Daddy Darling, Are You Tipsy?

Xanadu Weyr - Wanderin' Wherry Tavern

It is often whispered in the crowds that converge here, that a certain Weyrleader was asked what he wanted in the remodeling of the pub that was not so long ago given a refreshing. He muttered back over the rim of his ever-present mug, "I don't care what you do with the place, just so long as there is plenty of ale." With that in mind, cask after cask of ale lines the walls of the tavern, the remodeler's idea of a jest. As they age, the casks bring a real rustic atmosphere to the pub, along with the deeply wooden flavor that seems to be the theme throughout.
The lighting is dim, as it should be in all good pubs, and the tables and chairs are plentiful. A long mahogany bar, intricately carved with runner beasts, stands vigilant duty at the head of the bar, lined with stools for those patrons that seek the bartender's company.

Its a fairly normal evening at Xanadu. Quiet even for once. The twins spending the evening with friends in a sleepover which leaves D'had and Thea with a free night all to themselves. That finds them at one of the tables at the tavern. D'had half through with his second ale while they wait for food to be delivered to their table.

A free night without twins, her paperwork finished, but it leaves Thea the tired one perhaps? She's dressed nicely, in a dress of deep red, not one for the office but for the evening and has a glass of wine at her elbow, a few sips only having been taken. "So, what did you do with your day?" Hers can't have been all that interesting, and she doesn't attempt to bore him with it. She's trying at least, to hide the concern in her green eyes as they travel over his face, the question asked lightly but intent behind those dark lashes. No, she doesn't ask how he's feeling or if he's rested. But does she want to know? You betcha!

Darsce has been who-knows where all day with the weather being fogged in and chilly the past few days it's likely she's been burrowed under the blankets in her bed in the room she shares with Hali or glued to the hearth in the caverns. Or if her father's been free maybe she's wheedled him into a ride somewhere warmer for a spell. Now though, she's bored enough to poke about and see what's what, slipping into the tavern dressed in a form-fitting russet dress of velvet, long sleeved for warmth because while modest in front, it dips daringly in the back and reaches but halfway to her knees. From where she pauses by the door her sky blue eyes scan the bar, noting the guys hanging out up there, but for the moment she is without an escort.

"Littla a this, little a that," D'had replies to Thea's question of his day with a shrug of a shoulder. He's not giving alot on what it was filled with as he takes another deep swallow from his glass. "How was yours?" he questions back before movement at the door catches his attention. Hold that thought! That's what he would say if he wasn't halfway through another drink. Instead he holds up a finger to pause her answer as he moves to his feet and snags his jacket from the back of his chair to head for Darsce. "Yer gonna catch cold wanderin' round out there like this," he comments to the young woman even as he aims to drap said jacket over her shoulders. "We got room," he adds, nodding back towards the table where he left his weyrmate. "Join us?"

Thea's not looking too thrilled with the evasion and yes, she recognizes one when she sees one. Her eyes flash, lips press together but they are in public so she'll say nothing now. She drops her eyes to the table when he turns the question back on her and shrugs. Two can play at that game. Since she is looking at the scarred tabletop when he says to hold that thought, her eyes lift to track him to the door where she spots Darsce and simply shakes her head in fond exasperation. If she didn't love the man, she'd shake him. Lifting her hand she gives a little wave to Darsce, a small encouraging smile. She's welcome to join them as far as she's concerned.

There's a jacket covering her lovely… dress. "Daddy Sweetie!" Darsce will give him a little smile when she wants to wail instead while her eyes slide over to the bar in an almost 'help me' fashion. The look is given to hopefully catch some male eye looking this way. In fact, one of them saunters over with a 'Hey Baby.' and offers his arm with a 'Get lost old man'. He's… not from around here. Obviously. Darsce bites her lip, "Daddy, I shouldn't interrupt your nice dinner out."

D'had turns a glare on that one who dares to try and shove him off. Good luck bud, he's not that easy to get rid of. "Not interrupting, food hasn't ever come yet. Least come say hi and let us get ya a drink." See, he'll let her drink at least. He's not completely stifling to be around. That said he'll try to direct her back to the table where Thea waits.

Beldar knows who D'had is, even if the man isn't wearing his Weyrsecond's knot. He's certainly served the man enough! It's the tender who appears at their elbows offering, "Free round up at the bar," to entice the fellow away from the punch he thinks is likely to be used to get rid of him. It's Thea that likely flagged him, she's now leaning on an elbow, pressing a hand to her temple, head tipped down as if she'd like to avoid recognition if things go south.

To that guy, who is looking like her type right now, there's a sweet smile given and a "I'll… see you later?" Darsce isn't going to force the issue, not here, not now. She goes, stiffly but she goes. The young lady does a credible job of not huffing on the way over there, even waits like a lady for her father to pull a seat for her. Arriving at the table, she offers a musical-sounding, "Hello Thea." Once seated she does slip out of that coat with, "It's pretty warm in here, don't you think? I'm roasting!"

