And Butts

Xanadu Wilds - Bowl Falls
The soft music of water dancing upon rock greets you as the narrow declivity gradually opens to a bowl with gently-curved, sides carpeted in emerald-colored moss. Here you may ascend to the rim and access the untamed forest on the surface of the Island.
In one spot a wide section of water pours over the bowl's lip, forming a single sheet that tinkles pleasantly upon rocks at the bottom, a narrow groove providing the runoff to drain out of the bowl and into a crack. Mist rises, but the moisture dissipates, leaving this place a dry and comfortable spot to rest or camp in, the soft carpet providing a natural cushion and the trees overhead sheltering from the sun and rain.

(Contains poop jokes. You have been warned.)

Early morning has come - round about the time that Soriana might ordinarily be inclined to roll out of bed. Of course, today, she's been up for a while already, but that's what happens when the weyrlingmasters decide to wake candidates up before dawn and drag them off to the wilderness. She's had herself some breakfast and some truly mediocre klah, and now… she's digging a latrine, back away from the water on one of the few shallow patches of dirt in among the moss and rock. Why? Because she realized they'd need one, and nobody else volunteered, proooobably because digging latrines sucks.

ka-el is one tired Candidate, yes he is. If he had his way, he would've slept on the flight over here, but the anticipation of 'where are we going??' and the chill of the flight itself kept rest at bay. And now, with the sun rising, he could particularly use a power nap, but he has no such luxuries. They're out in the middle of nooowhere! Camping? Yes, "camping" is a better word to use than "surviving", and thus it's the one he's been using as he and a handful of other Candidates, three boys and two girls, took it upon themselves to search for firewood. Activity is a burst of energy, and the job, plus a bit of exploration, although time consuming was not unenjoyable, and the six return with armloads of branches of varying size. "Smart of you to bring that knife," comments a fair, raven-haired girl who carries the least of them all, "made this loads easier!" To which Kale grins, depositing the wood near the designated 'fire building place'. "Not as planned as you think. Sort've a part of the wardrobe now," he replies before spying, within the milling teens, Soriana…digging a hole? "S'cuse me," said to his gathering partner, heading to the dragon healer and her hole. "Uh…buryin' a bone?"

Yeah, those are about the reasons why Soriana didn't sleep on the flight over either. Oh, that and… the fact she might have drooled on V'dim. Drooling on V'dim just doesn't seem like a good idea. It seems like it might cause problems with… surviving. Yes, surviving, because that's what they're doing here. So far they've survived… oh, an entire hour at least. They're doing fabulous. And Soriana… is digging a hole. She pauses when Kale comes over, and smirks. "Yeah. Of the last person who came asking around."

Garawan is… sleeping! He's not nearly as ill at ease with this whole thing, which may strike some as strange, given how he always seems to be dainty and delicate about… well everything! But he's proven himself to be fairly useful here — the fire stays lit as long as he can tend it and food gets fixed. And it's pretty good food, too. Fact, he might be working on some decent klah when he wakes up here! Speaking of waking up, he rolls onto his stomach in the bedroll — and do you believe he's STILL wearing his gloves?! — and the movement disturbs a sleepy gold firelizard. At the squawk, Garawan stretches, feline-like, and yawns. He gives a sleepysound, and then opens an eye. "Mn?" Oh. It's morning, isn't it? He sighs, and sits up.

"Oh, is that what you're doin'?" muses Kale who peers at that hole, lips pressing together after. "I see. Well, I'll keep your secret, but you know, having personally done this before, I'd suggest spreading them around. You know. Maybe the torso bit here," he points to the hole she's digging, "and the leg parts back at the beach. And the rest," he points up to the surrounding forward. "Scatter. Especially the smaller bits. It'll keep people guessing, in case they stumble on this or somethin'." He crosses his arms and nods solemnly, as if this obviously is the best plan of action for her murderous activities. His eyes move momentarily back to the woodpile, the girl who lingers near it, the wolfish pack of boys that have now surrounded her, and a waking Garawan not far off. He lifts a hand to the newly wakened. "Rise 'n shine."

