My Little Pony (Candidate Project)

(This log has been edited to remove feline involvement near the Weyr environs.)

Xanadu Weyr – Clearing

A wide clearing stretches from east to west, the ground packed hard although grass grows across most of it. Trees are strictly forbidden in this space, their danger to the constant draconic traffic reason enough to banish them to the forest that creates a border to the north. Where the ground is less trampled, tiny flowers poke their delicate heads out from their shaded hiding places.

The cliff looms imposingly on three sides, stretching upwards all the way up the side of the rock edifice where, high above on Xanadu's Star Stones, the ever-present watchdragon sits on the lonely peak. Directly south is the hatching arena, the large round complex taking up a large portion of the perimeter, a line of trees visible beyond it. Southeast are wide steps leading up to the caverns and eastwards is the large entrance to the Infirmary. Somewhat north of the infirmary is a human-sized archway that has a frequent quantity of traffic — it leads to the Wandering Wherry Tavern. Tucked neatly under the arch, to one side is a tiny wood-frame shop bearing the name 'Petals and Pots Garden Shop'. Southwest lies cliffs where windows for the administrative offices have been cut. Underneath them are the entrances to the crafters complex while north and west along the cliff's base, a broad path leads to the feeding grounds. Due north is the spacious trail that leads to the rest of the Weyr - the meadow, the forest beyond. At the far edge of the clearing, beside the trail leading to the forest sits a clocktower.

Esiae aims a smile over at Natalya and a lopsided shrug. "S'fine, dearie. It'll wash off, remember? It's just kiddie-paints. They wouldn't give them to children if they weren't easy to remove," this is said kindly at first, growing more amused with each word. "Besides, I think blue is my color." The goldrider winks again, showing off her new coloring. The girl sobers for introductions, accepting duties with a formal nod that is at odds with her current condition. "And Xanadu's duties to yours as well. I'm Junior Weyrwoman Esiae and these are three of our" A beat, as the boys run off. "well, one of our candidates and two of our own crafters." She'll let them introduce themselves, instead opting for a grin. "And yes, it's a pleasure indeed, if not a rather… unorthodox one." A nod is given when Shellie appears, and appropriately calls Xanadu a silly place. Ahem. "Anyways, I would be happy to visit the stables and make sure there's a place set up for your runners. If you will excuse me." The junior dips in a curtsey, paint and all, and then makes to leave. "Watch out for those paint traps tomorrow," she mutters to the Starcrafters out of the corner of her mouth as she passes them, heading towards the stables with Sonyxaeth in tow. Leaving footprints in their wake? … Probably.

Zahleizjah is one of those who nearly covered from head to toe, and Seriel's not looking any more cleanly than she. "Shot in the rump with a crossbow? Eep!" she says to Shellie and instantly gulps at her own potential to do something of that sort when archery is practiced. As introductions are made, Zahl will blush, eyes fluttering from the women to the ground and then back again. "Zahleizjah.. n'that was Mikal.. n'this is Seriel.." The fellow Starcrafter is much more self assured and approaches the ladies with a multi-colored bow. There's a bit of a chuckle from behind the layers of yellows, blues and purples streaked across the Starcrafter's face "Good advice and good morrow to you ladies.." Is returned for the Goldrider and dragon as they slip by. In this moment, off near the edge of the forest, some rustling in the trees can be heard. Zahl jumps and asks "What's that?!" Like anyone would really know about the things that go bump in the night. (This pose has been edited to remove feline involvement near the Weyr environs.)

Natalya blushes ands ays softly, "We should get cleaned up I guess…" she looks about, "I think I will head to the hot springs…"

With everyone leaving at their arrival Enid grins then she sniffs. "We need to bathe." She the laughs again, "She is woman after my own heart, kiddie paints." She offers a wink and another grin to Deslia. "So shall we skip food and beg for hot water and a bath?" She then brings her attention to Shellie her voice has nothing for respect for Shellie. "Good evening, it is a pleasure, we are just wandering through and the goal is to get resupplied before heading about. I am Enid and my lovely traveling companion is Deslia. Yes, the hall knows that I am here as in the Southern Continent. Or at least I hope they have not lost me in a paper work shuffle." She looks over her shoulder towards the forest as Zahleizjah mentions something going bump in the night. She then looks back over at Zahleizjah. "It is sound. I have no idea what that is an right now I am going to hope that it is one of your dragons.." Natalya is the offered the same warm smile. "Enjoy the Hot springs my dear." She cannot help but grinning again.

