah, she's not getting out of this yet.

"Asking- I um. That's not an option, no. Maybe everyone feels this way after a flight, for a while. It's my first time, I can't ask after my first time. He'll think I'm-." WHatever he will think of her is left unsaid, raising up to elbows with hands under chin and eyes fixed on Katailea. "I was going to be married, I… Um. You know, how, things happen and suddenly you can't imagine anything else? That's Neith. Everything that happened up until her feels like it lead to her, even the bad things. Even." Sudden sadness, eyes distant and detached, gazing off lost. That place she never visits anymore, suddenly as present as Rukbat on a summer day, overtaking all of the joy and draining it. "He is nice." The tone has dropped out of her voice, an indulgent shake of the head. "I'm um, you know, what I want to uh-." breathe Evi. "One choice can change everything. Married, not married, searched, all of it is going somewhere." The fey in Nei has changed the girl, whimsical in an off-kilter way. Everything said as if absolute fact. Knowing, no room for doubt.

"Depends on what you ask," Katailea replies with a giggle and a grin for Evi's uncertainty and frustration on the matter, "You could always ask about sitting together for dinner or something simple." It's a thought anyway. A nod follows, yes she remembers that, they talked about it before. "This wasn't the first time but… no," she replies with a shake of her head for the question. "Not exactly." She can imagine what it might be, but hasn't experienced it herself perhaps. When Evi goes distant she reaches out a hand, palm up. "I suppose," there they can agree, every choice leads them somewhere.

"Uh huh." Evi not convinced, content to live her life alone with cats instead of risk embarrassing herself. Do as she says, not as she does. Silence, the mix of happiness when thinking of maybe liking P'al, and the sadness that still lingers brings indecision and confusion. Feeling all of her feelings all at once, with a giant shrug. Extending her hand, one finger moves to trace along Katailea's palm gently, swirling with the lightest touch possible. "When Odi, says things. Whatever she has said, um- please, if you might, can, try, to remember that. Not everyone sees things the same way. I do not feel the same way she does about- things." Vaguest description ever said in a quiet slowness that presses the idea in.

Katailea lifting her hand to catch Evi's, Katailea offer's a soft smile. One of friendship that says she's here to listen if and when she needs it if nothing else. "She hasn't really said that much…" They've talked, but not about Evi so much other than that she's related to Oddisa and Katailea knows her too. "Or you could just tell me what's bothering you? But yeah, I know." Case and point, "We haven't exactly seen eye to eye on some things either."

"Bothering, is um, a word." Allowing the contact, Evi squeezes in lightly and stares off. "Um, I was, before Nei, in an earthquake. My whole family was. My mother left my brother and I, in the house, she- she had to make a choice, about who got rescued first." Closing her eyes, she raises her nose up towards the ceiling and fights tears by avoiding blinking, eyes glassy and full of water. Leaning on Neifeth hard and using the strength and courage provided by the sassy pants green to continue. "That's the past, Odi and my Aunt's family see being left in the house, not being saved as heinous." It is heinous, leaving one’s child to die in a collapsing building is the definition of that word. Mothers the world over have died FOR their babies, sacrifice is entwined in parenthood. The distortion of that relationship, to survive instead of your child willingly is not something easily accepted amongst normal people. "So you see, you know now. They don't feel how I do about it. I don't… Ma had to do what was best for everyone. Nana's side of the family, they only care about me."

Katailea squeezes back, reassuring as best she can without really knowing what the other is about to share. "I'm sorry Evi," that she had to go through the earthquake at all much less the rest. "I'm glad you made it out though. But like you said, she had to make a choice." The blonde shifts then, getting up to move around the table to resettle beside the greenrider, not letting go of her hand unless the younger does. "And they don't see it the same way because she's not their mother?" That's what she's getting out of it all of it anyway.

Scooting closer to Katailea Evi is quiet a long moment, "That's part of it, my Ma didn't have anything to well, she did not get, she was not born in a Weyr. Never been to one. Weyrfolk forget how poor small holds can be. Ma, if she had died who would care for the others?" Fingers are wiggled in Katailea's, almost allowing her thigh to touch the tiny blondes. "I know she loved me, she just didn't love me most. Not more than my sisters and brothers." Tucking her knees up, "My ma loved me, she.. Odi's mother zoniya would, um, she'd die. Before anything happened to any of us, even me. Not, it's not fair you know? They weren't there. " A head shake, defending Evance (evi's mom). "If you don't impress, I'll take you back to Xanadu, if you want."

Katailea lets her have her silence and the closeness for as long as she needs. "Sounds to me like she made a hard choice in a difficult situation. I wasn't there, and I don't know your mother so I can't say, but if you think she loves you then I'm sure she does," that reassurance she can attempt to offer. "They might have chosen different so the can't understand. But you're here now and you have them and Nei," she reminds offering a smile, which flickers to a momentary frown. "I don't know that I do…" the blonde admits a moment later given that offer.

"You're right." Reaching out, the glass of juice is sipped if only because it shouldn't be wasted. "Not everyone has the same chances," Evi says with such a blaise attitude that it feels insincere. "Well, alright. I mean, I can take you anywhere. We can keep secrets, if you need it to be one." There's a small laugh, a response to an unheard message. "Is it um, sad? To be around- us." Meaning the old candidate group who are now all Weyrlings, "When you're.. alone?" The word alone is said with caution, sadness seeping in as if it were akin to death.

Katailea will leave that lie with a shake of her head for the next offer of going somewhere else. "Thanks, but no. I might try and track down Sam if I don't." Its a thought at least for now on what she might do or where she might go if she's left on the sands again. "Sad?" she repeats the word in question uncertainly. "No," the answer comes with a shake of her after a pause for consideration. "I don't know that that's right. Its just.. different." Than it was before when they were all candidates.

"I… once you impress, and you will, eventually. I'm sure. Nei is sure, and Nei is never wrong." Evi is so sure of this, she's certain that Nei, even in her absurdity, is not wrong. The mind-bending reality shift you would need to accomplish that belief alone explains impression well. Madness. "You um, well, you see. You. Impression is, you're not. You don't know, I can't." Both arms are stretched far out, trying to express the vastness of connection achieved. "Once you're impressed, the idea of not being so is -sad, it's like if you found out you were um, going to go blind and lose… your leg. You've always seen, you've always had.. a leg. People without dragons, are blind and um, legless." A sage nod, her ridiculous explanation also fascinatingly in-depth. "You um, don't understand. Soon." With that, she moves to hug Katailea, standing up with a prolonged sigh. "We're late, we have to get fabric dye and go home." The notebook is returned to the bag, the latch done, and Evi swallows the entire glass of water, for good measure. "Please give Odi my love, I'll see you at the hatching." With the speed that she flounced in, she bounces out to the bowl.

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