May I Have this Dance?

Xanadu Weyr - The Firelizard Theatre
There are many different things to look at here. In the northern part of this field lies a massive fort made out of wood. About 10 feet to the right of the fort, there are wooden sit-toys carved in the likeness of dragons and even painted as such. In the middle of the field are two sets of swings suspended from a wooden beam, held up by two wooden beams on either side. To the left of the swings is a 5 by 6 rectangular box filled not quite to the top with sand from Xanadu Weyr's Beach. To the right of the swings are monkey bars, completely crafted out of wood. In front of you are two seesaws, both made out of wood. Finally, to your near left are two benches underneath a large Lemosian Ironwood tree. You find yourself standing in the Courtyard of The Firelizard.

Morning has the sun rising to a vivid blue sky and starkly contrasting autumn leaves as the trees continue to hold on to their vibrant colours. Piles of fallen leaves have been raked to the side and later when more come to play here at the theatre, they'll be a huge hit with the children and weyrbrats. For now they are untouched, as the only occupants here are three: one Weyrsecond and two five Turn old girls. The air is crisp and cool and Kiena is dressed in her riding gear against it. Ezsrisa and Eliana have both been dressed in heavier wool under dresses with thinner woven flax tunic dress over top and a thin, flat fabric belt tied around their waists. Simple, sturdy outfits and yet a little "fancy" to make it "special". Right now the girls are close to Kiena, who is seated on one of the benches and both are carefully (so carefully!) sipping from small cups. Judging by the rising steam, it's some sort of hot drink. Likely a distraction to keep them busy (for now) while they wait.

Mur'dah was up early with the Weyrlings, and after a quick bath and a shave, he's pulled on his outfit from the night before, which he'd had washed and pressed last night. Freshly scrubbed with a high colared dark grey long coat, the AWLM walks to the theater, a small bouquet of flowers in each hand, one tied with pink ribbon and the other with purple. He's clearly visited his sister's shop this morning. He spots the girls and stops, casting his gaze upwards with a sigh. "Ohhhh," he cries, softly but with great mournful tones, "here I am, a lonely dragonrider. All I want in this whole wide world are two beautiful young ladies to dance with me…but wherever would I /find/ some?"

Kiena barely has the time to grab the cups from her daughter's hands before they're rushing off to greet Mur'dah. Chuckling to herself, she'll begin packing up and cleaning up, storing everything into a shoulder bag. Meanwhile, Ezsrisa and Eliana hurry along, with Ezzie being the fastest and not at all shy in approaching the brownrider, while Eli is a little more on the timid and respectful side. Either way, Mur'dah is going to find himself grinned and beamed at and smiled to shyly. "We can be your partners!" Ezzie replies, with Eli bobbing her head in agreement, giggling for his great mournful tones and reaching out to wrap her arms around Mur'dah's waist in a hug. Clearly Ezzie doesn't know the 'rules' yet of proper lady-like conduct. Eli is quiet, her eyes on those flowers before darting back up to Mur'dah in obvious hope. Flowers for THEM!?

Mur'dah flashes Kiena a grin as he bends down to greet the girls. "Will you?" he asks eagerly, eyes darting between them before, yes, he knows who is who and offers them each a bouquet wrapped in their favorite color ribbon. "Now, ladies," he whispers confidentially to them, "I want you each to take one flower from this bouquet and give it to your mother. Flowers are something to be shared. Then we will dance."

"We will!" Comes the chorused reply, with Ezzie's voice the loudest and almost downing out her poor sister. At least they don't squeal with delight when the bouquets are handed to them but there is a lot of delighted giggling as they take them. "How'd you know our favourite?" Ezzie proclaims in awe, touching the ribbon and admiring the flowers by lowering her head to inhale deeply and laughing when some of the petals tickle. Eli is just quiet, but that's how she is and her delight shows more in her wide expressive eyes and her shy smile. They both hang on Mur'dah's every word and Ezzie will nod, rushing off again without a second thought. Eli, however, lingers as she peers up at the brownrider, her bouquet held close (almost hugged). "Why the sharing?" she asks, before realizing that she's behind again. "Ezzie, wait!" she complains before joining her sister. Kiena has already received her flower from Ezzie, who looks practically smug when the bluerider works on weaving the stem of it carefully into one of her braids so that the bloom can be tucked behind an ear. Eli will follow suit with Kiena flashing a quick smile to Mur'dah before she tells her girls: "Go on now and behave." Still bursting with energy the two girls turn to rush back to his side, bouquets still in hand. "Now we dance?" Ezzie asks eagerly.

Mur'dah grins, watching in pleasure as the girls go to give flowers to their mother. When they've returned, he nods. "Now we dance. I think…yes. Set your flowers down. Eliana, you take this foot, Ezzie, you take this one. Balance now, and we'll start with a very silly dance. The Waddle Dance." He just made that up.

