Weyrling Graduation, February 1, 2009

Xanadu Weyr - Beach


The unerring range of subdued white rises and falls in a multitude of sandy dunes, creating an endless amount of tiny valleys constantly demolished and rebuilt by the frequent arrival or departure of a dragon. Smoothing out as it slopes gently to the edge of the deep blue water, the sand darkens and a shell here and there stands out for children to collect. The beach itself is set along a low cliff - the height lessoning as one heads eastwards, blocking a portion of the beach from direct access.

The wide wide stretch of water opens up to the east, the far distant shore way beyond the horizon and the beach curves ever so slowly round to east and west, distant arms of land embracing the wind-ruffled Caspian Lake. East leads up to the mouth of the Rubicon River, where the protecting cliff is merely an arms length higher then the sand, and beyond that, a winding road leading out of Xanadu's territory. Westwards, the beach narrows as the cliff swings out, leaving a path wide enough for dragons in single file before cutting in to the sheltered cove designated the Weyrling Beach. However, cut in the cliff face to the north are a variety of rough, wide staircases, providing access to the clearing and to the meadow.

A large platform, not more than waist high, sits squarely on the beach, while a variety of chairs are spread around it, erected there for the party that is to come, while each chair and the edge of the stage sport blue and orange ribbons - the colors of Xanadu. While a large bonfire is burning, the fire crackling in the crisp evening air, foods of all sort are spread around, alcohol plentiful, as are the games.

Its a gorgeous evening at Xanadu weyr - The sky is clear, the wind is calm, and the weather is just perfect. The games have been set up, and the food is still hot from the kitchens, inviting everyone to celebrate.

Delynni grins and leads Ryukith out to the beach, and the blue has something tied to his straps and the underside of his wing. When he snaps open the rain and midnight sail and preens for the others on the beach to see a banner flaps in the breeze that reads. "Happy graduation Weyrlings!" Ryukith croons smugly, flapping the wing, and his banner with a happy crow. "You can only wear it for a little while Ryukith. Then I take it off once you've finished strutting your stuff kay?"

Thea arrives on the beach, but doesn't immediately head to mingle with folks. She remains at the perimeter, with 2 large brown-paper wrapped objects. She's appears to be waiting for someone. She smiles at folks she knows, but her hands arn't free to wave, so she contents herself with nodding to folks.

Rohelte isn't a weyrling, nor is she one of the people who has been planning the event. She's just along for the fun! Today is one of the few days the teenage girl doesn't have a piece of pottery in her hands, though her pants carry more than her share of clay. Aparently, Elte hasn't had much to eat, for she heads straight to the table, snagging some of the hot beast to stick in the middle of a bun. For a few moments, she waits to see just who'll show up besides the Weyrlings.

R'sul is here, generally lurking around the stalls and trying to look like he's doing something other than wasting time. The beanbag toss is eyed for a moment, but quickly abandoned in favour of finding somewhere to watch the people arriving instead.

Saige is wandering around the fields, around the dunking booth. Ulaekimajith is sunning somewhere on the beach, away from the crows, gleaming in the sun. She passes by Delynni and grins slightly. "Cute banner." She says, laughing, then getting out of the beanbag tosser.

It's a party! And obviously the weyrsecond and his weyrmate are there the moment the festivities start up. R'miel heads over to the beach hand in hand with Ysa and they stop for a moment just to take a look around. Arinith for his part has moved out into the water to play with the other dragons and chat with them. "Mmm, food. Booze. Games. You want me to win you a firelizard, love?" He grins to her and then heads towards the food.

Niva is making her way down to the beach, arm looped in C'ian's as they go, Cavin on Niva's hip. As the pair walk, they continue talking with Hisolda, the headwoman receiving compliments on the display at the beach, before the headwoman is called off to help with some matter or another. After a moment, Niva and C'ian seperate, as the wingleader is heading down the beach to play with their antsy toddler son, while Niva is left on her own, turning to look at the other partygoers.

Cenlia has wandered down to the beach, her clothes for once not smudged with dirt. She seems to be in good spirits, and that possibly might be explained by the item in her arms. A large brown bottle with a long neck and round bottom is held in her hands - the condensation already forming across its surface indicating it's been chilled. On the girl's left shoulder is a tiny blue-black firelizard hatchling, it's eyes a radiant blue, sharply contrasting with its midnight hide.

Delynni laughs and Ryukith whistles, striking what he must think is a cool pose so that Saige can see the banner closer. "He said he wanted to wear something since I"m…." The bluerider is wearing a nice sapphire blue sundress with gold and red embroidery around the collar depicting a spray of delicate flowers. "Dressing up. He wanted to as well." She reaches for a lucky dip ticket and wins some candy fruits before making her way to the beanbag and tossing one. "MISSED." The hisses. Ryukith ducks behind his rider, leaning over her shoulder to regard the game. "I'll try Ryukith. I know you hate losing." She hefts another beanbag.

Thea notices Ryukith's wing-banners, ""How creative! Nicely done, Delynni." She spies Saige wandering about and steps over to where she is. This is for you. A late congratulations on your Impression. And for graduating, too, of course. She offers one of the bulky packages to her fellow Weyrling. Now she's got a hand to wave and she's waves to Cenlia.

S'ya makes her way over to the beach with her lifemate, the greenie holding little Misha in her arms while Zallesh holds onto her hand. "Look at all the decorations, loves. Does this not look like fun?" The greenie asks her kids, giggling a bit as Zallesh goes wide eyed at all the people. He sticks close to her, holding on to her hand tightly. She makes her way through the throng, waving at people she recognizes as she heads on over to the food table.

Ellamariseth is following her bronzen weyrmate as well, though she diverts from moving into the water to find a spot near the bonfire and the majority of the crowd, happy to make people move out of her way so that she can lay in the middle of the festivities. "You do, and we'll be fighting whether the boys get to live with me in Ista or with you here in Xanadu," Ysa answers her weyrmate with a big bright smile. "I'll be by the booze, love," she says, pecking him on the cheek and separating to go to that table.

Flick! THWACK! Flick! THWACK! Flick! THWACK! Delynni pitches bean bags at the game like the pitchers of old. Only when she runs out does she green sheepishly at Thea. "Thanks. Like I said, Ryukith wanted to dress up. /HE/ wanted me to put face paint on his wing instead. But I thought a banner was better."

Saige grins at Delynni. "Good job." She teases. "Yes, he looks fabul- oh, Thea!" She gasps, softly, and examines what she's handed from Thea. "Oh … " She says, and examines the toolbelt carefully, and then attempts to give the goldrider a throttling hug. "Thank you." She says, again, beaming as she clips it around her waist. "Seen A'dar, yet?"

R'sul spots Ysa breaking away on her own, and finally seems to be taking an interest in things, or at least in the young goldrider. "Ysa." Quick furtive glance around, "Can I have a word? Over… over there." He nods to a bit of clear space just beyond the dunking booth.

Cenlia sees Thea's wave and walks over, a huge grin on her face. "I've got something for you guys," meaning the weyrlings, "Sunny Orchard's best." And she winks. "So, do I have to start calling you ma'am now?" And there's a twinkle of laughter in the girl's eyes. Rogue, meanwhile her stretched his short neck as far as it can go to eye thea, burbling loudly.

Speak of the devil! After the rather…embarrassing flight lecture from V'dimthough granted, A'dar had no clue why he was suddenly so embarrassedhe had been only too happy to leave the weyrling beach. Now at the main beach, he started to relax a little. Zei is nearby, looking at all the other dragons that had turned out for the graduation. He seems a bit shy. But A'dar smiles and looks back to him. "Come on," A'dar encourages Zeituth gently. "Don't be shy. We're graduating; we're going to be full-fledged riders. We should be proud. And I'm sure they're all proud of us too." A smile. "Besides, you look fine. Remember, I oiled your hide real good earlier?" Zei seems to gain a bit more confidence at this and seems to become bolder as they walk onto the beach.

Myra hasn't really been seen in public much since Trian's turnday, nearly two months ago now. That was a bit of a … disaster. Trian hasn't been seen since either. But it seems Myra's being pushed out, because she frowns. "'M not a weyrlingmaster any more, Ail. I know I used to be, but… Seen one graduation, seen 'em all." she's muttering to herself, looking rather quiet and withdrawn, besides the muttering.

Delynni watches closer and sobs for Brenda. Miss Kitty just ran away! ;.; Boo hooo.

Rohelte hangs around the food table for just a few moments longer, leaning on the thing before she shoves off, sandwich in hand, headed towards Thea. She knows a few of the others, but Thea's the slightly safer bet. "Thea!" She calls out, waving a hand as she approaches the to-be-new-junior. "How's it going?"

Niva pauses, gaze wandering after C'ian, watching her weyrmate for a moment, before she's turning back to the task at hand, looking left and right. As she notices R'sul moving to snag Ysa, the Weyrwoman's eyebrow goes up, and she's edging that direction as well, though she does stop to pick up a ball at the dunk tank. She's playing, really. After the ball is tossed from hand to hand, she stays quiet, to listen, even as the ball is finally launched at the target.

Oh, too bad! Niva's shot goes wide of the mark, leaving Bluerider Anniala high and dry.

R'miel gives a wave to some of the riders and weyrfolk he recognizes. He turns to Ysa and accepts her kiss as she breaks free from him. "Ah, alright love. No firelizards then. Maybe I can grab a box of those candies or something. After I eat." The bronzer moves over to the food table fully now, looking at the spread before grabbing a plate. He's got… sausages. Sausages. More sausages. Hey, some tuber straws! Ysa will probably be kicking the bronzer out of her bed tonight. Then it's off to watch the weyrwoman try her luck at the ball toss. "Shards Niva, you throw like a girl." Snicker.

Saige dips their hand into the lucky dip and draws a ticket for a bottle of wine.

