Breakfast of Champions

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Xanadu Wilds - Bowl Falls

The soft music of water dancing upon rock greets you as the narrow declivity gradually opens to a bowl with gently-curved, sides carpeted in emerald-colored moss. Here you may ascend to the rim and access the untamed forest on the surface of the Island.

In one spot a wide section of water pours over the bowl's lip, forming a single sheet that tinkles pleasantly upon rocks at the bottom, a narrow groove providing the runoff to drain out of the bowl and into a crack. Mist rises, but the moisture dissipates, leaving this place a dry and comfortable spot to rest or camp in, the soft carpet providing a natural cushion and though no trees grow inside the bowl, the trees up on the rim above shelter from the sun and rain.

Muir shakes his head at Hotaru. "I don't, but the firelizards can get us whatever we need." He's clearly quite unconcerned with this whole business. Excited, but unconcerned. "And I can gut stuff. Not great at cooking but I can take things apart. Fish especially, but I'm okay with other things too. So I can prep it if someone else cooks it?" He quiets when V'dim speaks, blinking, and then he laughs. It's quiet, but it's there. "Where's the fun in that?" he murmurs, hefting the parcel in his hand before he turns to offer it to Mikal. "Here. Keep this for me. I'm not going to use anything in that. Or that," he says, motioning to everything V'dim has set out. There's a thoughtfulness to his expression but a sparkle to his eyes as he looks around.

Garawan answers to Mikal's question, "I can. I do travel with the caravan quite a bit. Sometimes we cannot depend on our food stores, or need to conserve when a trip takes longer than expected." Ah, so he's planned for long trips before? And then V'dim is talking, and he turns his head in that direction, listening carefully. Well, there's a lot of fears put to rest! He's not afraid of being outside. He's afraid of getting EATEN by something! Because he's really not the type to be able to fight off a wild animal….

Zahleizjah sends a warm smile towards Muir between the expressionless hidden fears of wandering eyes that scan the surrounding area, looking something like a scared bunny rabbit. As if to comfort him, when really it's reciprocal in a way, she pats the dark haired gent on the back as if hoping to absorb some of his survival instincts "Water.. right.. here!" Quite the grimace is shared with Hotaru before looking at slightly grimey boots "I'd rather eat slugs!" A nod is in agreement with Idrissa "Of course.. who know's what we're in for!" Excitement and panic muddle. Eyes continue to wander as if trying to consider landmarks for the way back. She's glad their silver-haired leader is staying, at least that's what she infers 'we' means. "Under the stars.. now we're talkin'.. WAIT ten days?" *GULP* "I guess we should start with.. fire?"

Huh. Camping under the stars. Who woulda thunk it? Certainly not Mikal. he does look a bit relieved though that there are food rations in the packs that means they don't have to go hunting for food. One supposes they still /could/..possibly. He takes the pacel from Muir with an arched brow. "Okay." he says slowly. "What are you going to do?" is asked.

Hotaru peers at Mikal. "What, you've never gutted and cooked an animal before? Not even in the kitchens? Idrissa can tell you all about it. Just ask her about the liver pies." She chuckles a bit. "I brought my guttin' knife!" It's more of a pocket knife, but hey. Hotaru nods to V'dim. "Can we make tents out of the tarps?" There's a not to Muir. "True. I might need a better knife than this, too." Hotaru sets all her stuff down. "Brr. I don't think I'll be swimming. A fire would be good though. I'm sure there's some deadwood around, even if we have to rummage the forest for it. Someone will have to stay at camp all the time probably. To make sure something doesn't wander off with our stuff…"

Muir smiles a bit at Zah at her back patting, and nods. Then he's grinning at Mikal. "Survive," is his cryptic answer. "And yes, someone should always stay here. Just in case." He glances at Anoryn and V'dim. He is suspicious. "Fire, yeah, and a stockpile of wood. And I guess someone's going to cook that stuff, but I'm going to go explore and find my own food."

Anoryn tries not to grin when the Candidates react to V'dim's words and orders, showing little pity or sympathy for their plight for those who complain. For those who take it in stride, she gives them a lingering look before moving on, making a slow circle and wandering circuit of the group as they begin to unpack. She keeps one ear on the conversation, but beyond that she does not interfere. As V'dim unpacks and then leaves the Candidates to it, Anoryn does much of the same. But she will still be visible, just by the edge of some of the trees where she sits with her back propped against the trunk and busily goes about sharpening some of her knives. Muir's suspicious look is missed, but her presence, even if in the background, should be answer enough. Careful Candidates, you are being watched? That and she's there for any who have questions.

