Keziah Visits Ista

Ista Weyr - Main Beach

The famous black sands of Ista spread out about the great cove upon which the weyr has been built, gleaming under the rays of both sun and moon, like diamonds in their own pristine beauty. Caught between the brilliance of the deep, verdant greens of the forest, and the crystalline blues of the shallows, gradually deepening their colour deeper into the great ocean, the beach is no less striking, truly beautiful in its own way.

The hot, heavy rays of the sun reach deep into these sands, forever blazing underfoot, although the water remains cool and refreshing even upon the hottest of days, never quite reaching the point of being tepid. Off to one side, coming from the plateau, a small, thin waterfall, empties into a catching pool that runs off into the water through dark sand and pebbles.

Sunshine! Cool breezes! Fresh sea-salt air! Early evening in Ista Weyr finds the beach sparkling under cloudless skies, and gentle waves washing colorful bits of seaglass up on the black sands. There's a small flock of firelizards playing in the surf, and there is quite the pile of wood sitting out on the beach. And a big blanket, not too far off. Cenlia is perched on said blanket, a set of crutches beside her, along with a bag of parchment-wrapped packages and ..bottles. Cough. Many, many bottles. And that leg, which had been in a cast for several sevendays, is now simply wrapped in bandages and braced somewhat. The girl likely couldn't have gathered the wood on her own, if at all. Indeed, the pile has been growing for the better part of an hour, and the gardener girl calls a cheerful, "Should be big 'nough now," as she leans back and admires the wood pile.

High in the sky, a flash of green appears overhead, sunlight catching on various metal bits as the dragon hovers overhead before sweeping in and landinf pertly in the water. This of course garnishes a muttered oath and a snort among other things from the rider. "It's water Alo , just like the water at Xanadu." A pause "Okay, so it's seawater and not lake water, but it's water." Another pause "Who cares what color…okay you do, but it's still water. It's wet! I'm dry. I plan on staying that way for a while-" There's a startled yelp and more cursing as the green flops into the water while Keziah quickly releases herself from the straps and jumps clear as the the green rolls. Saddly enough, it looks like a well-practiced move albeit the landing is rough as the rider looses her balance and falls face first into the water and comes up sputtering. So much for graceful entrances.

Wood hauling is hard work. And Nimen, healer extraordinaire and apparent.. wood hauler.. is looking tired, and a bit sweaty already, and somewhat shirtless. He's not in his typical healer garb any longer, the infirmary coat having been traded for a pair of swim trunks and leather sandals. And shirtlessness. The lazy gardener over there recieves only an exasperated look, Nims tossing the last of the wood onto the pile and then kneeling down to arrange some kindling. "Its not worth making a big deal over," is mumbled more to himself, the protest proably falling on deaf ears anyway. His eyebrows are sneaking together with a headshake and a touch of impatience as he fails to get a flame from the pack of matches.

It seems like it was a long day at work as Zaruath is barely gliding on his way down to the beach from the plateau. There're some strange squeaks coming from his back, though it takes a moment for the source to be seen as little F'yr, decked in her swimwear, and trying to direct her drooping lifemate anywhere /but/ the water. And yet the brown comes in for a landing in the water, close to Alosynth too. "Your rotten wherrybrained idiot!" Now the squeaking can be heard. "I didn't wanna get /wet/ yet but of course you had to be distracted by a pretty green!" She says it as if it were bad, though she doesn't notice just who the green is. "Hey Cen! You're with the Healer!" /The/ Healer? She grins and gives Cenlia big wave as she spots the gardener on the beach and then a snicker at Nimen there (perhaps even a long look) and then turns her attention down to Keziah. "You okay?" she calls down and, after some more curing to her lifemate, decides she'll brave the water. Slipping off the brown's side so that he can go roam closer, Fy lands with a little splash and more grumbling, her long shirt already soaked through.

There's a cheerful, "Hey!" called out to the green and her rider over there, Cenlia grinning from ear to ear as she recognizes Keziah, "How ya been?" Though the gardener girl is trying not to snicker at that facefirst tumble there, with little success. Snorking beind one hand, Cen asks as she props herself up on her elbows, "Shards, y'alright?" She's not about to get up and offer to help though - not with that bound leg of hers. "Just in time fer Nimen's turnday!" is called instead, Cenlia still snickering from her spot on the blanket. The brown landing next is given a wave, Cen calling another, "Hey!" to F'yr, "I ain't hopping 'round like a one-legged runner!" Stating the obvious for the brownrider, though the gardener adds, "Yeah, he ain't lettin' me go jogging with X'hil," and there's almost a tinge of a whine in her voice, " 'm gonna give 'im a turnday party instead." Smirk.