Ysa needed a glass of something in her hands before she can even consider playing weyrwoman in the crowd. She was just pouring herself a glass of wine when the sound of her name catches her attention, turning to peek over a shoulder at the Weyrleader. Her brows draw down in a suspicious frown before she bobs her head. "Sure, R'sul. Is something the matter?" Her green eyes look over the rim of her glass towards Niva, narrowing the slightest before she moves to follow R'sul.

Thea acks as she is choked by Saige, but she's smiling. "You're welcome. Had it commissioned after the Hatching." She's glancing around to see if A'dar is there, "Not yet—oh there he is!" And she's wving at him. Cenlia's question catches her off-guard, but she smiles, "Honestly, I have no idea. Orchard's best, huh? Peach brandy, I hope?" She's also noticing the little hatchling on the girl's shoulder, "And who is this cute little guy?"

When one is basically banned from one's own Weyr, you tend to spend a lot of time at other weyrs. And, what better excuse is there to spend time somewhere than a party? Dhonzayth is then backwinging to a familiar beach, though its not just L'ton on his back today - the bronzerider's eldest daughter is with him. The bronze croons to those he knows, before the rider is dismounting, offering a hand up to help is daughter, a grin on his face as he looks at the fun there.

"Um… sort of?" Comes R'sul's reply as he drags Ysa off into seclusion. Or rather out of immediate ear shot so he can whisper at her. When Niva's ball goes whizzing past it makes him stop the whispering to look round, but it could have been anyone that threw it really.

You sense R'sul lowers his voice, but you still overhear, "It's… um… it's about Fia. I mean, the flight. Sort of. I mean… I sort of didn't go home after… /it/. Well almost. I went home, but she was in so I went to the beach for… the night. And… and she's being nice about it. She's mad, right?"

A'dar moves over to where Thea is, since he sees her waving at him. Zei chooses to go meet the other dragons, some he knows and some he doesn't. "Hi there!" A'dar notes to Thea and her present company. "How is everyone?" He gives a chuckle, the embarrassment mostly forgotten by now.

Zipalla follows her father down from the bronze and she takes his hand, smiling up at him. "This was a good idea.." she says as she looks around, her free hand smoothing her purple sundress. "And I get to wear my turnday dress so.." She raises up onto her tiptoes to look around, head turning this way and that.

Delynni eyes the beanthrow. She's got one score. She reloads, retrieving the tossed beanbags before saying to Thea and Cenlia as she throws. "New blue? Lemme toss another round and then I wanna meet him. I'm Delynni, by the way." She tells Cenlia. "Blue Ryukith's rider." She sees L'ton and Dhonzayth dismount. "Hey, is that the bronzerider from Ista with the hoarde of kids? The one who chases a hundred different women at once?" She asks before she pitches the beanbags again WHACK! Miss, WHACK! Miss, WHACK! Scoooooreeee!" The pitch zooms through the mouth of the blue dragon. A'dar and Saige's presents have her turning from the game to have a closer look.

Cenlia grins at Thea, "Peach brandy, two years in the keg, six months in the bottle." The dark blue, sevenday-old firelizard on the girl's shoulder pipes up louder, letting out a happy,high-pitched squeak, causing Cenlia to wince a bit, as the little guy is right next to her ear. "Oh shush," she mutters at the firelizard, then says, "This little sammich thief if called Rogue. I accidentally imressed him when him when he hatched on the beach and tried to steal my breakfast."

"Shut up." Niva grumbles at R'miel at his comment, reaching for another ball, and this time she's brandishing it at R'miel, as if threatening to it at /him/ and test her aim at this much closer range. "Why don't you get in there, and we'll see what I can do, with proper encouragement." An eyebrow arches, even as Niva is turning back towards the dunking booth, holding her breath as she overhears R'sul's whispered words, grinning a bit, as another ball is launched.

*smack* Another ball hits the target squarely, sending Bluerider Anniala into the water.

Saige grins at A'dar as he comes over, and the greenie gives the blueie a hug before tucking her wine bottle into her belt, with a wry grin. "Congrats, both of you." She says, softly, cheerfully, before giving Dely a quick look and then the bronzer. "… oh oh…"

Myra frowns a little, and brushes a stray hair from her eyes, finally taking a look around. She notices the games, and wanders closer. The lucky dip is ignored for the moment. The beanbag toss or the dunking booth? That's a difficult decision to make. "Hmm. A-anyone, um. Which. Er. That is…" She jumps as one of Niva's balls hits the target, frowning almost sympathetically at the wet bluerider, before moving over towards the beanbag booth.

Cenlia says to Delynni, "I'm Cenlia, pleased to meet'cha." Cenlia's little firelizard burbles around at everyone nearby/

After reaching the food table S'ya makes sure to grab herself two chairs, one for Zallesh and one for herself and Misha, so she can watch the going ons comfortably. "Ah, they grow up so quickly." She says to herself with a happy little sigh, Zallesh looking up curiously at his mother before he gets too into his tart. After eating a bit she and the kids depart. Darn those early nap times!

Rohelte stands to the side of Thea, waiting for the goldlet to notice her, feeling just a smidge out of place from all the people with dragons 'nd such. But as Cenlia's Rogue starts to chirp, it rouses Syeira - Elte's green - from her nap on Elte's shoulder. The green trills happily towards the young blue, which brings a blink from Elte. "What're you so happy about, Sye?" She asks the green quietly, randomly.

"Well, Ah figured ya could have fun, since Mai's got her stuff going on anyway, so.." And then he's smacking Dhonzayth's side, the bronze crooning before he's taking off for the water, pausing to whuffle at a young bluerider for good measure, before he's headed off to join the other dragons in the salty wallow. Giving Zipalla's hand a tug, L'ton's looking around, attempting to see who he recognizes, R'miel getting a wave of an arm, before he's looking. "Whatcha wanna do first, hm?"

Seryth trills to Dhonzayth from her spot near the water's edge. The young gold is enjoying watching the Weyr's tots run about in the shallow waves and trying to lure them closer to her. Thea turns to see Rohelte behind her, "Hey girl! Doing fine and yourself? Keeping busy?" She offers A'dar the other paper-wrapped package. "For you and Zeituth," she says simply with a smile, "Happy Graduation." At Cenlia's words, she grins. "Whoo-hoo. We finally get to taste the stuff. Thank you so much! We'll have to have a picnic in a day or two." She offers a finger to scritch Rogue. "Cute lil guy."

Zipalla scans the beach though she glances briefly to Dhon as he departs, the teen giving the bronze a smile. She sidles up to her father and goes back to looking over all the people and activities, "Well.. drinks maybe.. or.. I dunno da.." Seeing his hand lift to wave at R'miel she does the same as she talks to L'ton, idly digging toes in the sand.

R'miel grins at Niva. Though his expression changes when she starts threatening him with the ball. "Eeee! No way. I'm eating right now. See? Maybe later." Yes, maybe. The bronzer looks around for his weyrmate. Where did she sneak off to? He also gives a wave to Myra, even as she retreats to the beanbag toss. L'ton's wave is caught and Ram offers him one in return. Now it was time to retreat from Niva. Inch. Inch. "Can I get you some punch, weyrwoman?"

Ysa's smirk is definitely there on her face as she watches her weyrmate and the Weyrwoman from afar. But her attention turns fully on R'sul when he speaks, leaning in herself to get the information.

Cenlia nods and says, "Party's not a party without this stuff," and she giggles. Rogue meanwhile is chittering happily, and cheerfully returns Syeira's trill, loudly, making Cenlia wince again.

"You might get a punch." Niva mutters under her breath to R'miel as he retreats, shaking her head with a sigh, before she's smiling at him, putting on a good show, and offering the poor bluerider in the dunking tank an apologetic look, before she's shaking her head, and moving to fetch her own drink, still grinning as she steals another glance over her shoulder at R'sul, shaking her head as she goes.

Myra waves half-heartedly back at R'miel, before gathering her courage and stepping up to accept her three beanbags, as if it were something of grave importance, or something along those lines. Her expression is set, grim determination. The first beanbag is hefted in her throwing arm. She narrows her eyes at the target, mutters something, and then lets fly! BAM! A hit! She permits herself a small smile, before picking up the second beanbag, tossing it up and down in her hands a couple of times.

Dhonzayth croons happily to Seryth, turning his attention to the misty gold, spreading his wings and trying to look all special, even as L'ton is too busy with his daughter to pay to much attention to his lifemate. Looking around, he nods his head towars the lucky dip, moving to lead Zipalla that way, even as he passes by Myra, patting her shoulder gently as they go, with a 'Hey there' in passing.

A'dar smiles at the paper-wrapped parcel and smiles broadly. "Ah! Thank you, Thea," he remarks. "That reminds me…I have a couple things, too…." He shifts the parcel, to dig around in one of his pouches. He extracts one small box about the size of his palm. Then he digs in another, and withdraws another. It's another small box. They are both made of some kind of dark wood. Upon one is engraved 'Thea', and upon the other is etched 'Saige'. Both names are etched in fancy writing. He holds these out to the two whose names are upon the boxes. "Here you go! Happy graduation!" He smiles broadly.

Hyakki, Delynni's green firelizard sweeps in, bugling a greeting to Rogue before she perches next to the dunking booth to watch the fun. Delynni grins at Cenlia as she talks about a party not being a party without booze. "Oh never. Booze is a given!"

"Well no, usually I just…." R'sul catches himself before he goes too much further, glancing around quickly before lowering his voice again and continuing to whisper to Ysa.

R'sul whispers "Usually I just go home, only there's not been anyone there before." R'sul whispers to Ysa, "I… thought she might be amd seeing as she'd only just moved in and… you know. Would you talk to her?""

Myra throws a second, smirking a little at the hit, muttering something under her breath, it started with "And that was for…" then the rest was lost in the commotion. She doesn't even bother with the prep work for the third, just winging it at the target. BAM! "Wow, that felt good!" she grins, then steps away and takes a deep breath or two, jumping at L'ton's shoulder pat. "Oh, oh, hi. Didn't see you, um, there. Behind me." Right.