Both girls look reluctant to set the flowers down. "But… what if someone steals them?" Eli protests, her grip on her bouquet tightening to near possessive levels. Ezzie, as always, is one step again and leaping without a second of pause. She'll go and put her flowers down beside Kiena with a stern: "You watch these!" warning to her mother. Or else! Eli pouts and follows in her sister's shadow again. With all this running back and forth, it's a wonder they'll have the energy to even get through a dance with Mur'dah! "Waddle Dance? Did you make that up?" Ezzie accuses him with a wrinkled nose and giggled laughter. Eli however seems to love the idea and for once beats her sister by taking one of Mur'dah's legs, leaving Ezzie to take the other. It'll take a moment, but they'll figure out how to balance, looking up at him with broad grins.

Mur'dah shakes his head, looking down at them seriously. "No, I did not. This is all the rage in Boll. Now. Ready? Balanced? Holding on?" Then with his arms out to the sides he begins to walk. Wobble. Rock. Turn, all with the girls balanced on his feet and legs. "This is a good workout," he calls to Kiena with a laugh.

The girls are still young enough to be gullible and so they fall for Mur'dah's trick. "Really?" Ezzie chimes in, gripping to his leg. Eli is giggling wildly now, joined by her sister as the brownrider begins to wobble and rock and they have to shift and move to keep their balance. A very silly dance, indeed, but the twins are enjoying every second of it. Kiena is watching from her seat on the bench, looking quite relaxed and very much amused. "No big surprise there!" she calls back to him, laughing. "Should we recommend it then, as a daily exercise?"

Mur'dah laughs. "If there are enough kids willing," he says, flashing her a grin. The wobble dance continues before he stops, panting. "Alright. Now, give me your hand - just one."

Kiena grins and glances towards the play structures. Right now they're empty, but her eyes flicker with amusement. "Dance here long enough, Mur'dah and you'll probably have a lineup!" she teases him. The girls cling to him and laugh, cheeks flushed from the cold and their efforts to stay in place. Stepping down, both Ezzie and Eli offer him their hands. "What dance is this?" Eli asks shyly. "Is it silly too?" Ezzie chimes in after her sister.

Mur'dah takes one hand in each of his, lifting it up. "Twirling," he says with a grin. "And it can be silly /or/ serious. What do you two want? Silly or serious?" He too glances at the structures and then back to Kiena, laughing. "Not for me. I meant kids for everyone else wanting to do this…"

Again, the girls erupt with delighted laughs and giggles when Mur'dah explains. Twirling! Ezzie is almost jumping up and down in excitement. THIS is the stuff she likes! "BOTH!" she exclaims, drowning out poor Eli's softer request of 'serious'. She frowns at her sibling but soon smiles again up at Mur'dah. Kiena's laughter drifts over from where she sits. "Are you trying to volunteer me then?" she teases again.

Mur'dah glances up at Kiena, a bit confused. "No, I-" He can't carry on two conversations at once it seems, as he crouches down before the girls, hands still held in his. "Alright. Twirling is one at a time. Ezzie, why don't you go check on the flowers? Eli?" He dips his head to her as he pushes upright again, and then gives her a proper bow. "Might I have this twirl?"

Kiena laughs when Mur'dah seems confused and goes back to quietly watching him 'dance' with her girls. "But… but I wanna go first!" Ezzie protests, which instantly brings a scowl from Eli. "He said I am dancing first!" she scoffs. Isn't that adorable? He's being fought over. By five Turn olds. "Ezzie, come on. You'll have your turn!" Kiena calls. "I've some snacks here." That seems to win the battle and Ezzie rushes off to go tend to the flowers but also nibble on some of the food Kiena brought along. Smart! Which leaves Eli alone with Mur'dah and she will giggle and turn shy when he bows her her. Her curtsey is hardly one to be called that and clumsy too. "Yes." she states simply. "You can." And she'll offer her hand.

Hey, being fought over is being fought over! Five turns old or not. And honestly? He'd rather have their attention and affection than almost anyone else's in the weyr. Flashing Kiena a grateful smile when her distraction works where his failed, he smiles widely at Eli's curtsey. "Thank you," he says graciously, taking her hand in his. "Twirl?" he offers, moving a few steps with patient and easy strides, his hand lifted so she can twirl to her heart's content. He's here to support her, so in essence…she is leading this dance.

Kiena smiles back and fires off a mocking half-salute. You're welcome? Then she's bending her head down to talk with Ezzie, nibbling on some of the food as well. Eli grips Mur'dah's hand as firmly as she can and follows his steps, her eyes turned up to watch him "Twirl!" she says with a grin and does exactly that. One twirl and then she pauses, giggling and then feeling bolder and taking the lead, she'll do another twirl. And another and another! Until she is dizzy and has to stop, wobbling a bit on her feet. "Woah!" she laughs shakily, still clinging to his hand.

