Much Mud!

Xanadu Weyr - Meadow
A large, slightly rolling meadow is set high enough above the riverbank on both sides to avoid suffering from flooding, healthy ground cover and grass spreading out from either side of the dividing river. Scattered amongst the meadow are a variety of weyrs, each with a narrow path leading up to it from a main, winding road. Some are set under a few trees, while others sit by themselves. The meadow continues with gentle rolls and dips, grass tall and short waving in the slightest of breezes, and eventually those hills grow higher and steeper, ending in a large rige that provides a fine view of that meadow and the rest of the Weyr, gazing out over the multicolored roofs of the houses and the cliff that holds the caverns.
Runner stables with the paddock beyond are to the south beyond the meadow weyrs, and a smithy and a woodcraft shop are settled closer in towards the path to the clearing. Trees border the northern side of the meadow, and more of those low, rolling hills can be seen to the northwest. A road passes through the meadow, coming from the east and used by traders and crafters alike. Wagons laden with felled trees from the forests or ore from the mountains are hauled by burden beast up the road through the meadow, over the bridge spanning the river to be processed in the appropriate workshops.

How about that thunderstorm last night? Faranth, it was epic. That rumble that started it all, and then the torrent of rain interspersed with gusts of wind that shook the branches and made the dome of the hatching arena sing - when it wasn't banging with the drum-line of the rain. Fierce as the storm was, it was at least short - by the time Rukbat rose, the skies had already begun to clear, and now - around midmorning - the skies are clear and blue. The ground, on the other hand? Well, soaked would be an understatement. There are branches tossed everywhere within a thousand feet of a tree. There are puddles big enough to drown a runner. There is a field the size of a dragon that is just mud. Which is, of course, what D'lei is standing right on the edge of, just leaning right in and looking at the slorpy brown muck from the dubious safety of a slightly-higher hummock.

« Minion! » Leirith summons quietly - by which we mean about half the volume of that thunder last night. « Little Minions! » You can tell it's quiet, because she's only using capital letters once per word. NO CAPSLOCK (EXCEPT THIS (AND THIS (BUT (YOU GET THE POINT HERE)))). « Come to the field! But be sneaky. » Is that a Leirith-whisper? Are those even real things? « Your chance is now! » Okay, that part got a wee bit louder, but it's still sneaky. Relatively speaking. Okay, it's very relative, but… you heard the gold! GET IN HERE (with your sneaks, ofc).

Lost sleep thanks to the storm - and not to mention all the confusing thoughts that have plagued at least this candidate - makes for a sleepy Ricki. In fact, perhaps it was good that today was her off day, other than the fact that at Leirith's oh-so-sneaky summons, the young woman fell out of her cot. Literally. Either way, once the source of the odd formless voice was identified, it seems that Ricki at least took it to heart, for she has appeared, lingering behind the smithy for now, looking carefully across the rolling meadow and making no attempt to move along the road or otherwise reveal her presence.

Risali is eager to be Of The Sneaks, finally able to move without wanting to sob; finally able to BE A PERSON even if SOMETIMES being a person still means getting No Sleep because her body healing does not mean that she is not still being woken up every couple of hours to BOOB A KID. SHUT UP, WE'RE ALL ADULTS HERE. But there she is, suddenly standing beside Ricki so that she can reach out to hook her arm through the candidate's, leaning her tiny frame into the younger woman's as those grey eyes seek out her weyrmate and stare at D'lei in his innocuous cot. Risali does it with the kind of expression that says, 'This one must suffer'; in fact, she vocalizes it, because what is the point of terrible ideas if you do not collude with others in conspiratorial tones? GIRL POWER (or something equally ridiculous). "We need to take him down." REVENGE. Revenge for motherhood, revenge for No Sleep, revenge for all the ways he's made her life better since his stupid smiling face showed up in it BEGGING TO BE RUINED. BY MUD. Which there is a convenient field of thanks to that Keeping Everybody Awake thunderstorm of last night, a field that Risali intends to put to very good use. "Do you want to be the distraction, or do you want me to distract him for you?" Because clearly Ricki needs to read her mind - it's a female thing that simply cannot be explained even in a world of telepathic dragons and nightmare-inducing eggs.

All those conspirings happening over there by the smithy! And over here, by the mud, is D'lei… oblivious to it all. There's this field of mud, see, and it's going to make it inconvenient to get to the stables from here - he glances up to them, then back down to sludge - which is a problem mostly because they need to get horses from the stables to here, and… he is neither a horse nor a stablehand, but he is in search and rescue, which means he's got some vague experience in dealing with storm (and, potentially, the mud they leave), which is why he's here to make an assessment of the situation. His conclusions so far are… rather muddy. But, he's here, standing by the edge of a field of mud left after the wild thunderstorm last night as Risali and Ricki conspire by the stables after Leirith's (relatively) quiet summons to come sneak to the meadow.

Well, it does seem like only yesterday that a dolphineer was advising Ricki on "just push them off the edge" when it comes to solving boy problems - certainly this seems like quite the perfect opportunity to put that advice to work. As Risali loops her arm in hers, Ricki glances down with a slightly baffled expression, only then following her gaze out to stop D'lei on the edge of -all that mud-. As everything suddenly becomes somewhat more clear, the candidate snorts, her free hand hurriedly moving to cover her mouth, silencing the giggles that threaten to slip through at that. "Uhm. I guess distraction, you really deserve the…" She pauses to search for a word, even as her eyes wander over the muddy field. "Satisfaction." Because what woman -hasn't- somehow earned the right to shove a guy in the mud, huh?

Tyssarian is working hard! Okay, not quite, more like hardly working. Today on the Russian roulette that is the chore board, Ty's has lucked out and drawn a free pass today. Perhaps this is why he is currently wearing a pair of swimming trunks, and apparently he did not learn his lesson from his last scalding by the sun because he is also currently bare chested. Woo woo! If only he was not the skinniest, leanest greenbean that teenagerhood had to offer or maybe he would look.. hot? At least mildly attractive? Who is to say. But the candidate makes his way from the barracks and is so distracted by something that he nearly plows right into the bronzerider. "Oh, hey, sorry! Totally missed you there!?" How? Who knows, he is just talented that way.

Maybe those two will find their distraction already made. Because - intentional or not (smart marks're on not) - Tyssarian seems to be providing that function as he almost collides with D'lei. The grass is slick when wet! Which also explains how D'lei leg slips a bit as he turns to face the candidate, his, "Hey-" slid into a, "whoa," before he pulls himself more upright again with a crooked grin. "Almost turned messy, that one." Little does he know who lurks in wait! Amber eyes instead take in Tyssarian's current attire, a once-over followed by a grin. "Here for a soothing mud-bath?"

Jaune was already out and about some. He hadn't chanced upon a free day with the choreboard. But his chore of hunting and gathering led him out into the wilds surrounding the weyr. Until a persistent voice thundering through his head moved him to the meadows to join in…mud slinging, mud laying and mud madness. Mud Madness. He is dressed in leather pants, with taller boots and a very loose shirt for the moment to keep the brambles from scratching him. He doesn't see the rest of the candidates, instead walking and moving to stand beside D'lei very unsneakily. "Goodness, I didn't think the rain was *this* heavy…Do you need another hand?"

The nice thing about being a photographer is photography is a highly portable craft. This means Nikolan has every excuse to wander around, camera in hand, looking like he's actually doing something while not really doing anything at all. Okay, well - he is doing something. He's lazily taking pictures. Just another quiet day at Xanadu, right? Some homely scenes, perfect for postcards. Or they would be, if Pern had postcards. Maybe the Weyr can start a new trend? Like, here's one of Wingrider D'lei nearly falling into the mud after a near-collision with Candidate Tyssarian. "Aww," the techcrafter drawls loudly, "that was almost worth the shot."

IT IS RISALI'S MOST SACRED DUTY to see that her weyrmates suffer in every capacity that she is capable of making them suffer in. Especially when mud is involved. This is no exception, though Ricki's sudden onset of The Giggles is proving to be fatally contagious, and Risali is biting down on her bottom lip to stifle the urge to echo Ricki's humor, aiming to not ruin everything. Laughter's still there in her voice when she lean-nudges the younger woman and whispers an agreeable, "Very good, then," before she moves. She lets go of Ricki, giving the candidate a gentle push in her lower back meant to encourage motion towards D'lei. "Just tell him that heard he liked Tequila, and were wondering if he needed any limes." A mischevious crinkling of her nose, a joke that just might give her away, but hopefully not too soon. Risali? She shifts on booted feet so that she can start to sneak around whatever direction that Ricki might lure the bronzerider's attention to, because she simply cannot give up the element of surprise. And then wouldn't you guess, but Tyssarian is doing the dirty work for them. DISTRACT! WEEWOO WEEWOO! THIS IS NOT A DRILL! Risali is reaching out again to hook her arm back through Ricki's, not saying a word as she pulls the she-candidate along with her instead of sending her after her mate, stalking quick though the muck. TO THE BLIND SPOTS OF MEN WITH THEM! And she sinks into a crouch, stifling another giggle as she gathers up some mud in her hands and maybe looks a little too eager to ruin the lives of unsuspecting men. BUT NOT BEFORE WAR PAINT. Which might be why she's using muddied fingers to reach out and smear some under Ricki's eyes. "There, now you look fierce. Also: camouflage. They'll never see us coming. Do mine, quick. And then we attack." WAIT FOR IT… WAIT FOR IT. "Oh Faranth. Ricki." HER MOST SOMBERLY SERIOUS FACE. "We have to get them all." Because look at all the unsuspecting menfolk, gathering like LAMBS TO THE MUD-SLAUGHTER. EXCELLENT.