Crisis averted. Thanks Thea. Not that he needed the help, but hey it worked. D'had is completely oblivious to his daughter's wish to be anywhere but sitting with him right at the moment. At least he doesn't have to try and introduce the two. Apparently that's been done before. Second crisis averted. As the two get acquainted once again he's flagging down a waitress to let Darsce order what she will. "You aren't second guessin' visitin' are you? Room's alright?"

Oh no, he could have easily taken care of it, but it might have been messier than Thea would have liked. At least she's not taking any chances after the recent brawl which she got caught in and thus had to help chip in to cover damages for. There's not a flicker of eyelash from the Weyrwoman at the lack of title, however. "Hello Darsce, I'm so glad you could come visit. Did you find anything interesting to do today?" Obviously it wasn't with her father or he'd probably have mentioned that. Her question is pleasant and sincere but… SOMEone might want to talk about their day or they're going to be hearing about the office.

Well Thea sorta runs the Weyr and her best friend is the headwoman. It's quite likely she's let the Weyrwoman's name drop or they've bumped into each other sometime in the past few days that the girl has been here, right? Or it could just be Darsce being cheeky but it's couched such respectful tones that it would be hard to pin her on it, hopefully. "Not at all Daddy, I'm just adjusting to the time difference." And the weather! "The room's, you know, okay for a weyr." The waiter is there and with a confident tone she orders one of the fruity drinks on special, strong to begin with but as the server turns to go, she says, "Add another shot of the good stuff," and flutters a wink. Back to Thea she smiles brightly. Did she find something interesting to do? Leaning forward, eyes alight, "What can you tell me about Matrin? I heard that greenrider Keziah call him your harper?"

D'had nods. "Good to hear," he replies when Darsce assures that everything is well. He doesn't even blink at her drink order, certainly different than Thea's usual, but he can't really complain given his preferences. Speaking of, when he lifts his own glass for a swig a nod towards the bar orders another to be delivered with that fruit something. But then there's mention of that harper. "Sounds like Keziah told ya all ya need to know."

Thea has her mouth open to answer Darsce when D'had speaks. A quick glance flickered at him finds her dark brows puckering in confusion, eyes turning to the server momentarily and back to her weyrmate. She says nothing about the third glass he's had or the speed he's drinking them at but she does not look very happy about that. No, she seems more concerned for some other reason, giving him a very odd look. "He's not my harper," she replies evenly to the teen. "He's a cartographer working for the Weyr on mapping the ruins." She drops her eyes then, apparently deep in thought before lifting her eyes back up to D'had. Hard not to stare at him and she fails avoiding it. Miserably.

"Yes, but but," Darsce wants to talk girl-talk! Well, guys. "Where's he from and where does he get his clothes and does he have a girlfriend?" Her interest hasn't waned but she's catching the odd looks from weyrmate to father and thus she turns to eye D'had critically as well. Thea might not ask but she will! Leaning forward she peers closely at her father. "Daddy darling, are you tipsy?" There's a little giggle after that because, yes, she just bubbled all about a boy and he didn't growl and say she was too young to be even thinking about them.

Well then she should find somewhere to talk it and someone to talk it with without her father around. If she would have ended with the clothes D'had's world would have been that much better, but no, she has to ask that last question which does elicit a low growl from the man. "No," he answers that question sharply. He is not tipsy, as a matter of fact he has not had nearly enough to drink for this conversation to be happening. "And you're," but he cuts himself off there. He's trying! She's not a little girl anymore.. "You just keep your distance from him."

Thea actually looks relieved at the growl. That's… at least a little more like the man she knows, though she's still giving him a surreptitious study from under her lashes. She reaches a hand to rest on his forearm, patpatting it soothingly. "Donn…" She gives Darsce a look of sympathy, before telling them both, "He's a decent guy. Probably one of the most proper ones around here." And no, she's not going to take sides between father and daughter. Not her place!

Darsce laughs softly, almost apologetically, "Sorry Daddy darling. I was just checking!" She peers at him at that last directive, rolls her eyes with a 'get a grip' look of disbelief. "I haven't gotten closer than three feet away? Promise!" Okay that's the past, no comment on the future. It's then that the door jingles as it opens and a trio of voices clamor for her. They're girls, relax D'had! "Oh! I'm laaate." Raising her voice, she carols, "Be right theeeere!" She's on her feet, brushing her father's cheek with tinted lips, "Love you daddy." Just as she turns to go the server comes with their drinks and she lifts hers off the tray before the waiter can even place it on the table. She'll just take this to go! "Later! Thanks for the drink." And she's dancing to the door and on out into the night. At least… she forgot about the fella at the bar?

Thank Faranth for small miracles? The Weyrwoman doesn’t need any more catastrophes in the tavern. The departing teen is given a little wave, have fun Darsce. D’had overprotective and growling? She can handle. Sorta used to that. But she has enough on her plate with D’had acting so…so…vague lately. She’ll eat quietly, keeping her concern to herself while her distress grows, probably won’t sleep, likely hasn’t been doing much of that anyway. Its a fairly normal evening at Xanadu? Not for Thea. No, that disappeared the day D’had slipped his knot across her desk.

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