Firelizards on the Beach

Xanadu Weyr - Beach

The unerring range of subdued white rises and falls in a multitude of sandy dunes, creating an endless amount of tiny valleys constantly demolished and rebuilt by the frequent arrival or departure of a dragon. Smoothing out as it slopes gently to the edge of the deep blue water, the sand darkens and a shell here and there stands out for children to collect. The beach itself is set along a low cliff - the height lessoning as one heads eastwards, blocking a portion of the beach from direct access.

The wide wide stretch of water opens up to the east, the far distant shore way beyond the horizon and the beach curves ever so slowly round to east and west, distant arms of land embracing the wind-ruffled Caspian Lake. East leads up to the mouth of the Rubicon River, where the protecting cliff is merely an arms length higher then the sand, and beyond that, a winding road leading out of Xanadu's territory. Westwards, the beach narrows as the cliff swings out, leaving a path wide enough for dragons in single file before cutting in to the sheltered cove designated the Weyrling Beach. However, cut in the cliff face to the north are a variety of rough, wide staircases, providing access to the clearing and to the meadow.

Keziah is seated off to one side as she watches Eirwyn nudge at the eggs crooning softly as there are noticable wiggles to them, she seems to be tring to keep them close as they are slowly drifting apart from each other. "Looks like they're ready to go on." she notes and Eirwyn creels softly.

M'nol's fair precedes him, each crooning gently as the settle around the clutch on the beach, joining in the welcoming hum. His own short form is a bit slower in stumbling down to the beach. His clothes are a little askance, his hair untended to. He doesn't make straight for the eggs, instead he moves towards Kezi, his friend, "Hey, Kez. Is it her time again already? Is Bloodstone really that old?"

Natishen is making use of his limited free time in an unusual way - he's wandering along the beach, looking for shells. His two firelizards dart about, dropping down to the sand and digging briefly before fluttering back to his hands and depositing whatever it is they find. Each treasure is carefully inspected and either placed in a satchel at his hip, or discarded with a quick toss into the water. As they near Keziah, however, both bronze and green become increasingly distracted, swooping over to croon at the clutch before zipping back to Natishen, chirping furiously.

Pralius' appearance on the beach is downright awkward. A gold perched on one shoulder, and a brown on the other, then seem to be dragging him to the beach, "But… I'm supposed to be…" one hand points feebly towards the infirmary as his firelizards forcibly drag him to the impending hatching. So not fair.

There's a certain sense that firelizards have about new life, and it seems that even the relatively young bronze Thor has is. Avani follows along behind, the white knot on her shoulder marking her as a member of the present Xanadu Class. Once she spots the clutch, she starts patting her pockets and pouches, apparently realising that she doesn't have anything to offer, but Thor's already popped *between* to reappear above the waves and makes his best attempt at fishing.

While it might be a little too chilly to swim, that doesn't mean Rio's going to stay inside. He and his three are having a pleasant walk and a pleasant talk along the beach. Pizazz seems to also gravitate towards the hatching, noticing the gathering first, and squawking something to Jetta and Riot. Then Rio is swept along, too. Humorously, the twins each grab a sleeve and pull, while the green flies behind him and pushes with her head. "Whoa! All right, all right, I'm going!" he exclaims, walking towards the gathering of people.

Ah, yes. It's just one of those days for Lyuba. All it takes is an insistent green dragon that wants to lounge on /another/ beach that compels the pair to take wing. Some time later and the pale-winged form of Allochkath descends on the beach, some distance away from the gathering. Lu, for her part, just quirks a brow upon spotting so many people clustered at the same spot. "Oh, no," says she, only to be answered with a whuffing that might be an 'oh yes' from the green, which is paired with a butting of that dragon's head in the small of her back. "I'm going, I'm going! Just hold your runnerbeasts."

Keziah chuckles brightly "Of course it's that time, she's regular as clockwork you know." she smiles softly at Eirywn as the gold as finely settled back to let the eggs do as they will and in particular seems to be moving a bit more than the others-

Adagio Egg wiggles a little and then slowly rolls away from its mates, it seems to be taking its time and isn't in a hurry, just proceeding along at a restful pace.

Avani watches the gathering and her eyes slip to the form of Thor as the bronze dives to disappear beneath the waves. Her breath catches as she once more allows her fear of deep water to mutate into concern for her firelizard's health. There's a shift in the tone of the two lands standing nearby which gets her to glance towards the eggs, but the motion is over by then, it would seem, as her mud-green eyes once more scan the surface of the water.

From the Weyr proper comes a couple of young lads lugging a bowl of scraps between them "Sorry it took us so long, but she wanted to be sure there was enough for everybody one of the boys states and they settle it down just in time for a yell for them to hurry back. "Shards, was hoping she'd let us stay." Mutters the other lad before teh pair run off again.

M'nol nods, "Every few candidate classes?" He smirks, then shrugs, "That's a beautiful batch she's laid this time. I don't think I've seen their equal." From his place in the firelizard ring, Bloodstone gives a happy chirp. His momma's re-momma-ing. The other eight are more focused on welcoming the new arrivals. That was always the fun part, anyway.

Concerto Egg rolls away from its mates as well seeking a spot all of its own. But it moves ever so slowly much that its almost imperceptible except to someone who might be watching.

Poison Ivy and Vlad literally deposit Pralius at the edge of the clutch before joining the welcoming hum. Ivy crooning a soft greeting to Eirwyn as Pralius reaches for some meat, eyeing the eggs with interest, for all he's not sure what he'd do with another greedy maw.

The diminutive green finally settles on her haunches nearby, craning her great head over to peer at the eggs and warble encouragement to them. Lyuba, for her part, just leans up against her lifemate and tips a wave to all those unfamiliar faces with an apologetic smile on her face. "Don't mind her any," she chuckles, "she just loves little things." The scraps of meat are observed, but she makes no move to reach for one at the moment, keeping her arms, for now, folded across her midsection.

An Istan brown lands a bit down the beach, depositing his rider and a young woman before taking off to play in the water. Jadyn hesitates for a moment, glancing towards the water, before smiling up at her companion. "You're right, A'dyn, a change of scenery does help." Tucking her arm in his, she walks with him along the sand, her attention soon pulled by the gathering crowd of people. A quick, hurried conversation with her escort, and the pair shift their steps to bring them closer, the journeyman's gaze frankly curious. "Oh - firelizard eggs." She presses a hand to her throat briefly, before venturing, "Is this a private party?"

Avani shakes her head as Thor reappears above the water and pops *between* appearing once more before his mistress with some species of long fish clutched within his talons. Spotting the bowl of scraps available for all to use, Avani reaches out for the fish, holding the flopping creature between her hands as the bronze bites down firmly on its next. Looking at the offering which is nearly as long as her forearm, the young woman shakes her head, "I'm not sure if this will tempt any of them, or scare them away, Lordling…"

Keziah glances up as yet another person arrives "I swear, it's like wherries approaching a hatchling cluth." she grins "Least I know they won't eat them. She watches to the Istan "Private party? Oh heck no. We're always open to more people joining in."

Adagio Egg has come to a stop and then theres a little wiggle-roll, a stop and then another and it rests briefly…

Adagio Egg gives one last little wiggle-roll and then a leg comes pushing out, still dark with fluids. Then a nose pushes through, tongue flicking forward before the egg finally splits in thirds sending a wet and still gooey hatchling sprawling onto the ground.

O'Malley the Alley Brown Hatchling
Fulvous hues dominate the shades of brown that sweep across the brawny mass of this particular firelizard. Touches of rust and ochre seem to highlight his wings brightening up the duller tawny shades. His head is rather large but then, so is his body with its broad chest and thick tail. From his broad nose, down his muscular neck and across his chest and belly, the color fades to a fine beige, one that is also match on the his foreleg, with the right one covering claws and wrist while the left just covers the claws mainly. The tip of his tail also sports the faded coloration giving the illusion of having white markings. Despite or perhaps in spite of his tomcat build, his broad face has a rather gentle and friendly look, on of happy-go-luckiness.

M'nol chuckles, "They do seem to have that effect, don't that?" She smirks, then oooos, "Now /that/'s a nice brown." He glances at the Istan, motions towards the bowl of meat, then shrugs a little, "Why wouldn't we let you try?" M'nol's nine croon gently to the new brown, but he doesn't make a move. There were plenty of people with smaller fairs, why should he push for one unless it really catches him?

Pralius raises an eyebrow at the gorgeous brown, beginning to reach for him, then both Ivy and Vlad hiss in unison and he pulls back. Okay, no more browns…

In the skies above the beach to the south, there's a brief, disturbance in the air before a faux-black dragon appears, emerging from *between* and banking hard to one side over the water. A low glide is turned into before the dragon and its rider approach the sands and a few strong backwing beats see it lightly down to the ground. A momentary break in the clouds lets sunlight ghost across the beach, momentarily setting the black's hide alight with shimmering blue as his rider dismounts. A'rlo pats the beast on the neck once and it settles to the sands.

