Visitor From Ierne

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Xanadu Weyr – Caverns

A massive cavern in it's own right, this one has been skillfully adapted for human habitation. The high ceilings have been painted a light, soft ivory, as are the walls where numerous tapestries hang to provide brilliant color and insulation from the stone. The floor has been left in its natural state, pale pink granite speckled through with glittering mica and dark flecks of basalt, leveled carefully but kept sufficiently rough to avoid slips.
The cavern itself is loosely divided into areas, each one set up to be suitable for some segment of the Weyr's population. The most frequently occupied area, however, is the one near the Kitchens where tables of varying sizes provide a place to sit down and eat or chat and a buffet of consumables is almost always kept stocked. Its plain that on most days, this area wouldn't accommodate anywhere near the full population of the Weyr and equally plain that on such occasions when a formal meal is laid out, tables are appropriated from all the other areas.
A big fireplace is set into the wall near the Kitchens as well, several comfortable chairs nearby providing haunts for elderly residents or riders who like a good view of all that happens. Rugs cover the floor in strategic spots, all of them abstract or geometric in design and most in the softly neutral colors of undyed wool.
Exits lead off in all directions, a big archway the largest and that leading outside. Shallow stairs to the west lead to the offices and administration area while tunnels to the east lead to the infirmary, kitchen and resident's quarters. Southwards, a sloping tunnel leads down to the hot springs.

Casiella trudges into Xanadu's Caverns, loaded down with wrapped packages she's managed to just barely grip by the twine they're held together with. Big load for Xanadu today. She deposits them neatly by the door, straightening up and stretching. Phew. From the stack, she extracates a handful of letters and one big, sealed envelope. The sealing is wax, and looks official, and at first glance, it looks like the mark of Igen Weyr imprinted in the wax. Turning, Casi heads in the direction of klah to knock some of the cold of btween out of her bones, happening to pass right by the table where all the action seems to be going on today. Happening to glance over, the older goldrider about skids to a stop. "Ah, Weyrwoman. Just as well to catch you here. Ierne's greetings to Xanadu and her queens," she extends politely to the rest of the table, before shuffling through her handfull of envelopes and pulling out several, stacking them on the big, official stamped one. She hands it over as a handful to Thea. "Igen asked that I bring this to you straightaway, and there were some other messages in the bunch. Official stuff, mostly." She snags a pad from her belt as she hands them over, pointing the right place and offering the Weyrwoman a pen, head high in the clouds.

Sianne wanders in on Casi's heels, swaggering like well…like Si swaggers when she's got some idea or other is up to no good. OUt in the bowl her gold settles not far from another, warbling cheerfully before turning her eyes towards the caverns. "Good Day to one and all." is called out to cheerfully, moving to come up along side someone she still considers her partner in crime. "ANtything good in there Casi? Anything worth anything at all?" Yup nosey as ever is Si. "Your gold really isn't talkative today, perhaps I should go speak with her about all the merits of Blue and brown dragons." A nod of her head and Si is looking like trouble in the making.

Xe'ter's hand is there to intercept. He's gotten really /good/ at covering Thea's back when she's trying to get into her office. "I'll take those, ma'am." Oh, his tone…it's so perfectly professional and smooth…one wouldn't recognize the boat-rat he'd once been. "And Xanadu's duties to the Weyrhold…how is your queen, Casiella?"

Matrin blinks a bit at Xe'ter's enthusiasm but can't help a wide grin complete with flash of white teeth. "No apologies needed, not in the least. Xanadu has been a pleasure and the Weyr's hospitality is first rate." He takes this bright, smiling version of Xe'ter at face value - either discounting rumors that would call the smile rare, or not having heard them at all. The departing Thea gets an easy wave, and then the incoming pair of goldriders steals at leat a bit of his attention. "Good afternoon weyrwomen," is his smooth greeting. And with a closer glance at Casiella's knot he echoes Xe'ter's offer of duties. Sianne's mischief added to the official business seems like the perfect excuse to focus on finishing off his meal.

Derin settles the lid back on the box, and starts in on his soup, which is probably cold now, darnit. But still, it's food and he's agrowing boy, he'll eat it anyway. The two entering goldriders do get a brief salute from the wherhandler and a quiet, "Greetings." But then it's back to the food before him, the soup and there's still enough meats and cheeses left to make a few more sandwiches, so he does so, settling the slices between the bread quietly, then taking another large bite.