Keziah is still sputtering even as Alosynth's attention is now centered on Zaruath. The small green chuffs softly at him as she ignores the small splash of water that is aimed her way by Keziah. The rider herself then ignores the green as she gives herself a shake and then grins lopsidedly at F'ye "Eh, I've had worse falls. Least the waters warm, and it is water and not swamp muck." she adds with a grin as she starts for shore. "How've ya been?" she asks the brownie and then there's a wave for Cenlia as well. "Been good, enjoying my sevenday off. Or I will be if I don't get dumped everyday." This is said with a pointed look towards Alo who is ignoring it. She eyes Cen's leg a moment and then her eyes drift over to Nimen. "Party huh? Congratulations. How old are ya?" she asks the Healer.

The falling greenrider gets a start from Nimen, the healer straightening immediately and leaving the matches to fall onto the sands there as he looks over with a critical eye. "Are you hurt?" is his question, eyebrows sneaking closer together to form little creases on his brow. The sight of F'yr has the man stifling as groan - he /remembers/ her - and promptly turns a bit pink-cheeked. But the man is nevertheless nodding a polite-as-he-can, "Hi," to the riders. "I've been healer-napped," he mutters dryly, just giving a look at the gardener, "I don't suppose either of you know how to light this thing?" Nims indicates the pile of wood and kindling beside him. There is something of a shrug as Nimen answers Keziah, "Twenty-two turns. It's not much of a party," although those bottles and that bag of packages on the blanket are eyes rather intensely a moment, the healer's face decidedly wary. He's /seen/ what alcohol and women can do. /Cough/.

Apparently Zaruath didn't clarify just who the rider of the green was, because it's only after she gets a good look of the woman that Fy blinks and lets out a "Keziah!" in surprise. Forget one of the riders that helped pull her from her weyrbarn? Never! Zaruath grunts, not looking back at Fy's glare to pay attention to Alosynth instead, giving her a little shy rumble as a greeting and all. "Been alright, definitely. Would be better if I was dry but guess we're both in that problem." She starts wading towards the shore, glancing to Cenlia's uncasted leg. "Still looks like it'll make you hobble," she says to her friend. "And /jogging/? Are you an idiot or something?" She turns her eyes onto Nimen and grins, just a bit wickedly over at him. Yes, she remembers, even if her cheeks turn red in response to the memories, it wasn't as bad as what she knew about him. "You have a whole /sevenday/ off," she says, catching what Keziah said finally with a surprised look that she almost trips on her feet and falls face-first in the water. Catching herself, she quickly makes her escape from the ocean. The pile of wood is given a sad look, and she pats her wet shirt in answer. Not her, this time.

Cenlia finally stops snickering, "Ain't so bad gettin' dunk here. Water's pretty nice." The gardener girl sits up a little more to peer at Keziah a moment, "You on vacation, huh? Betcha there's loads you could do in Ista - oh hey! Got booze an' cakes if you guys want 'em!" the offer extended to both rider and she makes a face at Fy. "Ain't gonna hobble no more, 'cept they say I gotta ket using them crutches," and the gardener stucks her tongue out at Fy. THBBBT. "It don't hurt no more," the girl protests, flopping back a bit to grab a bottle of Tanner's Friend - apparently ale - and pop the top off. "'S too bad we dun't got not fireworks," Cenlia adds, before taking a swig.

Keziah hmms a moment as she eyes the Healer. "Twenty-two win't bad." she notes, though there's a hint of curiosity in her eyes as she eyes F'yr and Nimen and then looks thoughful. She then eyes her clothes "Yeah, dry would be good, but suppose I'll dry soon enough. And it ain't muck, so that's something. But yeah, a severnday. I was sorta told to take a break." she shrugs a little. "Why argue? Mirai's with mum at the moment and having a grand ol time and well I was getting bored." She eyes Cenlia now "Though, ain't sure I'm bored enough to have any of yer cakes. I think just lookin at 'em will get me tipsy."

