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Xanadu Weyr - Weyrsecond and Jr Weyrwomans' Office

Office or study? Perhaps this room is a little of both. It is spacious and airy with the big windows opposite the door looking northwards, a perfect aspect when one is this far south. Those windows are framed by dark forest green drapes, soft ribbons and braid in dark, rich gold sewn along the edges to give them a sumptuous look. The back wall is covered by shelves that hold a variety of things - mostly records and reference material as well as writing tools and sheets of hide and paper. Tapestries, including several lovely scenes of the terrain around Xanadu Weyr, cover the rest of the wall-space while a soft, plain off-white rug hides the stone floor. A small, low table sits by the door and usually has some refreshment set out on it.

Several broad desks are arranged around the room, each one set so someone sitting at it doesn't look directly at any of the others. Small screens can be set up on each desk to give a little more privacy and each has one comfortable chair that goes with it. So far, it looks like one desk has a permanent claimant. There are also several other chairs, which can be used by visitors.

It's afternoon, and Mur'dah has returned to the weyr. Frowning, he passes through the caverns and grabs a sandwich and a mug of klah, moving down the administration hallway. Told that Ka'el is in a meeting, the brownrider finds a spot on a couch to sit and wait for the Weyrleader to be available, eating the sandwich. Drinking the klah. Frowning in distracted thought.

In saunters another who should be IN her office but is coming from outside. Kiena wanted some lunch too and chose to go eat elsewhere rather than have food brought to her office. Can anyone blame her? After awhile, those four walls become too much and she just has to get out for fresh air and a change in location. Rebellion is short lived and now the Weyrsecond has some catching up to do… only to cast any thoughts of paperwork or deadlines aside when she glimpses Mur'dah sitting there, frowning. "Now here's the last person I'd expect to find lounging around here…" Kiena drawls in a lowered voice as she approaches, smiling crookedly. "…what's up, Mur'dah?" Any amusement or light banter is put on pause as her brows knit. Is this serious? "Something wrong? The Weyrlings?"

Mur'dah glances up and when he sees Kiena there's a swift and brief flicker of guilt in his eyes. "I'm not in trouble." Because…sitting outside the Weyrleader's office, it kind of looks like he is? "No, nothing with the weyrlings. Ka'el sent me on a task and I'm just back to report. Ah," his eyes flick to his office door and then back to Kiena. "It's kind of about you though, so maybe we should talk? I don't know when he'll be done with his meeting…"

Kiena tilts her head curiously, her eyes darting briefly to the doorway of her shared office with Soriana and the other Xanadian juniors. She snorts, "Didn't think you were in trouble." No, not at all! Never crossed her mind. Mur'dah's crypticness brings on a heavier frown and a guarded expression. "I see. And… should we talk here?" she asks, stepping a little closer but not quite coming to sit beside him. Stay or… to her office? Not that they're guaranteed privacy there either.

Mur'dah glances along the hallway and then pushes himself to his feet. "In an office would be best," he admits, waiting for her to lead the way. Has he even been into her office yet?

No, he hasn't! Kiena has seen no reason to call him to her office. Not that it's really "hers". It's shared and if they're lucky, they'll be the only one's within. "This way then," she murmurs, gesturing with her head for Mur'dah to follow her. They don't have far to go, before she's slipping through a doorway and motioning for him to take a seat by one of the desks. Presumably, it will be HER desk.

Mur'dah follows her in, closing the door behind them both. Taking a seat, he sprawls a bit in it, running fingers through his hair. "So…I hope this doesn't…offend you. Earlier today I spoke with Ka'el about Zi'on, and how he's treated you. Ka'el sent me to Western to speak with Zi'on about it, and make sure he knew he could no longer treat one of Xanadu's own - and a Weyrsecond - the way he's treated you. But Zi'on wouldn't see me. He was in a meeting, or something, and I couldn't get in to see him. So…now I need to tell Ka'el that." And he watches his friend, a bit nervous she's going to be angry.

Kiena takes her seat in her chair behind her desk, slouching a bit to show that while she's serious about listening to Mur'dah, it's not entirely a formal affair. Half and half, just how she likes to roll! Smirking when he mentions offending her, she'll keep her comments to herself and listen, for once, before speaking up. There's a silence once he's done explaining but there is no anger from Kiena. Her brows are knit, frowning heavily and her mouth has drawn back into a thin line but there is no outburst. No biting sarcasm. "I had thought it'd be Ka'el who would go to speak to Zi'on about… that. That you went in his stead…" she murmurs, sounding as conflicted as she looks. "… he'd probably not say much to you, Mur'dah. I… am not sure how to feel about this." No, she's not angry. She's apprehensive and possibly even worried. Concerned. Is the mighty Kiena actually… afraid?