Casiella glances at Thea's retreating back, then down to the man who was sitting beside her, blinking in a bit of confusion. It's already been a long day of lifting barges and toting bales. Her head cocks to the side as he says her name, and she double-takes a closer look at his face, the second time frowning. Of course, she can't ignore Sianne for long, though there's an eyeroll in there - and the two goldriders know very well it's for Calanth's utter enthusiasm on the subject of browns and blues. Xe'ter is safe for a moment from Casiella's inspection - but probably not for long. She shields the Igen seal - flipping it nonchalantly to the blank side of the envelope - and without missing a beat, sasses back at Sianne. "If you've the next two weeks to spare, then certainly. There's very little my gold isn't long-winded about, as you well know, and the obviously pros of not having a metallic hide is something Calanth could write novels about." She narrows her eyes just a bit at the other goldie, though a smile is tugging at her lips. "What are you up to?":

Inclining her head politely, Casiella smiles her appeciation of the greeting to Matrin, and offers Derin a kindly smile. She remembers these "official" lunches.

Xe'ter takes the envelopes and lays them down next to him, where the Weyrwoman'd been sitting, and then offers, "Have a few moments to spare, Casiella? It's been a long while since I've seen my fostermother." Of course, that might just make people in the room give closer inspection to both Xe'ter AND the Iernean goldrider.

Sianne plunks herself in an empty chair, grinning like an imp and looking twice as mischievious, "I'll get her started then follow you about with Sak to keep it all going all over the place." There's a glance towards the others at the table, turning her head to ponder Xe'ter for several long moments with her grin still in place.

Keziah has been quiet? Zoning? Oh wait no! Greenrider had actually fallin asleep sitting up. At least she doesn't snore, right? Still there's a bit of blinking as she looks around as more people have arrived and she blinks a little in bemusement.

No matter how busy Matrin might seem pulling bits off of his roll and sopping up the bit of broth in the bottom of his bowl, his ears are ever attuned to what is going on around him. When Xe'ter says 'fostermother' it makes one dark brow flicker upward, but the rest of his expression is smoothly controlled as he darts a glance up at the visiting goldrider, then one over to the Xanadu Weyrleader sitting a chair away. His eyes are as interested but he doesn't comment, without much to interject when it comes to the benefits of various dragon colors.

Derin doesn't have any comments either, and all these shinyriders might just make the wherhandler a bit uncomfortable again, but he remains in his chair, concentrating on eating and drinking that ale. Keziah is eyed briefly. "Are y'alright Keziah Ma'am?" He asks, maybe a tad concerned at the greenrider's dozing. Afterall, she is carrying his drinking buddy's baby and all that.

That voice! She knew better! It has been quite some time since she's seen Xe'ter, and she knew that Seryth had flown recently and knotted a new Weyrleader, but she hadn't really been paying attention to the whos and whats. After all, her home Weyr of Xanadu is obviously (by the look of her face) the last place she expects to see this young man. "Wro-… Er. Xe'ter, is that really you?" Sianne, and her odd behaviour, is forgotten for the moment. Casi takes a step forward, takes a step back, gripping her handful and hugging it to her. Is that a blush creeping under her golden Southern tan? "I… Ah… Er… Weyrleader." She says the last a bit faintly. There's another stuttered pause. "Ah. How are you?"

Xe'ter doesn't exactly smirk (another rare expression for the generally stoic bronzerider), but there is something like one behind his pale eyes, "I'm doing considerably better than I was as a Weyrling, but I seem to have started a trend…Ista's knotted a weyrling bronzer younger than me, even." But he's kidding, right? And there's something more akin to amused happiness behind it. "You're looking well…" That distance between them is likely more of a…tease on his part.

Sianne offers the weyrleader her best 'I'm not up to anything illegal…yet' smile, "Casi didn't you know he was our beloved weyrleader now? Doing a good job he is." Turning to look around, SI offers a little wave of her fingers towards Matrin, Derin, and Kez. "Kez are you ok? You seem so lost in your thoughts today? Should I have Sak speak with your lifemate or better yet speak with her myself?" Oh Yes, she's almost begging now.