Nimen That bit of a wicked grin from the brownrider has Nimen's cheeks going even pinker, the man oausing with an, "Er," and then nervously running a hand through the fuzzy hair atop his head, making it stick up all funny. Hegulps and quickly whirls around to busy himself with that fire again, since neither rider appears to warrant medical attention. Cough.

"Shells, sometimes wish Ph'lip wasn't such a pain and give us longer days off. Not that I don't make vacation when I want it." F'yr giggles briefly at the thought, or perhaps it is a memory instead. Not that she doesn't openly admit to playing sick or not showing up to drills from time to time. Probably why the Wingleader wasn't going to give her lots of days off either. She pads faster across the sand, though, at the mention of boozecakes. "I'll definitely have some! Already worked up an appetite. They're good, Kez," she calls over to the greenrider in what she hopes is a tempting manner. "Hurt or not, don't wanna break it /again/, do you?" she tells Cen with a /look/, and then glancing up briefly to Nimen. She'll bug him soon enough. First, Keziah. "Loads to do at Ista, like Cen said, like go explore some awesome islands with us. Or just lay out in the sun. It's definitely getting warm here again, so I bet it's colder over in Xanadu by now?" She flops down in the sand near Cenlia with a sigh, frowning at all the sand getting stuck to her.

Cenlia grins hugely, laughing about getting tipsy by jjust looking at the boozecakes. Cen holds up a parchment-wrapped package, telling Kez, "Aww, there ain't /that/ much booze in 'em. Ain't anything better'n booze an' rumcakes onna beach!" Though the gardener girl does begin unwrapping packages frm the bag, laying the food-parcels out beside her on the blanket and adding, "Got juice an' jerky too." Peach juice, of course, and brandy. But there's mostly ale and brandy. "Yeah, yeah, dun't wanan break it again, Cen rubbing the back of her neck and then looking sheepish. "Hey yeah, we should go check out some islands," the girl agrees enthusiasticallywith the brownrider, "Ain't ever gets cold here, does it?" Once Fy flops over, Cen holds out booze and ale. Griin.

Keziah settles herself down near Cen and eyes the boozecakes warily, the lightweight that she is. "I'll take some juice I think." Safer that way. "Island hoppin' sounds like a lot of fun, may have to try that and all." she leans back a little "Well, I was due time off and all, haven't been taken much of it and such and well some things I needed to well.." There's a pause as the greenie looks thoughful and then she shakes her head a little and goes off on another topic "So, how exactly did you hurt yer leg Cen. I think I heard someone say you hit yerself with a shoval after imbibin' too much, but that just didn't sound right at all."

F'yr apparently doesn't seem to have anymore problems with drinking booze, as she is reaching for one of the Tanner's Friend bottles as well as a boozecake, grinning widely at Cenlia in thanks. "Since you've been crippled we haven't been able to go explore some of the others. There're some /really/ weird stuff out on the islands," she tells this to Keziah with her head bobbing. "Course, that's only one of 'em. I never went further than the beaches, but definitely some pretty places, too." Taking a bite of the cake, the brownie gives a big happy sigh. Soon enough she's finishing it, licking at her fingers before reaching to snag a second one. "And it gets chilly at night here, during the winter. Course, you probably don't notice the difference with all the booze you drink," she teases Cenlia with a laugh. Keziah's question makes her cough and look away, guilty of course as she knew the answer as to how Cenlia got her leg broken.

Cenlia happily nudges the peach juice Keziah's way, "'S from South Boll," indicating the liquid with a grin, "From my Uncle Cern's peach orchard." And she beams, "'S the best peach juice this side of Xanadu. 'Cept the brandy's better." The girl does make aface, giving her leg and those crutches over there quite the irritated look, though Cenlia has to snort, "Weren't no /shovel/, shards," and then a crooked grin, "Fy fell on me." Aand that, it seems, is all the explanation she's going to give. "What kinds weird stuff?" Cenlia sits up suddenly, all curiosity as she eyes F'yr, "Ain't /crippled/! Can still go places, just gotta move slower." Riight, Cen could totally hobble up a mountainside if she wanted to. Cough. Cenlia snags a boozecake and munches happily, snerking a bit, "Ain't any colder'n South Boll! Shards, ain't even snow here!" And there's a bit of a snicker for that.

