Ierne Weyrhold - The Cake Corner

This quaint little shop is tucked away between larger, more elaborate establishments, an inconspicuous nook filled with the smells of freshly baked bread and the warm light of an always-lit hearth. Ornate glowbaskets hang from wood-panelled walls, between cluttered shelves filled with carefully wrapped sweets and other deliciousness. Wide bay windows look out upon Ierne's market square, while the occasional lamp on the myriad countertops and small tables helps illuminate the interior in soft, flickering light. A central area holds the day's specials, in a large glass display case, the most elaborate cakes and pies the place's owners can create. A multitude of cushioned chairs and tables are scattered around it, for those wanting to stop in for a bite, while the counter along one wall holds all kinds of pastry and other baked goodies for purchase. Behind it are cooling racks and various klah packages, and the door which leads to the shop's kitchen, from which drifts all sorts of scrumptious scents. There's a tapestry on the back wall depicting one very well-frosted cupcake, and cozy couches around the fireplace. Usually a clerk or two can be found bustling about, while a little bell over the door tinkles softly every time it's opened.

Okay so normally Darsce would send one of her admirers to fetch something in here for her, but today? Today she's got a craving for something she can't quite define. Thus she's forced herself here to suffer through sampling this and that, the offerings made willingly by the shopkeeper, who seems to know her well and seeks to satisfy this well-dressed young woman. He's probably made a steady income off her sweet tooth. The petite blonde is handing back a half-bitten petit four with a delicate wrinkle of her nose, "Uh no. No, that one has cinnamon. I want…" Her blue eyes scan the confectioneries behind the glass. She doesn't know what she wants!

D'had's entry to the shop may well go unnoticed by the shopkeep as he takes his time trying to find just what it is that the young blonde in on the other side of the counter might want. His entrance is announced only by the quiet thuck of the door behind him. That is until the girl comments and he replies with a chuckle, "Try citron. Or have your tastes changed now that yer all grown up?"

Arriving customers wouldn't draw Darsce's eye, no. In her mind, they'll simply have to wait until she's finished. And so she doesn't turn when that door opens with a dingle, then shuts. She's got an important and Pern-shaking decision to make here! With a flash of red shine at the tips, her long, slim fingers are flicking those cinnamon crumbs distastefully when the voice behind her speaks. Perhaps she doesn't recognize it. Or perhaps she's practicing the art of disdain. Her head turns, a shapely brow lifts and cool is the expression in the blue eyes that turn on him. Then its, "Daddy darling!" And a pleased smile. And of course a kiss for his cheek. Y'know, since there are no young men in here to see her loose her 'cool'.

Its just a good thing that 'daddy darling' doesn't know so much, if anything, about all those young men in her life. It would not be pretty. "Hey kiddo," he replies to her greeting, catching an arm around her waist for a second or two while she leaves that quick peck on his cheek. "How've ya been? Ain't seen so much of ya or your sister lately."

It's something she might actually try to hide from him. Her mother? Probably knows somewhat of how her daughter spends her time, since they show up at the door asking for her. She's probably had to have the woman send a few away with a 'tell him I'm not here' while she's hidden in a back room trying not to gag. Her father's comment draws a pretty pout and a flutter of mascara'd lashes. "Hardy my fault, Daddy, you're the one with the dragon." Does her mother even visit Xanadu?

D'had chuckles. "And a Weyrsecond knot," he points out, though its not on his shoulder this time. "Ain't like I could go flittin' about Pern as I please. I'm sure ya have plenty of friends who'd give ya a lift ifin ya wanted." Not visiting should not be all on him, though he's not without fault in it either. "Long as yer here why don't ya help me pick out somethin' for the littles," aka Marella and Muir, "you an' yer ma are the ones who like the sweets n all."

Well, there is that snag, he's had that knot half her life, give a turn or two. "Pffff!" Work. Her fingers flick that bothersome detail away. "Second in command? I'd flit!" She would, too. "Mother says (yes she's formal about her female parent, go figure) that I can't ride with any of the male Riders until I am twenty five." And clearly she's not happy about that by the expression on her face. But the mention of sweets for her half-siblings has her turning to peep at the tiny table and chair in the corner by the door. Empty. Sadness! "Aw, you didn't bring them?"

"Well your Ma has some sense at least," D'had remarks given that comment about not riding with the male riders until she's older. "Sure you have a couple girlfriends too." He's not letting her off the hook that easy. "You'll understand someday." About that knot he had. As for the twins, "Nah, they had lessons an' I had errands. Figured least I can do is bring 'em a treat back. Speakin' of…" he hints. She could visit them and that'd be a real surprise. "I'll even make Sie behave." If anyone knows how that blue flies Resha and Darsce should remember the stunts they pulled in the air when they were younger.

Darsce? Deign to ride with a female rider? There's a delicate snort (gee, wonder who she's picked that up from?) given to that suggestion. Of her girlfriends, the ones who ride, "They're all busy. With… stuff." Turning to the counter, she points to several in turn, telling the 'keeper, "Strawberry, butter-"a glance at her father then back to the sweets, "…citron, redfruit-" Another glance at him, "Do they like cinnamon?" Oh she's thinking, thiiiiiiinking about that visit. She knows better than to ask him about cute guys there. Or does she? "I could… widen my prospects I guess."

D'had ahs, nodding to the mention of 'stuff'. "Cinnamon?" Beat. "Maybe not in cakes.." He's supposed to know these things. Really. "Not saying ya have ta stay long or nothin'," he assures to that suggestion of a visit. "Should catch up now 'n then, specially since I have some free time now. Prospects coming from her is of course, in his mind, refering to crafts and learning opportunities and has absolutely nothing to do with men. Not that he could really blame her, he was after all (and in a way still very much is) the same way with woman only worse - which explains why his relationship with her mother was so rocky to begin with.

"Nevermind the cinnamon," Darsce says with another imperious flick of fingers to the baker. Prospects could certainly mean crafts - at least her particular craft, if they'd like a fashion show over there in Xanadu. And though she'd heard some of the spats between her parents, she was pretty young for most of them, so ways with women? No, no she's ignorant and wants to keep it that way (eww!) Besides he's all settled down with whats-her-face Weyrwoman over where he's been Weyrseconding all these turns, isn't he? Speaking of- "Will she mind me coming to visit?"

"Doubt anyone'd mind kiddo," D'had replies. He certainly doesn't see any forthcoming problems from the girl visiting Xanadu. "Yer my daughter, allowed to visit if ya want." Hali stayed with them for some time, why would she mind if Darsce visited for a couple days.

The shopkeeper is holding the box of assorted petit fours with a questioning look; the man is so patient. He doesn't seem to mind giving Darsce the eye while she's busy talking with the Rider who came in behind her. "I could stay with Hali, maybe." And Hali could introduce her to some new guys, yeah. "I'll just…throw a few things in a bag." Just wait. Few days visit? Doesn't matter. The thing will weigh a ton and have enough clothes in it for a whole turn. A girl's got to be ready for anything.

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