Happy Baby Shower!

Xanadu Weyr - Observation Level
Dark blue seats form a semi-circle around the sands below, the lowest row separating from the sands themselves by merely a railing. The seats climb upwards, each row a bit higher then the previous, and they are broken up into sections by 3 sets of staircases. Lights are evenly spaced along the outer wall, lighting the seats and the sands easily, though they tend to be dimmed unless a major event is taking place. A large balcony looms overhead, darkening some of the seats, providing a place for observers of the draconic kind to watch without obstructing the view for others.
When one looks over the railing, the oddly hued sand below can be seen easily, the circle-shaped area of the sands spread out to the far walls, the sand itself a unique mixture of red and white grains.

Okay, so maybe the observation level of the hatching arena is not what is traditionally thought of as a party locale, but after survival camp, it has two important features: a roof overhead and warmth. Good enough! Also, it means Briana won't have to be seperated from her dragon for long. Of course, that does mean arrangements had to be made for seperating them in the first place… and so despite the fact that the candidates got this afternoon free of chores, one of them has been busily sweeping the foyer. Sweep, sweep… it'd be more impressive if he wasn't always sweeping the same spot. The other candidates sit in the barracks with carefully hidden supplies… and wait. At last, the lookout bursts in. "She's gone!"

At the lookout's cue, Hotaru bounds up the steps carrying what appears to be a crib with a box in it. Well, it's likely someone is helping her since it's a bit awkward to get the crib up into the observation level by herself. The box is full of party supplies. Steamers, a big banner, blue and pink clothes to lay over the benches, plates and cup and things for consuming of foods. Maybe balloons. Does Pern have balloons? The red-head will help anyone else lug their items up to the observation level. "Let's put the gifts over here, and then the food over there…"

Mikal is helping, somewhat. He does anything asked of him cause honestly he has no idea how to decorate for a girly party! He's often distracted though by peering at the eggs on the sands.

Soriana bounds to her feet as well, sending her firelizard between with a pre-written message and picking up the big trays of food that she's been guarding from the longing eyes and hands of other candidates. There's one of cookies, cut in various shapes and frosted pink and blue. There's another one of mixed pastries, sweetrolls and orange buns and miniature tarts. With so many baked goods, it's a lucky thing Briana has been so busy - she is, after all, a baker by craft! The third tray is little triangle-cut cucumber sandwiches and other savories, because you can't have everything be a sweet… or so they have been reliably informed. Her firelizard messenger will cue the next part of the lookout system, and once Briana's gone through the caverns, a pair of candidates waiting there will be arriving with pitchers of cold lemonade and iced tea. For now, though, there's a party to arrange here! "Yeah, that sounds good," Soriana agrees to Hotaru, then baps the fingers of a hungry candidate boy trying to snag some of the food that is his primary reason for being here surrounded by mostly girls. "Put some streamers along the railing!" That'll keep his hands busy… hopefully.

Jikmyn gives a startled yelp as he's bopped. He just wanted a nibble! "Sorry!" mutters the candidate.

The observation level has been decked out for a party in pink and blue! Streamers circle the railings, and cloths are laid out along the benches to turn them into impromptu tables. One of those tables has an assortment of food. There are cookies in the shapes of dragons and eggs with blue and pink frosting. Little cucumber triangle sandwiches. Sweetrolls and orange buns and bite-size pies - really, all sorts of nibbly things, and there are pitchers of lemonade and iced tea set out for something to drink. Things are still being thrown together - one candidate is wrapping streamers, another is adjusting the pile of wrapped gifts heaped on another of the benches next to a very large rectangular object with a plain white cloth hastily thrown over it, and there are candidates running around to finish getting things set up while the Junior Weyrwoman who was (until recently) in the sands is at what is (she has been informed by the Senior Weyrwoman) a very important meeting she simply must attend.

Hotaru helped with some of the cookies! Whatever Idrissa told her to help with, that wouldn't also destroy the cookies or whatever it was they had to make. She's also tried all the cookies. Hotaru has Mikal help her put up the banner and the streamers and lay out the blue and pink blankets. Did we find out if Pern has balloons? Because if it does they put some up. Then they arrange all the gifts neatly on one of the benches while Soriana sets up the food. Hotaru pulls a bunch of party favors out of the box of goodies then. "Look, I made little wash cloth lollipops for favors."

