Slippery Socks Shenanagens ( Candidate project)

Xanadu Weyr-Candidate Barracks

A long, low ceiling room opens off the entrance hall to the arena, one wall slightly curved as it is set against the outer wall of the arena itself. Cots are set evenly the length of the room, in two rows, each with its own small press at the foot, for personal belongings. Wide windows are spaced along the outside wall, letting sunlight in, while other lights are available for the night time hours.

For hours some poor candidate has spent polishing the barracks floor. Why? Because they drew the short end of the straw? It's hard to tell but lets hope the polish is dry as Mikal enters in. Weary from a day of chores he kicks off his boots and plops into the bed, hardly noticing the potential slipper situation we have brewing here.

Because floors are for polishing, that's why! It's in the rules somewhere. Soriana doesn't know where, mostly because… she works in the dragon infirmary, and nobody wants dragons sliding across the floor, because they might say something like, "Wyargh!" …oh, no, wait. That's Sori as she tries to head for her cot and instead encounters a patch of wax that didn't get removed. Her arms flail, and she does an impromptu split. The Bitran judge gives it a seven.

Hotaru comes into the barracks carrying a box without a lid. It's full of snacks, all wrapped up and ready for storage. She kicks off her boots at the entrance since it looks like someone just cleaned the floor. Ooh, slippy! She slides into the room, not noticing Soriana until the very last moment. She tries to swerve, or stop, or something and ends up on her rear. "Waaaa!" All her snacks seem to explode all over the room. Her taffy! Her cookies! Her dried meats and fruits! Nuuuu!

Idrissa had been off getting some chores done, her arms are filled now with medium sized pieces of both pink, blue, yellow and even green fabrics as she is going to work on the baby blanket that she has, the yips and yells, and who know what else is caught way to soon as she is making her way into the barracks. A glance is sent towards Soriana and then Hotaru. "What is go" That is all she is able to get out, foot met wax, wax is thusly not happy and as a result Risa is now sliding across the floor. "Eeeeees!" Is squealed out as she goes before she thunks into a cot and goes tumbling right over it. The fabric in her arms flies up into the air and slowly floats down to the ground, some landing on the fallen beastcrafter and others landing on bits of the overly waxed floors.

It's chaos! It's mayhem…well maybe not yet but the potential is there. Mikal, who /just/ laid down/ shoots straight up in surprise as he hears Soriana's landing. It sounded sort of like a thud. And even if perhaps /that/ wasn't noticed then surely it would be hard not to hear the 'Waaaaaaa' sound emitting from Hotaru. Then Idrissa is seen flying by."By the shell!" Mikal exclaims in surprise. Without thinking he hops off the cot with intention to go aid his fellow candidates but..but there's food all across the floor. And not only that but the first step he takes his foot goes wheee out from under him. Arms flailing to catch his balance, he does manage to stay on his feet but it's a slippery few steps. "You girls okay?" he half slides, half-sock skates over to attempt to pick up /someone/, Anyone.

To add to the fun, Elsie spies a treat laying unattended on the floor. Mm, dried fruit! She dives for it, snatches it up and then swoops low to land on an empty cot to enjoy the treat. This wakes up Elidor who tries the same thing only he's not all that coordinated and he lands on the floor and sliiiiiiides.

Soriana is pelted with snacks! She likes snacks. She generally prefers them in her mouth, though. Not so much the bit where they go scattering all around. Wobblewobble…. "Yes," she says to Mikal with only a slight gritting of teeth. Her poor knee! "I… am fine." Next step: standing up again. This is harder than it seems. She keeps sliding down again.

It's becoming chaos really quickly! Hotaru looks over to spot Idrissa go flopping over a cot and sees cloth go everywhere. Hopefully that wasn't Idrissa's clothing somehow flying off of her. Hotaru starts scraping up her snacks. "Baaaa… my food is everywhere!" She tries to shoo away some of the firelizards who are swooping in for free treats. "Nooo, that's mine! Why is it so slippery in here?" The box becomes a sort of catch all, and Hotaru uses the post of a cot to pull herself to her feet. "Ow, my rump. Gimme your hand Sori." She sets the box down on the nearest cot and offers Soriana a hand up. She's not close enough to help Idrissa.

