Sand Weyr sculpting! ( Candidate Project)

Xanadu Weyr-Beach
The unerring range of subdued white rises and falls in a multitude of sandy dunes, creating an endless amount of tiny valleys constantly demolished and rebuilt by the frequent arrival or departure of a dragon. Smoothing out as it slopes gently to the edge of the deep blue water, the sand darkens and a shell here and there stands out for children to collect. The beach itself is set along a low cliff - the height lessoning as one heads eastwards, blocking a portion of the beach from direct access.
The wide wide stretch of water opens up to the east, the far distant shore way beyond the horizon and the beach curves ever so slowly round to east and west, distant arms of land embracing the wind-ruffled Caspian Lake. East leads up to the mouth of the Rubicon River, where the protecting cliff is merely an arms length higher then the sand, and beyond that, a winding road leading out of Xanadu's territory. Westwards, the beach narrows as the cliff swings out, leaving a path wide enough for dragons in single file before cutting in to the sheltered cove designated the Weyrling Beach. However, cut in the cliff face to the north are a variety of rough, wide staircases, providing access to the clearing and to the meadow.

The centerpiece of the beach is clearly the large sand sculpted wall that goes along the top of the beach for nearly a dragonlength in distance. It's carefully crafted and detailed indicates several candle marks at least have been put into creating it. It's meant to be the backdrop for the sculpting done tonight. The theme is of course, Xanadu weyr, the letters carefully carved into the center of the wall. The sand under and around the wall has been cleaned up from any loose debris and raked into a neat pattern for a large working area meant for many people to be able to work without crowding. Buckets of water are placed on either end of the wall to aid the sculpting process. The sculpting area is set up a fair distance to ensure no water will come up any time soon to wreck the sculpture.
        Some distant away from the wall are two tables set up with fruits, sweets, and various other finger foods for snacking on; including fire lizard friendly snacks. Pitchers of juice have been set up along with a pitcher of ale. A large bonfire is also present with several large logs pulled over to circle it to give a place to sit and chat with friends while enjoying the warmth of the fire.

With the fire lit ( finally), Mikal stands and looks around. Seems like a bunch of people are here so may as well officially start this thing? We'll put the time frame as just before dusk so the sun is low in the sky but not yet down. He pauses a moment to comment to Soriana. "I bet the musical thing will be fun." With that said Mikal moves to stand upon a tall rock near the bonfire. "Tonight's party is simply about working together to create something fun! There are no rules to the sculpting except for it has to be a building, person or dragon found within Xanadu Weyr. By working together I know we can create something that looks really cool! I've gotten out some refreshments." he indicates the fruits, sweets and various other finger foods on the tables for snacking on as well as some of your basic drinks, mostly juice with a pitcher of ale included. And with that he hops down and heads over towards the sandy wall he made. "So have fun!" is his final words.

Muir glances thoughtfully at Mikal. "Green? I guess it's possible…" But he grimaces a bit at the idea of green for himself. "Yeah, I know," he says, but his crooked grin takes (some) of the cockiness out of it. Glancing at Hotaru, his brown eyes focus on Soriana when she explains. "Oh yeah, that thing. I can't sing real good but I can whistle."


Hotaru dusts her hands off and heads over to the snack tables to help herself. "A dragon would be pretty hard to sculpt. If we were gonna do a real big one. Ooh, we could do the whole sands! With both golds and all the egg bumps." Hotaru was mostly trying to get a rise out of Mikal for the green comment, but it didn't work so well. "Sounds like it'll be between Kale and Mikal for the male lead. Well, assuming there is just one."

"Heh. Maybe," Soriana says about the musical being fun. She seems… less than entirely convinced, but hey… she'll give it a try. "Whistling, okay," she says to Muir. Hmmm. Musicals with whistling. Uhhhh… quick, someone call a harper! She hmms to Hotaru. "Yeah. Uh…" Why are there no harpers to help them out? Sigh. She does grin as Mikal explains the rules of the sculpting party, though. "At least egg bumps are easy," she says. "Kinda… boring-easy, though."

Mikal kneels down in the sand. His clothes are already sandy so whats some more. "Who wants to help me work on the hatching area?" he asks. Might as well start somewhere. "Egg bumps could be good if maybe you get a stick and draw designs on?" he suggests.

"Well I," announces Kale, who arrives on the beach in time enough to hear Mikal and the ensuing comments after, "am not gonna sculpt anything boring easy. I'm going to sculpt something exciting-difficult. Two things, actually." He grins to them all, offering a wave and friendly look to his candidates in arms. "I will be sculpting … me!" He turns his head to profile and juts his chin up a bit. Total Superman, right? He grins, relaxing from his heroic stance, "And the clock tower. The tower's Xanadu's staple. It's gotta be in it."

Muir doesn't get a shot at the lead? He gives Hotaru a mildly hurt look, but is distracted as he steals a roll and stares thoughtfully at the stretch of sand. "Sure, I'll help you out," he says to Mikal, smirking over at Kale. "You think you can do yourself justice?" he teases, crouching down beside Mikal. "I can start on the egg details. I'll go find a stick and I think I remember how most of 'em look."
Since it was her idea, Hotaru finishes up her snacks and heads over to help Mikal with the sculpting of the hatching area. She grabs a shovel on her way. "We should dig out an area a little, so we have sand to use. How big should it be do you think?" Too big and they'd never be able to finish it. "You can start the dragons, Sori." Hotaru peers at Kale. "We should do the barracks, too. And you should let someone else sculpt you, Sticky."

Idrissa yawns as she is making her way on down to the sands heading towards the group that can be found in the distance, imagen that she is late. She smiles and waves to the group. "Hey guys. I finally got away." She eyes Kale and looks amused for a moment. "Your going to make yourself out of sand?" THis makes her look a bit amused.

"I don't, actually," says Kale to Muir, a pained look on his face. "I think only the master of Masters could master this masterpiece." He presses his hands to his cheeks and presses and rubs at them, as if molding himself out of clay. The grin that's left on his face when his hands drop is playful, and he joins them all at the sculpting area on the sand. "Alright, hatching arena first!" He claps his hands together and rubs his palmss. "Where do you need me?" His eyes shift to Hotaru, and he nods. "You're right. You want the honors?" Of sculpting him, that is. "Maybe not. Possible Hotaru is," he calls to Idrissa, sounding humored. Then, to all, "I can help with the barracks. Do all the cots need pillows?"

Soriana grins. "Yeah, okay, I can do the dragons," says Soriana, then pauses. "Okay, one dragon. Maybe. How big are we doing this, anyhow?" Probably not life size. Firelizard scale? Anyway, she might as well get started, so she goes and finds a good spot to begin pushing sand together.

Mikal bobs his head in agreement to Hotaru. "Not too big. To scale I guess to match the wall." he gestures to the already built wall that serves as a back drop." he's already getting started with the basic shape. "Barracks too." he agrees. "And people would be good." he is so agreeable tonight as he also agrees to Kale's offer to do himself. "Though only smaller." we aint looking at life-sized here! More like…yeah, fire lizard scale. Speaking of those pests, his pair are playing happily in the water.

