Touch Them Eggs! (Fourth Touching)

Xanadu Weyr - Hatching Sands
A domed ceiling stretches high above the sands, enough open air for a queen and her mate to be comfortable with their clutch. Thin slits of windows around the edges let in a little light, though more of the illumination comes from electric lamps diffused off the dome. The sands are ringed by the dark blue seats of the observation level, the first third exposed to the sweltering heat of the sands but those in the back glassed off for the comfort of those watching.
The circle itself is filled with a mix of red and white sands, deep enough to cover the largest of dragon eggs with ease. To one side, a small door is visible, hidden away behind a platform meant to provide a place for the clutch parent's lifemates to stand during the on goings.

WHY IS IT ALWAYS RISALI? Because Leirith is her lifemate, that's why. So there the junior weyrwoman is, looking as though she'd rather be indulging in things that have long-since begun to elude her (like sleep) instead of standing on heated sands in booted feet. She welcomes the weyrlingmaster and his newly wrangled gaggle of candidates with a muted, tired sort of smile, waiting until everybody has stilled and eyes are on her to speak. "Leirith and Garouth are being kind enough to let us back on the sands, so please be kind enough to bow and show them respect when you go in. Remember to be mindful and careful around the eggs, least we enrage the sire or the dam, and no rough-housing. When we tell you that you need to leave, you need to leave." And to the side she steps, to clear the way with another smile and a sweep of her hand towards the eggs. "Otherwise, be mindful of each other and have fun."

Kelani joins the group upon the sands, looking about at the eggs she has already touched. Should she visit them again? There is a shake of her head. Not yet. As she steps forward she gives a bow to the queen but her mind is already set to the task of preparing herself for the egg's emotional onslaughts. There are the odd smudges of dirt upon her clothing, perhaps giving hint of that she worked the gardens today. There is a look to the others before finally moving forward and placing hand upon an egg.

< Kelani touches egg 4 - Beauty Lies Within Egg >

Tyssarian wanders out with the group of candidates, eye flicker across the sands to the parents and he bows respectfully—even if he finds it really hard to bow to a dragon who is obsessed with shoving her snot where it doesn't belong! And then as the group starts to split off he makes his way over to the Seldom What It Seems Egg and very slowly lowers his hand down until fingers are brushing across its leathery surface.

< Tyssarian touches egg 1 - Seldom What It Seems Egg >

Kelani stands a bit taller as the voice enters her mind, canting her head as she tries to listen to what it has to offer. There is a shiver of her shoulders as she stands there with confusion upon her face. "No, let us stand…I am here with you. I will protect you." She murmurs to the egg with a protective note to her voice.

Tyssarian blinks a few times at the egg, pulling his hand back until just his finger is still in contact with the shell. He swears he heard noises, like animals or something and yet when he glances around at the sand there is no one there aside from the other candidates, weyrwoman, and the dragons. He shakes his head, trying to free his mind from the hallucination but isn't fully willing to remove his finger from it just yet.

Kelani starts to draw away when she hears the touch of the mind once more and she closes her eyes to listen and experience it once more. Indeed her face relaxes and settles into a look of wonder. Things she likes and is more familiar with. Books, music, dancing. She finds herself stepping around the egg, humming a tune, as if dancing with it. "I am Kelani and I came to see you.." And then suddenly she stops, confusion set upon her features. "No, I do not want to yet.."

A shiver dances down Tys's back and he reaches away from the egg to rub his arms. How could he suddenly be cold when it's utterly scorching out here? He reaches out one final time to tentatively touch it, a little unsure as to what is in store next for him. Was life ever really simple though? Somedays perhaps, but not others. Definitely not others.

< Tyssarian leaves egg 1 - Seldom What It Seems Egg >

Tyssarian yanks his hand away as if he's been bit, or maybe stung. Ug! What is this! Being the first time he's ever touched an egg he hadn't the faintest clue what to expect. But this was definitely not it. He shakes his hand around, as if it has pins and needles and he's trying to get the feeling back into it. With a click of a tongue, he chastises the egg for the things it has made him feel. The haunting remnants of something stalking him linger and cause him to quickly move onto another egg.

< Tyssarian touches egg 3 - An Egg Only A Mother Could Love Egg >

Kelani strokes over the egg once more as if trying to comfort it, leaning in almost protectively. "I am here…" She reasures it, "I won't let them hunt" There is a little shake of her head at the discord in her mind. "I will fight for us.." She assures it as she leans in again, hovering over the egg to shield it perhaps from any who may harm it. Then the battle passes and her body relaxes though she kneels in the sands next to the egg. "I will be back.." She murmurs. She kneels for a moment more as the dream fades before the heat of the sands through her pants gets her attention and she shakes the dream from her mind and rises to her feet. There seems a reluctance to leave it though she looks up to see another candidate wishing a chance, "Protect it.." She murmurs and steps away to meet another.