But it's morning. You can't go to sleep when it's morning! That's just not a thing. At least not when you were supposed to have gotten a good night's sleep. Admittedly, Soriana will probably collapse somewhere around midafternoon, but for now, she's digging a hole. Or she was, anyway, now she's smirking to Kale… oh, nope, there's another shovelful of dirt. Still digging a hole, while smirking to Kale. "I'll keep that in mind. Maybe should toss a few of them off the cliffs, you think? Or is that just asking for trouble when they wash up on shore?" Another shovel's worth, and then she pauses to follow his gaze. "Who's she?" she asks of the dark-haired girl, then gives a wave to Garawan before… yep, another shovelful.

Garawan is still a little unclear as to what's going on, and what Kale and Soriana are talking about. But he does recognize it's time to get up! He'd left his boots on when he went to sleep, since he expected to just take a short nap before waking again. The WLMs /did/ get all the candidates up at the absolute buttcrack of dawn. So! Wakey-wakey now! It's only when he stands up that he sees what's going on. However, he pauses first, to dig in his pack for… a HAIRBRUSH! Yes. Have to keep the coif looking its best. <3

"Perfect," agrees Kale to Soriana's magnificent idea of making some of those bones seaworthy. "You'll definitely take whoever off your scent then. The sea creatures'll make work of them before they wash up. I should've plotted with you. But…" He glances left then right, shifty-eyed, "no one's found my skeleton's remains yet, so I'm still in the clear." Mwuah-ha-haa! He smirks, then arches a brow. "But yeah really, what's the hole for? Little early to be diggin' anyone's grave, isn't it? I don't think they'll allow any of us to die out here." .. On purpose anyway. The mentioning of the girl has him looking back at Snow White over there, who should have occupy herself with now, with three lads vying for her drifting attention. "Jennabelle, I think. She's from another weyr. Can't remember which. She helped with the firewood. Sort of." That's that apparently, and back to Garawan he glances, gawking at his grooming. Has Kale even thought about his hair since being so abruptly wakened? From the looks of it.. no. "Hey! We're here gatherin' wood and .. diggin' holes, and you're slickin' back your hair??" he calls over, teasingly.

Soriana's hair is on her head! It's vaguely tied back or something. She hasn't really paid much attention to it. After all, she's got a hole to dig and body parts to bury! … oooor at least that's the story she's telling. There's a distinct lack of actual body parts around here, at least that aren't already attached to living, breathing people. Details. "Hmm," Soriana says of Jennabelle there, then shrugs. "I," she says, with another shovelful of dirt, "-am digging a latrine. Because it's that, or… uh… poopies in the woods." And regardless of whether she'd be willing to do poopies in the woods, she definitely doesn't want to step on poopies in the woods. Hence: latrine.

"No sense in not looking one's best, no matter what the situation," Garawan notes. In all fairness, he doesn't spend a huge amount of time fiddling with his hair, even when he has the time to spend. This is mainly just to keep it back, and he straightens the runnertail he'd thrown it into to avoid the wind flinging it every which way on the trip. Regardless, once he hears what Soriana is up to, he notes to her, "Ah! Thank you very much, Soriana. Such a preparation had slipped my mind." So he says. Mind you, he's not going over there to help. He's actually going to the fire to tend it. And maybe to make some klah — GOOD klah, mind you.

Jennabelle over there is getting vaguely impatient waiting for Kale to return to their conversation, though the sweet look on her face doesn't change a smidge as she appropriately smiles and laughs at tne antics of those boys. And as Kale further engrosses himself with his friend and girlfriend (because it isn't like everyone doesn't already know this!), she chocks this one up as a loss and sets her sights on easier prey, heading off with the smug boys to explore. Kale has more important things to focus on. Like … poop. "Wait….what? Right here?" Poop! He hadn't thought about the necessities of life. Pee is easy. Whip it out and mark a bush or something. But number two? He glances to 'camp', which suddenly looks much closer (and crowded!) to where he's standing than it did moments ago. "Couldn't this…be somewhere else? Like.." He points to the forest above them. Trees. Lots of shielding trees! "Up there?"