Avani glances over as she hears the cracking and smiles, "What do you think of a brown brother, Thor?" The bronze settles on his mistress' shoulder, joining in the humming to the eggs, but watching the brown's path with interest. Avani, for her part, carefully slips down to crouch, pulls out the knife on her belt and begins to fillet the catch, perhaps wishing to offer smaller portions to any hatchlings which catch her eye.

Jadyn tugs at A'dyn's arm, glancing curiously at him, but he merely chuckles and pats her hand before helping her settle herself among the crowd. "You go ahead - I have no desire for another," he murmurs as she lowers herself to the sands. "Here, Kianth and I will get you some fish." As the brownrider moves away to join his dragon, the glasscrafter looks curiously around the circle before letting her gaze fall to the brown. "My, doesn't he look smug?" she murmurs to no one in particular. "Feline in the cream." She waits serenely for her escort to return with some sort of offering, she studies the hatchling with one slightly upswept eyebrow.

Concerto Egg makes a sudden move as one of the eggs hatch and rolls further apart from the other eggs…

Concerto Egg seems almost timid as the cracks appear a little at a time, a piece dropping off here and then there and then as if there was never a shell stands a quiet and demure hatcling at waits for her prince.

Yellow as Corn Rapunzel Green Hatchling
The pale gray toned shade of moss green predominates the shading of this rather delicate and yet strong green. The color slowly fades along her underside to a pale color of brewed green tea. In contrast, swirls of chartreuse and pear intermingle as they spiral down the backside of her neck and great an almost braided look that coils along her right side and the drifts off down to and surrounds her tail to the tip. Her wings devolve even more into the yellow spectrum and are only edged with the faintest hints of green.

Rio sits down near the growing gathering of people, as his three firelizards scatter to find food for the newly hatched firelizards! Pizazz is trying to catch fish, Jetta is looking for spiderclaws, and Riot has found…a trundlebug?! "Oh Jays, Riot, put that down!" Rio grates, as the brown seems determined to offer it as food. Riot hrmphs and lets the bug go, getting sprayed in the process and has to go wash the smell off in the water. Rio rolls his eyes slightly. However, Pizazz and Jetta are bringing fish and other things to feed the newly hatched.

Pralius' breath catches for a moment at the green's hatching even as Ivy grumbles a little, like she needs the competition, and Vlad croons a happy welcome to her. Pralius stops for a moment, thinking, then holds those gobbets of meat out to the green with a gentle whistle, "Come here, little one. I have food and love for you."

M'nol whistles softly, "That's a pretty green." Aventurine and Tourmaline pause in their humming just long enough to make it perfectly clear that this fair does /not/ need another green and M'nol chuckles, "Just admiring, not planning on trying."

Lyuba just snorts at some sending or another from Allochkath, who warbles a bit more at the hatchlings before her attention is drawn by something else. The inky-blue shape just over yonder earns a lingering look and a welcoming warble, with Lu briefly leaning over to catch a glimpse as well. A hand is raised to A'rlo with a grin and then the greenrider continues her 'look but don't feed' vigil. Not that she has a fair of 'lizards — or even one — keeping her from offering meat … but she's just watching, for now.

O'Malley the Alley Brown Hatchling surveys the throng of people and firelizards both and then he's stretching out a moment and laying on his side. Sand sticks to the goo and then he starts to rolls and more sands sticks and then starts to fall off. There's a pleased chuffing noise and the brown rights himself causing more sand to fall off now instead of stick, effectively drying him off. He then saunters forth in search of something.

Thor watches the green hatch with but a moment's interest. There are some sorts who will go after anything with a tail, but he's not that sort, so the bronze continuing humming at the clutch while Avani continues to very carefully slip her knife behind the gills on the left side of the fish before slowly moving backwards along the spine. Seeing movement from the corner of her eye, she offers Rio a grin and then returns to her work.

Keziah settles back into one of her favorite pasttimes. People watching. You can learn alot about them that way afterall. There's a glance for M'nol though and the snickers a little. "I certainly wouldn't want multi females. Eirwyns bad enough and all." she notes with a grin.

M'nol nods, "Aven and Tour get into each other all the time… especially when there are new boys around. Thankfully it seems that Aven's not going to fly."

Jadyn's eyes leave the hatchlings only as A'dyn returns, pressing several wiggling fingerfish into her hand. She wrinkles her nose delicately at the feel of their scales against her palm, but makes no bones about picking one up between forefinger and thumb, studying it. Ready-made firelizard food, doesn't even have to be wiggled. Does all the tempting for you. With one corner of her mouth lifting in an almost-smile, the Istan journeyman leans forward, dangling fish from betwixt her fingers, letting it wriggle in futile attempt at escape. Though she offers no overt preference between the two firelizards, the brown and blue which sail lazily above her head sing sweetly to the green, coaxing her closer.

A'rlo walks over from his dragon, eyeing the gathered crowd with some amusement. Lyuba's wave isn't missed, and he raises one of his own in answer. Only when he's close enough to her to speak without raising his voice much does he call, "Where are all the fireworks? With the way Luce was going on, you'd think this place would be a regular tiki party." Allo gets a wide smile and an offered muzzle rub. "I'm supposed to be fixing pots today, my fine friend," he chides the green quietly.

Rio scoots over to where Avani is, and smiles. "Hello," he greets. Then he offers, "Need some help?" Yeah, he has fish to clean too, now that his firelizards are at work. He has a knife too, and there's no need to get a large area covered in fish innards. Let's keep the fish-cleaners in a small area, he reasons. So he sets to work cleaning his own fair's catch.

Yellow as Corn Rapunzel Green Hatchling sits there still as she glances around at people. Perhaps a little unsure of what to do or maybe just content to wait. So many noises though and she's looking around at everyone. She lifts a foot and takes a tentative step forward and then she pauses and turns around in place and she creels softly, her voice rising up in a softly lilting fashion.

Pralius makes a sound akin to a croon, tossing a gobbet of meat towards the green, then placing another even closer as Vlad croons a greeting to the green, come play, come eat and play!

Avani shakes her head. "I _think_ I remember the basics from the Camp," she offers, "Though I never had time, nor the inclination to fish before then. Runners are always on the move and it is…unLadylike…" She's nearly fully down the first side of the green, though she's keeping the mess as much upon the sand before her instead of upon her own clothing.

Lyuba chuckles softly, lifting her chin toward the hatching 'lizards. "For her, these are /better/ than fireworks," she replies to A'rlo, her tone highly amused. "I hope she didn't-" a few things click and she shoots an accusatory look at her lifemate "-you did. You know they have actual work to do, don't you?" Allo's not listening. See, Allo's getting rubbed on her muzzle and that means she doesn't have to answer for a thing. Really! There's a grunt from the rider and a shake of her head. "Sorry, Lo. I figured she'd have better sense than that."

O'Malley the Alley Brown Hatchling makes his way around stepping away from the clutch as his stomach dictates his actions for the moment. Sure, he's always ready for a spot of adventure or something, but right now he's interested in food and there seems to be a smorgasboard waiting for him. There's a jazzy movement to his walk as he starts for the people.

Rio nods and follows suit on the fish-cleaning. He doesn't know much about it, so if Avani knows the basics, she knows far more and he does! He just hopes he doesn't cut himself. "Well, you have the upper hand on me, then," he states. "I'm just a Weaver, I don't know anything about cleaning fish." He snickers.

Yellow as Corn Rapunzel Green Hatchling 's song wavers a moment as she catches sight of her brother and then it stops completely as a piece of flying meat startles her and she backwings quickly and trips over her own tail and sprawls in the sand. She gives a pitiful little croon as she starts to wiggle to right herself back upright.

A'rlo ehs a little, finishing his rub by patting the green's jowels. "I don't suppose it's that big a problem, Lyuba. It's nothing we can't catch up on this afternoon, and I think Luce like watching the kids swoon over the eggs. Something about them amuses him." He glances over his shoulder at his murky lifemate. Then, "You've been scarce over at the Weyrhold, not that I've had much time to look over the last few days. Busy times?" Absent eyes sweep over the hatchings and their somewhat less animate bretheren with light interest.

Pralius eeps a little. That was an accident. He hadn't meant to scare her. Still, meat to wriggle, right. The ranged approach is clearly not a good one. "here, little one. It's safe here." wiggle wiggle wiggle.

Jadyn continues to hold forth the fish, though its wiggles grow fainter as it slowly dies so far from water. Above her head, Glaze and Cobalt send an answering trill in response to the green's creel, and dart briefly in her direction as she sprawls, though they jerk back before closing, as the journeyman frowns in their direction, silently recalling them before they can interfere.

