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Xanadu Wilds - Island Beach

A narrow band of pink sand is revealed by the ebb tide that forms a ring around the base of the high cliffs towering above it. Shaded by those same cliffs above on the west in the mornings, and on the east in the afternoons, the beach is perfect for fishing and swimming. From here it is possible to walk all the way around the island, but there is no way to get back to the top save for through the cleft. One must still be cautious not to get caught on the other side of the island when the tide comes in or they risk having to swim back to gain entry to the island cleft.

It's somewhere in the middle of the ten day island trip. Sunset will be soon. With the Candidates scattered all over the island in smaller groups, doing different exercises with the AWLMs, V'dim has commandeered the beach for his exercise. He waits for the group to arrive, clipboard in hand, his face impassive and his stance unhurried. But he has been waiting for awhile.

Muir rolls his eyes and scowls at Kale, stalking after him down towards the beach. "Jeez, try to joke with a guy," he mutters, shoving one hand into his pocket and scooping up his bowl to walk after. "Hey," he finally says, as they step onto the beach, "What's your problem? Did I do something wrong? Insult your family? Because you're being a jerk."

Embarrassed or not, Kale goes with them, through the cleft, to the beach, and mindless of Muir til he speaks directly to him. He looks at him, frowning. "I don't have a problem," he retorts, eyes tightening after. "Yet," he adds with the same frown that's beginning to look more like a scowl.

"What are you two even talking about?" Soriana asks with a glance between the two boys. Seriously, what? She continues along briskly, not wanting to keep V'dim waiting… more than he already has been. Aaaand there he is, and she glances to the others again, whether they've answered her or not. "C'mon."

Idrissa is catching up to the others, she is late thanks to a pair of firelizards trying to actually eat her pack to get at the food within it. It took a bit of work but she was able to get them about and toss food at them both to leave her things, and well perhaps others things along. She is lagging behind the others, and by the time they get to V'dim she is still off a good many feet. Great, just what she didn't want to be, late for whatever this could be!

Muir hastens to catch up to Kale, glancing at V'dim but speaking in a low tone to Kale. "Then why're you acting so weird? All grumpy and sh- stuff. You haven't been normal since we got here. So…what is it?" He glances at Soriana and just shrugs, giving his head a shake and looking back at his friend - or notfriend. Sad.

Mikal is heading with the group, catching up behind Idrissa himself. "What's wrong with Kale?" he nudges Soriana's side.

They're all late, but the Weyrlingmaster doesn't chide them for that. No, the silence around that is far more intimidating than any comment he could make. Never let it be said that V'dim is oblivious to the interpersonal dynamics between those under his care. In fact, he is an artist when it comes to being creative with them and a master at bending them to his teaching advantage. He turns from his contemplation of the sky as the candidates enter the beach, his keen blue eyes settling on first Muir, then Kale. Mildly, he notes, "You two will be co-leaders of the boys team." And then, as Soriana and Idrissa draw up, "And you both will be co-leaders of the girls."

Kale looks to Soriana at her question, brows furrowing as he shakes his head. "Nothin'." Conversation ceases now as he looks ahead to V'dim, to which they head, not inclined to answer Muir, though whether it's because of V'dim's presence or a lack of desire is difficult to tell now. V'dim is speaking, and his eyes turn to and stay upon him, listening. "Co-leaders?" He glances to Muir.

"Nothing," Soriana says to Mikal. "He's fine." Toootally fine. Around here, apparently 'fine' is what we call that grumpy expression on Kale's face. After glancing to him, she looks to Muir and repeats, "It'll be fine." Her tone is firm, softened by the slightly rueful smile of 'I know this, but cannot tell you why, but trust me, okay?' Which always (or was that never?) works. Whether it works this time or not, she gives V'dim her attention, listening to his instructions. She glances over to Idrissa, and gives her a grin.