As not only Tys appears, nearly taking out D'lei and ruining Risali and Ricki's fun, but then Jaune does as well, the giggles threaten to return and overwhelm the young woman, but a few deep breaths has her calming. As they work their way around, Ricki's footfalls basically silent with her bare feet, she pauses for the application of her awesome mud-mask, fingers quickly smearing some on Risali's face in return. "This is almost too perfect.." Ricki whispers, pausing with Risali just out of sight of the trio of targets. And then, there is Niko, and Ricki's lips turn to a frown for a second, freezing as she eyes him and his camera, shaking her head and looking back to the others. "Ready?" She asks softly, crouched and ready for the run and push.

"Huh?" Tys glances around at his surroundings and then reaches up and slaps his forehead, Homer style, can you hear the doh? "I was going to the beach.." the candidate grumbles, clearly annoyed with his awesome ability to get turned around and lost in a Weyr he has lived at only HIS ENTIRE LIFE! Sigh. Minty hues eyes take in the appearance of all these people, and he cooks a lopsided grin in welcome to the others. He is most definitely the perfect lamb, all clean and perfect and baaaah! "Sorry about that though bronzerider." Is all he can really offer though since nothing really happened, yet at least!

Never mind postcards, Nikolan needs to get greeting cards started. That photo could be for the one that says, "Sorry for the verbal slip!" on the front and, "I didn't mean to call you that…" inside. Not that D'lei has called anyone anything for which they need to get vengeance, ESPECIALLY NOT RISALI. We clear? Good. The skies are now, even if last night… "Heh," D'lei says to Jaune. "Ground was already damp, and when it comes down that fast it doesn't have time to filter through." See: S&R studying weather and its results. "I'm just looking, for now. There's a route around, it's just… long." He points it out vaguely, up along ridges and such, then looks back to Tyssarian of the turned-around. "Heh. Your landmarks probably got blown around." D'lei grins, because - true or not - it's a pretty good excuse! Or he thinks so, anyhow. His opinion may be suspect, but he does grin over to Nikolan. "It can be for your documentary. Xanadu Weyr: the Times of Troubles." Even if the true troubles (HI RIS AND RIC) are just beginning.

"I was going to go with Xanadu Weyr: The Trouble and leave it at that, but hey, we can discuss it." Nikolan is not going anywhere near that mud as long as he has his camera in his hands, no sir. That's just asking for a Niko-nuke of monumental proportions. He'll safely linger well away from the mud field and document - what? Three men standing there staring at a mud puddle, scratching their heads? "One of you push another one in, or something," he complains from his safe distance. "I need something fun to shoot here, or I'm going to have to go bother someone else." That would probably be the safest bet…

Jaune glances from side to side along the big huge temporary mud pond. A step or two away from people who seem to not be sturdy upon their feet. "I have been out tracking down some game with a few others. The rain has been both a help and a hinderance. Tracks are clearer, following those tracks is much harder. We have found enough and the others have taken them back. But..uhh….someone seemed to want me here." The recollection of the message that brought him here has Jaune about-facing and looking around to see if he can find that which summoned him.

Risali closes her eyes to receive her war paint, but it doesn't stop her from catching that expression. Risali leans sideways to give Ricki a gentle shoulder-bump, brows rising as if to silently ask if she's okay, but there's no time for worry or girl talk; Ricki keeps in motion, and motion is something that Risali is good at. The goldrider's shifting for just a moment to pull off her boots and abandon them to the edge of the field of mud (along with her socks), and then surveying once more. "Ready. One," she breathes out, grey eyes dancing between the gathering. "Two…" D'LEI HOW DARE YOU POINT. Risali is sinking low as she can go, holding her breath as if it might somehow make her invisible, and then exhaling with a giggle when he carries on conversation, oblivious. "Three!" But it's not an ANNOUNCEMENT-MAKING, VICTORIOUSLY THREATENING RUN ACROSS THE MUD with hands in the air and cries as fierce as their war paint that sends her pulling Ricki with her towards her weyrmate. No, she keeps low and moves fast because if they see them coming, it just won't be the same. So Risali keeps hold of Ricki's hand as they move, relinquishing her hold at the very last possible second, and then she's GOING FOR IT. SO MANY PUSHES TO SO MANY MEN. BOO! D'LEI. TYSSARIAN. JAUNE. … COME CLOSER, NIKO. The women can split them up and make QUICK WORK of their pride, or DOUBLE TEAM, and increase the likelihood of some mud flailing by some men-folk. Regardless of how it goes down, Risali is laughing entirely too hard at girl-initiated shenanigans.

Oh, poor Jaune - if you wanted to be on the right side of history, you should have followed Leirith's instructions to be stealthy - instead, you are right in the way of the Rumbling R-Train, as Risali and Ricki come sneaking in from behind the trio, Ricki holding tightly to Risali's hand as the attack. Pushes, shoves, clotheslining - all is possible as the pair makes their move, attempting to tip the other three into the muck, even as she slides around. "AH-HA!" Ricki finally yells as -something- connects, though without how much success, who knows. At least she doesn't turn toward Niko - she isn't that mean. Probably.

Tyssarian muses on that a moment as he takes stock of his surroundings. it is in that moment as he is looking around that he spies the not-really-all-that-stealthy-since-they-know-not-what-silence-is females. His mouth drops open and he gets as far as, "What in the-" before he is easily the first to be bowled or knocked over and goes a tumbling into the mud.. belly first. SPLAT! Belly flop! That had to be uncomfortable. Tys moans as he rolls over, completely coating himself in the slick mud. Nuuuu!

D'lei laughs to Nikolan's revised title. "Short and sweet," he acknowledges, then makes an equivocating gesture with one hand. "Might give people the wrong impression, though." He grins, wide and just a bit toothy. "We're not all that sweet." Though, his smile could pretend to it as he looks back to Jaune and nods. "You don't have to succeed at every hunt… just enough of them." A flash of grin again, and then - SPLOOSH! Because Risali and Ricki have decided that it is time for MUD BATHS FOR ALL. Well. At least all the menfolk! D'lei startles at the motion, a jump-tense and sideways look that's followed by a grin as he - DID HE DIVE, OR WAS HE PUSHED? There's definitely contact, and hands, and pushing, but then again, given that he sort of rolls as he hits the brown, squelchy, blorpy surface… well, it definitely gets him covered in mud, that's for sure, soaking through clothing and spattered against skin as he RISES UP and grapples with muddy arms for legs of a feminine sort to tangle and tug and drag down with him. "GRAAAAOWR!" roars D'lei, the fearsome mud-monster.

Snap! Snap! Snap! Nikolan's fingers are flying, snapping and advancing. He crouches, going for the ground-level shots, his expression alive with amusement, although he manages - somehow - to keep his laughter in check, keeping the camera rock-steady. So many pictures, he could make a flip-book recreating this scene… over… and over… There's Risali pushing D'lei - and Ricki in tandem shoving Tyssarian in. Or maybe the other way around - no one will know until the evidence has been developed.

HECK YEAH. VICTORY. Risali slips, catching herself on Ricki as the men go down into the mud, victorious contact made that leaves Risali laughing much too hard to function properly. She's leaning into Ricki, doubled over as she tries to swallow down air and then - OH NO! A D'LEI MONSTER APPEARS! Risali makes a pitchy plea of, "Dashiel, no. No!" And a squeal of laughter escapes her as she BETRAYS THE SISTERHOOD and sacrifices Ricki to the D'lei Monsters of Mud Fields. For what it's worth, instant karma comes for her, and she's tripping anyway — over Ricki, or her own feet, or D'lei, or Tyssarian, or ALL THREE OF THEM AT THE SAME TIME. SPLAT. A moment to blink, and then more laughter as she gathers up a heap of mud and smears it RIGHT ON TYS' FACE. TAKE THAT. "Niko, put that camera down and get in here!" Because she is a lot of things, but willing to destroy his camera is not one of them.

Rule one - if someone tries to sacrifice you to the mud (or water) gods, you hold on for all you are worth, and make sure they go with you. Which is exactly what Ricki does as in the moments after victory, there is something pulling her, or Risali, down, and the goldrider does the unthinkable. "HEY!" She yelps as she goes down, make sure to help Risali in that downward fall. There is a lovely splat as the candidate ends up on her back, staring up at the sky as the battle keeps going around her. As the photographer is called out by her fellow attacker though, Ricki is lifting her head, glancing towards him, before turning and carefully getting to her feet, a mud monster on the move in his direction - but not in any manner that will prevent him from removing his camera from harm. "Niiiiikooooo." She calls softly, holding out a mud covered hand.

