Do I Know You?

Xanadu Weyr - Caverns
A massive cavern in it's own right, this one has been skillfully adapted for human habitation. The high ceilings have been painted a light, soft ivory, as are the walls where numerous tapestries hang to provide brilliant color and insulation from the stone. The floor has been left in its natural state, pale pink granite speckled through with glittering mica and dark flecks of basalt, leveled carefully but kept sufficiently rough to avoid slips.
The cavern itself is loosely divided into areas, each one set up to be suitable for some segment of the Weyr's population. The most frequently occupied area, however, is the one near the Kitchens where tables of varying sizes provide a place to sit down and eat or chat and a buffet of consumables is almost always kept stocked. Its plain that on most days, this area wouldn't accommodate anywhere near the full population of the Weyr and equally plain that on such occasions when a formal meal is laid out, tables are appropriated from all the other areas.
A big fireplace is set into the wall near the Kitchens as well, several comfortable chairs nearby providing haunts for elderly residents or riders who like a good view of all that happens. Rugs cover the floor in strategic spots, all of them abstract or geometric in design and most in the softly neutral colors of undyed wool.

It's lunchtime at Xanadu, and that means its considerably earlier at Western. Zi'on, weyrleader of Western, is not at all known for being a morning person, either. So after a heated "discussion" with some of the docks workers, he storms into the caverns at Xanadu to get something to soothe his angry blood. And that something comes in the form of pastries and klah. He loads a plate up with pastries, all deliciously bad for him, and takes a mug and and entire pitcher to a table. Sandwiches? Stew? Meatrolls? He'll have none of that. Normally Zi'on is seen with his trusty green curled around his shoulders, but today it's Thrall who is with him. An unusual sight as Zi'on regards the bronze as mostly wild, only using him if Sylvanas is otherwise occupied. Thrall seems to be behaving himself though as Zi'on pours over some paperwork on a clipboard and eats comfort food.

The warmth and humidity of the bathing caverns proved comforting to a glowing golden firelizard, and Haruhi refused to be roused from her stolen towel last night. She slept there, a deep and dreamless sleep that still holds her fast - but Soriana left, eventually. After Kale did, if anyone was there to watch… but Kale didn't end up at the barracks that night. Soriana did, eventually, but she was quiet about it. So far today, she's been running errands. Delivering messages, mostly. From the Annex, to the Infirmary. From the Infirmary, to the Admin Hall. From the Admin Hall, to… Zi'on? That's right, she's been given a small stack of papers and told who to look for, and she comes out now to survey the lunchtime crowd… is that him? Looks like. She sidles her way closer, checking his shoulder for the helpful knot of confirmation… and unable to help herself from giving him a once-or-twice-over, as well.

Idrissa is making her way on into the caverns with a yawn escaping her as she goes. As for the ones around she doesn't actually given them much a look, she's here on time for lunch and well that is what she has come from! Perched upon her shoulder is a young brown firelizard that is busy chittering and trilling out seeming like a rather happy little fella at the moment. There is a bit of dust and dirt clinging to his person's clothing proving she just came over from the stables. With a plate picked up she peers over the items that are set out for lunch, humming softly as she ponders what to pick today. The brown firelizard is also eyeing the food and making his choices well known most likely.

Zi'on probably looks different than the last time Soriana and Idrissa saw him. He's going for the scruffy look again now, and not dressed like his weyrsecond. Also he's not squirting blood everywhere, nor does he have an arrow sticking out of his side. No, at this fine lunch hour at Xanadu he's looking more like his usual self, eating his usual foods and pouring over some paperwork as usual. However the fancy leathers and big knot give him away as being Western's Weyrleader. He does notice Soriana peering at him though. "Hm? Can I help you? I'm not Xanadu's weyrleader, if that's who you're looking for." He points to his knot. "Western's duties." There's some quizzical peering at Soriana for a moment. "…Do I know you?"

Yeah, the lack of blood kind of makes Zi'on difficult to place. There was this wound, see, which… wasn't on his butt, so that doesn't actually explain why Soriana's gaze was briefly tugged that way. Still, her attention returns to his face (it's where the eyes are) fairly promptly, though it's with a preoccupied frown. "Xanadu's duties," she replies promptly, then shakes her head. "Yeah. I mean, no. I'm not looking for Xanadu's Weyrleader. I'm looking for you." She almost manages to stop the teasing quirk of her lips as she says it. Almost. It's there for a fraction of a moment before the deliberation of chasing it away turns the expression into a frown instead. "We've met," she says, and the smile returns, somewhat crookedly, as she adds, "You were kind of busy at the time." What with getting stabbed and all. "Here," she says, extending the documents. "You wanted these?" Or that's what they told her, anyway. Maybe he even actually asked for some of them… like, on purpose! Back in the bathing caverns, Haruhi stirs, waking from her sleep to find that the world is warm and bright and an energy fills her, an irresistable urge to spread her wings and fly - so she does, glowing golden firelizard soaring out through the caverns with Alloy in hot pursuit as she makes for the clear blue sky outside.

