Xanadu Weyr - Caverns

A massive cavern in it's own right, this one has been skillfully adapted for human habitation. The high ceilings have been painted a light, soft ivory, as are the walls where numerous tapestries hang to provide brilliant color and insulation from the stone. The floor has been left in its natural state, pale pink granite speckled through with glittering mica and dark flecks of basalt, leveled carefully but kept sufficiently rough to avoid slips.

The cavern itself is loosely divided into areas, each one set up to be suitable for some segment of the Weyr's population. The most frequently occupied area, however, is the one near the Kitchens where tables of varying sizes provide a place to sit down and eat or chat and a buffet of consumables is almost always kept stocked. Its plain that on most days, this area wouldn't accommodate anywhere near the full population of the Weyr and equally plain that on such occasions when a formal meal is laid out, tables are appropriated from all the other areas.

A big fireplace is set into the wall near the Kitchens as well, several comfortable chairs nearby providing haunts for elderly residents or riders who like a good view of all that happens. Rugs cover the floor in strategic spots, all of them abstract or geometric in design and most in the softly neutral colors of undyed wool.

Exits lead off in all directions, a big archway the largest and that leading outside. Shallow stairs to the west lead to the offices and administration area while tunnels to the east lead to the infirmary, kitchen and resident's quarters. Southwards, a sloping tunnel leads down to the hot springs and southwest is a wide tunnel, carefully roped off to avoid accidents.

It's a dreary morning in Xanadu. Fog. Everywhere there is fog. It just sits there, or it swirls when a dragon passes through. At least though it's warm in the caverns. And this is where Kezi can be found along with Micaela. The little girl is holding onto Kezi's pants leg as the two head for the food. Kezi's moving a little slower and looks cranky or something. Her belly is already showing quite well. She puts some food on the little ones plate and some on her own and then heads for a nearby table.

Fog isn't dreary if you like fog! Maybe that is what puts the spring in Matrin's step as he enters the cavern. His typical crisp blue button down and pressed black slacks are only a little worse for the damp fog's creeping fingers, maintaining their careful creases for the most part. The top few buttons are undone anyway and he's missing any vest or tie that might really make him look dapper, so the fog has less to damage anyway. He takes the square satchel looped over his shoulder and tosses it onto the back of a chair as he passes, heading straight for the food himself. "Hey Keziah, Micaela." He offers the greeting with a wide smile before he actually absorbs Keziah's mood. "Er, feeling alright?"

Micaela stares up at Matrin with her big blue eyes while Kezi sets their plates down. "Come on climb up." she says to the girl. She is certainly not wanting to pick her up at the moment. She goes to settle herself in her seat. "I'm fi." she mrrs and then rolls her eyes. "I hurt." she says it simply and doesn't elaborate on it. "You're in a chipper mood today." Keziah says as she eyes him a little. "What's put you in a good mood?"

It is morning and thus it's really a miracle that Darsce is even up, but here she is! It may have something to do with the fact that she's sharing Halimeda's room and her older sister had to be up for her work detail, which may have awoken her in the process. In which case the teen would have buried her head underneath her pillow and returned to her much-needed sleep. It's entirely possible that an overly-watchful father has come rapping on her door to check and see if she did, indeed sleep there last night. Whatever the case, she's now sitting at one of the tables with a mug of klah and a sweet roll along with a case of nail grooming tools, well prepared to alleviate boredom brought on by the weather, though she has yet to open it and begin. She's not adverse to watching certain people walk though the area either. Keziah and her tot are noted but her eyes don't linger. Matrin now. He's given a frank appraisal.

Matrin makes short work of adding breakfast to his plate, a middling amount of fruit and pastry and a spoon of scrambled eggs joined by a mug of klah before he turns to follow Keziah. Both brows arch as he looks down into those big blue eyes, then he crosses his and sticks his tongue out - a funny face that hopefully mama doesn't notice. Or at least doesn't take offense at. By the time she replies his expression is back to normal, and he settles his own meal at the seat claimed by his hanging bag. "I'm sorry, Kezi. I remember when my sister was pregnant and she seemed pretty miserable through the first third…" he trails off, tipping his head to eye the swell of her belly. "Or are you past that already? I apologize, I didn't make a note of the date." Some hint of dry apologetic amusement there, until she asks why he's in a good mood. For that, just a shrug. "The fog is nice, it's cool out, I have interesting work ahead of me." Darsce's appraisal ears her the barest flick of bright blue eyes as he feels the weight of her gaze.