Hey, if there'd been a proper fire, Soriana could have made perfectly good klah. But! Right now, she's busy digging a hole. By herself. Because… "We're here for ten days, Kale." Can you really hold it for ten days? "We can get one of the tarps to hang around it." It's… kinda like privacy. And this spot is reasonably far away from the fire and such, just… not so far as might be ideal. Unfortunately, ideal is… uh… where's the nearest Hold to here? Wherever it is, it's not nearly close enough. Hence, this hole.

"You have no objections to being in the natural state with your fellow candidates, do you?" Garawan teases at Kale's seeming reluctance to do his business there. It's mainly just a tease, but he does give Kale a considering look. 'Considering' as in… Faranth, is he checking Kale out?! Possibly not, since he turns his attention to Soriana a moment later. "A tarp around it is a very good idea," he notes, as if he hadn't just been eyeing Kale a moment ago. "Failing that we can try to find branches to block off the area."

"If this is where we're gonna have to go…" Ten days…of intenstinal explosion. "I'll be goin' for a record," Kale says, looking straight-faced serious, though he may not be. If there's a tarp … but what's a tarp against twenty, thirty something fourteen to nineteen year olds? It's like Prank Island here! Dare he chance it? He can tolerate 'Sticky', but how long he'll hold up against something more incriminating is questionable! To Garawan he smirks, chin lifting a little and oblivious to any eye-roaming. "I've objections to takin' a shit with a piece've fabric blowin' in the wind the only thing coverin' my bare ass." And the turd emitting from that ass, but…that's left to be implied! "Also, I'm opposed to takin' a shit on top've someone else's rotting shit." His smirk grows to a grin. "Other than that, this is a wicked fun trip so far."

"There will be a tarp," Soriana says blandly, to Garawan and Kale both. This does not mean she is expecting the process of using the latrine to be enjoyable. Or done when it isn't the dead of night and the fire's dead. Nevertheless! As for the smell, well… "That's why you put a shovel of dirt on it after you go." Because that totally helps. Okay, not enough, but it does sorta kinda help. She remembers these things from when she was the one being dubious. This time, she's the one shoveling! …yaaaaaay. And neither of these boys is offering to help. Sigh. Is the hole deep enough yet? Though… "The trip has been pretty fun."

"So get someone else to cover it?" Garawan suggests. Though he chuckles. "On a more serious note, get someone you trust to make certain no one pulls it aside. Or, we could try to fix it into a proper 'house' by tying it to five or six branches." Five or six because two will need to be be at the ends and will be used to close it, so they'll need to be mobile. The other four will need to be stable and immovable. As for the trip being fun? "Thus far, yes. But we have no idea what may await us." Here he takes on an ominous tone to his words. "There are no felines or snakes… but we don't know what /else/ might make its home here…." He's teasing, really. He'll be looking around for a shovel to help, though! Dubious though his help may be….

"Obviously, you've given this a shitload of thought," remarks Kale to Soriana who has the answer for everything poop related, the edges of his mouth quirking up, though he's fighting it. "So not only do we have to squat in a hole amidst everyone, we've to shovel dirt on our turd for the convenience of the next person? So now, this what could be moment of pleasant release, y'know, a time to ponder life an' all it's…uh, wonders," beecause that's what everyone does when on the toilet, yes? "is now work. Work gettin' it out, work coverin' it up. Not to mention work wipin' up after." And here is another problem! "We're to use leaves, huh? Maybe flower petals to leave behind a fresh scent?" And as for help? Oh, but he's helping so much already! He watches Garawan seek a tool to use, and he himself continues to stand and ponder this 'too near the camp and far too open' restroom issue. While also now pondering the 'what else may be out there in the forest' issue. "Hopefully nothin' that's attracted to the smell of poop."

