Green Faelynath's Flight

Xanadu Weyr - Beach

The unerring range of subdued white rises and falls in a multitude of sandy dunes, creating an endless amount of tiny valleys constantly demolished and rebuilt by the frequent arrival or departure of a dragon. Smoothing out as it slopes gently to the edge of the deep blue water, the sand darkens and a shell here and there stands out for children to collect. The beach itself is set along a low cliff - the height lessoning as one heads eastwards, blocking a portion of the beach from direct access.
The wide wide stretch of water opens up to the east, the far distant shore way beyond the horizon and the beach curves ever so slowly round to east and west, distant arms of land embracing the wind-ruffled Caspian Lake. East leads up to the mouth of the Rubicon River, where the protecting cliff is merely an arms length higher then the sand, and beyond that, a winding road leading out of Xanadu's territory. Westwards, the beach narrows as the cliff swings out, leaving a path wide enough for dragons in single file before cutting in to the sheltered cove designated the Weyrling Beach. However, cut in the cliff face to the north are a variety of rough, wide staircases, providing access to the clearing and to the meadow.

It's the middle of the afternoon and [[[player:F'ai]] is sitting right on the edge of the water, his knees drawn up and his feet stuck in the water. He's sporting an oversized sweater and a pair of shorts, definitely a mismatched outfit, and every so often, he twitches as though there's a bug or something flying around his head. On the beach, Faelynath seems to be digging furiously, already having displaced enough sand that there's a seperate, small pool growing farther down the beach. In spite of having reached that point of moisture, she doesn't show any signs of showing, her luminescent body seemingly only a backdrop to the manic energy that flows through her. Wholly disregarding the possibility of the beach being populated, her tail whips and flicks behind her like a snake gone mad, pausing every so often to sway before it goes back to its wild jerking. F'ai, for all he's worth, seems to be trying to ignore her, though that's hardly the easiest thing to do.

Kitty is sitting curled up on Mionarracth as she usually is. The two are practically joined at the hip after all. I mean they could be siamese twins if it was physically possible. Kitty is studying an astronomy book and Mio is watching the green down the beach. He looks over at Kitty a moment and then she looks up and glances at the green as well and blinks. She then gives a little shrug and lays a hand on Mio's head.

K'tai heads out onto the beach, and he stretches his arms up above his head. Behind him, a large brown dragon follows and K'tai looks down the beach, both ways really and he stretches his arms in front of him this time. "Thought that lesson would never end. Faranth, he can talk for ages." Ixeneth looks down the beach, and the green digging catches his attention, but he still follows his rider down to the edge of the water, further down the beach from F'ai. The rider looks back up at his brown, following the dragon's gaze to the green and he looks back to the water, but Ixeneth just gazes at her for a short time.

Itineranth is crouched at the edge of the water, watching the glowing vision of beauty which is Faelynath attentively. T'vis is glancing at the Bronze and shakes his head. "You have a problem." He smirks. "It hasn't even been a month since you flew Mellonath! You'll be Siring yet another Clutch soon!" He frowns and sighs knowing a lost cause when it repeats in his head. "My point is that now's not the time to go chasing some tail." The small Bronze makes a non-commited noise somewhere near the back of his throat and continues to watch as a very glowing Green continues to waste her energy digging. He might offer to help in any other state of brilliance, but not now.

Najath is perches on rock, supposedly to be sunning his brown bulk. However, Zera thinks her dragon is a bit past the sunning stage, his far-too-carefully-made-pose keeping his eye sweeping over the beach. However, once she sees where his gaze lies, sshe slaps a hand to her forehead. "Why?" She asks, arhetorical question, for she knows Najath far too well.

Some dragons waste energy, some just have energy to burn. Faelynath is always energetic and now isn't any different. She continues to dig until there comes the sound of claws scratching stone and she rears back with whorling, annoyed but curious eyes. Her head is lowered into the hole to look around, but when she does this, F'ai quite abruptly springs to his feet, walking towards his lifemate and throwing up his arms, "What're you doing?! Stop acting like an idiot!" The greenrider's response? His lovely lifemate lifts her head, snorts at him, and then pushes her head forward to shove her snout in his chest, sending him bowling over into the sand. He lies there, flat on his back, sweater flounced off his stomach and over his head, for roughly a few seconds before he flails to his feet and points at her imperiously, "NO! Noooo. No. Nonono. Don't even. I will - hey!" Now, greens just shouldn't talk like that, Fae.

