Off-Camera Tooning Around!

ooc: Moncerath had this idea and I admit, I found it an amusing thought, so I let her have her way. An off-camera flight was held, and the chasers had to channel their inner 'Pepe Le Pew' into chase poses. Below are some of the more notables among the rank smelling pack.


Chaser 1> Varmiroth wings after Moncerath, the rise and fall of his wing beats making him almost appear to hop through the sky in a light, easy manner. His thoughts are easy and carefree, as if there is zero doubt in his mind of his win. She wants him, after all, and who wouldn't? Despite the odor trailing behind him, left from his unfortunate foray into the swamp after that most beautiful, artistic of flowers, he /knows/ she wants him and all he has to do is keep following her and she will realize her true passion for him. He pushes upwards and forward, calling sweetly to her as he makes his attempt to capture her in his reeking, adoring embrace.


Chaser 2> A true gentleman must be prepared for anything! Velokraeth was just that sort of 'gentleman', minding his own business while Varmiroth tromped around the swamps, a song rippling through his mind along the lines of tip-toeing through the tulips… Then, hey! What is this? A pretty glowing femme fatale!? In the spring (not that it is spring), a bronze's thoughts turn to fancy and up Velokraeth goes after a few loping gaited steps that could be called 'hops' as he joins the others vying for Moncerath's attentions. « Hello young lover, whoever you are! » Velokraeth's smooth, honeyed tone calls out with rippling amusement and desire. Yoo-hoo, over here! Don't be frightened by his ugly body, with mismatched features and stunted limbs, for beauty is more than hide-deep is it not? « You are a green and I am a bronze, we have all that in common already, darling! May I call you darling? Or m'lady? »

His woo'ing will never cease, no matter how fast or slow the flight may go or how much Moncerath may rebuff him. If anything, playing hard to get makes him all the MORE determined! « Alright, sweetling, you have done all that could be expected, you have resisted your natural impulses and have ran away from me. Tell you what… you stop resisting me and I will stop resisting you. » Even a smack to the head or a slap with a tail will only have Velokraeth falling back or hesitating for a moment before retorting with a grinned: « Flirt. » Does anything get him to stop? « Darling, how good of you to wait for me! You are no longer timid. » No, nothing will stop Velokraeth until Moncerath begins to tire and falter and he arrows in on her to swoop her up with the last of his strength in hopes of snaring her in his grip and holding her firm so she cannot escape him this time. « We will make beautiful music together right here! » As for those other males? Well… all's love in fair and war.


Chaser 3> Jaicoureth, the dragon of love, had been called to the pens by sultry summons of the green. There across the pens wasn’t just any green dragon. Oh no! She was the dragon that held the keys to his heart in a way that no other did. The blue breathes in sharply at the shining beauty before him, and the normally verbose dragon can only think of one word,« Wow.» he says with a swirl of color bursting through his mind. Back at Fort the spring is just beginning, and for the blue spring is most definitely in the air. From muzzle tip to tail tip the dragon can feel the energy of spring flowing through him, and it puts a ‘spring’ in his step. As silly as it might look to any of the others present he begins to literally hop toward Moncerath.

«Moncerath…» he begins punctuating each of those fluffy, boingy, bounces with a word,« I…am…here…for…you.» He says in a sing song voice, as small giggle escapes his mind with a glint of color, like Rukbat’s light glinting off of a precious diamond. One of these bounces brings him close enough to one of the passing herdbeasts which he quickly dispatches, hardly even breaking his stride…er… bounce.

Soon enough the bouncing brings him face to face with /her/. He lays the herdbeast down as a gift in front of her, « For you my lovely, my princess, my heart’s desire.» The gift having been delivered he moves closer to the object of his affection. He doesn’t touch her. Oh not yet! Instead he reaches out to her mentally peppering her with sweet nothings as if they were gentle caressing nuzzles and kisses, «Today we shall sail the skies of love.» He lingers on the word love, drawing it out to an almost absurd length, « For you I would fly the length of Pern, my gloriously shining lady love.» He once again lingers on that last word.

The blue stands before almost vibrating from the energy that seems to be flowing inexhaustibly from inside of himself. His tail begins to swing from side to side, followed by his hips, and then his whole body as he begins to dance before her. The green could likely hear the sound of a single violin playing a soft romantic melody gently in the background, «Will you join me in a dance?» he asks her as his brow ridges waggle gently up and down. His eyes swirl in desire as he lets the dance take him closer and closer, «A dance of passion, a dance of romance, a dance of love…» He once again drawls, «…that will sweep through the ages and carry us both to paradise.» He continues to sway and as nimbly as a dragon can spin. He very carefully sweeps his wings and tail over her head, though some of the other males present don’t appear to be quite as lucky as he unintentionally whacks them. The indignant males cries are not even noticed as Jaicoureth, the soul of confidence and focus, continues to woo his lady.

