Uno Vacationo

Half Moon Bay Weyr - Tiki Lounge
As one walks onto the wood panelled flooring of the patio, they are greeted with the scent of burning oil, the likely source the various torches burning along the perimeter of the flooring. The flooring is littered with tables shaded with umbrellas, matching chairs tucked beneath when not in use.
The inside of the Tiki Lounge seems far bigger inside than outside, even when full of relaxing weyrfolk and travelers. Towards the front, in the western corner, is a small stage, generally occupied by harpers. Several tables with chairs decorate the floor and a small area is open for dancing. The bar is rather long and well stocked, glasses of different shapes and sizes hanging suspended from a rack above the bar. Behind the bar is another open window that gives one a view of the forest behind the tavern. Turning around, one is greeted by a lovely view of the lagoon. A decent breeze helps to cool the room. Up above, rafters provide a perch for fire lizards and local avians. The thatch roof, made of straw, rarely lets in any rain.

HOW DID RISALI AND DASH GET HERE? Ways. Probably Garouth getting a vacation from egg-sitting, if we are being honest, because for once there is no bombastic « WAAAAHHHHEEEEEEEYYYYY! » to disrupt Half Moon's almost-peaceful-except-it-houses-Capslock-Dragon-and-so-it's-probably-always-loud-around-here-anyway-XERMILTOTH atmosphere. The goldrider is in her leathers - or, well, the bottom portion anyway. She stripped away her jacket and tied it off around her hips as soon as they touched down in sweltering humidity, exchanging leathers for a still modest-but-light long-sleeved tunic underneath (SHE GETS IT FROM HER DADDY, SHE COMES BY IT HONEST). She also has a D'lei on her back - WAIT A MINUTE. ISN'T THIS BACKWARDS? YOU LET ME SET SHUT UP. So yeah, Risali is pitched forward a lot, and maybe laughing a little too hard as she steeds around her Weyrmate for once because he is precious and he always does it for her and she DOES WHAT SHE WANTS. SHE IS A STRONG (SMOL) INDEPENDENT WOMAN. She also abducted Tanit somewhere along the way, because one simply cannot have appropriate amounts of fun if one does not kidnap their dance-partner to collude and conspire and execute AWFUL with. SO YEP. Risali is moving to the CARD TABLE (conveniently empty for once) and delivering D'lei by JARRING AGAINST THE TABLE and dropping her arms with another laugh. "Anyway, what was I saying? Oh, right. Reverse, Draw cards - be they draw 2s or WILDs - mean you have to take off a piece of clothing. Same for skips. And the person who is being forced to draw or being skipped has to do the stripping." IS THERE A PRIZE? Seems like not; it's all just a chance to LOSE YOUR DIGNITY.

Yep. D'lei is riding Risali like a small child on a corgi, which is to say he had better keep those legs of his tucked up against her sides or they're gonna be dragging on the ground. He's leaned in over her as she glories in her ability to do what she wants again, his arms draped in across her shoulders. "So basically, the more cards you have, the fewer clothes you get." He uncurls from Risali onto the table, sitting cross-legged in the middle of it because of course this is how you play cards, right? He R Gud At Games. He's likewise jacketless, those garments most likely tucked with Garouth as he lurks amid the shadows of Half Moon and makes the dark corners just a little more deadly. Which is to say, he's quiet and not making a fuss, wherever he is.

While there is absolutely no dignity in being scooped along like a kitten grabbed by the scruff of the neck, Tanit hardly has any room for complaint. Though the commentary on stripping has one brow raising skywards. Maybe because though the Dolphineer is in layers, there are only so many of those. "So wait, if you play them you have to strip, or if you have one played on you?" Because there has not been quite enough liquor for this not to be an important distinction yet. At least she's got the Sarong and wet suit combo going.

A bite down on her bottom lip and Risali shakes her head. "No, I'm sorry that was my fault. If it's my turn and I place down a draw two, then whoever is going to be drawing two also has to lose clothes." BECAUSE THE LOSERS JUST GET TO STAY LOSERS, FIGHT HER. Brows furrow, grey eyes roll up towards the ceiling as if she's trying to make sense of her own words, and then there's a hint of a smile. "I'm bad at explaining things." It's why she does all that RUNNING and all that JUMPING and all that NOT TALKING ABOUT IT. Because words? Not her forte. Still, she's patting one of D'lei's thighs as she gives Tanit her best TERRIBLE EVIL NO GOOD VERY BAD smile and asks an almost innocent, "Make more sense?" Because the goldrider is already grabbing cards to bridge shuffle WHETHER THE RULES MAKE SENSE OR NOT. "I'll wait if you want to get drinks." Because yeah, probably not enough booze for this.

"But the point is to have fewer," D'lei replies to Risali, with a warm smile as he sits there on the table and is inconvenient. "Fewer cards, fewer clothes…" He tilts his head back to Tanit. "I mean, either way the game ends when someone gets thrown out for excessive nudity." Which might be a thing? Anyhow. "I'll get some," he says of drinks, and hops off the table to the bar where he can obtain a PITCHER OF SANGRIA SLUSH and THREE GLASSES to bring back while Risali shuffles and deals. Because sharing is … making sure your fellow game players are at least as drunk as you are.