Idrissa is busy dealing with a flying stomach, or well firelizard that is still eyeing the meatrolls in the pan even though she has managed to get some on a place along with a mug of something to drink. She turns and heads on towards a plate to seat while chewing on a meatroll in the process. It takes her a few moments but she soon catches sight of Soriana and is heading on towards where her friend happens to be, not seeing the person she is talking to. Hidalgo hops down to her arm and is busy snagging a meatroll off the plate and is happily munching on it, a soft cooing trill escaping the young brown. "Hey Soriana." There is a pause as she lifts her gaze upwards to catch sight of Haruhi fleeing the cave with Alloy following close behind.

Mikal has his own empty stomach to contend with. Having been kept busy with infirmary work this is the first time he's even had a chance to pop in and get a full meal! He spares a briefly glance around the caverns and utters an undignified squeak as Haruhi(not Hotaru like I want to type) flies over his head. "Hey!" he mutters towards the glowing creature who's already gone. Off he goes to grab some food.

No, his wound wasn't on his butt. Butt it was close! Get it? Yes, Zi'on has eyes on his face! "Hello! Yes, here I am. It must be my lucky day if…" Peer. "Cute candidate dragonhealers are off in search of me." He pulls out a chair and motions for Soriana to have a seat. "Ah, have we? Sorry. I don't recall your name. I was busy? That's probably why. Duties and all." He sighs and takes the documents. "Maybe. Unless they're paperwork I have to fill out. In which case… that's the weyrleader over there. That red-headed guy that just walked in." When Thrall takes off from the bronzer's shoulder, Zi'on doesn't even seem to notice. Typical Thrall. Always after the ladies. And after he is, in hot pursuit of Haruhi. Zi'on smiles to Idrissa as she approached. "Hello! Western's duties. All these cute candidates. It must be torturous for the men. You also look familiar. Were you visiting during my busy period, as well?" He asks Idrissa.

"Must be," Soriana replies to Zi'on with a smile. "But I'm pretty sure at least half of those are paperwork, so the luck balances out. At least… so far it does." Aaand that's a smirk and a raise of one eyebrow. So much for making herself behave. "I'm Soriana." There's a glance to Idrissa and a wave, and then her eyes go to the soaring Haruhi. Sori mutters, "…shards," before her jaw sets firmly in place. Nope. She's not going to let this have Any Effect Whatsoever on her. She is fine. She will continue to do her job here, and be entirely unaffected. …and if you believe that, there's some lovely swampland in Nerat. Priced to move! So. About that conversation. The perfectly innocent one. Red-headed what? "Hah. No, but he is an artist. Maybe he can forge some signatures for you."

Idrissa stops in midchew as she hears Zi'on's voice and just blinks while peering over at him. Hey, wait a moment… Why is he here? The plate is set down, Hidalgo hops down to be closer to the food and Rissa is left coughing rather hard for a few moments. Oh dear, she is choking? For a moment it sure feels like that. She turns slightly sputtering and is soon able to breathe again. Not that she is about to actually start saying anything as her green gaze flicks around and she looks just a wee bit panicked.

Nope, not weyrleader. Not even a bronze flying stomach looks up to him. Mikal doesn't hear any of that though since his stomach is leading him to food. Yum! Plate gets filled but before he picks it up to look for a seat and potentially listen to any conversations or get asked to forge signatures, Idrissa starts choking. Seeming to be the closest he strides over to thwap her on the back with a flat hand. "Are you okay?" clearly he assume she was choking. "Can you breath?" clear out folks he's a healer-in-training!