Mur'dah shrugs, running fingers through his hair again. "He has a pretty booked schedule," he murmurs, meaning Ka'el. "Or maybe he thought it'd be more diplomatic to send me…I don't know." But he went. "Well, he didn't see me at all, though I don't know if he just didn't want to or if he was just busy. I wasn't told why." He sighs a bit. "It just needs to stop, Kiena. He can't…he can't keep treating you like he does."

Kiena lowers her head a bit, mulling over her thoughts. "You… might be right. About the diplomacy thing. Might not seem as… aggressive, either." She grimaces and can only spread her hands out helplessly. "Who knows? With a clutch on the sands and another about to be laid… Zi'on's probably got his hands full. They don't have to give you a reason." Which has always baffled the Weyrsecond. Chewing at her lower lip, she shakes her head again. "I know, Mur'dah. I know it has to stop. It's just… I worry. That's all. It can either go well or… it won't. Knowing how he can be, when cornered or whatever… I just can see it going so badly in my head." Since it's never worked out for her.

Mur'dah shakes his head in agreement. "No, they don't have to give me a reason. And why do you worry? What's the worst that he could've done, if he'd been able to speak to me?"

Kiena gives him a levelled look and another stretch of silence, her expression blank and difficult to read. Then she blinks, her features relaxing as she sighs and her mouth pulls down at the corners. Tense and uneasy. "Shards if I know, Mur'dah? Either he'd act all innocent and say it won't happen again and offer some drinks or, because he holds rank above you, he'd deny your claims, refuse to listen to you and then turn it into a pity fest. Which would then, given how bad things go, result in some subtle or not-so subtle jabs and insults either to you or myself to get you to react… Shells, he'd probably SAY to you that you want to punch him out…" she mutters.

Mur'dah leans back in the chair, stretching, lacing his fingers and resting his hands behind his head. "Well, guess we'll never know what his reaction would be, because he couldn't see me. Now it's up to Ka'el to see what he wants to do about it…but I thought you should know, too. Xanadu's behind you in this."

Kiena's eyes watch Mur'dah carefully and for a moment all she does is shrug her shoulders and remain quiet. Then her eyes lower, becoming distant and thoughtful. The silence extends a few seconds, a few breaths while she chews at her lip and fidgets. Thinking. Considering… "… what if I went? Not alone. You and I or… Ka'el and I, since I shouldn't assume that he won't want some role in this. But… let's say it's you and I. Zi'on has never refused to see me. Not yet, anyways. He'd not feel so… threatened. We'd not have to make it entirely official…" she murmurs, looking up at him. Well?

Mur'dah's brows lift a bit at her suggestion, and he nods. "That might…it could be a way to /see/ him at least. And maybe…I don't know. Work things out. Either me or Ka'el, but." Clearly, Mur'dah wants to be the one to go, but he shrugs. "Whatever the Weyrleader wants. And no, it wouldn't have to be official. Could just be…hanging out?" Mur'dah is leaning back in a chair on the opposite side of Kiena's desk, his hands laced behind his head. It's afternoon, and Mur'dah has the wind-tossed look of someone who has been flying recently. And the crumbs on his jacket have the look of someone who has eaten (or attempted to) recently.

Kiena scoffs and then laughs, though very little amusement touches her voice. "Hanging out? That'd… be too much to hope for. An illusion of it, sure… Couldn't hurt. Probably our best shot, actually." she admits. The Weyrsecond is in her own chair behind her desk but she does not look nearly as relaxed as Mur'dah does. She looks distracted and thoughtful and at times she fidgets, always moving in little ways. "… do you think there's even the slightest chance this'll work?" Kiena asks Mur'dah in a quiet tone, her eyes lifting to meet his. Curious but hopeful too and mixed up with all the other emotions tumbling about in her head. That concern is still there, the anxieties brought on by so many what ifs and consequences and possibilities.