No tattling to the drinking buddy. There's a blush on Keziah's cheeks at the question and she coughs a little "Fine. perfectly fine. Nothing to see here." Now, to change the subject "Dersk's going to love that isn't it?" she asks with a tilt of her head. And then there's Sianne and the blush is even redder "I'm fine. Just been a little tired. No more healers, please. I've had enough and they're already putting restrictions on me. The baby is fine I'm sure, but go ahead chit chat with Alo, she might listen to you." she coughs a little. Can we sink into chair now?

Casiella shoots Sianne a notably dirty look. Seriously, if looks could kill, Sakrienth would have to find herself some other person to shack up with. She follows the woman's gaze to the greenrider, and seems relieved to focus on something else for a moment. "Don't let them bully you, it makes you more stressed." The goldrider offers by way of encouragement. "Woman have been birthing for thousands of Turns, and yet every man tries to treat a pregnant woman like she'd break." Casi wrinkles her nose, and finally makes it back around to Xe'ter, almost reluctantly. She skims over what Ista's done - though even the thought gets another snotty little sniff from Casi, and she frowns down at her son, trying hard to look serious and grim. That's really hard when you're shifting your feet in guilt. Finally, she flings her handful of envelopes down on a neighboring table, snatches a chair, and practically falls into it. Yes, she's being a little melodramatic, but it's obviously a cover-up for the fact that she's been flustered into speechlessness. Finally, the only thing she can come up with is, "your grandfather'd be very proud of you, I'm sure. And your grandmother, too."

With all the concern going Keziah's way, Matrin doesn't seem to feel the need to add to it. He does remark, "You're making a whole person. I think being a little tired is perfectly reasonable," with a quick wink to the pregnant greenrider. Then, fortunately for the girl who'd rather sink into her chair, the reunion between Casiella and Xe'ter proves to be far more interesting. They are absorbed enough in each other that he can look from one to the other and back with a faint narrowing of his dark lashes. "There's an empty seat now that Thea's gone if you'd care to join us, ma'am. Sounds like the two of you have some catching up to do." To say the least.

Derin watches Keziah, brows furrowed beneath unruly curled bangs. "Are y'sure?" Brown eyes regard the greenrider curiously, he's measuring her up, he could scoop her up and take her to her cottage if she fell asleep maybe…as long as there weren't any frying pans handy anyways. And then there's the subject of his wher. "Oh, aye, he'll love it. He'll prob'ly wanna prance 'round in it in front of th'greens." The young wherhandler smirks a little, he doesn't like that idea too much.

Casiella glances at Matrin after she's flopped down, offering him a wan smile as his words just now percolate through her frustrolation. "Over here is well enough. Btween works both ways, you know!" That's shot at the young, smirking bronzerider.

Xe'ter half-smiles at Casiella for a moment at her commentary. His gaze goes over Keziah again for a moment, and his tiny half-frown…and then back to Casiella. He avoids the topic for a moment, of grandparents. Perhaps he's of the opinion that those grandparents wouldn't be so proud…or he knows they wouldn't. "Aye, well, ma'am. You hear I sired a flight-babe on Ryni…he's all but two now…Ryxeter. And I've another claimed down here in the caverns. Little one, Wroletta…she's a sickly thing, bless her…had fevers right after she was born, but she seems to be getting stronger now." Yeah. Let Casiella know about those children of his. "So. Matrin, the Harper, Keziah of green Alosynth, and that's Derin whose Dersk saved me and Thea a few months back now…damn smart wher."

Sianne bobs her head like an avian, eyes dancing, smile in place. A hand waves, signaling to a caverns girl in her own way and moments later a Mug of Ale appears before Si for the drinking. "Tis a grand day to be alive."

Keziah points to Casiella "See, I won't break" she then nods to Matrin "Again, see. I'm fine. Perfect." she hmmphs a little and then goes for diversion again "Oh, I'm sure he'll be attracting the eyes of several, and maybe some new ones or perhaps some old ones." And then she's being introduced? There's a squeak. Maybe she should pay attention "Our duties to you?" Then there's a curious look for Sianne.