"Maybe for each article of clothing removed it goes to the person who played the card." Because then MORE layers and MORE victory! Yes. VICTORY! Sangria slush gets divided out between the glasses, and Tanit scoops the cards squinting at the colorful bits of paper. "So, who starts and what order do we go in first?"

"Right," Risali answers D'lei around a smile, watching him go and SHAMELESSLY CHECKING HIM OUT AS HE WALKS AWAY. MM. AWYEAH. Shuffle, shuffle, sigh, and she's divvying out the cards between the three of them - seven to each - before placing the remaining stack of cards in the middle. D'LEI RETURNS WITH MORE BAD IDEAS, and Risali's offering a fey, "I knew I kept you around for some reason, bronzerider." And she is pulling a glass over to herself, filling it before shrugging a shoulder and nodding. "We can do it that way; that sounds fun. And you can start us off Tanit. The honors of residency."

Risali may hate to see D'lei leave, but she loves to watch him go. Also to watch him come, but NEVER MIND THAT RIGHT NOW. This is the time for booze and cards, and D'lei grins with a, "Thanks," to Tanit as she starts pouring while he sits down, then a broader one to Risali. "Got to be something to make up for the rest of it," he replies, and then… mmmh, sangria. And a plan! More or less. "Represent your Weyr well," he says to Tanit with a raise of his glass. "They'll all be watching, I'm sure." Maybe. Or at least some of them. Who might or might not be sober enough to remember it.
Tanit joins the game of uno.

Tanit draws a card.
Tanit plays a Yellow Draw Two.

There is so much squinting going on with these cards, but at last after a lot of fumbling presumably to figure out what is what, long finely scared fingers deftly snap up a card, and after a quick glance to note who is next in line? Tanit tosses down the draw two with a sheepish giggle. "So - like this right?" Cards get tucked down and she reaches for her Sangria slush with a gulp. "Thank you D'lei." Never mind that she just made you strip.
I MEAN YOU ARE NOT WRONG. But right. RELEVANT THINGS. Risali fans out her cards, shuffling them around presumably to match up colors even as those grey eyes flicker to her weyrmate and she sticks her tongue out at him. "There is a lot to make up for," she tells him, even though it's a lie. And then she's grabbing her own drink, bringing it to her lips just as Tanit puts down her card and — BETRAYAL. Risali makes an indignant sound into her glass, in her throat, and then sets her drink (and cards) down with a glare for Tanit. "Just whose side are you on?" the goldrider faux grumps, reaching down to unlace one boot before pushing it towards Tanit beneath the table with her toes. "There, you monster." And then she's picking up her drink again, bringing it to her lips as those grey eyes go expectantly to D'lei, drawing her TWO CARDS because Tanit BETRAYED THE SISTERHOOD.

D'lei plays a Yellow 9.

"Her own, clearly," D'lei observes to Risali's indignance, with a grin as he fans his own cards out - and fans himself with them a time or two before he selects one. "But, you're welcome," he adds to Tanit before he sets down his chosen card to hide the infamy of that Draw Two.

Tanit frowns, "I meant to make D'lei strip, not you. Not that there's anything wrong with you stripping, just - well I mean you are attractive but - I don't get this game." Gulp, gulp, gulp. She was trying to be on your side Risa honest, never mind the awkward that just tumbled forth. "Sorry." Sheepishly she buries her shame with yet another yellow nine. "I'm not drunk enough for this yet."

Risali plays a Yellow 7.

Grey eyes fix on Tanit as she tries to explain away her BETRAYAL with compliments, and awkwards and - Risali lowers her glass and laughs. A beat, two, and she selects a card from her deck to toss onto the pile. "You've been hanging out with me too much," Risali confides, nose scrunching in good humor. "And it's fine; I'll get you back." TRUST HER. For now, she's leaning forward towards D'lei, and maybe she IS trying to see his hand. WHAT'S IT TO YOU?

D'lei plays a Red 7.

"Hey, you matched my card!" D'lei says with a grin for Tanit. "I knew it was a good one." A good, playable, non-aggressive card. And a Risali who is trying to spy on his hand, and he leans his other hand over to boop her nose before he grins again. "I'm sure I'll end up stripped before the night's through," he says, hand going back to reach for one of his cards. "One way or another, anyhow."

Tanit draws a card.
Tanit plays a Red 5.

"Probably." The dolphineer answers to the amount of time spent in the gold rider's company. "But you already know my secrets and your boys are all housebroken, so it beats a lot of the other options." The awkward smile melting into something genuine, as she snorts at Deli's commentary. "You know how that ends though." Sleepless nights, diaper changes screaming and pooping and vomit. Tossing out the five with a sigh. "At least you get to enjoy the Half Moon weather for a bit before duty calls you back to deal with candidates and eggs and all the other crazy that gets involved with a weyr."

Risali plays a Red Draw Two.