Afternoon. Time for replenishing of those refreshment trays in the offices of the administration wing. That is Darsce's domain, but thankfully she hasn't actually done the baking. That… well, just ask the steward how her baking is. She's wheedled the bakers to have fancy things amongst the cookies and scones, so there's fruit tarts and nut-filled puff pastry too. Her hands are full of tray and hot klah pot so she doesn't knock or salute (hell, she's a crafter, she doesn't even salute the Weyrleader) as she nudges the door open with a hip and pokes her head in. Seeing it's just Mur'dah, she enters all the way. "Hello Weyrsecond," that's respectful, then "Hey Squirt." That's more flippant. Both get a sunny smile tinged with tease. Crumbs? She's going to stuff her brother - or try to - regardless; he's wasting away! "Something to eat? It's fresh-baked." And well, she'll ask because she doesn't expect an answer, "Who're you hanging out with that's going to be shooting someone with hope?" Mixed metaphors, yes. Ignore her, she does this, breezing in and out of so-serious offices all day.

Mur'dah shrugs with a small smile. "I don't know him, Kiena…so I don't know. Whatever you think." As for the rest of it, he shrugs again. "It…kind of has to, else he'll get his ass handed to him next time he treats you like sh-" He's cut off by his sister's arrival, leaning back a bit in his chair. His eyes light up at the sight of her - or is that at the sight of refreshments. "Hey…" He needs a nickname for her. He just blanks and then /grins/. "Yes! And Zi'on." Wait, was that a secret? He reaches for a pastry and gives Kiena an apologetic look. Sorry?

Kiena would have answered Mur'dah. The words were right there, on the tip of her tongue but just as she's about to quip something back to him, there's food and drink arriving! Curtesy of one named Darsce! Surprised, Kiena leans back in her chair and does not even seem to bat a single eyelash to the lack of salute (full hands! logical excuse!). Her focus is on other things, namely Darsce herself and the contents of those trays. Already, points are won for fruit tarts. Anything fruit is win, to the bluerider. "Hello Headwoman." she drawls in reply, her tone amused and further still when that nickname is voiced to Mur'dah. Squirt? Pardon her while she tries not to snicker. Ahem. "I'd not be against some of those fruit tarts. Thanks, Darsce!" So-serious conversation aside, Kiena is quick to switch her moods. At least until Mur'dah lets the name slip and her smile falters just a wee bit. Secret? What secret. If it was… it isn't any longer. "Dunno about the shooting someone with hope part…" she mumbles.

Darsce did SO not expect an answer. There are sensitive and Top Sekrit meetings that go on behind closed doors back here! She gapes at Mur'dah for the duration of her trip towards Kiena's desk. Loose lips? "Sorry, haven't met Zi'on," she acknowledges still flippantly. Though by the worried looks upon their faces, perhaps that's not so sorry. "But if he's being an ass, I'd be happy to help him swap his brains for his sit-down since they're reversed. I'm good at that. Can I come?" Smirksmirk. Yeah, she knows the names of Pern's Weyrleaders. "Th'ero, I've met. Mmm." Snerk. The days of her flirting are over though, and thus she's being provocative with that, said with a little wriggle and a wink. Kidding! Kidding! She's usually more discreet with her delivery of refreshments, setting them on the low table by the door unobtrusively. Today though, she's bored. And so she's going to put them at the desk. Because that's more consumer-friendly! Or something. It's still a secret, says the zip-lip motion Darsce makes with a twinkle at Kiena as she sets the tray down on the large desktop. Mur'dah's hand gets a light slap. "Ladies first, Squirt." Then pertly to Kiena, "Can we just shoot him then?" So totally not serious, for she wriggles the klah pot at them in a silent query. Fills? Refills? Klah, tea or inappropriate entertainment anyone?

<Insert joke about having loose lips here> Mur'dah looks a bit sheepish, both about grabbing for food and about letting Zi'on's name slip. But /was/ it a secret? The world will never know. "Are you pregnant yet?" Because two can play the inappropriate game. And yes, he'll take some more klah, thank you! "Th'ero is hot, sorry Kiena." Mur'dah can appreciate a fine looking man.

