Touch It Real Good! (Third Touching)

Xanadu Weyr - Hatching Sands
A domed ceiling stretches high above the sands, enough open air for a queen and her mate to be comfortable with their clutch. Thin slits of windows around the edges let in a little light, though more of the illumination comes from electric lamps diffused off the dome. The sands are ringed by the dark blue seats of the observation level, the first third exposed to the sweltering heat of the sands but those in the back glassed off for the comfort of those watching.
The circle itself is filled with a mix of red and white sands, deep enough to cover the largest of dragon eggs with ease. To one side, a small door is visible, hidden away behind a platform meant to provide a place for the clutch parent's lifemates to stand during the on goings.

ANOTHER DAY, ANOTHER TOUCHING. Leirith is there (because of course she is), nestled ON TOP of Garouth because NAME HER A BETTER CUSHION. SHE THOUGHT NOT. So yeah, that bombastic queen has her head rested on top of Garouth's, eyes whirling blue in contrast with the slight yellow tint to Garouth's - the bronze every watchful, a silent, patient, unmoving predator in contrast to the queen he supports. And there's Risali, waiting for the candidates gathered by Weyrlingmasters and their assistants alike, looking a little less like death today (though still right on the cusps, because she's forgotten what sleep even is) and wearing a muted smile. She waits, grey eyes roving over the heads of gathering masses without truly looking anybody in the eyes, fingers coming to the hem of her shirt where she twists them into fabric as she waits. And there, finally enough have come, and Risali's smile is a little brighter as she makes a grand gesture towards Leirith and Squished-Garouth alike. "I'm going to repeat these rules until you're all sick of hearing them, but I'd rather you'd all be able to recite them in your sleep than end up on the business end of a dragon's maw. So: be careful. That means no rough-housing and pay attention. Leirith might seem friendly, but she's still a dragon, and Garouth will see to your end if she doesn't. Be mindful of each other, and bow when you go in." A beat, as the Junior allows the information to be absorbed, and then: "One last thing: if we tell you that it's time to go, it's time to go. Move your feet, don't linger. If Leirith and/or Garouth want us gone, then gone we need to be. And last: have fun." A little brighter of a smile, and to the side she steps, letting candidates move onto the sands at their own leisure and choose an egg for touching.

Ricki is amongst the candidates that are shuffled towards the Sands, and she is also amongst the candidates who listens politely to Risali's rules, nodding slowly, even though perhaps her eyes are drifting towards the sands a bit early. However, it isn't long before they are freed, and the young woman is one of the first onto the sands, pausing at a respectful distance to lean into a bow to Leirith and Garouth. Lingering there for a moment, she straightens, eyes already settling on a rather plain, silver egg. A glance to make sure she isn't about to trip anyone, and she heads in that direction, resting a hand lightly, hesitantly, on one particularly dark, ashy spot. "Uhm.. hello there?" She murmurs, a blush appearing that cannot simply be attributed to the heat of the Sands.

< Ricki touches egg 6 - Steadfast Satellite Egg >

Despite the heat of the sands, Ricki -shivers-, hand lifting slowly as her palm pulls away from the shell, though her fingertips remain, touching it lightly. "Shards.." The whispered word it likely inaudible to anyone else, the young woman glancing over each shoulder in turn, attempting to catch any of the reactions of the other candidates, but then there is.. something.. drawing her attention back to the shell, and her hand slowly flattens against the surface once more.

Well, at least Ricki doesn't scream. Frankly, how she -doesn't- scream is anyone's guess, but she is absolutely completely frozen in place, biting her lip as she stares at the pattern beneath her fingers. "What the actual.." She mutters, starting to turn away before hesitating, curiosity getting the better of her as her hand lingers for another moment. Hopefully she isn't a cat.

Jaelynn is with the group today to come out and get a look see like of the eggs upon the sands, and also do a touching at that. She offers a polite bow to both Leirith and Garouth while she listens to the rules being offered again. No worries from her she knows just how dragons can and what they could possible do thank you very much! She glances over the eggs and soon finds herself over near Seldom what it seems egg. "Hey here.." Is offered, her hand lifting to just lightly touch it before allowingher fingers to softly slide across the smooth side of the egg before her.