"A pleasure to meet both a weyrwoman and a relation of Xe'ter's," is Matrin's smooth reply. His tone is rich and his smile is warm enough, though the pointed use of 'a relation' might have been telling if anyone here knew him better. As it is, the introduction only serves to delay him for that one brief moment, and then as his lunch is finished he stands to go since he already offered duties when she arrived "And a pleasure to spend some time with all the rest of you as well. If you'll excuse me, I need to get back to the apprentices." He'll take care of his dishes first of course, but then he's on his way.

So, guess who's getting the Look of Death now? Xe'ter, you say? Correct, sah! It's okay, the clearing at Ierne is plenty big enough for Romth and Sakrienth to shack up with Calanth. Casi purses her lips together, still trying to look stern and rebuking, but she's got the Guilts so bad she's actually fidgeting. She opens her mouth to tell him something, and clamps it abruptly shut, glancing around as if she's only just realizing they have an audience. Ah, er, uh. The Harper, especially, gets a wry look that's a little troubled as he's introduced, and then excuses himself, and after that Casi makes an effort to relax back into her chair and nod to each as they are introduced to her, smiling politely. The smile is, however, strained. Her nod to Keziah is more than polite - it's somewhat sympathetic. "Somebody's always harping when you're pregnant. And if you can get the people off your back, then your dragon starts in. And it's Casi, greenrider. No duties need be paid to me." She smiles, then the smile falls as it turns back to Xe'ter.

Derin is still gonna keep an eye on the greenrider, but then Xe'ter is making intriductions and the wherhandler inclines his head to the goldrider respectfully as his name is mentioned. He's quiet though, and actually winces at the green comments by Keziah. "Shards I hope not." A frown. Greenhandlers make him nervous…well, most people make him nervous really. And then he's getting to his feet to shuffle to go fetch more ale. The wherhandler really doesn't say or do much else, he's boring, ayup.

Xe'ter might have a little touch of the guilts too. Uh. He's guilty of treating women like they'll break when they're pregnant, too. It's just. In his nature. "Don't, though, inform Calanth that her rider said that…" Yeah. Xe'ter noticed the look Casiella gave him. He'd be a pair of smokin' boots if those worked!

At least Xe'ter didn't make a mention about trying to claim Kezi's unborn too, just because she was already brokey? "Casi then" Keziah murmurs. She watches Derin a moment, but at least he's making no more mention of her being okay or not. "Well, you never know. How old is that youngest green now?" she asks after a moment. "Still not likely old enough I'm sure."

Casiella gives Xe'ter a wry look, with just a hint of a smile. "You know, Calanth doesn't threaten to eat many people. She likes you." Yeah, the gold always knew you were special, isn't that how proud mother stories go? But her attention slides over to Derin, realizing they're leaving a member out. Okay, well, and, she's interested in changing the subject about her and Xe'ter's tearful reunion until she can kidnap the Weyrleader and get him behind closed doors. "What color is your wher, Derin? Dersk is a fine name for him." Again, color matters. Just ask Calanth.

Xe'ter chuckles, "Romth's rather fond of Dersk. I've never seen him take any sort of shine to the other whers…but he likes Dersk." And nevermind, it might just be because Romth thinks Dersk is funny. He is quiet, for a brief moment, but there's a lingering awkwardness. "So…have you lunched yet today?" Sure, he just ate. But still. "I've a nice weyrbarn down by the water. Good fishing…when I can."

"Dersk is a blue, Ma'am." That's Derin's answer as he comes back from retrieving another glass or two of ale. He takes the box in his hand and runs a finger over it a moment. The wherhandler doesn't add much more, he's obviously not the best socialite, what do you expect from a man who lives in a hole.

Casiella smiles indulgently as the Handler tells her the color of his beast, then returns to a frown as the ma'am slips in. "Just Casi. I haven't been a proper weyrwoman in so long I'm surprised Calanth's gold hasn't rubbed off." She grins a bit, encouragingly. She doesn't bite, and Calanth doesn't usually. "And blues are the best of all colors. Ask most any gold. A good many'd prefer a blue to a brown or a bronze most any day." Well, as long as they aren't proddy. Then blues are about the only color that's safe. "I actually shared the Weyrling Barracks with the wherling Handlers when I was a Weyrling. We learned quite a bit about the whers then. It was a good experience. Whers are wonderful creatures. You're very lucky to have one. Also, you're very lucky to have so little to scrub." And creatures is an upgrade from the 'beast' term she uses to talk about Calanth. Among other things she calls the gold. Xe'ter gets a casual, "maybe in a bit", but she makes eye contact and mouths "later".