Mur'dah laughs, steadying her with both hands, crouching down to grin at her. "Can I teach you a dance step?" he asks quietly. "This is the one that everyone starts with, when they begin to learn to dance. The formal dances. The ones they do in Gathers."
Eliana blinks, her grin a bit crooked as she continues to shake off her dizziness and she'll focus on him as he crouches down. "Yes!" she says in delight, eager to learn and beyond happy that he'll teach her! "I wanna know how the ladies dance, the pretty ladies at the Gathers!" she exclaims with a little bounce to her step. Probably… not how the real ladies do it but she's a kid and an excited one at that.

Mur'dah grins, "Alright then. So. It's a bit difficult because I'm so tall," and she's so short, "but for a lady, hands go here, and here, and then the gentleman's hand goes here," and he demonstrates, but has to bend nearly double to do it. "Okay? Now. I'll move forward with this foot," tap, "and you'll move backwards with this foot," tap. "Okay?"

Eliana will do her best to mimic Mur'dah, placing her hands where he instructs and nodding her head to show she understands. "O-Okay…" she says, sounding doubtful when she looks down at her feet. Her grip tightens on him. "Okay." she repeats, her eyes still turned down on her toes. "You go forwards, I go back." Got it!

Mur'dah nods with a grin, gently guiding her through that step. "Now we both go this way." He doesn't say left or right, because it's switched for them both and he thinks that'd only confuse her. And him. "Then this way, and then this way!" A basic box step.

Smart call on Mur'dah's part! Eliana will stumble a bit but nothing as bad as she would have if he tried to explain 'left and right' but mirrored to him. She keeps her head down, tongue poking out a bit as she concentrates. One foot. Step. Second foot. Step. "Heeey," she says, finally gathering courage to look up at him, beaming. "I can dance! This isn't so bad. This is —- oop!" Eliana trips and almost goes down but she'll grip to Mur'dah and end up saving herself before her knees even touch the ground. Giggling, she straightens. "Oops." Sorry?

Mur'dah grabs her with a laugh. "You can dance!" he agrees, offering her another twirl. "Why don't you go practice that step? And send your sister over?"

Eliana goes for the twirl and with another laugh she nods and hastily curtsies before skipping away. "You're turn, Ezzie!" she calls in a sing-song voice. Ezzie slides off the bench and races to Mur'dah's side, all but bowling him over as she hugs herself to him. She, unlike her sister, has no concept of personal boundaries or… manners. "NOW can I dance with you, Mur'dah?" she asks, drawling out his name. Muuurrrr'dah!

Mur'dah laughs, catching Ezzie and then boldly /lifting/ her to spin her around. "Yes, lady Ezzie, you may!" he laughs, setting her down. "What would you like to do?" He figures by now she's got everything alllll planned out and he'll just be here to help.
Ezzie squeals out loud and laughs until she's almost breathless and hiccuping on her own giggles. Whee! She'll grip Mur'dah's arms tightly until she's set down again. "Dance!" she exclaims and of course she's got it all planned out. She KNOWS THINGS. Kind of. And she was watching her sister! Her version of "dancing" though involves taking Mur'dah's hands and sort of swinging them as she moves her feet. It's no real formulated dance, just Ezzie moving to some rhythm of her own and dragging the poor brownrider with her. Ezzie does not to formal fancy dancing! Pfft. How boring is that?

Mur'dah figured as much, and with a grin he just…goes with it. He moves with her, offers her twirls, and is her dancing partner and lets her take center stage. Because he has no /clue/ what they're doing. Which, honestly? Is just fine.

Ezzie doesn't really have a clue either what's she's doing! She's just… going along with it too and will shine in her 'centre stage' as she leads Mur'dah around in a dance that is full of twirls and swinging, swaying and off-beat steps that have rhythm but no beat to pinpoint. Classic dance by a child! It's random but fun and Ezzie is laughing all the while. Eli had settled for some snacks and practicing her 'steps' with Kiena, but spying her sister she wants to join in too and before Kiena can dissuade her, Eliana will break away and try to cling to Mur'dah's other arm. Uh oh?

Mur'dah doens't mind being clung to, but his first look is for Ezzie, to see if she's willing to share or if a tantrum is about to brew..

Ezzie does scowl at her sister, her dancing at an end as she clutches to Mur'dah's arm possessively. "I wanna dance too!" Eli protests when she catches on to Ezzie's disapproval. "Nuh-huh! You HAD your turn, Eliana!" Her name is almost whined by Ezzie. "It's MY turn with him! Right, Mur'dah? You dance with ME!" Oh boy. There may be a tantrum about to erupt or a meltdown (or both) and Kiena will step in, rather than see the poor brownrider suffer (or maybe she just doesn't want to hear another screaming match!). "Girls, don't tear him in two. Here… let's try something. Mur'dah, you know the dance where they hook arms and spin and swap partners? Why don't we do that. Then you can both take times dancing." And she'll mediate in between.