Zi'on sighs. "Well, maybe I can pawn some of them off onto Enka. She's been in a good mood lately." The bronzer offers Soriana a return grin. Unfortunately Zi'on isn't really affected by the doings of his firelizards. If you can survive being in the center of a senior goldflight dealing with firelizard feelings is like walk in the park. But he -can- tell a proddy from a non-proddy. Hooray for being a weyrbrat! "Come have a seat ladies and keep me company while I rech— She's choking!" Zi'on gets up, knocking his chair over and moves around to give Idrissa the heimlich. Surely that exists on Pern, with the hugging under the ribcage and all. Though he doesn't actually perform it, since she's breathing again on her own. Zi'on pats her back along with Mikal. "Careful there. You'd better have a seat. I'll get you some water." He pulls out a seat so Idrissa can sit down, then he sends a weyrbrat off to fetch a glass of water. "Sorry, didn't mean to get excited. Old search and rescue habits die hard."

Soriana turns to Idrissa in concern as the other girl starts choking - but between them, Mikal and Zi'on have things under control, and so before Soriana can do more than start to move (that firelizard in her head is being distracting. She's usually okay when it comes to her brown… but this is Haruhi's first flight, and everything is new and… different) the choking has stopped. "You okay?" she asks Idrissa, and pats the other girl's arm before taking one of those seats. She can talk to Western's Weyrleader, surely. (Everything is Fine.) Besides, some of those might require messages to be sent back the other way. It's been the theme of her day so far! "…but slowly," she adds to that water. It'd do no good to start choking again! …or whatever. "This is Idrissa," she informs Zi'on. Hey, introductions! "And this's Mikal."

Idrissa squeaks, yes she just squeaked thanks to getting smacked in the back from Mikal and now she is getting grabbed as well? She coughs a few more time and soon sits down, a faint glance is sent to Mikal and then back to Zi'on whom she just eyes a few moments. How is she even able to talk to him? Though at least he looks very much alive and breathing an so forth at the moment. "Ya Um Thanks.." Is said with a soft almost unsure tone while it looks like she is about to jump out of her skin. What if there just pulling her into a false security and then will drag her off the moment she lowers her guard? That must be their plan!

Mikal arches a brow and a confused glance between Idrissa and Zi'on. A light bulb(glow?) clicks on over his head. "Oh that's…." he closes his mouth quickly and manages to stop himself from blurting out about how that must be the guy Idrissa feels so guilty over stabbing. "YOu didn't do nothing wrong." mutters Mikal. Since she seems okay or at least breathing on his own he grabs his plate of food and moves to a table. The introduction of his name brings a quick smile towards the Weyrleader. "Xanadu's duties."

New and different is fun! You know what else is fun? Hooray for Idrissa not-choking. Zi'on didn't want to have to explain to Thea how he killed one of her candidate by causing her to have a heart attack at the mere sight of him. The weyrbrat runs over with the water and sets it down in front of Idrissa. "Hello Idrissa, and Mikal! Western's duties to you." Zi'on tries to coax Idrissa into a chair and extends a hand to Mikal. Once Rissa is seated, Zi'on will give her shoulders a pat and then head back to his own seat, picking it up and sitting back down in it. Zi'on is totally harmless! Even to Idrissa. Not that he remembers her, but even if he did. "All candidates, hm?" He looks to Mikal. "How do you guys get any sleep with these girls about?"

That would not have been a fun explanation. Not only that? There probably would have been paperwork. Soriana nods encouragingly to Idrissa as Zi'on attempts to coax her to a seat. He won't bite. He's niiice … wait. No. Okay, yes, he is, but that's is so not the point. Haruhi! This manifests as her smile turning abruptly into a frown, and as her staring at the table for a moment. She is completely under control and… oh, Faranth, come on, Zi'on! She looks up at him with a smirk and opens her mouth to… oh, no. To shut it again. Firmly.

Idrissa swallows while she is indeed coaxed into the seat she eyes that glass of water afraid that is my jump up and get her, at least that is the look she has on her face. She glances to Mikal, an unsure look seen before she nods a moment. As for Zi'on? She can't even look at him, she still remembers that day over at Western, it's like someone tapped it and it is playing back in her mind at the moment, over and over. Her eyes close tightly. Hidalgo shifts, seemingly full and leans over to nose and nuzzle against his person with a soft little worried croon escaping him.

Mikal digs in hungrily to the food he's selected. Is he even tasting it? Perhaps not. Zi'on's question takes him a bit by surprise, his eyes widening. "Huh?" he asks in his most eloquent tone.

Zi'on would also like Soriana to sit down. Really, everyone should sit down, or they'll rock the boat. Zi'on tilts his head at Soriana. "Are you alright? Aren't they feeding you candidates enough?" He half-smiles half-smirks to Soriana. Look he's a powerful older man who can take charge and make sure her friends don't die. Then he peers at Idrissa. "Is she okay? Did I scare her? I didn't mean to scare her. I thought she was choking." He chuckles a bit at Mikal. "How do you sleep with all the cute girls around? That's what I was asking."