< Jaelynn touches egg 1 - Seldom What It Seems Egg >

Ricki shivers again, even as everything seems to be ~ok~ - or as ok as it can be when you have developing dragon minds brushing against your own - and with a slow shake of her head, she is stepping away from the silver shell. Taking slow, deep breaths, Ricki edges her way around the clutch, composing herself before approaching an egg that looks as wild as the first was plain.

< Ricki touches egg 5 - Hallowed Legends Egg >
< Ricki leaves egg 6 - Steadfast Satellite Egg >

How exactly *does* one answer those questions? Ricki stands there, tilting her head as her eyes slip over the various imagined shapes on the egg shell, mouth opening and closing. "I.. I don't know." She finally admits after a moment, the simplest answer to all the questions - and yet, perhaps an honest one. There are no more shivers, or nervous glances however, as she lingers at the side of the egg.

Jaelynn lets her gaze linger on that there egg, though honestly from the gaze she has across her face she seems to well 'not' be there in a sense. As if lost in a moment of time while her gaze drifts now and then as if following something. She seems curious, amused and wanting to find out more perhaps so she doesn't leave the egg just yet, no instead she lets her fingers slowly curl across the side. "Come back?…" Could be heard, though it is bearly a whisper from her.

"No…" The softest murmur escapes from Ricki's lips as the mental barrage of questions continues, shifting to touchier subjects. "No, you can't have those memories.." She shakes her head again, even as she lingers at the shell. "Those are mine." A finger slowly traces the outline of.. is it a bird? Maybe a bug… before her eyes close and her hand stills.

< Ricki leaves egg 5 - Hallowed Legends Egg >

It is a long moment that Ricki lingers there, eyes closed as she brushes the surface of the egg before a deep sigh and she is straightening her shoulders and lifting her chin. An audible swallow and she turns, surveying the remaining eggs of the clutch, and as another candidate pulls away, she heads perhaps a bit hesitantly towards a golden-yellow one, running a finger over the smear of brown with a furrowed brow.

< Ricki touches egg 4 - Beauty Lies Within Egg >

Jaelynn has a slight smile to her face, at least for a short bit before it slowly slips away and her eyes close well that is something to ponder. Her eyes move behind those lids of hers and she clears her throat slightly. "There is much to see, much to do, remember too." Is offered softly, to the egg of course. She pulls her arms back slightly fingers just faitly slide upwards over the egg before she places a bit more of her hand to the eg nce more pondering it seems if the one within will return once more.

Jaelynn squeaks, yes she asked /squeaked/ much like a mouse might and is falling backwards onto her rear upon the hot sands. She doesn't try to get away though, and her gaze just lingers on the egg blinking. "How…" She wonders how that is all rolled into a egg and be so well eager to express oneself. A faint glance is sent over the sands before she clears her throat and actally lightly touches the egg once more. See? She doesn't give up that easily eggy-foo!

Maybe Ricki has gotten used to the mental assaults that originate within the shells, or maybe she has just had Enough (tm), because this time there is no grimacing, no flinching.. Instead she is just standing there, brow furrowed as she stares at the shell beneath her finger, before almost in defiance she is pressing her hand flat against the surface. Come back here…

< Jaelynn leaves egg 1 - Seldom What It Seems Egg >

A soft gasp escapes Ricki as she is tugged along, and her other hand is lifting to brush against the egg even as she freezes. A bit of a sniff, and a hand lifts to rub first at her nose, then at her eyes, and she drops her gaze to her feet, slowly pulling away from the egg, even as her fingertips linger just a moment longer.

< Ricki leaves egg 4 - Beauty Lies Within Egg >

Jaelynn Takes in asoft breath before smilng a bit and soon nods before she shifts and is moving on to another egg. She shifts a bit and soon couches down next to the Hallowed Ledgends Egg. There is a slight pause before she reaches out to touch it's side much like she did with the other egg.