Mur'dah gives Kiena a look of relief, nodding. "Sure, yeah, I know that one. Girls, it's easy, you've probably seen it." And he turns, spinning Ezzie towards her mother while he links arms with Eliana. "It's sort of a skipping, spinning dance. I'm sure you'll do great with it. Ready?" Distraction! "Let's go!" and he starts to skip, arm dropped down to link with Eliana's as they begin.

Kiena will step forwards and link her arm with Ezzie's so fast before the girl can protest. Not that she does. Mur'dah has captured both their attention again. They have seen this dance before and they laugh. "Ready!" The chorus in unison and Eliana will match her steps to Mur'dah and hook her arm as much as she can with the brownrider. Kiena will like wise move with Ezzie on her arm, grinning from ear to ear as she tips Mur'dah a wink as they spin by. Nothing to it!

Nothing to it, right! "Okay, now we switch!" Mur'dah says, trading children with Kiena with another laugh. Are they tired yet? Mur'dah is getting tired…

One, two, three… SWITCH! Kiena passes Ezzie off and sweep up Eli, laughing and grinning as she whirls them away. Of course they're getting tired. Even if they won't admit it when the dance slows. "Alright you two. Don't want to wear poor Mur'dah out to the bone here. Why don't you two be polite and offer him something to drink and some food?" Then he can sit down!
Mur'dah laughs, slowing his steps and then draggggging himself over to the bench to sit heavily, opening his jacket and shrugging out of it. "You're both very good dancers," he complimnts. "Just like your mother.

The twins follow him, giggling when Mur'dah drags his feet. "Flatterer." That comes from Kiena who fires him a mocking smirk. She still has the two flowers in her hair and she'll carefully (to the almost screeched protests of her girls) set the bouquets aside and open the shoulder bag. "Thanks!" Both Eli and Ezzie chime to Mur'dah. "You're a good dancer too." "The bestest ever!" Kiena just chuckles to herself as she unpacks some of the food and the girls will offer Mur'dah his choice. It's mostly light snack food and some rolled wraps filled with cheese and meat. Typical food any fussy kid would devour. "Drink?" Kiena offers. She's not about to let Ezzie or Eli handle a thermos filled with hot liquid though by now it's probably warm.

Mur'dah takes some food and nods at the offer of a drink, stretching before he grins at the girls. "You two are too sweet. But. Party is over for me now. Last dance to you both, as promised. Did you have fun?" And that question is also asked of Kiena, a brow lifting.

They may be done dancing, but Mur'dah isn't rid of the girls that easily! They'll snuggle up on either side of him, totally lacking any shyness in getting close to the brownrider. "Thank you, Mur'dah." Both girls tell him again as they lean comfortably and enjoy their little rolled sandwiches. Kiena settles herself down on the bench too and the look she gives both her girls is fond and loving. Motherly. To Mur'dah, a similar look but minus the motherly and more on the warmth. Appreciative, for sure, of all he does for the twins. "Uh uh!" Ezzie mumbles around a mouthful of food. "I did too!" Eli answers. "Did you?" Kiena grins. "So did I."

Mur'dah is just fine with having the girls snuggle up against him, giving them both his own fond smile. "I'm glad," he murmurs. "I enjoyed myself, yes. For the most part." He looks down at the girls again. So….they going to fall asleep now or what? He's hoping they do, so the grown ups can talk!

Give it time, give it time. Ezzie is the first to begin to droop, with Eli struggling and putting up the good fight. They're exhausted though and soon both are slumping down to rest their heads against Mur'dah's legs as they doze. Kiena chuckles softly, reaching over to gently brush back one of the girl's hair. "You'd think I had dosed their food or something, with how fast they switch off, huh?" Kiena muses to Mur'dah. She's… totally kidding! Honest. "They were up far earlier. Lots of excitement."

Mur'dah chuckles, smiling at her and nodding as he brushes back the other girl's hair and then…what does one do with your hands when you have a kid asleep on each leg? In the end, he just rests his hands against their backs. "You sure you had a good time? Looked like Zi'on was…eh. Himself?"

Kiena leans back against the bench, body turned so that her side is resting to it and she can face Mur'dah. It's all laid out then and for a moment she's thrown too much off guard to bother masking her emotions. Not that she ever was good at it to start. "I… yeah, I did have a good time." She tells him and honest too. Her eyes flicker with it. She DID enjoy herself, the dancing and food and conversation. Most of it. Her eyes cloud, darken and she looks away, brows knitting together. Then there is that. "Zi'on is always himself. What of it? He said a few things." That stung and hurt and got her hackles up, like always. But she played good. She was a good Weyrsecond even though backing down as she did sticks sourly in her throat. She grimaces, "Are you really that surprised, by his behaviour?"