Muir glances up and grins at Idrissa, offering a wave. "Hey! How're you feeling?" Shifting a bit, he stands up to let Hotaru dig, if she's going to dig. "Yeah, I'd agree with that," he says to Kale, his expression carefully schooled and serious. "I wish I could do you justice but I'm sure I'd not even come close to the…chiseled…masculinity that is you." Shifting his weight a bit, he looks around and then to Mikal. "So should I do detailing on the eggs? Or help elsewhere?"

Idrissa chuckles softly while he moves to settle down wherever Soriana happens to be, an curiously watches what is going on. Hearing Muir she looks over with a smile and waves to him. "Hey Muir. I'm doing better, just sort of sore anymore. How you doing?"

Muir said he couldn't sing! Or was the lead a whistling part? They were just trying to sort out who could sing and wasn't too shy to do so. Hotaru waves to Idrissa. "Hey, Rissa." Hotaru grins at Kale. "You want -me- to sculpt you? Are you sure?" She laughs. She digs! She dig-dig-dig-dig-dig-dig-digs the whole day through! Or at least until she's got a nice outline of the hatching caverns. And there's a nice pile of sand with which to start sculpting dragons. "Here we go. That's big enough, right?" She kneels down to smooth it out, then gets out of the way. "I'll make a spot for the barracks over here I guess?"

"They're okay with you being on the beach?" Soriana asks Idrissa. "Not worried about sand and… stuff?" Especially the stuff. Stuff is downright dangerous! She mounds together some sand, making a lump. Okay, a lump with a tail, that's totally a tail, she promises. She just grins at the talk of sculpt-a-Kale. "Besides, shouldn't Kales last the ages? Like… made outta bronze or something. Then all the future generations can have an example of … uh … Kale."

Kale considers Muir and nods solemnly. Total chiseled masculinity, right here! "S'a shame then. All this.." he gestures to his face, "will be lost to Pern when I'm an old, ancient, withered man." Blue eyes sweep to Hotaru, and he grins largely. "But I've got faith in Hotaru. She can do the incapable. The impossible. The insurmountable task!" He follows after the said Candidate, since he's doing the barracks and she's obviously the one laying out the groundworks. "That'll be my senior project, Soriana. My gift to Xanadu." He smiles to Idrissa, glad she's here and able to enjoy the fun! And food. And .. mmm, ale.

Mikal pats some sand down, working on walls it seems. He /is/ the master sculptor, yes? "Oh yes, detailing on the eggs will be fine…and making the eggs too." he adds. "What will be your senior project?" he asks of Kale, clearly having missed some of the conversation being held. "Oh and I can sing." to prove it he hums a bit and starts in on a fun drinking song. He can sing! Just not on-key.

Muir grins, "Doing just fine, thanks. Glad you're alright. Let me know if you want anything from the refreshment table okay?" he offers, like the gentleman that he is. Then he snorts a laugh at Soriana. "Bronze, or diamond. Totally diamond. On the Star Stones. To catch the light and shoot it in a million directions so everyone can feel blessed by Kale's Light." Nodding to Mikal, he kneels carefully and begins to sculpt the eggs. "We should make that wher, too, on the sands," he adds. When Mikal starts singing, Muir jumps in with a jaunty whistling tune, but he soon stops and grimaces. "Hey. You're a bit off." And he whistles the tune on key. Helping!

Idrissa hums and shrugs to Soriana. "Why wouldn't they be? Not like I have any open wounds." The bandage is off her arm, which holds some long scrapes from her fall to the ground so its not like it was bad. She's gotten worse cutting up stuff at the stables really. She smiles and waves to Hotaru. "Hey Hotaru." She looks back over to Muir and nods with a smile. "Thanks Muir. I will."
Hotaru peers at Sori. "Why can't Rissa be on the beach?" Was she in danger of getting sand in some open wound or something?" Hotaru snickers. "Kale can leave his own legacy. In the form of a Kaiana or a Rissale." She peers at Kale. "Uh. I'm flattered by your confidence in me." She looks at Mikal. "I think he means a bronze scupture of himself will be his senior project." There's a nose-wrinkle at the whistling and the singing. Oi vey, this was going to be some musical! "Alright this should be big enough for the barracks. I'll start making cots. Should I put Kale and Soriana on Idrissa's cot?"

Ooh, bronze sculpture. That makes more sense. Somewhat. Mikal furrows his brows briefl but simply nods at that. "Sounds like a good project." he says politely. He's done with the hatching grounds. "You can add eggs in there now." he informs Muir. The galleries are started though he pauses to see how well Hotaru is doing on the barracks. "Naw, you cn't put all three on one cot." he points out. "We aint making this /that/ big. Just do empty cots. And maybe some trunks."

Kale scoffs at Muir. "I don't work with diamonds," By choice, not by craft! Jewelry is sooo the women's branch of smithing, "though … it would be a bit eye-catching, wouldn't it?" Hm! He smirks, looking at Mikal now. "A bronze sculpture of myself," he confirms on Hotaru's coattails. "Silver has a more reflective surface, though. Aluminum would work as well, but it's pretty damn soft and wouldn't last as long as somethin' so amazing should. Actually… if we're talking longevity and lustre, then.." Uh oh. Smith tangent! So much so that he misses reference of any *ha!* future spawn. "Hey, I'm makin' the cots," he says, plopping himself near the barracks area, quirking a smirk at Hotaru's quip. "Mikal's right. Not enough room at all." His attention is taken by humming and whistling, and he eyes the other boys. "This is the laundry room all over again, isn't it?"

"I dunno, Rissa, maybe you like… did something!" Soriana shrugs, then laughs to Muir! "You're right. Definitely has to be diamond," she says, then grins as Kale denies it, just giving Muir a knowing look as the smither starts going off into smithland. She, at least, does not miss Hotaru's comment, though she has to give Mikal a dubious look of her own first. He's kinda taking himself off the 'male lead' list for that play. And it wasn't a very big list to begin with. However! "Noooo. Also, Rissale sounds like something you throw at someone. Also also, no." A pause. "You may, however, put us on the cot." She beams innocently (not) and pretends she's not looking for Idrissa's reaction.

Muir smiles at Idrissa, getting up to go get a bucket of water. Returning, he dampens his hand to shape the eggs, patting them until they're holding together nicely like Mikal has asked him to. Then his pocket knife is used to start etching in the details, the Candidate taking his time at it. Though he snorts at Hotaru's mention of Kaiana and Rissale, nose wrinkling and shooting Kale a /look/. "Maybe bronze with gems for eyes or something," he says casually, covering his stare. Glancing at Soriana, he smirks and shakes his head, his focus returning to the eggs.

Idrissa just blinks as she hears Hotaru and eyes the girl a moment before her gaze flicks around to the others. She's blushing but hey what do you expect after something like that? She clears her throat and shakes her head. A hand lifts to cover her eyes a moment. "Rissale?" Is questioned with a worried tone.