Idrissa blinks and looks one way and then another taking the place in, well this looks like a /great/ place to go camping. There is a fear ticking at the back of her mind and she chews on her lip wondering if there will be something creeping around the trees. Her gaze flicks back to V'dim as everything is explained and she ponders before nodding a few times while she soon sets her things down and hums. "How about we set up some of the tarps so there already up so we don't have to worry about that if it rains?" Well it is an idea! She smiles and nods to Zahle. "I'm sure we're figure out sometime for it before we leave." A full ten /days/? In the middle of nowhere huh. At the talk of gutting things she makes a face. "I don't do that with fish." Which she is actually very good at cleaning a fish and so forth.

Well. Complaining isn't going to do a whole lot of good, is it? So Garawan will be one of those that does not complain. Besides, he's had to deal with less-than-ideal sleeping conditions before. A caravan will put one through more than one might think! He'll get to household tasks — or would that be 'camp-hold' here? — like prepping a place for a fire. He'll make ready to help out there as much as possible, since he's not exactly the outdoorsman type. He can't hunt or fish, really. But he can cook!

Hotaru looks around. "You guys can handle the fire and the tents, right? I'm going to go scout around and find a place to do my business." Her nose wrinkles a bit. "I'll be back later if you want to wait though. Maybe there are edible berries around, just in case. At the least I'll bring back some more wood." Hotaru grabs her stick and her bow, and then walks off into the trees.

Zahleizjah takes some good deep breaths, trying to keep her wits about her. This must be a safe place, she concludes, and although she'll still be on the look-out, much of her apprehensions start to fade when she looks around, taking the time to appreciate the group around her, feeling fully competent in their skills combined. "Stockpile.. definitely. Good thinking on the tarps 'Rissa. I'll start on the wood.." Maybe this will be fun? As for guttin' and huntin' she says "Glad we have rations. Maybe we can set up camp and then explore for a good place to fish? In a small group of something maybe?" Belongings have been set down in a neat pile, where she can easily see them, as she starts to bring wood over from this 'ten-day stock-pile' . Edited slightly

Muir nods. "Good idea, Idrissa. Might as well set some things up. I'll help?" he offers, walking over to help lift one of the tarps. Just because he won't be using any of this stuff doesn't mean he won't help them get the camp set up. "Oh yeah, we'll need to dig latrine pits too. Well away from the water."

Idrissa pulls off her jacket and lets it rest folded neatly with her things while nodding to the others. "Alright Zahleizjah, sounds like a plan." Get everything set up and then gets to work on the rest. She moves on over to the tarps and picks on up unfolding it to see how bit it is. "Thanks Muir." This said with a smile towards him. She points towards the trees at the edge. We can tie them to the trees make a roof and then use one to make a back to it and maybe the sides." Though a back and top would be the best things. She picks up a roll of rope and gets to it.

Zahleizjah ties bundles of various sized sticks together, using a solid piece of rope from her supplies, so that she can pull over more than she could possibly carry in one load. Of the wood there, three different semi-organized piles are started, kindling, twigs and logs. Hunger is already starting to rumble in the Starcrafter's empty belly and by the sound of Virikas' endless chatter, she must be pretty hungry too. The surplus will hopefully be ten days worth, but the Starcrafter gets to building a tiny lincoln-log like square fort, with some fluffy and dry kindling nestled in the middle of the wooden box. "Y'guys think we should save one tarp t'cover the wood? Or mebbe just pile it beneath a solid tree?"

Muir nods, "Sure, that's a good plan," he says to Idrissa, helping her however he can. "And yeah, that too," he agrees with Zahleizjah. "Good idea. Can't have the wood wet. Put some big pieces down on the ground first, and stack the others on top of it. The bottom ones will get damp, so that'll protect the rest of the pile."

