Running into Ethne

Xanadu Weyr - Clearing

A wide clearing stretches from east to west, the ground packed hard although grass grows across most of it. Trees are strictly forbidden in this space, their danger to the constant draconic traffic reason enough to banish them to the forest that creates a this and sharp border to the north. Where the ground is less trampled, tiny flowers poke their delicate heads out from their shaded hiding places with upturned petals to wave to whoever may be looking.
The cliff looms imposingly on three sides, stretching upwards all the way up the side of the mountain where, high above, Xanadu's Star Stones and the ever present watchdragon sit on a lonely peak. Directly south is a massive tunnel, fully wide enough for even the largest dragon to fly down. Southeast are wide steps leading up to the Caverns and eastwards is the large entrance to the Infirmary. Somewhat north of the Infirmary is a human sized archway that has a frequent quantity of traffic — it leads to the Tavern. Southwest lies the low ledges currently belonging to Xanadu's queens while north and west a broad path cut by the side of the cliff leads to the Feeding Grounds and due north is the spacious trail that leads to the rest of the Weyr.

Ethne is coming out of the dragonhealing annex while Mellonath is outside the annex relaxing.

It is very early morning as Itineranth and T'vis make their way from the beach. "No, I understand that." The man offers, stiffling another yawn. "But the next time you get me up in the middle of the night to wash and oil you in order to impress a female whom, by the way, you'd probably impress more if you hadn't waited to let me take care of your hide until it nearly started cracking, I'm going to disown you." The small Bronze gives an amused rumble at that but stops in his tracks as he spots the weyrwoman, his eyes begining to whirl a bit faster, a tint of violet in the blue-green of contentment as he seeks that certain female.

Ethne looks over as Mellonath does notice the bronze that did catch her and shakes her head with a shrug as she heads towards the living caverns.

Ah yes, two in the morning. Perfect time for a grumbling printcrafter to be wandering the bowls. Her hands are stuffed as deep into her pockets as they go. "Go take a walk and cool my head… not /my/ fault stupid Kel doesn't know how to put letters in right side up!"

Itineranth warbles a greeting to Mellonath but doesn't make any futher approaches. He's learning, slowly. T'vis steps behind his Bronze. He might be small for his Colour, but he's still nearly thirty-six meters long. He'll do as cover. Hearing the muttering, both glance over to spot the printcrafter and

Ethne looks back as she hears Mellonath gives a bit of a rumble as if wanting attention. "Oh dear. I'm fine… yes well, I suppose I should get to know that rider at least a little bit better as his bronze did catch you."

Hadiya catches the wave from the corner of her eyes, despite the think round glasses perched on her nose. Blink. A hand is raised to offer a little bit of a wave back to the rider as she stops in her stalking. A glance is sent around as she hears more voices in the dimness of electric lights. Weyrwoman too, interesting who one finds out at 2am. "Good… evening, sir." Is managed to the rider. 'good day' just doesn't work.

T'vis grins. "Good evening." He offers, giving his Dragon a long look. "Though the proper time might be morning. _Early_ morning. Like when the sane should be sleeping." He blinks and glances around. "So why are you awake?" He glances around Itinerant's foreleg and head to gives Ethne a small smile. "Or you, for that matter, weyrwoman." The Bronze rumbles and shakes his head, moving toward the Gold. "What? She is still a weyrwoman even if you did catch her Lifemate."

Ethne looks over as she hears T'vis as she says quietly. "Couldn't sleep. Didn't want to disturb K'ralt so figured I'd get some stuff done. Hard to sleep with your back hurts." She shrugs.

Hadiya ducks her head to the weyrwoman as she's pointed out, she /thought/ that knot was weyrwoman. The light makes it a bit difficult plus her lack of getting out and socializing. "Working on a deadline for printing, but I was told to take a break." Which she really doesn't sound all that pleased with, ah well.

T'vis nods. "Oh." Is all he offers for a moment, as he realises that he's been abandoned, yet again, in favour of some tail, he adds. "Itineranth finally decided he had time to be washed and oiled. At about midnight."

Ladened with with bags the great bronzen hide of Raenth trudges behind his rider. T'eo's looking rather on the formal side of disheveled, wearing his dress uniform minus his coat. His stock tie is loosed and his hair a mess. He seems much of a sleepy mess. Now and again Raenth bumps him to keep his pace going.

Ethne looks over towards T'vis as she says quietly. "So where you from?" She looks towards Mellonath who gives a gentle croon towards Itineranth.

Hadiya can't help but smirk at the bronzerider with his comment about his dragon. "Just like a human, wanting things at the most inconvinient times." Referring to her deadline? Possibly.

T'vis smiles and makes his way over as half-pace. He's not exactly tentative, just…slow. "I was a Trader before I was Searched." He offers. "Itineranth and I met at Telgar. Left right after Graduation. A pair of itchy feet. Three of 'em." Spotting the state of the other BronzeRider he frowns. "Um… Could I get you some klah or something, Sir?" He grins at Hadiya. "Except you can't run away from a Dragon. He's in here." He taps his head then with a smirk.

T'eo looks curiously at the other bronzer's feet. He said something. His eyes travel slowly up his torso to look him in the eye sleepily. Now what did he just ask? Raenth rumbles. Klah. "Gah, No." T'eo answers Raenth alloud, which applies to T'vis also really, but not like he's registering it. But momentum has halted and he stands, swaying a little. Immediately Raenth steps forward as T'eo slumps against his forarm.