Hotaru chuckles at Mikal. "Sure I could. If I stacked them on top of each other." She says about stuffing three people onto a cot. "Wouldn't diamonds hold up a lot longer?" Then he goes on some smithing tangent and Hotaru's eyes glaze over. Where to even start there? Hotaru is sure Idrissa will be the most embarrassed about her calling out future spawn anyways. "Fine fine. I'll start on people then, I guess." How does one even make a sand-person? Hotaru snickers. "Hopefully without all the underwear and blue dragons though." There's a blinks at Soriana and she laughs. "Rissale sounds like something you throw at people? What kind of something? How about… Idrale? Or… Kissa?" There is much giggling at this last suggestion.

Mikal goes back to singing though despite Muir's efforts to being him on-key he continues to sing off-key,. Not too painfully bad but yeah…he's no harper. So it's a good thing he joined the healers it seems. They aren't required to sing to their patients. So he sings while he works, listening to the various conversations about things such as life sized statues and who should be placed on whose cot. It's the observation level that he takes so much time on, wrapping around the hatching sands with the eggs that Muir works on. This is going to be so cool looking when it is done! His own pocket knife is out to aid in the details of the seating. "Idrale? Rissale?" his singing pauses and he furrows his brow. He really needs to stop listening to only part of this conversation. And since it seems it's Hotaru's part he's listening to the most he really is confused.

Kale beams as cot making is now his project. Hooray! Making little beds can't be all that hard, right? So he gets to it, using that bucket of water to wet down some and and make little rectangles. Hm. No, those are rounded squares. He eyes them with a critiquing eye, then tries again. Now, they're bigger squares with rounded edges! "Metalwork is easier than this…" he muses as he squashes the cot to start over on it. He focuses enough to catch 'Kissa', and he quirks a brow while glancing from face to face. Like Mikal, he's missed something! "Kiss a what?"

Soriana is, at least, not blushing. Just denying everything! And… working on a sand-dragon. It's not quite in the right scale to match the sands, being a bit too large, but oh well. Also, she's arguing names. At least, arguing one of the names. The safe one, because it doesn't imply she had the baby. "It totally does," she says of Rissale. "It's like… the Rissale Miss-aile." Pause. That didn't rhyme nearly as well as she thought, unless she does the funny accent. Don't let her write this musical. And don't let Mikal sing in it. "Or maybe it's more like part of a ship. The foresail and midsail and Rissale?" Or… Kissa! She laughs! "Kissa Crestwood!"

Muir ducks his head down a bit more, focusing /intently/ on the eggs when blue dragon underwear is brought up. And then grimaces when Mikal starts singing, pushing himself to his feet. "Ale?" he asks, a bit more loudly than intended. Regardless of the answers, he's off to the tables to find some booze. They're allowed to have booze tonight? "They're naming your future kids!" he hollers over his shoulder.
Idrissa chews on her lip a moment looking rather confused, and very unsure what to say it would seem. A glance is sent towards Soriana. "Really… Do you have to help out with this?" She smirks. "Kissa…?" A soft oy escapes her. "What about Soriale, or Soale, or Soile?" There's her two cents into the mess.

Hotaru must be loud and distracting, which is why Mikal is only listening to her part. She's like that one annoying person in class who is always talking about things that aren't related. "Kissa. I'm suggesting names for you and Idrissa's offspring. Soriana didn't like my initial idea." Which she can no longer remember. She laughs at Soriana's ideas. "Kissa. How cute it would be to have a tiny Kissa." Hotaru gets up for some water to harden up the sand well enough to shape it into people. Most are coming out looking like generic gingerbread men, made of sand. "Soile!" It sounds more like 'soil-y'.
"…and when they lifted up his skirt they tied a ribbon round his…." Mikal's words cut off in a surprise yelp as he nearly pitches forward. "Not my kids!" he hollers back to Kale. "I aint having no kids." there /is/ ale on the table. Deciding that a break is in order and perhaps it's also a good time to be not so near females right now, he stands and trots over to the tables. He's distracted by the bonfire though as it's starting to go low so he tosses some wood on it to bring it back up.

Kissa Whonow? An uncomprehending look is given to Soriana from Kale. "I don't have any sisters. You know that. An' the twins?" His nieces. "Neither've their names are Kissa. Remember? Y'met them. It was turns ago but…" Wait. He pauses, perhaps first at the mentioning of 'ale' but definitely because of Muir's outcry. They're doing what? … Whhhhyyyy? He pauses, having finished one successful little sand cot in the barracks, looking from one feminine face to the next bewilderedly. They've obviously been drinking before he arrived. "You lot are weird when you're together." And, like the others of the male gender, he flees the situation! Yup, time for some of that aforementioned ale. He joins Muir and Mikal, giving them A Look as he pours himself a frothy drink. "Not gonna even ask how that got started."

"It just sounds weird, that's all. I was just saying it sounded weird," Soriana says to Idrissa with a shrug, then makes a face. "No, not Soil-y. Because his," she points at Kale, "-name is not Sticky. Therefore, there will be no kid named Soil-y. Also, I'm not having one, so you can all stop planning out that set of names." Idrissa's, on the other hand… well, she didn't say no, did she? Not as such…

Muir pours a drink for Mikal and holds it out to him before he gets one for himself. "I don't want to know," he says with a grimace, shaking his head as he takes a slow sip of the beverage and glances briefly back at the girls. "You sure we won't get in trouble for this?" he asks Mikal, though includes Kale in that question as well. Even though he's already put the forbidden liquid to his lips, and it is SO GOOD.

Idrissa lets her arms fold in front of her while eyeing the lot of them. A glance turns to Soriana and she lifts a brow. "Right, an who said I /was/?" She questions with a curious tone. Hearing Kale she looks back to him. "Oh please, you know that your enjoying it."

Hotaru blinks at Mikal. "What are you singing?" She laughs at Mikal. "I thought you wanted to be a rider? Generally the men end up with kids. Flights and all that." Hotaru laughs at Kale. Really it was mostly Hotaru and Soriana. Hotaru is probably the catalyst there. "Hey Soil-y was Idrissa's suggestion. And I think that came from your name. Sori-Kale." So far she is left out of the naming fun. The boys have retreated. "Kale won't stand up." She says about her sand-person. "I'm going to have to make him bigger, or give him a third leg."

Mikal brushes sand off his hands onto his shorts before taking the offered glass. "Thanks." his head shakes. "Pretty sure it's all a girl thing." which means he's not going to understand. "Naw, I asked around. I think they said we could drink?" Maybe. "Or at least not get drunk. Besides it's only one pitcher. Kale seemed to want it so I made sure we got some. My foster mum sent it down with the stuff." yay for connections in the kitchen. Again. "Course I want to be a rider." he calls over to Hotaru. "I agreed to Stand didn't I? Yeah…it doesn't mean I'll automatically get kids!" yeah. Tht's his story. He withdraws once more from that conversation and instead grabs some food. "So what do you think of that play we gotta put on?" he asks of Muir.