Deslia giggles, and shakes her head, knowing the mischievous streak that her partner has. "A bath would be wonderful. And absolutely a warm bed for the night." Noticing Shellie's arrival, she tilts her head politely, then looks around. "Is there someone from the Beastcraft around that I should check in with? I'm not posted, but I do like to let them know if I'm in the area.

Shellie smiles, and offers her hand to Enid. "It's a pleasure to meet you, dear. I believe that the Hall sent out a note about a non-posted Journeywoman down here. It'll be wonderful to have the help, and as for supplies, feel free to take what you need here."

Zahleizjah puts one purple and one blue hand up, head shaking a bit as she says "Dragon's I have none.. firelizards all accounted for.." There is that sound again, some distressed type of whinnied-moan from the forest's edge and the crackling of leaves beneath four legs that are starting to sound like they're getting closer and closer. Sure the Starcrafter and her company are swaddled in shades of kiddie-paint, but now is not the time Zahl is thinking about bathing. Un-armed and with practically no back-up besides Seriel (who'd be next to no help at all the sweet femme-gent that he is) the amber eyed girl cannot help but feed in to her curiosity. She starts creeping towards the forest's edge and looks back to Deslia, Enid and Shellie stating "Sounds like something's in trouble.." She's no Beastcrafter, and ill equipped, but she's got a big heart and starts tip-toeing that direction after shared reassurance to Natalya "S'no worries, really.. it'll come out.." (This pose has been edited to remove feline involvement near the Weyr environs.)

"Thank you again." Enid says to Shellie. "I will be taking you up on your offer. I need to get some new slides and few other things. Is there anything that you would like for me to look for that I can bring back to you?" She looks to Deslia. "A warm bed with no rocks, a hot bath, resupplied, we have a list." She grins and offers her a wink. But her tone turns serious when she looks at Natalya. "My dear you have nothing to be sorry for, paint washes off and you did not get paint on me or my companion. Smile, my dear enjoy the night and the good laughter and cheer. But do not apologize for it". Then her attention is drawn towards Zahleizjah. "Do you think that is wise?" She says to the crafter. "Do you have a weapon?"

Deslia is about to say something when she hears the growl, and frowns. "I…don't like the sound of that. It's one of those big wild felines that you get down here, I believe." She goes over to her runner, and unfastens a longbow which she keeps on it, as well as a quiver of arrows.

Shellie's eyes narrow as well. "Yes, and it sounds like it's on the hunt. Maybe someone should let Thea know?

Natalya nods to Zahleizjah and says softly, "But I spilled it all over the place, I know this was the Junior Weyrwoman's idea but…" he bits her lip and says, "I really should go get cleaned up…"

Zahleizjah probably isn't the wisest, nor the most resourceful of the bunch, no matter how brightly she's been painted, but she's not that stupid. The varied sounds of something near, and likely hurt, a whimper, a chuff, heavy breathing, it sounds scared. "I umm… no weapon you?" is asked of Enid, eyes again fixating on the rustling spot seen in the branches at the forest edge. Pay no mind that it is the middle of the night, and half the Weyr wall has been painted with some interesting 'scenery'. Nope, the paint covered Candidate creeps closer and closer. The movement stops as the girl comes up to the trembling spot of leaves where tiny sounds escape from.. "A colt?" A wherry or porcine expected, maybe even a canine, but a little ebony colored colt??.. the Starcrafter's eyes go wide. "He's hurt.. hurry, come quick! Did you mention being of the Beastcraft Deslia and a healer Enid?" She'll reach down and scoop up the petrified stiff colt, scurrying back to the group. "Looks like this little guy took a good swatting trying to get away.. that means.." Eyes go dim as she realizes the mare, the foal’s mother is likely a victim of feline attack, the crusted blood from pawed scratch mark on runner hump splattering Zahl's mostly painted skin. A half helpless gaze travels towards Natalya and Zahl musters a "See'ya later.." (This pose has been edited to remove feline involvement near the Weyr environs.)

