Things That Are Hot (Warning: Mature Content)

Xanadu Weyr - Hot Springs
The warmth that flows from this cavern is almost overwhelming for some, the steam rising from the shimmering pools as thick as the morning fog that rolls in off the ocean. Numerous pools are scattered here and there with ribboned walls that are natural in their construction. The water has a somewhat green cast to it, but it is merely a reflection from the ethereal light which is the glow down here that was so noticeable from the Lower Cavern Tunnel. People can often be found down here washing themselves or just relaxing.
Situated along the walls are various racks covered in fresh towels ready for those who step out of the warm waters. A set of shelves have been installed towards the back wall, allowing people a place to put their belongings while they rest in the pools, and despite the white color that these have been painted, they are cast with that eerie green glow. Then, it's obvious. The ceiling of this cavern is covered in the fluorescent phosphorous matter that glows are made off. The mossy substance almost glitters and appears quite lovely.

Imagine a world… in which water… is hot. For ten days, the Candidates needed their imaginations for such things! Now, however, that world… has become… reality. Okay yes it kind of became reality a while ago, but tonight Soriana is enjoying that fact once again. She's up up her neck in hot water. She's got her toes stretched out and wiggling. She's got her eyes closed. She… is soaking in it!

While Soriana may be up to her neck in hot water, Mikal isn't. Yet. He ambles in with brown Elidor on his normal perch on his pet's shoulder. Moments later Elsie comes swooping in with happy thoughts of bath bath bath! She clearly wants a bath. In his hands carries a change of clothing, a towel and atop the towel a small jar of oil. Clearly it's time to bath and oil the fire lizards. What fun!

It is cold on Xanadu again. ka-el. Hates. The. Cold! And so he's been plenty happy with the catchup work he's been made to do in the forges, where the beginnings of winter has no grip. Fire! Sweat! Forging! .. And studying and testing, yet still within the heat of the forge! All that work makes for a stinky, grimy boy, and thus (although he'd probably be happy marinating in his own yuck) he heads into the steamy springs with Alloy happily with him. He loves this place too! The bronze automatically flits to a favored spot on the stone to relax. Ahh! Warm and oiling soon! Kale himself grabs a towel and and heads towards the shelves to store his things and begins to undress, pulling off his shirt first. He glances around, as it habitual. One needs to know just who they're potentially getting naked in front of. Like .. Sori over there. He peers at her relaing girl. Need he bother her? … Well, duh. "You're startin' to shrivel," he notes, grinning to Mikal after in greeting.

Bath time! Hotaru could use a nice long soak. The eggs of course are hardening up and it could be any day now that the humming begins. So Hotaru doesn't know how many more chances she'll get for a nice long bath! Once she's in the caverns she heads over to grab a towel, then strips down and sets her clothes on a shelf. Then she wraps her towel around herself and ditches it to settle into Soriana's pool. She's not shy, but still walking around in the bathing caverns naked gives her a bit of the heebie-jeebies. "Ah-ah-ah-hot-hot. Whew…" Hotaru settles in to soak a bit, and she'll wash a little later.

Soriana's towel is somewhere over not getting wet. It's not like she needs it yet. She's busy soaking. Shriveling? Maybe. She opens one eye to investigate, then opens the other one. "Am I?" She lifts up one hand and peers at the fingers. "Eh. Only a little." The hand goes back down into the water, and she stretches out slowly. "Besides, it's not like I'll melt, right?" And, most likely, neither will Hotaru, despite those noises. Soriana's eyes drift toward closed again.

"Heya Kale..Soriana…Hotaru.." so many people for Mikal to greet as he stashes his clean clothes and pot of oil somewhere safe. Headed over to the water he sheds his clothes and towel, leaving them close but not too close to the edge of one pool and he hops into the warm water. "Hothothothothot….ahhh…feels good!"

"Pullin' off the old shriveled look?" ponders Kale to Soriana. "Y'might be able to … we'll see. If the old uncles start hittin' on you though, don't come cryin' to me about it." He grins, eyes straying to Hotaru as she joins the hot waters, then Mikal too! He needs to hurry up, because alas he's the only one still dry and not naked. Boots are discarded, and pants and such stripped with a towel to take their place. He heads over to their pool, drops the towel and slides into the water a second after. Ooh, hot! He winces as he settles in, eyes squinting a bit at the initial sting of wonderful heat. "Hey H-ho-..Hotaru," he says, slowly lowering himself further down into the waters. "And Mikal." His eyes gradually fully open again. "Xanadu never felt so good, huh?"

Hotaru chuckles. "You won't melt, no. But eventually you'll probably start to cook." Hotaru isn't going to melt either, no. One would think the firey red-head wouldn't be so warm in the heat. "Hi Mikal!" She chuckles at him. "Gonna oil up your bod later for the ladies?" Hotaru rolls her eyes at Sticky. "Don't worry, Sori. I'll protect you from old uncles or creepy bronzers. But you're on your own from Stickies." Hotaru dunks her head under the water and then pops up again. "It does feel good." She lifts herself out of the pool then, since it'll be hard to relax with everyone about, she can sit next to the pool and scrub.

Soriana's eyes open again, and she smirks to Kale as she stretches out in the water. "Oh, no. I am not into that." She makes a face. "So definitely not." Her head is given a brisk shake, as if to clear it of that eww-and-troubled face, and her gaze settles on Hotaru. "Yeah, uh, they better not even try," she says of those creepy uncles and old bronzers with a frown, and pulls herself up a bit so she's not taking up the whole pool anymore… though along the way, she brushes a toe against Kale's leg. Stickies? "Those I can handle," she says with another smirk, and sits up in the pool. "So glad to be back here."

Mikal sticks out a tongue towards Hotaru . "Nope." is all he says in obvious denial of oiling up his skin for all the ladies. Both his fire lizards find an empty pool to splash around in. "I missed this most of all out there on the rock." he says, sinking down to his neck in water with a blissful sigh. He came to bathe the 'lizards…but that'll happen eventually. "Hah…all those old guys hitting on Soriana." he's amused by that.