For him to be well grounded? Ba dum dum. Kezi herself gets up to take her plate away and grabs a skin "It was a pleasure to meet you, but I'd best be going." she notes. Before anyone else decides she needs help or what not. Yup. She'll just go hide away again.

Xe'ter quirks a brow at Casiella, but shrugs and then grins at Derin. See? But he nods to the handler and to Keziah, "Take care, greenrider." Heh. He's all about the ma'am AND the formal titles…so there!

Derin watches as Keziah takes her leave, brown eyes trailing after her a moment before they turn back to the goldrider and Xe'ter. "S'rry, force of habit." And he's not even gonna try to just call her Casi, because, well, he wasn't brought up that way. "Dersk is wonderful, aye, an' I wouldna trade 'im fer th'world." At least that's pure truth there. "An' if anyone d'serves this award, 'tis him. All I did was dig, he's th'one that rescued y'all."

Casiella nods after Keziah as the woman takes her leave, then turns her attention back down. Sianne is still absorbed in her beer, so Casi's attention flicks between the Wherhandler and the Weyrleader. "Care to tell me about that?" Her tone is mild and interested, but the glance she gives to Xe'ter is a little rough. She's not going to badger him to call her something he's not interested in - just so long as he doesn't call her ma'am. Xe'ter knows. The smile she gives Derin, however, is encouraging. "It sounds terribly exciting, and I could use a little thrill. Even vicariously."

Xe'ter chuckles at that, "I guess A'dmar was too embarrassed to tell the tell back at Ierne. It was a long story…and it involved a hole." And uh. "It's a long story." Yeah. It was. "And Dersk had the wherewithall to *between* in to us and bring us food and water while they dug us out. We were getting pretty…thirsty."

Derin stands by the fact that, "We was jus' doin' our job. S'what we've been trained fer. Well except the 'tweenin part. Most whers dunna manage to master 'tween, but Dersk is smarter'n yer average wher." Or the boy could be biased, but yeah.

Casiella snorts at Xe'ter's bare-bones telling, not looking at the Weyrleader. "Don't get cocky, Xe'ter." Also, if that's an innuendo, suffice to say that Casi doesn't want to know. What you do in holes is your own business. "He really b*tweened in there all by himself?" She asks the Wherhandler. "How did you know there was enough space for him?" Not that Whers are terribly big, after all, but still. Sending Calanth someplace alone and unknown is obviously an idea that gives Casi the heebiejeebies.

Xe'ter offers his fostermother a decidedly teasing, winning, and utterly fake smile.

Derin shrugs, "We'd been in there b'fore. We explored th'whole ruins b'fore anyone else. Dersk an' I…we're not really people people." Huh? Figure that one out. "And I guess he kin kinda see through rock with his photosensitive eyes." Not to mention Derin actually thinks of Xe'ter and Thea as his friends, though he'd never admit to that being a reason. "An' Seryth an' Romth couldna lose their riders.." And there is where the wherhandler stops, and just looks deep into his ale before lifting it to his lips and drinking a large gulp of the cool liquid.

Casiella rolls her eyes at Xe'ter, not buying it for one minute. Derin, however, gets an expression of understanding - for more than just the question of b*tween. "That makes more sense. If he knew where he was going, I don't suppose that's as perilous - though, it doesn't discount your courageousness as a pair one bit." She nods a bit. "And I can quite understand not being … Well, people people." She offers him a grin that's almost sly and conspiring. "Calanth and I aren't really, either, anymore. 'Swhat happens when one takes a twenty Turn hiatus away from everybody else. Oh, get me around a group in the Caverns," she flicks her hand. "That's nothin'. But a real group?" She shakes her head. "Not much my style, even after a couple of Turns back in the loop. I suppose that little clearing in Ierne is useful for something." She glances at Xe'ter meaningfully. "But, even so, it's nice to be back around folks. Calanth's okay for talking to, but only for about twenty minutes at a time." The huff from outside is audible, and Casi grins. "Sometimes I need people. People who don't sound like Aivas reads."

