How to Warm up a Weyrsecond

Xanadu Weyr - Siebith's Weyrbarn

Covered in rough, weathered wood, aged by the weather and the sun, the irregular grayed clapboards outside of this weyrbarn lend the place has a rustic, masculine charm. White shutters and window boxes overflowing with brightly-hued tangles of flowers on the lower windows and flowering vines twine about the supports for the porch overhang add a feminine touch, softening the stark stone steps leading to it.

The worn stone floor of Siebith's area is just inside the large sliding door. The living area of the weyrbarn has an open, airy layout gives the utilitarian, bachelor-like plain white-washed walls and simple hardwood floors a sense of wide open spaces. A sturdy mahogany-toned table with chairs that somehow manage to match despite their variety accent the earthy, wooden tones of the kitchenette. The same dark reddish hues are in the door at the far side of the barn, as well as in the low-slung coffee table in front of the plush, worn couch. Dusky sea-blue rugs are scattered here and there. Dark golden curtains hang on either side of the many windows and partition off the loft up above, led to by a black wrought iron set of ladder-like stairs. Lilies arranged in glass vases on the tables provide a crisp of white counterpoint to the dark wood tones.

A new addition, the bedroom has walls of the same plain white, but the floors are made of newer wood, still shiny with polish. A four-poster bed of the same red mahogany takes up the most of one wall of the small space, a blue-and-cream linen coverlet spread on the wide mattress. A set of wooden bureaus take up the bulk of the wall opposite while another wall has been painted upon in the very center with a seascape mural, its crisp blue waters and sandy shores. The final wall is graced by a feminine-looking writing desk stacked with papers and bedecked with knick-knacks. Over the bed, a set of stained-glass windows allows golden-brown light mingled with white whorls and blue haze to shine into the room with the rising of the sun, though both panes are able to be unlocked and swung wide to accept lake breezes.

It's a midwinter eve after a long day of icy rain, but the heating unit in the Weyrbarn keeps the place warmer than a fire on the hearth would. Even if it's not so cheery, at least there's a lamp burning low on the table by the couch. There's no evidence of the twins, so either they're in bed or with their father. Thea? For once it is she who is asleep on the couch, sprawled with an arm hanging off, fingers trailing the floor atop where the paper she had in hand was dropped.

They must be asleep because they're not with D'had when he ducks in from outside. Just inside the door he pauses to brush fingers through his hair and rid it of some of that cold rain before slipping out of his jacket and giving it a shake. That done he crosses the space to hang his jacket on the peg by the stairs. On the way he spots Thea, a smile touching his lips in that lop-sided fashion of his. Jacket hung he moves to place that paper on the table and her hand to her stomach.

It's too bad she misses that endearing smile of his. Deeply asleep, Thea's been tired of late with the way things have been at the office, so any slight sounds D'had might make don't rouse her. Fingers around her wrist, though. She stirs at that, lashes fluttering, lids lifting a fraction as she tilts a half-confused peer to see which twin is out of bed. It's a long moment before her brain sorts things out. "It's late-" She interrupts herself with a yawn and a stretch before finishing as she shifts on her side and curls her legs so he can sit if he wants, "-something happen on sweeps?" Well, she's assuming that's where he was.

D'had shushes her as she stirs. No need to get up. But since she is and she's asking questions he shakes his head in reply. "Nah, this weather just made things take longer," he replies, "But you're right. It's late so how about you leave the work til morning and we head to bed, hmm?"

With absolutely no suspicion, simple curiosity is all that's in her tone, Thea echoes, "Things?" He can say if he wants, otherwise, she'll let it go. A slow smile grows at his suggestion, "My, my. Either you're -very- tired, don't want me to start talking at you, or…" She leaves the third alternative to hang in the air between them, merriment dancing in the ice green of her eyes while she makes no move to get up. Teasing gently, a hint of that smile lingering, "Not hungry?"

"Sweeps," D'had replies to that question of 'things'. "You look tired," he goes on at her suggestions. "And I'm too cold and tired right now to be hungry." That or he's just not hungry enough to eat right now. "Its late and you know they're," a nod towards the loft where the twins are asleep, "going to be up earlier than either of us would like.

Thea doesn't quuuuuite pout when D'had doesn't respond to her flirting. "I'm not sure if I can sleep, but I can help you warm up," she notes with some pretense at gravity. Meanwhile the subtle twinkle in her eyes is replaced with concern. With a slight head-shake at him, she pushes to sit up. "Let me get you a towel? You'll get the pillows all wet." If he's just going to stand there, she heads for the linen shelves, tweaks a towel down and heads back to him, holding it out. Eyeing his wet hair, "Weren't you wearing your helmet?"

D'had chuckles, "Warm would be good," he agrees, returning that twinkle with a grin. But then she's getting up and he's straightening up and taking a step back to let her. He does, however, follow her toward the closet for that towel. "Thanks," the Weyrsecond notes as he puts it to use on his hair. "And…" There's no point in lying, she knows the answer to that without him saying so, "no."

Aww, he moved away before she could sneak a kiss, but Thea's been side-tracked, see? "You… weren't?" Her eyes widen fractionally as she stands there for a beat watching him dry his hair. Dryly, trying in vain to hide the sharp concern, "You -wanted- to get sick?" Not really scolding him, but then, he knows how to shut her up if he really wants to. Her mind is going where wind-chill, a soaking and late winter colds will surely have her weyrmate. Without asking, she pivots on her heel and heads for the kitchen.

"It gets in the way," D'had comments rather than argue about the fact that he was or wasn't wearing the thing. "And no," he continues, peering out at her from beneath the towel, "I don't -want- to get sick." Who in their right mind would might seem to be the question in his voice as he drapes the towel over his shoulders to follow her towards the kitchen.

Thea's sputtering at his reply. Under her breath it sounds an awful lot like "….sharding…stupid…" Muttermuttering that ends up with, "…middle of Winter and raining!" Pulling open the cupboard door, she grabs D'had's whiskey and a glass, plunking it down on the counter, working at pulling the cork. Her fingers are trembling so they slip a few times and her pouring is sloppy. Thus there’s some spillage on the counter when she mutely holds the glass out to D'had with a look that narrowly misses being a glare.

D'had narrows his gaze as she pulls down the bottle. She's drinking now..? Then she's handing it to him and he blinks. "So you want me to now?" That's a change of pace at least. He does wrap fingers around the glass however, but he doesn't yet take a drink. "We could just go to bed…" Grin.

He doesn't have a deathwish? News to her. Thea props her elbows on the counter, drops her face into her hands and growls softly into her palms, "Your helmet's waterproof though." Both hands slide, fingers raking through her dark hair leaving it tumbled in the wake of her frustrated worry. A long sigh from under her hair follows the silence. Lifting her head and opening her eyes to make sure he takes a drink of that whiskey she tells him reproachfully, "It'll help to start warming you up." She pantomimes drinking motions with her hand. As for bed, she smirks right back at him, "You'll need hours to thaw."

"Told ya," D'had remarks, "Gets in the way." That being the helmet as for the drink he lifts the glass to mock a toast before downing it and leaving the empty class on the counter before reaching to snake his arms around her waist and pull her to him. "I'll be fine Babe, little rain never hurt no one."

Quirking a dark brow at him," Of what?" Thea really wants to know, but responds to that toast with a flippant two-fingered salute of her own. He pulls her in and she goes without a bit of resistance, looping her arms around his neck, leaning her forehead against his, her tone just shy of a snicker when she breathes slyly, "I guess that remains to be seen, hmm?"

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