Idrissa :is just going to stay where she fell for a few moments. A sigh soon escapes her while she slowly starts to right herself, her shoulder and side did not like this sudden ice skating lesson that was inside the barracks of all places. "Who waxed the floor?" Ya she knows that smell, and no her clothing is still on her body thank you Hotaru. She glances to Mikal as he seems to be left helping her up at the moment and takes the help. "Just don't tell the healers guys." That's all she needs dragged back in there and tossed into a bed. No thanks.

Mikal offers his aid to Idrissa, being mindful of her shoulder as he helps her get into an uprighted position. Once she's up he lets go to start picking up bits of cloth, carefully sliding his way across the floor. This is fun! He offers a chuckle towards Soriana and Hotaru. "Try this!" he spins around on his stockinged feet. "It's fun!" he doesn't seem to mind the overly waxed floor.

Elsie has finished her first bit of stolen goodness and now swoops in for a second. Her timing isn't as well as the first go round so she ends up on the slippery floor and she too slides right into Hotaru with a startled cheep. Eldior, meanwhile, slid all the way under a cot and is quite unhappy about it. Seeming to forget he's got those things called wings he's attempting to walk upon the slipper floor and getting nowhere fast.

"I don't knoooow!" Soriana says of the slippery floor, though of course it's obvious why, especially once Idrissa mentions waxing floors. Sori just hmphs! One of her feet is slipperier than the other, and so she inches along as she tries to bring her back foot up, then her front foot slides out from under her again, and… oh, hey. A hand! She takes it gratefully, dragging her feet back to under her again. Victory! Standing upright! She looks over to Mikal, and laughs, shaking her head. "Whyyyy are you going floor-skating?"

Hotaru can ice skate just fine, she doesn't need lessons suddenly and unexpectedly in the barracks. Nor does she need to be running over people. Hotaru raises a brow at Idrissa. "Why not? Did you pull something?" There's a blink then as Elsie goes sliding right into her foot. "Oop." Hotaru hangs onto the cot to make sure she doesn't flop over when getting Soriana up onto her feet. After a few tries and almost going into a split a-la-Soriana, Hotaru manages to bend down enough to scoop up poor Elsie and dump her onto the cot. "Maaan… Now I gotta clean all this up." She isn't sure where Eldior got off to, so she can't help the other little 'lizard. Instead she starts sliding a bit at a time across the floor to scoop up her snacks. At least some things like the taffy were still wrapped and therefore still edible.

Idrissa is thankful for the help and looks over herself while brushing her hands over her clothing a few times in the process. She then looks over to the others to see what they are doing. A soft laugh escapes her. "Well, it does look like fun" She ponders if she can try to slide across that floor without hurting herself? Well possible, maybe. She clears her throat and just sits on the cot to watch the others have fun it seems. Ripley, Willow and Hidalgo have other plans it would seems. Both the green and young brown are already sliding across the floor, little squeals and warbles of join escaping them.

With a flip of her wings closed and a chirup of thanks towards Hotaru, Elsie stays on the cot that she's placed. In fact she throws a dirty look to the floor for good measure. However, once Elidor has discovered that this could be fun he gives up his attempt to grab food and joins the others sliding across the floor. Mikal slides too, grinning over at Soriana. "Why? Well…because I can! Try it." he doesn't have the most perfect balance and indeed a couple times he winds up on his rump but he simply picks himself up and continues his skating path in front of the cots.

Just put some ice cream on the Soriana split… okay, maybe not. "Thanks," she says to Hotaru, though apparently she's not grateful enough that she doesn't steal one of the pieces of dried fruit that went flying. Chomp… pff. Floor polish. Is not so good-tasting, actually. She makes a face, and stares at it before tossing the rest to Willow. There ya go. Present! Ulp. She hahs to Mikal. "Can do a lot of things," she says, and nudges her foot forward. Wheeeee! Yep, it's still slick.

Hotaru wants to go sliding across, but there are firelizards all over the floor now! "Shoo! Shoo! You'll get run over!" She needs to find a broom! She slides a bit towards the exit. If Soriana wants to eat the fruit off the floor that's less fruit Hotaru has to clean up! Also the only person who ought to be partaking in a Soriana split is Kale, no? She disappears for a few moments and comes back with a broom duster thingy, sliding back into the room, and starts to use it as an air guitar or lute or something. "Just take those old pages off the shelf. I'll sit and play them all by myself. Today's music ain't got the same soul. I like that old time harper drum roll!"

