Food, Drink and... a Bath

Xanadu Weyr - Hot Springs
The warmth that flows from this cavern is almost overwhelming for some, the steam rising from the shimmering pools as thick as the morning fog that rolls in off the ocean. Numerous pools are scattered here and there with ribboned walls that are natural in their construction. The water has a somewhat green cast to it, but it is merely a reflection from the ethereal light which is the glow down here that was so noticeable from the Lower Cavern Tunnel. People can often be found down here washing themselves or just relaxing.
Situated along the walls are various racks covered in fresh towels ready for those who step out of the warm waters. A set of shelves have been installed towards the back wall, allowing people a place to put their belongings while they rest in the pools, and despite the white color that these have been painted, they are cast with that eerie green glow. Then, it's obvious. The ceiling of this cavern is covered in the fluorescent phosphorous matter that glows are made off. The mossy substance almost glitters and appears quite lovely.

As autumn begins to drape its cool blanket over the weyr, and the hot springs are full again (whatever happened anyway?), it's a place Mur'dah likes to visit after a long day of paperwork and teaching weyrlings to fly. So here he is, lanky body stretched out in one of the larger pools as if inviting guests to join him. He even has a skin of wine, a glass, a plate of goodies. Someone is…celebrating?

Does anyone know what happened? Maybe. Not Kiena though. The Weyrsecond has tried to puzzle out that note written by Jethaniel and… truly, she could not give any answers aside from reassurance that the hot springs are fine and safe. In fact, she's on her way to "test" them out now! Pausing by the back wall where the shelves are, Kiena will strip off her clothing and slip a towel around herself, careful not to brush up against any others. She's fresh not only from time in the office, but time tending to Ujinath and then a stint in the forges. Needless to say… she needs a bath. Pronto. So off she goes, supplies in hand and spies Mur'dah easily. Or is the the wine and food? Hello. "Since when is the springs an acceptable location for a wild party?" Kiena drawls, grin crooked as she crouches down across from where Mur'dah has stretched out.

Idrissa has had a long day of delivering packages, even long when she got home and found the pipes in her cottage felt the need to spring a leak, which means the greenrider would have to wander to the springs in order to get a bath. She is wandering on into the springs carrying a few things with her, she's a bit behind Kiena, the voices of the two caught but she doesn't pay them much attention as she tucks her things away and pulls along her towel and little bag of things. She rounds the little corner and peers curiously at the two, a soft oh escapes her and she lets her gaze flick one way then another. "Hey" Maybe she missed something, perhaps the springs are taken up by others? Certainly looks as if something may perhaps be happening at some point after all.

Mur'dah opens his eyes and peers across the pool to where Kiena crouches. In a towel. And he grins at his friend. "Since you showed up, beautiful," he teases, his grin widening before he flicks water in her direction. "Why not? Felt like treating myself. Want to join me? Plenty of food and drink." He was hoping for company, and the food and drink was his lure. Looks like it worked? "Idrissa!" he calls, beaming and lifting an arm to motion to her. "C'mon! Join me? Us? It's been /forever/. How is the wing? How are you?" Yeah, bad order of questions there but…he misses Comet.

Kiena rolls her eyes at Mur'dah's teasing and leans forwards just enough to flick some water back at him before sitting down on the edge of the pool, her legs dipping in. The towel remains around her while her soot covered arms reach up to begin unbraiding her hair which, at this point, is a frizzy, tangled mess. "That your new line for woo'ing the girls?" she fires back at him, grinning toothily and eyeing the drink and food. His explanation has her considering and then shrugging her shoulders. Eh, why not? "Alright, sure, I'll join you. Only because you asked so politely," she drawls with a laugh. "Mind pouring some of that wine?" Demanding little thing, isn't she? As he calls out to Idrissa, Kiena glances over her shoulder and smiles to the greenrider. "Hey there! Do join in! He's brought food and drink!" And good company, of course! Snickering, Kiena finishes with her hair and then carefully turns her body away as she tries to modestly unwrap that towel as she slides the rest of the way into the water. Ahh, much better!