Mikal spares a glance towards the eggs but mostly he's able to focus long enough to help with the banner and streamer and balloons if they exist. He ensures his gift is placed carefully with the others though he does take a minute to look at the other gifts. "Ooh, those are neat." he says politely of Hotaru's lollipop favors.

Pern has rubber and plastic, so there are probably balloons, yes. That 'meeting' the Weyrwoman had drawn her Junior into was probably baffling to say the least because all Thea does is leisurely chat to her about the Candidates, the eggs and inquire about Briana's state of health. When it is over, she rises and accompanies the goldrider back to the sands with the pretext of saying hello to Sahazyth. From the observation level. Because that, of course, is a better vantage point to see the clutch. And so it is what she gestures Briana to precede her up those stairs, a small anticipatory smile quirking her lips as they near the top.

The cooler weather has certainly made things a little easier for the heavily pregnant rider, though each day has gotten just that little bit harder. More time being spent in the slightly cooler stands than the sands. Healers and weyrmate constantly making sure she eats and drinks enough. When called to the office by the weyrmate, she is surely expecting a lecture about her sands time in her condition. The casual chat catches her off guard, but well she rolls with it and as they return to the observation level Briana pauses on the top step as she notices the gathering and decorations. There is a look to Thea, "A meeting, huh?" She asks with an amused look on her face before looking back to the group, "This is…" She starts before her voice catches and there is actually tears glistening in her eyes. Yay hormones! Words fail her but it is clear she is happy and overwhelmed by what she sees.

So there are balloons - pink and blue ones. The place is very decorative right now… also, very pink and blue. It's like there might possibly be a theme going on or something? Soriana peers at those lollipop washcloths Hotaru has, and grins. "Nice," she says, then hmms as she glances back. "You think we should maybe spread out the food so people can mingle more?" Because people do that, right? They… mingle. Right? "And we- she's here!" There! At the top of the stairs! It's a Briana. Ready or not, they'd better get things started, and so Soriana calls out, "Happy-" Baby shower? That doesn't sound right. But that's what it is. But… uh… okay, uh, "-Surprise!" Yes, that's right. Happy Surprise!

Mikal turns as he hears Soriana. "Surprise!" he hollers right after Soriana. Let's hope he's not too loud to scare that baby out of there. Quickly he nudges Hotaru. "Think she likes it?" is asked in a loud whisper.

Hotaru hands one of the party favors to Mikal. "Here you go! Everyone gets one. They're our presents." Hey, maybe Thea needed to have one of those engagement meetings with Briana. You know, the kind that are basically just big pep talks to help you get motivated about your job and all. Hooray balloons! It is indeed festive. And there's the mom-to-be. "Surprise!" Hotaru joins in the yelling and clapping. "Welcome to your baby shower! Here take a plate and a cup get some munchies and punchies. We got lots of yummy cookies."

Not all surprises are happy ones, but this is indeed one of them. The words spoken by Soriana turn Thea's smug grin at her Junior into a light laugh. "Gotcha?" she teases her in an undertone before gesturing her onwards. This is allllllll for Briana, so the Werwoman hangs back as they move on into the 'level. She's silent, though she does greet those who make eye contact with her by giving them a nod and a smile of approval for having done this for the oft too-hard working Junior.

Briana nods to Thea, "Yes you did." She says as she finds her voice again and looks back to the candidates who seem to be the true instigators of this. She looks out to the sands for a moment and Sahazyth is watching the goings on now, when before she was pointedly seeming to ignore things."This is amazing. I certainly did not expect…" Then she is handed one of the favors and food and a drink and she just shakes her head in awe at all the preperations. "You all didn't have to do this…" Yes she is truely surprised by it all.

Munchings and punchings! Soriana flashes Sahazyth a grateful grin (yay conspiracies!), then returns to watching Briana. "Course she does," she murmurs to Mikal, then heads closer. "Idrissa helped make 'em," she says of the cookies. "Just like you showed us!" See? They were paying attention, way back then. And better yet, they only helped, so the cookies were still supervised by someone who knew what they were doing. As for not having to do this, she just grins and shrugs. "But we did."

Hotaru thumbs to Soriana. "Really this was all Soriana's brainchild." So if Briana wants to cry or awkwardly hug someone it ought to be her. Hotaru leans over to Soriana. "Did you plan games?" The red-head grins to Briana. "We're excited for your baby! Also your dragon's babies." Yay babies! If the two weyrwomen don't want to get food that was up to them. Hotaru drags Mikal over to get some cookies, that way she doesn't have to go by herself.