Mur'dah sees that in her, and it makes him frown. "I'm…a little surprised he'd do it at a diplomatic event? At a party for the weyrlings and candidates? On the other hand, I'm not. I…hmm." He sighs, running a hand through his hair. "I just wish he'd stop," he says, a bit lamely. "There's no need for it. He's moved on, you've moved on…what's the point?"

Kiena chuckles bitterly. "I'm not. This is Zi'on we're talking about. He takes very little seriously and even when he does… I've my doubts. It's not the first time he's jabbed at me in public and it won't be the last, Mur'dah. I… It angered me. And I am thankful to you for stepping in as you did to shut him up." Even if it could have gone so wrong and badly. It didn't, thank Faranth and Kiena counts her blessings for that too. She snorts, looking back at him and her expression is withdrawn and conflicted. "The point… is his amusement? He enjoys it, I think. Pushing me until I snap. I dunno… He's got a poor taste of humour? Has no respect for me? Who knows, Mur'dah. All I know his he's NEVER stopped. Ever." At least not by her requests!

Mur'dah frowns, anger gleaming in his eyes before he pushes it back. "Well. He needs to stop," he murmurs. Though /how/…well that's the question isn't it? "I'm sorry he treats you that way, Kiena." As for speaking up, he shrugs. "Couldn't just let him take digs at you like that…had to say /something/."

Kiena shakes her head and seeing the anger in Mur'dah's eyes, even just that glimpse, has her frowning but in concern. "Don't be sorry, Mur'dah. I don't like how he treats me either, but what can be done? Talk to him? I've tried that." So far, it hasn't worked but it's only ever been her who's confronted Zi'on about it and… well, they all know how THOSE confrontations ended up… usually with her crying. "If you've an idea of how to get him to quit, Mur'dah, I'm all ears?" Kiena drawls and then sighs. "By saying something though, you could have… it could have got ugly."

Mur'dah shakes his head. "I'm…I don't know. He's a Weyrleader. It makes things complicated. Can your brother speak to him?" But then he grimaces. That's not the best solution either. "I…I don't know," he says, rubbing a hand over his face briefly. "Stupid politics. I wish I could just go over there and get in his face and tell him to quit."

Kiena blinks and then she begins to laugh. It would have been harsh, gruff laughter but she remembers her daughters sleeping against Mur'dah and she hastily bites her lower lip. "My brother already has or did once. Rumors had it that he almost punched Zi'on out." Almost. But didn't? Kiena just shakes her head, "Not a good idea." Snorting, her mouth draws up crookedly at one corner. "Politics do make it frustrating, huh? And I wish it could be that easy, Mur'dah. I really do. It'd… be nice, for once, to be held in the same respect that you and Ka'el and others here have for me by Zi'on. Dunno if he just is clueless about it or… doesn't care. I mean, I get it. He jokes around. Whatever. We all do, right?" But he crossed the line somewhere, didn't he?

Mur'dah shakes his head firmly. "That's not joking, Kiena. He's out to /wound/ you. I'm astounded he did it here, too, and in such a formal occasion. He's..ugh. I don't get it. You deserve better. even though he's your ex, you deserve better."

Kiena frowns heavily, mouth drawing down into a tense line as she mulls over Mur'dah's words. "That… surprised me too. Maybe he figures rank does not apply since we were… together once. I don't know!" She tosses her hands a bit, frustrated. Old wounds and hurts surfacing and they're not getting anywhere with any concrete answers. She just wants to burry them again and leave them there… for now. "I don't get it either." she admits glumly, only to snort. Her smile returns, just a hint and so does her wry humour. "Well, if you know any decent, available young men… drop my name, will you?"

Mur'dah winces, reaching out to grasp her shoulder and give it a squeeze. "I'm sorry, Kiena, I shouldn't have brought it up," he murmurs, now kicking himself. He was trying to help and, as usual, ended up making it worse. There's a small smile and a nod. "Sure. Of course." But they'd have to be /amazing/, and guys good enough for Kiena just don't grow on trees. "I enjoyed our dance."

Kiena won't pull away from his grasp but she will shift under it and only so she can bring her arm up and her hand to his shoulder. Gripping firm, she'll squeeze back and smile reassuringly. No hard feelings. So he shouldn't kick himself? "Nah, it's fine. Just… It shows your care, Mur'dah and I appreciate that." Truthfully and honestly. Any suitor beware then? Here Kiena thought she had to worry about Th'ero's criticism. Maybe it's Mur'dah she should be worried about? "So did I. I enjoyed that part of the evening immensely. And meeting the Western Candidates."

It's definitely Mur'dah she needs to worry about. "Yes, I enjoyed that too. Overall, it was a good evening. I do hope we can take the Weyrlings for their hatching. If the timing works out. I suggested that to Ka'el and Sori, and they didn't…seem against the idea. It's all timing though, so we'll see." Shifting a bit, he takes her hand in his, giving it a squeeze.