"Nope," Kale says in answer to Muir, grinning as he lifts his cup. "Not sure we won't get in trouble at all. I don't know all the rules. But, one of them," a gesture to the girls, "told me once that it was all right as long as one doesn't get piss-faced. So," he toasts, "here's stayin' below the line of "piss-faced" an' hoverin' just around "feelin' good"." Cheers! He takes a couple of blissful swallows, his ears selectively deaf to the girls banter as he listens to Mikal, grinning as he notes the addition of ale was because of him. "Hey, thanks for that." But then… Play? … Oooh yeah, he heard of that! "A .. singing play, isn't it?"

Hotaru is definitely the catalyst. Also the match for the explosive thing, because… Soriana, as she's said, is not having kids. So there. She continues working on her dragon. "Give him an anvil," she advises Hotaru. "He can be working at the forge and leaning on it." And not making babies.

Muir takes a slow pull of the liquid, sighing gratefully and lifting his mug in reply to Kale's toast. "Well, thank your foster mom for us," he says whole heartedly to Mikal. "Did she send soup?" he can't help but ask, grin crooked. "The play thing? I figure someone'll tell me what to do and I'll do it." His shrug shows he's clearly not that excited about it, but willing to go along with whatever.

Idrissa oh snow it is talks of the play? She lifts her head and blinks a few times. "Hey.. When is this play going to be anyway?" She's heard some stuff though hasn't paid that much attention to it up until now it would seem.

Hotaru just chuckles at Mikal. "Whatever you say, lover-boy." Hotaru gets to work building a little mini-forge around mini-Kale with mini-tools and a mini anvil that she can use as a brace for him. "Good idea. I'll make him muscley. Idrissa says he's muscley." Hotaru's tongue lolls out of her mouth as she works to get Kale looking somewhat human. "I dunno. Whenever you learn your parts Rissa. You're the leading lady."

No soup for you! Or anyone actually. Mikal does laugh though cause seriously he does love his soup. As the play topic comes back up he cants his head in thought. Well…seems to be safe enough to discuss it really since the beach party is mostly made up of candidates anyways! "I dunno…who's in charge of that anyway?" he wonders. "And can the fire lizards join in with us? They do make good music!" sort of. It's loud anyway. He munches contently on from fruit. That would be his second favorite food. Lots of fruits. OF course we're not counting sweets cause naturally they are a whole list within their own rights.

Kale's selective hearing zeroes in on Hotaru. Or maybe it's a sixth sense. She is sculpting him, afterall! "Idrissa says? You mean you said," he quips with a grin. "You called me muscle man first time we met." In pajama pants, but he'll leave that bit out. "Apparently, it's been engraved in your miiiind," is teased in a sing-songy voice, complete with a snicker afterward. He does get a look at her sand scene though and looks pleased with the surrounings, despite sand-Kale's goblin like appearance. Is that an anvil? Hotaru has passed the test! "Is there a smith in this play? I can be the smith," he volunteers. As for who is in charge, he shrugs, having no idea. "Weyrlingmasters, I guess?" he asks, content enough with his drink to not touch the food yet.

Devarn walks down the sands, only looking to be in a slight hurry, even if he's missed a good portion of the party. He looks around, taking in the festivities. "Hey, everyone!" he calls out with a grin and a wave. Once he's within speaking distance, he asks, "How're you all doing?" Somehow ignoring the food, or maybe he didn't see it, he makes a beeline for the mini-Weyr and strolls around it, taking it in. "Looks like everything's coming together nicely! You wouldn't mind some help, would you?" he asks of the group currently sculpting.

Muir sips his ale contentedly. "I have no idea who is in charge. Maybe we have to do it? Like a team building thing?"

"Uh, I dunno. I'm not scheduling that!" says Soriana with a grin about the play's timing, then grins to Mikal. "Yes! The firelizards should totally join us! That's a great idea." Of course she's all about it. It'll be proof that her ill-fated class (and those chores to the harpers) were not in vain. The firelizard orchestra will have its reunion tour! "Yeah, you're being the male lead," she informs Kale. On account of he's the only one who she actually believes is capable of singing at this point. Assuming there is a male lead. Deeeeetails. She glances up at Devarn, and waves to him before returning to her sand dragon.

Idrissa blinks and looks to Hotaru once more. "Wait… I'm /what/?" This questioned with an unsure tone. "Since when did I get /that/ part?" Someone voted and she didn't know about it! A hand lifts and she scratches at her neck a few times while her gaze flicks away, cheeks flushing. "Yes..well… Cause he is Hotaru." There, enough to that, right? Sure! "What… Are we doing n the play?" Ya she missed that too it seems. A glance is sent to Soriana eyeing her friend.

Zahleizjah isn't far behind Dev, hustling out to the beach after a long day of craft studies and chores. She looks a little flush, maybe it's just from the trot over, or maybe her cheeks and eyes are red for other reasons unknown. A few wild locks are pulled back and twisted around before being secured with a leather cord in some sort of side lying messy bun. Large amber orbits flicker with the bonfire as she approaches, forcing a smile because it's way better than greeting a party with a frown. "Hey guys!" is said as she's close enough "These sculptures are amazing so far! Great job.." she says in reference to the sculpted wall with eggs, galleries and barracks. The Starcrafter will approach the group of ladies, smiling and waving at the gents chatting nearby as she closes in on sculpting group. "Is that.. Kale you're sculpting?" She'll ask Hotaru before turning to greet Idrissa and Soriana.

Hotaru turns to peer at Kale. "Did I? I thought I called you Sticky, Sticky. Idrissa said it to me the other day!" Well, not outright. Hotaru inferred it. "Also, you are weird. We're going to make you the harper in the play. Is there a harper in the play?" Suddenly her firelizard pops out from between with a little roll of paper that he drops in her lap. She opens it up and moves so she can get enough light to read it. Then sighs. "Dangit. I gotta go. There's some sort of emergency in the kitchens. You can take my place." She says to Devarn. "I'm making people." Hotaru pats Idrissa on her way out. "You're the lead. We needed someone super cute and sweet for it. Anyways, we need some sculptures of the weyrleaders. Maybe Thea chewing out A'dmar… Oh yes, this is Kale." She confirms for Zah. "You can finish him." With that, she wanders off back towards the weyr-proper.

Devarn waves at Hotaru, but politely declines the offer to continue making people. He's got his own idea, and he's grinning thinking about it. He gets down on one knee beside the sculpture and starts making his idea a reality. Hands scraping and pressing the sand into a miniature version of the beach outside the Weyr, complete with mini-mini-Weyr! Of course, it's not very detailed, but the artist in him sees to it that it's recognizable enough.