Mikal arches a brow, shoving hands into his pockets as he merely glances between the others. Co-leaders? He doesn't ask but simply awaits more instructions, scuffing boots across the ground.

Idrissa blinks a few moments, co-leaders? There is a pause and she glances towards the boys and then looks back to the Soriana before she glances back to the rider. "Ah… Co-leaders for what, sir?" She seems just a wee bit confused here at the moment, which shouldn't be a surprise.

Muir's frown deepens as he stops with the others, looking at V'dim. "Co-leaders?" he echoes, looking back at Kale. Then he looks at Soriana, his expression confused and lost and starting to get irritated. "Fine," he repeats, but there's a finality and bitterness to it as he crosses one arm over the other, the bowl dangling from his fingertips. "Whatever. I don't care," he mutters. But he clearly does, even though he tries to hide that hurt expression. He just has to be in the middle of everything, doesn't he? Nosy little git.

The rest of the milling candidates - two boys and three girls begin separating and drifting towards their new 'captains', forming ranks behind them. "Indeed," the ancient Weyrlingmaster says dryly in answer to those echoes. "We'll be doing a scavenger hunt," he continues unperturbed at being questions. It seems he expects those. He unclips his board, removes two sheets of paper offering them to Kale and Soriana to come over and take. "You'll have until moonrise to complete the hunt. You may have free run of the beach." Which means they'll be out of sight some of the time since the beach rings the entire island. "Don't be late, or you'll be swimming back to the cleft." His stare pierces each and every one of them. The co-leaders will note that every item listed is a food item. "The team with the most items found the quickest will win the honor of making our dinner stew."

Kale's eyes find their way to Muir again and linger there a few seconds, but V'dim again catches and keeps his attention. As a co-leader, he needs to know what's going on, yes? So, he pays attention now, brows furrowing. A scavenger hunt. He steps forth, taking the paper that's handed to him and glances to the list of items that have been written there, a brow now arching. The rest of the rules are listened to as he moves back to the group of boys, Muir included, pointing to the first item there. But wait.. stew? He blinks, certainly interested at the prospect of food, whether or not he's making it!

The look Soriana gives Muir now is apologetic. Maybe she'd say more under other circumstances, but thing one not in front of Kale, thing two there's kind of this scavenger hunt to be doing, so even the look is a fast one before she returns her attention to V'dim, coming forward to take the sheet he offers. Kale is given a sidewise grin, and then Soriana returns to the girls as the instructions continue, beckoning them closer. "Okay, ten spiderclaws…" she murmurs to her huddle… well, at least, the ones who are paying attention. Jennabelle keeps fluttering her eyes at the boys instead.

Mikal goes along with Jikmyn towards the boys co-captains, Muir and Kale. Jikmyn nudges Mikal and mutters a question to him which gets a shrug and a just as quiet reply is offered. So quietly they move to stand behind Kale to peek at the list in his hand.

Idrissa ohs as the answer is given for what they are to be co-leaders for it seems. She peers at the paper and then glances to V'dim pondering it seems. "So… If we find everything we get to cook dinner?" Sure that sounds great, only thing is Rissa isn't /that/ great of a cook, heck she nearly passed out during her last time in the kitchen. She eyes he list and hums, spiderclaws huh. With a slight pop Willow appears from between, a soft trill escaping the little green firelizard whom is more than eager to try and find some it seems!

"So, we want to lose then," Muir mutters under his breath, only loud enough for Kale and Mikal to hear when his co-leader returns with their list. And he peers at it, perking up a tad. Since he's been searching for (and finding a few of!) these items since they arrived, he's got an advantage here. But who knows if his attitude and temper will allow him to take full advantage of it. "Ten spiderclaws? I haven't been able to find one…" Glancing up, he sees Soriana's look and in reply he just shrugs a shoulder. Whatever. He's always been the third wheel, he gets it. POOR MUIR. No one wants him around, no one wants his food, no one wants to join him in his quest to truly live off the land Sniff. Pity him.