"It was and I hope the Weyrlings and Candidates enjoyed themselves too." Kiena agrees, her smile broadening. Becoming more relaxed and easy going. Her brows lift up, surprise flickering in her eyes. "Are they close to Between too? Kera said that Moncerath only just began her first flights…" she murmurs and when he takes her hand, she'll squeeze it back in return.

Mur'dah shakes her head, "Not that close, but…how far along are the eggs? It might work out." He looks down at the girls then, and then up at Kiena. "Should we perhaps take them back to their foster family? I…have an idea, if you trust me and can leave for a bit."

Kiena's brows knit together as she thinks and begins to run a few dates and times through her head. "I'm not sure. Could be some time yet and if that is the case… I hope it does work out. It'd be good, I think, for the Weyrlings to get out and what better even than a Hatching?" she murmurs. Looking down to her girls, she gently touches Ezzie's back. The girl stirs and mumbles but doesn't wake. Not fully. "We probably should. They'll be out for awhile yet and I'm starting to get chilled." Curious, she gives him a long look as she begins to pack up. "You know I trust you, Mur'dah. Let's get the girls home and then I am all yours." Duties? What duties?

Mur'dah grins, pleased and eager. It's his day off today, so…how convenient? "Great," he says, gently lifting Eli into his arms, tucking her against his shoulder and bending to grab both bouquets. Faranth forbid they leave /those/ behind!

There would be such HOWLS and SCREAMS that the Weyr would wonder if someone were being murdered if those bouquets were left behind. Kiena picks up Ezzie, holding her against her hip as she grins back to Mur'dah and leads the way to the twin's foster parents, a path that even the brownrider should know by now. Seeing them settled there takes little time, with Kiena lingering only to say her goodbyes. "Alright," she murmurs as they begin to walk away. "So what's this plan of yours? Should I be worried?" she teases with a gentle laugh.

Mur'dah grins and gives the bluerider a nudge. "I think you should /always/ be worried when I've got a surprise," he teases, honest at least. "Swimsuit, beach clothes. We're going to a spot I just discovered a few sevens ago. Somewhere warm and sunny." Escape!

Kiena laughs and rocks a bit from his nudge but is swift to return it. "Uh huh. I'll try to keep that in mind!" she drawls, grinning. And what a surprise! Pausing, she gives him a look and then either seeing that he's being serious about this or just sensing it, she'll look, well… appropriately surprised! "Really? Well. How can I say no to that? Sun and warmth and good company?" Sign her up! "Want to meet me at the coastal road, then? Shouldn't take me long." Escape! Far too tempting an offer for Kiena to resist. Even Ujinath will be up for it, if only to stretch his wings.

Mur'dah nods, "Perfect," he says, snapping off a salute and then turning to /run/ the other way before she can hit him.
Kiena scowls at that salute but her laughter will follow, as well as her words as she calls out after him. "I'll get you back for that!" Belated punch to the shoulder! Kiena will hurry off then too, having farther to go to get back to her weyr. Once inside, she'll change hastily, pack a few things and then get Ujinath suited up in his straps before heading out with the blue towards to Coastal Road.

Mur'dah and Kalsuoth meet them there, the brown eager to be off as he reaches out gently to the blue to share the location. They're headed to an island, and it's a fairly large one. It's not one with broad, expansive sandy beaches though. No, this is an island with more cliffs than sand, though there /are/ a few little coves here and there. « Warmth, » Kalsuoth says, a shiver of excited delight running through his mind link.

Ujinath is showing some eagerness as well and his wings will ruffle and his tail twitches in anticipation. Kalsuoth's image is grasp at willingly and then absorbed, studied closely. Acceptable. « Perfect. » Why elaborate further? Kiena will wave to Mur'dah and then mount up, buckling in and giving the signal that she's ready. Ujinath will rumble to the dark brown. His lead! The blue will follow.

Kalsuoth kicks into the air without hesitation, soaring high before confirming the image once more and vanishing between. Emerging from the cold nothingness, the first thing to notice is the /warmth/. Warm, tropical heat. Blessed, blissful /heat/. Circling above the island, Kalsuoth touches down on a very narrow strip of sand that's bordered on three sides by tall cliffs, stretching high above them and arcing out into the calm sea. Dismounting, Mur'dah strips down to swim trunks, pulling off Kalsuoth's straps and storing them in the rocks so they won't get wet. He's grinning, already relaxing because they're away and it is so warm and beautiful here.

Ujinath follows suit, leaping up into the air and soaring high before vanishing between. Emerging, the blue will rumble in quiet pleasure at the WARMTH. Already he is eager to land so he can stretch out and bask in the sun, though old habits war to the front and Ujinath studies the land below with a wary and cautious eye. He'll relax soon enough and not long after he lands and Kiena dismounts to unfasten his straps and store them safely out of the way. She'll strip down too until she's wearing nothing but a two piece bathing suit, most of which is covered by a sarong dress that she ties skillfully around herself. Boots are replaced by sandals and with a grin of her own, she's walking over to join Mur'dah. "So… this is your surprise? How'd you come to find this place?" And better yet… "… where are we? South?"