Finishing off both food and drink in hand, Mikal spares a glance for the bonfire but it seems to be burning brightly. A few candidates are seated on the logs around it but most are still working on the sculpture. Returning to it he scoots little bit down to start on another cluster of buildings. As it starts to take shape and also judging from the distance it is from the hatching caverns it seems he's starting on the main caverns. He's working on on little tables and a fireplace.

Kale is the lead if there's a lead? And this lead is apparently…a harper? Who in the world is making these executive decisions without consulting his agent?? "Can't I just be like, a tree or something? The rock on the side of the road? I think I'd possibly make a very good bush as well," he suggests with a solemn nod. As for his singing prowess .. Well. He can strum a guitar well enough. Perhaps his voice can hold its own? Or maybe it's nails on chalkboard! Hotaru is given a light wave as she goes, not bothering to argue Sticky vs. Muscle-Man now. "Hey Lei," he greets the incoming starcrafter, beaming. "You get to finish me! Make me amazing, alright?" Idrissa earns a smirk, and in answer to her, he flexes an arm. Oh yeah. Total muscle under that sleeve!

Kale also gives the newcomer Devarn a wave of acknowledgement! (sorry, meant to add that!)

Vo-ted? What is this strange vo-ted concept? Nobody voted here. Hotaru and Soriana have just been making declarations. Isn't that how these things work? "I dunno, we haven't written it yet," Soriana says to Idrissa's question about the play. "Probably a love story, though." Since now they have a leading man and lady. Kale had better learn to sing! Or else he'll be a disappointment to all. "Unrequited, maybe. There's tons of songs about that sort of stuff. So that works." She looks back to Hotaru. "Maybe there's a harper, I dunno. That'd make it easier for there to be singing…" Hmmm. "And it has to have a bunch of firelizards. Maybe we can put them in costume or something." She looks at Kale consideringly, then hmms. "A tree… maybe. I'll think about it." That said, she waves over to Zah, then glances back to Hotaru at the mention of an A'dmar getting chewed out before returning her attention to the starcraft-candi. "Hey, c'mon over," she says in the tone that's extra cheerful because she's doing it deliberately, in addition to just being cheerful. "I'm making a dragon, you can help."

Muir lifts his mug to greet Zahleizjah and Devarn. "Hey," he calls to them, before taking another sip and eying the pitcher. Wondering perhaps if he could refill his mug now or if he should leave the rest for the others. Probably leave it. But still. ALE. He watches Mikal go and eyes the sculpture, pondering it. Then he's laughing softly at Kale, shaking his head and sipping his drink once more. "I'm gonna finish the eggs," he murmurs to Kale, taking his drink with him as he returns to the sculpture and sets to sculpting more eggs, etching their features onto the sandy orbs with the point of his knife. "What am I going to do in the play?" he asks of Soriana. Make a declaration about him!

Idrissa pales at the idea of this and swallows while just peering at Soriana. "A love story… An…. I'm one of the lead's?" Really, do you want to make her pass out because this is possible telling her this guys. She clears her throat and shakes her head a moment. "How did I get stuck with lead anyway?" She didn't remember voting! She hears Zahle and looks over, a wave sent her way, though her mind is well, elsewhere at the moment to say the least.

Devarn waves to Zahleizjah, somehow not noticing her behind him, either. Seems he's off today. Then, staying out of this business about a play, he's right back into his work. Taking the idea from Muir, he pulls out his own knife to add details and smooth surfaces. He moves all around to different sides, getting each thing right before moving on to the next. There's the meadow, the treeline, lots to do.

Zahleizjah waves to Hotaru as she departs and says "Thanks n'seeya later on.." There's a nod and wave towards Mikal as she spots him across the fire, that redness on her cheeks making roses of her complexion as she smirk "Hey Kale.. hows it going? N'I dunno.. I wouldn't peg you to be very background scenery like.. plus you already are amazing so hopefully this mini-sand version will do you some justice. Gotta good start.." She dan't really mess this up now can she? A brow is raised Soriana's direction "A love story eh.." the distaste is unreadable, but the gal hardly thinks that true love stories exist these days. "So like a Holder's love story? Or unrequited and complicated like the usually are.. I'd definitely think that'd work! I've got three firelizards who like t'think they can sing.. getting them in costumes though.." Helping with Sori's dragon sounds like a good undertaking and she'll kneel down next to her Dragonhealing friend "Maybe after this y'can help m'do Sand-Kale some justice.." since she knows the details much better. She'll call out to Muir with a "Hey!" back, definitely feeling a bit off today.

Mikal didn't notice Devarn /or/ Zahl right away. Boo for him! However eventually her voice penetrates his concentration and he looks up from the main caverns to spy her. "Heya Zahl!" he greets cheerfully. Overly cheerful? Maybe. "Oh no!" he says a tad too loudly. "No love stories! Can't we sing about Kale attacking the Weyr or something?" that would beat any love story! He continues to add details into his main caverns as he slowly starts to add the outlines for a kitchen and an infirmary.

From further up the beach Natalya walks slowly along looking out to the water as she goes not really paying any attention to where she wanders, her attention locked on the waves and the darkness before her. Not seeming to notice the gathering on the beach.

"Sure, sure. Sign me up for whatever. Lead tree is perfect. Fallin' in love with a … bush that grows…fifteen meters away. Tragic story. The firelizards could be leaves." No one needs to ever put Kale in charge of play making, else this is what one may get! He drains the rest of his ale and eyes that pitcher, contemplating another. And contemplating turns to action as he indeed pours another drink for himself. No need to let it go to waste. Mikal's foster mom did bring it for them to consume, not stare at! Overlooking the random bouts of excessive cheer, he points to Muir, "You can be my warrior partner," he declares, wholly changing the script. "And we, as evil trees, kidnap Idrissa, the Lady of Bush Hold. And then Mikal, the townsfolk," he sweeps a hand towards Zah, Sori, and even Devarn although he isn't a Candidate, "with their trained firelizard assailants come and save the day by pulling off our poisoned leaves." Epic! "And there's singing in there. Somewhere."

Muir laughs, his melancholy pulled away by Kale's energetic storytelling. "I /love/ that story. Let's do that one," he says, looking oh-so-hopefully at Soriana. "Can we do that one? Kale and I could die tragic deaths. It'd be /awesome/." Finishing another egg he stares at it for a long moment, frowning as if it's insulted him. Then he pushes to his feet when a hollering of his name is heard. "Faranth's fork," he mutters. "Back to duties, sorry guys. I'll catch you later!" And with a wave, he drains his ale, sighs mournfully at the empty mug, and darts back towards the caverns.

Right, now Soriana needs a part for Muir. "You can be… the villain!" she says. Hey, why not? "But you've got to have a love story. Probably unrequited. I mean, y'know. Besides, Idrissa, do you really want Kale kissing Hotaru instead?" Duh! And there was no vote, remember? The suggestions from the boys get due consideration. "Okay, okay, we can have tragic deaths. And plants. Maybe… a florist. An evil florist?" Hmm. Now she's got to think about this. "And firelizards. Right. Evil plants made out of firelizards." Hmmmmm.