Tyssarian is going to be captured so awesomely on film. He is the exact opposite of photogenic essentially and surely every one of Nikolan's snapshots is going to have Tys' face twisted in some dumb, ugly, or just plain awkward expression. Sorry Niko! Laughter escapes his lips though as the bronzerider strikes out and tries to drag the females into the mud as well. it is only fair, right? And he is all smiles until Risa is smearing more mud onto his body, as if he needed more. A gasp falls away from mud-encrusted lips before he is throwing his hands out and grinding the soaked soil into the goldrider's hair! "Maybe this will help your split ends!" He crows and starts flinging mud in every which direction, pegging Ricki in the back of the head and there is even some that is getting quite close to the photographer who is the only un-mudded amongst them.

No? NOOOO you say? Well, yes, admittedly, but what about yes? D'lei laughs at Risali's protests, grapples after her legs - Ricki's legs, with muddy palms that send streaks flying to stain the ground beyond in cross-hatches interrupted by bodies in the way - and he roars and grrrs (and laughs) like some kind of terrible monster who is very amused by this. And then Ricki is down - "Aha!" - and Risali follows her - "Grauhahaha!" and D'lei flops down onto Risali, which also means that he is bellyflopping himself into the mud except for the narrow band of her hips across his torso. MORE MUD. He squishes Risali down into it, because really, isn't everyone a bit of a mud-monster on the ins- outside? (If not, they will be.) "There you go!" he encourages Tyssarian, all grins because this is what is right and proper in the world, his weyrmate weyrwoman getting mud rubbed into her hair by a candidate while he pins her, aww yeah.

Well, hell. Risali, Nikolan could probably resist, and does, sending her a sweet, charming grin right before he snaps a mud-covered picture of her. "You're nuts," he laughs - but no, it's not just her. Stormy eyes flicker to Ricki's imploring hand and he grimmaces at her. "Oh, you have to be kidding." Sigh. The things one does for friendship. He stares helplessly at the camera in his hand, then lets it drop to hang from its neckstrap. He pats at the bulging pockets of his pants, clearly trying to figure out how to divest himself of everything that might be ruined by the mud. Finally, he shrugs and simply sheds himself of his pants and overshirt, leaving him clad in the plain white undershirt and his underwear - boxers, natch. Placing his camera carefully atop his clothes, he picks his way towards the mudhole - then, in the last few feet, takes a running jump and dives in, right at Ricki. Sploosh. At least mud is good for the skin, right?

"Ricki, noooooo!" But there's no malice or actual protest in Risali's voice; she goes down, she hits the mud, and breath expels from her lungs on another giddy laugh that doesn't even stop when D'lei pins her (which just means that muddied hands are suddenly PUSHING AT HIS SIDE as she tries (and fails) to buck her hips and wiggle out from under him only to have Tyssarian smear mud in her hair. MUD EVERYWHERE. "RICKI!" SCAR, BROTHER. HELP! But no, Ricki is coaxing Nikolan into the mud, and Risali's pausing just long enough to watch the candidate strip. Her attention is bordering on clinical, but that doesn't mean she can't have fun. And she does, with a, "WOOOOOOOHOOOOO! TAKE IT OFF! YES! YES! D'lei, I need a fan." GET IT? BECAUSE NIKO IS TOO HOT (HOT DAMN). But her catcalling is ruined by a stray glob of mud right to her mouth, and there's a strangled huff of sound that escapes her that's probably as much laughter as it is the saddest kind of sads. Regardless, she's wigglewigglewiggle, ESCAPING! her weyrmate, flinging herself onto him instead so that she can smear mud ALL OVER HIS PRECIOUS FACE and then slinging more at Tyss, and Ricki, and Niko from her VICTORY PERCH.

Ricki, irresistible! Or, uhm, something. At least Ricki is polite enough to wait until important things like cameras are removed from Niko's person, though she is distracted by mud catching the back of her head. Whirling, her eyes dart over the possible sources of attack, hissing softly and ducking to grab a handful to fling back at Tys. Except… Except then Niko has to go and ruin all her fun by putting himself in the mud… while ensuring that she gets a lovely mud-spray. Hands on her hips she just stands there, frozen as her glare turns now to Niko, "Why you…", lips pursing as she dives at him in turn, ready to really rub that mud in, so it can do its job.

Stealthiness would have permitted him to have been a part of the all lady gang of pranksters, but he wasn't stealthy and is clotheslined into the mud pit with the rest. It takes a bit for Jaune to recover himself from being dumped into the mud. Once he does, he looks about for possible targets to avenge himself upon. Mud is being slung now and he participates, lobbing projectiles of goop towards Risali and Ricki!

"How about some ICED MUD," D'lei retorts to Risali regarding her Nikolan-related demand, which… doesn't really make sense, does it? Maybe if the mud in question is some over-thick klah, and… the ice is ice? (Sometimes the symbol is itself, y'know.) But then again, does it really have to? There's mud, and D'lei is rolling off down Risali's legs and then being pounced by her, squished down into the mud as more mud is squished onto his face. SO MUCH MUD. He has so much camouflage, he should be invisible soon! That is how it works, right? A little mud makes you sneaky, a lot of mud makes you invisible. Unless you're already invisible, in which case it makes you visible. Mud-based visual status is complicated! But there are on-tw-thr-fou-fi-si- five figures daubed with mud wrassled and thrown around. D'lei's straddled by Risali doing a smear job on his face as he splooshes gobs up at her front, and Ricki's chasing after Nikolan who's taken the leap of faith (into the mud), and Jaune is just flinging mud around while a muddy Tyssarian shows sense and flees. Because this is, apparently, what happens after epic thunderstorms drench the fields and turn them into nature's own mud wrestling pit. Can't let all that squelchy goop go to waste!

If Niko's taking a mud-bath, he's going whole hog. Laughing, he catches his arms around Ricki's waist and drags her down with him, making certain to get as much mud as he can on the both of them. "You wanted me here," he reminds her, dropping his arms from her waist to reach up and run his mud-laden fingers over her face. "You could have just left well enough alone, but nooo." Wicked storm-cloud eyes laugh at her, then he wiggles out from under her and struggles to his feet, flapping his hands to rid them of mud - and spray Risali and D'lei while he's at it. "Oh well. I got good pictures." Next step: Blow them up to poster-size and stick them up ALL OVER THE WEYR.

Risali's cackling follows Tyssarian's fleeing form, even as she ducks right into a mudball flung her way from Jaune. There's a huff and then more laughter, D'lei getting a momentary reprieve (even as he slathers her with more mud) so that she can gather up another glop of mud and fling it Jaune-wards. And then - NIKO! Risali ducks into herself, shielding with her arms before flinging more mud towards Ricki and Nikolan. Now D'lei is in for it; Risali is gathering up more mud, pushing it up and under D'lei's tunic with another gleeful cackle that tips her head back and exposes muddied throat, all before she slips to gain her footing and slips her way over to Jaune, at whom she aims to jump on next. Because why not, that's why.

Caught. Caught and captured. Caught and captured and smeared with mud. Ricki's great idea went less than to plan, it seems, as fingers run over her face and she is flailing, literally, trying to get away. "I was suppose to knock you over." She mutters as she wiggles into a sitting position, ducking her head as mud flies from Jaune, from Niko's waving hands, from everywhere. For the time being however, she makes no move to return fire. "Shards.." She manages, making a face and glancing to see if she can find a part of her that -isn't- covered with mud before settling on spitting towards one side. "I hope they are all blurry.." She counters, maybe a bit spitefully, as she climbs to her feet and takes a play out of Risali's playbook, and launches herself at Niko's back. Catch!

Mud. Mud everywhere. The mud is getting muddy OH WAIT IT CAN'T, but… the grass is muddy. The people are muddy. The mud is flying up and across and past them, and it's just lucky this isn't quicksand because if it were, they'd all be dead. "Recruiting poste- plegh!" That was a response to Niko at first, but then it became a response to mud shoved in his face. It tastes like… mud. And NOT THE PIE SORT. He globs mud at Risali, and she gives him a MUD BABY BUMP because let us not forget that this is revenge for the tiny human who is ASLEEP THANK FARANTH right now. But - revenge exacted - Risali lets him go (FOR NOW) as she seeks her next target, and D'lei… takes a moment to prop himself up on his hands and laugh at them all, candidates being leapt upon by mud-women as the swell of mud-baby under his tunic… slowly oozes out.

There was rain, a lot of rain! Jaelynn had to help clean up a lot of the mess that the rain left, along with messy things that people make from tromping through mud and bringing in water and the like honestly. Though the Dragonhealer is now making her way on through the meadow to head towards the clearing it seems. VOices do catch her attention and she pauses blinking as she catches sight of the others, af aint ah escaping her before she smirks a touch and moves on towards them though slowly. "So… How goes the… Mud bathing race? Who's winning?" She questions with an amused tone. She'll have to admit to play keep away from the mud, but let's face it at this game it is going to happen sooner or later.