Itineranth shifts his stance slightly as the Green hits bottom and rears, but he relaxes slightly as she doesn't take flight. Nevertheless, he half-opens his wings and crouches slightly lower in case she does decide that now would be a good time. For his part, T'vis prudently steps back. There'll be even more sand flying if this many Dragons decide to suddenly take flight.

Mionarracth is watching the scene with a little bit of surprise whirling in his eyes. Course he mainly looks like he's glowering or something with his looks. Kitty looks on as well and then looks over at Mio, the two seeming to confer a moment before Kitty, turns pale and then a little red as well.
Mionnarracth rumbles softly and places his head up against Kitty who just quietly shakes her head and gives a soft smile and then a nod even as she quietly climbs off of her perch and moves a distance away from people and settles herself down on the docks, even as she removes her boots and dangles her feet into the water, facing away from the scene.

K'tai takes a step back from his brown as he looks over at the green, and watches her move around. He lets out a small sigh when she doesn't take flight, and Ixeneth looks over at the green, paying more attention to her now. K'tai takes a few more steps back from his brown and he takes a gulp of air.

As Najath moves, Zera moves back towards their pile of stuff, searching for her jacket to cover her head with once all the dragons take off. The brown moves into a croaching attention, a low, rumbling croon just barely noticable coming from him.

This is when Faelynath becomes avidly aware of all the people on her beach and feels a simmer of irritation. She lowers her head close to the ground, straightening her neck out and folding her wings so tightly that the muscles strain slightly as she glowers at them all. Hmph. They're nothing but jailers, people after her freedom. Or her F'ai! Abruptly, she reaches over to curl her tail around her rider, taking him off his feet once more as she pulls him close, a warning rumble growling free of her throat as her claws dig into the sand. Huffing a hot breath that kicks up dust off the sand itself, she releases her lifemate only when he starts punching her tail, trying to get free. "Let me go, you crazy dragon," F'ai says with uncharacteristic irritability, kicking his feet as well only to give a soft yelping oof as he is dropped back to the beach - just in time for Faelynath to take off like a shot, kicking up a slightly painful spray of sand. Bwaha! Surprise takeoff!

K'tai brings the side of his jacket up in front of his face as Ixeneth follows the green into the air and K'tai mutters to himself. "This isn't going to go over well." He closes his eyes and takes a few more steps back, expecting a lot more sand to fly as more dragons take to the air and follow after the green.

Zera shakes her heand and drops to one knee, covering her face right as Najath takes after Faelynath. The sand kicks back enough for her to see the green's antics with her rider, and she shakes her head. "Uhoh." She mutters, closing her eyes to follow Naj.

Itineranth blinks as the Green captures her Lifemate. That's new. But he's still ready for her and there is only a slight delay between the Green's takeoff and his own. Sand does indeed fly as he follows her with a swift burst of speed. He quickly slips into a more controlled pace, taking advantage of Bronze stamina as a slight expense of agility. T'vis shakes his head. He glances to F'ai and takes a step closer, intending to help the man up, but decides against it as he remembers the Green's temper a moment before.

Mionarracth doesn't take off right away, probably a bad thing and all, but he does look over at Kitty one last time who's staring down into the water, trying to ignore the whole thing. He ten takes up after the green. He flies much better than he looks, a graceful that isn't apparant in his graceless seeming form. Kitty does turn to look a little as the dragons take off in flight and then the riders and then the water. Hmm.

Catch me if you can. Faelynath affords no illusion that the flight is going to be easy, even from the starting gate, ascending rapidly only to flick and angle her wings so that she is driven through the clouds, tearing them apart as she goes into a sloping dive, twisting fluidly as she goes. Sinuous, her body moves with ease and energy, the afternoon sun catching onto her glowing green hide and giving her the distinctive look of brilliance, a small emerald-centered star dashing through the sky.

Itineranth trumpets his approval of the beauty and grace which is Faelynath. He continues to climb and fly with reservation for the moment, gaining hight and potential speed with every wingbeat.

Najath coasts behind the back. He's slow, sure, but that's because he's taking the drafts. As Faelynath dives down, sloping, twisting, Najath spirals into a down-draft that relatively brings him out closer than before. Strong, steady wingbeats keep him there.