Keziah does indeed not notice the look, but she does notice Micaela's peel of laughter. She looks between the two and then nods "Yeah, past that all ready." she notes as she picks at her food while Micaela plays with her. Darsce is noted, briefly and all. Or maybe not so briefly as she makes a remark to Matrin "Looks like you've charmed yet another one. Little young for you, don't you think?" she asks. Hey, she's trying to be good, but somedays are just not worth the effort. "And why would you make note of the date anyways?" she asks him with an arched brow "It's not as if it's any concern of yours anyways." She mutters and then she sighs as Micaela pulls on her sleeve "Mama 'posed to be nice." And this is what comes of telling your children you're trying to behave.

The Iernian is taking in more than his face, noting haircut, clothing style and quality and obviously he passes so far, if the look on her face is anything to go by. They're at the next table, so it's not hard to overhear their conversation. But Darsce doesn't jump into that. At least not yet. She doesn't look away when Matrin's eyes flick her way, a glint of approval is warming her blue eyes but the blonde simply offers a demure, "Good morning." that could include them both. Daddy might have spies in here! The woman gets a cool flick of her eyes for that comment and a soft snort that says she isn't charmed yet! She's just… looking. "Mother says it's rude to talk about people who are right there," she finally say to the woman with a lift of her chin. "And I am almost nineteen." Not that she's 'for him,' mind. Just sayin'.

"So what hurts? Can I help at-" Matrin's solicitious and apparently sincere offer is broken by the snarky observation and he blinks, brows pinching together into a vague frown. "What-" And she keeps going, leaving him at a loss for words for once, and nearly spluttering. "Yes Micaela, well I told your mother to be honest with me and to be herself, so apparently this is where that gets me." He takes a breath, then a sip of juice, and then pointedly turns his head to give Darsce a polite if not overly charming smile. "And good morning to you as well, miss. Would you care to join us?" A show of manners more than anything even remotely flirtatious. He's too busy shooting Keziah a pointed look to do any of his own usual assessing of the girl who has, perhaps unfortunately, found herself in the middle of the conversation.

Keziah has been told. By toddler and teen both. She blinks and then mutters under her breath. She's not apologizing though. No, she's not. Eyes avoid looking at little one who is poking her. "Mama. Nice. Be Nice." Micaela looks at Matrin and then back at Kezi and then oh, attention is diverted as Matrin asks Darsce over "Food?" she offers up her plate and Kezi just rolls her eyes. She's keeping her mouth shut at the moment and pokes her food some more. "Yes. Please join." mutter.. mutter. "Micaela. Eat." Micaela stops poking her mother and looks up at her with her big blue eyes. "Mama nice?" A sigh. "Yes, mama will be nice." Hmmph. Poke. Sigh.

The older woman should probably already know better, but yes, Darsce told her. And my wouldn't her mother be heartened to hear herself quoted. Now if she would just take her mother's advice… "I'm good, thanks," Darsce replies with a warmer smile for the man and a wary sort glance at the muttering greenrider. If things get ugly over there, she's out of firing range over here. She seems to find the toddler mildly amusing but says kindly enough, "I have my own plate, but that's really sweet of you to offer sharing. Do you like sweet rolls? I have two." Perhaps they can conspire together to sweeten her mother up. She busies herself with prying out a nut from the frosting, "I'm Darsce," she tells Matrin blithely ignoring the thundercloud across from him for the time being.

Matrin just gives the muttering, sullen Keziah a look of flat disbelief for a span of seconds. Again, she has left him without a single thing to say. Darsce is easier because at least with her the usual polite platitudes suffice. A planted foot gives him the leverage to push his chair out a bit - enough for him to turn, lean, and offer her a hand across the space separating the tables. "A pleasure, Darsce. I'm Matrin." He twists further to flash the Journeyman Harper knot at her in place of putting words to his rank and affiliation. "And this is Alosynth's rider Keziah, and her daughter Micaela. Are you new to Xanadu, or visiting?"