Ooof. Nikolan's arms automatically lock around Ricki's legs as she clambors up his back, and he tilts his head back to grin at her. "Hi." He's not even mad. They gave him a chance to secure his precious camera, so no point in sulking about it. Stepping carefully, he begins picking his way through the mess, angling away from the writhing puddle of bodies and mud towards shore. "They're going to hate us in the hot springs," he remarks conversationally to the lamprey on his back. "Feel like a dip in the ocean first?" Beach party? "Hey, Jaelynn," he greets the newcome Candidate. "Come, pamper your skin." That's his story and he's sticking to it.

Jaune stomps his way clear of the mud pit now, slosh slosh slosh. A bow and quiver is still safe from the clutches of wet dirt, and he stands by it before upending his shirts over his head and trying to shake some of the mud out of it. "Oh, ho. You managed to miss the ambush, miss healer. The ladies decided the menfolk needed to become better acquitanted with dirt."

MISSED THAT TACKLE. That just means more mud for Risa, who is not looking at all repentant when she RISES FROM THE DEEPS like D'lei-Swamp-Monster, but a smoller, arguably more angry version. She struggles to her knees, crawling across the field back to D'lei, sitting beside him for a moment to catch her breath while grey eyes watch Niko and Ricki and - a tilt of her head, a curl at the corner of her lips that speaks to wicked ideas as grey eyes find amber and hold for one, two, three seconds too long. ARE YOU THINKING WHAT SHE'S THINKING? Hopefully, because she's scrambling to her feet, slipping in mud as she — ohp, almost ate it, nope nope she's got this - makes her way to Jaelynn. A HUG. A CHEEK-RUB. A transfer of filth from herself to Jaelynn because why not. It does not, however, stop her from being TERRIBLE: "NIKO AND RICKI, SITTING IN A -" she just slipped. Because gravity. And now she's too busy laughing to finish being awful.

Ricki and her mighty steed! She carefully settles herself on Niko's back as her legs are caught, and actually does a favor, moving to try and scrape off some of the mud from his face and neck, if only to use it at a projectile. A projectile that may find itself flying towards Jaelynn, looking all clean on the side like she is. "Risali is winning. She is always winning." She offers, while the mud is mid-air, before looping an arm over Niko's shoulder, seeming to think he has a rather fine idea, but her agreement is silenced by Risali's taunt, and if it wasn't for the mud covering every inch of her, you would see a rather amazing, blotchy blush. And then she is wiggling, as if ready to get down and go launch herself at Risali in retaliation. Probably something someone should stop, though. You know, weyrwoman and all. Even if it is Risali.

Ahhhh, the sights and sounds and squelchy muds of Xanadu Weyr. D'lei grins as he watches Ricki and Nikolan at slog, turns to look to Jaelynn with a continuation of that grin. "The only winning move is to play," he assures her, and then he's rolling (splashing) around and rising to his own feet, approaching Jaelynn on the other side from Risali. Which of them is the distraction? Pfft, they're just the mudbath specialists here to help with Jaelynn's treatment! Her muddy, squishy treatment, where Risali rubs like a muddy cat or a very happy and dirty dog, and D'lei follows this up - after helping spring the trap - by putting his arms right up around Jaelynn - and Risali. HAH. GOT YOU BOTH, with the dragonhealer squished in the middle and D'lei hugging them both. "…ready?" he asks. SO POLITE HE IS. Not at all the sort of guy who'd topple over into the mud with the both of them at the slightest signal from either of them. NOT HI- wait, no, the opposite. That is definitely him. Just like the pleased grin.

Jaelynn eyes widen as she catches sight of Risali moving towards her hand holds her hands up to try and 'fight' the other off. AS IF that would work! She is also pelted with a glob of mud from Ricki which she has no idea about and thus is hugged and it is a good hug, a mighty hug, a DIRTY wet hug. She squeals out while her hands are up in some attempt to escape but yeah she can't… An now she is falling with Risali during that slippage which makes her laugh. "Honestly!" She works on trying to get some mud off her face from the lump that Ricki flung at her. "Also Risali is always winning, she is a winer you know." She eyes her hands slightly. "I think the mud is moving…" Now D'lei is attacking and she laughs out while attemping to scramble away and she is getting nowhere quickly. "NOT FAIR!" Is said with another laugh. At the question she blinks and looks up to D'lei. "Ready…. Ready for /what/?"

Nikolan's grip on Ricki's legs tighten as he feels her beginning to struggle, and he sends an eloquent, wordless glare towards Risali even as he pulls himself free of the mud with a loud, lewd schlurp. "Don't," he murmurs for his fellow Candidate's ears only, turning back to face forward and keep himself and his rider upright. "It's not worth it." Then, louder, "I don't think we're the ones sitting anywhere, Risali." After all, he's busy lugging his friend off to the ocean to wash off, and she's the one still plopped in the mud. Okay. Lame comeback. It's the best he could think of, given the circumstances.

It seems that Jaune is finally out of the line of fire for this monkey mud business and starts to his the blades of his hands to slough mud off of his leather pants and tries to shake mud out of his boots as well. "Its everywhere. Everywhere." He gathers up his things and will follow Nikolan and them to clean up.

IT COULD BE WORTH IT. We will just never know, not when Risali is accosting Jaelynn and getting GLARES that give her pause and make her raise her brows before — nope. Her weyrmate's arms are around her and that's distraction enough; it draws her attention back and has her wrapping her arms back around Jae and hooking fingers in the belt loops of D'lei's leathers as he asks that question and DOWN SHE GOES! Because weyrmates are evil, and she's shrieking delighted laughter as they HIT THE MUD and she wiggles to break free from bronzerider and dragonhealer both. "I think that I owe somebody an apology," Risali offers up on a whisper, with maybe a look to her weyrmate that says Why am I like this? and perhaps acknowledges her being VERY TERRIBLE WITH PEOPLE before she leans over to kiss him - all mud, and muck, and grit that transfers, and then transfers again when she draws back to press a kiss to Jae's cheek. And then she's taking off, muddied and dripping it, to probably catch up with Nikolan and Ricki. WHO KNOWS WHAT SHE WILL SAY WHEN SHE GETS THERE. Probably something stupid, like, "Wanna race?" Because Risali is not great at apologies, but she's real good at distractions.

Well, lucky for Risali - scratch that, lets start over. Really, lucky for *Ricki*, it seems the candidate has heeded the unspoken warning from Niko, or at least she has stopped her struggling and is not protesting as she is carted towards the beach. As she snickers at his -totally great- counter, she coughs a little, before she is shifting to better settle on Niko's back - and avoid any unwanted drops. Get you a friend like Niko. Of course, then there is a Risali actually chasing them, and there is a squeak from Ricki and she's squirming again, wiggling herself free and making sure Niko is between her and the charging goldrider, reaching to shake his arm and get him to turn towards the potential problem.

"It is unfair," D'lei agrees to Jaelynn. "It's so terribly unfair that we have all this mud and you have so little. It's cruel of us, keeping it from you." What do you mean, not what she meant? D'lei is so earnest, the sort of face you would totally believe unless you know him or have heard anything at all about him. "It wants to be your friend, that's why it's wiggling." The mud, that is. BEST MUD. WARME- okay it's actually kinda cold. STILL. IT IS A FRIENDLY MUD. See how many people it's already gotten to know? But then? THEN. Jaelynn is ready, because… saying the word 'ready' as part of a question kinda sorta counts as saying that you're ready, right? SURE IS. So yes, he is dragging Jaelynn and Risali down with him (let's be honest, Risali is probably colluding), and Ricki can at least take solace in the fact that the weyrwoman is getting MORE MUD. "We'll take it lying down!" he calls back to Nikolan, because wonderful comebacks deserve equally excellent rejoinders. As for apologies? "Might have," he acknowledges, before he eats dirt and so does Risa (oh, mud-kisses) and then…. ZOOM. Risali is off again, and he's left to lie in the mud with Jaelynn and grin at the terrible squishy consequences of his awful plans that were not planned at all but just happened. Because that is his life.

Jaelynn makes a face, how can she not given that sheis covered in MUD right now? "I'd rather be friends with it from afar honestly. Though right now that is sorta a pointless request as I'm covered it the mud thanks to you all." This said with an amused tone as she is attemping to wipe off more mud even though RIsali and D'lei are making it a point that she stay covered in the mud it would seem. She blinks at the kiss from Risali and glances after her while tilting her head and looks to D'lei. "Did I miss something?" This questioned with a curious tone seeing how Kisali just ran off, which can be normal for her but really.

Jiggled and squeaked at, Nikolan cocks his head to glance at Ricki, then turns slightly, maneuvering his body between the oncoming goldrider and the goldrider-grandspawn on his back. Clouded sky eyes watch the weyrwoman's approach calmly and he slows his pace - more to avoid tripping and spilling Ricki as he steps backwards than to allow anyone to catch up with them. He doesn't scowl, glare, or in any way, shape, or form look as if he needs an apology. He's Niko. He's Zen. Or at least giving a good approximation of it. "Risali," comes the urbane greeting, with a quizzical quirk of his eyebrows for good measure.