Ethne nods quietly as she smiles. "I Impressed Mellonath at Telgar Weyr myself then spent some time at Ierne Weyrhold before we arrived here." She puts her hand on her stomach quietly distracted.

Hadiya gets distracted by the rather wavery bronzerider as well, she's not being talked to much anyhow, which suits her quite fine. Blink. "You allright, sir?" is offered as she peers at him through her lenses. Lucky for the man his dragon was right there, rather undignified to fall on your face in front of a weyrwoman after all.

Theresana bustles into the clearing just then, asking if anyone knew where she could spen the night, before having to talk to the weyr Harper in the morning. She stops dead in her tracks as she realises who are in the clearing. Her face pales, and she would of left, but then she notices the beautiful and magestic Dragons also in the clearing. She stands there, enthralled.

Itineranth rumbles happily. He remembers that well. "Oh quite. You don't remember before the morning meal unless it serves you." The Bronze rumbles smugly, he remembers all the females he's seen Hatch. It's the males that can be forgotten. T'vis nods. "I'm thinking of settling in at Ierne a bit myself. I need to make a few more contact to keep the shipping and trading profitable." He frown at T'eo with flicker of concern in his eyes. "Are you sure? …How about a cot?"

Theresana looks arround. She clars her throuat nervously, only just coming back to reality.

[DTU/Project] Itineranth projects to Mellonath, «I hope you do not regret our union, my dearest Gold. Your colouring is wonderful in this lighting as in any other.»

T'eo has done it before. His specialty seems to be falling in the wrong places. But tonight, yes, there is Raenth. He looks steadily at the other bronzer's face. Steadily but with that wishy washy look in his eyes. He turns suddenly to Raenth, the coppery snout lowered to catch him from falling. "What is this man babbling about?" Raenth lets out a deep sigh of burnt cinnamon and sends an apology to Itineranth. « My apologies, brother. Mine is extremely tired and means no disrespect to yours. I'm not sure he's even aware of where he is. Please be it that yours takes no offence. » "This doesn't look like Island River." Because it's not. It's Xanadu. "Murph."

[DTU/Project] Mellonath projects to Itineranth, «It is alright, Alandoth just wasn't too happy.»

Itineranth's mind-voice is confident, though there is no sent which follows his words, just a sense of certainty and support. «Do not worry. T'vis is not offended. He is sometimes… slow to take a hint.» There is nevertheless no denying the effection which underlines his mention of his Rider. T'vis glances at Ethne. "Do you think he'd remember in the morning if I ignored his protests and helped him to a guest weyr?" He nods to Hadiya and Theresana. "Either of you willing to risk annoying a BronzeRider if it's for his own good." Itineranth rumbles and glances toward his Rider. "See to your unClutched children." T'vis smirks. "I don't think he'd really mind." «If you need me to stop my Rider, I will be only glad to comply. He is outstepping his bounds and distracting me from more important matter.» His eyes shift tone slightly as he realises how that might sound. «No disrespect meant, but I trust you completely to care for your own without outside interference and would rather focus my attention upon the enchanting vision which Mellonath presents.» Yes, Mellonath can hear him too. He's counting on it.

Hadiya gives T'vis a couple of blinks and then manages a "No, sir?" So the idea of annoying a bronzerider isn't her idea of fun, but there's two bronzerider's here after all and it's a rather sticky situation in her mind. The joys of not hearing half of conversations as well, that's always fun. Shift.

Ethne says quietly as she notices the unease as Mellonath rumbles. Itineranth may have done his part but the sands and the clutch are her responsibility and Mellonath intends to fully make that known. The youngest gold at Xanadu definitely has a strong maternal instinct. "Oh… well there are plenty of guest space around." She says.

Theresana nervously looks at Hadiya. "Ummm… I dont want to offend him, but I could help if you need it- but I dont think you'll need it- and as long as his bronze- Raenth- doent mind me helping his rider," she looks back at T'vis right away.

T'eo looks from person to person suspiciously. «None taken, my friend.» Warm brandy smiles upon the other bronze. «I know of what you speak. Go do such. Mine will be fine.» Raenth watches the humans before him, lowering his head to snuffle at the two non-riders. "Raenth! Knock it off… So noisy… er… nosy."

T'vis grins at his Bronze. "You're not getting on the Sands this time, old boy." Itineranth snorts. We'll see about that. He nods at Ethne. "That's good to know." He pauses as information is sent his way. "Hmm…" He blinks at the choice wording from his Lifemate. "Or not."

Hadiya jumps back with a start as she gets a nose in her face. It's not that she's scared of dragons really, just they're quite large, especially bronzes. And being sniffed by a head that close? Rather nervewracking when you're not used to it. Managing to stand her ground after that nice show of her nerves she peeks at T'vis… waiting for whatever instructions he's planning on giving, if any.

Theresana says "OK, I'll help then." She looks at Raenth, and smiles. "I dont mind at all, Sir." she says. She reaches her hand out to scratch his eyeridges, but hesitates with her hand mid-air.

T'vis blinks and shakes his head. "Don't need help with anything now, Raenth can take care of it himself." Itineranth rumbles an agreement. "Ocasionally you could go along with one of my plans you know, Iti."

Hadiya is looking slightly bewildered at this point, if admittedly relieved. "Oh, okay…" Don't mind the poor printcrafter, especially as it's 2am and all. At least she's no longer grumbling though, confused is better than annoyed.

Itineranth warbles at T'vis as the man makes his way over. "Really?" He grins. "Yup. Sleep is a plan." He glances at Raenth as the Dragons speak, «Good luck with your own.»

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