< Kelani leaves egg 4 - Beauty Lies Within Egg >
< Kelani touches egg 5 - Hallowed Legends Egg >

Kelani can't help but smile as she is led into another dance. Healer trained she may be, but she was harper bred. As serious as she is, the music does call to her. As it presses her upon who she is, she shares with the egg her successes, her triumphs. Her recent knotting at her age. Other skills she has learned and the ways she is improving herself. "To hold a life in my hands…to know that a moment, a pause, a decision one way or another stands between success and failure." She gives as her answer.

Tyssarian cocks his head to the side, staring without blinking at the new egg beneath his fingertips. He gives it a gentle rub with the pad of his thumb. He is not sure he likes the feelings that are surging through him at the moment, the memories of when he did indeed feel unwanted and inadequate but at least this one doesn't appear to cause the sensation of physical pain so he decides to stay here a bit longer.

Kelani settles into the dance once more and she relaxes to the tune she humms slightly, sharing the song she knows with the creature. Though it faulters as it starts to press her and her pace around the egg does as well. "I wasn't ready then…perhaps I am now." She murmurs thoughtfully then there is an uncertain shake of her head as she stands there pondering the questions.

Okay, that's more than a little bit disturbing. Tys's eyes go wide at the sudden change that's going through his mind. Hand is withdrawn and he looks down at his fingers to see if there's a stain of sanguine there, but there's not. It's nothing but the egg playing tricks and with a crinkle of his brow he reaches out once more. He will not lose to another egg!

Kelani cants her head curiously at the thoughts that enter her mind. Reaching up to touch her shoulder expecting to find something there before letting it fall back to the egg once more. "I must live until then." She says in confirmation of the message it gives her. There is one last stroke of her hand over the egg before she lifts her hand and steps away. She stands there a moment pondering what was shared with her before she steps to one more egg.

< Kelani leaves egg 5 - Hallowed Legends Egg >
< Kelani touches egg 6 - Steadfast Satellite Egg >
< Kelani leaves egg 6 - Steadfast Satellite Egg >

Tyssarian yanks his hand away. Again with the pain! "Nasty little things you are." He hisses under his breath, shaking his head to try to clear the images from his mind. This time he doesn't move quickly (well as quickly as one can in the sands) he instead very slowly creeps over to another egg, crouching down next to it before placing his palm against it.

< Tyssarian leaves egg 3 - An Egg Only A Mother Could Love Egg >
< Tyssarian touches egg 6 - Steadfast Satellite Egg >

Tyssarian pulls back, sniffs, then pushes closer to the egg and sniffs again. "Can newly laid eggs go rotten?" He calls from his spot crouched by the egg. Not that Risali is paying attention to the candidates, but if she sorta was, it may be hard to place him since he's essentially hiding. Did an egg just talk? At least this egg seems content in what it is or isn't. Rotten or not rotten? That is the question. So Tys deems it safe and rubs his palm across the surface.

Risali is definitely paying attention. Just not to Tyssarian. Because she hates him. On principle, of course. And because one too many short jokes never made anybody friends. "Can candidates?" Okay, so maybe she was paying attention. IT WAS WEAK BUT THERE WAS AN INSULT IN THERE SOMEWHERE. Don't mind her, she's just over here with Leirith and Garouth now, utilizing their massive bodies to shade herself because it's too dang hot.

There are some people who insist on constant short jokes, like you know, those involving a certain large cart. AND THEY STILL SOMEHOW MANAGE TO KEEP A FRIEND! Hmm. I wonder! Tyssarian snorts. "I just washed yesterday. There's no way /I/ am rotten." He scoffs at the goldrider and even though he has that sinking feeling that this egg is not any better than the previous two, he leaves his palm in place, although he's ready to yank his hand away if he feels any more pain. Because seriously, what is up with these eggs!

Finally an egg that didn't leave a nasty 'aftertaste'! Tys feels as if this is a good omen so to speak and after just a brief coolness washes over him, the heat of the sands suddenly seems suffocating. He pulls his hand away and dips his head to the gold and bronze before flicking fingers in a curt wave to the RUDE weyrwoman before he makes his way off the sand and back out towards the barracks.

A ROLL OF HER EYES (and maybe a quirk of amusement on her lips) sees Tyssarian off, but it's not long after that Risali's clapping her hands to garner the attention of other candidates present. "Garouth and Leirith want us to leave now. Come on everybody. Let's get moving." And she will herd them out, back to waiting weyrlingmasters and the assistants that tail them.

< Risali shoos Tyssarian from egg 6 - Steadfast Satellite Egg >

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