Xe'ter chuckles at Casiella, and then offers his hand out for a moment. "Still, I'm really glad to see you." He chuckled, "I…should have visited, you're right, but shards. I was on a delivery ride when Romth caught Seryth and it's been busy ever since. One of my wingleaders went bad on us…don't suppose you heard about the mess with B'rdian…I've been very busy."

Derin frowns at the mention of the B'rdian mess, that was a fiasco, wasn't it? "Aye things've been…odd here as late." And another drink is taken of ale.

Xe'ter ohs softly, and shakes his head, "It were bad business, Casiella." He's so formal, and yet. Obviously he's fond of her, too! "Keziah, the greenrider that just left us here? She came to Thea and I a few sevenday ago. B'rdian…well, he always had a bit of a high opinion of himself. I didna like it…but he hadn't done anything wrong. It's nae against Weyr law to be an arse. Well, she came to us with a report tha he'd been on Ers'lan…one of the just graduated weyrlings and was treating him unfair." His lips tighten, though…and he considers his next words carefully. "He…weren't just being unfair. He were making him take physical training until he hurt 'imself. And at one point accused him of insubordination and kicked him when he were down. Now…Ers' has a bit of an opinion of himself as well, an' can be right…hard to deal with." He shoots Casiella a look, then chuckles, "Used to be a seacrafter himself." Oh yes…apparently the young Weyrleader and the brownrider have tied into it a few times in their own way. As in…stoney, 'yes-sir' silence and polite formality that would freeze a river into a glacier. "But there were no call for that. When we asked him… B'rdian…about it, he got very…high with himself. We took him before the Weyr Council…he's been stripped of rank outside of wingrider…but he's nae left the Weyr yet."

And yet, there doesn't seem to be a full recounting of /that/ either…most likely the parts that involved Xe'ter wanting to cut B'rdian like a fishpoacher…

Derin listens, he's likely heard all the rumours and maybe even some details thanks to his nights spents drinking with Ers'lan. His ale is finished and the wherhandler glances back towards the serving table, trying to debate whether or not to have a third glass of ale. Rin has no comments to add to the weyrleader's account, merely crosing thick arms over his chest and frowning a little in thought.

Casiella's eyebrows reach towards her browline at the telling she receives from Xe, though a faint smile floats on her lips as his accent comes out. She can tell he's still well disturbed over the whole thing. "I see. Not the first time a 'senior' rider has been too hard on a young rider, and it'll hardly be the last." Casiella sighs. "Although, you think we'd be getting better and better about weeding out that sort of fool. I remember a bit in my youth, being razed just because the older riders had been razed, and they felt that was the way of it. I vowed to Calanth that when I became Weyrwoman, I'd end that sort of silly practice." Casiella laughs ruefully, playing with a little mar in the table with her free hand. "What did his dragon have to say for himself?" She asks after a moment. "I can't imagine his dragon would have let this be, were it truly over the top." That's the reason we have dragonkind, after all. Consciences to keep power in check. "I imagine he hasn't gone anywhere yet because he'd scant be accepted for that sort of behavior. Although, some Weyr might be hard up enough."

Xe'ter shrugs a touch, "S'dragon's almost as arrogant as he. His dragon said only that Zhaoth hadn't gone 'tween…so it wasn't too much." He sighs, and shrugs. "Sometimes…they've only the empathy for their rider, too. But it's sorted now. Ers'lan's heading up the wing as a 'second while Keziah's grounded with the babe." He shakes his head a little, "Still. B'ky were only harsh with me an' my hair." He reaches to rub his hand over his short, neatly shorn curls.

Derin doesn't have the first hand experience of dragon and rider bond, and he's pretty sure it's way different than his is with Dersk. "Prob'ly, if I've heard 'bout th'things that happened, then I'm sure other weyrs've heard too. Prob'ly no one wants 'im."

Now that gets a true eyebrow raise from Casiella. "Truly?" She asks, obviously disturbed. "I've hardly heard of a dragon so… Callous." She shivers, delicately, glancing around herself as if to make sure neither rider nor dragon are anywhere around. She closes her eyes for a moment, pursing her lips - evidently, Calanth has been listening in and is grumbling loudly in her rider's head. "No, Calanth, you may not. How did Seryth handle the bronze?" An edge to her tone might be a little displeased, since the bronze obviously still lives - but there's a lot of Calanth's ranting clouding her vision and attitude. "Sorry, one of Cal's favorite lectures is the sanctity of life and limb. It's as well we weren't here. She would have undermined Seryth and dealt with it… And rather badly, I fear." There's a frown as she tries to get the gold under control, but the stomping, huffing, and otherwise slight tantrum throwing is certainly audible from outside. Casi nods at Derin. "Few will tolerate abuse on a new rider. Especially if he was taken before the Council. The bond between them is still so young, so easy to abuse…" Casi is certainly troubled by the incident.