< Jaelynn touches egg 5 - Hallowed Legends Egg >

Back of her hand rubbing at her eyes, Ricki pulls away from the eggs, clearly reluctant to go. A few snuck glances back at the shell, the candidate refusing to meet anyone else's gaze as she shuffles along the sands. Her slow walk brings her to the side of the most unremarkable egg of all, and after a soft sigh and a glance back at the Beauty Lies Within Egg, she is turning back to brush her fingers over the top of the pale gray egg.

< Ricki touches egg 3 - An Egg Only A Mother Could Love Egg >

Jaelynn blinks at thoughts that fill her head, and her gaze lingers upon the egg that she is touching. "What a interesting one…" She murmurs softly at what is rollng through her mind at the moment. "Many things do, that is not a simple question to answer." At least not at the moment. She ponders other quires and chews on her lip a moment in thought. "Another time I'm afraid." She isn't that forth comming for one reason or another, though she lets her fingers still press lightly to the egg.

Ricki had braced herself physically, noticeably, for the most recent mental touch, but it seems that something has happened, for her shoulders sag just a little and she seems to relax - albeit it seems that she has done so rather prematurely, for it is only a moment later that she is tensing again, lips forming into a thin line. "Why are you all so nosy.." She hisses, even as she glances over her shoulder to see if anyone else noticed.

Jaelynn doesn't normally have such issues with thoughts from another and frowns as the one within this egg seems to turn down a path she wasn't not planning on wandering down anytime soon. "I… I don't know." Is offered softly to the egg. The other's upon the sands are forgotten for a long moment, as if lost not only in her thoughts but within the one that rest in this here egg as well. She pulls her hand back, wiggling her fingers a moment before she takes in a breath and presses her fingers to the egg once more. Well she's never been a quiter, and now is not th time to stop as she did starts this journary after all.

Is it all just an elaborate trap? For not long after the hissed works, Ricki is slowly, hesitantly relaxing again, though it is clear from her posture that her guard is still up. However, suddenly she is rocking backwards as if hit, and it is all she can do to keep her balance on the sands - thankfully she doesn't catch herself on any one or anything else. "Hey.." She hesitantly murmurs, blinking a few times. "Are you.." Is it what?

< Jaelynn leaves egg 5 - Hallowed Legends Egg >

Jaelynn knows in the back of her mind that this is all not real, but honestly anyone touching any of these eggs that doesn't get lost in the moment would be lying. She is totally lost with this here egg, and a soft chuckl escapes her after a moment. "Thank you…" Is murmured softly. "Whatever happens I hope to get to speak with you again one day." Is not a sane person perhaps? After all this egg left her a bit lost in hot to think, and perhaps what to even expect next. Still she lets her finers lightly slide across the egg before she is standing and brushing her hands off in the process. A slight glance is sent towards the others around before she moves over to Beauty Lies Within andtouches that egg lightly. Hopflly it won't be as 'eager' as the other to do certain things.

< Jaelynn touches egg 4 - Beauty Lies Within Egg >

Silence. Ricki's fingers pull away from the egg and she stands there another moment, digging a small hole with her toe in the sand. After a moment, she shakes her head, pushing the sand back into place, staring over at the two eggs of the clutch remaining. Eenie, Meenie, Miney….. And then she is moving towards the rose-gold and powdered blue shell, bracing herself before she leans in with her fingertips.

< Ricki leaves egg 3 - An Egg Only A Mother Could Love Egg >
< Ricki touches egg 1 - Seldom What It Seems Egg >

A long, slow exhale, and Ricki seems pleased with her choice. "Finally.." She mutters, before she is lifting her second hand to join the first, once again apparently lulled into a (potentially false) sense of security. Sparing a quick glance this way and that, she leans down to gently rub her forehead against her arm, unwilling to relinquish the contact with the shell.