Oiled up Mikal? Mothers, hide your daughters!! Kale grins to the younger boy, glancing at those oil bottles of his. "That your secret, Mikal? Get yourself all glisteny and.." Uh, what else does oil do? "..slick? No wonder I've been hearin' girls talkin' about you. Think even Hotaru mentioned ya once in her sleep," he says with a smirk to the pink-haired one as she resurfaces again, though his eys do shift from her once she gets out of the water, as for all he may be known for (or rumored to be), he is a modest fellow. He glances to Soriana due to both words and touch, and a crooked grin curves his mouth before he shifts away? from her, pressing his back against the opposite side of the small pool to face her and the others. "You all notice Saha..tyth?" He probably should know the gold's name by now, shouldn't he? "Heard she's cranky. No more touches." Not that he wanted any.

Hotaru gets to scrubbing. "It is really nice to be able to bathe. And not sleep on a rock. Or out in the rain." She chuckles to Mikal. "Aw." There's a nose-wrinkle at the notion of old guys. "I think Kale and Mikal should both oil up and Sori and I will judge. Instead of gluing up your hair or whatever it is you do, Sticky." Hotaru isn't very modest anymore. Maybe when she first came to the weyr, but not so much anymore. "Eh? Well the eggs are due to hatch soon I think. They get cranky and all, I guess."

"They'd better not," Soriana says of those old guys. "I will kick them." The scowl's how you know it's true! She leans back against the wall of the pool, staying… opposite… to Kale. Without even an objection, though her gaze lingers on him until the scowl is replaced by a slight smirk. Even before Hotaru's suggestion of oiling them up, too, because the suggestion is what makes it a larger smirk and a suggestion of her own. "They can oil each other." As for the eggs, all she says in an absent, "Sahazyth." Hey, he was close, right? Even if she's not answering his questions, she's still watching Kale, even as a flutter of wings down the passage brings Haruhi. The gold firelizard soars into the humid warmth of the hot springs and circles the room. As she looks down, she trills a brief melody, then glides to perch atop someone else's towel. Is it just the light in here, or… is her hide looking brighter than usual today?

"No no no. I'm not oiling him." comes the quick denial from Mikal at /that/ suggestion. He's not overly modest himself but then he did grow up in a Weyr and has spent most of his life in Weyrs. So…not embarrassed. However his eyes are closed as he leans back against the edge. "I'm just glad they didn't hatch when we were on the island. Imagine presenting ourselves all dirty and stuff. I hope they do hatch soon…but that's not going to be fun for those who have to wash the baby dragons in the water in the winter!" nope, he's not a fan of the cold either!

Kale looks to Hotaru. Wait, no he doesn't! Er, yes he does. His eyes pingpong to and from her, not quite finding a place to settle that doesn't put chesty areas in his peripherals. Sigh! Being chivalrous is … hard. "I didn't glue my hair on purpose he insists, snickering at the memory and touching his fingertips to his hair, just in case. Nope! Not sticky. "Ha, an' you can keep wishin' to see me oiled up, Hotaru," he remarks, smirking humoredly. "Y'sure it's Mikal you want to do it? Or are you secretly hopin' to do it yourself?" he asks, rising up a little so that a bit more of his chest is revealed from the water, playfully flexing. He looks at Sori at her comment, though before he can comment, Haruhi's trill is heard. She doesn't catch his attention necessarily. It's the dozing Alloy who suddenly perks with a throaty chirrup? as he rises to his claws. Thoughts interrupted, Kale pauses a moment, glancing to the firelizard, though soon refocuses on his comrades. "Winter washing? Hadn't thought of that.." Eh. Cold plus water? "Would a hatchling fit in here?"

Hotaru grins to Soriana and she wiggles her fingers. "Ooh, yes! You guys should totally oil each other! That would be sooo fun!" She laughs. Then she spots the gold firelizard. "What… what's she doing here?" She better not be having a flight in the bathing caverns! There's a brief 'aw' at Mikal's dismissal of oiling Kale. There's a shrug about being dirty on the sands. "Hey, it's the weyrlingmasters who put us out there. They can deal with dirty candidates." Yes Kale, there's Hotaru! All of her. Deal. "Psh. If I want to see you oiled I'll have Sori sit on you and we'll dump it over your head. Besides. What makes you think I don't want to see -Mikal- oiled up? Eh?" Hotaru blinks. "Baby dragons get washed at the beach. In the cold water."

Aww. Soriana pouts - yes, actually pouts - at Mikal's refusal to oil up another boy. "Too bad," she says, and tosses him a brief smirk before settling back against the pool's wall once more with a slow roll of her shoulders. She's stretching, you see. Relaxing those tense muscles… after however long she's already spent soaking. Apparently her muscles are ever so tense tonight. Haruhi, having landed on that towel, proves restless, turning slowly with kneads of her talons and a sweep of her long tail. Chirp. Soriana looks over at Hotaru, and blinks. "Hmm? What about her?" Her gaze settles on Haruhi, and her lips curve in a smile before her attention returns to the conversation… or was that Kale? "Mmm, no, maybe it wouldn't fit." She flashes a smirk. "You could try."

Mikal puffs up his skinny chest. Honestly the boy needs some meat on his bones. Where's all that food go anyway. "Maybe I don't want you to see me all oiled up." which makes one wonder who does he want to see him all oiled up?! Brown Elidor is too young yet to care about any gold being brighter than usual so his antics of splashing Elsie continue. His gaze flickers briefly to Haruhi to watch her before looking back to the others in the pool.

Baths are good things to have, and this is why Idrissa is making her way on into the hot spring at the moment. She has her clothes folded up within her arms, a towel wrapped around her form, and the straps of her bikini seen tied around her neck. She pauses, bright gaze flicking over the ones here and she blinks a few times. A soft ah escapes her and she soon clears her throat. "Hey guys."

Hellooooo Haruhi! Alloy, who is no longer anywhere near snoozy, is happy to give Haruhi the attention that the younger lizards do not. What do you need, Haruhi ol' pal? Hm? Hm? My aren't you looking lovely this evening! The lizard bronze struts up towards her, his wings lightly spread in display of how impressive he is! And isn't he just? Chirp chirp churrr. Kale smirks at the thought of … wait, what? Sori on his lap with oil drenched over them? Not a bad thought at all… "Never said it couldn't be Mikal," he points out to her, still looking amused despite the fact that dragons are bathed on the beach. "C'mon Mikal. You can't say she's not..easy on the.." Erp, his eyes have somehow lowered, "breasts. …. Eyes!" he corrects quickly, shaking his head to clear the cobwebs (or rather, the firelizard showboating). "Easy on the eyes!" So much for his teasing! He turns to Sori quickly thereafter, having missed, or rather forgotten, the content of her words. "…It'd fit. Totally. I'd make it fit." Whatever "it" is. What is he talking about?