Idrissa sends a slight glance back towards the entrance, half thinking of coming back later, it's not that she has a reason to leave, this is just normal for her after all. Though once Mur'dah asks her to stay, along with the questions she figures that she might as well hang around. A soft smile is seen and she nods slightly while she moves onwards to the other side of the pool, sitting down there and one her things are resting on the edge she slides down the rest of the way into the warm waters. "Yeah, it's been a while. I've been alright, and Comet is ok as well." Not that she keeps up on such things, she does her job and leaves it to that. A smile is seen as she hears Kiena and she nods a moment. "That's a plus, to go along with the good company of course. How have you both been?" It's been Well way to long since she's spoken to either one.

Mur'dah grins at Kiena, not even bothering to try deflecting the water flicks. "Nothing wrong with my old line," he protests with a laugh. "Ah…no glasses I'm afraid. I mean I brought one for me, but. I didn't know who else would be joining me." Seeing her turn away he politely averts his gaze so she can get into the pool, then he'll offer her the wine skin over the steaming water. "Food, Idrissa?" he asks, offering her the plate of snacks since the wine is going to Kiena. He'll assume they'll both share, seeing as both of them are now sitting on the opposite side of the pool from him. He's clean, too! Ahh well. "I'm doing alright. Weyrlings are about ready to do their manned flights, so." Hope no one hurts themselves. He watches Idrissa closely for a moment, and decides not to press.

"Uh huh." Kiena is teasing with her skeptical tone for Mur'dah's protesting and with a laugh, she leans back comfortably against the wall of the pool, now up to her shoulders in the water. "No glasses? Oh, Mur'dah… tsk, tsk." she clicks her tongue but accepts the wineskin all the same with a thankful dip of her head. She doesn't mind sharing in this manner, so long as no one minds it! Tipping the wineskin back, she'll take a good pull of it but try not to touch her lips to the spout. See? No germs. Then it's passed on to Idrissa or back to Mur'dah, if the green rider's hands are full with snacks instead. "Glad everything's been good in Comet and with you, Idrissa. And ah, for me…? Things have been good. Busy… but good. Finding balance. Keeping it from getting stale, y'know?" she murmurs as she smiles to the greenrider and then back to Mur'dah. "That time already? They must be getting excited! Manned flight. Shards… they'll be closer to independence now."

Idrissa smiles at the bit on the weyrlings getting close to do the manned flights. "Already? I forgot how quick that happens. Suppose its different then being on the other side of it waiting for that day to come along and all. I bet there all do great, teacher like you and all.." She looks at the snacks upon the plate curious like before picking up a piece from the plate. "Thanks Mur'dah." As for the look she gets she doesn't notice it, if he wants to ask something he just needs to ask after all. When the wineskin is offered she shakes her head a bit choosing to wait it seems on a drink from it for the moment. She is munching on the snake from the plate after all. "Glad to hear all is going well with you two."

Mur'dah just shrugs, his grin relaxed and crooked as he sinks lower in the water, letting it lap against his chest and shoulders. "Balance. Important," he agrees. "How are the girls? And yes, thank Faranth. I'm ready to see some of them flying, independent, doing more of their own thing. Some of them are /chafing/." Which he understands. He did too. Then he glances at Idrissa, a bit surprised, and then he coughs, shaking his head a bit. Sheepish. "That's real nice of you to say, Idrissa. But I'm the last one to give lessons. It's usually V'dim or Anoryn doing them. I'm mostly there to help, one on one stuff. But thanks. I'll be back in Comet after they graduate."

Where'd that wineskin go? Kiena might need another sip of it, once she's done answering Mur'dah again after nodding to Idrissa in thanks. "My girls?" Oh, where to start that isn't awkward? She seems to sink a bit in the water and she'll focus on scrubbing her arms clean. "They're in Western." she says quietly. "Visiting." And she leaves it at that. Happier topics! "Can't blame 'em! It gets dull, being stuck to the ground and the Weyr for so long. Just hope they don't get too eager, come time for the lesson." Idrissa's compliments to Mur'dah have Kiena grinning lopsidedly and when the AWLM coughs, she of course can't help but add a little comment in herself. "Oh come on, Mur'dah! Give yourself some credit. I bet it's more than just 'helping'." Yet she doesn't push further and once her hands and arms are sufficiently clean, she will help herself to some of the snacks if they're within her reach. Idrissa doesn't mind sharing, right?