As the mental touch remains rather unlike that of its clutch mates, Ricki shifts only slightly, though the tension through her shoulders eases as she leans a bit closer, this time hovering with her face a few inches from the shell. A soft whimper, almost a whine, leaves Ricki's lips. "No, come back.." She whispers ever so softly, fingers gently brushing over the shell. "Wait.."

Jaelynn was so wrong about this egg, it is very well all over the place it seems at the moment, one her ethen over there an dthen back bounding through her mind. "Really?…" Is questioned with a faint breath escaping her and she shifts to the side as if attemping to escape something that only she can see or well feel at the moment. Still her fingers stay uon that egg at the moment, nope not leaving just yet.

The sudden change in demeanor has Ricki snapping upright shaking her head as she stares at the shell. "Shards, no wonder no one warns you." She blinks a few times, sparing a glance at Leirith and Garouth, as if checking to make sure the clutch parents are still all chill, before she is squaring her shoulders and dropping her hand, turning towards the last egg, the swamp-mud brown one that lingers. "Almost done, Ricki.." She murmurs in encouragement for herself, taking a few slow shuffling steps towards the egg, finally slowly touching the surface.

< Ricki leaves egg 1 - Seldom What It Seems Egg >
< Ricki touches egg 2 - Egg of Brown Egg >

"I… I'm me." Jaelynn murmurs softly to a question only she can near in her mind. "I… Well To meet you." That could be anything and everthing all rolled into one little comment there. She lets her fingers slide across the egg, a slight shift in her stance and she shifts to rest a knee more upon the sands and she clears her throat slightly. "But…" Oh the thoughts running through her mind at the moment as to what is going on and herfingers pull back from the egg she is toching before she goes forth and touches it once more.

Kelani is a perhaps a bit late to the sands, be it chores or some other reason. Given how she left them before perhaps she just needed some courage to face them again. So finally she comes to the sands and gives a bow to the queen and those weyrwoman presents before going out to the sands. A few deep breaths and already prepared with a mantra under her breath as she approaches an egg and lays hands upon it.

< Kelani touches egg 3 - An Egg Only A Mother Could Love Egg >

There is a real question as to what reveals the 'Nope' the most - whether it is the look that appears on Ricki's face as her features scrunch up, the hunched shoulders, the tensed limbs as if she is going to run - but certainly that is the only reaction that can be seen on the candidate's form. And yet, despite this, she remains, as if frozen, fingers stuck to the surface even as she seems ready to pull away.

Now, a flush joins the party, coloring Ricki's face and ears, turning her neck blotchy as she gasps softly, shaking her head. "It was mine. My choice.." She counters, the hand at her side balling into a fist, a fist that she slowly forces to relax and open. Turning, slowly, Ricki starts to leave, even as she hesitates long enough to let her finger drag over the shell one last time.

Jaelynn fingers pull back slightly for a moment as it seems her mind is quick and the one within that egg she is otuch is as well. A sharp breath escaping her as something 'appears' so to speak, or perhaps even seems to takes the breath from her for one reason or another. She swallows sharply and her eyes close tightly a moment and then suddenly it is all over and she slowly opens one eye and then another to just start at the egg she is touching. Her hands fall away a bit quickly at first. "…honestly…" Is murmured softly, perhaps mostly to herself then anyone near her, or perhaps she is talking to the eggy.

< Jaelynn leaves egg 4 - Beauty Lies Within Egg >

The last mental push seems to catch Ricki, for she freezes in place, squeezing her eyes shut for a moment, before she shakes her head and is hurrying away from the eggs and towards the weyrlingmasters and weyrwoman. "I'm sorry, but may I please be excused?" Her hands are curling into fists once more, and the blotchiness of her face remains, as it is all she can do to not glance back at the eggs.

< Ricki leaves egg 2 - Egg of Brown Egg >

This is certainly not the first time Risali's heard that question asked, and grey eyes shift to Ricki with a soft expression - one that communicates sympathy, perhaps, for whatever it is those eggs have done. "Are you okay?" A beat, a shake of her head as if to dismiss the question and amend with: "Of course." And Risali's stepping aside, leaving the weyrlingmasters to do their job in seeing to Ricki's wellbeing. "Please let me know if you need anything." And while those grey eyes linger for just a moment, she's turning her attention back onto those who remain.