"Probably V'dim will lead us in trust exercises," Soriana says consideringly. "Backward falls off the cliff to catch each other. Building bridges out of toothpicks. That sort of thing. He'll take notes and establish psychological profiles." She manages to say it deadpan. It may not entirely be a joke. Regardless! Here she is. Digging. She smirks at Kale, and gives her head a shake. "And you have given a great deal of thought to your own personal experience of taking a crap." Shovel, shovel… "Are there even leaves?" she asks, with a glance at the forest. "I mostly saw pinecones." Among the many things pinecones are not: Fruit. Spices. Toilet paper.

Garawan has the answer. "Cloths," he suggests. "Bring a good supply of water, and use a cloth to clean yourself up with. Then rinse in the water you've brought, over the hole in the ground." He sounds like he's done some squatting of this nature before. "This is an outdoors venture, it's not meant to be sanitary." Which is why there are several pairs of gloves in Garawan's pack!

"You have experience with this, do you?" asks Kale after a healthy dose of silent staring in Garawan's directin. How does he know this?? Hm. Caravans. Remind him to never take up being a traveling merchant! "You can't fault me for appreciating modern plumbing," remarks Kale, arms again crossing. "Maybe this trip is just that: To remind us of how good we have it." Seems like something old folk would do. And let's face it … V'dim is like, ancient. He glances to the hole, then elevates his voice, "I've been reminded!" he calls out, gaining quite a few eyes of other Candidates, and a few snickers of those near enough to have heard the context of it. Smirking, he looks to Sori. "If you resort to pinecones…" He pauses there, not able to finish due to the visualization of that and the laughter that follows.

V'dim is so ancient. V'dim probably shook the claw of Faranth. Okay, maybe not quite, but… he's gotta be close. "Oh, you'll appreciate it, all right," Soriana says of Kale and the modern plumbing. "Not to mention food that isn't… dried stuff." She's already anticipating being tired of that. A glance back to Garawan, and a slight nod. "See? There's… ways." Icky ways. Gross ways. But! Ways. She's probably dealt with worse. That doesn't mean she's going to enjoy it, but this is yet another thing to be repressed later. "I am not going to resort to pinecones. But if you hear any suspicious yelps late at night… might be someone did."

"Partially," Garawan replies, to reminding them how good they have it. As for having done this before? He nods. "Caravans travel quite a bit. And we are not always so near a Weyr or Hold as to be able to get there to avoid, er, accidents." A pause, though, and he thinks a moment. "Oh. Bark. If you want a disposable means, bark. If you pound the inner bark of certain trees, it makes a thin sheet like paper. This may be more to your liking. Do mind the splinters if you do that, though."

Pinecones and bark strips and splinters in the ass. It's far too much! Can anyone blame Kale for laughing? Oh, it won't be so funny when the day comes that his 'ten day record' comes to a sudden end and he's left with the very real dilemma of poops and wipes. But for now, with such a tragedy not staring him in the face, he can laugh, and laugh heartily. A combination of humor and weariness! "Ah…shards," he snickers gleefully, rubbing at his face a bit, getting himself under control again, taking a few breaths. "Any wagers on who'll be the first to use this thing? Also, I bet the food won't be so bad. There's gotta be things to eat around here. Maybe fish or somethin'." Not that Kale himself can claim to be an avid fisher!

This 'holding it for ten days' plan is sounding better all the time, isn't it Kale? Soriana just… considers… on what Garawan suggests. In silence. This is her silent contemplation time. Also her digging time. It's her silent digging time. …okay, so it's also her smirking time. "No. Actually. Yes. I wager… not you." She grins to Kale broadly, then nods about the food thing. "Yeah. Muir went fishing. And we've got fishhooks in the packs. Idrissa said she might try shooting fish with her bow." Soriana sounds dubious about that part. It does not seem a terribly effective means of getting fish to her. But! Who knows? "So we'll have fish. Plenty of fish. All the fish we… can catch." Maybe not all they can eat, but hey. At least it's something.

"Well, I can cook decently well," Garawan replies. "I'm no hunter or fisher, mind. But if you bring me what you kill or catch, I can make it palatable." Those pine needles serve as adequate spicing, and absorb the juices when cooked with meat, to soften up well! "If there are berries or anything else of nutritional value, I may be able to scratch together proper meals with the supplies we've brought with us," he says to Soriana. Also, if he's found a suitable implement to do so? He'll help Soriana.