Keziah sips at the juice and nods in approval, very nice. "Weird things?" she echos Cenlia and then there's a blink and she's eyeing the two of them "Fy fell on you?" she asks and then eyes Fy herself. "Do I wanna even know what you two were doing?" A pause and then a wicked grin "Oh heck yeah. What kinda of crazy things were you two doing together?" she asks brightly as she downs the juice instead of sips it. She holds it out for more, not really paying attention to that fact and just sets it down. "Cold? Here? Bah. Colds at Reaches, now there's some chillin' temps."

F'yr glances towards the peach juice as well as if debating it, but eventually she takes a long swig from her own bottle and it at least satisfies her enough. Nibbling just a little on her second cake she rolls her eyes first to Cen. "What do /you/ mean what weird stuff? The big boat, for one," she says, waving her bottle in a random direction out towards the faraway creepy islands. "Though I bet it'll be neat to see the volcano, too. Never actually been to that one." Surprisingly enough! She does stick her tongue out at Cenlia's answer, having expected that by now, and then chokes on the next bit of cake as she looks to Keziah. "What's that supposed to mean? We weren't doing anything at all! Cenlia is just clumsy and got her leg broken." And that's how the story goes! She gives a shudder at the memories of colder times. "Telgar, too. Freezing in the winters. It's nice when you get indoors by a fire, though."

Cen nods to Keziah, "Yea, Fy fell on me," though it's said with a crooked grin. There;s an eyeroll for Fy, "Shards, I /know/ 'bout /that/ island but-" blink, "-/volcano/?" Cenlia's eyebrows go up, "Shards, would like to see that." Kexiah getsa long look, Cen staring at the greenrider before protesting, "We weren't doin' nothing!" Cough. "Fell down a hole in a shipwreck!" the girl quite forgetting that's probably best kept secret, though she does add quickly, "Was /fine/ till Fy landed on me." And she sticks her tongue out to 'thhbbbtt!' at the brownrider. The gardener makes a face about the cold, Cen saying, "Shards, Reaches is just /too/ cold. Dun't even have that neat of an orchard," then nodding about Telgar, "Yeah, 's nice to be warm inside when it's cold. Like Ista better though. 'S more like South Boll."

Keziah blinks a moment "You? Fell down? A hole?" she asks and then can't help but giggle "That's it? Darn, and here I was hopin for omething juicer, like wild arobics and contortionist moves and all. Shipwreck huh? Find anything interesting?" she asks curiously and then hmmph a bit at the Volcano bit "Anything interetin' 'bout or is just another hunk of burnin' rock?"

"Course a volcano. Didn't know that that mountain out in the water was a volcano, did you?" Fy teases Cenlia for a moment about that before sending her a raspberry in return. "Don't tell anyone that it was on the shipwreck," she says to Keziah, shaking her head slowly. "If you like dead people and interesting old places. The beaches are really pretty out there, and there's a pool and, shells, just lots of stuff. Even here, we got things." She makes a motion towards the forest with her booze bottle this time. "Course, you have all that land out in Xanadu. Used to go camping there too, but never found anything too exciting." Finishing her second drink she gets up and shakes some sand off. "You ever even been to Ista, Kez? It /has/ been awhile since I've seen you last!" Her eyes move from Cenlia to the greenrider. "Could show her your orchard, too!"

"The sharding floor fell out from under us," Cenlia does explain that part to Keziah, "If Fy hadn't been waving 'round like some wherry with its head cut off, would be /fine/." There's an, "Eeugh," in agreement about the dead people, Cen tossing back another gulp of booze, "Shards, 'm glad we didn't land on no dead people." And the gardener girl might just cringe a bit there. Cen stucks her tongue back out at F'yr, although the mention of the orchard has the gardener perking up, "Hey, yeah!" And the crutchesare eyed with a bit of a groan.

Keziah frowns a little at dead bodies. "I remember seeing some old skeletons and such at an abanoned camp way out in the wilds." she murmurs and then shakes her head "You've got yerself a knack for havin' things collapse on you." she notes to F'yr. "Well, glad to see you both survived it and all." she notes and hmms a little as she pours some juice. "You said you had some jerky there as well? Feelin' a bit hungry." she notes and then tilts her head "Not sure though I'm up fer trying yer cakes though. I heard stories about Thea and them."