"I have a staff that is strapped to my saddle and I have a knife." Enid points out. "Deslia, is from that Beastcraft and she is a healer of them. Myself I deal with the two legged kind that talk back and do not listen to good advice. Besides she has a bow my dear. She will be able to help more than I. She is good with it to. But if the cat has it and hopefully it does not have cubs or a mate nearby." She looks to Deslia and then Shellie. Then back to Zahleizjah.

Deslia nods, as she runs over to Zahl, dropping her bow, and grabbing her saddlebags from her runner as she does. "Here, let me take a look." She kneels down, and quickly examines the colt, her expression immediately turning professional, as she opens the bags.

Moyrel wanders through the clearing, her stout wooden cane thudding into the ground softly with each step. Noting the little gathered knot of people she makes her way toward them, lifting a hand in greeting. "Greetings and salutations," she hails friendlily. "And hello in particular to you, young Zahleizjah. It seems that you're still having little run-ins with the critters, then? But you looked like you were just on your way out, if I'm not mistaken?"

Natalya stops in her walking away to look back at the colt in and expression of shock. The young dolphineer just looking on at the injured animal in horror stepping back slightly.

Zahleizjah looks scared, not really one to laugh in the face of danger so foolishly, nor one who handles situations like this so 'professionally' as Deslia does. "Thank you, thank you.." She says to the Journeymen, setting the colt down for examination, putting its mane in hopes of offering some type of comfort. The little black stallion has appaloosa diamond shaped specks of white here and there, but Zahl isn't noticing how much they look like stars right now, her focus is on the gaping wounds on his hind quarter that just won't stop. "Eesh.. it looks pretty bad.. that's some paw mark.. do you think he'll make it Deslia?" A glance is spared for the approaching healer "Oh Moyrel, it's awful.." is said before the bleary eyed Starcrafter looks to Natalya and fights getting too worked up under such pressure.

Deslia is examining the colt. "Well, he's been pretty badly wounded, but he should make it if we're quick. Help me to get him to the Beasthall. I'll need light to work." After all, it is late at night. She turns to Enid. "Love, could you handle finding us a bed, and take care of the runners. I'll join you as soon as I can."

In the dim light near the freshly painted mural Enid a tall woman with a scarred face stands next to Shellie and she holding the reins of two runners. Her long hair is pinned up and she is dressed in leather that have the emboss stamp of the Healer craft and she is wearing the knot of journeyman healer but there is nothing to indicated where she is posted. She looks at Shellie and then she looks back over where the other two are. "Desi if you need an assistant let me know." She offers a nod of her head to the woman with with the cane and her gaze goes back to Zahleizjah and Desi.

Zahleizjah nods, pulling herself together as she scoops up the colt with multiple gashes on his hind quarter, poor thing is in such a state of shock there is no resistance to be had from the mini wild runner. A wobbly stand while she tries to balance herseld and wounded colt, Seriel comes out of the shadows to help with support. "Good to see you all.. if you'll excuse me please.." She'll wait for Deslia to lead the way, doing what ever she it told in attempts to save the runner's life.

Deslia nods to Enid as she and Zahleizjah gently pick up the colt, starting off towards the Beasthall. "We might need the help, love. If you feel up to it, that is. We've been riding all day, after all." She smiles at both of the Healers, as well as the Masterharper.

Moyrel nods acknowledgment to the departing Zaleizjah and addresses the remaining people as she arrives among them, and then frowns at the colt's injuries. "Um," she ums awkwardly, "yeah, I think this is something best left to the Beasthealers. It's a bit beyond my ken. What exactly happened anyway?"

"Sounded like one big cat got to it." Enid says to the Masterharper. Deslia who is a beasthealer has gone off to help with the colt. Leaving Enid with the two runners and their packs, she studies the MasterHarper with her blue eyes. Her contralto has hoarse timber to it. She moves to pick up Deslia's bow that she had dropped and she moves to put into place with Deslia's pack.

Natalya nods in agreement with the healers and says softly, "There has been an issue with cats in the forest recently…they are off limits right now for the residents…" she bites her lip as she calls attention to herself.

