Gathering Requirements

Xanadu Weyr - Construction Area
The scent of fresh-cut wood permeates this busy work area in which the sound of power saws, hammers and workmen's cries ring out. Where trees once stood there is now an enormous clearing cut neatly in half by a newly-made gravel road that bisects the spacious wood-rail paddocks built and waiting for Xanadu's herds. The road between the enclosures leads to a skeletal wooden structure that slowly rises out of the ground. Construction has begun on the Bovine Complex. The central part of it looks the most like a building - at least from the outside. While there are gaping holes where the barn doors and windows will be, wooden boards have been nailed on over a moderate portion of the exterior, making walls and a peaked, yet to be slate-shingled roof over the wooden studs set out at intervals.
Inside, those studs are obvious, risers and cross-beams with diagonal braces at intervals. Overhead, they rough in a level ceiling beneath the board roof, while loose boards have been laid down over the stone foundation. Some of them echo strangely underfoot. There's a circuit box on one wall, a few coated electrical wires already tacked out along the studs, with bare light fixtures bolted overhead allowing work to go on after dark. To either side, the wings of the building appear far more sparse; the roughed-in roofing extends slightly farther than the walls do, but large parts of the structure are still entirely bare studs.

There's a crispness to the fall air this afternoon, a hint of the coming cold. Jethaniel is wearing a jacket, a clipboard tucked under his arm as he wanders the busy construction site, alternately leaning back to stare up at the beams and crouching down to take a closer look. He's keeping out of the way of the woodcraft crews, though he pauses from time to time to listen to their conversations.

Garait is here as well with a few other beastcrafters looking at what's been done so far, checking the paddock and the like. Upon seeing the Steward, Garait walks over, "Hello sir. Coming alon nicely so far, don't you think?"

Jethaniel carefully studies one of the joins, then looks up at the sound of a voice to see Garait there. "Ah!" he says, walking briskly toward the apprentice. "Excellent. I have a few questions you should be able to help me with." He smiles. "Now then. My investigation of the power requirements has led to a revelation of my lack of knowledge regarding existing beastcraft procedure around milk production."

Peering and nodding at Jethaniel, arait says, "I should be able to andwer questions, yes. What do you want to know about the procedures of milk production? I know we are getting newer equipment when the Barn is complete…" He trails off, unsure of what else to say until questions are asked.

"Yes, there will be new equipment," Jethaniel says with a wave of one hand. "However, what is the throughput on a standard bovine? How standardized are they? Does the procedure require familiarization on the part of the subject as well as the practitioner?" His gaze is expectant on Garait. "In brief, how do you milk a cow?"

Garait listens carefully to Jethaniel, "Well, we are taught both ways of doing it: by hand and using the milking machines. In case something happens to the power, we still need to know the older ways. The more familiar you are with the bovines, the better since some are calmer than others, and warm hands help. The milking machine is quickerr though, and more efficient. Bovines are not the only thins we milk either. Caprines can be milked as well, and we do milk those too."

"Hmm," Jethaniel says upon listening to Garait's answer. He lifts his clipboard, flipping back to a sheet with electrical diagrams. "Do you wish them milked as close to simultaneous as possible? If so, I may need to adjust the circuits to deal with the increased load." A pause. "I wish to follow existing procedures as closely as possible. I am informed that animals may not deal well with unexpected change, and there is not an effective way to inform them to expect changes." He smiles slightly.

Garait shakes his head, "Bovines and caprines are milked seperately, not simultaneously. No need for it all to be simultaneous, but there will be several milked att once. As long as the equipment can be kept a little warm, or et slightly warm by the time it's put on. Cold metal on utters is a bad thing in milking." The Apprentice nods, "ery true, animals do not respond well to change since that can cause trouble in milk production."

"You intend to rotate them through the procedure, then?" Jethaniel asks. He hmms, making a few notations. "I will require variable power draw, then. This may change the requirements…" Another moment's consideration. "I will draft a revised power system." He looks up to Garait again. "In case of a partial failure of power, what are the most essential features to retain?"

"Rotating will be easier, yes. Several at a time, et them out, bring more in, repeat." Garait seems to think for a moment then, "Well, the most important area is for the injured or sick herdbeasts since we don't want them to get hurt more, or an infection, or for sickness to spread. Then the area for the herdbeasts that are very pregnant and for those that are nursing young, but that will be used in Spring to early summer with nursing going on until maybe Fall. Won't see as much use in the winter though."

Jethaniel makes a few more notes. "…step function for draw, possibly we can use the leftover capacity for the heating system, want to consider that as…" He looks up again, and nods. "Assuredly. However, within the infirmary itself there are also likely to be variable priorities. I can consult with one of the beasthealers for further requirements gathering."

Garait nods, "Very true, The Journeymen will know more about the requirements for the Infirmary than I do." Afterall, he is just an Apprentice. i know that keeping it at a constant temperature will help things a lot." The same can be said for human Infirmaries as well.

"…or, at least, keeping the fluctuations within a small enough range," Jethaniel says with a slight smile. "True constancy is challenging. Nevertheless, I will speak with them and determine requirements." Steward he may be, but it would seem from his diagrams and notes he's doing large parts the design of this electrical system himself instead of delegating. He is still a journeyman of the techcraft (it's not like the Hall has sent a message taking away his knot), and thus qualified for the job. Jethaniel makes another few notes, then nods to Garait. "Thank you for your assistance. I may wish to conduct an observation of current procedures for my own edification."

Garait nods at the Steward, "I guess it would be challanging, but i never really thouht of it since that's not my area to study. I'm sure that can be arranged. I will leave a message for Journeyman Pharse to contact you if you wish?" He waits for the response and then heads to get paper and a writing utencil to write a few things down on.

"I would think not," says Jethaniel with a slight smile. "It would seem beasts present more than sufficient complexity for study. Once I have the requirements, turning them into an effective system is a task for myself and the Techcraft, not the Beastcraft." At the mention of Pharse, he nods. "If he is qualified to explain those requirements, certainly. Have him send a message to my office." With that, Jethaniel heads off again, on to the next thing that requires his attention.

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