Stretching is good! Really Soriana should be demanding a massage from Kale. Isn't that part of his job description? Hotaru peers at the gold. "She looks… weird." Which means Hotaru thinks she's proddy. Or maybe she just looks like that when she's wet. Mikal should eat something more than soup. "No? That's a shame." Hotaru waves to Idrissa, then peers at her. Is she in her bathing suit? "Hey Rissa. Come on in!" Even though Hotaru isn't in. She will be soon. She at least dips her legs in to wash off the sweetsand. Hotaru blinks at Kale. "What? Keep your eyes to Sori, Sticky." Hotaru crosses her arms over her chest. So there! "Little dragons might fit in here. Not a full sized one though. Maybe a green."

"Too bad," Soriana replies to Mikal with another teasing smirk. Too bad for her that he doesn't want it? …maybe. She brushes her hand against the surface of the water before giving it a flick and sending a few droplets of water in the younger boy's direction. Haruhi arches her neck to Alloy as the bronze struts up toward her, tilting her head to regard him… huff! Nope, she's circling around again, turning her back to him and sweeping her tail out behind to flick dismissively toward him… only to turn her head and look back at him out of the corner of her eye. Still paying attention, bronzey? Soriana isn't watching the firelizards. "Easy, hmm?" she murmurs, then stretches. Eyes on her, indeed. Where's that waterline? "Perhaps. Then again, if it's too easy, where's the excitement? Maybe it'd be better if it was hard." What's it, again?

Mikal boggles a little at Kale's mistake. Unable to help it his eyes automatically go to Hotaru's…eyes. Well not exactly her eyes. A tad lower. No, lower that that. A bit lower…not that low. That's her stomach. Anyways the view is quickly blocked by her arms and a blushing Mikal looks way quickly, hopefully before someone notices! He merely offers a lopsided grin towards Soriana but really tries to let the whole conversation just fade away. So he grasps at the new? conversation. "Yeah totally. Kale can make it fit." huh?

Idrissa is in a bathing suit thank you very much, or well at least the top of one from the looks of things, not that anything else is seeable with that towel in the way. Her clothing is set down in a dry spot and she wanders on over, sitting down next to Hotaru upon the edge of the bath area. Those scars of hers are plain to see across her left shoulder, and right forearm. "What you all talking about?" She pauses as she hears well some of it. "Maybe I shouldn't ask."

Massages are part of Kale's job description, yes! And right now, he's not doing his duty. In fact, he may downright be asking for a pinkslip with the way the way he's staying as far from her has possible…which is, in truth, not that far, with their pool being just some meters large in diameter. But his back remains pressed against the stone wall behind him, and he sends an apologetic look over to Hotaru at his slip up. Well, vaguely apologetic.

Alloy does not give up easily, no ma'am. How can she ignore all this? All this firelizard awesome? He trails after her, seemingly in no hurry. There aren't any other males here to contend with, and he is the bronzest of all bronzes! Conqueror of so much! Here, let him show you Haruhi. Just the other day he seized himself a mighty spiderclaw! See how big those pincers were? Ginormous! He chirpchips to her, invitingly.

Kale has no problem following Hotaru's helpful suggestion of keeping his eyes off of her and onto Soriana. Done deal! The vaguely flushed look to his face is obviously due to the steamy temperature here, and he exhales a breath as his eyes wander her. "It's always better when it's hard. It'll be hard," he nods in reply to Mikal, "but I'll make it fit. Can't stop me from tryin'." … Yeah, what? Someone must have spiked the water and it's seeping into their pores! Poor Idrissa. What has she walked in to?

Hotaru eventually just plunks into the water. She can wash her face and her hair from there. Without having her fun bags looked over by the boys. Hotaru squints at Sori. "Well, I'm sure Kale can pound away at it until it fits and all. I've heard Kale is really good at pounding. Right Sori?" She snickers. Hotaru pokes at Rissa's shoulder. "What's all this? I didn't know you had any scars! Coool!" Only Hotaru is weird enough to care about such things. "Is that from a feline?" Hotaru doesn't seem to hold a grudge against the boys for looking. It's not like they'd ripped off her clothes or something. She does eye him for… is that supposed to be some sort of steamy talk? Or is he trying to fit a door?

And yet, Soriana isn't bridging the distance between herself and Kale, either. She could reach out. She could extend a foot again. He's right across from her, and yet… she doesn't. Not that she isn't smirking at him plenty. She lifts her hands, lacing them together to make a floating bridge in front of her, and settles down further in the water. Hard? Oh, yes. "See to it, then. I should most certainly," is that a flutter of her eyelashes? From Sori? "-like to see you try." She smirks, her head tilting down to look at him from under her lashes before her brown eyes continue their way to Hotaru. "Oh, you know what they say about smiths," she says, not that she says what that is. Or answers Idrissa's question about what they're all talking about.

Haruhi tilts her head back to forward, lifting up her chin and stretching out her proud neck. Look at the sweep of her, the curve that partly spread wings accentuate. Look at this! The vision of a spiderclaw gets a dismissive flick. Spiderclaws? Toral can do spiderclaws. He gets her those all the time. She takes a step away, then turns back again, head tilted to the side to regard Alloy out of one eye as she struts toward him again. Now then, pretty bronze. What can you offer?

Even if Mikal knew what the conversation was about before he most certainly doesn't have a clue about it now. So with a confused look he dips his head under water and lets himself out of this particular conversation to scrub his short hair clean.

Idrissa smirks a bit and shakes her head slightly while eyeing Kale. "Oh really?" Is questioned with an amused tone, a faint grin seen before she chuckles. She lets her attention turn to Hotaru at the talk of her scars, a soft ah escapes her and she chews on her lip. "Yes well I got attacked by a feline when I got lost a while back in the forest." Yes that should /explain/ everything, right? Well no, not really, most likely brings up a whole mess of more questions really. She doesn't go poking to find out what they are really talking about. Her towel is pulled off and she sinks down into the water, and yes she is wearing that bathing suit, and she doesn't care in the least, not that she is planning on keeping it on the whole time.

What? Not good enough. Alloy can do better. Spiderclaws were just the start. The bronze gives his hide a shake, ending it with a rigorous wiggle of his tail. But before he lets the thought of spiderclaws die, he makes it a point to show just how hugely sharp those claws were. Insanely dangerous! Grossly exaggerated… He inclines his head as well, his bluegreen eyes taking on a subtle, swirling red-violet hue. He confidently strides forward. There was a tunnelsnake. Yes! Large and poisonous and deadly. See how brave he was? How cunning?