Avani gives Thor a look as the humming of the bronze turns into a warbles which suspeciously resembles laughter as the green trips. "Be kind, Lordling…" To Rio's comment she laughs, though her hands to not move much, least she slit her hand open. "One of the riders with us at the Camp knew a few things, and since Xanadu's near a few small fishing spots, I asked a few questions," Finally cutting the last bit of scales which keep the first fillet from disconnecting from the catch's tail, she sets it to the side, scales down, and flips the carcass over, working her knife behind the gills on that side of the fish's body. Thor eyes the work then pushes up, disappearing *between* once more. This time, Avani doesn't allow herself to be distracted by concerns about his safety as the knife is still in motion and she glances around past the nearby legs to try and spot the hatchlings beyond.

Lyuba would continue her leaning, but Allochkath finally jolts herself to move … and it's not to get closer to the hatchlings. Nope, the green is slowly ambling off to the water, warbling merrily all the while. "Oh, no. No. Just because /I'm/ not feeding them doesn't mean you should," is blurted after the green, her eyes widening a little. There's a heaved sigh and then she covers her face with her hands in the ultimate expression of exasperation. She peers through her fingers at A'rlo, muttering, "Busy. Lots of moving things from Ista to here for safe-keeping, so we've not been lingering much. And my friend's still-" a 'so so' see-saw motion is made.

O'Malley the Alley Brown Hatchling comes across a piece of discarded meat and he gobbles it up, sand and all. He's not terribly picky after all. He then looks around, there's gotta be more here that's just open for the taking. He looks at the people, a bit risky that route.

Rio looks up at the pitiful croon from the green and smiles a little. "Poor thing," he notes. But he doesn't move to assist; there are others who can do that. And he doesn't want to interfere with others' chances. Avani speaks, and he looks to her again, pausing in the fish-cleaning. "Oh, I see," he notes in response to Avani's statement. He looks to what she's doing, watching her carefully, and tries to do the same. Though he leaves scales on this try, scales he has to scrape off. "Shards. Well, at least I didn't cut myself."

Yellow as Corn Rapunzel Green Hatchling rights herself up again, but this time she seems to be paying careful attention to whats going on around her and she looks up at the crooning firelizards above her and she gives a little chirrup of hopefulness. Are one them her prince? Come to lead her away from this?

A'rlo laughs as Allo waddles off for the water, leaning over to give Lyuba's shoulder a squeeze. "You can't stop the tides or the sun rising. I suspect your fine green is much the same way. Still, perhaps a distraction so that she plays nicely…" He looks over his shoulder at the blackened dragon behind him, and simply jerks his chin towards the water. The response takes a moment, but the creature stirs, the sub-basso rumble of its torso quivering the ground a little, and then he, too begins ambling towards the water, making motions towards Allochkath's side and offering a steely, bell-toned bugle in the process. "I never thought I'd be encouraging that," he mutters. Then he's looking back to the fire lizards and smiling. "Have your eye on any of them yet? I might try for one myself, but it costs enough feeding the Chubb that I don't think I could take it."

Energico Egg starts to move as well, just a small movement at first. Enough to roll it away from close proximity of the others and then it settles down again.

Vlad chirrups again, then croons out to the little green, come play, come play. Pralius just keeps wriggling the meat. here greeny greeny greeny

Avani nods her head. "It's easier to get the meat off the bone first, I'm told. Then you can cook it with the scales still on and just eat the flesh out of the skin." The way she wrinkles her long, pointed nose implies that Avani would not be one to jump as such a chance. Just as she's finished getting the second fillet from the first fish when another is dropped before her. This time, she uses her knife to stop the catch's movements before placing the prepared meat beside the first fillet and eying Thor as the bronze once more as he settles upon her shoulder once more. "Why do I get the impression that you're just trying to keep my busy cleaning your catches so that you don't have to share me with anyone?"

Rio nods to Avani's explanation. "I wouldn't try it, though," he states. "Too easy to bite into scales. Which doesn't sound very appealing." He grins. Avani's statement to Thor gets him chuckling. "They can be possessive, can't they?" he inquires. "I think Riot and Jetta are looking for a younger sibling. Pizazz tends to treat them like little boys, I think. So I bet at least Riot wants someone to get in trouble with." A snicker.

Lyuba aims a gentle elbow for A'rlo at the shoulder-squeezing, though that will very quickly turn into a slight lean on him if he's not careful. "She'll play nice," is her reassurance, though there's a sidelong look to the green and her blue companion all the same. "I don't think they need /that/ much encouragement, all told," is wryly offered, then her attention turns to the eggs and wandering 'lizards. "Not yet. She'd take them all if she could, so I have to be the bad guy and tell her 'no'." A brow quirks. "You know he's more like two firelizards, the way he eats. You should ask yourself if you can handle a third." Grin. Allo offers a cheerful greeting to Lucieth and then she's plunging her head in the water. Fishing: dragon-style.

Jadyn's wrist begins to jerk lightly, as the fish slowly settles into silence. The journeyman understands the need for appearances, at least, and the steady rhythm of her movements mimics the fingerfish's earlier struggles. Brown and blue now circle above her head, lazily crooning in response to the green as they spiral together, their whirling gazes locked on the young female hatchling. At Avani's comment, her gaze slides to the comment, and she offers the candidate a very faint chuckle. "I wonder sometimes if that might be preferable to a display like theirs'." She jerks her chin up at her pair.

O'Malley the Alley Brown Hatchling lets out and creel and then he's moving forth somemore. Carefully working his way closer to the people. Seems he's not finding anything laying easily at reach and takes his chances with those that people eat. He can charm someone out of a piece he's pretty sure.

Pizzicato Egg starts to move itself, a gentle rolling that lands it near the edge of the mound before it comes to a stop.

M'nol begins to feel a little sorry for the odd little brown. He seems so ignored. He certainly doesn't need another brow, but still, a meatroll appears from his pocket, a small amount being waved at him, "I'll feed you if no one else will."

A'rlo snorts. "A fine question that. And I think the answer is 'no'. I'm busy enough as it is. SOmetimes, I do wonder if the Chubb eats because he's lonely though. It's not like he doesn't have Lucy to play with when I'm not around, but…" He shakes his head.

In the water, the blue and green dragons don't appear to be doing much distracting. No, Lucieth appears to have joined Allochkath in her hunt for the life aquatic. INdeed, one dip of his maw into the waves sees a return of several fish flopping around in his proud, grinning maw. "Not helping," A'rlo calls out to him. "Not at all. Just…close your mouth and swallow, you big, awkward 'sport. Stop trying to show off."

Yellow as Corn Rapunzel Green Hatchling catches sight of a wriggling piece of meat and then her eyes go up to the firelizards she followed and then she flings herself at the meat. Perhaps not a prince, but well the food is very tasty it seems.
Yellow as Corn Rapunzel Green Hatchling looks into Jadyn's eyes. Impression!

Pizzicato Egg rolls gently and in the process leaves the shell behind as the wet hatchling seems to shed it off like bad manners.

Monsignor Pixie Bronze Hatchling
Shades of russet tint the copper and brass colors that swirl the diminutive form of this rugged and yet almost dainty seeming bronze. Though his small forms gives him an almost feminine look, there is nothing at all feminine about his roguish head. And yet, there's an air of compassion about him and perhaps one of well-concealed long-suffering. His hide darkens along his chest and back though there seems to be a paler patch, much like a color around his neck. His tail, is but an extension of the darker colors, and adds an illusion of being even smaller.

Avani laughs and looks up at Jadyn's comment, nodding her head. "Yes, Ma'am," she offers with her usual thin-lipped smile. Her almost eyes go a little wide as the green impresses, "And congratulations." She then turns her attention to the latest catch as she continues to work her, though some might her a mutter of "Happy now?" sent her bronze firelizard's way, though she does move the fillets a bit closet to her side as more people continue to slowly joing the group.

Pralius sighs a little, another gorgeous green lost to him forever. Vlad pats, carefully turning him away before he can spot the bronze. The little brown doesn't want the competition and it isn't long before Pralius is trudging back up the beach. He didn't need any more firelizards, right?

Rio grins as well, and looks to Jadyn. "Well, the more the merrier, right?" he suggests. He also offers a smile of congratulations to Jadyn as the green makes her choice. "See?" He chuckles. The bronze hatches and he blinks. "Oh. Hello there," he says, more to himself. "Isn't he a pretty one?" he remarks.

O'Malley the Alley Brown Hatchling manages to find a few bits that had fallen and snatches them up, happy to find at least a little something to take away the edge and then he settles down to watch a moment as a brother hatches. There's a snort at the looks and then his attention is elsewhere.