Risali leans into that noseboop, nipping at fingers as she responds to D'lei with, "That's my hope - and my goal. It's been too long." BECAUSE SHE HAD A BABY. You welcome for that TMI, Tanit. SUFFER. KNOW HER SECRETS. But then Tanit is speaking and — her boys are housebroken? Risali actually almost chokes on her drink, jerking back as she laughs and then looks from D'lei, to Tanit, and back to the dolphincrafter. "Tani, if you think that my men are housebroken - or that I would want them housebroken - you don't know my men very well." But then she's selecting a card from her deck, and leaning forward slow to press it onto the top of the deck with one finger. This brings her just a little closer to D'lei, whose lips those grey eyes linger on before grey eyes find amber. "Strip," she demands, emphasis the 'p' with a little pop of the lips and then a mischievous smile as she leans back in her seat, grabs her drink, and RECLINES like she fully intends to enjoy this show. She might EVEN be reaching sideways towards Tani for a highfive, because GOALS. THAT'S WHY.

"You hear that?" D'lei says to Risali who bites his fingers as she chokes. "She-" a point to Tanit, and then a grin because oh yeah, she did. He listens to her retort, and then… "In fairness, we do break the house sometimes." Nearly the same thing. Except entirely not. "We've still got to get the woodcrafters in for that one countertop." Things happened, okay? And now? Ohhh, now another thing is happening. "Can't make an omelette without involving a few eggs," he tosses to Tanit, and then… aww yeah, he is being REVERSED. He sets down his cards, face down, and then he reaches for his tunic to peel it slowly up, over abs and chest that make it clear fatherhood has not overly interfered with his active work in S&R, up over his head and then - an arch of brows, and he slips out of his chair to put one foot on it, curving to show his butt in profile and his back before he just tosses that tunic back over his shoulder. Ladies~? "Catch."

Tanit draws a card.
Tanit plays a Blue Draw Two.

"I think you misinterpret my view on housebroken." At least one of them cooks, thank sweet Faranth, because Risa is terrifying in the kitchen. As for the rest well the Dolphineer can only chuckle. "Do I want to know how you managed to break the damn countertop?" Then there is stripping and Tanit can't help but whistle. "What is it that they feed bronzeriders, that all of them are like that?" The islander thumbing at D'lei with a sigh. "I mean sure we had our share of ripped surfers back home but the ratio of pretty men in weyrs seems to be off the charts. It's absurd." Not that she won't enjoy every minute. Then again, it's her turn, and - well Tanit makes up her mind in quick order. Eyelashes flutter oh so innocently at Risa. "The first one was legitimately an accident."

Oh, SHE HEARD, but D'lei's continued exploration of alternative ways to break houses has Risali's lips pulling into a caricature of a frown. "I'm sad I couldn't participate in that particular episode." A beat, and then a curve of lips that shows canines even as Risali ducks her head back into her drink. "But it was sure fun to watch." And then she's drinking, grey eyes rolling towards Tanit as her nose scrunches up for mention of K'vir's cooking and - THERE GOES D'LEI. AWWWYEAH. It's a good thing that Risali spread out her cards like a fan, because she really needs it right about now - and she's abusing it, fanning herself as grey eyes rake over her weyrmate, catching on abs, and ribs, and chest, and ass before she lowers her drink without looking at Tanit. "I'm telling you, Tanit. There's something in the water." FANFANFAN, SHIRT TO THE FACE (SHE DIDN'T CREEPY SMELL IT, YOU DID) - DOUBLETAKE. There's a look of surprise that melts into amused BETRAYAL as Risali leans forward to set down cards and drink and then tosses D'lei's shirt to Tanit. IT COUNTS, RIGHT (so not sexy, Risa). "Here you go, she-devil. Your reward." And then she's scooting her chair a little closer to D'lei, and maybe reaching out a hand to touch DAT BUTT and THOSE ABS as she brings her drink back to her lips and knocks her head towards D'lei in a way that says YOU SHOULD TRY THIS THO to Tanit. SHAMELESS. AND RUDE.

D'lei plays a Blue 4.

"I'll give you a hint," D'lei says of that poor countertop. "It was not by cooking." Even if the kitchen does also get used for that. Sometimes. He grins to Risali, and nods. "He did have a great expression, though." His own moment of beat, and then. "Before and after it cracked, really." But never mind that, there is STRIPPING to do. Also a game to play, at least in theory? But he's gonna take his time doing the stripping part, with a roll of his shoulders and a "Unhh." as he faces away. Just so satisfying to get OUT OF THEM CLOTHES, RIGHT? "The dragons call to us," he answers, and then - welp, so much for sitting down, there are Risali-hands in the way. So he just reaches back, drawing his cards up and holding them close to his chest before… "Just like that." HE MEANS THE CARD HE PICKED. (OR DOES HE?) Either way, he goes ahead and plays it!

Tanit draws a card.
Tanit plays a Blue 5.

Hey Tanit, can be rude too, and she's totally ogling all that shameless groping. She just shakes her head dipping into her drink as D'lei plays another card, settling the shirt in her lap. The corners of her lips twitch in a wicked curve as the dolphineer surveys her hand once more. "I'd heard from Sev that Sephany had a kid too while I was in Black Moon." The dolphineer notes of something being in the water. A blue card is tossed out with a shrug. "I'm not sure what that means exactly D'lei, the dragons calling."

Risali plays a Blue 2.