"I'll.. I'll be fine. I just need a little bit." Ricki manages without too much hesitation - possibly even in a tone that is level enough to be believed. And then, with another bobbing bow to Risali - and the large draconic clutchparents, Ricki is quietly slipping off the sands - to find exactly what, who knows.

Kelani relaxes as she gets the sense of the egg tilting her head. Indeed she is better prepared this time and she shakes her head. "No he didn't just stand by..neither did he. Even if I didn't like it they stood up for me." She says in gentle rebuke to the voice. "We all feel it…but they were there and helped me through it." She murmurs, not becoming overwhelemd this time but rather countering it with memories and rationality.

Kelani relaxes further as the egg bids her to enjoy the world. Running as she enjoys to do so. Feeling the wind on her face. A smile at the questions of self exploration and what she shares is that only a healer may find excitement in. Some discovery, some surgery that her skill came to the fore. The moment she knew that she could never NOT be a healer. Still the faces of some of her friends come through into the memory. Perhaps it isn't JUST about her craft. Then there is a jerk at the 'shot' and she cringes against the sensations it leaves though she nods to the directive.

One candidate goes, anther comes to touch yet another egg which is what Jaelynn is doing at the moment. She pauses next to the Seadfast Satellite egg and goes about resting her hand lightly upon it with a slight bit of unsureness for a moment given what the other eggs have 'done' so to speak.

Kelani is almost trapped between the light and dark of this egg. The balance upon which a person is made. Those good memories of friendships she has against the bad memories that have shaped her. These she does share with the creature within in turn. In the end her features seem to relax to something bittersweet. Fingers caress the egg and she takes in those sensation and slowly nods. "Yeah, I would not have become a healer if I had not faced that." She says in agreement and before she finally steps away she leans down to the egg as if whispering into someone's ear. "Thank you." She murmurs before stepping away, for the first time not wrapped in the fear of the creature within. For now she steps away from the egg, perhaps to let herself absorb this moment. A glance to the other eggs she has touched and there is less fear in her gaze then there was before. "Thank you." She says under her breath again.

< Kelani leaves egg 3 - An Egg Only A Mother Could Love Egg >
< Jaelynn touches egg 6 - Steadfast Satellite Egg >

Jaelynn is for a moment lost, it wasn't a bad thing that went drifting through her mind she just wasn't expecting it after the other eggs. So peraps she is getting pulled into a false sense of hope things are peraps different with this one? Her fingers slowly slide across the surface of that egg, like the other's she is being very gentle not wishing to do anything hars like even though her mind is being totally attacked here from the ones within these here eggs. An then there is something that is making her gasp a bit, and even though she is on the sandswith the others for a mere moment she almost would seem a bit cold there.

Jaelynn isn't to certain if she would fully agree with the one in the egg at the moment. She seems to think otherwise darn you! Though onwards, to what? A faint ow escapes her, so what if it is in her mind that actualy hurt, and then well let's face it she wasn't expecting this turn of events. She turnsslightly as if to avoid something and makes a face as she finds herself in a interesting situation. "Honestly… My shoes…" Because what else could she think about right thre at that moment in time? She glances around a moment and then there is another touch to the egg, this time a bit more gingerly as if she is both unsure and curious at the next step with this one here.

Jaelynn is so done with this, getting draged here and pulled there. What is up with these here eggs thinking they can… Oh well that isn't SO bad still she isn't fully certain what is real, and what is make believe. Real in a sense that it really did happen more then anything. Once this here egg seems to be well done with her persay she leans back and clears her throat once more. A fant smile seen and she nods a bit. "Your just as excitable as the others it seems." She murmurs softly to the egg thta is before her while slowly standing and is brushing a bit of sand off as she goes. A slight bow is offered to the eggs then to the dragons and then of course dear Risali over there. "Thank you for allowing me to visit." Is said softly before she picks her way out from the sands not wanting to bother any of the others during the moments they are having so to speak.