Idrissa nods while she goes about stringing the rope up first which will give the tarp something to hang on. Two long pieces of rope is used for the top and she ties it tightly to the tree branches before point to the tarp. "Now let's spread it out over these ropes and then we can work with tying it down and getting the rest of it up." At the bit on the rope she nods while glancing over to Zahle. "Ya that would be a good idea for sure. Maybe there is a small piece that can be wrapped around it?"

Zahleizjah works along side of Garawan, since he definitely seems to have this survival stuff down pretty pact, to make a nice little wigwam of sticks. They are neatly placed, somewhere in the middle of things, near-ish to where the campers will be sleeping, close to the water, and in a bit of a circular pit where it looks as though fires have been built before. A few large logs will be perfect for sitting on, some trees for leaning, with their stash o'wood both under a tree and covered by a small tarp, with bigger pieces on top in case anything should soak through or the tarp is needed. "So.." she hands over the two pieces of flint to Garawan and says "Would you like to do the honors?"

While others work on getting the fire started, Soriana has decided to go about things the impatient way… or maybe she just expects things to have gone faster. She didn't know they were planning to gather wood for the next sevenday! At any rate, she's got the klahpot, she's got water… she's even got the klahbark! She's just missing the part of heating. Cold brew klah, anyone? The water is turning vaguely brown…

Garawan nods to Zahl's question, and accepts the offered flint. "Of course," he replies. It'll take a moment, but he'll get it! He's made a fire before. No more than a dozen strikes, if even that, and he'll have the tinder burning, gently fanning it to increase the oxygen to the newborn fire, giving it more fuel without choking it. Nursing the fire to health and strength.

Mikal is helping set up the whole camp area. Pretty much he's going with the flow of being suddenly taken to the middle of some strange island and told they are staying here for roughly 10 days. He whistles as he works with Garawan and Zhale, mostly following Garawan's example seeing as how Mikal's never slept a day in his life out in the untamed wilderness. And this is Untamed. Wilderness. Totally. Elsie and Elidor have left the warmth of his coat and are flying overhead as they too explore. Sometimes the come back with sticks or pretty shells in their mouth which they drop at Mikal's feet before they sail off again.

Muir nods, "Something like that," he agrees, helping Idrissa get the tarps set before he meanders over towards the others. Hands in his pockets, he crouches down to sort through his own pack. "Ah," he says happily, pulling up a roll of line and a small packet of hooks. "Perfect," he says happily. "Well, you guys enjoy your feast. I'm going to go down to the water and see if I can fish for my food." Seems he's serious about roughing it - truly - without the aid of anything they brought with them.

Idrissa works on pulling out the tarps and getting the rest of it up. She gives her hands a few brushes across her pants and smiles at her work before nodding. She glances over to Muir at the talk of possible getting food, and fish at that. "So who wants to go and try to catch a fish with an arrow and a bow?" She might as well throw the idea out there.

Maybe Kale was right. If Soriana had taught Toral how to flame, he could be heating this klah right now, instead of just perching on her shoulder and dozing. Ah, well. She gives the sleepy brown a pet nevertheless, and waits for that fire Garawan's starting to be suitable. Surely they can at least manage lukewarm klah, right? At Idrissa's question about shooting fish, she blinks. "How are you going to get them back up the cliff?"

Zahleizjah claps with a teensy bit of glee as the sparks catch "Fire! Awesome, thanks Garawan. Once it gets goin.." She rummages through her rations "..looks like we may have the supplies for a tasty breakfast.. I don't mind cookin' if.. wait, how're we gonna keep stuff cold?" The bundle of logs she started pulling comes to a halt near the growing mass of fire supplies. "Maybe if I can find a solid place in that runoff t'store the perishables the mist will keep them chilled, what do you guys think?" Idrissa's suggestion has her eyes widening "A fish with an arrow.. I'd like t'see that at least, and trying would be the keyword for me. And.. good point Sori."

Idrissa works on pulling out the tarps and getting the rest of it up. She gives her hands a few brushes across her pants and smiles at her work before nodding. She glances over to Muir at the talk of possible getting food, and fish at that. "So who wants to go and try to catch a fish with an arrow and a bow?" She might as well throw the idea out there.

Mikal certainly isn't going to object to the preparation and cooking of the last bit if perishable food they are going to get for over a week. Perhaps he'll join Muir's determination of roughing it..but that'll happen /after/ a warm breakfast. "Well; Muir can have fish…there any eggs?" he simply shrugs at Zahl's question of keeping the food cold. "Maybe we're supposed to eat it all so it doesn't go bad." sounds feasible to him!