Cenlia winces yet again as Rogue bugles back… loudly, at Hyakki. She waves a greeting to A'dar and Saige and Rohelte, grinning to the two she doesn't know, "Hey, I'm Cenlia."

Ysa is nearly bumping heads with R'sul so that he can keep his voice lowered, her wine almost all but forgotten. But at his last whispered words she steps back and blinks at him. "Me?" She is definitely surprised by that. Her brows raise up and then she steps forward, voice lowered again.

Saige aws. "Oh, A'dar… you guys are so … I feel like I'm not doing anything now, cause I can't make anything." She admits, grinning wryly. "Hi, Cenlia! I'm Saige. My green is Ulaekimajith. If that's too long, call her Ulae." « Ulaekimajith. » The green says, firmly. "Shush, you, or I'll sic that bronze on you."

Zipalla follows along with L'ton then looks at the table and tickets and picks one. She looks up to see who L'ton is speaking to and then finds her hands full of a firelizard egg. She giggles a bit and then looks down at it, "Hey da..look.." and she grins. The little green at her neck chitters softly and leans way down to nose at the egg and Zip pets her muzzle, "Wonder what's in there.."

R'miel finishes up his food over by the punch table, after a nice grin to Niva first of course. He'd get two cups, but he's not sure where his weyrmate has run off to, so it's just the one for himself right now. Once the punch is down he's feeling a bit more bold, and heads back over to the dunk tank to help the bluerider out of it and step up himself. "Come one come all, try to dunk Pern's most handsome bronzer!"

"Relax, Myra.." L'ton says with amusement, shaking his head at her nervousness, and glances over his shoulder at his eldest as she pulls out a prize, and finds herself with a firelizard egg. "Well, congrats, Zip.." He says with a grin, waving a hand to Myra, inviting the greenrider to join them, even as he's giving the firelizard egg another look. "Dunno, Ah wonder what ya got there.." Catching R'miel's yell, he's looking towards the booth, grinning as he sees R'miel climbing up, a grin on his face.

Rohelte shrugs her shoulders with a small, slightly shy smile on her lips. "I've been doing well enough. Playing with my clay and all." Making new mugs for those drunkards who keep dropping the other mugs. It's nice to have a craft that's artsy but somewhat practical. As R'miel climbs into the booth, she blinks, her head turning to see who has proclaimed himself the most handsome bronzer. And the girl grins and shakes her head, turning her attention back to candidacy friends, though she doesn't really have much of anything to say!

R'sul nods. "Wonderful. Great. Excellent." He even adds on a quick, "Thank you." for good measure. With R'miel's yell he turns, not wanting his weyrsecond to overhear what they were just talking about, and nods towards the main group. "Shall we?"

Ryukith's voice chimes. «That is a very long name. Please, let me call you Ulae for short. I don't think my mind could pronounce the whole thing.» The blue yawns. «And congratulations on your graduation. Will you be in Galaxy with me?» Delynni eyes the beanbag game, since she'd already introduced herself. "I wanna try that one again." She frowns, retrieving some fresh beanbags. She eyes the target. Ryukith leans in, inspecting the dragon shaped targets with his nose an inch away. "/When/ Ryukith moves his head so I can throw." Ryukith immediately snorts and pulls away from the targets.

Thea has her hands free now, well, one is holding the peach brandy and now she's given a box by A'dar. She lifts the lid and peeks inside and blinks with a tiny indrawn breath at the gold watch, "It's lovely A'dar! The first I've ever owned. Thank you!" And she smiles at the boy as she slips it into her pocket. She too hears that R'miel is in the booth. "Shall we?" She's eyeing Rohelte and Cenlia impishly even as she's stepping over that way.

A thud, a squeal, and a splash indicate that Thea has managed to send R'miel into the drink yet again.

Myra raises an eyebrow at the R'miel-manned dunking booth, tilting her head at the target thoughtfully, but, she shakes her head, glancing back to the beanbag toss. She's worked through … something. So now she turns back to L'ton, and shakes her head. "I-it's okay. I h- thought you were someone else. But, you're not. Yay." she shakes her head. "It's … not important." There's a pause, and she tilts her head at Zipalla and her new firelizard egg. "Oh, hey, what'cha got there?" she asks, now a little more 'herself'. Certainly less muttery.

Cenlia opens her mouth to say something, but Rogue is still burbling away happily. Cenlia prods him with a finger, and the firelizard gives her a confused chirp, but stops the catter long enough for the girl to say, "Well met Saige and Ulaekima..jith." At Thea's suggestion she says, "Sure," and then sayswuickly, "Actually, I'll be back - meet you in a second." And with that, the gardener girl is jogging over to the food tables, Rogue chittering away on her shoulder, though who he thinks he'stalking to is anyone's guess.

Ysa reaches out to try to give the Weyrleader's arm a reassuring squeeze, dropping her hand back quickly to her glass so that she can down some of that. Her eyes swivel around towards the dunk booth, chuckling lightly. "Absolutely. No way I'm missing this." She moves towards the front of the tank, glancing towards the youngest junior weyrwoman as she takes a ball. "Aw, shells, I was hoping I'd manage to do that. Good throw, Thea!"

Niva has a drink of her own, which she's now nursing, moving to talk to C'ian for a while, watching Cavin play with the sand. But, the boy is still a bit unsteady on his feet now and then, and so its not really a surprise when while running along the shifting sand, the boy is taking a topple, sending him into tears. Niva tries unsuccessfully to calm the boy, and then C'ian is shaking his head, carting him off to be cleaned up, even as Niva is starting to head towards the platform, grinning and congratulating the youngest goldrider on her throw as she goes by her.

Zipalla smiles up at L'ton then down at the egg and lifts her shoulers, "I dunno.." and she glances briefly to the dunk tank. Her eyes fall back to present company and she smiles at Myra, "Hmmm..not sure but.. I suppose I'll find out soon enough.." she says with a grin.

Delynni pitches the beanbags. Score. Score. Score. MISS! she growls, "Awesome!" The shriek makes her look up. "Wow. Go Thea!" She frowns. "Hey A'dar. I've been meaning to commission a clock from you. Maybe a little later we could speak? I want to get a big one for my weyr and a pocket watch like those." She adds.

In the Dunking booth, Splash! And the weyrsecond is sent into the tank by Xanadu's latest goldrider. He pops up a few moments later looking like a drowned canine. "Shards! I barely got to even introduce myself! That water is cold. You owe, Thea! Get up into this tank!" The bronzer climbs down and spots Ysa. "There's my weyrmate!" And he starts running after her. "C'mere and give old Ram a hug!"

L'ton glances from greenrider to Zip as they talk about the firelizard egg, moving to put his arm around his daughter, the other moving to pull Myra to his side with a friendly grin. "He still being an idiot, Myra?" He questions, before he's looking from one to the other. "Ah, by the way, Myra, this is my eldest, Zipalla. Zip, this is Myra, she's green Ailath's rider here. She's a real good cook, ta." The Istan bronzerider says, before he's letting out a whoop, laughing loudly at R'miel's fate.

A'dar smiles as Thea seems to pleased with her present. "I'm glad you like it," he notes. Then he sets to unwrapping the paper from the parcel he was handed. "Ah! Good, I can use one of these! And it's beautiful! Thank you so much, Thea." He notes with a broad smile. Delynni calls his name, and he looks up. "Oh? I think I can do that, sure," he notes. "We'll talk about it when there's not so many people, eh?" He chuckles.

Saige follows Thea and as R'miel passes out of the tank, she grins at him, drops her toolbelt and bag, and swings herself up into it. "C'mon, Thea. Time to get your fellow clutchmate, as well!" She teases. "Unless, of course, your aim is bad and you just got lucky.

Cenlia looks up just in time to see R'miel get dunked. Snickering, she makes her way back into the crowd, to watch the fun. Rogue has moved to the crook of her arm, where the little lizard has… fallen asleep? In her free hand, Cenlia is holding a meatroll, but not eating it.

Thea had picked up two balls, but since her first did the jog, she just tosses the one she has left in one hand. "Who wants? Thanks Ma'am," as the Weyrwoman passes her. Ysa gets a wicked grin and is offered the other ball. She just blinks at R'miel. "Hah! And steal your throne? You've barely warmed it." But then R'miel chases Ysa off and there's a new target. "You'll be all wet for the ceremony…" But she throws…

Thea's shot clips the edge of the target, making the platform wobble, but Saige remains safely out of the water.

M'iri comes over the small dune of sand between the meadow and the beach just in time, the woman adjusting the strap of her laptop case as another hand goes to her lips to cover a smirk. "Well, that's one way to serve a bit of justice…" She's walked over, though a bit on the skirts of the crowd as she watches Delynni try her hand as the bean bag throw. "A bit flustered, there?" She asks in her typical, soft voice, before she turned again to watch the switch-off of the tank, grinning as Saige steps up to the proverbial plate.

Rohelte walks over with Thea and Cenlia. The teenager looks at Cenlia than chuckles. "You know, normally if they fall asleep, y'can relocate 'em to your neck, and they don't really know." She pauses, clapping with a 'woot!' as Thea sends R'miel into the water, and Saige crawls up to take his place. "She'll dunk you for sure, if you say such things, Saige!" She calls out, with a grin. Only to have the platform wobble and not collapse.

Myra snorts, and shakes her head, "I wouldn't know. He… He's gone. A-and, good riddance, good riddance I say!" But her voice is rather wavery and uncertain. though professional pride soon takes over. "Ah, I'm a very good cook. Journeyman rank!" she notes, spreading her arms wide, "This beach was where I prepared my meal to earn my promotion, a wherry on a spit. Not exactly high cuisine, but /very/ tasty." she adds, with pride, though she's a little /too/ eager to change the subject, it seems. "But, ah, well met, Zipalla?" she repeats the name to make sure she's got it right. "Er, nice to meet you. I, I'm Myra." Yes, L'ton covered that part already…

Cenlia nods at Rohelte and says, "Its safer this way - for me." And she grins lopsidedly, "Saves my ears when he wakes up hungry."