Mikal is dragged for cookies though really it's not too hard to convince him to get cookies! He looks relieved when Sori informs him that the gold rider likes it. "Oh good!" he's not so good at this baby shower thing so he's simply going with the flow. "When do we give presents?" he'll ask eventually. "Or do we wait until all the food is eaten or something?"

"Indeed," Thea agrees with Briana, still smug. She moves towards the table, clearly admiring all the creative decorations and refreshments before lifting a plate to extend towards Briana. "Feed that baby, hmm? There's no time like the present to overdose it on sugar," she says with a wink. To Soriana, she says, "Nice work." Which hopefully covers the organization as well as the execution. Hotaru's comment about being excited about babies prompts a quick comeback tease, "Not too excited, I hope." Because Candidates having bavies isn't such a good thing. She waits for Briana to start, then puts a few items on her own plate.

As the history behind the cookies are explained, Briana may get just a touch more weepy and quickly wipes away the tears. The cookies are added to the plate and she is determined to enjoy them. The heavily pregnant rider lowers herself to a bit of bench space in the middle of it all. As Soriana is dobbed in, Briana looks up to her, "Thank you so much for this. I have been so focussed on Sahazyth…I am well considering giving the baby a 'dragon name'." She jokes..hopefully. She nods to Thea, "The best part of being pregnant, everyone encourages you to eat good food." She laughs lightly before setting down a cup and rubbing at her belly.

Oh, sure, put Soriana on the spot! Thanks, Hotaru. Sori gives the other girl a look like 'what have you gotten me into?' despite the fact that, yes, Soriana is in fact the person who had this idea in the first place and made it happen. "Uhm, thanks…" she says to Thea's praise, then adds, "Everyone helped, though!" Honest. They can also be cried on, Sori doesn't mind. She keeps grinning as Briana sniffles, though it's maybe a little awkward and she's glad for the chance to look away at Hotaru's question about games. "…sorta. I found this book of them, but that was before the island." And, somehow, she didn't have time to actually look through and find out whether they were any good while she was out there. For some reason. Which will remain unstated, because she looks back to Briana and laughs. "Maybe you can just ask Sahazyth to pick one for you." Also a joke… probably. Then there's Mikal's question about the gifts, and she hmms. "Uhhh…" It's a good question. She has no idea about the answer. How aboooout… "After Briana's had something to eat."

Hotaru ponders. "I dunno. Whenever she wants to open them up I guess. We might be waiting days if we have to wait for all the food to be eaten." But Hotaru will do her part! She munches on a cookie. "I dunno, weyrwoman," Hotaru says to Thea. "I'm pretty excited about the eggs hatching. When does it cross into the… too excited realm?" She giggles a bit. "Have you thought of any baby names? Are you hoping it's a girl or a boy?" Hotaru just grins to Soriana. Hey, gotta give credit where credit was due. Maybe once Briana has opened her gifts and all they could think about games. "Make sure everyone gets a washcloth lollipop!"

Mikal chooses to selectively /not/ see the tears. Lalalala. Nope. So he nibbles on the cookies and looks elsewhere until he's sure Briana's not going to bawl or something. "Oh right. Sure." he says agreeably to Soriana's suggestion on Briana eating first. So with that he too fills a plate with some goodies. Elidor is sprawled nearby on a seat but he opens an eye with interest as he perhaps senses his pet eating. He gives a knowing nod to Thea, adding his own comment. "I think /all/ girls go a little overboard when it comes to babies!" a feeling that is evidently not too mutual with the lad. "Babies are…noisy. You should be sure to get a babysitter sometimes though." is said on the heels of that. "So you don't get too tired of it." spoken like a true teen.

Thea simply nods at Briana, treating the tears casually as one is wont to do with pregnant women and nudges over one of the large square-wrapped presents with her foot. If Briana doesn't lift her feet, she'll do it for her so those poor feet are propped up on the footrest-present. Then she fills a cup of punch and hands it to the Junior without comment. "That'd be interesting," she comments in an aside to Soriana about Sahazyth naming Briana's offspring. Then her brows dance in a 'dare-ya' to the Junior. Yeah, she didn't think the goldie would go for that. "Babies, not eggs, Hotaru," Thea says with a chuckle. "When you want your own?" And then she grins at Mikal because well. Just because his comments are typical and he didn't say stinky.