"Pretty safe bet there," remarks Kale, looking wholly amused. "Want aother safe one? That I'll be the one that goes without it the longest." Pooping holes. Who needs'm! And, oh yes, speaking of holes… He watches the shovel's blade scoop up dirt and move dirt. Scoop, move. At last, he extends his hand towards her. "Since there's nothin' in it yet, I can help," he offers, fingers moving in a 'gimme, gimmie!' fashion. Hearing Garawan's proposal of being the official cook, he raises his brow in surprise. "You cook?" he asks, incredulously.

"Hah. Yeah. S'pretty safe," Soriana agrees, and then hands the shovel over to Kale with a grin. She… can supervise for now, while the boys dig. Though, in truth, most of the digging's been done. Poop Hole One is getting on toward ready for its first customer… which will not be Kale. She looks over to Garawan's offer of cooking. "Huh," she says, then adds, mostly to herself, "Shoulda brought some hot sauce." Because hot sauce would make everything better. Pinecones with hot sauce? Sure, why not.

Garawan nods to Kale's question. And he smiles. "A trader needs to be as self-sufficient as possible, due to always traveling. It's not every day we can pull into a Weyr and get a hot meal in the caverns." And let's be honest… look at him. He's not exactly winning any manliness competitions with that bod. So it's doubtful he's going to find a wife to cook for him for a good long time. Though Soriana's mention of hot sauce brings a shake of his head. "Not with fish. You want pepper with fish. And tart citrus fruits."

Kale takes that shovel and continues digging duty *snicker, DUTY!* even though the hole looks a bit complete. Needn't make it too deep! But he shovels anyway, adding a little more depth because the deeper it is, the fewer …. aromas will be able to escape, right? "Garawan," he says throughout, "you are probably the best one to be stuck out in the middle've some island with. You cook. You have ass wipin' knowledge.." A grin. "Next, you'll be tellin' us you brought along luxury pillows you want to share. An' sweet bath soaps with the good towels they have in the springs sometimes." You have to get up early for those fluffy ones before they're out and go back to the in-much-need-of-fabric-softener types. A bit more shoveling, and the latrine is ready for poopage!

"Your master cooks may want pepper and citrus," Soriana replies to Garawan with a smirk but a bit of (hah!) heat. "I'll take hot sauce with fish." See? Not all women cook… or, presumably, are interested in manly bods. Regardless, Soriana supervises the final digging of this here latrine, chuckling a little as she listens to Kale. "…and if you do," she adds to Garawan, "-then I'm going to ask where you managed to pack all of those, because I didn't exactly see the quadruple sized bag."

Garawan shakes his head. "Sadly? No, I've no luxury pillows, soaps, or towels," he replies. "Though there are flowers that can make you smell better if you use the oils in their leaves. Getting to those oils is a pain though. And I'm afraid I've not the knowledge of which flowers, so even if there are any of them here, I would have no way of knowing that." Soriana's statement draws a chuckle. "If I were carrying such a storehouse of items, would you /want/ to know where I was keeping it?" Bit of a tease~!

"Done," announces Kale who gets himself out of the hole and stabs the end of the shovel into the earth after his proclamation. His eyes drift to Soriana. "I'll leave the tellin' everyone what this here hole is for to you," he says, slightly elevating a brow. Or would such a hole need no introduction? Some wandering fellow would just automatically assume it's for bowel movements? "Ten days.." Of fish eating, with or without hot sauce, dried fruits, and holes. "Yeah. Wicked fun.." said more to himself than anyone else, though at least it's said with a smirk, though that may be one of disbelief moreso than of pleasure. He glances to Garawan then, head shaking slightly at his comment, his amusement not faltering.