A pause, a rock on her heels as she lets the duo keep going and… looks honestly confused. Those brows pull in, those lips part, she seeks out Ricki from behind Nikolan, and then slowly raises her hands up in the universal sign of, 'I'm not a threat,' and, 'I surrender.' Those lips part as if she means to say something, close and draw into a grimace, and then Risali exhales as those grey eyes track back to her weyrmate and Jaelynn. A beat, two, a smile that's forced (almost painfully so), and she's taking a step backwards. "Nikolan," she says, on tones that maybe speak to resignation. "Enjoy your swim." Softer, the smile a little less forced, a little more something else as she takes another step back, and drops her arms to her sides, and stares back at D'lei and Jaelynn. A beat, two, and then nope. Risali is shoving her muddy, gross hair up into a messy bun and turning on her heels to run. Because running is something she is good at. And she doesn't run towards Ricki and Niko, or even D'lei and Jaelynn, but in a completely different direction. BYEEEEEEEEEEEE.

There.. is no more mud, or teasing? Ricki blinks at Risali over her fellow candidate's shoulder, pausing for a moment before she offers the weyrwoman a smile and a nod of her head. As Risali takes off in a different direction, she is nudging at Niko again. "That was weird… Beach?" She questions, even as she starts rubbing at her arms. The mud is drying and well, that definitely isn't pleasant.

Awwww. Jaelynn even said thank you! She's so nice. (What is sarcasm, D'lei doesn't know!) He beams to her, though as for her mud-location preferences… "I'll keep it in mind. In the future." Does that mean he won't throw her in any more mud? …let's not get ahead of ourselves, here. All he said was that he'd keep it in mind! For now, Risali is gone, and D'lei glances up after her even as he reaches to ruffle Jaelynn's hair (it'd be a nicer thing if not for all that mud), and… his mouth tugs to the side wryly. "Probably," he says to Jaelynn, because when is something not being missed? His eyes meet Risali's, looking to his weyrmate from where he lies in the mud with another woman who is also a candidate (and he makes not the slightest motion to get up, just giving her his gaze and a crooked grin before… she's gone! Well, going. At a run, out across the field and away from here. And D'lei? Well. He looks back to Jaelynn, once his eyes leave Risali's, and then… another hair tousle, because it's not like it's going to get any worse, right? "So, what do you think?" he asks Jaelynn as he lifts a gob of mud and lets it drip-drop down. "Is this next turn's up and coming fashion statement?"

"Beach," Nikolan confirms, although he lingers briefly, watching Risali go with… a slightly sad expression? Turning away from her as she runs off, heaving a sigh, he hitches his arms slightly to change Ricki's balance against his bony hips, then turns and strides towards the beach, and the water, where he can finally clean off. Unless anyone ELSE would like to stop him mid-stride? Huh? HUH? (ilu risa)

Jaelynn doesn't tend to deal with a lot of sarcasm, ok well maybe thatisn't right every ow and then she knows how to toss it around but sometimes it does even escape her. Surprize I know! She blinks and then blinks again and just eyes D'lei before grabbing some mud and tosses it towards him wth a laugh after her hair is once again a mess, and this time covered in MORE mud. "Honestly… Is this the game, to see who can be covered in more mud?" She hums a bit and glance over towards Ricki, Niko and Risali and tilts her head as she watches as Risali looks back to D'lei and herself and is then running off. "So… Does she need to pee or like… Something else gong on that I should be worried about?" What is wrng with sitting in a giant mud puddle with a rider? She doesn't think that is in the rule book. Though she will have to check later and see if someone scratched it in perhaps. She eyes D'lei as more mud is picked up and waggles a finger at him. "If you get more mud on me you might be the up and coming fashion statement." She is so joking, which is seen by the grin but still.

As long as no one else stops them, Ricki settles in for the ride to the beach - and a chance to clean off some of the mud. Wooo.

Sploot. D'lei takes his mud-fling from Jaelynn squarely, on account of he deserves it, and then he grins. The doing it in that order is important, he's learned. Otherwise, he eats mud, and it is actually not that tasty! It is, however, messy. And covering both himself and Jaelynn. As well as Ricki, and Niko - though at least they're going to wash off - and Risali, but she's running away, so… "Ha," he replies to Jaelynn. "Does that mean I'm winning?" He grins as he poses like some kind of fashion model, muddy fingers tucked under a muddy chin. Aww yeah. So stylish. Here's a bat of his eyelids and… aww, Jaelynn just had to ask, didn't she? D'lei hehs, with a flop back into the mud - either because he's a lost cause, or because he's trying to win, depending. "Not that you need to worry about," he answers with a wry touch to his smile. "Just…" He stares at the sky a moment, finding words in it, then hehs. "How to people even." He looks back to Jaelynn, and now it's a all-out wry grin. "You know how Risali is with that, sometimes." VERY RISALI-LIKE, THAT'S HOW SHE IS. "It'll be fine. Unlike my hide. Though, I mean, it'll be a very fine hide worn… draped around your shoulders as a cloak, you think? Or is it more of a sarong type thing?"

Winning… That is what D'lei looks like, look at him all flopped back there upon the mud, oh and there was eyelids batting and everything! Jaelynn binks twice and is soon giggling a moment. "Right… I suppose your winning. Far be it from me to think otherwise." A finger lifts slightly and she soon shakes her head a bit. "Sometimes it is hard to people… Why do you think I stay in the Annex most of the time? Totally safe in there, save for the odd dragon that has the fit I suppose." With that said she works on trying to get some mud off, which is a lost cause at the moment. "A sarong of course, the whole cloak thing is over-rated unless your in High Reaches and need the extra coverage to hlep with warmth. Aound here even in winter I don't think it would be needed." She peeks back over at D'lei looking amused. "Anyway your more of the 'sarong' type then the 'cloak' type. Especially with the mud coloring at the moment." AS if she would really know! An yes she is sitting in the mud having this conversation, what of it?

D'lei is best winner. "Aww yeah." He grins widely as Jaelynn reaches that conclusion, shifting himself a bit to rest on one elbow and look more toward her. "Yeah," he says about Being People, a somewhat more serious look at he nods. "And guessing what someone means in reply to what they guess your meaning is…" He trails off into a shrug. "At least with dragons, you know that if you have all your limbs they're not actually that upset." Admittedly, there might be a few gradations in between there, but those are just details. Unimportant ones! In contrast to the very important details of what garments D'lei would make. "Oh, good," he agrees. "It's much more fashionable that way. More balanced, you know? And I can sway fetchingly." Or wiggle, in the mud. It's similar. Ish.

Jaelynn smirks a bit and gives up trying to get mud off and shrugs a bit before glancing up at the sky a moment. "Sort of funny. I have no idea what the dragons are thinking or saying like you riders do but 've always felt more at ease with them then well certain people." She shrugs a bit and peeks back at the lounging D'lei and grins. "Comfy? Maybe there should be a market on mud-beds instead of water ones." Some thought! "Though… What's it like, you know having a dragon in your mind I mean a bit unerving a first I suppose. I know the first dragon that talked to me was like that, didn't expect it and then was some voice creeping in between my ears." Awkward was awkardness tosay the least. "I'm sure you could sway very fetchingly, Risali could wear you to all the fine dances and the like even." Yeah she went there.

Well this afternoon Kelani is do her first rider intern with Kera, but for now she is coming down from the Observatory with an empty breakfast bag in hand and a thankfully now not glowing green flitter perched upon her shoulder. Perhaps some time to be alone for breakfast and have a look over the weyr from a different angle. As she comes upon the mud puddle and just pauses to look at the two people 'resting' in it. "Are you two comfy?" She asks with an arch of her brow as she looks at the pair, the mud puddle and back again. "Did you get this messy on purpose or by accident?" She can't help but ask as well with a note of bemusement in her voice.

"Nah, I don't think that's true," D'lei says with a smile to Jaelynn. "You might not know the words dragons say, but… you don't always need words to know what someone's thinking. You see where they look, how they stand, what their face says… can say a lot without ever using words. If you know how to listen, anyhow." He grins, and then… "Ha. The best, really. Squishy-soft and it clings right to you like a built-in blanket." That's right. The mud stuck all over them is a benefit. It's great! No wonder porcines enjoy it. And… maybe some dragons, too. D'lei tilts his head a bit at the question about how that feels, and… "Heh. It's… for me? It was like something I'd always half-felt had a voice now. Something inside of me that woke up and… became what he'd always been." A crooked smile. "Does that even make sense? I mean, it does in my head, but…" Wry and self-deprecating, now. "That doesn't say much. I'm just a fashion accessory, after all. Head's probably full of spiderwebs and dried leaves." Because he can't even be proper cloth that's made of real fabric, oh no. He has to be fakery held together by moonbeams and illusions! And… oh hey, speaking of beams, here's Kelani, and D'lei turns a bright smile on her. "Oh, entirely accidentally up until it was on purpose," he replies. "Mud-beds are going to be the next big thing."