Idrissa watches as the firelizards are sliding across the floor now, really? A soft oy escapes her and she shakes her head. Willow is thunked in the head with the fruit and trills out at the gold that did the throwing. HEY she seems to say, that isn't real food. Hidalgo grabs up the fruit and is busy chewing on it while nearly getting slide over by Hotaru in the process. "Oh dear I hope no one gets hurt over this."

Mikal slides along easily, pausing to catch hold of random cots momentarily. So far he's managed to avoid sliding over any of the fire lizards but really it's only a matter of time. Elidor squeals in excitement as he sliiiides so fast he tumbles head over wing under a cot. Oops. He scoots out with a funny look on his expression. Did he do that?! Elsie simply laughs at him in the way only a fire lizard can.

Soriana does not want to eat the fruit off the floor. Soriana thought she did, but now Soriana knows better. Also, isn't this Hotaru's cot here? So she'd better not get eaten. And apparently the dried fruit won't et eaten by Willow, either. Poor unloved snacks. Soriana carefully slides her way across the floor, with one foot slippy and the other one not-as-slippy, then pauses, balancing as Hotaru swirls back in and bursts into song. "Harpers in disguise! I'm surrounded!"

Hotaru uses the broom as an extra leg as she zooms around the barracks scooping up the fruit and such. Every so often she stops to pick up and pocket something that's still edible. Still wrapped candies, or some of the beast jerky she had. Whoosh, Whoosh. She has to skirt around the firelizards though, which makes for a little bit tougher time. She laughs at Sori. Then does a dance that looks similar to the moon-walk, still singing but without any lyrics. "Look out, Mikal!"

"Good singing, Hotaru." Mikal complements, continuing his sliding. Wheeeee…..Lookout? Whosawhatzit? Mikal swivels quickly at the sudden warning. Regardless of what he was supposed to look out for the sudden movement doesn't bode well for him and it lands him square on his rump with a startled squeak.

Soriana slides her way toward a cot, and then she encounters another patch of not so well wax-OFFed floor. Wheeeee! she goes, and then flops down onto the cot itself with a laugh, turning her head back to watch Hotaru and Mikal with a grin while staying flopped down on her belly. It's safer here!

Hotaru laughs a bit. "Thanks Mikal!" Hotaru is sliding towards him, which is why she's telling him to look out. Of course she isn't expecting him to be right there still, on the ground even. Yes, it is safer up there, Sori. Hotaru turns to the side and the broom goes wheee this way and Hotaru's legs go whee that way and she ends up falling sort of on top of Mikal. If he doesn't manage to avoid her.

Idrissa blinks as she watches, Hidalgo managed to take to the high grounds and is flying, well sort of. The young brown flutters around and soon lands within his person's lap, where he watches the show. Willow is settled down next to a certain gold and is yawning. Rissa chuckles and then looks to Mikal once he falls. "You all alright? The question is for all of them.

Soriana pushes herself up and turns around, caaarefully, so she can sit down and actually look out over the room. Whew! And she didn't even fall down that time. While she's here, she brings up a foot and starts taking off her shoes, giving the slippery spot a bit of a rub. "Hmm." She looks up just in time to see the Hotaru-Mikal collision, and shakes her head. "I know where they keep the numbweed! Just saying!" Her tone is half joking, buuuuut… only half.

Oof! Hotaru is on the floor again. She's going to end up with a bruised something-or-other if she keeps flopping onto the floor. Mikal makes a somewhat better cushion though. "I think I'm okay… Mikal?" Hotaru tries to get up several times and fails. Now her socks are just totally slippery. She blinks at Soriana. "The numbweed? Ooh, you mean for a smooch?" She laughs then looks to Mikal and bats her eyes. Okay, she's teasing a little. "Maybe we ought to practice without it first."

Idrissa chuckles softly and shakes her head while grinning. "I'm really glad I just stayed seated. I don't even want to know what would happen if I was still sliding around on it." Nothing good with how clumsy she gets after all. "Numbweed totally works." Ya she knows that stuff well it seems.