Idrissa glances to Kale a few moments at the talk of him possible kissing Hotaru. She would almost seem to be thinking of this, wondering if it is an idea to toy with. "Well, no I suppose not. Should kiss one of us don't you think?" Her gaze flicks to Soriana. "So what about you doing lead then?" Does this group forget that Rissa /does/ not like being the center of attention?? Her eyes widen and she eyes Kae at the talk before she falls back and looks up at the sky. "Ripley would make a great evil plant." Seems she finally given up and will play in the well…play.

Staying out of the conversation or not, Devarn can't help laughing at Kale's two versions of the proposed play, then Soriana's answer. He continues to sculpt, then sends a wave and wellwishes Muir's way as the Candidate leaves. Back to his project. He's got part of the cliff face up, but isn't quite sure on how to get the river and the lake represented correctly. He pauses, thinking, and gazing around the area for ideas.

Zahleizjah is used to going unnoticed and doesn't take it personal, calling back to Mikal with a "Hey Mikal! How are you t'day? The sand sculptures look awesome so far!" The Starcrafter isn't jumping up to be delegated in to a part, and is secretly glad the leads have already been set. "Tragic deaths and evil plants played by firelizards.. now this is starting t'sound pretty cool.." She'll pat a bit of sand on to the tail area of the 'dragon' working on the ridges and detailing the spade at the end. A soft chuckle interludes the script Kale is formulating.. yess.. yess.. her firelizards will be subjected to the embarrassment of the play. This is the perfect out for the Starcrafter as she notes to Kale "Virikas, Ztyrian and Braczek are so in!" A quick wave pairs with "See ya'later Muir!" before gaze settles on Idrissa and reassures "You'll be great 'Rissa.. m'sure of it!" She'll catch sight of Devarn here and there saying "Nice cliff wall.. maybe we can line the lake and river with some leaves and then fill em with water so it doesn't just soak right in to the sand?"

"See ya later Muir." comes Mikal's words to the departing candidate. Studiously ignoring any kissing talk he's steadily working on the next section. The main caverns done, complete with tables and a fireplace, he's working on kitchens and infirmary. "Thanks Zahl. Doesn't it look great so far?" he gestures with a hand at the work everyone's put into it. "Oh hey neat." he says as he catches sight of Devarn's work. "Great!" a thumbs up is given. "Someone should draw this when we're all done."

Nevermind what Idrissa thinks on the matter. Kale and Hotaru will likely have much fuss about Kale kissing Hotaru! As Hotaru would most likely say … D: Kale gives a conspiring look to Muir before he's called away. Don't worry, friend! With a near equal amount of boys to girls, this play can't all be love and mush. Soriana's getting the idea, and he watches her as the wheels of creativity turn in her head. Tragic deaths? Yes! Evil florist? That'll work! "Alloy does evil well," he nods, nursing his drink and grinning as Zah tosses her two in the mix as well. They definitely aren't short on firelizard actors! "Hey Idrissa, you haven't any worries. If your part is goin' around kissin' me, then that's already been rehearsed plenty." A grin. "But she makes a good point. What are you gonna do?" asked of Soriana, who hasn't assigned herself and parts, he notes. With that question hanging, he heads back to what he was supposed to be doing: Making sand cots! Complete with little trunks.

"Me?" says Soriana with a blink. "I guess I could be lead. Anyway," back to plotting, "-so we've got unrequited love, evil plantlizards, a villain, a florist… wait, were they the same person? Maybe… but there's definitely tragic deaths… yeah, I think this is definitely coming together!" She grins, waving farewell to Muir before continuing her work on the sand-dragon, nodding to each of the offers of firelizards. See? The whole barracks (worth of flits) can participate.

Idrissa shakes her head and eyes Kale a few times. "Well sure there is that. At least I wouldn't have to worry about kissing Muir or Mikal then huh?" She smirks before she lets her gaze flick over to Soriana. "So.. evil plantlizards. How do we do a play around that anyway?" She has no clue in the matter about plays. She looks over to Zahle and smiles. "Thanks, hopfully I will be alright." She isn't all that sure though. Imagine that her over thinking something.

Devarn stands up, without having finished the waterways. "Well, I'm going to go get some food." Apparently he noticed the spread at some point. Carefully stepping out of and around the sculpture, he makes his way over to the refreshments. Taking a seat, he grabs some fruit, thoroughly picked over for his favorites, it seems.

Zahleizjah lets out a bit of a chuckle as Kale states the obvious regarding Idrissa's familiarity with Kale smooching. She continues working down the tail of the sand dragon, smoothing down here, definitely knobs there.. tails are much easier to make than Kales. Zahl is glad no on is asking what she's gonna do, and watches as Soriana considers a leading role. "I bet there could be two villians? Maybe one is some kinda doctor and the other is big mean-green-mama of an evil plant being? I'm sure we could find at least one green dragon who'd like being in the spotlight like that? I dunno.. justa thought.." She's really not good at the whole playwriting thing either and smiles Mikal's direction. "It's really a sight to see.. capturing forever would be nice. Y'know. I've a friend from Eastern has this weird contraption.. a picture taker or something? Carmera or something? Anyway I could have him take a snap shot when it's all done if you'd like?" A reassuring smile is given to Idrissa, knowing not much can be said as she'd be just a clammy in that situation.

Mikal stands,finished with the main caverns and several rooms off of said caverns; stretching his arms out over his head. Twisting his back results in several muffled pops racing up his spine. "Now that would be neat, Zahl!" he says excitedly to her as he steps over to closer inspect the dragon she's working on. "Nice." he compliments with a bright smile. "I think though I'm going to help clean up a bit….glad this was a good turnout and success." he looks over the sculpture in progress that will surely be finished up tonight by pcs and npcs alike.

The spotlight is not off you yet, Zahleizjah. If Kale is going to be in this thing, he's going to make sure everyone else is too! Soriana may be the lead female. Or Idrissa. Or whoever else is keen on the role. "An' you, Zah? Who're you going to be? The evil doctor type?" he asks over to the girl, squatting on the sand to finish up another row of cots. Uniform, they are not. But hey, at least he finally mastered rectangles! Apparently all he needed was a drink or two. And now he moves on to his second and final project: The clock tower! He begins to wet sand, still listening and perking at something that he says. "A camera? Hey, there was a girl here who had one of those once. A techcrafter. Can't remember her name, but I don't think she's here anymore." Too bad! She could've taken a snapshot. To Devarn, he grins. "Hey, who are you anyway?" he calls, recognizing his face from the hustle and bustle of weyrfolk, but not knowing his name.

Idrissa half listens in on the conversations of the others, though she is soon dozing on off. As if that is anything new, Kale and Soriana know she has issues about just falling asleep if she's to tired from working. Out on the beach she is rather content to get a quick nap in, which also means she isn't going to offer up to much to the talk on this so callled 'play'. Which is alright with her, truely.