< Jaelynn leaves egg 6 - Steadfast Satellite Egg >

Jaelynn pulls her attention and Risali gives the woman a smile as she goes. "Thank you for coming," she breathes, just as the weyrlingmasters bring a new wave of candidates. Risali rights her posture, moving to obscure the view so that all eyes are on her before she speaks: "Listen up, please. When you go onto the sands, show your respects to both Leirith and Garouth with a bow. When you're near the eggs, I cannot stress enough the importance of paying attention. Be mindful of your footing, and absolutely no rough-housing. Leirith is still a dragon regardless of what impression she gives you, and Garouth will very much eat you." And then she's stepping aside. "Have fun, and remember that you need to leave when we tell you that it's time to go.

Jaune comes out through the very small door along with a few other candidates. He isn't first so he is at least able to catch on quick when the young man before him stops and turns to bow towards the ever watchful dragons. Jaune does *not* want to get eaten and he steps forward and bows towards the dragons as the candidate did before him. One bow for each, probably a bit too long of a duration.

A cough behind him and he steps down into the sands proper and moves carefully amongst the eggs, going with the flow and waiting a bit before picking an egg. Seldom What it Seems gets his gaze and then his fingertips skirt over the top of it lightly.
ooc And then go ahead and do that command you did before, where it said you touched the egg. :3

< Jaune touches egg 1 - Seldom What It Seems Egg >

Jaune's eyes slit shut as something dips into his mind, his jaw untightening and hanging slightly open as his palm presses upon the egg more firmly. "Maybe I should have come to you last. You're liable to make me sleepy." His cheeks color though as he realizes he is talking to eggs amongst other candidates, but his embarassment flees as he can hear other murmurings as well. "Rest well. Once you push past your shell, everything is always go go go." His hand retracts and fingertips hesitate before releasing the egg and shaking the the cobwebs that this presence has left in his mind.

< Jaune leaves egg 1 - Seldom What It Seems Egg >

Someone else is quick behind him, a candidate who isn't new to the Standing ceremony and is probably hopeful that this is his last one. Its enough to get Jaune gazing across the sands once more, and he walks between several more eggs before his feet carry him unbidden towards another egg. Hallowed Legends causes his brow to furrow and both hands to shake as he reaches to press palms upon the smooth eggshell.

< Jaune touches egg 5 - Hallowed Legends Egg >

He is shaken now. He was expecting every egg to be soft and gentle and not so demanding but the insistence of this consciousness has taken him up and pulled him forward into his mind and set his inner thoughs into turmoil. "I've flown this land from end to end it seems. I have met its people, and I have flitted from place to place so much that nothing is home anymore." Its not a morose statement, it twitchs his mouth into a half-smirk as he speaks. "I have seen so much and drank to life's delight with so many. But it hasn't been enough. Crafting something with my hands to fill a need has been entirely too dull. A fleeting beverage to warm one's heart is too swiftly gone, even when I brew so much. I want people to see me, to know that I've laid hands upon a weyr, or its people and they will be irrevocably changed by my presence. I'm going to be something." His words are slow and verbose, but starts to tumble and rush with fervent earnesty in his tone.

Jaune's hands squeeze tighter to the egg, thumbprints tracing a tendril or two of striated color blending into its shell.

Wanderlust has brought many people into the focus of Jaune's day to day life, but few stand long in his flitting memories. A smithcraft journeyman intent on shaping a young boy's hands to skillful competency, and disappoint when the teenager the boy became left to pursue some strange desire to brew and travel. His parents are still at home, Fort Hold and working diligently. Happy to see their son when he returns. A blonde baker of a woman at Benden Hold, an intense infatuation and a left jacket. Many letters sent upon dragonback that slowed to a standstill.