Soriana sets her shoe down, then goes for the other one. Thunk. She smirks to Hotaru. "Yes. That was completely and utterly what I meant." Tooootally. And this is totally not sarcasm. Nope. After all, why would someone want numbweed for silly things like bruises? She carefully stands up again, testing her socks against the floor. "Good idea. Better compare and contrast," she says of Hotaru's attempt to get Mikal to agree to kisses, then starts slow-skating away.

Hotaru chuckles. "Does it now?" She asks about the numbweed. Who knows what she means by that. Eventually Hotaru is able to grab hold of the broom, and uses that to get to her feet again. She chuckles at Soriana. "I thought that might be what you meant." Bruises? Who needs numbweed for those!? Hotaru dusts herself off and goes back about getting the rest of her snacks cleaned up. When Mikal is ready, she'll give him a hand up.

Mikal had the wits knocked out of him? Perhaps. "I'm glad you find me a good pillow." he stifles a whimper. Nope, it didn't hurt. "Wait..what? Kissing?" he does take the offered hand up to pull himself to his feet. "I wouldn't want to compete against that guard friend of yours." when it comes to kissing that's all he can think of to say.

Idrissa blinsk and peers over at Mikal and Hotaru, catching the kissing part now. "Wait… Why are we talking about kissing?" What did she MISS? She watches the two. "Hey, it works nice on bad bruises."

"Guard friend?" Soriana asks with a look back to Hotaru, and grins. She does a slow swirl around that only sends her legs going swirling out a little farther than she'd mean, and laughs as she tries to pull herself back together. "Who did this, anyway? It's… uneven." She gets her feet under her, then slides off again… on purpose, this time. Idrissa just gets a laugh, and a shake of her head. "Why not?" Isn't that what she said last time this came up, too?

Hotaru grins to Mikal. "Sorry. How's your behind? Soriana wants to rub numbweed on it. Whoa!" She nearly falls over again helping him up, then pouts a bit. "I wouldn't worry about him. I'm pretty sure he's forgotten about me." Though that does seem to put Hotaru off the notion of kissing at least. Back to cleaning up! Once it looks like basically everything is in one pile (people might be finding fruit in their cots for a while) she scoop up whatever is deemed inedible.

"My..she..what?" Mikal stammers but is quick to try to curl an arm around Hotaru's waist to prevent her from falling again. "You should sit." he recommends as she gets her balance back and moves away. Hmph, no kiss for him! He scoots away ( carefully) towards his cot where he sits with a floomp. Elsie flits over to join him and from under a cot Elidor emerges with a pitiful squeak.

"I don't think she really ment she was going to rub numbweed on his behind." Well at least she hopes she wasn't planning on doing this. A pointed look is sent towards Soriana as if to make sure on his face. "Your guy back at Fort? How do you know for sure?" Her firelizards are content to snuggle nto the areas where they are, no trouble making for them at the moment it seems.

"Hah. Mikal's more qualified than me." Sori flashes a non-teasing grin to the boy. "So, y'know, if yooou need any numbweed, Hotaru…" Soriana grins (this time teasingly) to the other girl, then tilts her head questioningly as Hotaru's good mood seems to evaporate a little. She hmms, but decides not to ask, scooting along and nudging some stuff together with her toes. See? She's helping.

Hotaru chuckles a bit. "I'll sit in a second, I promise." Just as soon as all the mess is cleaned up and she's somehow made it back to her cot without dying. Mikal might be able to get a kiss later. When they don't have an audience maybe. Even the weyrbred Hotaru has limits to how open she's willing to be. "I'll keep that in mind." She says to Sori about Mikal's skills with numbweed. The mess is cleaned up and the broom is set in the corner, then Hotaru carefully slides back to her cot, sitting down on it and getting distracted with organizing the snacks she's managed to save in her trunk.

Mikal denies all knowledge on spreading numb weed on backsides with a quick shake of his head. Fleeting he looks around but sadly there's mostly girls with no guys to back him up. Eep! That was a manly eep however. Eyeing the floor with mistrust he decides it's not safe to get up and flee so he stays in his cot though he leans over to scoop up for poor Elidor. With a last mistrustful look to the girls he pulls out a thick healers book and immerses himself into it.

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