"Yeah, there's leaves and flowers and stuff. Tsenik used to do a bunch of those," Soriana says to Garawan. "Still does, I guess, but I don't see him around anymore. Marel might know, she was at the flower shop." Soriana, on the other hand, does not know, so she just shrugs, letting that part of the conversation go. Not… in the sense of going number two, though. Even if Kale is done with the hole. "Great," she says to him. "Thanks." Not that she didn't do much of the digging herself, but hey. "Yeah, I'll tell 'em," she says with a bit of a smirk, and then the smirk broadens, her hands going to her hips as she says to Garawan. "Yes. Because either I'd want to take notes, or direct you to the nearest healer."

Garawan encourages Kale, "It should be tolerable, at least. We will indeed have to help each other to thrive out here. Despite the great lengths they go to make us think otherwise, I seriously doubt those in charge would bring us to a place with clear, obvious dangers that were easy to stumble upon. Other than the cliffs. But we know to be careful on those." Soriana's words of the flowers draw a thoughtful 'hrm'. "I may have to look for these two." And then taking notes or going to the healers? He outright laughs! "Ah, no. I must keep /some/ secrets." And he may or may not be winking as he says this.

"Hey, I neatly forgot about him," says Kale, catching the familiar gardener's name. "He hasn't visited his shop as often as he made it sound he would. Maybe he finally found some place to stay." Or he's injured or sick or dead. All very real possibilities! But he'll stick with 'belonging' for now. "I'm not worried about dangerous things," Kale assures Garawan. His thoughts are on things far more practical. Did he pack enough underwear? And is this dump hole going to last a full ten days without overflowing with…yuck. He lifts the shovel and takes it back over towards the main area, snickering in the wake of Garawan and Soriana's banter. "Like the secret of your endless gloves?" he calls over his shoulder. "Maybe that's where you've been keepin' everything."

"He was at Ierne, last I saw him," Soriana says of Tsenik, and shrugs. She smirks a little at the mention of Garawan's gloves, and then the smile goes away at the mention of those dangers. "Anywhere's dangerous if you're dumb about it," Soriana says, and for once, she's not laughing. "We can get hurt out here, all right… but if we do, you can bet we'll get whisked back to the infirmary fast as anything. V'dim may be ancient as dirt and have a stare like thread coming down, but Thea wouldn't let him be in charge of us if she thought he'd stand by and let us get hurt." That's said in a tone as matter of fact as if she was saying Rukbat would rise tomorrow. Thea wouldn't allow it. Danger, sure. But… at the end of the day, Soriana seems to believe V'dim has their best interests at heart… though they may not enjoy it. Their best interests, according to him, may involve a great deal of character building in unpleasant ways.

Garawan doesn't know anything about the situation with the gardener they're referring to, so he wisely keeps his mouth shut! He instead muffles a most undignified snort of laughter at the 'endless gloves' comment. It's true, he's almost never seen without them. And he always seems to have a spare pair. He normally doesn't sleep in them, but out here, he did. At least for his brief nap after the camp had been settled. But even in the barracks, he always keeps them nearby at night. And he puts them on whenever he gets up, even if it's only temporary. Strange, that. However, since Kale didn't actually /ask/, merely pointed to it, he doesn't answer the questions behind it. Merely notes with a smirk, "There's very little room for anything besides my hands in a pair of gloves." Soriana's statement gets a nod, and a sober agreement, "Indeed, on both counts. Though for 'clear and obvious dangers', I mean. Wild predators visibly prowling an area, and the like."

Kale hands off the shovel to another candidate who needs it for something or another, then returns to Sori and Garawan. He didn't travel far enough to miss any of what Soriana said, nor is his oblivious to her change of tone. But that doesn't change his look of 'everything's good, this is a camping trip I'm going to enjoy'. "Nobody's saying that we're doomed to die out here, an' nobody's saying that this is gonna be cake, either," he assures, glancing to Garawan with a confirming look. Right? Right? "We know this isn't some life or death thing, an' I figure all of us have a bit of sense in our heads, else no dragon would've searched us and the ones that weren't wouldn't be allowed to stand. Relax," he grins, pressing a peck to her cheek. "I know what'll help. Take a dump in your awesome hole. That'll put a smile on your face." Beam!