Kale finds himself sinking lower and lower into the water, as if trying to hide from Hotaru's words, although they are making him smirk, or more likely, hide from Sori's stare. It's not her regular stare. It's … downright flirty! Borderline sultry. He cups a hand of water to bring to his face, rubbing his eyes, but unfortunately, hot water doesn't help much. "I…" He pauses, looking to Idrissa, then to the quiet Mikal. Mikal! "Hey, so have you made any bets on the hatchling colors?" he asks in a quick, and possibly needed change of topic!

If Soriana and Kale start gravitating towards each other Hotaru might splash them and tell them to get a room. And to take their firelizards with them. Note that Hotaru isn't calling for Volendrung. Noooo. Hotaru laughs at Soriana. "Actually I have no idea what they say about smiths. What do they say?" Hotaru looks over to Mikal then. "Mikal you need some help washing your back?" Poor Mikal, he's become Hotaru's new favorite person to tease. There's a nod to Rissa then. "I thought I heard someone mention that before. The scars are cool though. Since you know, you're recovered now and all. Were you hurt really badly? Did they have to stitch you back together?" Hotaru looks to Kale and shakes her head. "Nope. I heard it was bad luck to bet on a clutch you're standing for. They say you either win big and get left standing, or lose big and impress."

Danger? Alloy offers danger to Haruhi? She considers that for a moment, then flicks her head away. Why should she care about danger? The pointy claws are dismissed, an image of spiderclaws scuttling back into their holes in the sand and of tunnelsnakes retreating into their burrows. She cares nothing for that! The images she sends back are of sun-warmed beaches - of oil applied by tender fingers - of strutting boys (not him, of course. Other boys. All the many other boys, bronze and brown and blue). The golden firelizard spreads her wings, launching herself into the air and going to the edge of another, different pool. A still pool. Oh, look. There's her reflection. Her back's to Alloy, now.

"They say," Soriana says to Hotaru, "-oh so many things." And now she's got to think about what those might possibly be, and her gaze returns to Kale as she does. It sweeps down over him, the small part that's above the water and then a slow wander that implies maybe she's seeing right through that water… not that she moves toward him, oh no. All that moves is her eyes. "But mostly," Soriana says with her gaze downcast and most certainly not meeting Kale's eyes, "They talk about their hammers."

For a moment there Mikal's face is as red as his hair! He stammers at Hotaru's offer. " thanks." he splutters. Hopefully Hotaru will become overly distracted by Idrissa and her scars? Bets! He grasps at the new subject change like a drowning man to a boat. Or something like that. "I bet Jikmyn that there will be at least five blue and three greens." he pauses, "And two bronzes." close enough. That contrabution to the conversation done he finishes scrubbing up and starts on the scrubbing of the green who presents herself. As much as Elsie likes to get dirty, mostly it is so she can be pampered in a bath.

Idrissa hums softly, pondering what to say to Hotaru while eyeing that scar on her arm. "Well, ya… The healers had to sew a few of 'em up actually." She chews on her lip and leans back upon the wall a moment. "So… What did you all do today?" Her gaze flicks over to Alloy and Haruhi. "I don't bet on that stuff. Wouldn't want to jinx stuff after all." As for her firelizards Hidalgo pops in fromt between and lands with a *plop* into the water in front of Rissa. Well isn't that cute. With a smirk Rissa picks the little brown up that is left sputtering and he trills out.

Beaches and relaxation? Alloy makes a sound of question as his impressive feats of wonders are dismissed. What? They have failed to impress? Well then! The bronze folds his wings, watching after the glowy gold. Chasing is instinctual. Giving up is not. And this the bronze takes flight and soars on over to her, showing less restraint than his human counterpart, who would happily phase into the wall if he could. He flutters to her side and lands, wings stretched for a moment before they fold; one against his side, the other curling around Haruhi with a croon. Has he mentioned how lovely she seems this evening?

Kale, hearing Hotaru's warning against betting, looks to her with a quirked brow. "Lose big and impress? Still sounds like a win, in a way. … Either way, I haven't wagered on anything. I was going to, but…" Well, it never happened. Possibly a good thing, with his losing track record when it comes to bets. He can't help but grin at Mikal's reaction to Hotaru, though perks at his guesses regarding dragon color. "Five blue? I figure there'd be more gre-.." Eens? The word is caught though, with Alloy's distracting advances on Haruhi, and Soriana's…well, Sorianaisms. His ears grow hot, though not entirely out of embarrassment, and a slip of his foot has him suddenly submerging with a little splash beneath the water. Ack! Splash! .. Totally smooth move.

Hotaru snickers at Soriana. "Oh?" Hotaru also eyes Kale. Like a piece of meat. A big smithy sticky piece. "I bet Kale has a nice… hammer." Hotaru is thankfully more distracted by Rissa's scars. Not to Rissa's benefit though. She shrugs a bit. "Chores mostly. We had to scrub out some of the ovens in the kitchens. It was not fun. And I needed a bath afterwards and so I came here. What did you do today?" Hotaru ponders. "Maybe I ought to make a big bet to increase my chances of impress" Splash! Kale is underwater. "ing. Can he swim?" Hotaru's clothes are on the move! Actually it's just that Volendrung is emerging from them. He shakes free and stretches out a bit. Then he floats over to Haruhi. Hello there lady. Take a look at this lovely beach at sunset. The bronze lands down at the edge of the pool and croons to the golden lady.

Sorianaisms? Is Kale sure he doesn't mean Sorianasms instead? Really, truly sure? At least she remains where she is. Of course, her gaze does the same, so it's not as helpful as it might ordinarily be. Kale: the new beef. But is his hammer sticky? As for what she was doing today other than speculating about Kale, "I had to deliver the fishguts to the seacrafters," Soriana says offhandedly to Idrissa, and then as Kale sinks under the surface, she laughs. "Course he can. I taught him." Lucky, lucky Kale that he's underwater and won't be hearing that part, though as she says it, Soriana's pushing off to head across the pool. Better surface on your own soon, Kale, or you'll have a Sori to deal with. The gap is closing.