Muir glances around at the others and in the end he just grins and shrugs. "See you all later," he says cheerily, sauntering off with Kenpo to try and catch his own breakfast. And then fetch his own wood. And start his own fire. And eat, finally, likely long after they've had their own meal.

"I think we might be better off having it for breakfast," Soriana says of the perishables. "I'd rather not risk it, anyway. Being sick out here would really suck." Imagine having food poisoning without a single toilet. Sori is. "Uh… also… shouldn't we like… dig a pit or something? For latrines?" She vaguely remembers something of the sort, last time she was on a camping-type-expedition. It's not nearly so exciting as bow-fishing, buuuuut.

Zahleizjah might not know much, but brows do furrow at this consideration "Eat it all? But.. there's 9.75 more days to go.. I dunno about you guys, but gutting little creatures is not my forte.. Fishing I can do, but how about we at least save something for dinner? 4-5 hours from now, a few of the eggs will totally be fine. Maybe I can forage for some grains and we can have stir fry or something? I mean.. if that sounds good to you all.." some sort of intrinsic nature must be kicking in for the otherwise edgy gal. A shake of the head sends a wave Muir's direction as he goes and does 'his thing' admiring his self-sufficiency.

Mikal says simply to Zahl. "There's food in the packs, Zahl. Besides, you seen anything running around that we could hunt?" he doesn't!

Idrissa makes a face at the thought of being sick out here. "Ya that isn't something that I think would be a good thing here." In the middle of nowhere, on some rocky island where she is still wondering if there is something going to creep out of the shadows. "I'm going to get my stuff set up and then maybe wander around." Best way to figure out where stuff is right? When it comes to cooking she can do some but isn't to eager to jump to it right now. Plenty of time for that after al. With her stuff in hand she is off to clam a spot under the tarp she and Muir worked at getting up.

Zahleizjah shrugs and looks around, as if something might show up any minute, but it's true, they haven't seen any wild critters. "I guess you're right.. well, I'll get started on some food and if anyone wants to contribute, I'd gladly whip up a big batch." She'll grab half of the eggs in her ration, three is surely enough for now, and leaves three for later; now only to keep them from cracking. All of the bacon she was portioned will be cooked right away, half the strips wrapped and hidden in a side pouch to compliment the fish she hopes to catch for dinner. Zahl will make plates for any who speak up, giving them more time to work on their projects, with delivery service when the meal is ready.

Mikal doesn't see anything to hunt… but Toral does! There's a beetle. The brown firelizard soars into the air and dives down to pounce. Ker-snap go his jaws against the unfortunate insect's carapace. Well, dunno about the rest of you, but he's got his breakfast. Crunch, munch. Soriana gives the klahpot another poke. "Depends how hot it gets today, I guess," she says to Zahleizjah, and looks toward the sun, as if that'll tell her. It doesn't. "But… well, I think I'll probably stick with the dried stuff for dinner. Things can go bad pretty fast… though I guess so long as we cooked it, it might be okay." Maybe. Dubious Sori is dubious.

Mikal moves over next to Soriana to peer at the klahpot. "That nearly ready?" he could totally use some. "We got enough food in our packs. Just no fresh fruit after this morning I suspect." though he does glance towards the the trees as if expecting to see fruit simply dangling there waiting to be picked! Meanwhile…he eyes the klahpot to help it along the path to heat. Elidor and Elsie seem to enjoy the place as they soar overhead, still with the occasional drop of a pretty rock at Mikal's feet. They found the beach.

There's pinecones. Pinecones are like fruit, right? Maaaaaybe nooooot. "Almost," Sori says of the klah. "You want to get us some cups?" If he does, she'll pour. It's nothing like the best pot of klah she's ever made - in fact, it's in the running for worst - but it is, at least, caffeinated. Good enough. "Yeah. We're going to get awful bored of dried stuff, though. Maybe we can like… uh…" Pinecones aren't a spice, either. Sigh. "Yeah."

Mikal goes to grab the mugs, returning to Sori and her klah. Once he gets a mug he takes his over to lay out his bedroll somewhere. That done he meanders off to see if he can find and help Muir.

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