"He did," Risali says, perhaps a little more dreamily than is appropriate as she watches cards get played and does it JUST LIKE THAT. No, he meant the cards? WHATEVER. SHE KEEPS AT IT, until she's not because she has to pick up her own hand, and set down her half-gone drink and flicker eyes towards Tanit again. "She did," Risali confirms, setting her own card into the growing pile so that she can pick up her drink again and YEAH OKAY CHECK OUT DASH SOME MORE. SHUT UP. "And I'm pretty sure he means they call out to the attractive ones." She didn't just inappropriately lick her lips. SHUT UP SOME MORE. "She came to Xanadu to help while I was pregnant with Kyriel." A name that makes her brows draw in because MAYBE SHE MISSES HER BABY ALL OF A SUDDEN. "What are you gonna do now, bronzerider?" Because for some reason, taunts feel appropriate even if she is currently not winning.

D'lei plays a Blue 1.

"I mean, it's the whole point of search," D'lei replies to Tanit. "That's how you get all those bronzeriders!" A grin for her, as he actually turns to put himself down in his chair again and lean in toward the table, putting elbows on it as he looks from the current top card, to Risali - to the card again - to his hand. "Well. You've got me in a tight spot for sure," he says, with a slight downward tilt of his head, a play of his fingertips over the tops of cards as amber eyes stay on Risali. "But." He draws a card up from the rest. "I'll keep going." By… playing a card. BAM.

Tanit draws a card.
Tanit plays a Wild Draw Four and changes the color to green.

Oh, duh of course that's what D'lei means, never mind Tanit is just going to refill those glasses while D'lei takes his time. She does manage not to shoot Sangria out her nose at D'lei's comment, coughing to try to clear her throat and recover the cards. Still thoughts of Seph have the dolphineer biting at her lip, before shaking her head. "I think I will leave the whole parenting thing to those who are qualified for such things. She seems happy in Xanadu though." And continuing the STREAK, of SORIDID BETRAYAL. Tanit tosses another card out with an impish smile. "So you should get started on that next one yeah D'lei?"

Did… Did Risali just blush? She did. Those cheeks go red, and the goldrider's lips part, and for a moment she can't speak because did you hear her weyrmate? KEEPING HER ON HER TOES. And yeah, Risali watches D'lei play his card with a sudden keen interest even while he watches her. RUDE. SO WHAT IF D'LEI STILL MAKES HER GO ALL OFF-KILTER. WHAT'S IT TO YOU? But then: TANIT. Those grey eyes hone in on that card being played even as Risali manages a breathy, "You would make a fine mother, Tanit - when you're ready." Because NO JUDGEMENTS HERE. Even if you are a betrayer. OF THE SISTERHOOD. Oh well, at least it is a distraction, and one that Risali jumps on by looking from D'lei, to Tanit and - exhale. There's a fey smile on her lips, slow coming, brows raising as she licks her lips and then pushes back her chair to stand. Her still-booted foot goes up on it, then a knee comes up on the table, and sometimes it pays to be small because Risali is crawling, mindful of hands and legs because she doesn't want to ruin the card game. But right over to Tanit she goes, fingers hooking in the hem of her tunic as she pulls it up slow, slow, too damn slow, fingers feeding it into her mouth so that she can hold it up while she grabs Tanit's hands (AND MAKES HER SHED HER DECK), so that she can use them to push her shirt up the rest of the way. And then yeah, over her head that fabric goes, Risali dropping the fabric on the top of Tanit's head before LOOKING AT DASH AND STICKING OUT HER TONGUE. Okay, so the goldrider is a little soft in places, but she's getting back to what she was before she had the baby. Off of the table she goes, pulling her jacket free from her hips so that she can slip her arms into it, and then ZIP IT UP. HA. STILL NOT EXPOSED. "Your turn," she tells her weyrmate, leaning forward to rest one elbow on the table, chin in her hand, pinky curling into her lips and interrupting that smile.

Oh. OH. OH MY. Maybe this is what it's like to be Sev's brain. Because Tanit's hands are being guided places that THEY SHOULD NOT BE GOING. The dolphineer too shell shocked to resist or really do anything more than just STARE. Sea-green eyes all but popping out of her head as she watches the goldrider zip up, (or watches as best she can through Risali's shirt. Tanit, just kind of sits there. Staring. She might be broken.

D'lei plays a Green 9.

D'lei is POSSIBLY THE RUDEST, but Risali is hardly going to let him keep that crown without challenging him for it. She has STANDARDS, after all. She is going to crawl right over that table and lean over and… D'lei starts to tap the table, keeping a beat for Risali's swaying dance of tunic-removal that… "Mmh," provides a flash of appreciation-worthy view before she teases it right away by sliding her jacket back on. "Verrah nice," he observes, leaning back in his chair as he reaches out with an easy motion to slide a … card … into that … stack.

Tanit plays a Green Reverse.

Blink. Blink. Blink Fwoosh. Tanit's cards fumble and spill in a flash of yellow and green as she tries to compose herself. The green reverse that sort of makes it's way into the pile is left there. Tanit Still staring at Risali.