Briana nods towards each candidate in attendance, "Well thank you all. This is amazing, I may have to save some food for Derin for when he wakes up." Joys of a 'shiftworker' weyrmate. She can't help but grin at Mikal's comment, "I will make sure to look you up when I need a babysitter, thanks for volunteering." There is a twinkle in her eye that isn't just tears. Yes she is teasing. As for names Briana shakes her head a bit, "We have gone through a few names, but well we will see what he or she looks like. Sahazyth has suggested a couple, I think I might go with more human suggestions." There is a light laugh at that as she takes a slow breath and rubs at her belly again. She takes some bites of the freshmade cookies. There is a thankful look as the 'footrest' is provided.

"Glad you like it!" Soriana says with a grin that only widens as Mikal gets himself volunteered (this is why she didn't say anything), then ohs! "Mikal," she says with a look to the other candidate, "-get the thing. The one from you and Marel. That's for her now, she should have it while she's eating." You know. The Thing. That One.

Hotaru furrows her brow at Mikal. "I am not overboard. You can't act like you're not excited about the eggs hatching, Mikal!" She thumbs to him. "I think he's offering to babysit, Briana." She chuckles when Briana reiterates her own thoughts. "Babies?" Hotaru wrinkles her nose. "After I impress and have a weyrmate. So like… probably another twenty turns at the rate I'm going. I guess I'll have to hurry up and impress. D'ani will be like fifty if I wait that long." She rubs her chin. "What's your weyrmate's name again? I'm good at coming up with baby names." Hotaru looks curiously at Soriana. What was this… The Thing?

Wait..what? Mikal's expression is quite comical, even seriously worried for a moment until he realizes that Briana is teasing. He gives a 'you-got-me-good' look before turning to Hotaru. "No, I meant overboard for the human babies. Course the egg hatching will be exciting." he refrains just barely from an eye-roll. Weren't there supposed to be more guy candidates here?? "Oh..the Thing. Sure! I um, didn't know that it was to given while eating." he moves to the table where the presents are. "She put it here, right?" one hopes that she did because he doesn't remember bringing it!

Mikal finds it, picks it up and then presents it to Brianna as he bows before her. "For you from Marel and myself.

Woven from three long, slim stems and threads of healthy vine, this circlet is not a grand affair, but simple and pretty, small blossoms chosen that sit neatly without drawing the eye too much, delicate enough to be dried out and kept, should its owner so choose. A collection of tiny, pastel pink and pale blue flowers are threaded through at equally-spaced intervals, a rich, vivid gold interspersed amongst them, petals neat and all smooth curves. At what is presumably its back lie three strands of ribbon in the same shades as the chosen colour scheme, meant to run down the length of the wearer's hair.

"Who's D'ani?" Thea asks Hotaru idly while watching Briana open her gift. She oohs over it, murmuring, "That's lovely." And of course she's nibbling those pretty cookies and delicate finger sandwiches after that.

As the circlet is presented to her, Briana is clearly enamoured of the woven gift. "Would you care to place it on?" She asks of Mikal and dips her head a bit to allow for the placing of the circlet. Briana is sitting on a bench in the middle of the affair with her feet propped up on a wrapped present. She looks pretty happy with the whole affair. "His name is Derin." She answers to Hotaru's question.

"Yeah, she did!" Soriana calls back to Mikal, with a brief frown as she tries to remember for double-sure… but, before she can think of where it'd be, Mikal finds it. Soriana steps back to let it be presented - in fact, she steps over herself to snag a small bundle. "This is from Marel too," she says as she sets it next to Briana. Because… gotta complete the set. Also because she wants to see the reactions. Briana's had enough to eat, right?

Folded into a neat little square, a soft, close-knit blanket in a shade of pale amber is tied with a wide white ribbon. When unfolded, two pairs of sky-blue baby booties are revealed, alongside a white hat with only two lines of cream-coloured stitching around its edge for decoration. Also included is a pair of silver-grey mittens meant for bigger hands, perhaps those of a one or two turn old.

Idrissa has been around the whole time, truly, though there was a call to go get more cookies that had gotten done so she went to get them. She is just now coming back with a basket of cut out sugar cookies that are in little dragony like shapes, colors of pink and blue icing upon them because this is a baby shower after all! She also has a package tucked under her arm that looks like a gift for a certain mother to be. With a few cookies in hand she is off over to where Briana is and anyone near her. A smile seen and she waves. "Hey, got some warm cookies here."