Xe'ter glances out towards the bowl, and then is firm, "Seryth dealt with him fine. She's very…firm when she needs to be. He's staying in one of the weyrbarns on the edge of the Weyr." Away from everyone else. Exiled in his own Weyr. "Romth was very supportive of her…but then, he's a great flying sot ever since he caught her." He looks lopsidely amused for a few moments, but it passes.

Derin does get up, to wander over for his third glass of ale, damned drunk anyway huh? "Y'guys want somethin' t'drink?" Hey, he might as well ask, right?

Xe'ter laughs at that, and then smiles, "No, Derin. Technically, I'm still on…just not in the office. If anyone needs me in there, Thea'll have Seryth bespeak Romth." Yeah. Not that likely. "But thank you."

Casiella grins back at the youth. "Bronzes get like that," she says gently, amused. "And Cal will quit in a minute. That's the nice thing about dragons. ANGER ANGER ANGER ANG-Trundlebug! Keep me from ever having to deal with her for long." THAT gets a hoff, a snort, and almost a rumble of growl. A rumble of something. At Derin's offer, Casiella gives him a grin. "Yes!" Please! "A glass of red wine would be lovely, and much appreciated!" It might take an edge off the fourty ton wherry outside, stomping around. At least now she's annoyed at her rider and not the other dragon. "And just as well that moron's taken care of. Next time, let the other dragon bite him." And Casi gives a firm nod.

Xe'ter chuckles, despite himself, "Now now…last thing I need is a bunch of dragons acting like a cannibal clutch off firelizards. It's…done with now."

Derin peers at Xe'ter, oh yeah, duties and stuff, he tries not to drink when he's on call either for the most part, but since tonight is his night off, he doesn't have to worry too much. "Red wine, got it." And once his glass is filled with ale, he moves to retrieve a glass of red for the goldrider. That done, wherhandler moves back towards the table and offers Casiella the wine. "Do dragons bite eachother?" He blinks, he's actually a bit surprised by that.

Casiella grins at Derin. "They may. Mostly when they mate, or sometimes in play. It doesn't generally end up too badly - they're fairly thick-skinned." You'd have to be, to go up against Thread. "I was actually telling Xe to have the dragon bite the jerk of a rider. Now, that they generally won't do. Unless they're protecting their riders. And, even then, dragons don't typically kill." But maiming isn't out of the question. Perhaps a little mauling. "And it's not cannibal." Technically, no, dragon on person is not cannibal. "Call it poetic justice." Casi smirks, almost wickedly.

Casiella accepts her wine as an afterthought, gratefully, taking a large swig. "Wonderful, many thanks. Good vintage, too."

Xe'ter shakes is head a little at Casiella, but it's with a bemused sort of 'oh good grief' air. He, obviously, would never think of such a thing…bawl the rider out, threaten to cut him to ribbons, stomp around and mutter that he was going to replace him with a wherhandler. But actually do those sorts of things? Never. Maybe Xe's a bit more delicate in diplomacy than he gives himself credit for.

Derin wrinkles his nose a little at the thought of not only dragon biting dragon but dragon biting human. "That sounds…unpleasant." Yep, Captain Obvious here.

Casiella laughs aloud on the look on their faces, Derin's comment only causing gales of laughter. "Well of course it is!" She responds after a long moment. "That's the point." She looks from one to the other, still giggling a bit - and seeming more than a little pleased with herself, that she managed to surprise Xe'ter. "Now, tell me, wouldn't you toe the line if you seriously thought I was going to feed you to Calanth?" The rumbles that Xe'ter's probably getting from Calanth through Romth migh suggest Callie'd do it, depending on the situation. "It obviously got me somewhere with you before," she tells him sweetly, with that little wicked grin still playing at her features.

Xe'ter chuckles a little, and shakes his head a touch. "Aye, ma'am. It worked. For about a month. Then Calanth started giving me information on the sly and that were the end of that."