V'dim will be observing the group dynamics, no doubt taking notes on that clipboard with the pen he has in hand. Idrissa's question receives a bland nod and a slight smile. It's extreme low tide, so all of the sand lies exposed and though it isn't a very wide beach, the seaweed-covered rocks mud flats beyond are now visible. Perfect hunting grounds for this particular part of the hunt. But does he tell them that? Nope! "Ready? Go!" Now he'll just lurk. Vulture-like. He's good at that.

Yeeah Kale isn't really much of a cook. But. This is a game. And games must be won. And Kale is a leader (co-leader) of this, and if his team wins that will mean that the leadership was successful! So yes. Cooking .. eh. Winning, yes! He shares the list with the rest of his team, eyeing that number ten. He glances over to the girls, catching Jenna's eyes, and smirks before waving his boys to move a little further away from that gaggle of girls. He glances to Muir, then Mikal, then the rest. "How many've you have firelizards?" he says lowly in their huddle. "Call them. They can scope'm out and probably catch them too."

Soriana frowns at Muir's shrug, but only briefly. She's got hunting to do! And, just for the record, she did so eat his food. Not only that, she said it was good. So there. Anyways, despite the fact that Muir would probably make an excellent stew, she's got to make him lose now, because then he'll be forced to break his survivalist streak by actually using pots and pans. Also because, hey, it's a contest. Ready? She nods. Aaaaand go! "Okay. So," she tells her gaggle of girls. "If we can find a big nest, great, otherwise we'd better keep an eye out along the way. We're gonna need a bag or something. Uhhh…" After a moment's consideration, she pulls off her sweater and ties a couple knots in it. "Hey Jenna!"

What? The pretty (and do you know how hard that is to maintain out here? Shardin' near impossible, that's how hard) girl looks back to Soriana with a frown. She was busy watching Kale. Look at him, so manly. Taking charge… bending in to the huddle. Nice butt~ She definitely does not approve of Soriana's interference… again. "What?"

Mikal honestly seems to have no idea what's going on between Kale and Muir. Seems he missed /something/ and it brings a frown to his normally cheerful expression. "Hey..making dinner stew. Muir can make it. His soup was awesome." he nudges his friend. "Right?" right? He offers an encouraging smile to his co-leaders. Go team? "What else is on the list?" followed by.. "I've two fire lizard who can help." Jikmyn shyly shakes his head, having no fire lizard to offer help.

Idrissa has no problem with letting Soriana take lead, why? Because well it is Soriana! She looks to Willow and then points around to the sandy wet areas that have lots of rocks and the like. "Let go find some spiderclaws." Maybe Hidalgo can pick up on the idea and help out? Willow is quick to zoom off and is already digging around a medium sized rock, snuffling under I before hopping off to another area and starting again. There is a pause and she sends a glance over to Jenna, hey was she just looking and making goggly eyes at Kale?

Muir nods, "Yeah, I've got one," he murmurs, glancing around until Kenpo swoops in. Then the bronze is zooming off with quick flicks of his wings, down towards the rocks. "Bet that's where they are. I've never managed to time the tide this well, so…that's where they have to be, right? Maybe, to throw the girls off, we go up the beach a ways and start yelling like we've found them, while the firelizards find them down in the rocks?" He doesn't look at Kale. Silent treatment, anyone? Glancing at Mikal, the boy smiles a bit. "I'm glad you liked it," he murmurs. Glancing over to the girl's team, he catches Jenna checking out Kale's butt. "Oh come ON!" the boy shouts. "What's it gonna TAKE?! Geez." In a huff, he stalks up the beach with a loud (too loud?) "C'mon, gang! I know I saw some spiderclaws up here!"