A lot of parties at Xanadu ended up being a roll-fest. But this was a baby shower, it was mainly for the women! Wasn't Mikal just here for the food? Hotaru just grins at him. "A bronzer at Fort." Hotaru explains to Thea between chewing of cookie. Or maybe doesn't really explain. "That's really nice." Hotaru says about the circlet. "Briana and Derin… How about Diana for a girl, or Brinder for a boy? Nono, Ander for a boy." Hotaru heads over to get her own little gift for Briana. "Aw, baby booties are so tiny and cute." There's a wave to Idrissa. "Ooh, fresh cookies!"

Mikal places the circlet onto Briana's head very carefully as if afraid to endanger either the head or the circlet. It's really hard to tell which. Once set he steps back quickly to stand beside Jikmyn, nudging the boy with an elbow and leaning in to whisper something to him. As presents are being given the whispering between the two lads increases before finally Jikmyn steps over to the table of presents and picks up one more squarely wrapped one. Evidently the boys got someone else to wrap it for them. Once grabbed, Jikmyn presents it to Brianna.

Unwrapped, a framed picture is revealed: The charcoal drawn forest stretches from one edge of the canvas to another, providing the backdrop for the drawing. The vibrant, detailed, leaves fill the trees to give them a feeling of summer. While no color actually adorns the drawing one can easily visualize the browns and greens within the forest. Foreground in the picture is a large egg, the details mimicking the flames found on one of the eggs currently warming in the hatching ground sands. Dark lines form flames licking the entirety of the egg. Not completed…or perhaps one would say recently hatched for the egg is split in half, the details of each half of the egg shows the crack formed and then broken. Within the middle of the hatched egg lays a sleeping infant child. Clothed in swaddling clothes and the eyes closed it could either be a boy or girl. Both egg and child sit upon a bank of sand. Within the corner of the canvas the artist has scrawled his name. 'Mikal'. The entire picture isn't overly large, the size of a small canvas but it's framed by a wood frame.

Jikmyn steps back with a shy smile. "We both worked on it but Mikal drew most of it and I got the materials together."

Briana nor the circlet seems to break as it is placed upon her head. As the next gift is presented, Briana carefully unwraps the present and holds up each item as she removes it from the wrapping. "Oh these are beautiful. I will have to thank her in person." She says as she runs hand over the baby blanket and ends up laying it over her lap. There is a considering look towards Hotaru names, "I will talk to Derin about them." She then stretches a bit as she rubs her belly, trying to resettle in a comfortable position. As Idrissa arrives with more cookies, Briana waves her over. "I heard you baked some, let me at a fresh one." Then Jikmyn is presenting a gift of the drawing. As Briana takes in the picture of the baby nestled in the egg, fresh tears come to her eyes. "Oh its perfect. This is…amazing." She says as she looks between Mikal and Jikmyn.

Did not Soriana say Idrissa helped with making the cookies? She did! Here comes proof of that right now, in the form of Idrissa… and cookies. Yeeees, Soriana would like a cookie. A pink one, as it happens, because that's what was closest. She grins in between nibbles at Hotaru's attempts to name Briana's baby, then slips over to get herself a drink to go with that cookie as more presents arrive. The floodgates have opened, and the candidates have apparently been busy. Soriana just grins as she watches.

"Oh, boyfriend, hmn?" guesses Thea knowingly of Hotaru's D'ani. Shows what she knows! Nothing at all. "I like Brinder," she says as an afterthought and quiets to watch Briana open her gift, leaning over to better see the picture. "Very nice," she compliments both Mikal and Jikmyn and then her eyes lift to spy Idrissa entering and she gives her a little wave. Just then a cavern's worker skips up the stairs, sidles up to the Weyrwoman, gets distracted in eye-balling the cookies and gifts for a moment before she gives herself a little shake, bends to whisper something in Thea's ear. This is not so unexpected - it's always something. "Enjoy your party," the Weyrwoman says to them all as she rises. And she departs to see to whatever little emergency couldn't wait.

Idrissa smiles and nods to Briana whom is allowed to have first crack at the tray of still warm sugar cokkies. "I hope you enjoy 'em!" She peers curiously at the items that have been given as gifts and chews on her lip a moment as she ponders it seems. The tray of cookies is set down, a wave is sent after the leave Thea with a smile seen befoer she just waits while holding onto her gift while Briana deal with the others. "I hope you've liked the cookies. I thought it would be nice to make a bunch after that lesson you gave us."