Ixeneth pumps his wings, gaining height in the air with every movement of his wings, and he keeps the green within his gaze. Following her every movement through the air, and he spills air from his wings as she dives down. Now, he just waits, changing his altitude only to keep on level with her, biding his energy while everyone else wastes theirs.

Mionarracth heads up after the green, conserving his energy but yet keeping a steady pace as he follows after, letting the wind trail across his wingsails. There is a balance in his flight, an agility that isn't detracted by energy wasting antics.

Faelynath is good on her wings, but many dragons are; she seems to have been made specifically for flight, however, and the way she twists about in it is borderline surrealistic. She arcs up out of her sloping dive in order to go directly up in a straight line, tail streaking out behind her like some banner of victory. It's a little chaotic, though, because she doesn't even make the cloud cover before veering sharply to the right, turning herself sideways only to tumble towards the ocean in a pinwheeling motion, making it difficult to keep a direct bead on her, as well as to avoid getting dizzy.

F'ai remains plopped in the sand where his lifemate left him, scowling up at her with his fair eyebrows furrowed and his tan skin by now lightly coated with a layer of sand. As she pinwheels about, he pushes himself to his feet and dusts himself off absentmindedly, wandering out into the surf until the water laps at his knees and sends cool shivers up the backs of his thighs. He fidgets restlessly, hands knotting and then unknotting his sweater, legs working as he steps from one foot to the other; his expression is somewhere between pensive and aggravated.

Ixeneth pumps his wings more to get closer to the green, catching glimpses of her movements here and there, and he keeps a path open to go straight to her. Once she tumbles down towards the ocean, his wings pill air out and he plummets down towards the ocean as well, keeping a bead on her as much as he can. Which, is difficult, but he's kept an eye on faster things then her. K'tai falls back onto his rump and hangs his head down to his chest, propping his arms up on his knees as he lets out a sigh and keeps his eyes closed.

As Faelynath begins to rise, Itineranth attempts to seaze the moment. Folding his wings suddenly along his back he goes into a rapid and sudden dive. In fact, he is nearly upon the Green before her sudden change in direction. Giving a surprised warble, the Bronze spreads his wings, attempting to use his newfound speed to climb once more. When Faelynath dives once more he gives an annoyed rumble and continues to give chace, feeling the fact of his size for once.

Najath follows Fael carefully, taking airflows when needed. However, he Must.Not.Get.Dizzy.It dosen't really work for the spiraling pinwheel that Najath is watching. However, the brown dives into a downwind, one that takes him a bit to far down, but he beats his wings, taking an updraft to case after Fael, bugling whispers and hints of love like: «Glittering Emerald Jewel!»

Mionarracth watches her head upwards, but he continues along underneath, saving his strength and waits for her to drop once again hoping to close the distance as she moves a greater distance then he would have to. At the moment she drops and veers he too turns and then he's after her. Pushing downwards to bring himself in closer, hoping to entangle her on her downward dive. Kitty swallows a little, her eyes closed tight and she lays back on the dock after nearly toppling forward into the water as she tries to block out the visions she's seeing, but it's hard to distance herself from Mio since they are such a part of each other and with that downward divve she's better off lying back.

Such romantic words are met with a snort of amusement and a flick of the green's tail as she continues on towards the ocean, once again moving quickly as she abruptly levels out only a few feet above the ocean itself, the wind from her wings kicking up spray. She can't hold this height for terribly long, of course, but she's a good deal smaller than the dragons chasing her and intends to use that to her advantage. Ha! Try and take her freedom, will you!? The sky is all she needs! She twists as she starts to rise again, her wingtip catching the top of a wave, just enough to steal a few seconds of speed from her, bringing her just a little bit closer to those that chase her, or at least those that don't go plummeting into the water.

Ixeneth isn't here to steal her freedom, just borrow it for a short time. She'll get it back in due time, but he just wants to spend some quality time with her. He flares his wings greatly, bringing himself up in the air slightly /just/ to mis the top of a wave, but his tail catches on to it and causes him to slow slightly. He pumps his wings to get closer to the green. Unlike other dragons, he doesn't spout off small limricks or sentences, he just croons towards her. Trying to woo her towards him with the sound of his voice. K'tai on the other hand, is just shaking his head as he hangs it against his chest. The brownrider muttering to himself as he toys with a piece of fabric on his pant leg. Twisting it around his finger, and idly untwisting it.