Master Paolos of the Vintnercraft, sneering. A whelp that came late to the vine. You need to have been born to it, your feet should have felt the soil of the vineyard in your first steps. A teenaged fancy of a different life, a passing fancy. Why should we pass on our secrets to someone who might just dither forward onto something else again. Jaune's shoulders ache with the weight of this man's words and the effect on his life. A walk to a journeyman table may never come for him, Vintners guard their secrets and their table for only the *worthy*.

A tumbled minecart pressing against a man's chest is what Jaune ran from in his memories, but they return to his uncle, speaking quietly to a crying boy. These things happen, you leave what you built with pride when you go. And your family. Smithcraft don't leave signatures on their repairs, and thats why Jaune left smithcraft. Jaune's eyes fill with tears and he yearns to pull away but doesn't. Not quite yet. A hand lifts and smears the moisture away and the hand returns to press it on the burnished eggshell.

< Jaune leaves egg 5 - Hallowed Legends Egg >

A candidate was waiting for Jaune to finish with the egg, and the look upon his face when he steps back and squeezes a hand onto the his palm is enough to make the woman's feet carry her towards a different egg. Not everyone can stand to such a demanding voice. Anything to sweep his mind of the tribulations of his life get his feet moving again, left, and around an egg. His hand slips sides and fingertips slide across but he stops and turns towards the egg. Something else digs at the corners of his mind. Steadfast Satellite draws his attention now.

< Jaune touches egg 6 - Steadfast Satellite Egg >

Thats a comfort, finally in the midst of all of this agonizing focused attention. This egg draws Jaune in further than have so far. Maybe your lifemate of a dragon should be more a comfort than urging demand to step forward, to strive and accomplish! A long held breath eases out in a whistle of a sigh and he practically leans into the egg, hands grasping and sliding forward in a practical embrace.

Nothing about these eggs and touching them is going to be comfortable, is it? Jaune jerks back and tries to get away, a downplayed and lax action with his mind gone somewhere else. Even as he comes back and his hands slide back across the egg, his palms stay flat and latched upon its shell.

< Jaune leaves egg 6 - Steadfast Satellite Egg >
< Jaune touches egg 3 - An Egg Only A Mother Could Love Egg >

Jaune doesn't travel far this time, let loose from one egg and he stuttersteps only a few feet over to place a hand upon the apex of the egg's point. It seems to be tucked away from the rest and rather lackluster. But all the eggs have a teeming presence inside of them, waiting to reach out, don't they?

All vintner journeymen were ready to bow their head towards the master crafters. None willing to stand up for the young man who endeavored to be well trained. Who brewed as they did and well enough to be with them. Nothing solid comes forward because its shifted aside as he returns to the warm air. He endured as he always did. His mere continued presence enough to annoy those who thought him unworthy. Even if he stood alone. This egg seemed intent to pull at his trying times as some of the others have. Theres more for it, and Jaune presses another hand to egg as if intent to show them all.

The taproom with laughing and happy patrons all under control is where Jaune has felt his most at peace lately. Even if he isn't much of a drinker himself. "You're a much happier egg than the others, aren't you?" A startled gasp almost pulls his hand from the egg of the sudden detour from happiness. "Or not…" Jaune waits though, most eggs seemed to have more to ask, and more to give and he isn't quite ready to pull his hands from this one quite yet.

< Jaune leaves egg 3 - An Egg Only A Mother Could Love Egg >

Jaune stands way too long at this egg, his gaze flickering across its colors before a shuffling of feet near him finally alerts him to his location. And the impending approach of another group of candidates. Beings unsought and untouched tempt him, but he follows along with the departing candidates himself. He seems to stand taller now though.

There's a rumbling from one of the dragons - Garouth, perhaps, as he shifts beneath Leirith's bulk and the queen moves. Risali's moving forward then, sweeping her hands out. "Come on, come on. It's time to go everybody. Be careful!" A steadying hand for one candidate in a rush to get away from the eggs, but Risali urges them all back towards waiting weyrlingmasters. "There will be more time." Gogogogo! AND AWAY THEY GOOO!

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