Hotaru chuckles a bit at Briana. "Sounds good." Hotaru blinks, then laughs at Thea. "No. Not my boyfriend. I have a different boyfriend at Fort… sort of." Since the other gifts have trickled off somewhat, Hotaru gets up to present the big gift. "This one is from all of us. We had Datsun make it." Hotaru moves a crib over so that Briana can take a look at it. It's got a big bow, but is otherwise unwrapped.

This crib is made of a nice even light-colored wood. It's been sanded and stained to make it a slightly darker wood tone, and then finished to a shine. It's large and sturdy, and should support a little one until he or she is ready for a big person bed. Each post of the crib has been nicely cut and carved, and one side latches or can be slide down partway so its occupant can be safely and easily lifted in and out. The tops of each headboard have been carved out in a nice pattern without leaving any sharp edges. Engraved on the footboard is a wher. Engraved on the headboard is a nice big dragon. At the bottom there is a little inscription that reads "From the Candidates, with Love".

Mikal didn't expect her to tear up again! Mikal scuffs his feet, a faint red coloring his ears and neck at the praise. "Gladyoulikeit." e says hurriedly at the same time Jikmyn simply grins. The pair back up to somewhere to watch as Hotaru presents the big gift.

Oh shards. He's late! Why is ka-el late to everything lately? Being back on Xanadu has been a serious blessing, as much … fun … as camping had been. But! Being gone for over a sevenday means he has lots of over a sevenday's worth of work to catch up on at the forges. It's made him … happy. But late. And thus, Kale is seen bustling through the annex and up to the observatory, carrying a flat package seemingly wrapped in aluminum foil (or maybe it's just shiny paper? -.-;; ) and tied with a blue ribbon. And lots of tape. Cuz tape makes the world go round.

As Thea prepares to get back to work, Briana sends her a thankful smile before her attention is on the next candidate to present their present. As the crib is presented, Briana rises awkwardly from her seat to inspect it. Her fingers run along the edge of the frame and if they expected the waterworks to stop, well they will be disapointed. Her fingers trace over the inscription and she looks around at the candidates with renewed tears in her eyes. "You all..this is amazing. It is all amazing." The blanket is placed in the cot and smoothed out.

Idrissa clears her throat and offers the package to Briana with a smile. It feels fluffy and soft for whatever is within it. "Need more then a couple of these, so here's a few more. I hope you like them Briana." See, she can do cookies and other things not just work with runners!

Within the package there are two baby blankets, one is a soft wooly yellow and blue, while the other is a slightly firmer pink and purple. There are even little dragons stitched into the corners in golden thread. "Ah well.. I had some help with the dragons, but the rest I made up." So it seems she knows how to sew as well.

Hotaru offers Briana a napkin. For the tears, not because she's messy or anything. She better drink plenty of water after this. With all the waterworks she'll be dehydrated. Hotaru waves to the late Kale. "Hey Sticky." She peers over Briana's shoulder as Idrissa hands her her gift. "Those are cute, Rissa," she adds about the baby blankets.

Mikal simply leans against the table and lets the girls handle the rest of the party since he's given his gifts and stuff. He nibbles on a cookie and steals glances towards the eggs as if ensuring they aren't going to suddenly crack open during all of this. "She'll have plenty of blankets to wrap him up in this winter." he notes. He's also quite positive it'll be a boy.

Uh oh. Who made Briana cry? Kale erps and half freezes in his step upon seeing tears within the pregnant weyrwoman's eyes. Double uh oh. Crying woman! Must…resist….urge…to flee! It's a hard task though, and he glances back down the steps from where he came, as if contemplating leaving the gift on a seat and disappearing. But, he puts on a brave face and moves towards the rest of the Candidates, siding up to Hotaru with apologetic eyes on Briana. "Er…hi. Happy … baby shower..?" He glances ot the others, as if looking for confirmation on whether or not that is an acceptable greeting. Whether it is or not, he offers her his package. Thankfully not wrapped in foil, but indeed a shiny metal-esque paper.

Briana looks up as Hotaru offers her a napkin and she laughs a little, "I must look a mess." She says as she dabs at her eyes. As Idrissa hands her another gift of blankets she smiles to the beastcrafter candidate, "They are beautiful. I am told you can never have enough clothes or blankets." Yes, babies make mess and mothers are quite happy to tell new mothers about the extent of it. She takes a breath and rubs at her stomach, a slight grimace on her features before sitting down again. As Kale arrives and hands over his gift, she takes it in hand and prepares to unwrap it.