Soriana did sit down! She's been seated for a while now. So if the boat's a-rocking, don't come… and complain to her, because she didn't do it. Sothere. Soriana takes a deep breath to steady herself, and then… "Oh, just fine." She didn't quite manage to finish that breath. Oops? "They didn't starve us for long." The smirk's back, and it's a teasing one. "Sleep, on the other hand…" She stretches her back slowly. Like she just woke up, see? "Who needs sleep? Just a waste of a good night." She certainly didn't sleep that well last night… though her dreams were… interesting, yes, she'll go with that. Maybe it's the memory of them that makes her lips curve now, or maybe it's what's happening out in the big blue sky that's making her remember them. Haruhi can soar, but… oh. Not forever, she can't. Time for shooting stars to fall to Pern, and Soriana bites at her lower lip as she drags her gaze away from Zi'on to Idrissa. "Hey," she says, and nudges at the other girl's side. Concern, yes. That's an emotion that can supplant… other ones… somewhat. …maybe.

Idrissa swallows a moment and peers over to Soriana at the touch and glances with an unsure look back to Zi'on. "I'm fine" Yes she is /so/ totally fine, can't you see? How does she explain why he is acting like this, the Weyrleader doesn't seem to remember her, so maybe it is better to now bring it up? She picks at a mearoll and gives her little firelizard a soft petting. "Um.. well. I was at the party on the beach." Yes that so should explain /everything/.

From the look of puzzlement on Mikal's expression it is clear he doesn't quite understand the question posed to him. "I sleep just fine…" he starts to say. Which is true for the most part he sleeps like a rock. Perhaps a little better than a rock. But then he gets that 'Oh, I get it' look on his face and he flushes a slight red. "Well um…they are pretty and stuff but Soriana's dating Kale. I think." he's not really sure. "Or maybe Idrissa is dating Kale. And Zahl..she's nice but just a friend and Marel is…um.." he stops before he says too much! To cover this up he shoves half a meat roll in his mouth.

Zi'on lays an arm across the back of Soriana's chair. Hello there. He chuckles. "Not for long, eh? I heard Xanadu likes to dump their candidates in the middle of nowhere. In the winter. At least at Western it's warm year-round. And we dump our candidates on a beach. It's like a little vacation, minus the food and the shelter." As Soriana stretches, Zi'on tickles her ribs with a finger. "Is that so? Are they allowing candidates not to sleep here?" He raises a brow at Soriana. Oh, so that's what she was on about. He can feel Thrall, after another lady. And he'd just knocked up a green not too long ago. Zi'on tries to give Idrissa a reassuring smile. He blinks at her for a second, then realizes what she's telling him. "Ooh! You were at -this- party!" He stands up then and lifts up his jacket, shirt, the whole works, turning around so they can see the scar on the side of his back. He chuckles to Mikal. "Whoa there. You're much better off waiting until after you impress to chase the ladies. They like riders. Means you're all grown up with a job and everything. Responsible and all." Responsible yes. Mature? Optional.

"It was surrounded by water," Soriana replies to Zi'on. "So, sort of like a beach. Except for being a bare hunk," there's not actually a pause here… is there? "of rock." She smirks to Western's Weyrleader as his fingers touch her, just stretching a little more. No actual starvation has happened here. As for actual sleep… or, uh, not actually sleep that could also be done at night… "They are." Her expression looks a little smug. That's probably because of Haruhi? Either way, she definitely takes a look at topless Zi'on! "Yeah, that one," she agrees, and her tone, at least, is casual about it. "Good job with the not dying. I would've been annoyed." After all that applying pressure to the wound and everything! As for the various girls of Candidacy, the mention of her name draws Soriana's attention back to Mikal. For a moment, she watches him, and then… she smirks, and nods in agreement before she returns her attention to ogling Zi'on. Scars are not always a mark of responsibility, but hey. Bare hunk!

Idrissa sends a glance to Mikal at the talk of Kale and Soriana and then Kale an herself. Yes well, she is pondering that one for a few moments while she peers over at Soriana as she has gotten a bit quiet. She saw that certain gold was all glowy so she can gather a reason as to where her mind is, after all when Willow was glowy her mind was on that little green the whole time. Her gaze flicks back to Zi'on and she just blinks while eyeing that scar, an well who know what else she eyes but that scar is where her eyes finally land. She swallows hard as she remembers him getting stabbed by the arrow, all the blood, the fear it's all there once more. There is a slight coppery taste in her mouth and then she is feeling a bit light headed and has to lower her head down upon her folded arms upon the table.