V'dim's sharp eyes flick from Kale to Soriana, drifting over Mikal then to Idrissa. He starts writing on his clipboard after Muir's shout. Is the Weyrwoman's offspring under the microscope? Or is it merely that he has an excellent recall and includes everyone in that notation? There's no telling. He begins strolling down the beach, watching. Luuuuuuurking.

"Gotta win first," remarks Kale to Mikal. "Then the cook can show how well he fits in the kitchen." That wasn't meant to be a dig at Muir. Really. He's his friend. Right? .. Ok. So maybe it was just a little purposefully snide, because he's irritated at him. Alloy soon pops into existance, the bronze coming to land on the sand briefly before taking to the are again, eyes on Kale. Chirrup! "Alright. Firelizards can…" But that's as far as he gets before Muir shouts and stalks off. He blinkl, half glaring at at him. Eyes rolling, he waves to him. "Let's see how many he hasn't scared off. Firelizards up!" And he follows after, glancing to the list again. "Mikal.. Carageenan?"

Soriana smiles to Jenna. "Here, will you hold the bag for us?" She extends the impromptu sweater-sack to Jennabelle, who takes it with a dubious look. "I want to make sure it's with someone who won't be distracted." Because Jennabelle is totally a model of being responsible? Like how she's been staring after Kale, though Muir distracted her for a moment, and made her purse her lips in consideration. Just a boy, not a man… but he is the son of the Weyrwoman. Perhaps he'd be worth relaxing her standards for… once he's over his little snit, anyhow. Unfortunately for Jennabelle's plans, Soriana is (still!) standing there with the sweater-bag extended. Ugh. "Fine," Jennabelle says, and takes it. At least this way she won't have to go poking around in the dirt, she thinks. So Soriana also thinks, except it's more like, at this way Jenna will be doing something useful as she stands and simpers. "Okay," Soriana continues as she turns back to the others. "Let's go. Never mind the boys, we've got to find spiderclaws. And carra… what's carageenan? Anyone know?"

Nervously Jikmyn casts a glance towards the lurking V'dim but it's only for a moment before he's trying to concentrate on the game plan of the boys. Meanwhile Elidor peeks out from Mikal's hood. One might wonder if the young brown has ever left this spot. He sure doesn't seem interested in leaving now but Elsie seems to get the gist of what Mikal wants. Or so it seems as she soars away following Kepno. Mikal tugs at Jikmyn's arm to start following Muir. Still not knowing what is going on between his two friends he simply tries to be nice to both of them and ignore any growing tension. It's no easy thing though especially when Muir is stomping and..shouting about no one looking at his butt? Maybe. Mikal's a little puzzled over this as one can tell from the furrowed brows.

Willow is quick at working, she is digging up a little hole and soon enough pulling out spiderclaws which are squirming around in the sands. Hidalgo is quick to pounce down onto one and then another using his form to pin them to the ground while Idrissa is quick to move on over and work on gathering them up. "Hey Sori! Got some over here." She calls out while trying to not get pinched by the claws.

Ooooh, burn. Muir turns his head to /glare/ at Kale. "What's that supposed to mean?" he demands, chest puffing up a bit. You wanna go, Smith boy? Kale'd kick Muir's ass, but that doesn't stop Muir from taking on that challenging pose. Meet me at the cleft after school, pretty boy. "I offered you fish - /good/ fish - and you turned it down. So don't talk about my cooking!" V'dim and his notes aren't noticed. His mother will love him no matter how stupid and stubborn he is. Meanwhile, Kenpo has swooped back towards the boys and dropped a wiggling spiderclaw into Muir's bowl, zooming off again. "He's found some," Muir mutters, disheartened by this whole business.

Ahh but those notes! Parents will likely never lay eyes on them. They'll follow to haunt them all into Weyrlinghood though, should they impress, affecting things like wing assignments, promotions and special assignment opportunities in leadership. But none of them know that, do they? V'dim is well aware of the developing situation between Muir and Kale and yet he does not intervene. He doesn't appear to be watching them any closer than the other team. But oh, he is! And his pen scratches as he writes.