Derin steps into the caverns, still with a fresh layer of minedust on his clothes, he never claimed to have manners really. A glance around briefly to note anyone the wherhandler knows, who will get a wave from him, and then he's heading towards the serving tables and the klah pot. First things first, he pours himself a mug of the strongest klah and takes long drink from it before topping it off. Okay, so he's got that, now his stomach is reminding him why he came in here in the first place, and the large miner lad is moving towards the serving tables, piling a plate high withh all manners of breakfast foods. Hey, he's a growing boy afterall.

Keziah looks at Matrin "What? I'm being nice." Jeesh. "Okay, fine. What's on your agenda for the day? I myself have got another wonderful day of doing nothing but lounging around the cottage and playing dress up with Micaela." Oh yes, there's a smile on her face, and yes it's cheerfully said. Stepford wives cheerful maybe? But, she doesn't get poked. Micaela on the other hand is nodding and giggle "Nummies" she says in response to the question about sweetrolls. Then she's tugging on her mothers arm "Mama? He not clean." Kezi blinks and looks at her daughter for a moment not comprehending where that remark came from for a moment and then oh's as she see's Derin. And here she had told the girl that she had to be clean before they ate this morning. Then there's a glance at Matrin and the briefest twitches of a smile "He's a Journeyman dear. They come in all manner of dress. Some show who they are, some prettify themselves up and others are well." There's a pause. Now where was she going with this? Never mind that "Here, eat your food dear." Distraction. There we go.

That nut is frosting-glued to the tip of her long forefinger and Darsce's lifting the sticky thing to her mouth as Matrin turns. Fingertip and nut both go into her mouth and remain there while she licks the sticky away. Since that hand is occupied, it's her other hand that she responds with, the handshake winding up more like a sort of awkward handclasp since it's not the corresponding one. Pink-tinted lips smile around her finger, her silvery blue eyes crinkle in silent laughter through the moment. Brief but firm as she returns the greeting with a quasi-businesslike shake, her hand is soft and smooth, her manicure perfect - the girl has never likely done a hard day's work in her life. When she removes her finger and swallows, she answers, "Nice to meet you. I'm visiting my darling daddy. And my sister." Her eyes track Derin for all of two seconds, clearly dismissing him with a delicate shudder at the sight of the dirt. Sorry Derin. She's the fastidious sort. There's a mighty odd look given to the greenrider and there's a short silence from her. "Nothing wrong with pretty," she finally says a wee bit tartly, flickering another look at the Harper's attire. No, she won't even go into the definition of nice, but by the look on her face, she clearly thinks the woman needs a new one.

Matrin is one of the people who tosses a quick wave Derin's way as the dust-coated miner makes his entrance. The harper sort of has his hands full with the girls he has somehow ended up in the middle of, so there might be the vaguest sheen of entreaty to the flap of his hand. Hi, come on over and join us. Really though, please? Then he clears his throat lightly and turns his attention back to Keziah, arching a brow at her feigned innocence and cheer. "Studying some law precedents from the area, and probably finishing up transcribing the manuscript from Mire for Thea," he rattles off. And if she'll pretend to be sweetness and light, he'll pretend that he didn't notice her criticism at the end there. Instead he notices Darsce's finger (how can he not) and the smile in her eyes with an arched brow. "Pleasure's all mine. Father and sister are…? Or were you being deliberately vague?" The smile takes the edge off the pointed words and turns them into banter rather than judgment.

Derin gets enough food piled on his plate to feed his wher, or something, and then moves off to find a seat. He's aware of his dirtiness, he just doesn't care, it shows he's a hard worker or something, right? Or maybe he uses it on purpose as some sort of repellent for people contact. At Matrin's wave, the miner eyes the two women, then the harper. Sorry buddy, you're on your own. So Derin plops down in a chair at a seperate table nearby, and digs into his food like he hasn't eaten in days.