Across the bathing cavern, Haruhi lifts her gaze from her contemplation of her poolside self at the shadow of bronzed wings spreading. Her head turns, regarding Alloy. Oh. It's you. A flick of her head, starting to turn away - until his wing brushes against her, and she squeaks. She turns suddenly, moving with all the rapidity of one of those tunnelsnakes as she nips at his shoulder, and without even waiting to see if she's succeeded or not, she steps away from him, escaping the shadow of that wing. Her own spread, and then she pauses. Oh, what's this. Another boy! She takes a mincing step toward Volendrung. Beaches at sunset? Now that's a lovely thought. She trills, voice low and husky. Tell her more?

Idrissa holds onto Hidalgo for a few moments while she just peers at both Kale and Soriana, watching them a few moments with a brow raised. "Right.. Fishuts huh?" She ponders for a few moments before shaking her head. "Should we go and give them some space Hotaru?" This questioned with an amused tone.

Being underwater is probably loads, loads safer than where Kale was. Plus! Under here he needn't see anyone. So no Hotaru, whose chest his mind won't be able to erase from memory, despite his noble intentions of not paying them any mind. No Soriana, whose smoldering gaze and equally sizzling words can't be escaped. Though, does he really want to escape that? But try as he might, there's no snuffing out ol' Alloy when he gets like this, and with the appearance of another bronze, things are just going to get worse!

Alloy is not quick enough to dodge that nip from Haruhi. In fact, he doesn't even try and rolls with the punches with a soft yelp. His wings now both fold tightly against himself, and he watches her with a firelizardly look of dejection. But…huh, what's this indeed! Who is this fellow there? He perks, spotting Volendrung and visibly swells a bit. Churrrp. Ignore that guy, Haruhi! I am yours, don't you see? He has sunsets too! Far better ones, with a sky painted with an artist's brush of warm and cool colors, and a sun fat and golden, yet paled in comparison to your glowy self!

Shards. Kale comes up for air, hair matting around his eyes as sheets of water drip. A hand is swiped back through the wet strands, pushing them away and clearing water from his vision. And what does he see, but a Soriana much closer than she was when he first went under. And Hotaru. And Idrissa, whose suggestion he didn't hear. Where in the world did Mikal get off to? "Ha! Er, yeah…so stone's slippery. In case…you don't know.."

Hotaru isn't sure Kale doesn't mean that either Sori. Why does she need to speculate anyways? "Ew. Why'd you have to do that?" Also where do they get fishguts anyways? One would think the seacrafter had enough of those. Kale shouldn't be that worried about Sori. He ought to be worried about Hotaru though, who is also advancing towards him. She'll be going for an ear to get him up. Hotaru peers at Rissa. "No. This is the baths! They can go and find someplace private!" Hotaru just peers at Kale when he surfaces. "You look funny with your hair like that."

Volendrung puffs his chest out at the gold, and the images change into that of a clear starry night. How's this? Or maybe she'd like to see… freshly falling snow? The bronze turns to Alloy and sort of… barks at him. He's got a deep voice for a firelizard! Unless he's just chittering. He lays down near Haruhi and croons a bit. Yes he is a big bad bronze.

"From the kitchens for bait," Soriana explains to Hotaru. Sure, some of the fish get cleaned when they're caught. Some of them don't. "Oh, by the way," she says to Hotaru, or maybe Idrissa, or maybe both, as she heads across the pool. "How old would you say is too old? Like, for someone our age to date?" Her tone is casual, like it's not something important, she's just wondering. It came up. She's looking for a second (or third) opinion. That's all, nothing weird about it… or so her tone of voice would have you believe. Opinions may vary. Kale reaches the surface again, and Soriana… stops. She could probably reach out and touch Kale. She doesn't. For a moment, she looks at him seriously. "Yeah, I know. Sent me to the infirmary once. Be careful." And then she turns back the way she came. So close, and yet… no touchy. Not even reachy for touchy. Back to the other side of the pool Soriana goes.

Haruhi's own no-touchy having been reinforced with her jaws, she saunters closer to Volendrung. Her body undulates, a slow and deliberate motion. A starry night? Perhaps one of those stars should be falling. Perhaps all the stars should be falling. Perhaps… oh. Alloy. A sunset? A glowing sun in the sky? Hmm. Her head turns, looking back at him. Perhaps you've got potential yet, says the way her tail coils up on itself for a moment. Oh, but Volendrung! Snow falling… no. Too cold! Far too cold. She flicks her head dismissively, then launches herself into the air once again, soaring around the bathing caverns for a moment until… there. Another towel. A nice, soft towel, and she glides to yet another landing. After all, she's not ready to really fly… yet. Her head turns, looking back at those bronzey boys. Chirrrrp? Are you going to fight, for heeeeer?

Idrissa shrugs some as she hears Hotaru. "Cause I dono.." It's a bit strange seeing Kale and Soriana like that? Well maybe, yes just maybe. She sets Hidalgo up on the edge of the pool and turns letting her arms fold upon the edge and her chin settle upon them while she just relaxes, half listening. At the question from Soriana she blinks and tilts her head to peer back at her. "Why, looking at some cute riders?" This questioned with an amused tone. With Hidalgo back on the ledge the young brown lets his attention turn to the three other firelizards. He chitters out and hops a few steps before just bouncing right over to them. His wings flutter a few times, tail twitching while he churrrrs out. Waz up guys?!?! This seems to be what the little guy is asking of the older, more mature lizards. He watches as the gold settles down upon a towel and then looks back to the bronzey pair that he is in the middle of? Whoa… How did that happen? Darn slippery wet floor.

Someplace private? Kale has apparently missed a chunk of conversation while under the steaming waters, but he dare not ask. He needn't ask. He shouldn't ask. Nope! Hotaru is watched, and her comment on his hair, mostly finger-combed back yet still every which way gets him grinning. "Funny good or funny bad?" he asks, both brows raising a little. "Cuz if you like it, I can have it this way all the time." It'll be the new Xanadu style! The … wet look? His grin begins to grow, but he catches himself and gives his brain a mental shake. A vigorous shake. No wandering gutter mind, NO. An irritated look is flashed towards Alloy, wherever he is, but Soriana stops his gaze with that question, coupled by the serious look after. There's a question formed on the tongue, but he can't quite get it out at the moment. Not with her so near and him so near yet so much space between them. And then, she's moving and his underwater hand reaches on its own accord, aiming to grasp her wrist.