If there was Super Ultra Top Secret talk going on, Kiena would have put the privacy screen up or… gone elsewhere. Is there an elsewhere? The Weyrsecond would find some solution, regardless. Luckiy (or unluckily) for Darsce, the issue being discussed isn't so private or secretive. Not to the degree that the bluerider minds a few details to be slipped. "Be thankful you haven't met him." Kiena's blunt reply to Darsce's claim of not meeting Zi'on is followed by a cough. "I mean…" Oops? "… dunno about that. Might be a boring get-together? You know how some Weyrleaders are." Or aren't. Kiena sputters then, first for Darsce's reflection on Th'ero and then Mur'dah's. HE gets a mock scowl for that, while to the Headwoman, she tries not to wrinkle her nose. Ugh, guuuuys. That's… "…my brother is…" What? "… ugh. I do not need to be thinking of my brother as 'hot'. But…" Her lips curve into a mischievous smile. "… his weyrmate isn't half bad. Neither are you, Darsce. Shall I go on?" The Weyrsecond can joke around too! This type of joking she does not mind in the least. This is fun, this is lighthearted and… much needed. Hello, distractions! And snacks. "Oh, don't tempt me, Darsce. Don't tempt me." Kiena mutters. With what? Shooting bronzeriders or fruit tarts? One of which she snatches up just then and is midway through biting down on when she's just staring at Mur'dah and sputtering for the second time. "Jays, Mur'dah! …" Wow. "You don't… ask…" Her eyes dart to the Headwoman awkwardly. Or is this okay?

Pregnant? Who-what? Is Mur'dah asking her or Kiena? The look Mur'dah gets is bland. Really? Darsce then looks at the Weyrsecond, shaped brows twitching upwards a tick. The look is, 'you're not right?' before she answers Mur'dah smoothly, "Klah is a wondrous thing." Is… that an answer to Mur'dah's question? She says nothing further as she pours for him and leaves the klah pot where they may both reach it. "It might be… entertaining," she says with a malicious smile of meeting Zi'on; a smile that morphs into a feral grin at tempting the Weyrsecond. There will be no slippage! "Who'm I gonna tell? I have no friends." The smile is semi-bittersweet as she gives both a forefinger- wave bye and heads towards the door. The Quazar folk are starving, doncha know. She must save their flagging strength with trays. Off she goes to leave them in peace. She's managed something - Darsce-style. What to call it? Surely not button-pushing. Nooooo.

It's afternoon, and Mur'dah has returned from Western. Having discovered Ka'el was otherwise occupied, the brownrider ducked into Kiena's office to discuss the situation with her while waiting for Ka'el to be free. Now he and Kiena are sitting on opposite sides of her desk, eating some munchies Darsce just delivered, and sipping klah. "So…" he says as Darsce leaves, with a shrug. "Maybe the three of us is the answer there…"

Ka'el likely has gotten word that Mur'dah was in search of him. The meeting he was in droned on until it was over and the members who took part in it left in high spirits. It was a good meeting! If not just…mind-numbing. He's glad to be on the move again, and with just a little questioning involved was pointed in the direction of the Weyrwomen's offices. Missing Darsce is probably fortune smiling on him, and thus when he arrives, it's a Darsce-free zone. Eyes shift to a familiar desk of one of the Juniors but finds it empty. He looks ahead again, now in the Weyrsecond's direction, spotting familiar faces there. "Afternoon," he greets, striding towards them.

Kiena is, indeed, sitting behind her desk. Not a rare or uncommon sight to be certain but the Weyrsecond isn't there on 'duty'. Not entirely — her purpose for being there is half personal, half duty related. A complicated (and often messy) balance. Her eyes follow Darsce's exit as well, after giving the Headwoman an incredulous 'shards, no!' look for a past unspoken question directed to her. Faranth help them all, if the bluerider is pregnant. Again. Sighing, Kiena slumps a bit in her chair and any of the easy going amused banter seems to drain out of her as she rubs her fingers against her brow. Back to this awkward talk and she'll lift her eyes again to Mur'dah. "Could be the answer…" she agrees slowly. "… but neither of us have final say." Speak of the devil and he shall arrive? Overhearing Ka'el's greeting, Kiena will sit up and her smirk, though somewhat grim is also amused. "Afternoon. Escaped, have you?" she drawls back, gesturing for him to join them.

But Darsce brought /treats/. When Ka'el enters, Mur'dah pushes to his feet and salutes, though his hand holds half a nut-filled pastry. Then he sits again. "Zi'on couldn't see me," is his short report delivered. "I wasn't told why, so…" He doesn't know if it was just a scheduling conflict - much like Ka'el's mind numbing meeting - or an actual dismissal.

"For the moment," answers Ka'el to Kiena with a vague smirk to her grimly amused one. Eyes sweep to Mur'dah as he rises and gives him a pastry salute, and his smirk lingers a moment before faltering as he continues on. Couldn't see him? "Was a missive given to you for an alternative date and time to meet?" he asks, surely understanding that a rider showing up at his doorstep, as it were, might cause for some conflicts in his schedule. But Xanadu and Western are a distance away! Even if Betweening is a quick mode of transportation, courtesy would've warranted at least a note for his trouble. Right? His brows fractionally lift.