Mur'dah grins, sweeping his arm to show off the island. "Heard about it from a guy when I had to do a quick delivery for Comet a few sevens ago. Dragon heard it from his dragon who heard about it from some Seacrafter. Neat spot, huh? Not many know about it." Mur'dah may or may not have bribed the between point out of the man. "North of Xanadu, by a bit, and then way east. Pretty far from anywhere, really," he says, flashing her a grin. Which turns mischevious. "Want to see the best part?" And with a grin, he tugs on a pair of thick soled sandals and begins walking…towards the cliff? Ah. Are those stairs?

"Ahh, it's one of those secret spots." Kiena muses, giving Mur'dah a long look and a broad smile. She'll step forwards, casting her eyes around to survey the spot. Likely committing as much detail of it to memory. "It's nice here! And if not many know about it then… guaranteed peacefulness?" Bonus! Always a bonus in her books. "Even better! Remote!" NOW she's really liking this place. Glancing back to Mur'dah and seeing the mischievousness in his eyes, Kiena is intrigued and… maybe a little wary. "Alright." Following his lead, she'll slip her sandals on too. The closer they get to the cliff, the more she's eyeing her friend. There better be stairs there! "You going to give me any hints?" she teases.

Mur'dah laughs. "This /is/ a hint?" he teases, beginning to move up the stairs. Yes, there are stairs, and some spots even have an old rope hand railing, but it's a narrow trek none the less. Not too dangerous so long as you pay attention to where you're going. Up, up, up!

Kiena's eyes drift over those stairs and the old rope. If she's apprehensive, she's hiding it well. There were plenty of cliffs in Irondell and she's not entirely unfamiliar with climbing them. Or the dangers. Having stairs and a rope certainly makes an upward trek easier and she'll follow along behind Mur'dah. She is paying attention to where she is going, though a thousand questions race through her head. No time for chatting now, she'll just have to let her curiosity lead her on! Up, up and up she goes!

Up they go, until they're at least a hundred feet above the sea. Grinning, Mur'dah takes off his sandals and grabs on to the strap with one hand. "Now," he says, moving towards the edge, eyes gleaming. "Few things to remember. Make your body perfectly straight. Feet first. Clench your ass, because if you don't, well…your insides will get a nice cleaning. Doesn't feel too good." Then he turns and /runs/, whooping, and…leaps off the edge of the cliff. Out into the air he soars, and then he vanishes. Seconds tick by, and then a soft, muffled *splash*.

Kiena clues in when Mur'dah begins to take off his sandals and begins to move towards the edge of the cliff. Her eyes widen, her expression easily read as 'oh sweet Faranth, you're kidding, right?' without uttering a single word. Yet some part of her is also leaping for joy and rising to the challenge and thrill of it all. Cliff jumping! So rather than balk or stutter or call him insane, her eyes only narrow and her mouth draws up into a wry grin. "Got it." Ooh, she's not backing down from this! There's a wrinkle about clenching and she's thankful for THAT reminder. Ugh. Kiena starts a bit when he whoops and runs off and vanishes. Even though she KNOWS what is up, it's still unsettling to see someone just vanish off the edge of a cliff. "Should have worn my other bathing suit." Kiena mutters to herself as she unties her sarong and lets it fall to the ground. She kicks off her sandals next and walking to the edge of the cliff she'll peer over the edge. Waiting for Mur'dah to surface, no doubt before she is stepping back. And back. Deep breath, slow exhale. "I can do this…" Easy, right? Sure. Kiena shakes out her shoulders, bounces a bit on the balls of her feet and then runs… and leaps! Out into the open, empty air she goes and then with a whooping cry of her own she plummets down to the water below.

Mur'dah swims out of the way, treading water as he watches her jump, grinning and whooping. When she hits the water he swims towards her, grinning…and hoping she's okay because the first time, well. Still. He's impressed. Extremely, extremely impressed.

Kiena doesn't surface for… quite some time. He'll be able to see where she's landed, as a few bubbles still surface and the water is still ripples from being displaced. Yet… no bluerider? Oh Faranth, he's killed her! Nope, Ujinath's not keening in loss and despair so… where is she? Kiena is perfectly fine. Probably on an adrenaline rush, which may explain what she's about to do. As quietly as she can, she'll break to the surface but she'll attempt to come up behind Mur'dah and silently, oh-so silently, drift closer until… "Boo!" Kiena exclaims and then laughing heartily she'll clamp down on his shoulders with her hands and give him a good playful shove before swimming away again.