"There are certainly better views at this table," Risali chimes in, eyes going over D'lei's EXISTENCE one more time because she thinks he's HOT (just in case you missed it). She watches him play his card, and then looks to Tanit expectantly only to — ohp. Risali is maybe hesitating a moment, and then ducking her head with a blush right until those grey eyes find that card and - "Oh, fuck you, Tanit." But it's said with good humor, a hint of laughter in the words because AT LEAST IT MEANS all those STRIP cards will be directed towards her weyrmate now. AND HOW IS UPSET WITH THAT? NOT RISA. But this time she forgoes the naughty, bringing be-socked foot up onto the table, peeling it off without ANY KIND OF SEXY TO GO WITH IT, and the balling it up to THROW AT TANIT. And then those eyes are back on D'lei, because YOUR MOVE, BRONZER. And okay, maybe she's drinking again.

D'lei plays a Green Reverse.

D'lei's laughter is more than just a hint, watching as Risali removes her sock, exposing her foot and ankle, so scandalous. He grins, meeting Risali's eyes for a moment, and then slowly draws forth a card and lays it on top of the matching one already on that pile.

Tanit plays a Wild and changes the color to yellow.

Her brain at least connects enough (probably thanks to the sock, thank Faranth for socks) to flash a toothy grin at Risali, "Careful what you wish for tiny. You might just - Ahahhahaa." Tears, TEARS! Tanit can't help it. "You are very bad at this game Risa. SO Bad." Still the Dolphineer does take pity on her friend. And will not force another removal atop what D'lei has already caused.

Risali plays a Yellow 2.

Risali watches D'lei lay down that card, and makes an indignant noise into her drink that's half choking as she is betrayed ONCE MORE AND - SLAM. Onto the table that glass goes. "I hate you both." She informs them, even as she watches Tanit play her card and then shifts to rise from her seat amid LAUGHTER. Those grey eyes are fixed on D'lei though, the tips of fingers finding the edge of the tabletop and dragging along the surface as she moves towards him with a slow sway of hips that bodes well for NOBODY. She grabs the bronzerider's cards when she reaches him, grey eyes finding amber as she places his deck face down on the table. Risali hooks one leg over his hips, pulling herself up to settle in his lap with a completely inappropriate (and slow) roll of her body up against his. AND MAYBE HER TEETH DO FIND HIS CHIN, but it's a distraction while she struggles for just a moment to pull her arms into her jacket without having to unzip it. Then yes: she grabs D'lei's hands to slide up her outer thighs, never breaking eye contact even as she guides his hands up, up, up, under her jacket and higher still. Leather pulls up to expose stomach, ribs, and Risali leans forward because it's gonna expose a lot more than that in just a second. AWWYEAH. WEYRMATE BODY SHIELDS. AND YEP. SHE IS MAKING D'LEI UNDO THE CLASP OF HER BRA, his hands back INAPPROPRIATELY HIGH before she lets him go. Risali wiggles her way out of bra straps, pulls her jacket back down, wiggles her arms back into sleeves, and places her bra on top of D'lei's head like some kind of REALLY TERRIBLE HAT. A kiss, and an amused, "I'm gonna need that back when you get a chance," against his lips before she pulls away. Because she just had a baby, ya'll. BUT OUT OF D'LEI'S LAP SHE ESCAPES, settling back into her seat with one leg crossed beneath her. "Shut up, Tanit. You were supposed to be on my side." BUT IT'S PLAYFUL OKAY. And then she's playing her card and waiting for D'lei.

D'lei draws a card.
D'lei draws a card.
D'lei draws a card.
D'lei plays a Yellow 6.

"I know," D'lei answers Risali. He grins to her, with a slight lean forward and amber eyes that remain intent on hers even as he turns to continue to face her as she approaches closer. His arms slide around her even before hers reach for them, caressing around one hip and then - freed of interfering cards - the other. She straddles his lap, and his hands slide down, fingers splaying as they take in the curve of her rear, and… "Win or lose…" he replies to Risali's nip - or maybe Tanit's words - as his eyes lift toward the ceiling, then lowers them again as she starts to draw up that jacket, leather wadded together to expose a body that his hands roam up along, tracing her back with a palm to either side of her spine… and inconvenient biceps that partially obscure those curves she exposes. And then his hands are unfastening the latch of the bra, sliding from there to trace over her sides before they curve right around her breasts, obscuring their swells beneath his palm and the splay of his fingers almost as soon as the bra-cups slip off them in the process of being drawn off. And… there it is! His stylish hat, and… a linger of his hands that delays the jacket's downward draw for just a moment before they slide down her stomach until they can slide over the leathers of hips and let the leather of her jacket cover her torso once more. "When my hands get tired," is his answer - to go with the return of that kiss - and then she's escaped. Him? Well… he doesn't even bother to pick up his hand. He just draws a card - puts it on his hand - another - puts it on his hand - a third, and plays it.

Tanit plays a Yellow 5.

"Well, I mean if you keep doing stuff like that I'm going to forget whose side I'm supposed to be on completely." The dolphineer laughs fanning herself lazily with the cards, "Cause D'lei is kind of winning right now." In every respect of the word likely as not. "And aren't you supposed to draw every turn?" Cause she has just realized that this has been happening with a sniff. Except that D'lei is set back and maybe just pulled all those cards to make up for the fact that he cheated? Tanit throws out another card enjoying the show. Does that make her a creeper? Probably a little bit.
Does she care? No.

Risali plays a Wild Draw Four and changes the color to red.