"Well, unless the bad guy gets a kiss too," says Soriana. But… there's only so many kisses you can get to fly around boys, so maybe not. As for how to do a play around it, she says, "Oh, we'll work it out!" Translation: she doesn't know either, but she's not going to let that stop her. "Ooh, yeah," she says to Zah. "We can totally have an evil plant, like, as a character, not just the lizards. It can't be a dragon, though. I've been in that theatre, a dragon isn't gonna be able to fit down there. So it's gotta just be someone else in costume." Soriana will definitely be a part of this thing. She just doesn't know where yet! Or… what the plot is. Details! It involves tragic death, good enough.

Devarn looks up, mouth full of a random fruit he wasn't sure of the name of. Good, though. He swallows, clears his throat, and walks over to Kale. Extending his empty hand, he leans down and properly intriduces himself. "I'm sorry, I kinda just barged in, here. Name's Devarn, y'can call me Dev. You're Kale, right?"

Zahleizjah puts both hands up and says to Mikal "It was all Soriana.. she's the arteest I just helped with the tail, but thanks and I'll make sure to have the photograph or whatever it's called sent to you once it's processed." A few more pats of the smooth sand and she's looking at the half finished Kale sculpture, just in time for real-Kale's attentions to turn on her. "Oh me? I umm.." there's a shrug and she says "Well.. sure??" She's reluctant, but it's actually found to be suiting in some ways, minus the whole having to sing and put on a show part of it. "I suppose a dragon in the theater definitely wouldn't fit, not even if it was just gigantic dragon head.. and an evil plant as a character definitely sounds fun! Maybe that'd be more my speed.. no kissing scenes.." she says softly. "Oh shells.. 'scuse me. I forgot t'deliver a viewer to the Observatory. See you two at the barracks.." is said to fellow Candidates, with a soft pat on Idrissa's shoulder in her narcoleptic state. A head bows to Devarn, eyes quick to look away as she scampers off, the name is stored if she should ever run in to the tall green eyed gent again.

"Right," Kale answers to Devarn, giving his sandy hand a swipe against the side of his trousers before extending it to shake his. "Well met, Devarn. Dev," he corrects, smirking as he pulls his hand back. "Sandcraftyer, are you? You're pretty good with a knife," is complimented to him, apparently having noticed his work! The clocktower is coming along, looking like a tall, cylinder-esque protrusion in the sand at the moment. He glances over to Idrissa, noticing her asleep. His head is given a shake while a smirk tugs at his lips. Looks like someone will be dragged back to the barracks. Zahleizjah's departure is noted and he waves to her. "See you later evil doctor Lei," he offers in her wake, smirking. Eyes shift to Soriana. "…We're really doin' this, aren't we? Firelizards, evil plants, and all?"

Devarn waves goodbye to Zahleizjah, calling a goodnight after her. Turning back to Kale, he grins. "Thanks. You're not too bad at this sculpting business, yourself. We've gotten a lot completed already, too." He munches on the unknown fruit again, standing and admiring the unfinished sand-Weyr.

Soriana laughs to Zah. "I'm no artist. I just stare at pictures of dragons all day in classes, I gotta be able to at least vaguely copy them from time to time." She grins. "Okay, no kissing scenes for you," she tells the starcrafter, then waves as she runs off again, turning back to Kale and… Devarn? "Heya," she says, giving him a wave. "I'm Soriana." That done, she looks back to Kale and laughs. "Sure. I mean, why not? It sounds fun."

Kale laughs a little as he gazes at his clocktower, which isn't the best representation of the building, but .. he tried! And he still got a compliment! "Ha, thanks. If this was a serious contest, I wouldnt've touched a thing.. But I gotta say," he continues, peering at the mini sand version of himself, "even unfinished, that looks pretty ogod. Now that's a handsome guy…" He pauses to draw a clock face in the sand tower, using the tip of a blade pulled from his boot. "There." He smiles in satisfaction. As for the play. "It sounds .. yeah, fun. Fun and funny, an' that's the point, huh?"

Devarn, trying to take another bite, unexpectedly yawns, covering his mouth and trying not to look a fool while stretching his arms. "Wow, that hit me quick. I think I'm going to call it a night. Thanks for the good time. See you guys around, and good luck finishing the sculpture!" He turns to leave, nodding at the remaining partiers. "Goodnight!" he says cheerfully, before departing up the sand to the meadow, and the Weyr beyond, to his bed.

Soriana waves to Devarn. "Seeya!" she says, then turns back to Kale, grinning as she looks between him and his sandy doppleself. "Totally. And… yeah, I guess that's the point. I dunno, I'm not a harper." A pause. "None of us are, really. Okay, so Qirin's parents are harpers, but… I don't think that counts. Anyway… it's not like they gave us a script or anything, right? So… they'll just have to take what they get." Twenty screeching firelizards. Aww yeah.

Kale nods to Devarn, offering the guy a grin in departure. He stands up then, resheathing his knife and deeming the mini clock tower done. So what if it looks like it was made by the hands of a nine turn old? "Yeah I'm not worried about this thing," he assures. "Sing, talk, dance, whatever. I've likely done worse." Like being hogtied to a weyrling. Or giving apology speeches on tabletop in a bar. Or walking around with sticky hair. Or trying to get rid of a baby goat while trying to look manly. … Things like that. "We'll go down in history as the best .. uh, most memorable Candidate class in Xanadu history. They'll probably make statues. Out've diamonds." A grin.

"Probably," Soriana agrees. And this time, she'll be on stage with him, so she can't go and miss it like she has an unfortunate tendency of doing. And whatever did happen to that goat, anyhow? Or does it not exist anymore, like the kittens? Soriana raises a finger at 'best', then nods as he corrects it to memorable. "Yeah. Statues out of diamonds. With bronze eyes." She grins back to him, and looks around to survey the sand Weyr everyone's built. "S'pretty good. Y'think anyone actually will make a picture?"

The fate of the goat is … a mysteeerrryyy. But she totally still exists! Somewhere. And will make an appearance again. Someday. Perhaps in her stew. -.-; Kale moves to stand next to her to view what's become of the sculpting so far. Brows raise. "…S'kinda good," he remarks, looking at some sculptures that show some real talent! And then there's lopsided clocktower and Kale Hulk. He grins. "A wide variety've Xanadu's finest crafters. Someone ought to make a picture of this." He leans over, nudging his shoulder to hers in a playful push. "Nice dragon. Should've added flames comin' from its mouth."

Yes, but will they? There's a lot of things people ought to do. Fewer that they actually do. Soriana nudges back against Kale, and grins. "Yeah, you and flames. I'll have you know that's Sahazyth," retroactively, "and so that's why she's not breathing flames. Orionth is… uh… somewhere else." Yes, that's it. That's her excuse for why she didn't get to it.

"Is it?" Kale hmmms and moves closer to inspect that dragon, eyes narrowing. "No…no I don't think it is. See, if it was her, she'd have this … uh, bump on her tail, right there," he says, pointing to a random spot where no bump is to be seen on sand dragon or real dragon, for that matter! "And her head isn't nearly as narrow as this. And the body is all wrong…" His nose wrinkles a little, and he gives his head a sad little shake. "Shame. It had such potential."