F'yr manages to look sheepish at Keziah at that. "It ain't really my fault the things want to fall on top of me or fall out from under me. And hey! Don't blame /me/. You're the one that fell and dragged me with you." If Cenlia was going to play that game, so was Fy. She sulks over her bottle for a moment and then looks over to Cenlia's crutches as well. "Or… we can ask Keziah to come 'round some other time when you're feeling better. It /is/ a long way through the forest." And she wasn't really dressed for it at the end, not that it stopped her from going trekking out in jungles before. She offers her half of the boozecake to the greenrider. "They won't make you sick, promise. How's everything been for you anyway, 'sides the vacation? "

"Where? Out by Xanadu?" asks Cenlia, brows rising with curiosity now as she turns to the greenrider, giving Keziah a grin, "Me an' Fy, tough as peach pits we is - ain't nothin' gonna beat us up fer long." And she gives the brownrider a grin too. The gardener is, perhaps, entirely too confident after hobbling around with a broken leg for sevendays. There's a head-bob about the jerky, Cen handing over a package of the stuff and then snickering, "Shoulda seen Thea an' then cupcakes." Snicker snicker. "I wouldn't've fell if you hadn't been waving 'round and yelling like that!" Cen protests, and then waves a hand at the crutches, "Should be back on m' feet in a couple of sevendays," shrugging a bit and nomming on more boozecake, nodding agreement with F'yr on that last part.

Keziah nods a bit "Yeah, out near where they take the candi's for their survival trips." she notes and then grins "We could always make a travois and drag her through tghere, though the jars and bumps likely wouldn't feel good." she notes and then grins "Well, if you're boozed enough you wouldn't notice until mornin' likely." she takes the jerky and then eyes the offered cake. "Umm, well. Maybe." she murmurs as she eyes it. "Though sick ain't what I'm worried of." she adds and then shakes her head at the two "Maybe you just shouldn't have been on the ship? Though, likely I would've wanted to check it out as well." At the question she hrms "Well, things are going good. Mirai talked me into getting her a kitten and all, that I've already had to rescue umpteen million times out of the tree. But that's okay. I've gotten so I can get her without getting scratched and she ain't afeered of Alo no more. Nothing really interesting though I suppose. Same ol' same ol' mainly been rescuin critters from the swamps and such, but there've been a few rescue missions for people as well."

F'yr's blue eyes brighten at the idea of yet a new place to explore, giving Cenlia a glance even though her eyes stray back onto the greenrider. "I think I wanna go find this place sometime. Ain't ever been a candidate over at Xanadu but… it sure sounds like a place I wanna go exploring. Right, Cen?" The gardener might know better than her. She giggles at the idea of dragging Cenlia out there. "I actually like that idea. But then it also might mean waiting even longer for Cen not to be crippled." Fy shifts from one foot to the other as she considers this. "Alright, we'll go as soon as your leg is all better." To Keziah she grins wickedly. "Where's the fun in staying off things? You should come with us to check it out." She giggles at the story. "Well, at least you're rescuing even off of duty. Shells, critters mostly? Must be different kind of troubles that you find out there in the south. Snowstorms and people lost. We're back on the Wing here, too, and it'll be storm season soon." Just look how excited Fy is about that! Not that exciting for the people getting caught out in storms. She finally glances over to look for the real main person of the evening: Nimen! Where'd he go?

Cenlia 'ohs' and makes a face, "Shards, think I remember that," though considering all that happened on that camp-out, it's a wonder she remembers much. The idea of dragging gets an eyeroll, "Yeah, well I ain't gonna let meself get dragged, sloshed or no," and she takes a swig of booze anyway. A shrug about the ship, "We was just bein' shardin' stupid - nest tme we gotta bring glows!" because obviously, there will be a next time. Cen snickers about the kitten, "Sounds like you could use some explorin' an' stuff too," the gardener girl waving vaguely at ocean, "Lotta islands!" And then there's a nod for Fy, "Yeah, should go find that place again!" the girl having quite forgotten about all the dangers with the prospect of adventure. Cen snorts, "Betcha that healer ain't gonna let-" ut she cuts off, blinking. Where /is/ that turnday healer?? It seems, Nimen might have run off while the girls were sitting there talking. And alas, no bonfire either! Woe. Cenlia hauls herself up on those crutches with a, "Shardit all, took all afternoon t' drag his butt over here," and she suddenly begins hobbling off back to the weyr, calling over her shoulder a, "Watch the booze! Am gonna get him back!" Because everybody loves to torture the Nimen.