Mionarracth wouldn't plummet into the water, least not in such an ungraceful manuver as missing his mark. Course with his small size it makes it easy to shift his weight and correct the angle to veer over the water and then slightly upwards as he tries to chase the green upwards. This close to the water would be bad after all in trying the catch after all. Especially after watching her catch herself in the water.

Najath dosen't want her freedom. He wants her. To be, ahh, as direct as the brown normally is. He pumps his wings, his lightness being able to skim the water and dive into the air at an angle, skimming nose toward her nose, angling himself after the green. Zera, meanwhile, sits down hard on her jacket, eyes glazed with the contact.

Itineranth doesn't plummet into the water, then again, he's still too low to actually dive after the Green as she pulls her latest stunt. Perhaps she'll climb again and he'll have another chance.

F'ai twines his fingers in the chest of his sweater, his shoulders hunkering up defensively as he watches his lifemate swirl through the sky. She even flits right over his head, still low enough that wind causes miniature waves and tousles his hair. Once over land again, however, Faelynath catches the first thermal she can find and throws herself skywards once more - but she's too tired, and the backwheeling is too wild. Ultimately, the green's wings close as she falls backwards towards the ocean, trilling in annoyed surprise rather than fear. A leaf falling from a tree, she seems almost drawn to the water, head tucked and tail curled. It won't hurt her to fall into the water, certainly, but that doesn't mean she'll be happy with it. Naturally, this fall causes F'ai to step further out into the water, standing at roughly hip level now, shuddering in the coolness of the water and pulling his sweater up far enough that he can press the bottom hem to his mouth and nose, a good deal more anxious than his excitable green.

Ixeneth tilts his wings, circling around widely to get back on course to try and catch up to the green. His gaze determined, and his movements getting caculated; he pumps his wings greatly and soars over K'tai, not even making the rider flinch or move anyway. The first thermal that Ixeneth reaches makes him rocket upwards, and he soars to the green. His body prime for the catch, and he croons softly. Come here, you beautiful flying emerald.

Mionarracth watches her move inland and he follows, his own Kitty below watching in helplessness, lost as she is in the flight. She's not herself, she's him. As the green heads upwards, he banks and follows her back towards the water, rising upwards even as she heads downwards. His wings spread out even as he turns himself a little midair to give himself a better chance at entangling her with all his body instead of just a tail or wings.

Itineranth sees the lovely Faelynath fall and buggles in alarm. He strains to pick up speed as he pumps his wings to reach the water in time. T'vis watches from below, his head shaking slightly as he judges the distance from his vantage point.

Najath bugles, surprised, however breifly, before he closes his wings and drops like a rock. Once he hits a good thermal, he unfurls them with a snap. HE went to far down however, for the thermal carries him a bit below the green. He uses that to his advantage, to sweep his wings and catch up to the plummeting green. Sweet Glittering Jewel, come here.

Faelynath tries so hard. She does what she can to turn, to twist in the air, to free herself from her unfortunate fall, but ultimately, she fails. Just as she braces herself for impact with the water, she instead strikes the broad chest of a hopeful blue; she doesn't even have time to argue with the embrace, merely clinging to Mionarracth and twining herself with him as his added weight and the sudden pause aides her in unfurling her wings. It is this that makes it so that they undoubtedly manage to avoid hitting the surf below, but that becomes a secondary thought as Faelynath croons at Mionarracth sweetly and nestles into his body.

Mionarracth croons softly as he ensconces himself a little better as he spreads his wings to support the two of them. Below Kitty gives a startled gasp, even as Mio is a little surprised himself. There's always that faint fear that your hopes won't be realized and when they are, it's an amazing thing. For the moment he's all Faelynath's as opposed to the other way around.

K'tai opens his eyes as Ixeneth lands with a FWUMP next to him, and he sighs. Feeling the same way Ixeneth is feeling now, he stands up and runs a hand along the flank of his brown. "It's alright. I know someone back home that can try and cheer you up." He hoists himself up onto the depressed brown's neck, and heads off to home.

Najath lands, and no more than the customary unhappy croon is emitted before dragon and rider are off.

Itineranth warbles in relief as the Green is caught and it's not until he's on the ground that it really sinks in… The Green was caught. He's not with her. An angry rumble escapes him, «That little mutant runt…» "Itineranth…" The Bronze snorts and lowers his muzzle to his Lifemate, accepting the gentle caress. "Come on. Maybe you can pester Mellonath again."

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