"Sure it is," says Soriana, then rolls her eyes. "Oh. Of course. How could I miss that? I mean, seriously, it's so obvious. And now that you mention it, her claws," those'd be the ones not actually pictured, because sand sculpture has limits, "are pointing the wrong way. So it's totally not accurate at all. Oh well." She grins, and reaches out to give his shoulder a light shove.

Kale lifts a hand to rub at his chin at the obvious, blatant, nonexistant backwards claws. "How'd you manage that? Geeze. It's losing more of its value with every passin' second.." he says, frown tugging hard only to keep his smile away. But he fails, and his grin prevails when he's shoved by her. "Hey hey, keep your hands to yourself," he says, mock glaring at her. And in a perfect modeling of keeping one's hands to oneself, he lunges for her, arms reachin to loop around her.

"Not like your clocktower, no," Soriana says. "Now that's something that's going to stand the test of time. It's going to-" get pounced? Oh, no, that's her. By Kale. Who, in sand version, will also stand the test of time- no, wait, that's in diamond version. Or bronze version, or… was it aluminum? She can't remember. She's not a smither. What she is (let's get back to the basics here) is lunged for, and she turns like they practice in those guard classes and… wraps her arms back around him, because as it turns out, her reactions for attacking Kales are different than for attacking guard trainees. Lucky for him. Even if he is a zombie sometimes.

Yes that lopsided clocktower will last up to a good gust of wind, but luckily, Kale doesn't have the opportunity to lie about how withstanding his tower is and boast his skills of sand sculpting, for he's too busy pouncing her. He's also too busy being pounced as well! What a pleasant surprise, to which he grins and noms the side of her neck a bit. Small bite, teeth-nibble, and a kiss to punctuate the affectionate gesture. Just a little affection because there are people still milling about, but his arms don't fall away too quickly and remain around her a while longer. "I have overnight duty tonight at the forge. Meaning.." He pauses, exhaling a too long sigh. "No me in the barracks, which means…" Another grand pause here. Steel your heart! "One blissful night of not hearin' you snorin' five cots down."

Soriana is nommed! Mauled, fiercely, with ferociousness and fierceness! She laughs, and gives a bite (a small one) to his ear in retaliation, wrapping her arms around him and hugging warmly. "Aww," she says to overnight duty. Which means… "Your cot will be empty-" smirk. Oh, no, wait, apparently that's not what he meant? Whups, neeeeeever you mind. "Hah!" she retorts. "That's not me. You're just hearing Alloy in your ear. Those tiny, delicate snores."

"My cot will be empty, yeah," Kale confirms, grinning, even moreso after that earnip. "Meaning, you could technically sleep there if y'wanted, and when I got back I'd sleep there. Then we could say we slept in the same bed," he remarks, smirking smugly. "Just a thought… And … Alloy's the one givin' me thoughts all night long of you droolin' in your sleep, mouth hangin' open, snoring away. He's a light sleeper, and gets irritated easy." He gives her a pointed look. How dare you interrupt our sleep like that with your snoooring. "Sooo.. no chance tonight you'd wanna sneak out and meet me somewhere?" he asks innocently.

"…are you sure those aren't thoughts of you?" Soriana asks with her innocent face. It's so very innocen- nope, it's grinning. Too bad, innocent is gone now. She laughs, and drapes one arm up around his shoulders, the other down around his waist. "Why, would I ever think of doing a thing like that?" That's for the benefit of anyone listening in. It's followed by leaning in and giving him a kiss - a reasonably chaste one, but still - and adding, "You think Orik'll let you escape the forge?"

Kale leans forward at that kiss, causing it to linger a little longer than she possibly intended. "You'd think've it," he answers lowly, "because you miss me. And I'm the best kisser Xanadu's got. Plus, I've got muscles." Kale Hulk is proof! And such muscles need some attention. He grins and makes a show of tensing up a little, slightly hardening those aforementioend muscles. His arms loop lower on her waist, and momentarily his eyes leave her, glancing to a passer by who spares them a glance with a difficult to read expression. Her question draws him back. "You know the best thing about overnights? We have'm because Orik doesn't want ot deal with him. He's not ever around for them. There's another guy, but he's under Orik, an' when Orik's not there, he likes gettin' drunk. I'll escape for you, drunk or not. He's easier to fool."

Longer than Soriana intended, sure, but she doesn't seem to mind that extra kissing. Not in the slightest! In fact, she leans back a little bit, and… okay, yes, the beach in the remnants of a party is not the best place for makeouts. Not like a barracks at night, in someone else's cot! … … … aaaaaanyways, her fingers stroke over those muscles, and she laughs. "Well. You are pretty good at it," she acknowledges, and considers for a moment before grinning, still leaned in close against him. "Yeah, okay. I'll come out and meet you." She doesn't need sleep. There are more important things, when you're sixteen turns.

Kale truly did enjoy that last makeout! Even if it did involve squishing Idrissa a bit … and then sudden departures. And then apparently everyone knowing about it the next day (which in truth wasn't as worrisome if it had been assistant weyrlingmasters that knew of it the following ay!) Other than that it was excellent! Her agreement to meet him after hours receives a broad grin, and he lifts a hand to shift hair away from her face, fingers grazing her cheek and jawline. "Clocktower. Earliest I can be there probably is a little past the midnight hour. I'll wait for you. If you can't come.." he pauses, thinking of a good punishment, "then….you'll owe me something." Just something! It's the mystery that makes it fun, don't you know?

The actual makeout parts were excellent! It's just the other things. Deeeeeetaaaaaails. "Clocktower, midnight," Soriana repeats, then turns her head a little to nuzzle at those fingers before turning her eyes back to him. "Got it. I'll be there… and if you're not… well, you'll owe me something else." Mystery! Wonder! Makeouts.

Breathe, Kale. .. Like a regular person as opposed to a predator on the prowl! "Hell, I'll be there. If I've got to climb out a window, I'll be there." There's nothing like the promise of lip locking in actual private to make sure that things will go accordingly, no matter what. Seventeen is a reckless age! He gives her body a squeeze with the one arm that's still around her, the hand of the other busy grazing her collarbone then shoulder, as if mapping out just where they'd like to roam with greater detail in some hours. With much effort, both hands are removed from her and he takes a backwards step, his expression still holding a grin of sorts. "Gotta go an' be on my bet behavior til then." A smirk. "See you later.."

This is like the appetizer. The teaser plate. The reminder that, yes, there are far more important things than sleep when you're sixteen or seventeen. Soriana's fingers do a bit of roaming of their own, along the flex of a shoulderblade and down and… yes. Stepping away. Stepping away is a thing they have to do. "Yeah, you do that. And… I'll see you later." She grins wide, and takes a step back of her own. See? There's distance between them now. They can resist. Briefly. …until tonight.

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