ARE THOSE GOOSEBUMPS? Did her breath hitch just a little bit? Certainly D'lei can't hear her heart picking up a suddenly frantic pace against her ribs, even if he can probably feel it, because of his hands. And maybe that is why Risali beats a hasty retreat, because it's easy enough to forget herself and there's a CARD GAME TO WIN. Still, those grey eyes go from her weyrmate to Tanit. A beat, two, and then she manages, "I'm still coming for you, Tanit." BECAUSE BETRAYAL OF THE SISTERHOOD. THAT'S WHY. "But first." Risali's picking her hand back up, picking up her drink with it and maybe drinking deeply from it (ONE GLASS DOWN) before she sets her cup back down and picks a new card. Slowwww does she lean, placing that card right on top of the deck as grey eyes hold fast to amber. "My bra, Dashiel." IT'S HER HOPE, but let's be real, she'd rather see much more exciting sights. Even if they're gonna break her, because… well. "And then draw four, baby." BUT LOOK AT HER LOOKING AT TANIT, A THREAT IN HER EXPRESSION. "The new color is red," she announces. Because evil plans may or may not be afoot.

Tanit draws a card.
Tanit draws a card.
Tanit draws a card.
Tanit draws a card.
Tanit draws a card.
Tanit draws a card.
Tanit draws a card.

First? D'lei arches his brows, then… laughs, as he sees the card Risali has and hears her words. "It's a shame, really." He reaches up to sweep the bra from his head, draping it over one hand and stroking it with the other like it is some kind of cat. "I so would have enjoyed… mmmmh." His eyes, cast down to that bra. His lips, pursing with a rueful twist. "Still. I suppose… I'd better make you happy. My hands are going to get so tired drawing all those cards, taking them into my hand… it is a nice one, isn't it? So much bigger, because of you." He lifts his eyes again, meeting Risali's with them for a long moment before he actually passes her the bra across the table, picking up his four cards on the way back. "Just let that red rocket take you higher," he says. Rules clarifications? Sorry Tanit! They can't hear you over the sound of … themselves.

Tanit plays a Wild and changes the color to green.

Glare all you like Risali. Tanit hasn't had to remove anything which is probably for the best given that she doesn't wear much to begin with. "Just to clarify for anyone listening. WE are still in public." She is just saying. Not that a word is spoken. But oh Risali you evil little - So many cards. ALL the cards. "So are we counting who wins by the actual card game or by whose still dressed at the end." WINNING. That look, that smol fiery look of death and destruction. Tani smiles blithely in the face of evil, throwing down the new card.

Risali plays a Green 2.

RUDE. SO. MUCH. RUDE. Risali is just SURROUNDED BY RUDE. Risali's eyes are riveted on her weyrmate, and then yes. Yes she is looking flush as he just keeps talking and steals even the 'Shut up, D'lei,' she was planning to use right along with her propriety. And her virtue. Again. It's Tanit's voice that makes her jump, tearing grey eyes away from amber to find sea-green where they stay with an almost helpless kind of expression. Yeah. D'lei does that to her, and then she's blinking down to the new card, and the new color, and she's forcing herself to swallow down some air as she breathes, "You should really be outlawed, Dash. I'm pretty sure more than one woman in this place is pregnant now." INCLUDING HER. BOOZE BABIES EYYYYYYY. "And I hate you." CHANGING THE COLOR. RUDE. "By the cards. Probably fair to say that if somebody runs out of clothes, they fold." RIGHT? Because they'd have nothing left to give. "Or… have to take a shot until they can start winning clothes back." IF THEY AREN'T REMOVED BY THEN. PUBLIC SMUBLIC. …Her Dad is a scarier threat than other people (which is a real possibility here." But Risali is tossing out another card, STILL NOT LOOKING AT DASH even as she balls her braw up and squishes it into her lap.

D'lei plays a Green Skip.

D'lei sweeps up his cards, gathering them into his hand once more and sifting through them. As for Tanit's reminder? He chuckles, low and soft. "Oh, yes. Quite public," he agrees, with an upward curve of lips and a downward tilt of chin. His eyes seek - and linger upon - Risali for long moments, even (especially) if she is not looking at him. "Oh, I'm pretty sure I already am illegal. Get caught regularly, too. They just… can't keep me contained." His grin sharpens. "At least, not for long. Or without babies." And he is staring at Risali with that grin, because of course he is. At least Tanit's question about the scoring system finally makes his head turn toward her after listening to Risa's answers, his grin now a bit more amused and less… predatory. "It's a good question, though. Do you want to be the first out, or the last? Cards, or…" He puts one of his down on the stack, his grin bright and his amber eyes now intent on Tanit. "Clothes."