And then there's Alloy, who is glaring at Volendrung and hissing back at him. Hissing? A short hiss, but a hiss nonetheless to voice just how unwanted his bronze his is. And unneeded! He has this handled thank you! Haruhi's mental pat on the back is all that's needed to put his confidence back on high, and as she flies off he showboats again, this time for the other male. Look how big he is! And strong! You don't want any of this. And then, here comes little Hidalgo and roughchirps at him. Hello there little dude. Important stuff here!

Ew. The thought of fish guts is sort of gross, at least to Hotaru. She wrinkles her nose. "Uh, what?" Hotaru blinks at Soriana. "I think the rule is like… twice your age minus seven. So like… twenty-five? Twenty-six? Or was it minus ten? Hm…" Was D'ani too old for her? "Why do you ask?" Hotaru peers at Idrissa. As long as they weren't making out Hotaru was fine. The red-head looks at Idrissa and shrugs. "Hey… what's with the bathing suit? I thought those were your undies." But they're still on her in the water! Hotaru blinks at Kale's question. "Uh… just sort of ha-ha funny? Why does my opinion count? We're not dating." Hotaru peers then looks to Rissa. "Okay… let's leave. NOW."

Volendrung doesn't get close enough to touch the gold. That was against flight protocol. All the stars should be falling? That's an odd request. Vol has never seen any falling stars. Alright, alright, no more snow. How about a big bonfire on the beach? The bronze ignores the other firelizards, instead winging over towards the gold. Alloy and Hidalgo? INVISIBLE.

Soriana nods to Hotaru's rule, then snorts to Idrissa. "Hah. Not me," Sori says dismissively. "I'm not into old guys." So why did she ask? That part, she doesn't reply to, because she may have turned away, but before she can get far, Kale's fingers close around her wrist. At the touch, Soriana goes still. Completely still, the sort of stillness where muscles are tensed and held. The sort where, for a moment, she doesn't breathe. And then she does. "Kale." Just a name. There's an emotion in that voice, but which one is hard to place. That's where her attention is, in that name. She doesn't move further away. She doesn't move closer to Kale either. She doesn't hear Hotaru's plans to get out of here. She's still. At least she's breathing again, even if it's a little slower than usual. More… deliberate.

But the stars should fall. Or perhaps they're flying across the sky. Soaring. Falling. From the heavens down to earth. Rising to the heavens? Haruhi's mental images are a flurry, casting about ideas without choosing one. She's not ready to choose… yet. A bonfire? Sparks flying up to the heavens. Stars falling. Haruhi begins to croon, low in her throat. She settles back onto her haunches, eyes half-lidding but head moving to watch Volendrung's progress toward her. Is he flying or falling? Is she?

Hidalgo shifts on his paws, chirruping out at Alloy and then looks after Volendrung. The little brown flutters up into the air and turns to circle around and soon lands down next to the gold. He chitters out softly and rocks back and forth onto his paws, heyheyeyheyheyheyheyhey! This is what that little teenage brown is sending to the others, someone pay attention to /him/! Idrissa blinks and glances to Hotaru. "I planned on taken 'em off when I got in the water, if no one else was around." She shrugs a moment, and is well still finds it a bit strange to go and get a bath with others around. Hearing Hotaru she glances over to Soriana and Kale and smirks. "Ya, guess we should get going and leave the two lovebirds to it huh?"

Kale doesn't know what that means, his name. Not just his name itself, but the tone in which his name is said. Kale can't read it. This is most unlike Soriana, whose likes and dislikes and moods (well, most of them) have been learned throughout the turns they have been friends. And the turns they have been more than friends. But this? Kale's hand remains where it is, fingers gripping her wrist, expression working to read hers. To hold or let go? He knows these things! Usually. When she wants him around and when she doesn't. When her moods is one fit for boyish flirting, or when she needs him to shut up and listen and be serious, or just to leave her be. What does she want? And what about himself? His brows have faintly furrow, and for elongated seconds, there's nothing but him holding onto her and her standing so stoically. Then, a pull to her arm, towards himself. Hotaru and Idrissa. He is aware of them, both of them, and he has…had an answer for Hotaru, but the whole of his attention has been caught by the strange actions of Soriana.

Alloy watches Hidalgo dare go where neither bronze go yet. Right up to Haruhi! Granted, Volendrung is closer than himself, but Alloy has already learned his lesson. He has not won that privilege yet! And so he lurks, interjecting himself in the war of thoughts, his own high in the sky. Soaring, flying, arcing in the air. Fly! Fly with him in the endless sky of blue and white.

Volendrung isn't going to get up in the golden lady's business. At least not yet, since it didn't seem like a rise with immediately eminent. He will linger close by though. And maybe hiss at Alloy from time to time. FOr right now though he'll float through the air in front of her, back and forth. Floating, falling, it was all the same. Hotaru just gives Idrissa a look. This was not a relaxing fun time! There's something akin to a grunt at Idrissa as Hotaru lifts herself out of the water. She grabs her towel and dries off a bit before wrapping it around herself and then heading over to dress. Enough baths for one day! Now back to the barracks to… lay down.

In this moment, Soriana can't entirely read herself. Does she want Kale? Does she want him to leave - does she want to leave? The other girls are leaving, and she spares a glance that way before her gaze turns to Kale. Her expression isn't a smile. It isn't a frown either. It's… still. Her mouth is neutral. Her gaze is intent. There's definitely something. What is it? What does it mean? What does she want? The tug to her arm is ignored, at first. Her hand turns, wrist sliding against his fingers. It's wet. Slippery. One sharp jerk, and… but does she want that? She frowns for a moment. "You want that?" she says. Her voice is quiet.

Fly? Perhaps. Haruhi… might indeed wish to fly. Alloy might be right. He's a nice boy. A bit… simple, perhaps. Not exotic like Volendrung. But perhaps simple strength has its enticements? She's not sure, and so she sways, putting her weight on one forepaw, then the other. Her wings twitch, considering whether to spread again, then settle back against her body. Not yet. Not… quite… yet. Now then… wait, what's this? There's a little brown something. She peers down her muzzle at him. Little boy, what are you doing here? Have you lost your mama? She flicks her wings, then curls them around her, settling back. Go back to your nursemaid. Haruhi sends coordinates to the little brown, of where Toral lies asleep, curled up together with Inkfoot. Go off and play, little brownie.