Kiena's mouth draws back a bit when Mur'dah rises to salute and she'll tip her fingers in a similar gesture to Ka'el though she doesn't get to her feet. She'll follow it up though with a respectful nod to the Weyrleader, remaining silent while Mur'dah gives his report… of sorts. Scoffing, she almost answers FOR the brownrider, ready to fire something off sarcastically before biting her tongue. Right, right. Play nice and all. Yet the continued grim look on Kiena's expression may be a hint of what the answer may be.

Mur'dah shakes his head slowly. "Ah, no, sir, but…I didn't ask for one either." He glances to Kiena, and then back to Ka'el. "Though Kiena suggested that perhaps if she went with me…we might be able to see Zi'on together. Which makes sense, honestly, since it's /about/ her." Is he feeling a bit guilty for not involving her from the beginning? Maybe.

"You shouldn't have to," answers Ka'el to Mur'dah's first comment. Eyes glance to Kiena as she's mentioned as an added body to the Western adventure. "And she shouldn't have to. It's unnecessary for you to have to make two trips to speak with one person about one incident that he himself instigated. If the two of you wish to travel to Western, you may go on your rest days. The Weyrlings need you here for their lessons more than I need you off Weyr for a second meeting that may or may not happen. I'll meet with him myself." Not that he has all the time in the world to go gallivanting off from Weyr to Weyr either but.. hey, he's the Weyrleader. He can delegate things if needed. "Thank you, Mur'dah, for the attempt and being willing to voice your concerns." His tone is genuine.

"He may be more receptive to talk and not try to find some convenient way to avoid Mur'dah, either." Kiena points out, glancing up to Ka'el and then sidelong to Mur'dah, her expression neutral and cautious. Her nose wrinkles a bit, "Ugh. I sound like I'm suggesting I'm bait to lure him out." That brings a bit of a shudder, followed by a muttered curse. If these were darker and far more grim times… perhaps such tactics would be used. But that is not anywhere near the purpose of this venture. "Of course we'd go on rest days, Ka'el." Glancing to Mur'dah, she smiles faintly and nods her head. They're in agreement? "Which… would make it easier given the timezone jump…" There's a strange twitch, almost a tic to her features, as brief as it suddenly appears before her eyes blink and clear. No. No she won't make time. Scrubbing at her face, Kiena exhales slowly. "So you do still plan to talk to him too, Ka'el? One on one?" she asks, careful to keep her tone level. The Weyrleader may already know her previous concerns on that.

Mur'dah shrugs a bit. "I know I shouldn't /have/ to, but I'm more than willing to. Want to, even," he admits, glancing at Kiena in concern. "Just to…figure it out. On a personal level. And of course on off days…" Obviously. He opens his mouth and then closes it. Nope. Not his place.

"Yes," Ka'el answers to the Weyrsecond bluerider. "I'm not afraid of the Western Weyrleader or his rumored temper. He was our guest and did not act accordingly. If I had gone and done the same on any Weyr, I'd have no room to take offense." Which doesn't entirely mean that Zi'on won't, but that doesn't seem reason enough for Ka'el to balk at the thought of doing what he feels is the right thing to do. As for Kiena being bait? "It's silly to think he'd need to be baited out with a woman to face a man." A pause. "But no one thinks of you as bait, Kiena." To Mur'dah. "You go figure him out on a personal level. I'll deal with him on a business level." Which is why he wears the fancy knot. There's no getting out of the dirty work when it's needed to be handled. In the most polite of diplomatic ways, of course! His eyes shift away from them both now, growing distance as he reaches to his bronze to pass along a message. "If there's nothing else..?" he says, refocusing now, "I've to clear my schedule. Again, thank you Mur'dah."

Kiena glances back to Mur'dah, her expression difficult to read until she smiles faintly, appreciative and one that is echoed in a manner to Ka'el. The Weyrsecond is still uneasy, getting both of them dragged into this. Personal and business. Two sides, when she's so familiar and accustomed to being alone. It still doesn't sit well on her conscious but she's trying and so does not voice her lingering protests and worries. She's hashed that out with both of them before and she trusts them. Trust that shows in her agreeing to this. "Never said you were afraid of Zi'on," Kiena drawls to Ka'el with a smirk and another look given to Mur'dah. "And… you never know? We'll just have to see. Might have to be after the eggs Hatch in Western… Shadhavarth's clutch anyways." she murmurs and tilting her head curiously when the Weyrleader's eyes go distant, she only shakes her head. "Nothing for now." Perhaps later? Faranth only knows how the day will go.