Lyuba purses her lips thoughtfully, only to lift a brow at the latest hatchling. "Fancy-looking fellow, isn't he?" she murmurs, more to herself than anything. She shakes her head and flicks a look to A'rlo, mouth pulled a bit to a side. "Well, there's also Allo, when she's around. She'd love to keep him entertained, I'm sure." And speaking of entertainment, Allochkath is highly amused by Lucieth's antics. Highly. She chuffs and butts at the blue, her own fishing efforts being, thus far, unsuccessful. Another dunking comes up with a few small fish of her own which are not swallowed; they're not /her/ dinner, but they'll be someone's soon.

Avani pauses in her work to gives Thor another narrowed-eyed glare as he lets out another non-humming noise. This time a curt snort. "I think the proper translation might be, 'Yes, he is quite _pretty_ indeed,'" she offers with a shake of her head and a sigh. "Thor really does seem to take after most of the Lords that I have met during my life."

Monsignor Pixie Bronze Hatchling gives himself a slight shake and then he shakes one foot and then another as he waits for himself to dry a little. His gaze shifts around as he regards his flock of people. There's an almost thoughtful hum from him.

Cobalt and Glaze swirl down from above Jadyn's head, chirping happily at their new sister as the jewelcrafter gives a delighted chuckle, releasing the fish into the green's clutches. She offers the other hand filled with fish, coaxing the little hatchling onto her lap before lifting her gaze to watch the rest of the hatching in peace. "Thank you," she murmurs absently to Avani, eyes tracking briefly to the girl to offer her a polite nod.

There's an audible snort from Lucieth before his maw snaps closed around those fish, and a moment later, they're gone. Magic, no? But then Allo's got fish, and he's rolling over onto his back, letting his sails relax a little and bobbing on the surface like some great, black fishing lure.

"Hmm?" comes A'rlo's questioning noise. Then his gaze is drawn to that recently hatched bronze, and he ahhs quietly. "He's not terribly unfetching then, is he?" He smiles slyly to Lyuba. "Shall I bait him for you?"

Rio tilts his head. "He does? How so?" he inquires of Avani. Meaning about Thor, of course. He's managed a small pile of cleaned fish, which he's placed on a towel that he was going to use to sit down on near the water at some point on his walk. The towel is beside him, to keep the clean fish out of the sand.

O'Malley the Alley Brown Hatchling starts away from the group as he heads out in search of food, moving with his carefree way as he sniffs at the air and the ground. Seems there's something elsewhere perhaps.

Avani shakes her head and lowers her voice to a whisper, "Polite enough to those he things are below him, in public, but unwilling to allow them near. Not to mention thinking that she's the best of all those of his own rank."

Monsignor Pixie Bronze Hatchling steps forth as there's an actual audible rumble from his midsection and he seems to look a little embarrased. So, he sets forth and makes his way towards the people. Perhaps there's someone who can help him.

Lyuba tips a look over to Allo as the wet green makes her approach, though the rider does have time to answer A'rlo with a mild, "Just be careful, m'dear. Wouldn't want you to wind up with a third flying stomach because you didn't know what you were doing." And then? Ptooie. A heap of fish is spat out on the sand, thankfully some distance away from all the hubbub. A /Look/ is given to Allochkath for that, with the rider snorting something disparaging just under her breath. Of course, Lu will have to see to the fish; Allo's headed back to the edge of the water, where she can keep her tail soaked and her head oriented just so to look at the babies.

A'rlo shudders. "Perhaps not with the baiting then." And then Allo's presenting her rider with a gift. Several gifts, actually, and he's laughing. "I believe your friend has spoken, Lyuba." He returns her elbow with oen of his own. "Did you want some help cleaning those, or should I just sit down and watch?"

Rio leans over to listen to Avani's whisper, then snickers at it. "Oh, I see. Well…I haven't met many lords in my time, so I wouldn't know. Just a lowly little apprentice Weaver, that's all." Here he grins. "That's enough for me." He snickers a little at the green that just spat out the fish. "Charming, isn't it?" he teases lightly. There's room for others in his and Avani's little fish-cleaning party, right?

Avani nods, her gaze on the fesh as she works her blade, but Thor does notice the brown's wanderings and leaps down from his shoulder perch to lands before the pair of fillets which are laying, scales down, upon the sand. His opens his vibrant wings wide, making himself appear as large as possible in an effort to ensure that the bulky thing doesn't try to take _his_ meat.

Monsignor Pixie Bronze Hatchling watches the busywork of the people and there is something to be said for that, but it's not helping him any as they tend to their own needs. There's a chittering and then a croon as he attempts to gain some attention his way.

M'nol rolls his eyes, completely disused to this quantity of disinterest at a firelizard hatching. He still has meat and it's still wriggling at the hatchlings accompanied by soft whistles, "here, little one. I'll feed you."

"Do you see what I put up with?" And, really, she might sound indignant if she weren't laughing. Lyuba trots over to take up a fish — yes, just one, but it's pretty large — and calls a general, "Clean what you want. The rest are just going down her gullet later if the little ones have no desire to eat them." A glance is given over to the others — including the fish-cleaning folks just over there, and then she's removing her belt-knife to clean the thing as she heads back over. The bronzeling earns a slightly raised brow. "Huh. he looks lost, the little guy."

O'Malley the Alley Brown Hatchling pauses a moment as he looks at the puffed up firelizard and then there's a widening of his eyes a moment and then gives himself a shake. Honestly. He snorts some and wanders off elsewhere. Further away from the group.

Monsignor Pixie Bronze Hatchling sits there and then there's a huff an his gaze wanders and then lands upon his wandering brother. He shakes his wings a little and calls forth to his brother. After all, he wouldn't want to have any of his flock go missing. Then there's a pause, well maybe his brother has found something of interest and he starts to follow.

Rio snickers at Thor's antics. By now, his fair have settled near him and are crooning encouragements to the hatchlings. Pizazz especially; she seems to want to go help the brown that just got rebuffed by Thor. Rio notices this and shakes his head. Poor thing. There /is/ a pile of cleaned fish near him, though…relatively unguarded. In fact, Riot, the little troublemaker, seems to be crooning softly to the hatchlings. Psst! Pssst!

A'rlo paces over behind Lyuba, eyeing Allo's catch with one raised eyebrow. "If I wasn't worried about dragon spit at all, I'd say that's one hell of a way to catch fish." He gestures to the brown. "It seems that being lost is a past time for this clutch. Neither of them seem particularly inclined to stay with the other little ones right now."

M'nol frowns, two babies moving off? That's not good. He moves to block their path, trying to herd them back towards the group, "G'wan, you'll find food over that way, not here."

O'Malley the Alley Brown Hatchling backwings as the gigantic thing appears before him. Woah!! There's a skritch and then he's heading back the other way and and nearly running over his bronze brother in attempts to get out of the giants way and ends up landing flat in a pile of fish. Oh. Look at that. Chomp.

Monsignor Pixie Bronze Hatchling lets out a sudden cry as his brother brown runs him down and he ends up on his back. Now wait a minute here. Just because he's not the biggest bronze out there. Really. There's a lilting cry as he struggles to right himself, now where did he go?

A forwn tugs at the edge of Avani's lips at Thor's antics but her attention returns to the fish as she adds a third fillet to the pile now partly behind and partly beneath the bronze firelizard. She flips the catch over and starts to work the blade behind the gills, "At least I think this means he won't go off to catch another once I'm done with this one…" she offers to Rio, just as the brown lands on a pile of fish.

Lyuba is efficient about cleaning the fish, at least. "Well," is aimed for A'rlo, "dragons don't have nearly as much saliva as we do, comparatively speaking. And if you just wash it off and cook the meat, shouldn't be /bad/ for you to eat." This being spoken as someone with experience in eating dragon-caught fish, clearly. She doesn't bother carving the fish into filets; no, that's too much effort for creatures that wouldn't appreciate fine knife-work. The brown's faceplant in the pile of fish and the belly-up turtle impression given by the bronze both earn a soft laugh and she crouches, carving a chunk of meat off the fish and dangling it above the bronze; the brown's doing well enough on his own, though he does get a passing look. "C'mon boy-o. I'm not going to touch you until you're tame or too full to bite me."

M'nol frowns, feeling suddenly sorry for the little bronze, "oh, c'mere, little guy." He manages to actually snag some fresh red meat, offering it to the upturned bronze, here little one.

Rio nods. "Probably not," he agrees to Avani's words. There are people paying the bronze some attention. Rio himself already has a brown, and the little Riot is crooning over to the firelizards. Rio catches him, though, and he scampers behind the small pile of fish before Rio can say anything. Rio smirks, picks up a piece of fish, and wiggles it at the bronze. With the attention being paid to the bronze now, he doesn't expect it to see, but hey…might as well give it a whirl.