Soriana shrugs, as far as those clear and obvious dangers go. "It's the ones you don't see that get you. I've had dinner with a murderer." Her tone's still matter of fact. Belior and Timor will travel through the sky. "You wouldn't have known it, to look at him. So… yeah. You can't be completely safe. You can just do your best to deal with whatever happens." Another shrug. "But you're right, there's no wild felines here. We don't have to keep watch or anything. And if something happens… the weyrlingmasters are here to help us deal with it." At least… if it's bad enough. Otherwise, it'll just build character! Soriana glances to Kale as he speaks, and after a moment, she smirks. Her arm slides around his middle, and she gives him a slight hug. "No, no. I think I'll leave that experience for someone else. I don't deserve that much sheer awesomeness in my life right now." But, hey. She's smiling again.

Garawan looks pretty convinced of that, that they're not going to die out here. "No indeed. This is no life or death situation unless we are remarkably stupid. Or remarkably unlucky," he adds. The smile he gives here is definitely not a smirk. Soriana's statement further confirms it, and he nods. "Absolutely." Though he does spare a chuckle at the 'that much awesomeness' comment. He censors several rather rude jokes. And, with a wry smirk, he notes, "…There are far too many inappropriate jokes I could make at your expense, Soriana. I'll refrain, however."

Meh. Kale's own chipper mood dampens just slightly at the mentioning of a murderer. An old memory, yet too engraved to be totally forgotten. But it's a fleeting thing, this shadow that passes over him, and it's gone a short moment later and he leans against Soriana, gently. For a few blissful seconds anyway before his lean turns more into a lounge, which soon turns more into an attempt to flatten her with the amount of weight he seems to be "unaware" he is pressing against her. But wait, inappropriate jokes? At Soriana's expense.. He grins. "Probably a good idea," he interjects, stomach grumbling. Hm. Where's the grub around here?

To Garawan's comment about this not being a life and death situation, Soriana nods, but as he talks about the rude jokes he could make, the smile vanishes again. Just for a moment, but there's a flattening of her lips and a tensing of her body that's probably most perceptible to Kale, as her leaning back against him (he has more muscle, she knows more about leverage) becomes ramrod-stiff. "You," she informs Garawan, and there's a pause before her next word, one where her arm starts to uncurl from Kale before deliberately settling back in place. "-may make whatever jokes you wish." She gives Kale's belly a pat, and smirks as she looks up to the smither. "Better get to fishing, huh? It's that or pinecones… and they're full of fiber. Bad idea. Might make you extra regular."

Since Kale seems hungry, Garawan chuckles. "I apologize, but I fear if you were to take me fishing with you, you'd spend more time keeping me out of trouble than anything else." He has to smirk at his plight. It's Soriana's statement of eating the pine cones that make him speak up, "The pine cones may have edible seeds inside them. Whether they are very /tasty/ or not, I have no idea. I honestly have never eaten them. Shall I see if these yield seeds enough to eat?" Since he totally can't fish or hunt, that's about all he can contribute!

Kale's eyes shift to Soriana and linger a moment, his playful leaning lessening. Though that's likely done to keep himself or her from eventually falling over due to unbalancedness. "Hey," be begins, voice gentler than it was before. But whatever he was going to say is left unspoken, and he releases a breath as his stomach is patted and talks of fishing ensue. Kale's more likely to catch a rock than a fish, and he looks dubiously in the direction that leads back to the shoreline. And on that same path, Jennabelle is returning, without her gaggle of guys trailing her. Her dark hair, braided in a single long plait, is toyed with as she wanders up to the three. "Excuse me," she exhales, sounding very much like she'd rather be doing anything else in the world. "You still have your knife? I need… Actually," a look is given to Soriana, vaguely calculating, though mostly seemingly exasperated. "Can I borrow him?" she asks, jerking a thumb Kale's way. Hazel eyes turn to the slim Garawan, and he is offered a small, yet friendly smile.