Niva settles herself on the edge of the platform, the Weyrwoman content to watch the going ons for now, shaking her head as each seems to be enjoying themselves. After a moment, she spots R'sul, lifting her hand to try and get the Weyrleader's attention, even as she pauses to see if Thea's luck holds.

Zipalla quiets for a moment as Myra and L'ton talk and she busies herself gently inspecting the egg. Her little green helps with a dainty paw landing against it curiously though Zip bats it away. "Easy.." she says to the flit. She nods up at Myra and smiles, tilting her head, "Congrats..and yes..Zipalla..or Zip.." she says softly. "Nice to meet you too."

Ysa shakes her hand at Thea and the offered ball. "No thanks," she says, still chuckling slightly. Her attention turns back towards her weyrmate leaving the water, her laughter stopping when she realizes he was suddenly running after her. "Hey! Not funny, Ram!" she squeaks out, just before running off in in another direction, not to mention tossing back the rest of her wine in case in spills as she tries to run away from her soaked weyrmate, and probably failing in the skirt she was wearing.

"Gone?" And L'ton seems surprised at Myra's words, eyes widening, but as the greenrider is quickly changing the subject, he's going with it, giving the firelizard egg in Zip's hands a soft touch, before looking at Myra. "Ya should see ya what get, Myra. Ya'll could get matching ones." L'ton seems quite amused by this possibility, though he's making no move to draw something of his own.

R'sul just shakes his head a little as Ram and Ysa run past, turning to watch them and spotting Niva waving at him. There's a moment's hesitation as he considers fleeing for his life, but manners prevail. "Niva." A polite bow and he wanders over towards her.

As R'sul joins her, Niva's sliding off the edge of the stage, smoothing her skirts, as she gives the Weyrleader a surprisingly good natured grin. "R'sul.." And then a nod of her head, and she's still grinning. "You worry too much." She says, rather cryptically, before she's motioning him up onto the stage. "Shall we?"

In the Dunking booth, Saige continues sitting on the dunking booth, chirping even as she wobbles with the board. "C'mon Thea! Swing rider rider Swiiiiiiiiiing!" She teases. "Or do I have to go get A'dar to dump me?"

R'miel chuckles at his weyrmate and gives a wave to all the spectators. Finally he catches up to Ysa, but doesn't have the heart to get her all wet. Instead he just pulls her over and gives her a kiss on the cheek. Then he pulls off his wet shirt and is content to wring it out a bit before putting it back on. "Sharding goldies. I should have knew she'd dunk me on the first shot." He grins to her. "I think they're gonna start the ceremony soon."

Suddenly, there is a SHRIEK as the tiny critter in Cenlia's arms awakens and immediately demands to be fed. But the horrendous sound is cut off almost as soon as it begins, as the girl swiftly sticks the meat roll she'd been holding right under its nose, without so much as a glance at the hungry creature, her face carefully blank. She was prepared. The little blue, for his part, seems totally unsurprised by the immediate appearance of food, and greedily gobbles the meat. Cenlia goes back to watching.

Myra smiles a little, and glances to Zipalla's green. "What's her name?" she asks, tilting her head at the firelizard. At L'ton's suggestion that she draw her own, well, she's definitely tempted. "But what would I do with another? Three are plenty for me, thanks!" she points out, though she does glance over to the lucky dip box now and then, before shaking her head, and turning back to eye Zipalla's egg, completely ignoring L'ton's 'gone' question. Deliberately. "Then again… Weyr's kind of quiet." For now. She glances down, and then gets this random smile.

A'dar dips their hand into the lucky dip and draws a ticket for a green stone dragon pendant.

"Promise.." Zipalla answers softly. The little green holds up her head all cute and tilts it, eyes whirling a bit, soft chirrrs rippling out, "Yes you," Zip says to her. "This will be my third.." she says with a nod, glancing again to the egg. "I have another green..and two kittens.."

"She's practically got a zoo at home. Gotta be careful when ya go ta visit, cause they all wanna say hi." L'ton is amused though, by it, and reaches to give Promise a few scritches, and he gives Myra a bit of a nudge. "Go on.. Ah mean, it can't hurt. Maybe ya'll get a necklace, anyway." The Istan bronzerider encourages her, even as he's glancing towards the Weyrleaders as they are moving onto the stage. "We'll go find a seat, after that."

Thea just shakes her head at Saige, with a wicked grin, "Was that 'dump' or 'jump'?" She silently laughs and steps back to watch, "I'll give someone else a chance." She watches R'miel chase Ysa thorugh the crowd. "Not a dull moment here." She wanders off to try the Lucky Dip game and find herself having won… a firelizard egg. She takes is, but mutters, "Ruin had better keep his fangs to himself with this one." It joins A'dar's watch in her pocket.

Rohelte giggles as R'miel goes chasing after his weyrmate before Cenlia's blue shrieks, making her jump and disturbing the green on her shoulder. Elte begins to absent-mindedly stroke her green crooning to it. "I see what you meant." She says to Cenlia before she falls silent for a moment. "I don't think I introduced myself… I'm Rohelte." Syeira chirups from her shoulder, stretching forwards. "And this, is Syeira." The green trills then, and Elte laughs at Thea. "Don't trust him much? Here, lets see what I get…"

Cenlia smiles at Rohelte, saying "Well met. This greedy-guts here," indicating her blue firelizard still stuffing his face, "is Rogue."

Myra looks a little like she /really/ wants to go see, the suspense is killing her. "I… Oh, why not?" she says, shaking her head. "Been cooped up too long, need to /live/ a little. Have some fun." She moves over through the crowd, closing her eyes and pulling out a random ticket. "A… Oh, I can't look… Will one of you read it?" she holds out the ticket to L'ton and Zipalla, with a frown. It says she's won a firelizard egg. Not that she's game enough to see.

Ysa doesn't put up much of a fight when she's caught, grinning over at her wet weyrmate. Her nose wrinkles up some, making sure to keep her hands on him so that he stays an armlength away. "Are ya sure that water was clean? Doesn't smell the greatest now." She takes a step back to allow her weyrmate time to wringe out the water, waving her empty glass at him. "For the ceremony, I definitely need something special. See if ya can get hold of the Benden bottle I saw wandering around here, probably for the Weyrleaders." Her eyes were already gazing about.

R'sul stares at Niva for a while, absently picking a ticket for the lucky dip before nodding. "Sure. Lead the way." He falls in behind her, making his way up onto the stage, and looking at her oddly.

Zipalla grins and watches Myra then tilts her head, "Surprise, another flit!" she says with a giggle. "They have some neat prizes.." she says, watching other folks redeem their tickets. "Ohhh..that's pretty.." she says, her head craning to watch a girl go past with something sparkly. A glance to L'ton, "Not quite a zoo…" she grins again.

R'miel makes a pit stop over to the lucky dip. "Remember last time we both ended up with lizards from this thing? Let's hope for something else…" And viola! "Hey! I won a bottle of wine! Great!" He retrieves his prize and brings it back over to Ysa. "Look what I won you, love! Better than a stuffed canine or a wooden dragon toy. Will this do, or should I still get the Benden? Not sure the make of this…" He turns the bottle around, looking for a mark.

In the Dunking booth, Saige happily perches on her seat in the dunking booth. Lazy Saige isn't dumped.

A'dar doesn't get a firelizard egg from the lucky dip. But then, he already has two that he has to take care of. Three might be too much for a clockmaker who's always busy with work to manage. So it's all good. Besides, he likes jewelry. Well, necklaces anyway. "Ah, good. Don't know if I could have managed with a third firelizard. As it stands I have one that doesn't want to work." He chuckles.

The sound of a wooden gavel hitting the podium suddenly reverberates through the area, as Niva and R'sul are up on the stage. After a moment, she looks at R'sul, and then she's shaking her head, deeming the Weyrleader apparently useless for this matter. "Weyrlings!" She calls out first, hoping to get their attention, watching as the bottles of wine are being passed out left and right. "Before everyone begins on their drinking, we would like to present the Weyrlings with their knots." Niva says quite formally, waving her hand, to get all the weyrlings to line up on the stage.

Delynni has been hanging around the beantoss this whole time, knawing on some of the candied fruits she won. She looks up at Niva's gavel and podium. She smiles as she waits for the Weyrwoman to speak.

L'ton lets Zip tell Myra the good - or perhaps not so good? - news, that she has another firelizard, or at least she will shortly. At the sound of the gavel, he's grinning, and moving to steer both of his companions towards the seats, finding one that will give them a good view of the ceremony.

Thea waves at Saige, "C'mon, I'll sic A'dar on ya later and see if he can tumble you—" She did not just say that! Well, she did, but maybe not meaning it as it might be taken. Then again… She winks at the greenie and heads up onto the stage at the behest of the Weyrwoman. She's standing quietly, behaving for the time being. For once, the faithful brown Shep is absent from her shoulders.

Myra blinks a little at Zipalla. "Oh, really?" she turns the ticket around to get a good look. "Oh, wow, really!" she grins. "My luck is on fire today! I, I used to have good luck, /great/ luck. I won a tidy sum once… As a journeyman, /of course/." Not really. As an apprentice. But she'd never admit to it, gambling is unseemly and not befitting of apprentices… Or something. She doesn't collect her prize just yet though, instead allowing herself to be steered to a seat, and settling in to watch the ceremony, though her mind has been ticking away since she mentioned the tidy sum, there's something on her mind.

Cenlia looks over at the stage, giving the weyrlings she knows a grin.

Saige hops down from the dunking booth, still dry, and scrambles up to the stage, grinning at A'dar and Thea before she takes her spot down with the greenies of Ysa's dragons hatching, whistling softly underneath her breath- "THEA!" She yelps at the Goldrider, then shushes.

M'iri is over in her corner of the crowd, leaning her hip against the far table watching Delynni play the bean toss. Well, until her attention is caught by Niva on the stage, and the shy Wingleader turns her attention to the Weyrwoman. "Hey…" She mumbles to Delynni, but notes her fellow bluerider is looking that direction already, and hushes herself to listen.