Mm. Well that fucking backfired. "Can we get glasses and a bottle over here." And for a minute it looks as though the dolphineer is going to wiggle out of this by taking the shot option, after all she's in a sarong, a dive suit, and it's a mystery as to what else. The call for tequila, is more for courage in this case it would seem than anything else. The diver lining up the nine shot glasses brought out and filling each one slowly. A bowl of limes and shaker of salt and one by one, with precision the three glasses are emptied. Tanit licks the last kiss of lime from her lips and eyes that damned bronzerider with all the intensity those sea-green eyes can muster before taking two in rapid succession and the third with a bite of lime and salt, though she doesn't swallow immediately. Payback is a bitch Risali. A stone-cold bitch and yes, the dolphineer moves to straddle the smaller goldrider with a tequila and lime infused kiss. Risa's fingers are used to free the knot that keeps the sarong in place leaving the fluttering fabric in Risa's hand as she stands back up - no she isn't done yet folks. That zipper is pulled slowly down, and the green and gold bandeau beneath is revealed as is the water color lotus inked beneath it. Inch by inch the dive suit is peeled away, revealing Tanit as only a few people have ever really seen her. It becomes apparent why she favors the suit as a tracery of red lines, spread like tangled threads or lightning wraps lightly up the back of her neck, spreading over her shoulders and lower back, the line fade presumably somewhere beneath the swim suit bottoms, and the orange gold and black goldfish tattoo on her ankle is plainly seen now too. The suit, is thrown bodily in D'lei's face, and it's a thick soft material that has far more weight than one might expect. The sarong is reclaimed, tied in halter style, still leaving back and shoulders on display. "Happy now?" She mutters refilling the glasses emptied.

Risali plays a Green 4.

D'LEI, WHO EVEN SENT YOU. Risali knows; she can feel D'lei's eyes on her because she's aware of him in a way that she's not aware of many others - because the prickle of goosebumps on her skin is as titillating as it is a perennial response to warn prey of a predator's arrival. But still she doesn't look even as her body reacts (an infuriating fact, that he doesn't even have to touch her to rile her up), but something that… while relevant, is certainly not the focus. It's his placement of card that draws her attention back to him, that has her looking to Tanit and then grinning because - HA. YOUR TURN. Only it's not the outcome she expected; she watches Tanit down drinks and expects the taller woman to go for D'lei, but Tanit comes for her instead. And there's a hesitation somewhere in the application of tequila-lime kisses - a hesitation that lasts maybe a second as Risali presses back. The goldrider even takes it a step further, teeth finding Tanit's bottom lip to tug and draw out as she uses deft fingers to untangle knots before letting the dolphineer go. And then she laughs, a giddy sound of delight as the wetsuit goes and eyes too used to bodies marked with ugly histories doesn't linger long enough to be anywhere near impolite. She just watches Tanit go, FANNING HERSELF before she gathers her cards back up and gives D'lei a look, humor in grey depths. "Now I'm gunning for you again, baby." But for now… a boring card. PERHAPS NEXT HAND.

D'lei plays a Wild and changes the color to blue.

D'lei chuckles throatily as he keeps his gaze on Tanit while she prepares and consumes her drinks, setting down his cards to the table once more. Liquid courage by the shot, and there's a challenge in those amber eyes watching as the dolphineer drinks… and drinks… and goes to mount Risali. D'lei grins, leaning back against his chair to watch. And watch he does, his expression a broad amusement as there are kisses and wriggles and a stripping of sarong - and wetsuit. His eyes certainly take in that pattern of red lines, observing them along with the contours of Tanit's swimmer's body without any change to the appreciation he presents while watching. But hey! Then she puts back on the sarong to be covered in one layer as opposed to the two she usually has. "Good round," he says to Tanit, and grins before he looks back to Risali. "But of course," he says to her, then picks out a card to play. "Blue."

Tanit plays a Blue 9.

There might have been a time where the dolphineer might have felt self-conscious under that look, but instead the Dolphineer just smiles back. Blue? She's got this down. A throaty chuckle as the war cry of the smol is directed at D'lei. "Why thank you." Is her answer for the Round.

Risali plays a Red 9.

Risali mouths the word blue like it's some kind of TERRIBLE WORD, and maybe SHOOTS A GLARE AT D'LEI. But Tanit goes, and it's back to Risali, and the goldrider is looking only all too delighted to rid herself of another card. GOGOGO RED GO. She's also pouring herself a new glass of boozy goodness, and then resting her chin back on the palm of her hand as she raises her eyes at her weyrmate. "I miss you in your wetsuit." LONGING, WOE. "Tanit, we're keeping the wet suit."

D'lei plays a Red 9.

"You're quite welcome," D'lei says to Tanit, then laughs to Risali. "We'll find an opportunity." He grins, with a glance down to his cards before… he copies Risali. SO UNCREATIVE.

Tanit plays a Red 8.

Tanit isn't much more creative but mention of the wetsuit lifts an ebrow and D'lei gets a much more appraising look. "Surfer or Dolphineer?" She asks curiously, tossing down a boring red eight because everyone else claimed the nines. "I'm not sure it would fit him but if he can pull it off go ahead, I have four or five of them."

Risali plays a Red Reverse.

Red, redyes. Does Risali look excited? That would be because she is, and the goldrider's shifting to sit up straighter in her seat, momentarily deaf to the conversation of wetsuits because GLORY PRAISE HALLELUJAH. Knowing her luck, she's probably going to get a boot for her trouble, but Risali's looking thoroughly pleased (and READY) when she draws one card out of her hand to place on top of the deck. She waits, to be polite, for amber eyes to find grey once more and then she tap, tap, taps that card on top. Grey eyes assess, dropping to nose, to lips, to chin, to chest; down, down, down she delineates in a sinfully slow (and appreciative way) before she drawls, "Strip, baby," in what just might be indecently provocative tones. CHOP CHOP. She's already leaning back in her chair with her drink, drawing her knees up to her chest so that she can ENJOY THE DANG SHOW. Even if it's BOOTS.