Micaela is now watching Darsce with wide eyes and is again tugging on Kezi's sleeve "Mama. She licked her fingers. Why not me?" KEzi just happens to be taking a drink of her juice when she chokes. There's a look at Darsce and then an eye-roll "Maybe because she didn't learn her manners like you are doing, sweetie." she notes after a moment and Micaela just gasps a little. As for Matrin. "How is the transcribing going?" she asks after a moment, she does actually so some curiosity on that. She doesn't touch upon the law stuff. No, she's staying away from the avenue as much as she can anymore.

In response to Matrin, with a musical laugh, "Oh, I was being deliberately vague but since you've asked, Halimeda is my sister, we call her Hali and daddy is D'had. Please don't hold it against me. His bark is worse than his bite," says the teen with a saucy little grin. Derin is close enough that Darsce gives him a polite nod but she isn't going to distract him from his food otherwise. She's wiping her finger on her napkin when Micaela, then Keziah speaks. It's the tot she addresses with an easygoing, "Mother says it's fine to lick your fingers when eating finger food, and these definitely are." She lifts her sweetroll in her fingertips, and continues in the same friendly tone, "But you know what? My mother would have whispered, 'I'll tell you later, dear' because talking about other people's manners when they are sitting right there isn't very nice." And she bites her roll, obviously enjoying it.

As Derin approaches peripherally, Matrin starts to brighten. Then the sharding man goes and sits on his own and Matrin can only press his lips together and shake his head. Your man card's gonna be pulled, dude. He is distracted from his disapproval by Keziah being so blatantly rude and it draws a soft groan from him, paired with fingertips rubbing at his temple. "It's going well. I have everything legible and now it's just a matter of making the copies. Would you like one?" Darsce seems well equipped to take care of herself when it comes to Keziah so he lets her do her thing without comment. Best to stay out of it, or at least as much as possible while he sits here between them. "Oh, D'had." There's surprise in both his eyes and tone but he smooths them swiftly and manages a faint smile instead. "I actually haven't met the man but I will keep that in mind when I do."

Derin watches the table with the two women and the poor harper, but his main attention is on his food and he has already made short work of at least half the plateful. He even let's out an attractive, manly, burp before taking up the strong klah for a drink. "'Scuse me." Well, at least he said that much, right? Afterall, there are women present and all and his mother would skin him if she knew he was being so rude.

Keziah arches a brow "Well, it's up to you to act like a child I suppose, instead of a young lady." She wiped her lips and her own fingers with her napkin. Micaela is watching to two of them with wide eyes. "And I feel if Micaela is going to ask, she has a tight to know. Instead of hushed and shoved aside because of someone's misplaced delicacies." She then smiles at Matrin "I would love a copy. After all, Mire is so much like my second home, that I'm always interested in what it has to offer." There's a pause and she tilts her head a little "Anything new happening with you and Mishkia?"

"Oh, you'll meet him if he sees you anywhere near me." Sitting at another table apparently counts and she sits up straighter, peers around in a pantomime of looking for D'had and his descending wrath. Though it's comical in exaggeration as is her relief in not seeing him. The greenrider's words, cause her to stare for a split second, replace her sweetroll on her plate and deliberately lick her fingers one by one all the while maintaining eye contact with the woman. "I never said anything about shoving aside. Just speaking in private. There is a such thing as tact, but I guess they don't teach that in Weyrlinghood here, do they?" There's a cool disdain to the words, but when she looks at Micaela she is all charm, "You do what your mama teaches you, honey. Mine taught me to respect other cultures. If you'll all excuse me." This last to all of them, even Derin, who's burp she has politely ignored, though he's given a little smile. As she stands, gathers her nail kit, "Matrin, it was nice meeting /you/." Micaela gets a flutter of one mascara'd lash and then she's off to warmer climes. If she can find any in Xanadu on such a foggy day.