Jaelynn ponders what D'lei says for a few moments, a light smile is seen and she glances to him with a slight nod sen. "Well I suppose you do have a point there. I mean even if they can't tell me I do figure out a good amount on my own. Just… ALways wondered what t's like looking at things from a diffrent view point I guess. My sister and her dragon try to show me but always feels like I've watching some picture in slow motion so to speak." She peeks over at D'lei once more as he works on explaining how it is to help the feeling and she chuckles osftly. "No, it makes sense, toa degree. It is different for everyone like it is different for each dragon I'd figure." She looks up to Kelani after the voice and just grins. "It is the new rage don't you know? The mud is suppose to help the skin… Or somene said that. I think it was Nikolan… Though I could be wrong I mess names up from time to time." AT least she admits it. She hums over at D'lei and chuckles. "Well, can't have a sarong going around making smart comments now can we?"

I BET YOU THOUGHT THAT SHE WAS GONE, DIDN'T YOU. BUT DING DONG, YOU'RE WRONG. Here comes Risali, full-tilt, running with the kind of determination on her face that might also just be SELF-DEPRECATING HUMOR because GUESS WHO TOOK OFF RUNNING WITHOUT THEIR SHOES ON. Listen, some of the terrain around Xanadu Weyr is not terribly foot-friendly, and it might be why she's wizzing passed Kelani with a, "Hi, Kelani!" before she just DIVES INTO THE MUD. And by mud, I clearly mean she's TACKLING JAELYNN AND D'LEI BACK INTO IT, the latter of whom maybe gets a face burrowed into his sternum despite mud because GUESS WHO DOESN'T CARE ABOUT MUCK AND MUD? It's Risa. SHE A WEYRWOMAN, YA'LL. BE PROUD. "I don't know what you're talking about, but I still feel like the appropriate response is, 'Shut up, D'lei,'" and there's a smile, a reaching out to pull Jaelynn into a hugpile because she does what she wants and WHO IS GOING TO STOP HER? D'LEI? AHAHAHAHA. EL WRONGO.

Kelani just shakes her head a little as she looks between them, "Well…as long as you are having fun. Just be careful not to get it in your eyes and that you don't slip when you are standing up." Healers, the fun stoppers of the galaxies? Though there is a contemplative look as she hears the topic of their muddy conversation. "I suppose its like dealing with babies and children in that respect, well the healing side anyway? As healers we have to rely on the 'parent's' view of the symptoms which can lead us astray but the patient does not often have the …vocabulary to explain what is going on to them." She offers to the pair before there is a blur heading into the mudpile and she blinks in surprise as she sees who it is. There is a glance over shoulder to ensure there is noone else who may run past her to knock HER in. Then looking wideeyed at the weyrwoman who most willingly got into the pile. "Oh.." Double blink and mouth closing.

"S'what they tell me," says D'lei to Jaelynn of that difference between dragons. "I think… I don't know. I feel like every dragon has something that matches the rider. If they didn't… then they wouldn't have fit together. Course, sometimes it's hiding way under the surface and you can't actually find it unless you know them both really well, so it's not like that's actually helpful even if it is true." A lopsided grin for that, and then a tilt of his head for Kelani and… "Might be, at that. I just try and stabilize them, so I dunno." A shrug, and then he tilts his head to Jaelynn again before he nods. "Hearing Leirith's different than Garouth, for me. Like she's always… halfway across Pern and stretched out - even when she's right next to me, loud as thunder and twice as bright." Which is to say, always. And then there's Risali, who - might just have some things in common with her dragon. MAYBE. Because here she comes at a run, wth a dive in and splash of yet more mud and then a cuddle in against him that he answers with a wrap of his arm around her and a squeeze. "Probably," he acknowledges. "I was waxing philosophical." So, you know. He really should shut up! "Which," he further explains to Risali, "is probably why you're going to skin me and wear my hide as a sarong. Just saying."

Jaelynn glances to her hands a bit at the htought of getting mud in her eyes. "Well I did think the mud was moving earlier…" Though she is joking, mostly at the moment. She grins up at Kelani. "Want to join us?" She questions with an amused tone. Though until other people she will not try to drag poor Kelani into the mess before her! She siles and nods to D'lei. "YEah… I get that, everyone and every dragon is different but there has to be something they both arethe same to some degree to impress I figure. My sister and her green are two peas in a pod. If Areith didn't have wings and was green I'd think she was another sister honstly." There is a paue as she is about to say something when Risali is running onto the scren and she squeals as she is hauled back into the mud and just lays there defeated. If she had a little white flag she would be waving it riht now. She wipes some mud off her face. "If I get buggies in my eyes i'm gona be grumpy!"

"Mmm," Risali offers up around a smile that doesn't show any of her teeth despite its Cheshire quality. She leans in closer to her weyrmate, almost nose to nose as grey eyes jump between amber and then she nips at his nose without actually making contact with her teeth. "Skin you and wear you like a wild feline - I like it. Then R'hyn can feel justified calling me hellcat, and I can claim that wild cat status you seem fond of giving me." But she's tilting her head to look at Kelani, that smile getting impossibly bigger so that teeth finally do show through. "It's just mud," the weyrwoman tells her, but there's nothing caustic about her tone or the implications in it; it's an invitation, really, one that Risali demonstrates by gathering up more of that mud and smearing it down D'lei's FACE, down his neck, across his MOUTH with a gleeful laugh even as she turns the onslaught onto Jaelynn. "Don't be like that," she tells the dragonhealer, affecting MOUE LIPS because she's playing. MOOAHAHAHA. WORLD DOMINATION ONE MUDDING AT A TIME. "Come on then, get in, Kelani. It will wash out of everything it gets on, even your clothes." It really just might not be the most comfortable sensation, but LISTEN. Risali's not even listening, LET'S BE REAL; the weyrwoman is slipping to her feet, using D'lei and Jaelynn as leverage as she breathes out, "Just let your inhibitions go!" And THERE SHE GOES, following her terrible ideas as they tell her to dance. BUT DON'T WORRY. It's not sexy dancing. She's spinning in squelchy hop-skips that sometimes have her sliding, and sometimes have her stumbling when her feet sink a little lower than she expected, but certainly do not deter her from continuing her 'dance' with arms out to her sides as she spins. A MUDDY TOP. THAT IS WHAT SHE IS.

Kelani looks curiously to the rider and tilts her head, "But they aren't always like that?" She says with a nod to the hatching sands, "All dark and probey." She says in a lower voice. "I mean there was some that weren't too bad..but some.." There is a shiver of her shoulders. There is a little step back from the edge of the puddle less she get splattered upon. "Well I know just the thing to treat you if you do." She says with a half smile then there is a look to the weyrwoman. Well not at all what she expected of a weyrwoman anyway. "I am alright…really. I have to get ready for the intern shadowing today. I would hate to be late." Though her glance at the mud gives indication that she might find any excuse not to be covered in it. Too serious? Oh yes. She could most definitly use a push in because it is clear she won't get in any other way.

"Yeah, it was moving until we scared it away." The mud, that is. Or so D'lei claims! But you probably shouldn't actually believe that grin. He nods to Jaelynn about the dragons. "Yeah. Garouth and I.. well. Some people don't see the similarities. Some do." He shrugs, a crooked grin to go with it even as his hand traces down Risali's back for her brief moment of pause before she dances on. Kelani's question gets a tilt of his head, a moment of consideration before… "Heh. Garouth was definitely dark and probey." Some might say he still is. They'd probably be right. "The thing is… well, it's like those children again. Sometimes babies flail because they don't even know what the world is yet, and they're trying to figure it out." He shrugs, there against the mud that Risali has demonstrated is harmless all over his body and face, and grins as he watches the dance of the wild Risali. He's done throwing people in the mud. For now, anyhow.

"I'm not sure if i tis just mug honestly." Jaelynn says with a faint huff escaping her while eyeing her hands a moment before looking back to Risali and she eye her playful like. A bit of mud is soon sent flying towards Risali, and she wasn't aiming for the other's mouth at least! She hums an looks to Kelani with a soft smile seen. "Naw, many ofthe eggs are well… Not like that." This said softly. "I have to say I was right of this lot being different, even in the egg they are."

Kelani crosses arms across her chest, perhaps in some subconscious defence against the mud. She watches in a curious state of shock of the dancing goldrider covered in mud. Then she realizes the bronze rider is talking to her and she pulls her eyes away to meet his mudcovered face. "Yeah that is what another rider said to me..they could be picking up on our own thoughts and insecurities and bouncing around in their mind without the context with how to make sense of them." Well he probably said it less technical than that. As mud is going flying, Kelani takes another step back. "I never did get a chance to touch the ones at Monaco." She responds to Jaelynn. "That was the first time I was searched and well I injured out of it before.." Her voice trails off and she gives a little shrug glancing down at the ground before her.