Idrissa pulls herself out from the pool, picking her towel up. "Later.." Is offered back towards the pair. Not that she expects them to hear her. She wraps the towel around herself and moves over to collect Hidalgo it seems. The little brown eyes Haruhi, he pouts some and then turns fluttering up to his person before he can be picked up. "Sorry bud." Is murmured to him before she is off making her way back to the barracks.

He should've stayed against that wall. Kept his hands to himself. Kale was doing so well til now to keep himself occupied from thoughts of her and visions of her and desires for her. And now? Now Hotaru has left. Idrissa is not far behind. People are leaving, and the one that he wishes to stay with him is still here, enveloped in steam. He has her. But does he really? The look on her face is far from vacant, but it's also far from familiar too. What is this? Her wrist moves against his fingers, jolting him from his thoughts. He watches her, searchingly, looking for anything, any small sign that'd tell him what the right move is to be. And then, her frown and her question that he doesn't quite comprehend. Brows knit vaguely, and his hold on her remains steady as he answers. "I want everything." Fingers slip from her wrist then, floating away slowly, resisted by water as he takes a backwards step. He wants everything, but he can wait for it.

Alloy churrs. She isn't ready. She isn't ready. He's always ready. He'll be ready when she's ready to fight off the males that will flock to prove that he is and has always been the best choice. The strongest and bravest of all colors. This other bronze? A bothersome fly to be delt with when it really matters. Like Kale, he backs off, though doesn't back off far. As long as Haruhi is glowy, he shall be near and attentive. He settles himself on the stone as round one comes to an end for the firelizard boys.

Haruhi-thoughts drift through Soriana's head. Boys are to be challenged. They're to be teased - and kept at a distance, because boys aren't trustworthy. They're to be played off each other, valued for their attention but ultimately… they only want one thing. Give them what they want, and will you have them anymore? Will you have anything? That's why the challenge. That's why the tease. That's why the trill and flutter of her wings - but Soriana doesn't have wings, does she? The dance of being the best, the most popular… it's a tiring one. Haruhi-thoughts want comfort. They want to know things will be okay. That there'll be warmth for the eggs… but Haruhi's instincts drive her not to rest against the sands, but to rise. To be at her most challenging; her flirtiest and… but the boys. If they catch her, it's all over. She doesn't want to be caught. When the other golds rise, the attention stops being on Haruhi. If she rises… will the attention stop being on her?

For now, the attention is on her. Alloy's. Volendrung's. Kale's attention… no, that's on Soriana. The thoughts are tangled, confused. The firelizard-desires are strong enough, different enough than their usual patterns she's grown used to, that Soriana's having a hard time saying which is her and which is Haruhi. She takes in a deep breath - Soriana does - while her eyes stay on Kale. Does he want that? Her, like this. Her, tangled with Haruhi thoughts. She's not entirely aware of their influence. She's not entirely unaware, either. She knows she feels turned on. She knows she feels wild. She does and doesn't want him. She might hurt him. She might get hurt. She's remembering the time she hit her head. A slip in the pools. An infirmary. A screaming fight in the clearing. What if it happens again? Kale is different. She was confused then. Riding emotions she didn't quite understand. She doubted herself. She's doing it again. Different reasons. The same feelings. None of them something she can express.

Her hand is free. Soriana's. Kale's fingers have left it behind. She lifts her hand up out of the water, looks at it. There it is; her hand. Hers, not Haruhi's. A hand, not a firelizard claw. "Kale," she says, and this time her voice is less even. The emotions in it are more recognizable. Worry. Desire. "I want you too."

He's going back to his spot against the stone. He took that step, and it was to be followed by another, and another, til those few short feet between his body and hers widened to meters. Yards. Keeping a distance to watch and wait and quietly pine until she leaves or he leaves to slink into the sanctuary of the forge. He cannot be with her. He can't trust himself to be with her. Hotaru and Idrissa and Mikal kept him rooted in the here and now. Visual reminders that there are things both acceptable and not, and any action he took could not be unseen or undone. He should've paid Idrissa more attention. He should've conversed more with Mikal. He should've showed more restraint with Hotaru. But even with all of those distractions, Soriana has kept his attention as raptly as she does now without them, and now it's up to him to keep his rampant thoughts separate from Alloy's. He's stepping back, but her spoken word stops him. His name. Again. His name, a bit more decipherable than before. Blue eyes are on her instantly, body still, tense for reasons unknown. Her next phrase is met with the same stillness, with silence interrupted by a soft dripping sound from somewhere. He's poised in a strange sort of limbo. Neither going or coming, trapped in a void of indecisiveness that last for ticked seconds. Five. Ten. The water around him is disrupted as he moves forward, towards her, shrinking that gap back down to a foot, then closer, pausing with bodies mere inches from one another. A hand lifts from beneath the water's surface, and wet fingers touch her jawline and trail gently down to her chin. There, fingers press and hold, and he leans in to press a kiss to her lips as his eyes slip closed and he revels in the sensation of skin to skin. When he pulls back, it is agonizingly slow, his fingers still cupping her chin as his eyes reopen. "I want you to want me," he says, voice low. Gentle. "without her up there with you."

Soriana stands where she is. She waits. Kale could leave. Perhaps he will. He hesitates. She waits. She's still, again. Her eyes are steady on him, and then they seek his and remain there. Her hand - her hand - remains lifted, and now it reaches out. She touches his waist, the curve of hip. Her fingers rest there, touching skin to skin. His own trail along her jaw, and her eyes remain on his until the touch of lips brings them closed. It doesn't matter if her eyes are open or not. She can still see-feel-sense him. Kale. He's here. He's kissing her. She's kissing him. The feeling of it is intense enough to make her tremble, and yet it's just a press of lips. No seeking tongues, no makeouts and wandering hands. Just… a kiss. Her eyes open again, seeking his as if they'd never been away. As if that's where they belong. "I do!" she says, and though her voice is quiet, her tone has a sharp edge to it. Defiance. She draws in a slightly ragged breath, and her hand reaches up from his side, to touch the backs of fingers to his cheek and rest there. "I do," she says again, and this time her voice is calmer. Less angry - but she was never really angry, was she? If it was water on her lashes, the pool would explain it, but they haven't gotten that far. It's just a shine to her eyes, that's all. "But… I can wait."