Is it getting warm in here? Maybe just in the vicinity of Matrin's seat. His shirt is already casually unbuttoned and undoing another will go past the line of nonchalantly fashionable so instead he just takes his napkin and absently dabs at his mouth. And wishes he had cold juice instead of hot klah. "Ladies," he starts, all charm with a dash of plea, but Darsce gets up before he can try to make peace. There's a glimmer of relief in his eyes even though he gives her a smile and a nod. "Pleasure," he replies. "And I'll try to keep that in mind about your father, too." Under his breath but likely still audible he murmurs, "A lot of overprotective family members for a weyr." And speaking of that, he gives Keziah a puzzled look and his brows draw down a little. "Anything new with Mishkia and I? Such as?" Those dark brows go up in turn, inviting her response.

Derin just continues eating his food, his plate will be clean in no time at the rate he's going. As the young woman stands to leave, the wherhandler watches her a moment, gives her a wink as she smiles at him, and then just takes another long drink of that strong klah.

Keziah just rolls her eyes and murmurs something about youth and continues eating. She's grumpy enough that she's not feeling guilty about Darsce leaving. Give her time though and she probably will. And then she'll feel bad because the Healer will give her another of those LOOKS. Maybe there is a slight squirming at that possible thought. As for tact? There's likely not a tactful bone in Kezi's body. "Tact. A word for pussyfooting around issues." she mutters. Micaela just watches Darsce with wide eyes and a few giggles. She doesn't understand tact or anything like that. But the finger licking was funny. As for Matrin "Such as…" there's a pause and then a shrug "Such as her studies, is she excelling in them? Have you found out any new interesting secrets? I dunno. Anything different. It's not like I've seen much of either of you since the dance." she states and then grumps. "Ask a simple question." she mutters.

Matrin catches Derin's wink for the departing Darsce and it drags a smirk on to his lips. OK, maybe he can have his man card back. He pointedly ignores all the talk of tact and what it is or isn't, focusing for a moment on making a dent in his breakfast. The eggs at least will be too cool to eat if he doesn't get them down soon. Midchew, he eyes Keziah consideringly as she adds details to her question, and that weighing gaze stays on her over the rim of his mug as he washes eggs down with klah. It's all very deliberate, as is the way he settles his deft fingers around the clay's heat. "You could have asked how she is settling in then, or how our work is going. But you asked if anything was new with she and I, right after suggesting that I had somehow charmed young Darsce there. Excuse me for presuming the worst." A pause is long enough that it might seem that is all he will say but then he sighs and say, "She is doing great of course. She's very bright. You'd have to ask her how she is settling in though. We haven't had much time to really talk since the dance either."

Derin can have his man card back? Yay! He leans back in his chair now, drinking his klah. And once the first mug is finished, he'll get up and get a refill. Of course, after the refill, then the wherhandler is headed for the table where Matrin and Keziah are. And he helps himself to a seat, ayup. Just like that.

Micaela ohs as Derin sits down with them. Kezi would smile but she's grumpin. "Derin, this is Micaela, Micaela, this is Derin. He's a miner that works in the mines." The little girl ohs some more and then giggles brightly "Hi Mister Mine." she says and Kezi shakes her head "Derin dear." Micaela giggles. What can ya do? Keziah sighs at Matrin "Well excuse me for not being as well versed in you in the many uses of words and their intricate balances." Perhaps next time she should just say Yo, Whats up dude? Halo. "Well yeah, I'd ask her if I wanted to know how she's settling in. But you're her teacher, so you're the one that would be knowing how she's doing. And she's been talking with out about Mire hold. Sorry. I won't ask anymore." Micaela makes a face at her mother.

When Derin takes that seat oh so casual-like, Matrin just chuckles and shakes his head. "So now you choose to join us? Nice timing." For more reasons that one, as Matrin finishes up his eggs and fruit and wraps his poppyseed muffin in a napkin. "You can ask. Just try not to do it in the middle of suggesting I am trying to get anything with a skirt into my bed, hmm? Just a suggestion." Matrin sounds almost more weary than truly annoyed though and he sighs as he tucks his muffin into his bag and stands. "But yes, she's doing really well. I just hope we can teach her as much as she is teaching us. Try to have a better day Keziah." And with an apologetic flick of the eyes to Derin, he heads out.

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