Rohelte's head turns again, this time at the sound of the gavel hitting the podium, and she lays a hand on Cenlia's arm, not that she probably needs to grab the other's attention. "Lets go grab a seat." She says as she heads towards the seats, trying to get a spot up front so she can see, absent mindedly looking at the bottle of wine in her hand. "Huh… guess mom won't yell at me too much anymore…"

R'sul keeps slightly to the background, his job here to do the handing over and not the announcing. To one side of him is a basket full of wingbadges, the other contains the full rider knots. A quick mumble to Niva ensures she'll remind him which colour goes with which weyrling.

Cenlia follows Rohelte to a seat, glancing at the bottle of wine and grinning even wider. Then her gaze is back at the stage, eyeing another bottle of booze. Oh, this is going to be a good party.

Zipalla takes a seat quietly with her father and Myra, attentive to the goings-on. She smoothes her skirt agian then grins, looking at it, a glance flitted to L'ton then she looks back to the stage.

A'dar blinks at Thea's comment. Which he actually doesn't get. And he doesn't understand why Saige is so upset. but he lets it slide, however, and gets in line(?) with the other weyrlings to be presented with knots.

Standing on the stage, Niva gives those gathered on the beach a few minutes to get to their seats, and settle in, nodding to each weyrling as they arrive on stage. While there is likely some rhyme or reason to the matter, its anything but obvious as the first rider called is Or'len, him and his green Mhairiath sent to the Asteroid wing to a set of applause. And then, she's announcing the next name, "A'dar, and blue Zeituth - Please step forward, and accept the knot of an Asteroid rider.." She says with a smile, nodding her head to the bluerider, indicating he should head towards R'sul for his knot.

"And ya better not grab yourself another firelizard, Ram. I was serious," Ysa calls over as she watches her weyrmate go to the Lucky Dip, her eyes narrowing. But then it's the wine instead that he wins, and her shoulders lose their tension and her face breaks into a wide grin. "Perfect! Well, it'll do for now," she says, taking the bottle from R'miel before he can even find the mark. "We'll steal the Benden a little later after sharing this one." And Ram earns himself another kiss, too.

R'sul digs quickly in his baskets, thankful for Niva announcing each new rider with as much detail as he needs. When A'dar's name is called he looks up and smile, offering a hand to the boy a murmuring a sincere, "Congratulations." as he offers over the knot and wingpatch.

R'miel heads over to the seats with his weyrmate, taking a seat where they can still see, but are out of the way. Once they're settled in he gives Ysa's hand a squeeze. It was always exciting to see their dragons' babies all grown up and becoming full-fledged wingriders. The bronzer grins at his weyrmate and her beloved wine, then there's a clap as the first of the weyrlings are graduated.

Thea rolls her eyes to give Saige a look while keeping her face looking straight ahead. The corner of her mouth twitches up into a bit of a grin. "Mmmm?" So innocent - not. She spots Cenlia and Rohelte in the front row and smiles at them, before returning her attention to the ceremony.

Saige leans behind her fellow weyrlings and stick her tounge out at Thea before she starts doing the clapping-cheering-for-A'dar-thing.

"Didn't ya say that was yer brother?" L'ton asks to Myra, as the first group of Weyrlings are sent into their appropriate wings, before he's giving Zip's shoulder a squeeze, and he's smiling at her. "That'll be ya, soon 'nuff. Ah know it." The bronzerider isn't overconfident, no, not at all.

Myra squeals as Or'len is tapped, clapping loudly. "Yes, that's my brother! Or'len! That's him!" she applauds loudest for him, for obvious reasons, but the applause carries on for A'dar, though she'd be the first to admit she barely knows most of the weyrlings, that is, /any/ that are not her brother.

Zipalla peels her eyes from the stage long enough to look up at L'ton and smile softly, nodding her head. He's over confident? Nawww. No pressure Zip..mew. She smiles at Myra and then wider at her enthusiasm for her brother then she looks back to the stage with a dreamy expression.

Rohelte does a bit of a finger wiggle towards Thea, grinning back, waiting patiently through the ceremony as she watches the weyrlings get tapped into their wings.

A'dar steps toward R'sul when he's asked to, and accepts the knot and wingpatch. And the congratulations. "Thank you, weyrleader," he notes, and then steps back to his place quietly.

As A'dar receives his knot, and a smile, E'gin of blue Mazunth and Joy and her green Sirenath are both sent into the Comet wing, before Caryn and blue Tiurneth are inducted into the Nebula wing. Allowing hte proper amount of applause for each, Niva's letting them cross the stage, before she's calling the next name. "Saige, rider of green Ulae-Ulaekimajith. Please step forward, and join the Nebula wing." And, despite the bit of stumbling over the green's long name, Niva remains composed.

R'sul gives A'dar another nod, then goes about digging in his baskets again. Knots and aptches are handed forth, each new rider getting their own "Congratulations" till it's Saige's turn and he offers her knot and badge over. "Well done."

Delynni claps one by one to the Weyrlings getting their knots. Saige and A'dar get extra applause, and the bluerider's complete attention is on Niva. She smiles at M'iri gently but focuses on the announcements.

Ysa was well on her way through her second glass of water when she gives a cheer for A'dar and then later Saige. Others get some lighter cheers but she focuses mostly on her drink, raising the glass up to R'miel on occasion. "I can't believe this new group is graduating already," she says with a sigh, leaning into her bronzer's side.

Saige whispers, dead silent to Niva: "Ulaekimajith, Weyrwoman!" Then she takes the knot and badge, and smiles. "Thank you, Weyrwoman, Weyrleader!" She says, before stepping back from the position up front.

In short order, I'ke and L'nus have been tapped into Galaxy wing, and J'len has joined the ranks of Quasar, each of them receiving their own knot and badge, before there's only one Weyrling left on the stage. "Thea, rider of gold Seryth.." A pause, and Niva nods at the newest goldrider. "Please step forward, and accept the knot of a Nova rider."

M'iri smiles a bit brighter when she notes the one assigned to her wing, returning Delynni's smile right back the her before he attention is enraptured on the stage. "Well, always a use for another blue in the wing… not that solar panels are too heavy for any dragon…" She is murmured to her companion, Delynni, before she's quiet again…

Now, its not nice to laugh at another's misfortune, but there is a stifled chuckle from L'ton as the Weyrwoman stumbles over the name, but its quickly covered up by applause, as he cheers on the newest riders. Leaning, Zip gets a nudge in the side, and a whispered, "After this, one of us is getting in the dunk tank."

R'sul doesn't hand the knot over this time, or rather… not to Thea. This knot and badge set he hands to Niva, though his words are directed at Thea. "Congratulations."

Myra doesn't get out much… Whether by choice or by chance, it basically amounts to the same thing. Still, graduation is a big thing, very important, worth celebrating. She continues her applause, though she shoots a glance at L'ton, perhaps a little belatedly. It's a frowny sort of glance, for his overconfidence, and a little bit for the stifled chuckle. But she doesn't say anything. Now is not the time.

Thea claps for each Weyrling as best she can with that huge bottle of peach brandy Cenlia has given her still tucked in the crook of her arm. Of course she can't help but clap harder for the ones the knows better - her friends A'dar and Saige among them. She stands quietly, just watching the others go to their wing assignments. At Niva's request, she steps forward and accepts the badge and knot with her one free hand, remembering belatedly to salute. But alas, she has no hand free, so she salutes the Weyrwoman with the brandy bottle she's got in her other hand.

R'miel is sure to clap for all the graduating Ella and Arin babies. He smiles to his weyrmate. "I know it. Seems like yesterday was Ella's flight. It is nice to see them join the ranks, though. I bet Ella is happy." He wraps an arm around Ysa and rubs her back a bit. "Am I gonna have to carry you home, love?"

"Don't drink too much, rider." Niva says formally, though there's a grin creeping onto her face, as she hands the knot and badge over to her newest Junior, before she's turning towards the crowd, and extending her hand to the former Weyrling class. "Everyone, please welcome Xanadu's newest riders!" With pleanty of time for applause, she's then waving her hands, as if dismissing them all. "Enjoy your evening, and thank you all for coming."

Cenlia doesn't dare clap, not with the little terror in her arms still nibbling on the meatroll she's holding. But when Thea salutes with the bottle, Cenlia nearly bursts out laughing. Rogue actually looks up from his meatroll, giving a curious burble. But Cenlia, still snickering, shushes him, the little firelizard goes back to eating.

Delynni applauds loudly for Thea, whistling in approval. The sounds melding into the crowd as she watches the weyrling take her knot.

Zipalla wide-eyes up at L'ton then glances toward the tank, "Uhm.." she murmurs, "You wanna get wet huh?" she asks him quietly, while applauding for the graduates.

R'sul applauds the newly graduated and then heads off the stage. Slowly but surely he melds into the background, keeping a low profile and out of immediate dangerof being tlaked to by anyone important, and at some point simply wanders off in search of Fiara.

"Well, Ah can't let everyone think that R'miel is the handsome one." L'ton chuckles, shaking his head. But then, as the class is formally presented, he's on his feet, clapping loudly, and yelling shamelessly, even as he's starting to make his way towards the dunktank, encouraging those with him to come along.

Thea grins cheekily, receiving her knot and badge from Niva with a bemused look in her eyes. She respectfully answers, "Thank you. I won't Ma'am." She steps down with the others and examines her knot and badge with interest. Then she carefully puts them on her pocket to keep them safe for now and moves to find her friends.

Myra glances to her ticket once the ceremony is over, and frowns. "Suppose I should redeem this or something, huh?" she remarks, though she makes no move to, well, move. Not until L'ton heads dunktank-wards, then she at least stands. "I… guess." she murmurs, glancing to Zipalla with a shrug and a question. "Where are the prizes, again?"