Mur'dah /is/ peering at those bubbles, and he /is/ listening for Ujinath. He's positive the blue would be /there/ if his rider needed help, so the blue's lack of presence keeps him calm. Too calm. He should have been suspicious! Because she scares the crap out of him, letting out a yell and dropping beneath the water for a second before he bobs back to the surface. "Hey!" he shouts, laughing, swimming after her and trying to grab her, dunk her, get her back /somehow/. Yup, there's nothing quite like that adrenaline rush.

Success! Kiena was aiming to give him a little scare, as revenge for leading her up there and making her face her own fears and apprehension about diving off a cliff! And watching him leap and vanish over the edge too. Laughing, she'll give a yelp when he gives chase and eventually he'll catch up and dunk her and she'll try to writhe and slip free. When she does and surfaces again, her arms will sweep out over the water's surface to send sheets of it his way before she attempts to make her "escape" again. Which really is only to swim out some distance before turning around and treading water, trying to see if the game is still on or if they'll call a draw.

Mur'dah laughs, splashing her back and he does swim after her, positioning himself between her and the beach. She gets the whooooole ocean to herself? Lucky her. He treads water, grinning at her. "I can't believe you did that," he admits honestly, panting as he catches his breath. "Without…hesitation. That was amazing. You're amazing. Did you like it? Want to go again?"

Lucky her? Kiena is eyeing that beach and then Mur'dah when he swims between her and her goal. Sticking her tongue out at him, she'll try to swim past, a touch breathless too as her heart is still slowing from that RUSH! Chuckling throatily, she'll wink at him. "What? Did you think I'd wuss out and cry and wail about how you're insane and a big meanie to bring me there? Oh, Mur'dah. You don't know me well at all, do you?" she drawls, teasing him. "Thanks! Glad my daring and brashness is actually appreciated for once. And…" She laughs. "Did I like it? Jays, that was awesome! I've always heard of cliff jumping but never KNEW anyone who did it and then you just… did it and made it look so EASY!" So duh, she had to follow? "Could we go again?" Kiena asks, her eyes already drifting up (and up and up) that cliff.

Mur'dah just asked her that! He grins. "Yes, of course we can go again. Still got your sandals?" His are still held firmly in his grasp. Then he snorts. "Of course I didn't think you'd wuss out or cry. Shards, no. But you did it so /fast/. I was impressed!" He grins and turns, swimming towards shore.

Kiena grins broadly and looks flattered. "Had to go fast, or I WOULD loose my courage." she admits with a sheepish shrug of her shoulders before she's swimming alongside him. Wait… what was that about sandals. "Uh…" Her eyes notice he has his and then she swears. "Shit. No! I left them up there… with my sarong." Good going? "Is that going to be a problem? The sandals, I mean."

Mur'dah nods with a little grimace, "Yeah, it is. The path…I wouldn't do it barefoot. Want me to go get them for you?" he offers, "You can watch me from down here."

Kiena's expression takes on a rebellious cast as she looks from the cliffs to Mur'dah. But… she wants to go NOW! He never said anything about keeping her sandals! "Fine. While I'm not against walking barefoot, I'll heed your advice since you know this place better than I do. Can I see you from the shallows here?" she asks, as she swims to where the water is just below her chest in height.

Mur'dah kept /his/ sandals! He paddles after her and nods, turning to glance back at the cliff. "Sure, should be fine," he says with a grin, splashing her before he's scrambling up to the beach. Sandals on, and then he's up the cliff, quick and nimble. Grabbing her sandals, he /waves/ them at her before he makes sure he has his too, and jumps again.

Kiena yelps again when he splashes her and does her best to return a swipe or two before he's out of range. Watching him climb and reach the top, she'll almost fidget with restless anticipation. Huuurrry up! His waving her sandals will have her gesturing back. Stop teasing and… ooh, there he goes! Kiena whoops, watching him as he drops down into the water below.

Mur'dah swims towards her, paddling a bit awkwardly with sandals in each hand. "There we are," he says with a grin, offering them to her. "You go, I'm going to rest for a minute." Dancing and then cliff diving? He's going to need a nap!

Kiena takes her sandals back from Mur'dah, grinning at him. "Thanks!" Already she is swimming further towards shore, so she can slip them on again. "You sure?" she asks as she steps out of the water, glancing over her shoulder at him and maybe a touch in concern. She's starting to feel tired too but the temptation to JUMP again is outweighing her need to rest. "Won't be long!" she calls and then up she goes! Following the path, climbing those stairs and once she's at the top she'll gather her sarong up too and hold on to it before leaping off with a loud, echoing whoop of a call. Splash down! Just as thrilling as the first time, but everyone has limits and Kiena's reached hers. Swimming back to shore, she'll find Mur'dah and follow him to a good spot where they can sit and rest. And nap!

Naps. Naps are great. In the shade. Because waking up to a sunburn is no fun. And yes, Mur'dah knows from experience.

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