Idrissa doesn't mind sharing at all, in fact if that plate is still near her shell even hold it up so Kiena can take hold of it herself, that way it is easier to pass around such things between them. A glance is sent to Mur'dah and she smiles at the sheepish look he takes on. "Please, I'm rather sure that you have been helping them all. Which means you deserve the credit as well." She points out with a slight nod. At the topic of Kiena's kids being over at Western she doesn't comment on anything instead going about finding her soap from her bag to give her arms a good scrubbing. There is a few moments where she scrubs a bit hard at the scars across her shoulder and arms as if that would help them, the scars are there to stay for certain and she moves onwards.

Mur'dah's brows lift at Kiena, but then he just nods. "Ah." Western. Got it. Say no more. Then he clears his throat, shaking his head a bit, and in the end he just shrugs. "Thanks," he mumbles for their compliments. "What are those from?" Mur'dah asks his greenriding friend, noticing the scars and not filtering himself quick enough.

Kiena clears her throat a bit and nods back to Mur'dah, giving him a sidelong look that could be significant enough. Another time, maybe, she'll discuss it. At his thanks, she smirks and pushing back from the wall of the pool, she'll crane her head back just enough to soak the rest of her hair and head before straightening again. Not one to watch as others bathe (if she can help it), it's Mur'dah's unfiltered question that has her peering at Idrissa and noting those scars and the way she scrubs. The Weyrsecond is likely kicking herself mentally now. Stupid, stupid! Why'd she bring up Western? Mur'dah earns another glance. Smooth? Not. But she'll glance to the greenrider and bite her tongue as she waits to see if any answer comes forth.

Idrissa peers curiously over to Mur'dah at the question at the scars, which get a slight look and then she glances back to Mur'dah. She's had these scars for a while now. a slight pause is seen in thought before she goes on. "From that feline attack turns ago." Her scars have paled slightly but they are still easily spotted, even though she would like nothing more than to scrub them off. A curious glance is sent between the pair, did she miss something?

Mur'dah reaches out for the wine skin, taking another drink before he offers it to Idrissa. "Oh. What…refresh my memory?" he says quietly. He wasn't there, was he? Because if he was that'd be a worrying gap in his memory. He looks over at Kiena and offers her a warm smile, before attenion is back on Idrissa.

Ujinath senses that Kalsuoth's forested thoughts reach out to move on the outskirts of the blue's fence. « Is yours alright? »

Kiena frowns. Feline attack? Her mouth draws into a grimace, both sympathetic and pained towards Idrissa. Did the greenrider tell her this story too? "Was this the one that…" she pauses. Oh, come on memory! "… you have a runner that is scarred too. Is that one and the same?" she asks quietly, only to cough and let Idrissa take over the storytelling. She'll listen, while carefully working her fingers through her tangled and knotted hair. Ow?

Kalsuoth senses that Ujinath does not force those forests back, though the fence hums quietly as a reminder not to approach too far or too fast. « She is comfortable. » the blue answers dryly. « But if you ask of 'alright' in concern of her daughters… Yes and no. » How is that even an answer?

Idrissa pauses slightly at the question while casting a slight glance to her arm, and the scars. "Ah well" There is a slight pause before she goes on. " Yeah, RedFeathers got hurt then as well." This said while she nods to Kiena. "Lorelai was riding on a runner and it got spooked and took off, I followed and we got lost in the swamps for a sevenday. Felines was following us most of the time we was trying to get out and the day before we was rescued two attacked. Tried to drag me off the runner, Ripley my blue firelizard was along and took some of it along with Feathers so I got lucky really." Well other then she now has nightmares, scars, and is scared of felines. She's been attacked by one and nearly attacked by another. No telling what might happen if she meets another one. As for Kiena knowing, she doesn't recall telling her, it's not the best thing to talk about after all.