Mikal gives the scar a brief look. Scar. Big deal. That's what his expression says anyway. He continues to eat and let the girls ogle over the bronze rider. Hmph! Well, Soriana might ogle. A little. Poor Idrissa looks a little faint.

Zi'on laughs. "So… like a beach without any beach? Got it. What were you eating? Rocks and mud?" Zi'on raises his brows. "I see. That's new. Unfortunately for my own candidates that will never happen. I've had my own slip ups on the tea." In fact, most of his kids were from tea failure! So watch out Soriana. Zi'on has some muscles! "Thanks. Were you one of the ones that tried to help me? No one was sure who I ought to thank due to the commotion." This scar certainly was not a responsible scar. He lowers his shirt then and pats Rissa on the back. "Sorry. Really I'm sorry for everyone that was there. It was supposed to be a fun time, and instead was overshadowed by pirates and blood." He sits back down. "But I've got a good surgeon. My sister helped to patch me up." He chuckles.

"Pinecones," Soriana says. "With mud sauce." Oh so tasty! As for Zi'on's own candidates, she shrugs. "Well, here… we can." Just so long as that tea keeps on working! Soriana watches out (for Zi'on-ly muscles) until somewhere in there, one of the parts of her brain that's still functioning (just more slowly than usual, because distraction thy name is Haruhi) remembers that, oh yeah, Kale. Like Mikal mentioned. Sori and Kale. Not that Zi'on is not worthy of ogling - and not that she mightn't do just that, Kale and all, some other time, but… she frowns slightly, and her nod to his question about who helped him is a distracted one. "Yeah, I did pressure for it. Idrissa helped." If you call rocking and trying not to pass out helping, which Sori just did. With that, she turns her head away from Zi'on, and her gaze settles on Idrissa. Soriana's frown deepens. "Hey." Concern: it reaches past other emotions. "You heard him. All patched up."

Before Mikal can say much of anything else someone is hollering his name. And loudly. And there is something about pink paint? Mikal gets a guilty look before he stands and slips quickly away. He was never here….

Idrissa has her own scars, so it wasn't the scar on the weyrleader that did anything for her, maybe the muscles that she caught sight of? Hey who knows what rolls though this beastcrafter's mind, though it went right back to that day on the beach. "It was my arrow that guy used to stab you with." She finally just says it. Which make her feel a little bit better, she blinks at the pat and sends a unsure glance back to Zi'on. As for helping she /did/ hold pressure to the leader's side too thank you very much. Though she is rather close to passing out then, an well perhaps just a few moments too as well but no need to bring that up. A slight nod is seen as she hears Soriana, oh sure his patched up. Her gaze follows after Mikal as he takes off, blinking a moment. "I wonder what he did now."

"Yum!" Zi'on says. It's sarcasm at its finest really. Zi'on nods to Soriana. No, he's not going to budge on that rule without good reason to. Granted he was far too young to partake of that while he stood, but still. It's the principle of the matter! Also his own tea-failures. Zi'on does have some muscles, and some body hair. He's been working out lately. And it puts hair on your chest! If Kale finds out about this little party he might be a little mad at Zi'on for encouraging it. He smiles to Soriana, and Irissa, even if she can't see it. "Well, thanks. I appreciate it. You girls probably saved my life. So I owe you." Zi'on tilts his head at Idrissa. "Oh? Oh right, you were dressed as the hunter! Actually that probably helped me. The area affected was small and easy to patch up. If he'd have grabbed one of the knives from the serving tables I'd probably have bled to death or died from internal injuries." There's a blink as Mikal goes running off.

Principles, shminci… yeah, actually, Soriana doesn't even say anything. Western is Zi'on's Weyr! He can do what he likes with it, and with the candidates there. Besides, Sori just follows the rules, she doesn't make them or anything. "You're welcome," she says to the Weyrleader's gratitude, the frown that's taken up residence on her face clearing somewhat, though her posture has become a somewhat more withdrawn one. Less stretchings! More… shoulders in and hands in her lap. Deliberately so. Such is how Sori gets when she tries to push down other emotions. Her head tilts to Idrissa at the confession, and after Zi'on, she adds, "You're lucky it didn't get any of the organs, even so." So saith the dragonhealer, even if she doesn't know exactly about those organs in, well, humans. So serious… okay, the bit where someone's yelling after Mikal about pink paint does make Soriana smirk knowingly for a moment, but then she shakes her head to Idrissa's question and pretends she knows nothing.