A'rlo actually takes a step backwards. "And see, this, right here, is how you end up with multiple flits. You're walking along the beach, and then out of nowhere, BAM. A pile of fish, and two newborn flits are mucking around in it, trying to get a hook into you." He grins. "Mind your fingers, Lu."

O'Malley the Alley Brown Hatchling gorges himself nicely on the pile of fish, all his. Very nice. No one to share it with. There's a resounding belch and then a smacking of his jaws and he toddles off with a rolling gait to find a place to snooze.

Monsignor Pixie Bronze Hatchling suddenly finds something in his view. Low and behold, one of his flock has come forth with an offering! There's a creel and he reaches upwards. That doesn't work. He scrambles upright and launches himself upwards at the piece of meat…
Monsignor Pixie Bronze Hatchling looks into Lyuba's eyes. Impression!

Avani watches the brown gorge himself, but returns her attention to the fish, trying to work quickly and carefully. "Maybe I can offer someone this last bit and Thor won't notice?" she mutters to her fellow Candidate, a faint hint of a distant hope in her words.

"See, I'd believe you, except that brown has all the sense of a feline and seems to be more wild than not." There's a pause, then, "My fingers are just fine, thank you very- augh!" See, this is what happens when a greenrider looks away for a split second. Lyuba's eyes flick sharply back to the bronze that's now firmly latched onto her hand and she winces just a little for the prickly feel of tiny claws on her skin. "Okay, okay! Whoa. Stop." Lu lands heavily on her rear and quickly extricates the creature, only to free her hand up to cut some meat up for him. "Maybe you should try to catch that brown; seems like he might keep Chubb from eating so much since he'll get to it well before he does." Grin.

Jadyn watches the two little males with a soft frown as she strokes the green's throat. "Well and now, plenty of these people were crooning to you," she murmurs softly to the hatchling. "You'd think your brothers would have no trouble." If it weren't for the hatchling now snoozing in her lap, she might have been more than happy to take either male - but she's not the greedy sort, and so she simply watches.

M'nol smiles as the bronze finally bonds to someone, even if it's not him. The brown, well, he seems to have decided to go his own way, which is natural, too. Three gorgeous eggs remain, what would they hold, he wonders.

Rio grins as the bronze finds a partner finally. "There he goes," he remarks with a chuckle. His grin turns a little mischievous as Avani speaks. "Maybe. Though if you wanted that one" He looks to the brown. "I think you're a little late. Looks lik ehe's decided to walk his own path." He smiles fondly. "Good luck, little one."

Avani glances over at the brown and nods slightly, "Well… I agreed with Thor on that one, actually. It looks a little…distorted? Out of preportions maybe?" She shrugs a shoulder then continues to work her blade through the fish before her. She eyes the three remaining eggs, knowing that there had been movement within them previously.

Keziah shakes her head a little as the brown is pretty much ignored by people and then shrugs, sometimes that's the way of. Good thing for instincts one supposes. She glances over at the clutch of eggs and hmms softly to herself. Eirwyn on the other hand is still humming and so she still waits.

Energico Egg moves again, this time quite suddenly in fact as it sees to come to life…

Energico Egg starts to crack across the surface before bursting as a wet hatchling staggers forth, bursting into song almost it seems. Course, one ragged shell seems to sit atop his head like a bit of fringe.

Upstanding Curly Cowboy Brown Hatchling
Shades of earth intermingle with each other, from the gray shade of clay along his feet to the rust that seems to drizzle across his wings. Though his physique is a little on the blocky side, it's all muscle and toughness that gives him the look of being tempered in the hot sun for his body has that near tanned look of an outdoorsman, Despite, or perhaps in spite of the rugged looks, there's a kindness to the eye and there almost seems to be an ever present smile.

M'nol hmphs, quietly, "And what's wrong with him having unique proportions? He's still a healthy firelizard! There's one at Fort whose head is nearly as bit as his body and he's fine." He glances back at the clutch, fuming a little and the others' nonchalance, and sighs. At least his fair was still humming.

"Clearly," A'rlo drolls, "Your fingers are, indeed, just fine." Then he squats down next to Lyuba, smiling at the bronze and giving the greenrider's shoulder a squeeze. "You alright?" he asks quietly, leaning in to peer over her shoulder.

Rio shrugs. "Still kinda cute," he observes. "Seems like he was the adventurous sort anyway; I don't know that a person could have kept up with him and not smothered that spirit. Maybe we'll see him again sometime, eh?" He grins. "Out in the wild somewhere, hunting or chasing a pretty proddy 'lizard." Rio chuckles. And then the other egg hatches, and he looks, giving a grin. "He's a tough-looking one, isn't he?"

Avani glances over and nods at Rio's comment, but offers as respectful a shrug as one can offer to M'nol's comment. "My Father was disappointed enough that I attracted Thor, despite the fact that he seems properly sized and a bronze. I can just imagine his reaction to a misshapen brown…" She eyes the newest brown for a beat then shakes her head, "Are you going to try for him then, Rio?"

M'nol rolls his eyes again, crouching down to offer the new little brown some meat, just to spite those who seemed to think they were a waste.

Rio thinks a moment. "Maybe, if nobody else seems interested," he replies to Avani. "I have three, I don't want to be greedy if there are others who are interested." He notes M'nol looking to offer food to the brown and smiles. He doesn't think they're a waste. Then to Avani again, "I'm hoping to one day get a gold; Phylicia knows somebody with one that's utterly beautiful."

Lyuba grunts, quickly feeding the bronze until he's lulled into a food coma of epic proportions. "Nothing that some redwort and numbweed won't fix," she replies to A'rlo, with her scratched up hand being given a flex. "No serious injury or anything." Allochkath seems excited enough to tear herself away from watching the latest egg hatch; she lopes on over with a cheerful bugling, only to lean in super-close to peer at the bronze. Whuff. And then those whirling eyes are lifted in pursuit of that other little one that ate part of the fishy offering. There's another whuff, a little bit of fretful yellow working into her gaze.

O'Malley the Alley Brown Hatchling hasn't made it all that far, he's jsut sorta drifted off into food laden oblivian as he'd found a small hollow of sand to lie down in.

Upstanding Curly Cowboy Brown Hatchling starts to croon out in blissful happiness at the glorious day he's been born into and seems unmindful of the audience around him. Nope he's not at all bashful though the hunger is starting to creep in on his song.

"I think both my father and Thor would approve of a gold," Avani offers with a soft snort, "I suspect, with my little Lordling's winning personality, I may never attract one." Her hands continue to work, on the last fillet, her attention becoming more focused as she nearly cuts herself when the blade slips from its path.

M'nol catches Phy's name, then glances at Rio, "Yes, Cilia is one of the most beautiful golds I've ever seen, no offense, Eirwyn." He grins, then shrugs. That doesn't actually tell them much, "Golds aren't really common, though. I wouldn't spend your life waiting."

Jadyn is watching the O'Malley brown as he wanders off, her expression serene, but the ever lurking hint of sadness in her gaze growing stronger. She turns and murmurs to Glaze as he lands on her shoulder, and the brown chirps softly, stroking his head against her cheek before he takes off and wings over to inspect the hatchling, studying it curiously before trilling loudly, trying to attract attention to the younger brown.

"Well, I'm no healer, but I imagine we should probably see to it sooner, rather than later. Come on, young lady, up you go." Then he's slipping his arms under her shoulders and lifting her slowly upwards until she can stand on her own two feet. His eyes go distant for a moment, not bothering to use verbal communication, and some few moments later, there's a splash from off to the side. Inky black Lucieth lopes out of the water effortlessly, snapping his wings out once to shake the water from them. Then he's ambling over to his lifemate's side, a low rumbling in his chest.

Rio chuckles to Avani's statement. "Well, you never know," he replies. "Just keep hoping. You never know when it'll pay off." He grins. "I have to say, though…if we find ourselves at a hatching with one, I /will/ compete to the fullest extent of my abilities. And then congratulate you when you get it." He laughs. Yes, he said 'when'. Encouraging, isn't he? He looks up to M'nol and nods. "Yes, that's the one. She's so pretty," he responds. "Yeah, I know. I'm not exactly waiting. Just wishing and hoping." He offers a wink.

There's a lanky lad walking along the shore from the direction of the weyr, embroidered clothing and knot on his shoulder indicating he's over from the Weaver Hall, the apprentice not dressed at all for the beach, but enjoying the stroll nevertheless. He spots people over there and angles toward them, wrinkling his nose at the fish, but slowing with a raised hand and a cheery, "Hello," for those gathered. "What's-" begins his question, but the sight of little flitters and humming ones has him grinning an, "Oh!" Anaky stops and blinks a bit, then, his own tiny blue fluttering to his shoulder and humhumming away with the rest.