Muir waltzes in with a tray held carefully between his hands. Oh, to be /home/, and clean. Freshly washed, not smelling, in clean clothes, the boy still retains a bit of the thinness he acquired while living off the land - or rock - in the middle of the Sea. Though he'll probably put on weight just carrying this cake. It's a multi layered cake, with fruit filling and delicious cream cheese frosting. The words 'Happy Baby Shower Briana' are iced onto the top in a slightly scribbled scrawl with blue colored icing. It's a boy, right? Slung over his arm is his own gift, which is inside of a brown paper bag.

When Kale's package is opened, within it Briana will find an assortment of … silverware.

Little silverware! The perfect size for a tiny mouth. The curved spoons have smooth edges meant to be gentle on the gums, though it's the handles that steal the show. Each one is different. One thins to the curve of a dragon's tail. Another has been crafted to look like the silhouette of a dragon's head. The handle of the next looks as if it's been wrapped in thin vines, complete with miniscule leaves, and a fourth looks simple, with just the number of the current turn engraved within it, with space left above it.

"Can add the name after," Kale explains of the space.

Idrissa catches the the tears from Briana and she ohs softly. "Oh… Don't cry… Please?" This questioned with a soft tone and chews on her lip a few time and looks around to see the reactions from the others it seems before she looks over to Muir as she catches sight of him coming in with a cake. She waves over to him and grins a bit. "Well… I suppose what Muir has is going to maybe make you cry a bit more at this rate."

Hotaru pats Briana, trying to be comforting. Or at least offer some moral support. "Ah, you're fine. A little crying is good for you." Maybe. She's just sort of making things up so Briana doesn't feel badly. "Happy tears are good!" Really this was more meant for the new arrivals' benefit. No Briana was not having a break down. "Aww, those are so cute Kale. Tiny spoons!" So many baby gifts! Also cake! Hotaru for her part is happy just to sit back, watching and munching.

Mikal is content to sit back and merely watch the others give their gifts. Displaying the attention span of a typical teen, him and Jikmyn are mostly watching the eggs and whispering to each other. Kale's gift of the silverware is noted and he says. "Those turned out great Kale!" he too watches as Muir's gift is given and awaits Brianna's reactions.

Briana carefully unwraps Kale's present and holds up each bit of silverware, "This is lovely work…thank you so much Kale. These will be used and treasured and I will come to you to engrave the name." She says and wipes away some more tears, "Happy tears. Definatly happy tears." She assures Idrissa and Hotaru as she passes the silverwear to rest in the bed with the other gifts. Well it is a good place to store it. As the cake is brought out she can't help but grin, "There won't be room for the baby after all this food. Could you cut me a slice Muir?" She asks of him as she rubs at her belly. There is the occasional grimace and rubbing at her belly, but it doesn't seem to take over from the joy of this party.

Muir sets the cake down carefully and whistles when he sees Kale's gift. "Did you make those?" he whispers to his friend, not even bothering to try and hide the awe in his voice. And he sets his bag down to one side, kind of nudging it behind a chair. "Of course," he says graciously to Briana, cutting her a piece before he quietly sets about cutting the cake for everyone else who wants it, passing the little plates around.

Kale grins, albeit a bit modestly, at the praise over the spoons from his friends, though most of all from Briana herself. He rubs at the back of his neck a little, eyeing the spoon to be engraved. "Yeah, anytime," he answers to her. "Maybe…not the longest name you can think of, eh?" He grins jokingly, arm lowering before he boggles at the cake brought by Muir. Heeeey! That looks…amazing! One can almost see the drool starting to form on his jaws! "You made that? You didn't make that.." he says, taking a plate of the offered cake piece.

Mikal does cast a nervous eye to Briana at the occasional grimace and belly rub. "Ya gotta wait until the eggs hatch first." he offers that quiet remark. After all he's only an apprentice healer turned candidate. He don't know nothing 'bout birthing no babies! However as cake is passed out the worry of the baby making an appearance now takes a poor second in his thoughts to cake. He grabs two plates, passing one to Jikmyn. "This cake tastes /great!/" compliments Mikal towards Muir.

Idrissa chuckles and smiles while eyeing the cake. "I'll take a piece." She offers with a wave once the pieces are being given out. Cookies and cake for all, total winwin!