Keziah grins "It's pretty interestin out there iffen you don't mind the sticky heat at times." she notes and then she's watches Cen hobble off. "Maybe he ain't liken to celebrate?" she murmurs and then shrugs. "Men, can't figure them no how anyways." she looks wistful for the briefest of moments and then she shrugs "Well, things have been fairly slow of late. We've our fair share of larger troubles and all. Storms are the worst though. WE've had some dozzies and some shipwrecks as well. But still, the beasties are fun and I've gotten some nice perks outta it from thems who's land borders the swamps. Some real good crops they have as well as critters. Nice and juicy."

Nimen has, indeed, escaped! And his footprints are probably still warm in the sand leading back to the weyr. He's taken the matches with him, apparently, though perhaps he's only gone for more - or maybe he went to fetch somebody with a nice firestone-nomming dragon? CoughCough. In any case, Nims is no longer here!

Nimen walks off towards the narrow strip of beach in the south.

"Here in Ista? I definitely don't mind the heat at all," F'yr says with a grin to Keziah and then looking over to see if she could spot Nimen behind the wood or. "That little sneak! I didn't even get a chance to bug him! Hurry up and bring him back, Cen!" Fy calls out after the hobbling gardener as she flops back onto the sand where she was sitting before. She gives Kez a curious look, head tilted. "Nah, they're pretty easy to figure out most of the time. They're cowards, and never 'round when you need 'em. That's what they are." She points at the pile of wood that was no where near to being a bonfire. "It's definitely a Wing you're never bored in. Storms get bad here on the islands, but just means there's more to do!" With a wink, Fy drinks up to the idea of storm season.

Keziah can't help but snerk a bit and then shrugs "I suppose so." she notes and then just leaves it at that and goes onto Wing talk, that she can understand "I've certainly not been bored, not in the least bit. And devastating as storms can be, there's something exhilerating about being out in them." she notes and then hmms a moment "So, whats up with you and the healer anyways?"

F'yr glances up to the dark skies as if urging on some clouds and storms. "Oh, definitely something exciting 'bout it. Some of us in the Wing here at Ista like to get together and do some chasings, getting close enough to feel the winds and all and sometimes flying though storms. Get knocked about a bit but we know how far to stay away and how bad the wings gotta be where our dragons can't handle them anymore." Of course, it helps that she rides a bigger dragon and not a little green, too. Not that Zaruath likes flying all that much, but he does it for the sake of satisfying his lifemate's crazy hobbies. Her brows go up and she looks off in the direction of the Weyr before laughing. "With Nimen? I got a friend that wants to get into his pants again, that's what! But he's all shy apparently. Though I haven't seen Ais to ask if she's been down to the infirmary yet."

Hmm, a game of doctor? *cough* "Ahh, was curious, since you two seemed to blush at each other and all." Keziah notes and then shrugs "Storm chasin is fun, that's for sure, course, you hit the winds just right and they certainly sail you right along, very exhilerating." There's a pause. "Course, gotta watch flying debris. Ain't sure how we managed not getting seriously hurt and all, but had some wood come flying past and sliced up my straps. Only shallowly cut Alo and myself, but fifty or so feet up from the ground I was all of a sudden hangin by the safety ties of the straps off the side of Alo. I'd been hung up on a saddle an all, but this was all together a whole nother experiance. Flying upside down while yer dragon is right side up? Freaky cool."

That might make Fy blush just a little bit as well, but it's with a laugh. "Oh! That's probably cause, uh, the last time I saw him was when I was trying to remove his pants… or something." She pauses, trying to think of what else it could have been. "And I saw him running off with Ais afterwards and /that/ time he didn't look too cowardly." She snickers some more at the memory, trying to rub away at the traitorous blush on her face. Prude, she might be, but still Weyrbred and therefore shouldn't be blushing about silly things like that! The story makes Fy's eyes go wide and her mouth drop a bit open. "That sounds like quite a trip! Flying backwards… I wonder if Zaru will stand that. Strap on to his underside and it'll look like /you're/ the one flying!" This is now too much of a grand idea /not/ to try.