D'lei hehs to Jaelynn. "See? You called it," he says to her, then looks back to Kelani with a nod. "Could be. I mean… some dragons are just, uh… Not Nice People." You can hear the capital letters, and even almost see the grimace through all the mud. "I've known a few of them. But… well. It's not like Garouth and Leirith know what's going to come out, but… I don't get the feeling that these are going to be jerks. Not all of them, anyhow. Not even most!" Maybe he's just being too optimistic. "But… it is sort of true that it's a part of you. Can't scare someone - not really scare them, deep inside - without knowing them and getting at the things that actually matter to them. Some people'd hate getting covered in mud." He shrugs. "Some don't mind it." A grin. "Still going to wash it off, though. Eventually."

Jaelynn is left giggling each time a mudball hits Risali. That's right take that and that! She is going to reget this later she feels. "I've met a few grumpy dragons, and a few well… Not nice ones, but I've managed to still work with 'em. Though the rider had to take control and help in the matter a few times." She glances over to Kelani and can't help but grin and tosses a bit of mud her way, though only towards the healers leg so nothing major if it hits. She looks to the other, a slight pause seen and she nods before offering a smile to her. "I get it… D'lei is right though. No one knows how these dragons will be, but I hardly see them being like themselves, at least not towards the ones they impress." While Risali is over /there/ dancing, the dragonhealer slowly shifts and is standnig to escape the puddle, enough mud play for her it seems. "Try not to think about it… Even though I can understand why it would be hard to deal with." She pauses a moment and takes in a faint breath. "It was hard for me during a few of the eggs, but I see it as a story that is yet to be written for both the dragon that will hatch and the one that will be able to impress them. No one knows how the story will end we are the ones that get tow rite it with a bit of help if we impress of course."

Kelani nods thoughtfully to the rider, "Yeah, they scared me at first, but I suppose now I feel sorta sorry for inflicting my memories on them. I thought maybe I could go back and share something nicer with them.." Oh so hopefully, or some kind of experiment or both. There is a little smile for Jaelynn's comment about dealing with dragons, "Sometimes I feel like the parents turn into Dragons at times, but I can only imagine what its like to work on creatures that big. I don't suppose I can come in and shadow you while I am here?" Then there is the toss of mud and indeed it goes kersplat on Kelani's leg. There is a momen where she seems to freeze and just looks down at the offending mud splatter. Angry? Well not really. Just a litany of voices in her head reminding her to take another path at this moment. Don't think so much! Try to relax. She takes a hesitant step forward then leans down and reaches down into the edge of the mud pile and tosses a handful back at Jaelynn. "Well…not quite like snow.."

D'lei nods to Jaelynn. "I've met dragons who'd prod someone into a fight just because they wanted to see what it looked like when they bled," he says with a sideways tug of his mouth for unpleasant memories. "But. That's only some dragons, and… y'know. That egg was a nice one, as I recall." A crooked smile, even if it doesn't quite reach his eyes. "So yeah, it's… hard to tell, sometimes. But there is a reason why a dragon picks someone, and it's not just that they were the closest one. If that's how it worked, hatchings'd be a whole lot more convenient." A wry smile, and then he hehs to Kelani. "Maybe the hard memories will turn them tough, and then… you can show your softer sides to them later. I mean… there's a lot of beauty in the world, even if there's also thunderstorms." He stretches back, shifting arms against the mud and looking up at the sky before returning his gaze to the candidates as they… aww, they're throwing mud back and forth! He grins, watching.

Jaelynn lifts a finger and peers over at D'lei. "Wait.. what? I didn't think dragons would do that… The whole 'no do harm to humans' bit after all." That does make her a bit confused for one reason or another. "I've never met a dragon like that before." As for Kelani she looks amused once the mud is thrown back at her, open season n the healer now! A soft chuckle escapes her and some mud is picked up and flung towards the other quick like. "The good thing is when they hatch, even if they impres someone else you can still talk to them. I always find it interesting after the fact to try an talk tothem so to speak.. Like trying to explain things and why and see if they might remember anything from the touching."

There is a look of surprise on Kelani's features as well at that news. Then a tilt of her head, "I guess…they weren't the ones that…harmed them? Draconic loophole?" She says pondering and then there is a duck to the side and she reaches down to grab another handful of the mud as if making a snowball, but with not quite so much success. It is tossed over at the bronzerider this time and she takes another step forward, to get access to some of the sloppy mud for throwing only to find her slipping and going down kersplat on her bumm. "Ack!" She exclaims trying to stand again only to slip again and with a sigh she finally gives up and looks down at her clothes, "I hope Kera will understand if I am late.." Then she is picking up two hand fulls and tossing one at each of them.

RISALI FROM LEFT FIELD. She's SLINGING MUD TOO! TAKE THAT, LADIES! WAHPOW! But then she's moving closer to D'lei, settling on her knees in the mud, bottom on her heels as she reaches out one hand to rest on the bronzerider's hip, thumb hooking in belt loops, pointer and middle sinking beneath waistband in a loose hold that is NOT AT ALL SEXUAL YA'LL. It's just CONTACT, OKAY. "My father's dragon isn't exactly pleasant," Risali chimes in, a quiet, tentative smile because she is talking about some aspect of her own life and that's always somewhat awkward for the goldrider. "But he mostly just refuses to bespeak anybody - even other dragons. And when he does, there's usually some kind of a threat laced into it." A beat, a sideways glance as grey eyes find amber and Risali smiles. "Hi," she tells him, unnecessarily because she CAN. And then he's getting SPLATTERED WITH MUD and Risali is cackling, leaning to the side when the mud onslaught starts again because YOU ARE ON YOUR OWN, HONEYBUNNY. "Get him!" she does tell the she-candidates, because WHY NOT.

"Not with humans," D'lei clarifies for Jaelynn and Kelani. "Other dragons." Which doesn't make it better, to judge from his face, just… more possible. But… "Hopefully you never will," he says to Jaelynn. Risali's contribution gets a tilt of his head, even as her presence against him gets a stroke of his hand down her back like he's petting a snuggly cat. "Teimryth's not an asshole," he opines. "He just… doesn't care about you except so far as you can help or hinder him." A shrug, for that, and… mmh. Distracting-Risali! "Hi." He grins to her, and leans down to touch his nose to hers before…. right, candidates. So! How about them eggs, and those candidate memories instead of his. Also, or maybe instead? Those mud-balls, and he laughs as he gets splatted with one from Kelani. "Six and a half," he rates it, then laughs more as she slides into the mud. "Okay, that'll add some points. I'd say it's an eight. Maybe a nine? You did squelch the landing…" Whatever the final score, it's good enough for Risali to ABANDON HIM to his TERRIBLE MUDDY FATE. At which he laughs.

"Also, your always welcome to come with me when I'm at the Annex Kelani. I would love to show you things, perhaps we could see how different it is between our fields of study." Jaelynn offers with a smile and brushes a bit of mud off that has dried off. Which doesn't help at all. An amused grin is sent back to Kelani and she chckles. "Sorry… Just blame me for you being late. I don't mind!" She looks over to Risali and ahs softly. "Should we leave you two alone… With the mud? Also I'd love to meet your father's dragon anyway. Is that the one that likes cats? I heard there was a grumpy bronze that liked cats over where your father is. Maybe I could give him a gift and break the ice." This is how Jae rolls, trying to make friends with ALL THE DRAGONS OF PERN. Hearing K'lei she looks even more confused. "I… Really?" Sheisn't sure what to say now because that has her very surprized. "Which…dragon whas this?" She isn't sure if D'lei will tell her but she can't help in asking. At the 'get him' she glances to herself then back to the two. "I dono… I'm not sure I could escape if you two start doing naughty things down there…" Well Risali was making the moves!

Kelani is quickly getting covered in mud from that which she is sitting in and that which is tossed at her. Well she has given up any pretense of propriety by now and is flinging mud at all the others in the pit. Fear the healer who has given into the fun! You should see her drunk! Chlora? Well she alighted as soon as the woman approached the mudpit and she is flying overhead giving little squeeks of derision at the dirty display down below. Then there is that Order from the gold rider and after a moment's hesitation she does pick up a mudpie and toss it in his direction. And another one for the scoring! "I did not Squelch!" She declares. She totally squelched. There is a glance over to Jaelynn during the chaos and a nod, "I would like that very much…" Then a giggle arupts from her and she tosses a mudpie at the dragonhealer.

There's a roll of Risali's shoulders in answer to D'lei's observations of Teimyrth, and an honest, "He didn't bespeak me as a child. He spoke to my aunt and my father, and I was always curious why." A beat, as brows draw in. "But then when… when my Dad couldn't speak, he had to use Teimyrth and I don't think I've ever felt a touch so unpleasant as his." It's enough to make her eyes go distant, just in time for them to focus back in on his leaning with a smile and the clearing of cobwebs as she looks at Jaelynn and… laughs. "Teimyth does love cats. My dad likes them, but…" A beat, more laughter. "If you give him another cat, Teimyrth might like you, but my Dad will probably try to find loopholes so that he can commit murder." Because they have a lot of cats, okay. TOO. MANY. CATS. And poor Ila'den, stuck with weyrmates and a dragon who just THINK THEY NEED MORE ALWAYS. Risa's attention is back on Kelani though, another smile as she chimes with, "You can also blame me." Because maybe Risali can pull rank or something, WHO KNOWS. But then it doesn't matter, because she's MOVING OUT OF THE WAY, and looking back to Jae and laughing even harder. "D'lei wishes," Risali says in sing-song tones, even as she shoulderbumps him and amends his score with a, "Ten! Don't let him bring you down, Kelani. You didn't squelch even a little." NOPE. She's even reaching out a hand to smear on D'lei's face again, under the guise of… moving hair out of his face? TOTALLY.