"If you like," Soriana says to Garawan's offer of checking the pinecones for seeds. Her tone is casual, almost off-handed. It gets brisker as she adds, "Be careful if you do. You could break a leg, wandering around here." There's a faint smirk at that, and then her eyes settle on Jenabelle. She smiles to the other girl, ever so friendly. "Of course," she says, though her arm doesn't let go from its position around Kale. "I'm sure we can help you." We. Not Kale. Sori is coming along this time. But isn't that smile a friendly one? It is. So friendly. Oh, wait. Maybe the word she's looking for is fierce. At least, so far as a certain glint in her eyes in concerned. Nevertheless, it's a smile, and her arm around Kale stays right where it is even as she adds to the trader-candidate, "Good luck, Garawan."

Uhoh. Garawan is girlfriend-less, but he can see THIS trouble a mile away. Even without Soriana's 'grrrrrr hands off wench he's mine' expression! He'd been about to volunteer to accompany Kale and Jennabelle, though as Soriana seems to make it clear that she's not letting Kale go alone, he nods. "A good idea," he agrees to that. "If you are having trouble, is must be serious if /all/ the candidates who accompanied you couldn't deal with it. Adding /just one/ other person will probably be of little use." Faultless logic! He nods once, firmly. "Now that that's settled… do be careful, all of you. And don't hesitate to ask me if you require assistance with something."

Hm. We? There's a very slight flicker of annoyance in Jennabelle's eyes that can be detected to the very keen as Soriana invites herself along. A near imperceptible tightening around the eyes. But oh, that very likely could've been due to the smile that brightens her face, seemingly due to that aforementioned self invite. "Oh, thank you. I wasn't sure if you had finished digging through the dirt," she explains, gesturing to the hole she assumes Soriana herself had finished, her voice not at all condescending.. Sharp eyes flit back to Garawan as he speaks, and the withering look he receives is slightly more noticeable. Just slightly. "All the candidates?" she echoes, the clueless expression matching her voice. "Oh, you mean the boys? They were hardly help," she says flippantly. "More suited for show than function and ran off the moment they saw effort was involved. Green riders, the lot of them." Another smile, this one turned to Kale. And Soriana. "But, that was my fault. I asked boys when obviously men were needed. And friends." A sunny look to Sori, and she waves them both along, gesturing to follow her back out of the bowl. "If we need help, I'm sure I'll find a man to assist. Thank you!" is offered to Garawan before she trots off, Kale (who apparently is willing to go where he's needed, despite his hungry belly. This IS a team-building trip, right?) moving along with Sori.

Oh, there's no trouble here. No trouble at all. Soriana's just being helpful. Very determinedly so. "Oh, yes. I can see how you'd have missed something like that," she replies to Jenabelle, smiling back ever so sweetly. "Bye," she says to Garait, and then… somehow… Soriana's mood actually seems to improve as they go along. It gets a little boost every time Jenabelle gives Kale one of The Looks - those looks, you know the ones. Also when she gives Sori one of the Other Looks. Before long, Soriana's smile is positively pleased, with something of the cat in cream to it. Once they've gotten to the scene of Jenabelle's problem - whatever it may be - Sori may well give her boy a kiss on the cheek and release him to resolve the situation, should it prove to not actually need more than one person. There's fishing to be done, after all, and that latrine still needs a tarp-curtain… and she'll be by again later to collect him. Do try to keep him in good working order, Jenabelle dear.

A not-so-subtle insult. To all involved, no less! Garawan knows the kind of person he's dealing with here. A failed attempt to get Kale alone has backfired, and now she seems to be passive-aggressing everybody involved. Even those not /really/ involved in it. Oh, but he can play that game, too. "Oh goodness, you didn't leave the boys /alone/ in the woods, did you?" he inquires, covering his mouth in shock of one gloved hand. "Dear me!" What will the Weyrlingmaster say?! And as Jennabelle's 'find a man to assist' comment comes, he notes, "One doesn't need huge muscles to accomplish a task." Pause. Smirk. He stands, and is already heading off to gather pine cones when he notes over his shoulder, "But then… you'd know that." She's using psychology to try to get what she wants, after all — men instinctively want to help women, don't they? Oh yeah. He's definitely got her number. But he's also out of earshot before she can make any replies in return. There are pine nuts to be harvested!

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