O'Malley the Alley Brown Hatchling opens an eye and inspects the trilling firelizard that awoke him. He starts to move a little, but his distended and goreged belly seems to protest and he just flops bck down in lazy abandon.

Upstanding Curly Cowboy Brown Hatchling stops his 'song' quite suddenly as the sound of his stomach comes in sounding very off key. He tilts his head a little as if listening to it and the bit of eggshell falls off his head startling him a moment. Now where did that come from?

Avani glances sideways at Rio and the edges of her lips twitch slightly. "First your wishing a dragon on me, and then a female that will most likely go proddy in the middle of some Gather at the Hold I end up at?" she shakes her head and laughs softly. "I thought you were my _friend_, Rio." There's a wink though, sent in Rio's direction to soften her whispered words. She's finally gotten the last fillet free and the head and bones are placed in the same pile as Rio's leftovers. Thor glances over at the last bit of meat, then at the pile he is guarding, then back to the bit in Avani's hand. Finally, he lets out a firm warble in her direction.

Lyuba is easily hauled up, with a drowsing bronze now resting in the crook of an elbow. "It'll be /fine/. Remember? Just because I don't have the sharding knot doesn't mean I forgot everything. I'm old, but not /that/ old," she grumps a little at A'rlo, her gaze soon slanting off to where Allo's looking with growing concern. "He'll be /fine/," sounds like it's meant to reassure rider as much as dragon. The remaining eggs are given a look. "Might as well see what else pops, huh?" she wonders, fluttering her eyelashes in a wholly unconvincing act of innocence at her bluerider friend.

Rio actually laughs at Avani's words. "I /am/, though. You can tell me all about what it's like," he says. "Wouldn't you go through it, to regale your old friend with tales of it?" he teases, leaning over to make puppy eyes at Avani. The arrival of Anaky has him looking up, though, and he waves to the fellow Weaver, giving a smile. "Hello there! Good to see another Weaver out this way."

"Oh good grief," A'rlo utters, slipping his arms back away from Lyuba once she's on her feet. "You see, this is why civalry is dead. We sit here and try and do the right thing, and then we get ignored." Still, it's said with good-natured humor. "How are you supposed to give me a massage with a bum paw like that?" She's poked playfully before he steps over to Lucieth's side, absently rubbing the blue's chin with a knuckle. "I suppose we might as well see what else pops out, hmm?" He glances over at the blue. "Then we'll be after a bit of food for the forge, and a flight home. The Chubb's probably started in on the cabinets without a suitable lunch for him. I don't think he even knows how to hunt for himself anymore, the lilttle glutton."

Glaze eyes the gathering of humans balefully, then chirps softly to the little brown and settles down nearby, to guard its food-coma induced sleep. If it must go wild, he'll at least make sure it survives to do so. Clearly, Jadyn approves, as she studies her young brown and the little hatchling. At least, that's what her slight smile might mean.

O'Malley the Alley Brown Hatchling closes his eyes again, maybe he can nap now? Can't waste the sunlight afterall. At the soft chirp he wiggles a little and then lets out a happy little sigh, his tail twitching just a little.

Upstanding Curly Cowboy Brown Hatchling glances around as he starts to search for something to ease the clinching of his stomach. There's got to be something to appease the appetite, it doesn't look to be too much of a barren wasteland despite all the sand that is around him.

Eirwyn pauses a moment in her humming and she nudges at the eggs a moment and then there's a soft little chirrup as she tilts her head a moment and then she flicks a tongue across the shells and settles in around them once more. Seems the last two need to cook a little more.

Avani rolls her eyes and puts the last fillet upon the pile guarded by Thor, scales down like the rest of them. "A Lady does not _tell_, Rio," she states evenly and as primly as one can with their shoulders shaking with poorly hidden mirth.

There's a bright smile, Anaky raising a hand to Rio with a bit of a head-bob, "Heya, likewise," is offered, the lad grinning suddenly, "I'm over with a journeyman to make some lady's pretty dress. I get to sew buttons," and he makes a little bit of a face. Tilting his head at the firelizards, "Seems like a party over here," though the comment is said half-jokingly. "I'm Anaky," he introduces himself to the assembled people, or any of them that happen to glance his way, before crouching down to get a look at the eggs and the hatchlings. "They're so cute," is said of the browns, Anaky flicking some hair out of his face as he leans back a bit.

Allochkath also warbles gently at the sleepy brown, but when it seems that he has a sentinel of a sort, she withdraws and swings her head around to the remaining eggs. A deep rumbling hum escapes her, attempting to encourage the last two to finally crack shell — or to encourage the wandering brown in his quest — while Lyuba just makes a face for the noise. To A'rlo: "Well, look. Chivalry's not dead, I just haven't seen it twitch in so long that I've forgotten what it looks like." She aims a gentle elbow for him before he moves away. "It's just scratched, not broken; you'll get what's coming to you, that I promise. It's just a matter of when." Grin.

Rio smiles at the two browns, one half (or perhaps completely) asleep and the other looking for food. He looks to the rest of those present to see if anyone's going to try for the brown that's up and about, or tend to the sleepy one. No? Avani's words get his attention then, and he grins. "I could tease you so badly right now…" he warns. "But I'm going to forego the opportunity." A wink. Anaky speaks then, and he offers a smile, nodding at the other Weaver's words. "Oh, I see. Getting paid or ordered?" he inquires. A chuckle then. "They are, aren't they?" He points to the sleepy brown. "I think that one's either gone or about to go wild, though…so be careful. I'd go pet him, but I don't want to get bitten." He chuckles.

A'rlo hops a little at that elbow. "There's a point on that thing, woman," he calls over to her playfully. Then he's nudging Lucieth and the blue is laying down with a whuff. For his part, A'rlo simply climbs up, making himself comfortable on the dragon's back and leaning in recline to stare at the sky. "Let me know if anything interesting happen," he murmurs to his mount.

Avani turns as introductions are made. "Well met, Anaky. I am Avani and the moody bronze nearby is Thor." Rio is given a look as well as a thin-lipped smile. "I appreciate your restraint." She nods at Rio' and Anaky's comments on the browns, "Best of luck. Thor won't let me even think of trying to get one presently." A soft hiss from the fish-guarding bronze serves as confirmation of his mistress' statement.

Glaze chuffs softly, wings mantling over the O'Malley hatchling as he watches over it, occasionally cocking his head to see whether any of the gathered humans has decided he, or she, is worthy enough to Impress a little brown firelizard.

O'Malley the Alley Brown Hatchling stirs a moment at the warbling and then he yawns and stretches. Noisy, noisy, noisy. He sifts and then sprawls on his back, his legs splayed outwards.

"Why else do you think I use it?" That's shot right back to A'rlo with a bright, good-natured laugh. Lyuba thumps Allochkath on the side and then pulls herself up onto the green, if only to find one of the pouches slung high on her riding straps. The bronze is gently wedged into it with some murmured reassurance and then she settles, letting Allo do the watching while she just borrows the green's eyes for a little while. "Not sure if those ones are hatching," she offers after a moment or three, her mouth pulled a bit to a side.

Upstanding Curly Cowboy Brown Hatchling hmmphs a bit as he peers around. No food? He peers back at his mother but she's busy with the eggs. He's on his own it seems. There's a look around and his brother is spied, nice and gorged. Now where did he find his food? Hmm. So of he goes away from the clutch, looking.

"I suppose it's the nature of things," A'rlo calls over. "I'm not a dragonhealer, by any means, so I don't really have much room to talk about success rates or whatnot. There are bound to be a few quiet eggs from time to time, however." It's not something that appears to bother A'rlo much, but he's certainly not jovial about it, his expression somber.

Rio can't help but snicker at Avani's noting of Thor's mood. "Ha…he's just spoiled, Avani," he teases, grinning. Then he offers to Anaky, "Rio. Pleasure to meet you. I'd shake your hand, but…" He raises them to show the residue from the fish he's been cleaning, still on his hands. "Well, you can see why not." A grin. Rio's pile of cleaned fish is still sitting on the towel near him, though a short distance away, sending fishy odors out. He does look to the brown though, giving a chuckle. Rio looks to A'rlo, and looks a little sad. "I hope they do hatch, they're very pretty eggs," he observes.

Anaky grins a bit at Rio and Avani, the lad moving to sit down cross-legged in the sand to watch the little creatures. "Getting ordered," is his answer to Rio, Anaky giving an exaggerated sigh, though his expression remains cheerful enough, "It's nice to be back in a weyr, though. And away from lessons for a bit." The browns get a a grin too, the snoozing one peeked at a little closer, "Aww, think he's got the right of it. Nice and lazy day, at least it is for me." And he nods to Rio, "Yeah, guess petting's out," though the lad rummages in his pockets a moment and pulls out a little paper packet, revealing a few strips of jerky. He purses his lips at the fish over there and then wiggles the jerky, somewhat aimlessly. "It's tougher, but I'll bet it tastes better," and bobbing his head to the other weaver with a, "Well met, Rio," and a little laugh about the fish. There;s another, "Well met," to Avani, Anaky giving Thor a little headshake, "That's too bad. These two are adorable." And he sounds like he means it, too, about both the browns.