Moyrel frowns and cants her head pensively. "Hm. Those must be some sharding ferocious critters to do that much damage." She shifts her weight and leans a little on her cane, finding a more comfortable stance. To Natalya in particular: "Off limits? The forest you mean? Um, anyway if your herdbeast herd or some such is in danger I'm sure I can pull a string or several with the other Weyrs if you need assistance."

The healer offers the shy girl a warm smile. "Or do you mean the cats are off limits? How big of an issue have they become in the forest. Outside of hunting this close to the Weyr?" She asks as she strokes her own runner neck the animal is nervous and their ears flick nervously and the runners nostrils flare but they do not dance or jig as they are very well trained.

Natalya blushes as she is addressed by the Master harper and says softly, "I wouldn't know ma'am really, I am just and apprentice around here… I just know they said we couldn't head out that way and they where setting up parties to hunt them down… its to tight in the trees for the dragons to get in though.." she looks to the healers and says, "I think they are big enough to hurt a person bad… 'specially someone my size…" she blushes and says, "Maybe it would be safer to go inside…I heard you say something about baths ma'am… I could show you where the springs are if you needed." seeming nervous about staying so near to where the injured colt was discovered. They always go after the little one after all.

Moyrel nods, pondering. "Ah, so no travel in or out by land then? Limited to dragons or through the harbor? Anyway, we could go inside, at least so I can rest these old bones." To both: "Anyway, yes, let me know if you need help. I have /strong/ connections with Ista and Western Weyrs in particular."

"Hrm, well that will make things interesting. From what I understand they are sly creatures. They are dangerous but sly. Very interesting, we were lucky." She looks thoughtful. "Forgive me for my manners Masterharper it has been a long day." She offers the Masterharper a respectful bow of her head. She then looks to Natalya. "That I did say, but I think I should tend to these poor beasts first. They need a measure of grain. But, if you can give me directions I think I might be able to locate it. Also I thank you for your kindness my dear." Her tone is gentler and kind.

Natalya says softly, "Not problem ma'am." she glances about and says softly, "The hot springs are just through the cavern over there. All the supplies you will need are in there.." looking to the Master harper she nods and says, "I will try and let them know about your offers ma'am…but I really am a nobody….."

Moyrel reciprocates the bow and says, "Well I just thought I do what I can to help. I'm sure it's not at crisis level yet, but it can become a nuisance. Not that I dislike cats. They're quite noble creatures, the tame domestic felines at least. But, y'know, more Beasthealers and such like people can be sent in."

“My dear, I know it is not my place, but I am going to say it anyways. You are somebody. You just need to believe in yourself. Everything that is around us has a place. Think about it even the smallest creature can make itself known. Just ask the man that had to sleep with one of them in his tent. He woke up with a few bites. You are someone." Enid says this very gently and kind to Natalya. "You are very good to offer me those directions, I appreciate it."

Her attention is then drawn back to the Masterharper. "I personally have not been posted here, but I can ask and you have a very brilliant idea on the beast healers. The question is why are they being drawn here? Have they gotten that used to humans or has their normal prey just scare and they are desperate." She shrugs her shoulders. "I need to ask Desi that question."Her attention is then drawn back to the Masterharper. "I personally have not been posted here, but I can ask and you have a very brilliant idea on the beast healers. The question is why are they being drawn here? Have they gotten that used to humans or has their normal prey just scare and they are desperate." She shrugs her shoulders. "I need to ask Desi that question.""

Natalya nods ands says, "I just meant I am not someone the people in power listen to yet… they think I am just a little kid…"

Moyrel scratches her head cluelessly and speaks first to Enid: "Um, I don't know. My guess, and only a guess it is, is that their usual prey are scarce, at least in the immediate area. Don't take my word on it though, ecology has never been an area of expertise for me." To Natalya: "Well, y'know, as a Craftmaster I always give ear to the concerns of my crafters and Hall residents. I don't know how it is for you but even the lowliest person has the right to be heard if it's important."

"Aww." Enid nods a little. The suddenly she grins her smile is bright. "You know the Masterhaper is right, you will be head. On that note I need to attend my dear Runners. Masterhaper it has been a pleasure conversing with you. I hope you will join me for a drink sometime before we have to head back into the back country as I like to call it." She offers the harper another bow of her head and she gives Natalya another smile that is bright. "May you both have a lovely evening.