"Back at Monaco," D'lei answers Jaelynn's question. "One of Garouth's clutchmates." He's not naming names, apparently! At least, not right here and now. Ask him in the private that he and Risali could (ACCORDING TO SOME) use right now, and maybe the answer would be different. But, for now… there is propriety to be considered. Like rolling around in the mud, which is totally proper and entirely polite. It's what Weyrleaders and Craftmasters do at formal meetings after they use the fancy forks and drink tea with their pinkies sticking out. Which means that D'lei? Oh, D'lei is fancy tonight. He is getting the mud from everywhere. Splat! Sploosh! No squelch? "Okay, only eight points then!" he replies to Kelani, and grins as he scoops up his own handful of mud to toss back at the healer (non-dragon edition). "Pfft! You'll give her a swollen head, inflating scores like that," he retorts to Risali, and shakes his head to shed the previous loads of mud and make room for a new one. And maybe nuzzle her fingers while he's there, but never mind that, because now Jaelynn is speaking about these cutenesses and D'lei looks that way instead. "Mmmh," he says, and then he grins. "I mean, we could just squish you into the naughty things." That wicked grin… is surely a sign that he is teasing, yes? It must be. Right? He follows it with an over-wrough sigh. "…but, you're a candidate, and I'm sure someone would come along and tell us it's improper or some such nonsense."

Jaelynn canonly grin at the talk of cats from Risali and she chuckles. "I need to look for a cat for Teimyrth then…" Is she worried about what Risali's dear father might think? Nope, she'll worry about that later when she actually meets the bronzer and then maybe she'll think twice. For while dragons don't scare, people have actually sent her scurring off before. As for the answer from D'lei a slight nod is seen and she ponders still this. "Sorry… I was just curious is all… It's not something well known to be heard of. Or not that I've been told at least." There is a slight pause and she blinks while just peering at D'lei, a flush fills her muddy cheeks and she clears her throat before turning. "Um.. Yeah.. I need to get back to studies." Exit stage none-muddy side. "Um.. Thanks for the mud bath but I got to get cleaned up. I'll… See you later…" A quick wave is seen before she is what you know scurring off! Seems that was enough to do it, but yet she can deal with dragons wanting to chew on people butts go figure.

Kelani listens curiously to the discussion of dragons as she goes between talking and avoiding mudpies in her mouth. "I never really spent a lot of time around dragons until I moved to Half Moon Bay, I mean..well Ma is one and she would visit, but not very often that I really got to know them THAT well. He would play with me and such, but I don't recall him ever talking." Then there is the connection of Risali and Il'laden and there is a brief 'Oh' on her lips and a nod. As if THAT explained everything. "He…is interesting." Then she is getting 'scored' again and she can't help but smile a little, "Thank you.." And D'lei is tossed another bit of mud for his 'low scoring' only to be met with a splat on the face from him and she reaches hands to wipe at least her mouth and eyes clean…ish. Most of the 'sexy' talk seeming to go right over her head. "See you later Jaelynn…I will talk to you tonight.."

Risali smiles, and laughs, and then nudges Jaelynn with a bare-but-muddy foot as he SCARES OF JAELYNN. There's a hushed smile, a biting down of her bottom lip and then her attention is back on Kelani. CONNECTIONS MADE. Yes, Risali is the daughter of Ila'den, and that probably does explain quite a bit. Still, the hesitation has Risali's humor dying down to something muted, something distant, something remarkably cut-off for how ridiculously playful she's been this entire time. "Whatever you've heard, he's…" a hesitation, a drowning of words, something that Risali shuts out by closing her eyes and forcing herself to say the next three words, "a good man." And then she's blinking her eyes open again, watching the mud-fight with less luster, until she's pushing to her feet and slipping in mud again. At least she doesn't fall, but she does side-step D'lei so that she can hobble an awkward path back towards her boots. "Have a good afternoon, Kelani." Another flicker of her lips, a smile that lives and dies in the span of a second before those grey eyes shift back to D'lei and then away. Off she goes, maybe to run again, or to put a couple of arrows into a tree.

"Maybe I should come give a lecture on psychological problems in dragons," D'lei muses. He certainly doesn't seem offended by Jaelynn's curiosity! Or the fact that she might be getting yet another cat for his father-in-weyr and crew. Nope. Nothing to worry about, not at all. Or maybe he's just crazy and has a skewed idea of what is worrisome or not. And then? He is being terrible, and grinning, and waving to Jaelynn as she heads off to VERY IMPORTANT STUDIES. There is anatomy to be - okay just shut up, D'lei. Risali is, in addition to kicking you, INVADING this pose just to STARE AT YOU and tell you that. FOR SERIOUS. (And Leirith is in the background, laughing at you both and encouraging you, but do not listen to her. She is a bad influence. Okay, fine. A BADASS influence. EVEN SO.) So anyhow, Jaelynn is fleeing to safer locales, and probably also showers, which leaves just Risali, D'lei, and Kelani in the MUDDY MORASS that an overnight thunderstorm has made of this field. The fact that they are also muddy messes is something that they made of themselves. Well, of each other, technically, but still. And Risali is answering about her father, and D'lei is reaching for her hand - or whatever he can reach if she's moved - and giving it a squeeze even though he doesn't say anything more about it. But then? She's going, going, gone… and this time, D'lei pushes himself up out of the mud. Not so quickly as she did, but still. He's moving too! "You need any official notes passed along telling them it's our fault you're late and muddy?" he asks Kelani, because while throwing mud at people is definitely rude, getting them in trouble is even ruder.

Kelani looks up to Risali as she responds to her 'hesitation' and then nods to the hesitation, "Yeah, yeah…sorry. I didn't mean it as an insult. I was told he was a really good Weyrleader and his mate is one now. They…well the first time I met them properly…they were playing hide and seek and I ended up being what R'hyn chose to hide behind." There is a tilt of her head, "It was just surprising to see them having fun like that. I sorta see you lot like craftmasters and I can't imagine my craftmaster ever…having fun. Well not like that." Well fun for a healer is not always fun for everyone else. Less judgemental and more wonder in her tone. There is a nod to the woman, "Good afternoon Ma'am." She offers with a muddy salute. There is a sigh as the woman leaves and then the Bronzerider stands and asks her the question. "No sir..I should be alright.." And then she is starting to push herself up to standing and glancing down at the mess that is her clothes. "Yeah, I think I need a shower."

"Not every craftmaster has their sense of humor surgically removed," D'lei says to Kelani, then grins. "Just most of them." Because yes, he does know the stick in the … mud type craftmasters, thank you very much. "Maybe it's the dragons that keep us young at heart. Or, well, the dragons look for people who can have fun. Well. Some of them, anyhow." He grins crookedly, because he is aware that… "I'm not much help, really. Go find your sage wisdom from someone else." …probably not Risali, either. Who at least does not turn around to murder anyone for that ma'am, though Dash… "Ri~sa~li," he says to Kelani, in the singsong tone like a child's rhyme. He follows it with a grin, brushing at mud in an entirely futile gesture that dislodges none of it from his clothing. He nods about the lack of need for a note (aka dragon message), though. "And it's D'lei, but I'm the easy one." Which context does he mean that in? WHO KNOWS. (Leirith does. (No she doesn't. (Okay maybe she does. (« The BADASS context. » (Thank you, Leirith.)))) But… yes. Showers. "Me too," he says with a grin. "Maybe just jump into a washtub, clothes and all. Get the laundry drudges to scrub me all around." But he's starting to move, in the same direction that Risali went - if not nearly so quickly.

Kelani can't help but laugh a little at D'lei's comment as she finally makes it to dryer less muddy land and shakes the mud off her hands. "We are required to have the procedure before we get our journeyman knots." Kelani says deadpan though there is a twitch of her lips. At least she can tell a bad joke. "I do. I have a friend who has been my candidacy buddy I guess. Still…it seems only experience is the way toenlightment." She responds as she wipes down her clothes, "Yes..Risali. I forgot..some of the rules are a little confusing." She looks back to the beach thoughtfully, "I think I may start there." There is a salute anyway before she heads off to water.

D'lei laughs at the joke (assuming it is one. He's not a healer, he wouldn't know!), and nods to Kelani. "You can approximate it, though. Like with calculus." But no, he's not going into that. Not even going to try! He grins at her response to the rule-reminder, then makes a gesture that turns from wave to returned salute and then back to wave. "See you later!" And with that, he too is off, after Risali with a motion that eases into a jog once he's off the most slippery of mud and wet grass.

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