Mur'dah frowns a bit, shaking his head a little. "Ah. I…yeah. I think I remember that. I'm sorry I asked," he adds, when it seems clear she's not exactly thrilled to talk about it. Stretching, the brownrider dunks himself one last time and then pushes up onto the edge of the pool, not at all concerned with modesty as he just…sits there for a second, pondering something. "Lorelai. She was that one girl with…what's-his-face."

Ujinath senses that Kalsuoth is momentarily confused. « That isn't an answer. »

Kiena whistles low and soft while shaking her head, giving Idrissa another lingering look before she's focusing back on combing out her hair and washing down. "Shards, that'd… be tough. Sorry to pry." Even if she didn't, not directly or intentionally anyways. While living in a Weyr has lessened Kiena's stiffness towards modesty, when Mur'dah just sits there to ponder and the bluerider happens to look up she just clicks her tongue and reaches back to toss him her towel. At least over his lap, please? "What's-his-face?" she snorts, almost a snicker though she is careful not to laugh.

Idrissa isn't that thrilled to talk about it no, but then who would after something like that. "Ers'lan's weyrmate." A slight nod is sent to Kiena and Mur'dah's apology. "It's alright, really." She eyes the scars at her arm once more. "Maybe at some point it'll not given it much thought." Though she isn't there yet. She doesn't seems to worry about the whole modesty bit at the moment with the others as she's not looking at them so it helps!

Kalsuoth senses that Ujinath sighs and the tall grasses behind that fence seem to sway in response by some unseen breeze. « How is that not an answer? » he replies stubbornly. « You asked if she is alright, but you did not say specifically to what. If you meant her current state in the water… then she is fine. Comfortable. The water feels good, though she wishes yours would not tempt her by sitting so close and naked to her line of sight. » Too much info? Kalsuoth asked, Kalsuoth receives! Ujinath is prickly today. « But if you mean in relation to her girls being in Western with Suldith's rider… she is conflicted. She heeded to her daughters wishes but she does not //like it. She spoke to him briefly, met his new toy and though it was civil, it makes her uneasy. »//

Mur'dah catches the towel purely by reflex, draping it over his lap with a little smile. Then he blinks at Idrissa, confused. "What? Ers'lan was weyrmated to…that…Laris! That was his name. That jerk from Fort. Anyway. I need to get back to work. Enjoy the wine and the snacks." Nimbly pushing to his feet, he towels off with Kiena's towel and then tosses it into the laundry basket, assuming she doesn't want it after he's done with it. Dressing, he waves and saunters out, whistling. Hot springs are always mood pleasers.

Ujinath senses that Kalsuoth understands then, though there's a tickle of amusement for the tempting. « Mine did not mean to tempt. He was just comfortable and relaxed around yours and Tahryth's. » There's a pause and more understanding. « Ahh. Mine is sorry for that, that she must go through that. » As for the new toy, Kalsuoth snorts. « He is trash. »

Kiena is equally as confused for a moment too as she starts when Mur'dah uses Laris' name. Too many names! "How… does that madman have anything to do with…?" she begins, only to toss her hands up in defeat. Never mind? Her gaze darts to Idrissa, puzzled but her expression soon softens again. "In time all wounds fade." she murmurs, only to turn her head back to Mur'dah. She expects that towel back, only he uses it! Gaping, she begins to stutter a protest and then only sighs. Oh, it doesn't matter now! "Already? Pity. I won't mind finishing the wine if you're done with it… but in seriousness, do take care Mur'dah. Clear skies!" she calls to him, already reaching for the wineskin but holding it suggestively to Idrissa. Sure you don't want some?

Idrissa looks a touch confused as she hears Mur'dah, she blinks and glances towards him. "What? No… Ers'lan has a few weyrmates, he is a search and rescue rider here at Xanadu." Color her confused at the moment. Though Mur'dah is on the way out it seems. "See you around Mur'dah." A slight wave is seen before a glance is sent towards Kiena, a soft smile seen and she nods a touch before reaching to take hold of the wine skin. "Thanks." She'll take a sip from it, wine is good, even better when soaking in the nice warm spring waters.