Alloy circles around high a moment, apparently waiting for direction, which he soon receives. With a flurry of wings, he flits off, trailing Elsie while Kale himself heads off with the other boys, still pondering this "carageenan" thing. He has no idea what it is. Muir probably would, and he'd probably ask. Likely. It's probably on his mind, but it doesn't have a chance to go voiced before Muir turns on him. He pauses in his step, glare meeting glare. "Really? You're mad about the shardin' fish?" said incredulously. "Who's actin' like a jerk now, eh? Get over it" he thrusts the paper towards him, pointing to the second item, "an' tell us what carageenan is, cook." At least the firelizards are focused. Alloy, with the others, has found spiderclaws! He works on snatching two up to bring back. Chirrup!

Wait…what? Mikal half turns to Kale. "Carne…what?" he has no idea what that is and apparently it took him some time to realize that was actually the answer to his question on what's next on the list. "Both of you!" he says suddenly, perhaps tired of hearing them fight. "Stop it! Let's focus on working /together/ can we?! Elsie chirps! She found one also! Jikmyn trots over to his friends green and picks up two spider claws since Mikal's stopped and has both hands placed on his hips as he looks between Muir and Kale.

That's right, V'dim's notes will go on their permanent records. Scary! Soriana's not paying any attention to him, though. "Great!" she calls to Idrissa, and heads on closer to help pick things up. "Be careful with 'em!" Sori adds belatedly to the other girls. Spiderclaws peench! Soriana glances over to the shouting boys, and frowns, slowing down for a moment before scurrying on. "Seriously, though, does anyone know what carrageenan is?"

It's Jennabelle that provides the answer to that one, trailing along with her eyes on Kale and Muir. Oooh, maybe they'll fight. Torn shirts, rumpled hair… she can hardly wait! "It's seaweed, duh," she replies to Soriana without looking at her. "You make shampoo with it, because it volumizes." And seriously, what sort of girl doesn't know that? How is it that Kale even puts up with this?

Hidalgo takes up the position of digging up spirderclaws, which means Willow is free to search for other things, like a fish! "Willow is going to try and find a fish while we gather up these spiderclaws." Idrissa says while trying to keep the spiderclaws from crawling off. She has no idea what is going on tension wise with some of the others, which really is rather normal for Rissa at times. With the spiderclaws in hand Rissa watches for Jennabelle to get over, she is eyeing the girl that is well eyeing Kale. A faint smirk is seen. "Hey… Can you stop that? We're supposed to be you know working on this list?" Just maybe she is tired of this girl eyeing her boyfriend just a bit. She holds the spiderclaw out towards Jenna, and perhaps just a /bit/ too close to the other's hand while the spiderclaw goes *snapsnap* there is a possibility of someone getting pinched!

"I'm mad about you sharding /ignoring/ me!" Muir says heatedly. "I thought we were friends, and you've hardly said two words to me since we got here! I thought it'd be fun, we could all go fish, and hunt, and explore and all that sh- stuff, but you've been too grumpy to do /anything/ but sulk around and apparently talk to your girlfriends." Eyes flick to the list. "That's this green stuff. Come on, I've been eating it for days." That'd explain the green color to his bowel movements. He holds up the bowl for the arriving spiderclaws. "Is that a fish? I'll have Kenpo get that, he's gotten pretty good," and he looks distracted for a moment. But the bronze seems to be confused, circling and chattering to his mate until Muir takes a deep breath and closes his eyes, visibly relaxing himself. Oh, Kenpo seems to say. You want one of those. Okay, but I get the eyes. And off he zooms. "If there'a a duck on that list I'm going to need some help," Muir mutters as he stalks down towards the water's edge, shooting glances at his teammates. "Yeah, Mikal, whatever," Muir mutters, jerking fingers through his hair. Muir's note on V'dim's pad - Emotional, reactionary, does not play well with others.