Mur'dah dips his head. "My pleasure, sir," he says quietly, glancing at Kiena and then back to Ka'el as the two speak. "After the hatching then," he agrees, with a nod to the Weyrsecond. "We'll go." As for anything else, the brownrider shakes his head. "Nope, not from me."

Ka'el nods to the both of them. "Thank you. The two've you have a good rest of the day," he offers in departure, though to him it sounds lame coming out of his mouth. These are his friends. Well .. mostly. The official talk could be relaxed for more informal words, but … this seems formal to him. In a way. He has to deal with something, and thus far he's had pretty smooth sailing when it comes to relations with other Weyrs. Faranth knows he can be a smooth talker and charmer when he needs to be. He likes Fort's leaders. He enjoyed the Istan Weyrwoman's company. But Western? … Personal and business. It's a test on balancing the two now as a person in a leadership position. His first real test on handling things on his own, all the while keeping feelings in mind. Egos. Relationships between the Weyrs. Thea. So perhaps it's not a wonder why he sounds a little stiff…distracted. Being a Weyrleader isn't always fun and games. He turns now with one last vague smile to the two before heading out of the office to head back to his own.

Oh the joy of finding balance. Is anything in life fun and games all the time? Kiena doesn't find Ka'el's parting words lame. A bit brisk, but the Weyrsecond knows how hectic a Weyrleader's day (and life) can be. She gets glimpses of it, from time to time, when she has to heft a little more of the work. So that may explain the concerned frown that follows Ka'el out of the office and her own smile vague. "You as well, Ka'el." she says before he's too far out of earshot. When she's alone again with Mur'dah, she slumps again in her seat. "Well then… It's all settled."

Mur'dah watches Ka'el go, and it's only after the Weyrleader is gone that Mur'dah realizes he forgot to salute. Oh well? He slouches in his chair and peers at Kiena across the desk, nodding. "How do you feel about all this?" he asks quietly, rubbing fingers through his hair again in a slightly agitated movement.

Kiena won't correct or admonish him on his lack of salute. Even she forgot too and here they are discussing the lack of respect in another! Irony? Not really. She frowns, both to think over her answer to him and for the slightly agitated edge to his movements. "It's complicated," she begins and in any other situation, that would be the hint that Kiena is done talking about it. She isn't, in this case, but her eyes do dart about the office. Empty for now, but for how long? "And probably not best discussed here. Walk with me, Mur'dah? Do you have to get back to the Weyrlings today?" She's on her feet now, glancing towards the door. "… maybe some drinks?" If he's off duty. She's… not. Not entirely but one drink won't hurt?

Mur'dah pushes to his feet and nods, eying the tray of goodies and then reaching out to take another one. What? They're the good stuff! "Sure. Naw, I'm off for the rest of today."

Delicious goodies! Kiena will snag a few more herself. Why not? Darsce went through the trouble to bring them in. It'd be a shame for them to go to waste! "Oh, right. You told me that, didn't you?" she mumbles around a mouthful of tart. "Sorry. Alright then…" Onwards! Only they've barely made it to the hallway when Kiena stops again, frowning and uncertain. "I…" she begins, hesitant. "… a tavern won't really work either. Too much chance of someone overhearing." Paranoid much? "My weyr? Yours? Not… that I'm inviting myself over but…" she shrugs, sheepish. "Shorter walk."

Mur'dah tilts his head when she hesitates, concern for his friend in his eyes. "Much shorter," he agrees. "Sure, yeah. You can come over to my place. I've got some food, some drinks, I think. It's not real…clean, but…" He's a bachelor, what does she expect?

Kiena expects nothing and she will snort with contained laughter at his admitting to a less than tidy weyr. "Oh, how awful of you to not have your weyr in spotless condition to host your Weyrsecond!" she teases him, mood lifting long enough for her to give him a gentle nudge to the shoulder. "Honestly Mur'dah… would you think I care? You're talking to a Smithcrafter here." Yet her weyr has never been anything less than 'slightly cluttered'. Not the best example!

Mur'dah rolls his eyes, nudging back. "I…don't know? Thought it'd be nice to give you a warning is all," he says with a smirk before he's leading her out and down the forested path towards his weyr.

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