That testy tone. Two short words said with such opposition. That is the Soriana he knows. The outspoken, commanding girl that he accidentally fell for, and the re-emergence of her has a smile forming on his lips despite the glisten to her eyes. His Soriana. For however long. He's not sure if that was the right thing for him to say. Why wait? Wouldn't any other guy jump at this chance? After so many months and turns of holding hands and sharing words both idle and sentimental, of kissing and flirting, playing and joking, touching and holding. After so much for so long, wouldn't anyone else take this opportunity to explore unfamiliar waters? To do something that they both so want? So why wait any minute or day or sevenday or month or turn longer when the opportunity is right here? Bare naked, willing, and oh so lovely? Because … this is Kale, that's why. Kale, who knows that this Soriana is only a portion of his Soriana. That tomorrow may have her waking with regret and shame if tonight brought forth something she may or may not truly want. Shame? Possibly. What she's feeling now is a mystery to him, and without a gold's influence on his brain and actions, it may forever be one. He kisses her again, this time to her cheek, then to the corner of one watery eye before he holds his lips to her temple with closed eyes. He keeps his body from hers. An invisible shield blocking bare parts from grazing, for that would mark the beginning of the end of his restraint. The touch of her fingers alone is enough to make him tingle from head to toe. When he pulls back, his eyes reopen. "I'm going to get dressed. Then I'm going to leave. I'm not going to be in the barracks tonight. I might not be in the barracks tomorrow. Because I don't think I can walk away from you two nights in a row." Just … saying.

Falling stars are shining on those unfamiliar waters. Haruhi's desires are instinctual. Undeniable; the gold firelizard will rise. She will take to the air, and the bronzes will pursue her, and one of them - or perhaps some lucky brown - will catch her. Soriana's have their basis in instincts as well, but she… she can wait. She can keep herself from doing the things she wants; can hold back the desires that tell her to push Kale back to the wall and press herself to him until there's no more distinction between them. She can keep her lips away from his, as his kiss softly along her features, and she can even let her fingers slip from his cheek, ending that touch and not seeking another. She can do that. She does that. She's still in control. Soriana can keep herself; she can hold herself still and not be swept away in Haruhi's growing desires. The little gold is only a firelizard. Her desires, her emotions, are tangled with Soriana's… but they can be distinguished, even now. Distinguished, but not separated. She knows that, now. It took her a while to realize that; where those strangely flirty urges came from. They weren't entirely not her; the fuel was Soriana, but the shape of the flames… Haruhi. And that's the problem. Distinguishing them takes effort. Thought. Stillness, to figure out which is which, and there'll be no chance for that stillness. Even now, Soriana can't quite disentangle everything. She doesn't want to wait, and yet… she does. She could wrap her arms around Kale, press her naked body to his. He might resist, but… oh, not for long, she's pretty certain he wouldn't resist for long at all. Not if she really tried. …but she doesn't. She keeps that distance between them, the invisible shield between their bodies. Because… he wants to wait, and… in a part of her, so does she. She doesn't and does want to wait. Too hard to disentangle those feelings now. She wants Kale, but she can't… no, won't… have him… yet. "You are," she says, and her voice is quiet. "I won't stop you. We'll wait. But…" Her gaze is intent on his. Intense. "I will have you." She steps back. Her eyes don't leave him.

This is the right choice. As difficult as it may be to walk away when everything that he wants is presented right in front of him, silver platter and all, Kale knows that this decision was the only one he could have made for them that wouldn't leave one or both feeling guilty at sunrise. So, why must it be so challenging to do what is right? His hands are no longer on her, although beneath the water his fingertips protest with gentle twitchings, resisting the draw towards her flesh. She steps back, and … he must leave. Now. For if he doesn't, the threat of being caught up with her is very real and very desirable, and once on that path there's very little that'd get him off of it.

And so he steps away, his eyes lingering on her eyes. Her mouth. Lips that have been long ago deemed kissable. The waterline that laps at the curvature of her chest. His body gives an eager shudder both at what is seen and heard, to which he takes a deep, steadying breath. "You'll have me," he promises before the silent exhale, voice still low both in tone and octaves. "And I'm not going to let you go." She hates hearing it, but it's implied. She's his. She's his and his alone. Today. Tomorrow. Til he's not. And then? That's left to be seen. He climbs out of the pool now, rivulets of water streaming down his heated skin as his feet settle upon the dry stone flooring. He stands a moment, back to the pool before his towel is claimed and wrapped about the waist. What's different? Haruhi and Willow. He was … competent with the green. Succumbing to only a kiss when she was eventually caught. Haruhi hasn't even /risen/ yet and he feels voracious. Can his own attraction be all blamed upon his bronze's antics? He dresses quickly, giving his hair a quick rub with the towel before discarding it. Something is different there, and it always has been, but there's no room left in his mind to dwell upon that. Not with the eggs hardened. Not with Haruhi glowing. And not with Soriana's influence on him multiplied by a hundred. His eyes stray to her once more as he shoulders his bag and collects his jacket, striding out of the baths, beyond the caverns, and out to the needed nip of winter.

Oh, yes. Soriana will have him. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but soon… "Good," she says firmly, and it's for all of what Kale says. She'll have him, and he's not going to let her go. She doesn't want him to let go; not now, certainly, though she holds herself still and makes no move to follow. Not other times, either. She is his - but she won't let him claim a right on her. She's not a prize to be won; not a firelizard rising through the sky to be caught by the fastest, strongest boy regardless of her own desires. Soriana won't let Haruhi decide now is the time for Soriana; she won't let Kale decide who the boy is for Soriana, either. Soriana, though… she knows who she is. Who she has. Who has her. For he does have her, even as she waits in the water, watching as he dresses and departs. Soon… but not now; for now, Haruhi rests on someone else's towel, teasing firelizard boys that she isn't certain she even wants. Soon the golden firelizard will sleep, and when she wakes, she'll lead the bronzes on a flight that will end with her captured, entwined with a male in a moment of passion she can't resist.

Soriana can resist. Will resist. Does resist. Toral's chased before; caught before. She's held a conversation with the one whose firelizard he caught, and found it only a distraction. This time is different. Haruhi is… no. Kale is different. There was no stir of Soriana's feelings toward Hotaru, though Haruhi's attentions toward Volendrung are favorable. It's Kale that makes the difference… but Soriana's thoughts are too full of Kale to think about him now, and so she simply watches him until he's departed, then closes her eyes for a long moment - a slow count of ten, to let him depart - before climbing out of the water and dressing her own self. Her movements have an unaccustomed care to them, holding on to her stillness. Holding herself back from what she wants, because unlike that golden firelizard, Soriana can… and will… wait.

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