V'dim's pen scratches again after Mikal speaks. Interesting! Oh those notes may wind up being played like cards reserved to trump others in some future game. And he's faded into the background purposefully for that reason - so they'll just forget he's here. In fact, he may just ghost back to the cleft and watch them all from atop the cliffs. Their voices certainly will carry easily enough to him on the night air. Out of sight, out of mind? He's everywhere you want to be! Like Visa, in a remote and very twisted sorta way.

Zahleizjah's adventures of the last day or so are truly unexplainable, she'd found her groove somewhere out there on the mossy rock, spending the night after lending Hotaru the fairviewer up on the pinnacle. Hair is tied back, and she looks as though bathing has occurred at least a few times since she's been here. Some successful fishing expeditions with Mikal and other fun random adventures, she doesn't look to bad for half way through. Zahl wanders out from the cleft approaching the group. A smile for the gents but leaning towards joining the ladies. There's a smile and she says "I somehow missed the scavenger boat.. how can we help?" She'll salute with a smile for her friends, not noticing cliff lurking V'dim, and Virikas will join the other firelizards scratching at the ground, even if she doesn't really know what she's looking for.

Luckily for most, Kale is too consumed with his own team, nay … Muir, to take note of any staring on Jenna's part. Or hopeful looks for a rowdy fight, bare chests, and busted lips. "Ignored you?" His brows furrow at him, pondering that. "What are you talkin' about?" He bristles visibly at a point. "I haven't been…" He pauses as Alloy drops spiderclaws down, one making it into the bowl, the other landing in the sand, half scuttling away. Kale scoops it up, careful of claws, squinting as he's nearly pinched. Then actually pinched! Ow! Shardin'..! He drops it in Muir's bowl, eyes flitting to Mikal, who has a point. He wants to win this. But he also wants to half throddle Muir, just because. "I'll make it a point to ignore the girls and give you the whole've my attention, if that's what you're lookin' for, Muir," said snidely. And in the same, breath, "Can you get the green stuff then? There's also.. grapes? Sea grapes. Oh. Hey these I've seen."

Mikal flinches back visibly, an expression of hurt crossing his features quickly as Muir seems to simply blow him off. For a moment he considers staying /right here/ and not moving another foot until his two friends shake hands and hug. Or something. Clearly this isn't going to happen though so he scowls and does an eye roll at Kale's snide remark. "Those remarks /don't/ help." he says with a frown.

Mikal marches up to Muir. "We got the spider claws yet? Let's do the green stuff next." he'll simply continue being nice to /both/ of them. Jikmyn moves to walk beside Kale, peeking at the list to see what's next. "Is there a duck on the list?" the shy apprentice inquires.

"Oh," Soriana says to Jennabelle's actually-helpful help. "Okay." She looks up at Zahleizjah's approach, and grins as she trots over to meet the other girl. "Yeah. Can you get some sea grapes? They're… like grapes. But by the sea." She hopes, anyhow! "I'm gonna try and catch a fish." By which she means telling Toral to catch her a fish, which means closing her eyes and focusing for a moment.

"Uh, I am working," Jennabelle says to Idrissa. "I'm holding the bag." That's right, she's been left holding the bag. Isn't it so arduous? Seriously, how is she supposed to ogle the boys when- "Eeeek!" That spiderclaw pinched her! A teeny, tiny little pinch. "Watch what you're doing! Faranth, whyyyy can't you be careful?" Sniff. Look, Idrissa's got it in for her. Why is the other girl so cruel? Won't someone (some boy, anyway) feel sympathy for her tragic plight? Jennabelle casts a sideways glance at them, before returning to sniffing at Idrissa through lowered lashes. She's not actually crying, though. Nobody looks good with red puffy eyes.