Tanit draws a card.
Tanit draws a card.
Tanit draws a card.

"Neither," D'lei answers Tanit, and grins. "Monaco's got a designated water rescue wing. So they wear wetsuits, and…" A moment's pause, but then a crooked smile and shrug. "I used to be on it." He does give that Tani-suit a careful inspection, just to see if he could possibly make it fit. …yeah, he probably couldn't. Oh well! He'll just… not play a card, not him. Instead, Risali plays a nope on him and D'lei laughs. He reaches down, hands to his hips with his shoulders pulled back to better show his chest, and teases along the waist of his pants before slowly drawing up his leg, foot on the edge of his chair as a hand shifts to tug at laces and buckles, then - boot loosened but still on his foot - swing it around and set it on the table, a thump against the wood before he angles it up toward Risali. "Go on, then," he answers her. "Take your prize."

Tanit plays a Red 5.

"Ah, didn't think about that, I guess that would be another good reason to use it. I forgot you were from Monaco. I guess search and rescue is a big part of what the weyrs do now to stay relevant with thread gone." The boot on the table however has Tanit bursting into snorting laughter. "How are things In Monaco these days, I've not been out in over a year."

YEP. BOOTED. SIGH. Risali's not disappointed, you're disappointed. Or, she was, but D'lei somehow manages to even make that TOO HOT. HOT DAMN. "What does a woman have to do to get you out of those leathers, bronzerider?" Risali inquires, even as she rises to her feet, slinging her bra over her shoulder as she moves past Dash's awaiting boot to stand beside him. She applies fingers to the side of D'lei's neck, drags the tips down with featherlight pressure over his shoulder, down the curve of bicep before they skip to his thigh. And she moves, a slow drag to his boot before she finally helps him pull that off. Risali does still for questions of Monaco, eyes going from Tanit to D'lei though she simply squeezes D'lei's foot and then gives it a gentle swat, settling back into her seat.

D'lei plays a Red 6.

"She'd have to undo a belt, two buttons, and a zipper," D'lei explains to Risali with an arch of his brows. "That, and work them slowly down…" Not down neck and arm, for his jacket's already gone along with his shirt, but he grins for the trace of her figners before they leap and his voice resumes. "…down thigh, down calf, right down along there and-" There's his boot, coming off, and his grin widens. His socked foot extends to a point, pressing against Risali's hand before he swings it back under and turns his attention back to Tanit with… less of a grin, but still a smile. "A year, huh?" he replies, just in case anyone's forgotten the context. "Well. I haven't been for a month, but… really, I wasn't paying all that much attention to the news even before that." A wry smile, and then a brighter tone as he continues. "Szetamirath is, however, an eloquent, opinionated, and stunning lady gold, and I'm sure that news about her will spread far beyond Monaco." And then he plays a card.

"Oh is that all" Tanit whistles, "I'm afraid I'm going to have to fold Ladies And Gentleman." She grabs the bottle of tequila and her wetsuit. "Drunk Very I Am and I'll be in my bunk."

D'lei you wicked, wicked man. Risali only half hears the conversation about Monaco because she's staring at her weyrmate and — yep, nope. PERFECT TIMING, because Tanit's too drunk to keep going and she's folding her hand, concern a brief flicker that probably goes down the Leirith grapevine up to some other bronzerider in the weyr, if only because she has plans for the one in front of her. "Sleep well, Tanit, thank you for playing." But her words are distracted, because she's also rising from her seat, gathering boots, and socks, and bras, and shirts before she tilts her head at her weyrmate. "Are you sure she can't just…" a step backwards, another, another, and her free hand catches at the zipper of her jacket as teeth find her bottom lip and she pulls it down slowly. Another step back, another, another, grey eyes peering out from beneath lashes and then a wicked little smile as she lets her hair fall forward and turns to depart. Mostly because her Dad and/or R'hyn are on their way down to make sure Tanit gets home safely. BUT DETAILS. DETAILS.

"Don't forget to hydrate," D'lei says to Tanit. "Hangover headaches are well beyond the intended penalties of this game." But those light words are all the attention he has forthe dolphineer, really, because now there's Risali, and D'lei laughs as amber eyes focus on her. "Well, that's one zipper, now isn't it?" he asks, one hand on the table as he rises and the other stroking across his… legs, yes, his LEGS as he rises. It ends up on his hip, and he grins. "I'll trade it for a button." So he pops one of the two that cross-check the garment, letting that bit of strap pop loose in a way that would fail a formal inspection but is still stable enough for around the weyr use. …for now, anyhow. If one were to guess from the way he's looking at Risali as he follows her out? This technically-still-modest state of affairs WILL NOT BE LASTING VERY LONG. But, at least they won't be making someone have to scrub it off the table. GOODNIGHT, HALF MOON. DREAM OF THINGS WE CANNOT PRINT HERE, AND I MEAN, YOU SAW WHAT WE ALREADY PRINTED. THEY'RE JUST. THAT. GOOD.

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