Keziah blinks a moment as she pictures Fy attacked to Zaruath's belly and then she bursts out giggling "Oh, that would be a sight to see all right." she exclaims and then hmms thoughfully "So, why were you trying to get his pants off? Was it a spur of the moment thing? Drunk thing or what?" she asks, seeming genuinly curious as oppposed to just wanting to hear something juicy.

F'yr joins in the giggling at the image as well. "You wanna help rig up some harness for it then? I bet Ph'lip, my Wingleader, will have a heart attack if he sees me like that!" And the thouht makes it even more exciting. Thoughs he probably will give everyone a heart attack. When it's said like that, then Fy's face definitely /does/ turn red and she giggles nervously. "Noo, no, nothing like that! Well, a bit drunk. The cabana was having this party… thing, and there were guys up there taking their clothes off, but he didn't seem to want to. So… we kinda helped. Or something. I didn't stay long anyway."

Keziah ohs a little at the explaination and purses her lip a moment and then shakes her head as if discarding an idea "I'd love to help ya rig up something like that. Shouldn't be too hard." There's a pause. "Course, might wanna make it so there's more mobility, able to sit up or something, more like a swing I guess and all, hmm."

F'yr shrugs her shoulder a little helplessly and then raises the bottle of ale back to her lips for a quick (big) sip. "Sort of a backwards harness to begin with, with just a little extra attachments so that I won't go flying off or if it breaks." She tilts her head, trying to imagine that now. "A swing? I ain't sure if mobility is the right thing to have when hanging from the bottom of a dragon. Swing can break and go flying right off." And yet the very idea still makes her laugh again. "Can go into a whole line of different straps— oh Kez, I think you do got an idea, though. Swinging from a dragon is easier to pick people out from a shipwreck!" Oh, the ideas that can come from that! /Bad/ ideas, most likely.

Keziah thinks about it some more "Not like a childrens swing too much." A pause "Actually maybe like one, for the little ones, where there's more of a seat to strap them into. But I'm thinking of something with a bit of mobility, umm an ability to swival in it, not side to side so much as well flip-ability. But you're right, would make it easier to get to people at times." A thoughful look. Would take some riggin' but with the proper metal work and all. Hmm."

The more that the other rider talks about the idea, the more that Fy is nearly bouncing where she's sitting. "You might have a good idea there! I'll probably try getting the straps in backwards and make a reverse and reinforced harness but… if you do that, I'll be one of the first to buy those straps and test it out from you. Ain't really sure how to work leather and metal all that much outside of the basics in fixing." She glances at her nearly empty bottle as well and then grins up to Keziah. "You might as well get into making straps for the S&R wing too, make lots of marks."

Keziah chuckles "I already do make straps and such. Course, most of us can make our own and all, saves on time and such. Course me, I've extra sets and such. HAveta with as much get ruined in the mire and muck. Which is another benefit really of rescuin the critters. I get free access to hides and all, well least the ones that aren't so markatable and a discount on the ones that are." she hmms thoughfully "I'll have to sit down with one of the smiths and talk about some sort of swival attachment. Make for some fun displays though."

F'yr bobs her head. "Well, yeah, but making special Search and Rescue straps is completely different. I'll be your first customer if you do!" Fy sounds completely serious about this, too. She glances out to the water where her lifemate is at and then the direction that Cenlia went before standing up again. "I think I'm gonna take a look and see if Cenlia's coming back soon with that Healer. Or at least look for something to light that fire already." She tilts her head to Keziah, as if reluctant to go for the moment. But she'll be back to talk about straps and recent rescue missions. "Won't be long so we can get a fire going!"

Keziah is thinking and scheming and then pondering. I wonder if there's a way to go from one to the other? No, likely be too much risk there. Or perhaps an attachment that can attach onto a regular set of straps or perhaps modified. I mean which one of us hasn't had to unstrap and put ourselves in odd ways to get to someone. Gotta be a better way about it.." she blinks a moment and then gives herself a shake "Oh, yeah. Might be a good idea." There's another pause "At the bery least make sure she's not jammed her leg or somethin' that'd be bad and all. But yeah, go look fer her. I ain't goin' anywhere for a bit. Provided there's no emergency or somethin back home and all."

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