Idrissa smiles to Zahle and waves to her, gad to see her join the group it seems. Her attention turns back to Jennablle and she is about to put the spiderclaws into that sweater bag when it seems it gets the other girl. She blinks a few times and peers at the girl. "Oh Um are you alright?" Her green gaze flicks back to the now 'crying' Jenna and she looks confused. "I'm sorry… It shouldn't hurt that much, it was a little one." This from the girl who could handle falling off a runner and getting bruised up though.

Muir is hurt too, and the boy shakes his head. "Whatever," he mutters. "Just forget it, Kale. And almost, Mikal. We need a few more. Sorry," he adds, a low whisper. "I…you…ugh." I'm sorry I'm being an ass, you didn't deserve that. I'm mad at Kale, not you, blah blah blah FEELINGS. That's what he wants to say. But he can't, because he's…Muir. So he just goes about gathering the seaweed, and helping as best he can with the rest of the items in his sullen silence. Kenpo does get the fish though!

Zahleizjah smiles back to Idrissa and waves as well with a "Hey 'Rissa.." and she likes the idea of seagrapes much more than spider claws. Fish would be ok and Soriana's got that handled, so she nods to the Dragonhealer Candidate and starts to scan the area heading towards the shore line, then the cliff line, looking for small grape like orbs. Bushes are overturned, clumps of seafoam demolished. A wave to Mikal, Muir and Kale.. why does she feel like she's being watched?"

V'dim is up there, watching from above. Can't say like an angel, maybe more like a specter? Those notes, though, they are copious. The sun dips below the horizon, the sky darkens to twilight imperceptibly and a sliver of Belior colors the eastern horizon silver. He's also keeping a sharp eye on the tide. If they get wet? He'll let them. If it comes down to it and they need rescuing, Isobeth will come haul them out of the surf.

With all the drama on the boys side of things, Mikal's easily forgotten that he's being watched. Instead he simply mutters back to Muir something. Perhaps he understands the stammer means he's sorry? Maybe not though as he works alongside Muir in brooding silence, unable to get both of his friends to talk this thing through. Elsie continues to find spider claws and she'll go off and fish if need be! Zahl's noticed and given a wave and half a smile form Mikal. Jikmyn continues to work quietly but he's quiet because he's shy not because he's mad at anyone!

"Thanks!" Soriana says to Zahleizjah, then calls out, "Be careful!" without opening her eyes as she hears the squealing from Jennabelle. Toral glides in, heading over to swoop down over the waves and check things out. He likes fish. Not so much cold water, but he likes fish. Sori opens her eyes again. "Make sure to hold the bag wide, Jenna." Otherwise… peench! "How're we doing, Idrissa?"

Sniff. Ugh. None of the boys are even watching her. This is sooo stupid. "Well, be careful," Jennabelle snaps, and holds out the bag for Idrissa. That elaborate show of tears is gone like it was never there in the first place. Probably because it wasn't. Someone would have an awfully hard time actually finding the mark from that spiderclaw pinch, too. As for Soriana's comments, Jennabelle just huffs and meanders off along the shore to where there's a better vantage point for watching some celestial figures.

Idrissa just eyes Jenna a few moments, wondering what to say now that there is no tears falling. "You was faking it?" This actually make the beastcrafter glower at the girl while she drops the spiderclaws into the bag and goes about gathering up the rest so there are ten in it now. "I'm fine." Is called out. "We got ten spiderclaws. Willow is working on getting the fish. What about the rest of the items on the list?"

Both groups of candidates spread out along the shore, the boys with glowering and silence, the girls with Soriana running back and forth between them. She doesn't manage to collect any of the things herself - nope, not even the fish. Willow is the one who comes back with that one. Technically, Soriana's the one who gets the carrageenan, but only when Jennabelle (who is not about to pick it up herself, because gross) points it out. In far too short a time, the moon and tide are both rising, and some jogging may be involved to make it back to the cleft - and the lurking V'dim - before taking an involuntary swim.

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