Derin glances between the two quietly, yeah, he's lost in that one. But that's alright because he has a glass…and it's fun to swirl around before drinking.

Casiella blinks at him. There's obviously a quick mental conference, and suddenly there is silence from outside. Now /Calanth/ is getting one of the Looks of Death - which is good, because now Saks and Romth will have more space where she once lived. "She did /what/?" Casi asks him, her voice low and steady. And maybe even a little dangerous. Her green eyes snap angrily at the youngster, obviously demanding more information.

Oh hoh, but there's been some growing up. And maybe the big shiney not on his shoulder has helped give him some backbone, or something. But he doesn't even blink at the stare. "It's alright, Casiella. I like Calanth. And when I was younger…before I impressed, she'd speak to me. Just a little. Enough to make me think you wouldn't kill me after all."

Casiella pulls herself up like she might /like/ to kill him, then deflates a little bit. "She likes you, too." The goldrider tells him, grudgingly. It is obviously *not* what Casi thought Cal had been passing off to the young man. Who knows what Casi thought he'd gotten. Maybe the secrets of old people. Where the doom button was. Or something. "And I never wanted to kill you." Well, she never had the gumption to actually go through with it. "You were just a bit difficult to deal with sometimes. You and that idiot other kid I dumped off at the Harper Hall." Okay, that might sound a bit callous, but he really could be a pain. "All you two did was fight. It was like having a pair of golds always ready to rise, but never actually going up." She glances uncomfortably at Derin, and asks, "do you have any kids?"

Derin blinks a little, a gold talking to someone who's not her rider? Now this is a bit of a surprise to the wherhandler, but he shows no reaction, instead he hides any reaction in the process of sipping his ale. Then the large miner coughs, choking a moment on his ale. "Kids? ma'am!" Hell, he just finally got a girlfriend, and the young man is blushing…brightly.

Xe'ter snortles a little…despite himself. Okay, so the look on Derin's face was totally worth the question. Better than when he got handed that shiney gold dooley thingy.

Casiella completely ignores the blushing. "Good. When you do have them some day, just tell them you'll feed them to Dersk the first time they start fighting. And if that doesn't stop it, try fostering them half of Pern apart from each other. Only then will you possibly get a good night's sleep." And even that doesn't guarantee it. "Or, better yet, have girls." Casi, having only sons, obviously assumes girls cannot be so much grief. "Couldn't even get the two of you to spar like real boys, either. Just carp at one another." Grump grump grump. Casi did, however, catch the blink from Derin about Cal talking to others, and explains. "That'n's got a mind of her own, fer sure. She's been doin' that all along. Only when she likes 'em, now, and that not terribly much. I think she likes scarin' people 'til they pee. Did that to one girl, one time. Laughed about it for weeks. And get her and Sakrienth together…" And here, Casi looks to the sky for strength. "They sat in the Bowl of Igen once and talked to every person who walked past on a bet about who could scare more people to death. Calanth had to catch Sakrienth four herdbeasts that day."

Xe'ter laughs despite himself…but only shakes his head. "Shards, Casiella…I pray that Romth never learns how to do that." Nevermind what his own dragon enjoys doing for 'fun'.

Xe'ter starts to open his mouth for a moment…and then frowns, his commentary cut short because a stern faced bluerider comes up to him with a notice in hand. "Oh shardit…I totally forgot." He rises up to his feet, and then gives Casiella an almost wan smile, "I'll see you soon, alright? If you want…I can come on up to Ierne and visit…"

Casiella extricates her hand from Xe'ter's before he stands, nodding to him meaningfully at the same time she passes a message along through Calanth. "It's just as well. Derin, it was lovely meeting you. Convey my regards to your Dersk, and congratulations on your lovely gift. Xe'ter, I'll see you soon." Now that she knows where he is, that Niva's not here, and that Xanadu is safe again, that is. "You have duties here. I'll be back. But I really do have a few more stops on my route before I quit for the evening. Good afternoon, gentlemen." And she leaves them with a cheery wave, and her half-empty wineglass. Maybe Sianne will drink it for her.

Derin gets to his feet as the goldrider and weyrleader stand to leave. "Good aft'noon Ma'am and Sir." He actually manages a slight salute to both.

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