Briana looks up at Mikal's words and nods, "It ain't due for a couple weeks yet, I think its just reminding me its in there." She smiles as she takes the cake slice from Muir. Being a cook herself, well she can surely appreciate the work put into it and the other treats. She can't help but grin at Kale, "I will endeavor to keep the name a reasonable length." She lifts a hand to run over the rail of the bed before looking up at the group, "This all means so much to me, more than I can express."

Muir didn't make this. Heck no. He can whip up a great stew on a rock but give him all the weyr's supplies and he can't bake worth a damn. "I iced it." Ta-da? His bag remains under the chair, for now. He's not going to bring attention to it for sure, as he drifts to the back of the group to eat his cake.

Iced huh? Kale takes a bite of cake and makes an instant face of yummy goodness sweet treat pleasure! Oooh desserts, where have you been all his life? <3 He takes another bite to chew and savor before he even thinks about speaking again. And of course, when he does speak, it's regarding that bag Muir was so intent on keeping out of sight. Sorry friend! "Hey, what's that? Is that for her? C'mon, give it up. We all want to see!" Though mostly Briana. He's just being nosey!

Idrissa looks over to Briana after a bite of cake, which is yummy goodness of course. "Your welcome. We all watched to pitch in and get you something so this just sort of seemed like a great idea." She looks back over to Muir at the talk of him having a gift? "Yes.. Best hand it on over to her." Well that and they all want to see if of course!

Briana looks between the candidates as they call for Muir to present his gift. So it wasn't the cake? Surely it wasn't just that, she likes her cakes but it wasn't gonna make her cry like Hotaru predicted. She looks holds a hand out as someone hands it to her and she carefully opens the bag to reveal some roughly made baby blocks. They may need a little work to be safe for babies, but the ground work is surely there. Briana turns them over in her hands and smiles toward Muir and yes those predicted tears spring up again. "Thank you so much." She looks around the room, "All these gifts, made by your hands mean so much to me. I have come to know you all a little more over the last few sevenday and come to appreciate you all even more. I want to make her have more eggs so you all impress." And more tears are wiped away.

Muir squirms a little bit when she opens his unpolished gift. "You're welcome," he murmurs, embarrassed and really wishing he could've done something better. And he surely didn't just say 'awww'. Nope. Never. He does give Kale a friendly elbow to the side, though. Thanks for making her open his awful gift in front of everyone. "I'm going to go get some more refreshments. Be back in a bit," Muir mutters, turning to stride off with his head held high.

Mikal snuffs his feet some more. Aweshucks! "I..think I'll go help Muir..or something." all this girly stuff! "I'm um…glad you liked it Briana and no matter what happens with the eggs out there…um..good luck with the baby and stuff." he blushes and heads down the steps!

Sure guys! Leave Kale alone with the womenfolk! He's eyeing those blocks of Muir's with a curious look. Maybe woodcrafting can be his fallback! With a little training, of course. He smiles to Briana as she continues to tear up and speak those kind words. His cake is finished off soon after, and then he finds himself abandoned by Muir and Mikal. Scaredy cats! "I can help carry these things to your weyr," he offers, looking to the crib that'll make an excellent carrying basket.

Idrissa waves after Muri and Mikal before she looks back to Briana while offering a smile. "Mikal is right. What happens, happens. Either way we're all stay friends." She keeps that smile and nods to what Kale says. "I can help carry stuff as well when your ready to go of course."

Briana adds the baby blocks to the crib and whatever gifts she had not put in there. Indeed it is the perfect carry place for all the gifts. She rises to standing and looks over to the table with the food. "Could you wrap up a few things for Derin. Please all stay and enjoy the food, take some to the barracks if there is anything left. I should probably drop in to the healers." She says ever so calmly as she rubs at her belly. "This…" She motions to everything, "Thank you again."

Kale looks over to Idrissa as she offers her help too, and grins. Eyes shift back to the weyrwoman junior, nodding at her instruction. But .. healers? He lifts his brows questioningly, eyes dipping to her belly as it's rubbed. Is it rude to look at a belly? She's not going to have the baby right now, is she? … IS SHE?? He certainly isn't ready to witness all that. To he healers it is! "Sure, we'll take care of things here," he assures, a bit hastily, watching her now as if she were a bomb ready to explode.

Idrissa watches Briana a few moments, a soft ah escapes her. "Can I help you to he Healers then?" She questions with a soft worried tone. A nod is seen. "Of course we'll pack up stuff for Derin. Wouldn't think of not sending him stuff as well."

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