Kalsuoth senses that Ujinath snorts and there is a faint flicker of amusement now, despite all the aloofness. « Mine did not take actual offence. She is comfortable around yours too and was playing. » In case it wasn't obvious enough already. « They will talk later, if yours wishes too. »

Kiena settles herself back against the pool's wall, stretching out and only now beginning to just soak in the water. Only to frown, blink and… nah, she couldn't have heard right. "Weyrmates? As in… plural?" Woah. WOAH. Back up a moment there! The Weyrsecond begins to scan her memory. Ers'lan sounds familiar, probably seen the name on various reports and moreso if he's a Galaxy Wingrider. Beyond that, she knows nothing and is not one to put much leverage in gossip. "How… does one even manage more than ONE weyrmate?" she grumbles. Is she awed or jealous? Probably neither. "Shells, I don't even think I want to know!" Kiena snorts and then grins crookedly to Idrissa. "No problem. Good wine, eh?"

Idrissa looks a bit amused, a soft smile seen and she nods a moment. "Yeah.. Um… Three actually." She offers with a soft tone at the idea. "There's Keziah, Laera and Lorelai." This said after she thinks over the names for a moment. "Ers'lan has a way about doing it that is for certain." This said with an amused tone. A slight shrug is seen before she dunks her head down under the water to get her hair all wet. The question of the wine is caught and she nods. "Yeah, it's not bad stuft at all."

Kiena can only shake her head and reach out with her hand for that wineskin as her mind tries to absorb the concept of three sharing all one man. She scoffs, "Dunno if he's stark mad or… brilliant. I can't… even fathom the reason why! Or how one shares." Grimacing, she'll take a good, big sip of that wine and give herself a bit of a shake as she glances sidelong to Idrissa. "Can't even figure out how to love one, y'know? Bah. To each their own!" she mutters and glancing about the caverns, she'll give the greenrider another curious look again. "So things have been well with you then?"

Idrissa keeps her smile as she hears Kiena. "They manage to make it work. They all get along and so forth from what I've seen." At the bit on loving one she shrugs a touch at the idea. "I haven't figured it out myself…" She's starting to think she won't at this rate. With her hair dripping wet she goes about squeezing the water out. "It's been alright, no complaints really." More likely boring but she's never been the most outgoing person to start with. Every time she attempts that something happens.

As sad as it is, Kiena could almost toast to that. The Weyrsecond has had doubts for Turns now about the whole 'love' business and if that will ever be in her cards. "Who needs it, anyways?" she scoffs with a crooked smirk. "We're still young. May as well enjoy life a bit, hmm?" For now. Chuckling, Kiena will take one last sip of the wineskin before setting aside. Won't be good if she stumbles out of the springs tipsy. Not the gossip she needs spreading. "Good, good. And Tahryth is well?"

Idrissa smiles softly and shrugs a bit. "Well, yes that is a way to look at it." This said with an amused tone at the thought of enjoying life. Which really she could most likely use some enjoyment in her life. Not that it is awful but it could be better. "She's good, curious as ever about things. Everytime I think she's finshed with questions she manages to find something else. She's still licking things and people as well." She makes a face at that thought. "I'm just lucky no one has really freaked out becasue of it."

Kiena winks and helps herself to a little more of the snack food. "It's a lesson I'm slowly beginning to learn. Only live once, right? And as… bad as the past may be, it's alright to nurse those wounds for a spell but there comes a time to move on. Else you'll have nothing to look back on but just wasted time, chances and opportunities, y'know? So. Enjoy the little things! We've some joys, right? You've Tahryth, I've Ujinath. We've a good home here, right? Good work. Everything else will fall into place… And if seeking company well… if it won't come to you, go find it?" she drawls with a cryptic little smile. Listening, Kiena will laugh when Idrissa admits that her green still licks things and people. "You are lucky! And honestly, I think all dragons ask questions. Forever." Oh joy? Speaking of, Kiena then exhales. "I should be getting back. It was good to see you again Idrissa and talk. Hope the rest of your day goes well!" Smiling to the greenrider, she'll go to pull herself out only to realize she… doesn't have a towel. Shard it all! Muttering a curse under her breath, she'll just have to make a brisk half-jog for it to where the towels are and dry off there. Ahem. Then it's into her change of clothes, her dirty ones bundled into a carry sack and she's waving to Idrissa before vanishing back down the tunnels.

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