K'avu is back in Xanadu, which honestly is never a good thing. The greenrider had a delivery to take to the Weyr and had no other excuse but to bring it over here, though grudgingly so. Luscinth leads the way towards the beach, snuffling at the sands as if searching for something, her eyes whirling quickly as she takes in her surroundings as well. "What're ya waiting for? There ain't anything interesting here and ya know it! All 'em bits and pieces of technology and whatever, ya think they dump it out /here/?" The green doesn't listen to her rider's loud voice, continuing on her way in her search for something shiny. Meanwhile the teen digs his hands further in his pockets, slumps his shoulders, and loudly grumbles as he makes his way kicking and kicking and finally kicking his curious way towards the crowd.

"Oh, for Faranth's sake." Jadyn's quiet oath draws a look of surprise from A'dyn, which only grows as she grabs his arm and pulls herself up, cradling her young green Moss in the crook of her elbow. "Cobalt," she calls, and the blue glides in to perch lightly on her shoulder as she moves away from the others. "Those poor browns," she murmurs to the brownrider as she approaches Glaze and his self-appointed charge. "Glaze, let him sleep," she chides her brown. "Come on. I don't want to stay and watch those poor babies go wild because no one cares." Tucking her free arm into A'dyn's, she moves away with him, though Glaze isn't inclined to leave his friend until he's certain no one will come for him.

Avani lifts her chin slightly and looks to Rio at the 'spoiled' comment, "And that's a *bad* thing?" The grin offered displays a flash of teeth for a moment before she watched the second brown go off. "At least there is enough food laying about that they won't eat each other…" she offers after a moment.

Lyuba settles a bit more in the straps, hunkering a bit forward. "Happens, though," she notes, shoulders rising and falling. "Same with dragons. Sometimes, it's just not meant to be. Other times, they just need a little longer to bake than the rest." Which brings her to glance over her shoulder at A'rlo with a vague motion and a lopsided grin. "Looks like the party's over as far as eggs go. Race you back to your barn?"

A'rlo's head lifts up from Lucieth's back, one eyebrow cocked up. "You'll race me? That's an easy fight for me." He's sitting upright then, hands already working his straps. "If I win, I win, and that's always a grand thing. And if I lose…" He shrugs with a sly smile. "I get to watch you win. And there's something to be said for that. Up you go, woman!" THe eggs and the flits are given one more look before he's nudging that nearly black dragon of his, and with a few brutish pushes of his wings, the two are soon soaring out over the waves.

Rio nods to Avani's remark of them not eating each other. "That was part of the reason I started cleaning the fish," he responds. "It'd be bad to have a fight out here." He looks to Anaky and points to his pile of fish. "I think that sleepy one's had all he'll eat, but that one there is still looking for food," he says, pointing to the Curly Cowboy. "Feel free to use some of the fish here, too." He grins. "Of course, if you're adventurous, you can try to pet the sleepy one. I have a brown, otherwise I'd go for it." He sends a look to Jadyn…but says nothing in response.

O'Malley the Alley Brown Hatchling lets out a snore, and then his tail twitches and it flicks upwards and flops down again. His little paws twitch in sleep. Hopefully no one steps on him…

Upstanding Curly Cowboy Brown Hatchling stops a moment as something catches his eyes. Whats that moving over there. Is it.. is it food? Hmm. He makes his way towards someone eith a bit of meat in hand. Is it edible?

"That's what /you/ think," Lu replies with a laugh. "We'll work out who wins what when we get there, then! Up with you, too, fella!" Allochkath's easily goaded into the air with a mental command and a farewell wave is tossed down to those gathered on the beach. At least they're far enough away that no one's going to be buffeted with sand. That's a good thing, right? Just a few wingbeats later brings her high enough into the air to skip Between … and that's exactly what she does. No one said it was a /fair/ race.

Avani arches an eyebrow at the comment sent about uncaring people. "You are more than welcome to try for them yourself, Ma'am, being such a caring sort yourself?" Then her gaze slips to the unmoving eggs and she shrugs a shoulder, "Must have been the other eggs bumping them or something of that nature earlier…" As Anaky's interest seems apparent and their is jerky waved she doesn't seem overly concerned. "That sleeping one had no reason to impress now. His hunger is gone and he's proven that he can care for himself, but Rio's right, that other one is still hungry if you wish to try your hand at it."

With his green off exploring the sands, K'avu has nothing better to do but stick his head closer to the little group of people. Perhaps they have some interesting gossip that he can use to his advantage. And yet the closer he moves, the more his face wrinkles up, nose scrunching. "Somethin' smells like dead fish," is his greeting in a loud obnoxious voice to those nearby. Dead fish indeed. He can smell it even before he gets that close! "What's it with beaches and crowds anyway when they ain't even swimmings." He can be talking to himself just to hear his voice or to Rio there he's glancing at. But the young red head isn't looking at the sand at all, and his booted feet are stomping closer and closer towards the vicinity of the lounging and wandering hatchings as he tries to get into the middle of all the chitchat.

Anaky does indeed start to wave the jerky at the awake hatchling, grinning cheerfully with an, "I bet you don't want some stinky fish, huh?" said laughingly to the brown with a quick grin at Rio. The sleepy one /is/ given a thoughtful look, the lad telling Rio, "I'm not sure I'm that adventurous - my little blue here almost bit my fingers off, and he actually likes-" and it's probably lucky he's looking that way, because he sees where K'avu's stompingfeet are headed and there's a sudden, "Oh hey! Watch out," and the weaver is jumping to his feet to move in the way, though his own quick movement tosses a little bit of sand in the dirction of the snoozing brown anyway.

Jadyn overhears Avani's comment as she A'dyn slowly make their way from the crowd and halts the brownrider, glancing back over her shoulder at the Candidate with an amused smile. "I have Impressed a green from this clutch," she explains, gently. "I have shown my willingness to do more than simply watch them wander about, creeling in hunger. I would happily have taken either brown had they come for my fish instead of my young Moss." She glances down at the brown over which Glaze steadily watches, chirring in warning at K'avu's stomping. "For that matter, I would take either of them now, but it would be greedy of me to attempt to attract them with others around." Her eyes flicker to Anaky and light up briefly. "And who are so inclined," she adds, with a warm look towards the apprentice. With another amused glance at the Candidate, she turns away again and indicates to her escort to resume walking, leaning close to murmur to him.

Rio nods. "Oh, there's an idea," he agrees. "I'm just a Weaver apprentice and I already have three," he defends. "Besides…firelizards live in the wild, right? I mean…they're not strictly a domestic creature, are they?" It's an honest question, really…because he has no idea. He's never seen a wild firelizard before. He looks to K'avu. "Well, I wanted to make sure there was enough food around, because…." He points to the two brown firelizards. "I'm going to wash my hands in a bit. Want to try for one, so they don't go wild?" he inquires. He trails off, though, as Anaky moves to protect the brown.

O'Malley the Alley Brown Hatchling stirs again at the stomping and then there's a half-hearted his as he's woken up yet again. What in the.. woah!!! He shrieks and is up and then stumbling backwards over his own tail and he goes sprawling back onto the ground.

Upstanding Curly Cowboy Brown Hatchling is startled by the shriek and then there's sand moving and then hey! Don't lose the food!. He creels as the food starts moving away from him. Wait a minute. That's not fair.

Avani nods in agreement, "Records show that there hadn't been anyone with firelizards at Sea Form for several hundred Turns before AIVAS was discovered, and a young boy I knew growing up with two greens claimed that he never found any of their clutches." She twitches her lips slightly as she continues, "I also got chased by an enraged gold when I was on the Traces, and I didn't see any colours banded upon her, though perhaps her owner simply decided not to." She watches the last brown with an arch of an eyebrow before turning as the one which was sleeping awakens. Thor stiffens, watching that one carefully. "If that one comes this way, be careful," she murmurs.

K'avu starts to pick up on some of the conversation now, brows hiking up at Rio as he moves thattaway. "Course the shardin' things do, they hatch all the time an' ya see 'em in large flocks over the shardin' jungle when you're looking fer peace and quiet…" All this said in a rush even as he moves, only to find himself blocked all of a sudden. His head swivels around to Anaky and he stands up straighter, puffing chest out and everything. "Watch where you're going, kid! What in the name of Faranth's flaming—" His amber eyes move past the younger boy to the brown, its shriek surprising him. He blinks, opening his mouth with an 'Oh.' Then the comment about trying for one and firelizards appear to click in his brain and he snorts to Rio. "Don't even know where my Bug goes half the time." Except Luscinth has come around towards the hatching now, eyes on the firelizards. "/Fine/," he grunts, taking a step back and away from squishing the firelizards, reaching a hand out for some food.