Finally he can wait no longer, he moves in closer wrapping his wing around her tightly, « Now that we have concluded the pleasantries.» he says pressing his muzzle to her neck in dragon kisses. Anyone within hearing distance of the pair could almost hear the blue making exaggerated ‘Mwah, Mwah.’ kissing noises as he does this. «You smell like the finest oil.» Mwah, «And taste like the freshest of kills» Mwah. «Your voice…the sweetest melody.» Mwah. «Ahh Cherie it is love…love…love.» Mwah, mwah, mwah. He cries punctuating each ‘love’ with a kiss.

The blue is also completely oblivious of the green squirming to escape his hold. He continues to nuzzle, and kiss, and whisper sweet nothings through her mind, all the while the violin playing a sickly sweet melody in the background. He continues to shift his wing and reclaim her each time she almost escapes. Finally she can take it no more and smacks him with her own glorious wings that she unfurls. For a moment Jaicoureth’s head sways gently from side to side, you could almost see the ring of stars floating around it. The other males gathered can only gawk as the blue lets out a wide smile, «What a woman ay?» he says before he collapses in a heap.

He is only down for a moment though before he opens his eyes to see his lady love taking flight. As smoothly and suavely as he can he gets to his feet shaking his head, «Oh no no no…my Cherie…you cannot escape that easily. No.” He takes a few silly hops and joins her and the others in the air. He gracefully soars after her, «Ahh my sky sailor of love. Come to me. For when the angels balalaika’s strum the sweet song of love…we must mambo!» he shouts out once more shaking his butt for all its worth, which is really unfortunate for the two males that had taken up positions directly behind and to his sides. Both find themselves with a tail to the side of the face. Smack smack! As they begin to glide back to the ground apparently fed up. Jaicoureth would never willfully harm another soul its true, but he does call down to them, « My apologies….but all is fair in ze game of love oui?»

If they think yes or no he doesn’t give them any further thought. The chase is on and it’s time for him to bring the dance to its conclusion. As they shoot through the sky he puts on a burst of speed and tilts so he is flying upside down. With each beat of his wings he brings himself closer and closer and in a move that is either smart of stupid he puts himself a distance in front of her and opens his front legs wide as if to catch her in a embrace, «Come to me my petite pudding pie.» he drawls out, but it’s not to be.

The green dragon shifts to avoid the collision and is shooting across the sky in the opposite direction leaving the blue hanging in the sky for a moment, « What a wily female she is…» he once more waggles his brow ridges. He quickly begins to flap his wings again lest he fall from the sky and observes the chase continuing.

He disappears *between* and reappears with a *pop* in front of her striking a pose,« There is no need to fly away Cherie…» But fly away the green does, nearly knocking the other chasers that were behind her out of the sky.« Such fire!» he calls out, «…such passion.» he says almost giddy. Once more he disappears *between* and just as before reappears in front of her, intersecting her flight path once more. He stretches his wings to their full wingspan, letting the light dance upon his deep blue hide,« Please my love do not make me wait any longer!»

Everywhere she turns he seems to be there, each time expressing his tender affections. As the flight wears on to its conclusion she shoots upward and upward. She has lead them all on a merry chase, but the show that had to go on, must reach its end, and in this case it must end in the embrace of one of the remaining chasers. Those few who could stomach all of her daring acrobatics are still in the chase. But it grows obvious that those strong, beautiful wings, are beginning to tire. Each tiring beat crying out, ‘That’s all folks’.

Still in the pack the blue can sense the impending end. This is the moment! He calls out to her, losing that over the top tone, «Moncerath. My ledgemate, dearest green of my heart, my song, let me catch you, for you know that I do love you!» He opens his mind and his heart to her mind. Baring his soul to her so that she can feel the warm rays of love that radiate outward her, «Moncerath! I love you!» he cries as he makes his final move toward her, reaching out toward her to try to catch her as he closes in, hoping to share an embrace and a song…a love song of course.


Chaser 4> Dremkoth is there amongst the pack and though he's giving it his all, he appears to be… bounding. Bounding and leaping like a zephyr set free… Ohwait! Wrong movie reference! He's flying (yes of course he is because if he weren't… well. Let's not think about that). ANYWAY! The bronze's wingbeats appear almost jaunty, causing him to risefallrisefall in a bouncy flair that give the illusion of skipping through the air in the wake of the lovely madeline leading the pack. He draws nearer… oh and please mind not that stench. It's totally not HIS fault that he scared one of the herdbeast shitless (literally!) when snagging it. So yeah, his hide is bronze… and brown. HE smells nothing amiss! And it's nothing that love (looooots of it) and a dip in the lake won't cure, eh? And who is that glowing green he pursues? He's never met her, doesn't know her name, but who cares? He knows the language of love! His night skies are twinkling with bright pinpoints of enthusiastic starlight (maybe even fireworks, if things pan out as he hopes) shared with the moonlight that is Moncerath's night-dark sea. (that's right moonlight. Because herdbeasts were intimately involved with this endeavor, okay?!) « Heyyyyy Lady, Feminine, Female, Girl! Everyone should have a hobby, don't you think Cherie? Mine is making love! » What? He's a guy, she's a girl. They have much in common! (That sounded better in Dremkoth's head, trust me)


OOC: The winner is Jaicoureth and was chosen by my RL hubby's laughs when he read the poses. Thanks again to the awesome dragons that gave chase to Moncerath this time around!

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