Idrissa makes a slight face as she hears Soriana and just eyes Zi'on a few moments, she ndos to the bit on her being the hunter while taking in a soft breath. "I'm… Sorry though. He may not have done anything if I wasn't the one who gave him that arrow." She still feels badly about this it would seem. "I'm… I'm glad your alright though." A glance is sent towards Soriana and she picks up on that withdrawn bit from her friend, she ponders but doesn't push the matter.

Following the rules was important. And Zi'on certainly doesn't care for unnecessary rules. Though he was free to make them up. Somewhat. He grins to Soriana. "Yes yes, thank you Ziria the second. I don't much consider myself too lucky that I was stabbed at all, but I am glad to have been able to fully recover. And now I have a sexy scar I can brag about." Zi'on laces his fingers behind his head and leans back in his chair a bit. Then he reaches over to squeeze Idrissa's shoulders and smile to her. "It's okay. You don't need to apologize. I think he was gunning for my weyrsecond anyways technically." Zi'on chuckles. "So buck up. Now I owe you both, so if there's anything Zi'on can do for you, just let me know. Like maybe save you from boring sleep…" He wraggles his eyebrows.

Soriana is just a good student of the healerly arts, that's all! There are entire classes in badgering patients and informing them of how it could have been so much worse. It falls under bedside manner, comma, for difficult patients. Soriana returns Zi'on's grin, though, and nods to him before looking back to Idrissa. "See? You confused him enough that he picked a tougher target." She jerks a thumb back at Zi'on… not that she has the slightest clue who his Weyrsecond is and the relative degree of toughness thereof, but hey. Details. Soriana's gaze goes back to Zi'on again, and she smirks before she can remember she's being all serious. "I'll keep it in mind, if things start getting too dull around here." A pause, and her gaze flicks to the side before returning to the Weyrleader. The smirk returns as well. "But for now… I know you think Candidates need that sleep."

Idrissa makes a slight face at the talk of scars to brag about, she half rubs across her right forearm where her own scar is perhaps a bit seen with the sleeved rolled up. Buck up huh? Good luck there! Rissa will at least try. "Well, um Your welcome and all." At the talk of sleep she peers at Zi'on a moment. "How would you save someone from boring sleep?" Yes that flew right over her head it seems. "I sorta like sleeping." Though with how she works it's not a surprise.

There seemed to be classes about that. And Zi'on was no model patient either. Demanding things he shouldn't have, only eating pudding during most of his stay… Crying for his weyrmate, and when that didn't work his sister. And if neither worked crying for the weyrwoman or even his mother at times. Zi'on laughs. "I'm an easier target, actually. Ila'den is tougher than I am. That's why I keep him around to deal with my wings." He chuckles at Soriana. "Oh sure, appeal to my sensibility." The bronzer grins to Idrissa. "Perhaps that's something better shown." More eyebrow wraggling. "Next time you can't sleep… let me know." He chuckles. Then he sighs and picks up his paperwork. "I suppose I ought to get back with all this anyway. Ladies. It was nice meeting you both again. I promise this time I'll remember your names. Soriana and Idrissa." He taps the side of his head and stands to excuse himself.

"Oh," Soriana says. "Well, then, at least they still had the tough guy to keep them in line while you were out?" She grins, and her tone is teasing. So much for being serious. As for appealing to sensibility? "It's part of my charm," she replies, and smirks before glancing to Idrissa with a look of amazement. How did she not…? "Uh…" Soriana just trails off and pats at Idrissa's shoulder. She can't explain. She just can't. She'll tell you when you're older? Maybe? For now, she is wordless, and her attention returns to Zi'on as he makes his escape. "Yeah, and this time I'll remember your face," she says, and gives him a casual sort of salute accompanied by a grin. "Good luck with the paperwork!"

Idrissa isn't fully with it at the moment, give the girl a break she nearly passed out and vomited all at the same time as the mere sight and talk of Zi'on. She just eyes the weyrleader, and her cheeks suddenly flush. Oh yes she got the picture now. "Um…" That is all she can get out before she swallows and just nods before eyeing that table. The table is rather nice, look at the grain and everything! "Oh.. yes.. Um.. right… Later…." Why does she feels strangly out of place at the moment?

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