Rio scoots to the site of the little scuffling about. "Oh, is he all right?" he inquires, peering around Anaky at the formerly sleeping brown, looking worried. See? He does care! He's also making sure no one steps on the Curly Cowboy brown in all the confusion. And yes, if necessary, he WILL grab to keep him out of trouble, his or not. Once things calm down, he looks to Avani. "Oh, I see. I've never seen a wild one before, that's all," he explains, with a smile.

O'Malley the Alley Brown Hatchling watches the hand go out and he comes to a stop. What is it doing? He's still as he observes. Especially since the giant has moved back a little and he's a bit less frightening.

Anaky does carefully step back out of the way once the rider stops, and there's a bit of a sheepish grin for K'avu, "Heh, yeah, little firelizard babies and all," in explanation for his jumping up in the way there. There is a smile, as he drops back down to the sand, holding out the jerky again to the Cowboy Brown over there, though the little creature's brother gets a briefly concerned glance too. "I think we scared the lazy out of him, poor little guy," but he turns back to wiggledy-wiggle the jerky again at the other brown.

Upstanding Curly Cowboy Brown Hatchling watches his food come back down again. That's much better. He hops a bit, spreading his wings. Oh yes, definately will be fed well this day. Oh what a beautiful day.
Upstanding Curly Cowboy Brown Hatchling looks into Anaky's eyes. Impression!

Avani tilts her head slightly to the side as one of the browns finally selects food. It's not like there aren't random observers about who have been trying their hands, aren't there? Nevertheless, she raises one hand which still holds the bloody knife used to fillet the two fishes Thor caught previously, and offers a format, "Congratulations."

Rio breathes a sigh of relief as Anaky leans back, and he notes that the little brown is all right. "Whew. Good," he breathes, giving another look to the O'Malley brown, as if to assure himself that he's really all right. The Curly Cowboy goes to Anaky, and he nods to Avani's congratulations. "Yes, congratulations!" he adds, with a happy smile.

K'avu seems to relax a bit when Anaky steps back, his hackles ruffled by no fight in him at the moment. "Almost made me convinced it was custom for people at Xanadu to start up a fight with people taking a walk down the beach." His eyes slide back towards the hatchings with a huff. "I remember what happened /last/ time I Impressed one of 'em here at Xanadu. Got landed in the infirmary for days." Of course, that had nothing to do with firelizards, which is why he takes whatever bit of food he can find, giving a glare to his lifemate hovering nearby. "Can we /go/ if I give ya 'nother playmate? Don't see why ya don't just go look for Bug." And he leans down, wiggling that bit towards the brown that he startled. "Sorry, but ya gotta be a man an' can't be scared that easily. Need some fight in ya! Got it?" Lazy brown? Nah, Kav will fix that. Well, likely not but he can pretend.

O'Malley the Alley Brown Hatchling hupphs. He ain't lazy, was just digesting food and enjoying the sun. Course there's more food spied. He tilts his head a moment. Sure, he's stuffed, but hey, he's an opportunist and though he attempts to fly for it he sorta hops and stumbles and lands and reaches up to bite the food. Who knows maybe he gets more than he can bite off?
O'Malley the Alley Brown Hatchling looks into K'avu's eyes. Impression!

Avani blinks as the second brown makes a move towards the rider and…impresses? "Oh, congralutaions, Sir?" She can't quite stop the puzzlement from entering her tone. "I had always been told that firelizards only impressed for need of food, but could take care of themselves. That why my Father's brown didn't stay around. He didn't want a 'lesser' colour around…so it left," she eyes Thor thoughtfully, as her tone was low enough that she may in fact have been speaking to the small bronze all the while with Rio over near the pair of browns.

Rio smiles in delight as the O'Malley brown Impresses to K'avu. "Ah, good! That solves that worry," he decides. "Congratulations," he offers to K'avu. "And now he has a caretaker." He's not too far away, so he can hear Avani. "Pizazz probably could, I bet. Jetta's just clingy, and Riot likes causing trouble." He snickers.

Keziah watches as the browns find someone and she smiles softly. There's a blink at Avani and an arch of her eyebrow "Shards girl. With attitudes like that I wouldn't stick around either. Lesser color indeed. I'll have you know my Alosynth is certainly not a lesser color. What arrogance and you a hopeful even." She shakes her head as she stops to check with Eirwyn a moment and then strides off muttering under her breath.

Anaky beams, "Oh hi!" at the firelizard, as if it could understand him, and more jerky is quickly pulled out to feed the little guy. And luckily, Anaky doesn't lose any fingers in the process, laughing a little at that wing spreading and gving the hatchling's back a little stroke with his free hand. There is a, "Hm? Oh, thanks," for the congrats from Avani and Rio, Anaky smiling and handing out more jerky to his brown. Light laughter bubbles up for K'avu there, "Oh, hope not," and grinning Anaky adds, "I wouldn't last ten seconds on a fight." And anaky actually tosses his head, giving his hair a little flip for that, and chuckles.

"Don' want 'em to keep calling ya lazy, do ya?" K'avu huffs right back to the hatchling brown, waggling the bit of food he had found. He turns his eyes away to glance at Anaky when he takes up the second brown, the momentary distraction of course causing him to lose a finger. Almost. "OW! Ya shardin' rotten sh—" A rumble from Luscinth catches him and he grunts, scooping up the brown with his unhurt hand, the other tucked close to himself. "Eat the food ya idiot, not my finger." He carefully takes up another piece of discarded food to stuff the brown's mouth, in case he was still hungry. Or to keep his teeth busy. Holding the brown close, he finally looks towards the other people there. "Thanks," he says gruffly to Rio. "Almost stepped on it, it definitely won't survive the wild." Mumble. Excuses. He smirks to Anaky however, trying to stand up straighter. "Shoulda seen what I did ta the other guy. Gotta toughen up though, ya ain't ever know when ya might need it."

Avani blinks as the greenrider moves off. "I don't even know why I bother anymore. My Father's views are not my own, but if I had not worded the situation truthfully, how would it have been understood?" For that matter, her voice must carry much further than she generally expected, maybe people just pretended not to overhear her back home? "Well, it looks like the excitement has come to an end for the day," she offers to Rio, getting to her feet. "Time to return to Chores." She eyes Thor, "And I expect you to eat that before you come find me, with the work I put in."

Rio nods to Avani. "Yeah, I need to go wash my hands, anyway," he notes in return. "I just try to keep my mouth shut anyway." He grins. "Which is why I would never survive as somebody important. I'm too laid-back." He grinned. "Well, I'll see you back in the barracks, eh?" He stands, and offers a wave of one fishy hand to Anaky and K'avu. "Congratulations, you two," he offers once more, and goes to wash his hands.

Anaky feeds as much jerky to his little brown as the little guy will take - almost the whole bag! - but eventually the creature yawns hugely and flops into the weaver's lap, giving a happy burble. Scooping the brown hatchling up into the crook of one arm, the lad nibbles his own piece of jerky and grins. He can't help the laughter at K'avu's ill luck with the finger-biter, Anaky saying not without some touch of sympathy, "My blue did the same thing to me," and shakes his head a bit. "Nah, nobody's going to bother beating me up. I'm harmless," Anaky grins at the rider, and then he lifts a hand to wave to Rio with a, "It was nice to meet you!" Anaky gets to his feet, cradling the firelizard and brishing sand off is pants. "I guess I should head back too. I've got a cranky jourtneyman whowants some buttons sewn." And there's a bit of a face there too. "Was nice to meet you- um, oh, I'm Anaky," see he has manners, as he begins to wander back down the beach with a little wave.

K'avu is happy to see that the brown he picked up didn't need that much food, since Kav didn't actually bring anything with him this time around. Watching the brown fall asleep almost immediately in the crook of his arm, he rolls his eyes and lifts them back to Anaky. "I bet they'd rather chew on our fingers than half the stuff we give 'em" He arches a brow slowly and then carefully shrugs one shoulder so as not to wake his new firelizard. "Ya never know," he says, and then turns to look around the beach as if finally realizing just where he was. "Yeah, should… get out of here. The name's Kav," he offers by way of introduction, keeping his full name hidden. "And this is Luscinth." Well, that defeated the purpose. Woops. "Later!" he calls to Anaky and then makes his way to the smug green, who gives the brown firelizard a brief whuffle. At least they're not going home empty handed!

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