Natalya smiles and says softly, “Thank you ma'am, I will remember that, I will try and mention your offer to those in charger here, I don't know that they will listen to me but it is nice to know you will.”

Moyrel dips a curtsey as Enid takes her leave. "You have a good night, then, and I will take you up on that offer." To Natalya: "Well, the Weyr authorities usually see to the needs of everyone. It's their job. Is there any particular concern that you have? Please feel free to say 'shut up, Masterharper' if it's not my biz."

Natalya nods ands says, "It think they are dealing with the issue I was just passing what I have heard to you. I just didn't think they will listen to me if I bring them your offer. If that makes since…like I am not sure they would believe 'a kid' bringing an offer from the Master harper."

Moyrel nods to Natalya. "Yes, well, I can see that. I can send them a written message if necessary. You're still somebody, though. Besides, someday you'll be an almighty master in your craft as well. Unless you impress a dragon of course. But then you'll have clout just for that."

Natalya smiles and nods, "I hope one day ma'am, I am happy studying and working with my partner for now." she looks up to the master harper and says, "I don't know that I want to be the master or anything though.

Moyrel shrugs, shifting her weight a little again, and offers a reassuring smile. "Well, you'll advance. And you'll earn a little more respect as you get older, even if it seems like worlds away now." The smile expands just a bit. "For now, enjoy your youth. I know you've probably heard it a bazillion times but youth is fleeting."

Zahleizjah returns from the Beastcrafter's Infirmary area, looking a bit depleted, covered in paint, mud and blood, but the expression is overall jubilant minus disheveled appearance. She'll pad up to the remaining pair in the clearing with good news "I think he's gonna make it.. took a lot t'get the bleeding t'stop but now he's stitched and on the mend. Still in enjoying this late night in to twilight I see?" There's a smile for Natalya and Moyrel when their gazes meet.

Natalya nods and says, "That was why I was out here at all this late ma'am…" she smiles a bit, "This painting the Junior Weyrwoman wanted us to do…." she giggles a bit but looks to Zahleizjah as she returns and lets out a breath, "that is great to hear."

Moyrel glances at the mural and nods. "You'll make a mark for yourself, I'm sure. You certainly have the ambition for it if you're undertaking projects like this at such an early age." To Zahleizjah: "Outstanding. And yes. The night is the best part of the day, especially if you extend it into the crepuscular, isn't it?"

Zahleizjah raises a brow and just grazes quickly over Natalya sharing that their pieces of genuine, priceless artwork are all because Esiae wanted them to do it. Unlike Natalya, Zahl will not see the note that was left until the late hours of the morning, and she also won't be first to admit she practically jumped right in with no invitation at all. The paint that she won't be able to get out of her hair for days is likely tell tale enough. A deep breath is taken and she nods to them both "Yes, great news. They even said if he makes it, I can raise 'em if I want.." There is great consideration and she concurs "As a Starcrafter, I couldn't agree with you more Master Moyrel.." a tip of the head accentuates this.

Natalya looks up to the sky and says softly, "It is a beautiful night, though we really should get cleaned up…" she looks between Moyrel and Zahleizjah and says, "It was nice meeting you Ma'am." to Moyrel and thinking better of it says, "Oh I never did introduce myself did I? Im Natalya…apprentice Dolphineer…"

Moyrel curtseys gracefully. "Good to make your acquaintance," she says to Natalya. "Craftmaster Moyrel, humbly at your service." Beat. "Anyway, I think I'll take that visit to the bath now. I could use a good hot soak. You both have a good night, or morning, or whatever." With that she curtseys again and makes her way to the baths.

The night fades away and dawn is upon Xanadu, there is much self-scrubbing and supply hiding to be done. The Starcrafter looks down at her mucked up clothing, and imagines she is quite the sight at the moment. Rukbat is rising, the whole Weyr will be awake before long. Zahl and Natalya hustle to take whatever left over brushes and cans there are, storing them away in a shed no where near the barracks or the dwellings of any of those involved in the finger painting escapades. They will attempt to clean themselves up as best they can.. but we'll just have to see how successful that is tomorrow.

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