"Quite possibly. Depends on whether or not we find the Benden to drink, too," Ysa mentions with a chuckle at R'miel. "And congratulations, Thea," she finally calls out to the latest addition to her wing. "I hope ya remember what we chatted 'bout not that long 'go. Enjoy the party while it lasts," she calls over with a wicked grin stretching across her face.

Cenlia gets up and begins heading over to Thea, still snickering. "Should open it now before it warms," and she gives the older girl a lopsided girl.

Niva lets the applause die down before she's sneaking off the stage, and after a few more short conversations, she's doing a similar disappearing act to the Weyrleader, heading Weyrwards, leaving everyone else to party.

Zipalla grins up at L'ton then stands and follows him toward the tank. At Myra's question she looks back toward the tables with the boxes and points, "Right there.. make sure you come show us what you got..I mean what it looks like.." she says with a nod, her own egg tucked safely at her side.

L'ton glances over his shoulder, looking at Zipalla, before his jacket is off and anything important out of his pocket. And then, he's moving to climb into the booth, copying R'miel's earlier taunt. "Here's yer opportunity ta try and dunk the *real* handsome bronzerider.." He says, a grin plastered on his face as he settles down.

Thea grins at Ysa, "I intend to!" Poor girl, likely has no idea what's in store for her. Cenlia's comment causes her to consider the bottle she's still got. "I think I'll save this for a picnic or something. First day off, we'll get a bunch together and head somewhere fun or something. There's so much here to drink already." She finds Saige and A'dar and salutes them. "Congratulations, Riders." Then she's hailed from the edge of the crowd. "Oh— my parents are here. Be back in a few."

Myra nods a little at Zipalla, patting the girl on the shoulder very briefly in thanks, before moving over to collect her egg. She moves towards the tank after collecting the egg, inspecting it herself. "It's got a … fingerprint on it." She frowns and tries to rub at the smudge, and then frowns some more. "See?" she holds it out to Zipalla to see, "Someone put their grubby paws all over it, it looks like."

Cenlia offers congratulations to Saige and A'dar, grinning and nodding at Thea, "Make sure ya chill well, it tends to get a little…" she pauses a moment, then says, "Er, don't drink it warm, anyways," and giggles.

M'iri notes Niva stepping off the platform, finishing her claps for the newly tapped Weyrlings before she turns to Delynni. "Well, to business for me. Got new Wingriders to welcome…" A slight flush touches the WIngleader's cheeks, and she forces herself into the crowd, over to where she last saw Saige and Caryn in the crowd.

Zipalla smiles at Myra as she approaches again then looks over the egg she has, "Hmm…it's not some odd pattern of color on the egg itself?" she asks, peering closer. Her head lifts and she looks around again making sure she keeps up with L'ton.

Ysa winks after Thea, chuckling at her enthusiasm. "Good gal," she calls at her. "And I do think I'll be taking your advice, too." Her green eyes look up and over to R'miel with a secret smirk. Probably not something she's shared yet. She'll be sitting there, enjoying her wine, though her eyes do travel around the group every so often.

Saige takes her wine, herself, and heads off after waving at everyone.

In the Dunking booth, "Aw, come on, Zip, ya know ya wanna try. Myra?" And L'ton is perched in the booth, grinning as he tries to egg someone on to try and dunk him. "Aw, Ah'm sure yer eggs are fine, they just have weird spots on them."

*SMACK* The ball sails past the target, hitting a tree instead.

Myra rubs at the smudged egg herself. "It… Might be? It's not coming off, that's for sure." she says, frowning at it. She shakes her head then, and pulls the egg closer, smirking at L'ton's call. "Hey, no fair, I'm one handed on account of egg, and my balance is all wrong, lately." she calls, though it didn't hurt her at the beanbag toss. Well, she didn't have the egg then. But still.

There's a *whoosh* as Zipalla's toss at the dunk tank target misses completely.

The target wobbles a little as Zipalla's shot comes close to the target, but misses by inches.

The target rattles as Myra's shot clips the very edge but leaves L'ton safe for the time being.

In the Dunking booth, "Aw, come on ladies. Ah know one of ya can do it!" L'ton taunts them both, though they get goodnatured winks, as he continues to watch the target next to him.

Thea notes the exodus of Riders from her spot at the edge of the beach and catches a comment or two, so she knows what's going down. Saige is nowhere to be seen, but Thea mutters a ''Good luck to ya" in the direction that the greenrider just went. She's said her farewells to her parents and returns to the party with a box held in her arms to pause and watch Myra and Zipalla at the booth for a moment.

Zipalla wants to alright. Her eyes flash as does her smile and mischief colors her features as she takes up a handfull of balls to toss. ZING. ZING. WHIFF. Three misses. She stomps a foot. "Guh, come on Myra!" she says to the other girl.

A thud, a squeal, and a splash indicate that Myra has managed to send L'ton into the drink yet again.

Myra rolls her eyes at L'ton's calls, but answers Zipalla's invitation. She grabs three balls, tossing the first right away, holding her breath as it seems /about/ to hit, but it just misses. "Oh, I really thought that was going to hit…" She tries the second, putting a little more effort into her aim, then whoops! "Got 'im!" she grins.

Cenlia heads over to the food again, and this time grabs herself some wine. She lets now now-full Rogue scrambleup onto her shoulder, and then grabs a sammich, heading over to the bonfire and taking a seat. She over at the dunk tank when she hears the squeal and giggles.

In the Dunking booth, Apparently, taunting works. Of course, L'ton is too busy laughing at Zipalla's frustration to be really paying attention to Myra's attempts. Unfortunately, that's his downfall, as the Istan is caught completely offguard as the ball connects with the target, and the seat is suddenly gone, and he's hitting the water. Burbling, he ends up popping back up, dragging himself out of the water, and heading towards those responsible.

Zipalla huffs then when Myra's toss makes contact she starts to laugh, watching her father drop into the water. "Nice one!" she cheers to Myra then she turns her head, watching the soaked bronzer headed their way, meep, she scurries behind Myra. She did it!

Thea has seen this play out before with Ysa and R'miel, so as L'ton heads out all dripping towards Myra and Zipalla, she's also heading off to get well out of the way of any flying droplets or soggy thwaps. She snags a glass of wine and meanders over to the bonfire and plops down beside Cenlia. The bottle and the new box are settled in the sand beside her. "So… tell me how you found Rogue?"

Myra laughs at L'ton's misfortune, with the dunking then claps a hand over her mouth, as if actually enjoying such a thing was some forbidden … something. She's been a bit of a stick in the mud lately, actually. When L'ton emerges, she tries to hide behind Zipalla, but it seems Zipalla had that idea first. "Um, it was the hormones?" she tries, a flimsy excuse at best. "You wouldn't harm a pregnant woman, would you?" Perhaps /not/ how she planned to share that info with the Weyr at large, but, anyway.

Thea'd be safe, though - while she may be graduated, L'ton's on his best behavior today, and pursuing the youngest goldrider would certainly not be his best behavior. So, despite her running off, his attention is on Zipalla and Myra, as he goes after them both, arms outstretched as they try and hide behind each other. "Who said Ah was gonna hurt ya? Ah just want a hug!" He says with amusement, trying to grab them both, and pull them to his sides.

Zipalla looks briefly to Thea and smiles before she's gawking at Myra from behind her. Pregnant? Is it Ton's? So it's her first thought, at least she doesn't ask out loud. She peers around Myra at her father then her nose wrinkles as the wet bronzer starts collecting hugs. "Da!" she yelps, but it's no good, she's dampened here and there, and gives in to snuggle up to his side and kiss his cheek as she rises to tippity toes.

As Cenlia sits cross-legged near the bonfire, Rogue climbs down and curls up in the girl's lap, giving Thea a loud trill in greeting when she comes over. Cenlia glances in Myra's direction when she hears the word 'pregnant' with raised eyebrows. Considering the last time she saw the woman, that's certainly a surprise. Turning to Thea, she grins and says, "He stole my sammich."

Myra shakes her head at L'ton's offer of a hug, "No, no, I just /had/ a cold, thanks. Not good for the, uh, baby?" she scrabbles for an excuse, finally frowning the firelizard egg. You know, it'd be real convenient if it hatched. Now. But it doesn't, and Myra, being the closest, is pulled easily in to the hug. Protesting all the way, of course. "Hey, hey, you can't treat me like this, hey." but it's half-hearted protesting because, even she has to admit, she's had the most fun today that she's had in … months.

Thea watches the chase from near the bonfire and laughs as the two women get a soggy hug. She sips her wine, returning her attention to Cenlia. "Yep, you did tell me that earlier, didn't you? These firelizards droppin' eggs all over the place all the time. Did ya find a wild clutch then?" Shep pops out of *Between* just over her head and alights on her shoulders, curling round her neck, causing Thea to shiver. "You're cold, where have you been?" She asks the brown, but he merely chirrs at her then croons to Rogue.

"Ah, ya know ya like it, Zip, ya like getting hugs from yer da." He picks on his eldest, though as she gives in, he just moves to ruffle her hair instead, even as Myra is pulled closer, and she's given a smooch on the forehead, rather than the ruffle of her hair. "Treat ya like what, huh? Ya gotta have more fun… Dun ya think Zip? She has ta have more fun?"

Cenlia is grinning at her little blue hatchling as she says, "I was eating breakfast on the beach when suddenly my sammich started walking away! I lifted up the top slice, and this little thief was staring up at me." The girl shakes her head, "Didn;t even realize there was a nest busy hatching practically right next to me. Rogue crawled over and grabbed on ta me and started screaming like I'd killt him. Had to run all the way back tothe caverns to get him more meat." Cenlia makes a face. "Lucky A'dar and K- er, Kiv-, er," she gives up on trying to remember the name, "the master dragonhealer was there."

Rogue chirrs back at Shep - loudly. Does this little thing not have volume control? Apparently not.

Promise, the little green on Zip's shoulder, snuffles and snorts at the drippy bronzer but she settles for nibbling at his wet hair when he's close. "Gah.. I do like…" she starts then shakes her head. She watches the exchange between Myra and L'ton then nods her head lightly, "Yup, fun is good.."

Myra smiles a little at the forehead kiss, that was kind of sweet, but then she eyes L'ton, and would back away if she could. "Er, more fun? Fun is … good. How much fun are we talking here?" she asks, with a suspicious tone and raised eyebrow. But she doesn't /really/ mean it. Really. She almost shakes the firelizard egg, anything for a distraction. "Yes. Fun. Good." she agrees with Zipalla, not entirely sure what L'ton's 'fun' plan is, though she looks to the girl for some kind of help.

L'ton makes a face as Promise begins nibbling at his hair, and that's enough to make him pull away from the two of him, one hand moving to ruffle his hair back up. "See, even Zip agrees. Now, Ah ain't sure /what/ ya should do, but.." He shakes his head, ponderously, even as he's steering them towards the warmth of the bonfire - its cold when you're soaked. "Ya just gotta have some fun, cause ya know that he is." There's a snort, and it seems that the guy doesn't even get a name, for now, as he's flopping down near the fire.

Thea chuckles at the picture Cenlia creates. "That's too cute." She scritches at the underside of Shep's chin, adding "Shep usually stays with me, but Ruin prefers to, well… seek trouble. Otherwise he stays with Seryth." She sips from her glass as she watches the fire, quiet for a few moments. "I'm glad you've got Rogue. Maybe as he matures, he'll find his 'inside voice' as my Ma used to say." She looks like she's about to say more, but Seryth rumbles and starts walking down the beach. "Oh— I've got to go settle her for the night. I may be back later." She rises and gathers the box and the bottle and starts off adding, "Thanks again for the brandy." And she fades from the firelight as she moves off down the beach after her sleepy gold.

Zipalla shrugs a little as L'ton pulls away and then looks to Myra, "Don't look at me.." she says with a smile, "Sounds like da has it all figured out." Zip finds a place to sit and does just that, the darker strands in her blond hair shimmering golden in the firelight. The flames dance in her pale eyes as she looks around and draws her legs up tugging the skirt of her dress down modestly over them. She glances briefly to her father then to Myra, ponderous for a moment before she's smiling at Promise and her atttempt to touch Zip's new firelizard egg.

Myra grimaces, and looks about to leave for a moment, but she can't deny that moving to the bonfire is a good idea, so she winds up flopping down near L'ton and Zipalla anyway. "/He/ is gone. Gone! Not even a blip! You hear me? Completely and utterly /out/ of my /life/!" Myra doesn't seem to care that she's raising her voice a little. She realises she still has the third ball from the dunk booth and starts to aim it at the fire, arm shaking with anger, but, a moment later, she sighs, and lowers her arm, the ball still in her hand. "Gone." she whispers. "Sharding Trian and his stupid sharding … face."

L'ton leans back on the beach, nodding to Cenlia as Thea disappears, waving the girl over to join them, even as he's looking at Zip with a grin. "Ah bet she's yer age, Zip.." He says softly, nodding to Cenlia, even as he's looking back at Myra, absently reaching to try and take the ball from her. "Good riddance, right? Ah mean, from what he said.." He shakes his head a bit, smiling at the greenrider. "Besides, ferget 'bout him. Now ya can do all sorts of stuff with yer brother."

Cenlia waves to Thea as the older girl heads off, and then glances at the approaching trio. She waves a hello, but, deciding this is probably not the best time to butt in with an introduction, she digs into her sammich instead. And wine. Yay wine. Rogue chitters loudly from the girl's lap, peering down at the sand as if he'd like to eat it.

Zipalla blinks a little at Myra's outburst and then cringes, brows furrowing. She gives the woman a sympathetic smile then looks away a little, back to the fire before L'ton's comment draws her attention and she glances up toward the girl. A nod, "Might be…" she says then she looks around and then digs a toe or three into the sand, spying the wine, nope, she's older apparently. Everyone is older. Promise hops down and shakes almost like a puppy would, shivering from tailtip to nosetip, wings lifting all dainty then resettling as the sweet little green stretches.

Myra sighs, and allows the ball to be taken, and, for good measure, she sets her firelizard egg down beside the bonfire. The heat would be good for it, anyway. "Brothers, I've got two in the Weyr, Or'len, who we saw … earlier." Where did he get to, anyway? Probably elsewhere. It wouldn't be a bad call to say he's possibly avoiding Myra at the moment… "and Joiran. I… don't know if you've met him?" she shrugs. Zipalla does get an apologetic glance, Myra never meant for that outburst to get out. "I… Hey. If your egg starts to hatch, let me know?" she does ask of the girl, eyeing her own briefly.

L'ton shakes his head, giving Zip a nudge, leaning to whisper in her ear. "Go talk ta her, sweets. Can't hurt, or nothing.." And then as Zip's burying her toes in the sand, Tonny's shaking his head again, and giving her another nudge. "There ain't no drinking rules here, Zip, if'n that's what yer worried about." He says after a moment, hazarding a guess as to the source of his daughter's hesitation. "Ya know?" He tacks on, even as he's looking back at Myra with a smile, shaking his head. "But, Or'len can fly now, so, once yer cleared, ya can go out and maybe get some baby things, and stuff, ya know? Get out?" He teases her a little, watching her egg as its settled, the ball passed back and forth, hand to hand.

Rogue cautiously climbs upon Cenlia's knee and streeetches his neck out to the sand, leaning forward until, with a loud squawk, he's nose-first in it. Cenlia half-snorts, half-snickers at him. The sevenday-pld hatchling flails and rights himself, then peers about. Oh look, a green firelizard. He gives a loud trill.

Zipalla can take a hint. She smiles at Myra, "It was nice to meet you, congratulations on the baby and.. well I don't think this thing will hatch tonight..who knows.." and she glances to the egg. L'ton gets a nod and then Zipalla scoops up her flit and her egg and leaves the pair, "And I can make it home on my own later," she says over her shoulder. She slips down to sit near Cenlia and smiles, "Hi," she says softly, dropping Promise down to play, the sort of bewildered flit giving her a little chitter of annoyance before she turns to look at Rogue, hrm. The egg is settled as well and Zipalla smiles again, "I'm.. Zipalla.. and that's Promise..and this is.. well.. I dunno yet.." she says with a glance to the egg. "Did you win anything tonight?" she asks.

Myra nods slowly, then frowns. "I, I'd rather not, you know, go anywhere. Between. They /say/ it's safe, at a certain point, but…" she shrugs a little. "I'm good though, real … good. I guess. Got supplies from the storage cavern, you know? Nothing fancy, but… they'll do. I think … I think I'll go out and get other stuff, after the baby's born. I've got marks, saved up since I was … since I won them. Makes sense, you know? Baby will be … yeah. Everything will be for the baby." there's a pause, and then, "Oh, shards, I've got to clear out the spare room. I had it set up for family coming to visit, I have a lot of brothers and sisters." Well, depends on your definition of 'a lot', really. "It's all beds, little room." And she's babbling. She realises this, and suddenly clams up, frowning at the egg and blushing a little. It's the warmth from the bonfire, honest! She does nod to Zipalla though, followed by a breaking of her sudden silence. "Er. Nice to meet you. Um. Good luck. With the … egg."

Cenlia smiles at Zipalla and - is that a giggle? Maybe. Cenlia says, with a mouthful of sammich, "Pleased to meet'cha, I'm Cenlia. An' this is Rogue." Rogue, meanwhile, is streetching his neck out to look at Promise. His feet stay on the ground this time - he's smart enough at least not to fall on his nose again. Cenlia does giggle aloud at Rogue, muttering a fond, "Sammich thief." at him before turning back to Zipalla with a grin, "Nah, I already got one little gobble-guts to feed. Didn't want to risk another. Don't think my ears'd survive it."

"Ah ain't going no where, Zip, except Ah gotta go find some dry clothes." He promises his daughter, before he's giving Myra a nod as well, and a smile to the others around the fire. "If'n ya'll excuse me, Ah'ma go ta find something drier." Giving Myra a pat on the shoulder, he's grinning, "Lemme know if'n ya need me ta track anyone down, and drag 'em back…" And then, moving onto ruffle Zip's hair, he grins. "Just tell Dhonny when yer ready ta come home, kay? Ah'll probably stop by Ram and Ysa's, til yer ready ta go." And then one more waggle of fingers and he's off to do just that - He really *is* on his best behavior!

Rogue burbles happily and loudly, scooting about in the sand while Cenlia eats. The hatchling is making sand-circles with his feets - whee!

Zipalla grins and watches Promise with the little blue then in the glow of the fire her little egg starts to shudder. She glances at it and narrows her eyes, "Nice to meet you too..that's my da.." she says, hooking a thumb toward L'ton, who, is departing and she looks up at him, grinning a little oh-fine grin. "Ok da.." she says then after he's padded off the egg shudders again. "Uhm..well..we might get to see after all.." she says softly, brows lifting as the egg tremors and rocks. "Guess warm sand was all it needed.."

Cenlia's eyes widen at the shaking egg, and she immediately hides her sammich! And scoots further away, "Ya better get some meat.." she mumbles, as Rogue loudly croons at her - is he laughing? He might as well be. Cenlia hides the sammich behind her wineglass.

Myra frowns a little as L'ton gets up and leaves, though she does make a move to stand, but then she hears a tap tap tapping from the egg at her feet, and she crouches back down again, staring at it intently. "My egg… Is yours?" she glances over at Zipalla, eyes widening a little as her egg starts to rock too. "I don't have… Food? Oh no, oh no, must have food…" she races off, momentarily leaving her cracking egg unattended. It starts to roll towards Zipalla and Cenlia, very slowly.

Zipalla blinks and nods, "Food..shards!" she yelps and scrambles to her feet. She darts off with Myra leaving Cenlia with the two shivering, crackling eggs, two little babies on the verge of emerging and the two little ones already there, Cenlia will be surrounded! Gremlins!

Cenlia acks as the other egg moves, and then stammers out a, "H- hey w- wait!" when Zipalla runs off too. Oh noes! Stuck on the beack next to shaking firelizard eggs, twice in one sevenday?! Oh the horror.

Myra returns quickly, and then begins to pace by her egg. Or, she /thinks/ it's her egg. No, wait, there's the smudge on the side. It's hers. "I, I… Food. Have. You can /hatch/ now." she tells the egg, glancing oddly over at Cenlia as she passes in her pacing. "Y-you okay?" she asks, though her concern is marred by her glancing back to her egg every now and then.

Zipalla darts back too and flumps down by her egg. Promise, however, spies the food and chirrrrrs wantonly, toddling toward it. "No no promise..gah.. ok fine a little.." she says, giving her a little bite, which for the little green is pretty big. Promise mrrrs happily and wanders a few steps away to work on her treat then Zip's egg *SNAPS*, a crack forming.

Cenlia is halfway to her feet, about to back away, mumbling a weak, "I have bad luck with these things…" Rogue, apparently sensing that she's just called him bad luck, or more likely, not wanting to be left behind on the sand, scuttles after Cenlia and latches onto her pantleg. "Yow!" she yells as the teeny firelizard claws hook into her clothing and Rogue scrabbles up her pantleg.

Unbeknownst to the poor gardner girl, the one of the eggs has rolled out of the box near the Lucky Dip booth and is shaking madly. The Dappled egg seems to be rolling along straight towards the fire and - guess who? - doesn't even notice it cracking!

Myra's egg is close behind Zipalla's, as if to say, hey, I can do that too! Or perhaps it's more of an 'anything you can do, I can do better' kind of moment. Either way, a spidery crack appears, looking much like a crack on a glass, radiating outwards from that one smudge on the shell. "Aww, don't worry, I'll fend /this/ one off…" she nods to her smudged egg, adding, "With food! That I have. Here in my hand." Yep. That's food alright.

Cenlia has no food on her, thank Faranth - or so she thinks! Somebody else apparently thinks different, and halfway to her knee, Rogue suddenly stops and begins… humming, his neck twisted around Cenlia's leg to look behind her. Wait, what? Why the heck is sevenday-old Rogue /humming/? Cenlia doesn't know, but pauses long enough enough to glance behind her. To her doom…

The Dappled egg gives a final bounce on the beach sand and shatters, the little thing inside flopping wetly and staring up… right at Cenlia!

Myra nudges at the smudged egg as first Zipalla's and then Cenlia's eggs hatch. "Come on, hatch already!" …wait? Cenlia's? She whips around to stare at the little blue. "Well, /he's/ a surprise." she murmurs, completely missing her own egg's hatching, much to the baby brown's dismay.

Rainy Days of Spring Blue Hatchling gives a surprised squeak as it staaares up at Cenlia. The girl mumbles a sudden "Ohno.." and has half-turned around, blinking in shock, as the bright blue newborn suddenly launches itself at her, scrabbling through the sand and latching onto her other pantlag. Canlia yelps as Rogue, having heard the littler blue's creeling, suddenly begins shrieking loudly in responce. Cenlia groans and looks about, panicked, for some foodand spotes — her sammich! She makes a hobbling lungefor it, with two blue firelizard hatchlings clinging to her pantlegs and creeling loudly.

Zipalla watches as the little green goes after the food and Promise looks over, wholly unimpressed. "Well… I guess I need to get these girls home.." she says to the other two, grinning as their eggs pop too. She laughs a little at Cenlia's demise, "Careful…" she says with a grin, "I did't think they'd all come tonight!" she says excitedly. "Now I have three greens.." and she grins. "Nice meeting you both, if you're ever at Ista, get word to me.. come visit.." she says to them as she reaches for Promise who takes her place easily. She picks up food and flit and cradles both, "What a night.." then she turns, padding off for Dhon, who dutifully waits.

Cenlia has barely time to wave goodbye to Zipalla - with a sandwich - before finally breaking the sammich in half and shoving 'em at each of the blue firelizards clinging to her. Thankfully, they stop making noise as they recieve the food.

The little brown comes /charging/ at Myra, nipping at her heels, quite literally. "Hey, hey, OW! Okay, I get it, you're here, you're hungry. Here." she absently picks the firelizard up by the scruff of the neck, and stuffs him full of food, still staring at the blue that came out of nowhere. He goes to Cenlia's sandwich, and Myra finally shakes herself. Whoa, that was unexpected. It's been a crazy day! She waves to Zipalla, a moment too late, then frowns at her little brown. "I… Name… Oh, shards, I meant to ask about names…" she mutters cryptically, then dubs the firelizard "Ba'al. That is you." The brown croons, apparently happy to be Ba'al. Myra glances over to Cenlia finally, and frowns. "You … okay?"

Cenlia has finally detatched the two firelizards from her pantlegs, and with an armful of blues - one midnight dark the other sky-bright - she coes over to the fire with a groan, "I'm cursed," she whines. When the newly hatched of the two blues whines back at her questioningly, the girl quickly shovesmore sammich meat at him.

Myra raises an eyebrow at Cenlia. "Er, cursed?" she asks, confused. She sits herself down then, continuing to stuff her new-hatched brown into a comatose state. Hey, it works, doesn't it? He's not crying for food, or biting her ankles, or anything. Just happily munching away. This is where she's glad she picked up something edible, slices of cooked wherry, as she pops the occasional piece into her own mouth as she goes.

Thankfully, Rogue had pretty much stuffed himself with meatroll earlier, so all the sammich meat goes to his slightly smaller little blue friend over there. Rogue climbs up to Cenlia's shoulder and watches the other two hatchlings eat, eyes swirling brightly bluely, in contrast to his dark hide. Cenlia sighs, eyeing her new firelizard with a frown, "Twice in the same sevenday, and at the beach again! I need to keep off the beach at this rate," and she makes a wonderfully expressive face.

Myra shakes her head slowly, "Twice in a sevenday? That's kind of … wow. Must be firelizard mating season or something." Or the requisite time afterwards to be firelizard hatching season. "Two in a sevenday? How many do you have?" she has to ask, nodding to the little brown, "He's my fourth." she explains.

Cenlia seems to have fed her new blue into a food coma, finally, and the girl eyes the remnants of her sammich forlornly - only bread left now - and tosses it on the sand, settling the new hatchling in the crook of her arm to sleep. She gives Myra a weak smile, "I have two. Rogue hatched almost a sevenday ago - was eating breakfast on the beach and he came up and stole my sammich." She eyes the new blue suspiciously. "Or maybe they put something in those sammiches," the girl grumbles. She turns to glance at the brown, "Four? How'd you survive it?"

Myra ahhs, and nods, tilting her head at the blue. "Well, mine weren't so close together, really. I had my blue for four turns before the brown, then just the two for the next five months. Then, a green. Six turns later, here I am." she frowns absently at the little brown. "It's busy, but I work in the kitchens, so at least I've always got food handy." she shrugs. "They tend to be off doing their own thing for much of the day." Indeed, the only one Myra has right now is the just hatched brown. "When they're young, they stick close, they have to, but they grow out of it. Mostly."

Cenlia nods, looking a bit relieved that they seem to grow out of the clingy phase. She grins at the mention of 'working in the kitchens' and she says with interest, "The kitchens?"

Myra adds, "Young ones eat the most frequently too, like with dragons. Just hatched dragons eat daily, but full grown dragons hunt once or twice a week, at most." The former weyrlingmaster is shining through a bit there. She nods at the question. "I'm, er, working as a chef nowadays. I mean, I was one before I was searched, journeyman rank, so I've just gone back to that." she explains, with a nod.

Cenlia ahs and nods, "Been meanin' to get a list of herbs the kitchens need, so I can plant 'em in the greenhouse. Maybe plant some extra pots of ones that're used most." Then she grins a bit, "And also, someone told me Master, ah, Denna?" she tries to recall the name, "Makes the best pastries on Pern." Aha, so that's it. Poor girl, her stomach takes this opportunity to rumble. Cenlia coughs, but continues, "If there any herbs you want that's not in the greenhouse, I can probably plant them." Has she forgotten to mention she's a gardener? Possibly.

Myra tilts her head at Cenlia. "Ah. Well, I don't have a list off hand, I've been a little distracted of late, so I'm not really sure where we are with herbs. But I can send my brother down to the greenhouse with a list tomorrow. He's a chef too, apprentice, getting close to journeyman." She /meant/ to put in a good word for him after that party he'd helped her prepare a couple of months back, but… "I'm more of a savoury chef myself, roasts and that. Meaty dishes… I grew up on a farm, I basically only cooked what was necessary, and sweets never topped that list." she shrugs, it's never been something she's missed.

Cenlia seems only marginally disappointed that Myra isn't a baker of delicious pastries - she nods and says, "I'll keep an eye out for him." She vaguely remembers meeting Myra's brother a while back, when he delivered a certain package. She grins a bit at the memory - that was pretty funny, actually. But she says aloud, "Any herbs you happen to need for your cookery, too, lemme know." Rogue has been getting antsy and finally starts squeaking loudly and trying to burrow into Cenlia's shoulder. With a groan, the girl gets to her feet, "I better go find someplace soft to stow him before he tries to scream my ears of."

Myra nods a little, then frowns. "I… Yeah. No, nevermind." she murmurs, waving as Cenlia gets up. "Um. Good luck. With those two. Hopefully they get along!" she chuckles softly. "Luckily haven't had a problem with mine, my blue and older brown are so calm, and even the green is quiet, in an alert sort of way." she frowns at the new brown, wondering how he'll turn out. "Er, name's Myra." she adds, "And my brother's Joiran. Just so you know … who it is. And all."

Cenlia nods and begins to hurry up the beach as Rogue begins making louder complaints at her, "Was nice to meet you again ma'am!" And she hurried off before Rogue can wake her other blue - having both of them screaming at her at once is more than she can handle right now.

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